Happy New Year 2014

As we trade out calendars, it is traditional to look back over the events of the past year and also look forward to what may happen in the coming year.

In January, Ron gave what he described as possibly his last sermon before Christ’s return and repeated the lie that he was convicted for Laura’s travel expenses on their domestic international junkets.  The following Friday and Saturday were the most heavily trafficked days on this blog as Ron reported to prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

After Ron went to prison, the weekly sermons were delivered by Johnny Harrell, Wayne Matthews, and Terry Wrozek.  However Terry Wrozek gave his last sermon for June 8th and apparently gave up on Living by Faith because later on news came that Terry was suspended and later disfellowshipped.  Other prominent departures included Ralph Dowd and other long time members in the Cincinnati area.  Weinland’s own mother and sister were disfellowshipped with the announcement sent out by newly minted senior elder Beth Bucheit.

Ron began filling in with a post up on his blog during the middle of most weeks composed with #2 pencils and typed in to electronic messages on the TRULINCS prisoner equivalent to email. In May just before the third non-return of Jesus Christ he announced the non-event and in a follow up post that the web site was being updated.

In August there was a civil court hearing which I believe was the final divorce hearing that ended Audra and Chris’s marriage.  It seems that there may have been another ceremony later than the one mentioned in Ron’s criminal trial as the legality of that one was doubtful given that the ceremony was conducted on German soil while the marriage certificate that Ron signed fraudulently indicated it was conducted on Kentucky soil.

After Labor Day, I lessened my blogging as I’ve stopped listening to sermons by Ron’s surrogates, which now include some by Willem Henderson.  Web traffic decline a bit has remained up as new commenters have joined who are now ex-PKG or exiting PKG.  “Haverty” indicates that he is in contact with a currently serving disgruntled elder, whom the women running PKG now (Laura, Audra, and Beth) would probably very much like to find.

As 2013 began, I predicted:

Looking forward to the coming year, I expect that Ron will show up to prison as scheduled and Joyce Garrett will get her house back.  Ron will have new Present Truths(tm) to explain why the daylight portion of the Day of the Lord is not accompanied by the Great Tribulation and yet another Present Truth(tm) in May to explain why Christ is still a no-show.  Ron will leak more members, but the majority will continue to stick with him to pay for his lawyers and his back taxes.

My predictions were pretty much dead on.  At least Ron did report to prison and later on court filings showed that the lien on Joyce Garrett’s house was removed.  Ron did leak more members, from comments left on the blog the word “majority” in my earlier prediction is in doubt.  But enough members remain to finance a trip in February for Prophetess Laura and Senior Elder Audra to make a junket down under.  I wonder if PKG finances will provide them with first class travel accommodations in in-flight private cabins.

So now it’s time for my predictions for the coming year:  I predict that Jesus Christ will not return on Pentecost this year (June 8).  According to comments left by “Haverty”, there are those still hanging on in PKG in hopes of that — Haverty expects another large departure from PKG after that.  But maybe Ron, who will begin serving the second year of a 3+-year-long prison term in February, will come up with a new Present Truth(TM) to keep those susceptible to signs and lying wonders sending in their tithes to a Cincinnati PO box  and keep Laura and Audra in the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed.

Wishing a Happy New Year to all who read my blog, whether drinking Ron’s Flavor Aid or not.  I hope this will be a happier new year for those like Randy who are friends or family of PKG members with their departure from the cult.

True Fellowship Part 4

Ron has sharpened his #2 pencils and has a Christmas day posting for those who’ve committed the most heinous acts of all idolatry by “raising up” their relationship with a False Prophet above all other relationships.

—– Ron’s Christmas Day Posting ———————-

It can be quite difficult for the converted mind, even though impregnated with the begotten life of God dwelling in it, to fully grasp just how serious and how incredibly harmful sin is. The reality is that a single sin can so ripple through life that it creates divisiveness, destruction, blindness, suffering, bondage, and even death in its wake.

The truth is that no one really “sees” the full depth of the destructive evil power that is contained in sin – that which works contrary to God’s one true way – in opposition to (against) God. If everyone could truly see sin for what it is, it would be so hated and loathed that even with the selfish human nature that we all have, sin would be far more deeply feared, resisted, and then quickly repented of when it does occur.

Sin Breaks Every Commandment
To more clearly grasp how ugly, evil, and destructive sin is, it is always an excellent exercise to consider how a single sin in life actually works in direct opposition to (against) each and every one of the Ten Commandments. Obedience to God’s law, when in agreement with it, is a “spiritual” matter that reveals the right motivation that is produced from “thinking” that originates in the mind, in the very spirit essence of one’s being. With the impregnation of God’s holy spirit with our spirit, the mind can actually be transformed in how it thinks, which then changes the way one lives.

So let’s consider the sin of disobedience to God when someone chooses to fellowship with anyone who has been “disfellowshipped” from God, His Son, and His Church.

God has clearly revealed the structure and spirit of His way of peace that is spiritually manifest through the commandments He has given to selfish, pride-filled humans. These commandments are about the way that peace is to be produced in relationships when in agreement and obedience to them. Jesus Christ confirmed the simplicity and true spirit of all the commandments when he was asked what which is the greatest commandment in the law.

“Jesus said unto him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your life, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second (greatest commandment) is like unto it in that you shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang (rest) all the law and the prophets’” (Mat. 22:37-40).

Jesus Christ plainly revealed that one’s true relationship with God is first in importance in life. If God is not first, then the way of peace with all others will fail. After being called by God, then a person is able to choose to work at yielding themselves to the creative process of being transformed in how one thinks and lives. That process working in our life has incredible potential to enable us to experience true peace forevermore in His Family, Elohim.

Every spirit-begotten member of the Body of Christ must work (strive and fight against carnal human nature) at true relationships. Such relationships are not natural and don’t just happen nor are they “owed” to anyone. One cannot “wait” on others around them to change and live right toward them, but one must change themselves by exercising and living by those laws that can produce right relationships with others. When one grasps the deeper reality that by being in agreement and in obedience to God’s law is the only way to have right, true, and meaningful relationships, then they will more deeply grasp the importance of “true fellowship.” Such understanding also helps reveal a greater depth of ugliness that exists in the need for anyone being removed (disfellowshipped) from the kind of fellowship (relationship) that God offers in Elohim forever more.

