True Fellowship Part 1

After a week off for Thanksgiving, False Prophet Ronald Weinland is back to posting.

——————–  Ronnie’s post —————————————–

Each individual who has been baptized and has received the impregnation of God’s spirit has experienced a unique change in one’s friendships in life. As a person begins to yield to a transformation in their thinking, they make more and more changes in their life as to “how” they live it. Activities a person may have participated in with previous friends and even family members begins to change as well.

When a person ceases participating in activities previously shared with others on Friday evening and Saturdays, it begins to create an obstacle in such friendships and the former sharing of time together. Additional obstacles can occur when a person ceases to be involved in the sharing of many other former activities due to a desire to leave certain environments as well as those things that are sin or that can easily lead to sin. These changes, along with many others, tend to rapidly separate those previously existing friendships. Such changes can also create problems in the very closest of relationships in marriage and close family.

As these natural changes are taking place, another change in relationships and friendships begins to rapidly occur. Newly begotten individuals begin to form new friendships as they enter into the most unique relationship (fellowship) that any human can experience. Those who are “called” into God’s Church are “invited” to enter into a unique relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and all others who are “in” the Body of Christ. Through God’s spirit dwelling “in” us, we are blessed to have this awesome fellowship. Christ wonderfully stated that of all friendships and relationships that a person may have forsaken (laid aside), they will receive a hundredfold to replace them.

God First
Relationships reveal what is the heart, desire, and “true” convictions of one who has entered the Body of Christ. Jesus Christ plainly stated how important it is that God be first in a person’s life, above all other relationships, “if” a person desires to remain “in” true fellowship with God.

“If any come to me (through the Body of Christ) and does not love less (often translated as ‘hate’ – but in meaning and context is to ‘love less by comparison’) his father, mother, wife (or husband), children, brothers, sisters, and yes, even his own life also then he cannot be my disciple” (Lk. 14:26).

Christ is clearly saying that in order to be in a true relationship of continuing fellowship with him and God that one must always place God first in all matters of life in all the closest of human relationships. Not being a disciple (student) of Christ means that He will not teach, lead, guide and direct such a person. Instead, they will not be allowed to enter such fellowship or they will be cut off from receiving any spiritual revelation (instruction and teaching) from God, as all such spiritual food comes through Jesus Christ to his Church. If not repented of, any choice