As Jesus Christ made it plain that the greatest commandment is about one’s true relationship with God, we need to focus first on the first four commandments that magnify that great law. These reveal how to build a right relationship with God that will lead to our being able to love Him with all our heart, with all our life, and with all our mind. We are going to look at each and every commandment and how they are rejected, broken, and disobeyed when someone chooses to sin by having fellowship with someone who has been disfellowshipped.

First Commandment
“I am the Eternal your God (Heb. – Elohim), who has brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before me” (Ex. 20:2-3).

This first sentence is omitted when the Ten Commandments are quoted, yet it is essential to the purpose of God revealing to man how he should live in all relationships – fellowship. This command was given to Israel on a physical plane, with physical meaning, and physical interpretation on their part. However, with those called and then begotten of God’s spirit, much more is being given. For everyone in the Church, this is to be received with both physical meaning and understanding, as well as spiritual, as the spirit gets to the intent and origin of “thinking” that is in the mind.

When giving these commandments, God began by revealing Himself as the authority and power to deliver “Israel” (both physical and spiritual) from Egypt – from bondage. But God actually revealed much more in that first sentence. He referred to deliverance from the “house” of bondage. This word for “house” has a specific meaning in this context as a “household” or “family.” God is revealing that His deliverance is from a household (of Egypt) that holds its servants captive.

God begins by revealing that He is the Eternal – the Ever-lasting Self-existing God. The Eternal then states that He is the one who has delivered us out of the household (family) of Egypt into His household or family – Elohim. He said, “I am… your Elohim.” Once we are called out of this world, God begins to deliver us out of spiritual Egypt – out of the household (the family relationship) of bondage into a new relationship and into a new family – into a new fellowship.

“Now therefore you are no more strangers or foreigners, but fellow citizens (two Gk. words: “union,” as together or with, and “of the same city or place,” and here it literally means dwelling together in the same place) with the saints (others called and begotten of God’s spirit), and of the household (family) of God” (Eph. 2:19).

God continues in this first commandment by saying, “You shall have no other gods (Heb. – elohim) before me.”

The word that is translated as “before” in English is actually an interpretation of two separate Hebrew words and not the literal translation of both. One word simply means “before, next to, or in front of.” However, the second word means “above, over, or against.” An excellent example of the use of this second word (when translated as “against”) is found in the Psalms:

“The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Eternal, and against His anointed (Christ), saying…” (Ps. 2:2).

In this first commandment, God is saying that no one should place any other relationship (fellowship) “before” or “in front of” Him and His purpose in Elohim. He is stating that to do so is to place some other family (fellowship, relationship, friendship) against Him and against His purpose in Elohim – to place “other gods” before Him – to place some other god family (god elohim) before and against God, and before and against His true family, Elohim.

Better understanding of this very first commandment should greatly enhance one’s understanding as to God’s strong instruction concerning the importance of having (maintaining) true fellowship with Him, His Son, and His Church. Those who do not strive to have (keep) God first in their life will become contemptuous of their relationship with Him and begin to tolerate (allow and excuse) sin in their life. One of the greatest (or most serious) sins (although sin is sin and all sin requires death) is to choose some other relationship (fellowship) that is “against” Elohim, as it is both against God and His Family. To choose some other relationship (fellowship, friendship) apart from what God offers in His Family is to make “other gods” of those other relationships.

Second Commandment
“You shall not make unto yourself any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow yourself down to them, nor serve them, for I am a zealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, and showing mercy unto thousands of them who love me and keep my commandments” (Ex. 20:4-6).

Mankind has an extremely selfish nature that is fueled by pride and thereby seeks to “naturally raise himself” above all others, including God. Therefore, mankind seeks to make God in an image that he can control and that he can determine for himself in order to satisfy his own desires, needs, appeasement, and self-gratification. Such a nature tends toward being immoral, debased, depraved, vile, and corrupt. It is everything that moves contrary to true righteousness – against God.

It has been rather easy for Satan to establish twisted and highly distorted beliefs about God, His Son Jesus Christ, and His word (truth). In the Church that was scattered after the Apostasy, over 600 differing and conflicting beliefs (organizations each claiming to be God’s) emerged seemingly overnight. All these groups had many forms and variations of God’s truth within their teaching, and therefore, not at one with God. Within traditional Christianity, there are thousands of varying ideas, concepts, and beliefs about God. Yet each one of these fail to recognize that they have “raised up” something they themselves have chosen to believe – to their liking, appeasement, justification, and satisfaction.

God’s way – God’s truth – is so basic and plain, but the human mind resists it and finds it rather easy to “raise up” (idolatry) something else to believe rather than truly believing God. God says plainly that there is one belief, one faith, one truth, one Church, one God, and one Christ, yet even in the true Church that was scattered, hundreds of conflicting beliefs emerged over these very basic truths. Such history should be deeply sobering, for the road that leads away from God is paved with gold. The road that follows where God leads is paved with the fire of trials, hardship, and battles. Yet it is that road that leads to all fullness of life, peace, and age-lasting life.

In this commandment God is simply telling mankind that there are to be no idols “set up” (raised up) before Him, yet that is precisely what man has done. He has worshipped nearly anything imaginable, including that which is in the heavens, on the earth, and in the waters of the earth, as well as what is under it. God inspired Paul to aptly address this:

“Because that, when they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, neither were they thankful, but they became vain in their own imaginations, and their foolish heart became darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts, and slithering creatures” (Rom. 1:21-23).

It is an astounding thing to see those who indeed profess themselves to be wise and highly educated in math and science to turn a blind eye to the laws of science and mathematics in order to bow down to a “big bang” that created the vast universe. Such people also “raise up” the foolish teachings of Darwin and others who chose to believe in evolution rather than God.

“Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creation more than the Creator, who is blessed forever, Amen” (Rom. 1:25).

So when someone “raises up” (spiritual idolatry) their own self-righteous judgment that they can maintain a relationship (to befriend, have fellowship) with someone cut-off from God – disfellowshipped from God’s Church and presence – then they have raised up the importance of that relationship above a true one with God. In covering the first commandment, it was stated: “God is saying that no one should place any other relationship (fellowship) before Him and His purpose in Elohim. He is stating that to do so is to place some other family (fellowship, relationship) against Him and against His purpose in Elohim – to raise up other gods – some other god family (other god elohim).”

There is a powerful tie-in between the first and second commandment when discussing the specific subject of “true fellowship” and those who have been disfellowshipped. To “raise up” some other relationship (fellowship, family) above God’s only true family is to commit the act of idolatry and thereby make an elohim (some other god family) of that disfellowshipped relationship.

It is truly one of the most heinous acts of all idolatry to “raise up” some other relationship (family, fellowship) above what God has called us to become – His Family Elohim – which is currently in His begotten Church. Indeed, God’s Church is a Family!

(This series will continue into Pt. 5.)

Follow the Truth

This weekend, Willem Henderson is filling in for the False Prophet Ronald Weinland who is probably sharpening his #2 pencils in his prison cell to dash off another dose of nonsense for next week.  Here are some interesting points in the transcript of Willem’s sermon:

This refers to Leviticus 13:47-52. It is described here how that when a piece of clothing has been touched with leprosy this piece of clothing had to be burnt. So then when you look at Jude verse 23 again from a spiritual point of view, this means that for some it is already too late, as Satan has already influenced them to the point where they no longer want the truth.

I’ve personally experienced this with people that left the Church. You can no longer talk to them. They think differently. They no longer think the way they did when they were still in the truth. It’s as Mr. Weinland so often mentioned in sermons, like the movie, The Body Snatchers. God’s spirit is gone. You can no longer talk with them about spiritual things. Satan has done his work. He has taken God’s work in this person away – stolen it. When someone removes themselves from God’s Church or is removed from God’s Church, in both cases we are told to no longer have any contact with them. One of the reasons why is to cause them to regret because now they no longer have that contact with other Church members as they used to. The strong close bond they had no longer exists, and maybe the lack of contact can trigger someone to see their fault and come back. This is really difficult and hard to do, and you don’t see this outcome very often. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the story about the prodigal (or the lost) son.

It is better not to have any contact with people that are no longer in the Church, to protect the Body and ourselves, in order not to be sucked in with their delusional ideas that developed during the time they were turning away. As Mr. Weinland always says, this doesn’t happen overnight. Usually, there’s months before someone goes so far as to leave God’s Church or to be put out. And so, we must protect God’s Church from such.

According to comments left on this blog, many are leaving PKG.  One couple was disfellowshipped for attending a wedding of others who left the church.  Later on, Willem states:

Don’t touch the lies and the false witnesses that are spread about us on the internet. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to know it. Don’t think you are immune to it, that you can handle it, to read all that is being said about us. They are the vultures that speak evil about God’s Church. For wherever the carcass is, there will the vultures be gathered together – Matthew 24:28. By the way, that is still being done to Mr. Armstrong too. It is very dangerous! Don’t touch it! There is enough material on the Church website to feed yourself spiritually. Don’t look at other things!

The title to this post is the same as the ironic title to Willem’s sermon.  PKG members are not following the truth.  Rather, they are following a demonstrated liar.  A liar imprisoned for lying on his tax returns, and incidentally for disobeying Jesus about paying Caesar his due. Who then lied to his members claiming it was only about Laura’s travel expenses.  Someone who lied on his own daughter’s marriage certificate.  Someone who broke his repeated promise to admit his prophetic failures.  Of course Ron would not want someone to read my websites which have documented his lies for the past several years.

Indeed.  Follow the truth

True Fellowship Part 3

False Prophet Ronald Weinland sharpened his #2’s, and has his weekly ramblings up a day earlier than last weeks.

I wonder if Anne Wrozek still fellowships with Terry.  Laura and Audra will of course not do so during their visit to Detroit this coming weekend.

————————-  Ronnie’s Posting ———————————-

The subject in this current series of posts has covered matters that concern a nearly unfathomable comprehension (even with God’s spirit) of what it means that the One Eternal Self-existing God should call someone into a personal “Family” relationship – fellowship – with him.

This in turn means that one is then called into a unique fellowship with His Son and with His Church, others whom He has called.

Yet in the midst of such a calling, it is a great paradox that some who are called can become contemptuous and disdainful of that relationship. It is yet another kind of paradox that such people who become removed from such true fellowship can actually delude themselves into believing that they still have fellowship with God while rejecting His instruction and His true Church to which they were originally called or spiritually reawakened. It is almost unimaginable that such separation from fellowship can finally become manifest over some of the smallest matters in life, like the one just covered in the last post, as to whether or not one can wear make-up.

Inspiration for This Post
At this point it would be good to explain how the inspiration for this post came about. My wife, daughter, and myself were discussing the account of someone who recently became disfellowshipped and how the Church should address the matter.

When someone comes to the point where they manifest the actions that lead to their being disfellowshipped, it is often somewhat startling what is actually revealed that comes out of their heart (mind). It also becomes painfully obvious that such individuals have deceived themselves into believing they are okay with God, while they easily and openly speak out against God’s teaching (doctrine, truth, instruction), His Church, and His ministry.

Laura and Audra had just previously been discussing this matter with each other before talking to me about it. They each shared Biblical principles and scriptures that pertain to the spirit of “false fellowship” with God, Christ, and the Church. I then asked both to write down these principles and scriptural instructions that they had been mentioning to me. At that point, I already knew this was to be what I was to address in the next post. Most of what will be covered in the remainder of this post on the subject of “true fellowship” is from what they had discussed about this subject. I also find it inspiring to note that God (at this same time) has also been giving inspiration to recent sermons in direct and related subject matter concerning true fellowship and God’s government in His Church.

What Kind of Fellowship?
Rather than beginning this series with the subject of “disfellowshipment,” Christ has inspired that what should first be addressed is “true fellowship” with God. To better grasp the ugliness of becoming disfellowshipped from God, His Son, and His Church, it is so very important to focus first on the incredible awesomeness, as well as the immeasurable honor and gift (blessing) it is to have such privilege and opportunity to be offered such true fellowship.

Once called to such a relationship, each person must continuously, throughout their life, make choices as to what kind of fellowship they individually want to have with God’s Family, which includes God and His Son at the forefront. As it has already been covered, the history of the Church reveals that many have turned from God’s calling and chose “something else” rather than that true relationship to which they had originally been called. They chose instead to be disfellowshipped – they chose death.

The occasion of the manifestation of this disfellowshipment that my wife, daughter, and I were discussing concerned a choice that two people had made as they decided to have fellowship with several others who had previously been disfellowshipped. There is much instruction on this from God, yet people often minimize, ignore, disagree, and/or justify their disobedient actions to such scriptures and teaching from God.

Often, the basic response to such a decision is that “no man” or “no one” is going to tell me who I can and cannot have fellowship with. Indeed, that is the attitude, even though that is exactly what God instructs concerning those who have been disfellowshipped – not to have fellowship with them. But to the human carnal mind of one who no longer has God’s instruction, teaching, way, and spirit in the forefront of their mind, it “seems right” to them that they should be able to choose for themselves who they want for friends. Just as Proverbs says, “There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Prov. 16:25). So choosing to have fellowship with those disfellowshipped “seems to be right” to such people, and no one is going to tell them otherwise.

That kind of choice is the result of “base” human nature, which is controlled by lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. But, one should be seeking to bring true control into their life by yielding self to God’s true ways and fighting against one’s own human nature. Only by yielding to God and learning to control self can one come into true unity that produces God’s peace in life. It is a mind that yields to pride that lifts self up above God (spiritual idolatry) and says, “No one will tell me who I can fellowship with.” It is a “lust of the eyes” to want something that is not ours to have – to want fellowship with those disfellowshipped. It is a “lust of the flesh” that fulfills such action – actually fellowshipping with those disfellowshipped.

This specific kind of choice is the basic “heart and core” of the sin that Adam and Eve committed when they separated themselves from God and that fellowship with Him when they began to “decide for themselves” what was right and what was wrong. They did not look to God as their authority: “And the Eternal God said, behold, the man is become as one of us (as already ‘in’ the God Family), to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever: therefore the Eternal God sent him forth from the garden of Eden to till the ground (no longer provided for by God) from where he was taken” (Gen. 3:22-23). God removed Adam and Eve from His fellowship – they were disfellowshipped from God and His presence.

Paul’s Instruction
Most people know of the story where Paul addressed the matter of disfellowshipping a man from the members of the Church at Corinth (1 Cor. 5). It is where a man was having a sexual relationship with his stepmother. The congregation was aware of this relationship and had chosen to “turn a blind eye” to his sin rather than addressing it as they should have. Paul said they had actually been lifted up in pride (became puffed up as leaven), choosing to allow something to continue in their midst (that seemed right to them to allow) that was clearly against God’s instruction to them. Paul explained that he had already written to them not to keep company with fornicators, the covetous, extortioners, and idolaters “of the world” as a matter of close friendship and fellowship. Yet he also explained that they would still have encounters with such people in the world and could not altogether remove themselves from their presence in everyday dealings of life.

In this account of 1 Corinthians 5, Paul is now adding to this previous instruction in stronger terms by making it clear that if such things are not to be part of close friendship and fellowship in the world, then how much more so should it be applied in the fellowship of the Church.

He went on to tell them that this man should be disfellowshipped and “to deliver such unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus” (1 Cor. 5:5). Certainly, the desire is that one would be sobered to repent and change once disfellowshipped and brought back into fellowship as Paul later explained in 2 Corinthians. However, first and foremost, sin and those who “practice” it, without repentance, should be removed from the presence of the Body. This is just as Adam and Eve, in their sin, had to be removed from the presence of God. Sin, if allowed to continue in the Body, will spread as leaven in bread spreads. No one is “bigger or stronger” spiritually as to be unaffected by such influence.

Paul explained that the Church has a responsibility to judge and act upon such matters “within the Church.”

“But now I have written unto you not to keep company (to give fellowship and friendship), if any man that is called a brother (supposed to be living as a member of the Body of Christ – in truth and in spirit) be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such a one no not to eat. For what have I to do with those who are without the Church (outside the Church – as God’s government is not at work in the lives of those in the world)? Are you not to judge those who are within the Church (God’s government works in His Church)? But those who are without (outside the Church), God judges (brings to judgment in His time). Therefore put away (disfellowship) from among yourselves this wicked person” (1 Cor. 5:11-13).

The instruction to them was that the Church (and all in it) are to participate in the judgment that is to be carried out against someone who is “living” against God’s ways in an unrepentant and unchanging manner. It is a matter of every member being in unity in support of judgment with the actions taken toward anyone who has placed themselves in the position of living against God’s ways (actively resisting God’s spirit to dwell in them) becoming antichrist in actions and practice. When understanding such instruction, who would choose to have fellowship with someone who has actively placed themselves against Christ? The world is ignorant of how they are living contrary to God’s one true way of life, but all who are “called” by God are without excuse, once they have received the life of Christ to live (dwell) in them, to then turn against him and his purpose in suffering for us as our Passover.

Importance of Being At One
At the beginning of this series, the matter of working to “keep the unity of the spirit” – of being at one with God – was addressed. The importance of such unity and oneness with God is basic to the kind of Family God has called us to be transformed and born into. It is a Family that will live life age-lasting without end. It is a Family where each member is fully at one in unity of spirit with God’s one true way of peace.

There is a refreshing insight that was given by one of our sr. elders as she was relating to us her response to what was covered in that section of the post about unity of spirit. I’m going to share that with you.

“In the section where it was covered we have to love less all others (than God) and as I strive to keep God and the Church first, I fall short because deep down, I love me more than anything. This is what I have to learn to love less. I have to quit worrying about ‘self’ and ‘self’s stinking rotten pride.’ And it finally hit me, unity = peace. Of course it does. When you are unified you are thinking and acting the same, therefore peace is the result. I keep saying I want unity, I want peace!”

Let’s return to the scripture that speaks of working to keep unity within the Church and build more upon it.

“Endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body, and one spirit, even as you are called in one hope of your calling; one Lord (Jesus Christ), one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all” (Eph. 4:3-6).

Why is it seemingly so difficult for the “many” to grasp something so basic, so clear, so elementary to one’s calling? For as Christ said, “many are called, but few are chosen.” The reason is that this is only “clear” to those who endeavor (work) at being in unity and oneness with all that God reveals (gives) to them. Those who do are those who can experience the true peace of God’s way. But peace of spirit and mind cannot be experienced where divisiveness, critical attitudes, disobedience, and pride (one’s own ways) flourish and dwell.

As we know, the majority of the Church that was scattered after the Apostasy is going to become reunited over a period beginning shortly before and immediately upon Christ’s coming as King of kings. This is something I deeply long for when all those people recapture the experience and truth that there is only one Body of Christ that is united by one spirit and that consists of one faith (one belief that is lived). The Church is not composed of many differing faiths and beliefs as some seem to accept (allow) in their thinking.

Ephesians also states that there is one God and Father of all, and not that there are two Gods – only one! Who else in the scattered body knows and believes (lives by such faith) this truth that God has revealed (in 2005) to His Church since the Apostasy? How then can anyone who has believed, and still does believe this truth, think they can take such belief with them into a different kind of fellowship than the one where they first received this truth?

Indeed, there is only one truth to believe and live by – one faith. Understanding, living, and believing this is truly spiritually rudimentary. There is only one source for God’s truth and that is from God, through Jesus Christ, to God’s one true Church.

To experience “true fellowship” as members of the Body of Christ, one must be joined together in the same singleness of spirit that is in Christ: “But he who is joined unto the Lord (Christ) is one spirit” (1 Cor. 6:17). There cannot be some other spirit joined together in God’s Church.

On the last night of his earthly existence (on Passover night), Jesus Christ prayed to his Father about keeping the Church unified in one spirit and one truth – that which originates from God.

“I have given them (the disciples and all who will follow) your word and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. I do not pray that you would take them out of the world, but that you would keep them from the evil (evil one). They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them (set them apart for holy use and purpose) through your truth. Your word is truth” (Jn. 17:14-17).

Christ was making it clear that those who were given to him by God would be “set apart” from all others in the world by the truth that God would give them. It is God’s revealed truth that sets apart those in God’s true Church from all others. God has blessed His Church with 57 Truths in this end-time. Those in unity and oneness with God’s truth are able to experience true fellowship with God, Jesus Christ, and all others who are members of that one Body. Christ prayed even more about this:

“And for their sakes I sanctify myself so that they might be sanctified through the truth. Neither do I pray for these alone, but for those also who will believe on me through their word (the same truth), so that they all may be one; as you father, are in me, and I in you, so that they also may be one in us, and that the world may believe that you have sent me. The glory (contained in the Word, the truth of God, that can dwell in the mind – which “glory” is of God) which you gave me, I have given to them so that they may be one (in us), even as we are one: I in them, and you in me, so that they may be perfected in one” (Jn. 17:19-23).

These words are most profound and cry out to the importance of the members of the Body of Christ being able to ever grow in unity and oneness of truth and spirit – sharing in the glory of true fellowship with God and Christ.

(This series will be continued into Pt. 4.)

True Fellowship Part 2

False Prophet Ronald Weinland demonstrates his super-human abilities, which do not include highly efficacious death curses.

—————- Ron’s Posting —————-

It is humanly impossible to grasp the true purpose of “how and why” we exist. God has to reveal it (give such ability) to us.

Even with God’s spirit in us, after being begotten of it, we still have difficulty grasping the smallest portions of the magnitude of what it means to be “called” by the One Almighty Self-Existing God. We cannot fully grasp what it means to be called into such a relationship that eventually can lead into actually being born into God’s Family – Elohim.

As the Hubble Telescope peers farther and farther into a seemingly endless universe that consists of what scientists can only guesstimate as hundreds of billions of galaxies, with each potentially containing billions of stars and solar systems, how can a person conceivably grasp the magnitude of the Great God who created it all? How can one grasp the power of an Almighty God who sustains all that He has created? No one can! Then if no one can remotely begin to grasp such a Mighty God, how can anyone begin to grasp what an awesome privilege (beyond any measure), honor, blessing, and opportunity it is to receive an invitation (calling) from Him to come into a Family relationship with Him? We only grasp this in a highly limited way, but we should be so moved by that “small understanding” that we be deeply humbled, honored, and have zealous desire to embrace that calling with all of our being.

The True Value
The history of the Church is that many have failed to consistently place high value in a true and lasting relationship – fellowship – with God. It should be so very sobering to understand that the human mind can actually allow familiarity (through pride) to breed contempt for such a calling. Those who fail to continuously embrace and truly value that fellowship can easily fall into a consequential state of becoming disfellowshipped.

If it becomes necessary for a person to be disfellowshipped, God’s Church may “formally” give notification of being disfellowshipped; however, the individual being disfellowshipped has already “chosen” (if even by neglect) to remove themselves, as they produce the kind of bad fruit that reflects the true value they have placed on fellowship with God, His Son, His Church, and His ministry. Yet these same people become so spiritually weak and cold that they deceive themselves into believing they are continuing in a relationship with God through “some other means (way)” than what they had originally been called into within God’s true Church.

The true value a person places on their fellowship with God is reflected in how they live towards God – to the degree they walk in the light – in unity with Him, His Son, and His Church.

Christ stated that many are called, but few are chosen. This has been the history of God’s Church. The reason few are chosen is because of the individual “choices” (wrong choices) made by those who are called. When God “calls” (invites) someone into His Church, it is with the offering of power and truth to yield to the transforming of our human mind in a process of a new creation that leads to becoming part of Elohim. The apostle Peter was inspired to reveal the awesomeness of what it means to be “called” of God: “But you are a chosen generation (chosen out of the world, but not yet chosen into Elohim), a royal priesthood, a holy nation (spiritual Israel), a peculiar people (“special” is often used here, but over simplifies what the Greek is saying. The expression is made up of two words, as an “acquisition into,” as God has acquired one to come into an active purpose of “living” something that is indeed special as a result of a relationship with God.), that you should show forth the praises (Gk.- moral excellence, character, and virtue) of Him who has called you out of darkness (as a way of living like the world) into His marvelous light (to walk/live in the light – in unity with God)” (1 Pet. 2:9).

If someone even only partially grasps this magnitude of life that God offers to those who are called, how could they turn away from such an incredible offer of true fellowship with Him? But it happens, and it happens all too often. In nearly every Feast of Tabernacles at which I have spoken, I have admonished and warned that some who are observing the Feast with us that year will not be with us at the next one. Yet I am deeply convinced that not one of those individuals that became disfellowshipped over the following year believed that it would ever be true of them when I stated this. Every year of my 43 years in God’s Church, this has been true. Every year there are those who disfellowship themselves from God, His Son, and His one true Church.

One Way Is Right
In the examples of Christ stating that “many are called, but few are chosen,” there are different lessons that can be learned. One of the greatest lessons is that only one way is right and that is God’s way. This is reminiscent of the “way” that God led the children of Israel out of Egypt. In Exodus, it states that God led them in a “way” that they did not know, as He did not lead them through the way of the land of the Philistines, which was nearest to them (Ex. 13:17). There was another route whereby God could have taken Israel – the way of Shur, but God did not lead them that way either. Instead, He took them by a way that did not exist – the way of the wilderness through the Red Sea.

God does not lead anyone in a “way” that is known, as God’s way must be revealed by Him. Someone who is called to follow in the way that God leads them has two choices before them – to follow or not. Yet, just as it was with the Israelites, it often does not take long before individuals begin to murmur against the way God leads.

Murmuring can come from various attitudes that are more direct against God. It can be stated that this (way) is just too hard – too difficult to live – as a person begins to turn away from what God has offered them. Another attitude that was covered earlier, is revealed when someone chooses any relationship that pulls them away from putting God first. Still another is an attitude that is reflected in defiance directed more toward God, which is tied to one’s unfaithfulness in giving God His tithes and offerings, and then it is also often reflected in personal judgments of how they think such funds should be used, since they also tend to find fault with how such funds are being used.

An indirect affront to fellowship with God, which commonly involves justification and disagreement to following His way is to find fault with the leadership He has placed over His Church. This is usually done by a person stating some disagreement with some teaching, instruction, decision, or revealed truth God has inspired to be given to His Church through His human servants. Such people unwittingly disfellowship themselves from God when seeking to justify their own actions to follow some other way than the way God originally called them to follow. In reality, such people actually turn against God’s one true way that is given through His one true Church.

The first example where Christ stated that “many are called, but few are chosen” is in the Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard. Some who had been working in the vineyard throughout the day were finding fault with the owner who brought others to work there later in the day, but was paying the same wage for a full day’s work. This reveals much about selfish human nature that so easily finds fault with “how” God does as He wills in the “way” He leads His people. Indeed, how can anyone become so presumptuous as to question God in how He leads, governs, tries and transforms His own creation?

The reply in this parable is actually God asking a direct question to all those whom He calls: “Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with my own? Is your eye evil because I am good?” (Mat. 20:15). Yet those who disfellowship themselves are those who find evil in the good that God does through His Church and His ministry. When I think of this example, I think of the large numbers of people who found fault with Herbert W. Armstrong when he built a high-quality auditorium for the headquarters of the Church that he had dedicated to the Great God whom we serve. It is also easy to recall the criticisms made toward him for the purchase of the jets and cars that he bought through the Church for his use in the “work” God had given him. It was shallow minds that failed to see “what and why” God did as He willed through Mr. Armstrong. Most people with such attitudes also deceive themselves into believing they have some right to judge how “their” tithes and offerings should be used. But such things never belonged to them, but only to God.

Another parable stating, “many are called, but few are chosen,” is in the example where there were many who had been invited to a great wedding feast and one came who had not clothed himself in proper attire. Satan has deceived mankind into believing that they can come before God “just as they are” – “in” their own way. That is a natural tendency – to follow one’s own way rather than God’s one right way.

Makeup: A Lesson of Where We Place Value
Believe it or not, but thousands turned against Herbert W. Armstrong and God’s true Church over a very small matter – whether or not women should wear makeup. Many ministers and their wives were among those who became divisive and murmured against the decisions that were made at that time. Those who were filled with such bitterness and anger over such a small matter in life failed to grasp that these accounts actually tried and tested their faithfulness to follow God – to upholding and supporting Him and His government over them.

We are going to look at the history of this example as it reveals much about the kind of “value” people can place upon true fellowship with God.

As I think about this subject today, it is even more incredulous to believe that anyone would disfellowship themselves from a relationship with God (though they would not “see” it as that) over something so relatively small in the scheme of things. Yet that is how shallow, selfish, and contemptuous the human mind can be.

The decision (judgment made that was bound) Herbert W. Armstrong made for the Church concerning the wearing of makeup was changed back and forth a couple of times over a period of less than a decade. These changes tried and tested the thinking, attitude, and faithfulness of everyone in God’s Church. For those who did not have this experience, this may seem unimaginable that such a thing happened. To grasp what happened, one needs to understand what was occurring in society during this same period of time.

This period of the late 1970′s and early 1980′s was caught in the shadow of a movement in western society in what was widely referred to as “women’s lib” (liberation). Society was experiencing a backlash to an oppression of women that was being more fully exposed and debated at that time. Although it is true that women were being harshly oppressed in society, they did not know how to properly or even adequately address these obvious inequalities between men and women. The reason is because society lived in rejection of truth from God and therefore could not find true answers and solutions. Only now is God giving this true understanding to His Church, as these matters are going to be far more fully addressed in the Millennium.

After World War II, as a result of women carrying a vastly greater role in business, manufacturing, and much of the backbone for military support, society began to experience a shift in norms for women. The very role of women began rapidly changing from the common stereotypes that had predominately existed up to that time. During this period that led into the 1950′s and 1960′s, religious institutions and an older generation of people still held on to much of the old stereotypes of ways believed to be “better,” and were often equated with a more righteous way to live. The woman’s place was seen as being in the home and it was deeply frowned upon by many that a woman would work outside the home to help in the support of family.

In the midst of this, were attitudes and stereotypes that were still being associated with women who wore makeup. Yet throughout this period of time, cosmetics were rapidly growing in popularity, acceptance, and becoming a new norm for society. The stereotype of women who wore makeup, which was once associated in the past with those who were considered loose, promiscuous, and sexually flirtatious, was rapidly changing.

Religious institutions tended to make changes more slowly as many past stereotypes were looked down upon and judged as being unrighteous. Along with all this, due to technology, much of the western world was rapidly changing and this was bringing about a shift in many of the norms in society.

At the same time many of the norms in society were rapidly changing, God’s Church was experiencing more and more growth, yet it was still very young and only beginning to grow in greater maturity. God had now restored and established all necessary truth that had been lost during the era of Sardis. From the time God had called Mr. Armstrong to restore truth to His Church beginning in the 1930′s to this time period up to the late 1970′s, the Church’s teaching on makeup was that it was wrong to wear. Upon being called, women were expected to quit wearing makeup if they wanted to come into fellowship with God’s Church. In looking back, it seems somewhat amazing that some simply could not give up something like this in order to receive what God was offering them.

Although some believed there was scriptural evidence to give credibility for the forbidding of makeup, it didn’t truly exist, but was being “read into” passages and concluded this was the case. Regardless, many people simply missed that the primary matter was not whether or not it was forbidden in scripture, but that it had been decided (judged) by God’s apostle that it should not be worn. This was an administrative decision and had everything to do with how God’s government works. As the Church became more uncertain as to the scriptural instruction on the matter, someone still had to make a decision about how it should be addressed as there was controversy regarding it within the ministry. It then became a simple matter (as it was all along) of government alone.

If something is not a matter of sin and an administrative decision is made that people should adhere to certain behavior for the sake of unity and order, then whether a person is faithful and supportive to God’s government becomes the issue. Then it indeed becomes sin for anyone who creates division, who condems or slanders others through their own judgment of what they believe is right or wrong, and who is unfaithful to work for unity and peace.

This decision concerning makeup was switched back and forth a couple of times as God was beginning to bring the Church to a higher level of maturity in its transformation. Through this process the Church would be forced to begin addressing such matters from a perspective of what is truly “spiritual” in judgment of the weightier matters of God’s law.

When the first change was made to now allow the wearing of makeup, there were large numbers of people who had lived the belief that makeup was sin and they could not change from that stance, and they therefore judged, condemned, and looked down upon those who accepted the change. This created an uncomfortable division with the Church and the ministry.

The Spirit of the Matter
After a few years, the decision was made to change back to forbidding the wearing of makeup. Those who had been harsh in condemnation and treatment of others became justified (in their minds) and vindicated in “their” righteousness. Many who had now become accustomed to wearing it rebelled in spirit and began living a lie by not wearing it to services, but wearing it at other times. There were many other wrong attitudes that emerged from all this, but the Church was being tried and tested through this. The Church was being dragged (drawn) into the position requiring the need to address the “spirit” of the matter. The matter of government and unity began to be more deeply understood as the Church began some of its first stages into a greater spiritual maturity.

By the time the next change was made in which it became permissible to once again wear makeup, the Church had experienced a process that it did not fully understand through that time. It is much like the beginning stages of maturing growth a teenager might experience in learning to make choices and decisions that have a more direct impact on their life. Most of these involve “their place” in relationships with family and friends (peers).

As the Church was learning to yield itself to this transforming process through this one experience alone (that of changes concerning makeup), brethren were learning more about the importance of God’s government in the Church and the need to support and be faithful to it. It was God’s Church. If the Church makes binding decisions (judgments), then there is one correct choice before each member – to live God’s way in unity of spirit that is void of rebellion, condemnation, division, and self-righteousness.

Those who learned from this experience and grew more spiritually mature over the course of these changes made through administrative decisions (government) began to recognize the weightier matter of God’s law concerning judgment.

“Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and the same judgment” (1 Cor. 1:10).

Even over something as small as whether one should or should not wear makeup, some chose to be adversarial to God and His Church and they disfellowshipped themselves. To be in true fellowship with God, Jesus Christ, and God’s Church one will seek to be perfectly joined together in the same mind (unity) and same judgment in all things given through God’s Church.

(Pt. 3 will follow next week)

True Fellowship Part 1

After a week off for Thanksgiving, False Prophet Ronald Weinland is back to posting.

——————–  Ronnie’s post —————————————–

Each individual who has been baptized and has received the impregnation of God’s spirit has experienced a unique change in one’s friendships in life. As a person begins to yield to a transformation in their thinking, they make more and more changes in their life as to “how” they live it. Activities a person may have participated in with previous friends and even family members begins to change as well.

When a person ceases participating in activities previously shared with others on Friday evening and Saturdays, it begins to create an obstacle in such friendships and the former sharing of time together. Additional obstacles can occur when a person ceases to be involved in the sharing of many other former activities due to a desire to leave certain environments as well as those things that are sin or that can easily lead to sin. These changes, along with many others, tend to rapidly separate those previously existing friendships. Such changes can also create problems in the very closest of relationships in marriage and close family.

As these natural changes are taking place, another change in relationships and friendships begins to rapidly occur. Newly begotten individuals begin to form new friendships as they enter into the most unique relationship (fellowship) that any human can experience. Those who are “called” into God’s Church are “invited” to enter into a unique relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and all others who are “in” the Body of Christ. Through God’s spirit dwelling “in” us, we are blessed to have this awesome fellowship. Christ wonderfully stated that of all friendships and relationships that a person may have forsaken (laid aside), they will receive a hundredfold to replace them.

God First
Relationships reveal what is the heart, desire, and “true” convictions of one who has entered the Body of Christ. Jesus Christ plainly stated how important it is that God be first in a person’s life, above all other relationships, “if” a person desires to remain “in” true fellowship with God.

“If any come to me (through the Body of Christ) and does not love less (often translated as ‘hate’ – but in meaning and context is to ‘love less by comparison’) his father, mother, wife (or husband), children, brothers, sisters, and yes, even his own life also then he cannot be my disciple” (Lk. 14:26).

Christ is clearly saying that in order to be in a true relationship of continuing fellowship with him and God that one must always place God first in all matters of life in all the closest of human relationships. Not being a disciple (student) of Christ means that He will not teach, lead, guide and direct such a person. Instead, they will not be allowed to enter such fellowship or they will be cut off from receiving any spiritual revelation (instruction and teaching) from God, as all such spiritual food comes through Jesus Christ to his Church. If not repented of, any choice in life that is made due to any relationship with someone which would lead a person away from obedience and unity with God ends a true fellowship with God. True, faithful, and unified fellowship is awesomely important to God and His creation of His Family.

Jesus went on to say, “You are my friends, if you do whatsoever I command you” (Jn. 15:14). In order to be in a true fellowship with God and Jesus Christ it is obvious that one must be in unity with God through belief and practice of whatever (and whenever it is given) Christ gives in direction, correction, and instruction to His Church – whatever he commands. To be a friend of Christ – to be in such a relationship and fellowship – is far more profound than can be fully realized. And even more so, how profound is the relationship we have been given whereby we are to “see” the One Eternal Living God as our Father?

Placing a continuing fellowship with God “first” in one’s life is accomplished by ever growing in greater unity and oneness with Him. After being called into the Church, the rest of one’s human life will consist of constant choices that will reveal one’s true desire to “remain” in that relationship or not.

Paul explained that we are to walk (live) in a worthy manner of our “special calling” from God. He explained how this is accomplished (made possible) by exercising (living) humility (the opposite of pride), meekness, patience, and love (agape – God’s love in us). However, the reality of this is that no one can accomplish this of themselves. Humility, meekness, and patience are not traits of human nature, as selfishness cannot produce such true qualities of character. Mankind can only achieve a very small semblance of such traits that “seem” to be genuine. We must have God’s spirit “in” us to achieve the ability to practice and live such traits as they are molded into our character through God transforming our mind (the way we think).

The point Paul was making of our need to seek such traits, which can only come from God through the power of His spirit at work in our thinking, is so we can work to accomplish what he states next. The reason we need such qualities to be at work in our thinking and behavior (actions that follow) is so we can then work at what is most important about our very calling to begin with: “Endeavoring (Gk. – diligent, laboring, working hard) to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace” (Eph. 4:3).

To be in the Family of God – Elohim – we must grasp the magnitude of the importance of coming into absolute unity and oneness with God and His one and only true way of life (into full unity with the Word). It is “His way” alone that will give true and everlasting peace – spiritual Jerusalem. Unity with God is the bond that holds true “peace” together.

To grow in such unity, one must fight against pride and learn to embrace humility (wearing sackcloth). If that is not practiced continually then pride will “raise up” (idolatry) some other idea, belief, perceived understanding, and/or selfish interest or desire above what God teaches as true. To grow in unity, one must become teachable (meek) and fight against “the way I see it” or “the way that seems right.” To grow in unity, one must be patient and wait upon God’s timing to reveal to us what we need when we need it. Impatience only leads to taking things into one’s own hands and/or simply acting rashly in life. These three traits of humility, meekness, and patience must also be practiced in our relationship and interaction with others.

Paul stated his great desire for the Philippians that they be unified and that the mind (oneness in thinking) of Christ might be “in” them: “Fulfill my joy that you be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, and of one mind” (Phil. 2:2).

If any “thinking” other than that which is in unity and oneness with the mind of Christ, as well as any conduct or conversation that follows, will only produce discord, division, rebellion, hurt, pain, and suffering – the opposite of peace and what it produces. True fellowship with God, Christ, and the Church can only be experienced through a consistent unity and oneness with God as a result of a continuing and abiding supply of God’s spirit dwelling in a person.

“If we say that we have fellowship with Him (God), and walk in darkness (practice/live something that is not in unity with God), we lie and are not doing (practicing/living) the truth. But if we walk in the light (live in unity), as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son is cleansing us from all sin” (1 Jn. 1:6-7).

John is explaining that a person who is in true fellowship with God, Christ, and the Church is one who is repenting of sin in a quest to live in unity (walk in the light) with God. Those who are not repenting of divisive attitudes and behavior (not in unity) are not in true fellowship with God, Christ, and the Church, but instead are living a lie, just as John explains.

Grasping the Importance of Unity
God’s desire for unity and oneness with His one true way of life is great! It is the “only way” that produces true peace, fullness, and absolute joy in life. It is for this reason and of God’s great purpose in the creation of Elohim that He gives such direct and strong instruction to His Church concerning those who have been called who have not placed Him first in their life, but have instead shown disdain for true fellowship with Him.

It is no small thing with God after someone has been granted great grace, which means they have been granted unfathomable fellowship with Himself, His Son, and His Church, that they respond in thinking, spoken words, and actions that reflect contempt toward Him. This grace means they have been offered “love,” given to them to experience from Him, His Son, and from those whom He has called into His Church. Such people have been granted a unique experience of God’s love poured out upon them that has been patient (allowing much time for change), merciful, and granted an allowance in the opportunity for immediate forgiveness upon repentance. But the history of the Church reveals that such an outpouring of “love” from God, Christ, and the Church is far too often received with ingratitude, indifference, selfishness, and therefore, is lightly esteemed.

However, after a good measure of time (patience that is given), God will reveal what is true about any false fellowship within His Church of each individual who turns away from the relationship He has offered them. Most often there are trials (fire) and tests that will finally reveal God’s judgment to remove those who will not yield to His transformation ¬– who will not yield to His government to work in their life. For some, God may have an individual suspended from fellowship for a short time in order to serve as a time of correction to help stress the severity and weakness of one’s true relationship with Him. This is usually granted to those who reflect a potential or otherwise state some desire to be in a renewed fellowship with God’s Church. Unrepentant (no evidence of repentance or desire to change) individuals are simply removed from fellowship¬ ¬– disfellowshipped. Those who are granted suspension who do not follow through with repentance and change are also disfellowshipped.

It is all too often too easy to take a relationship with God too lightly – even for granted. It is difficult for the human mind, even when impregnated with God’s spirit, to grasp the awesomeness and magnitude of such a relationship, as God is not seen physically, but only spiritually through His own revelation. Over the past 2,000 years, God has given few among mankind the opportunity to experience a fuller relationship with Him through a physical group of individuals who have received spiritual life from God– in the Church of God.

If members of the Body of Christ can better grasp the history of all who have had fellowship with God and then at some point have begun to treat it with spiritual contempt and disdain, they should be able to better understand what it means to be removed from such an incredible opportunity of fellowship and the level of seriousness in such rejection.

(Part 2 of this post will cover that seriousness of being disfellowshipped from God.)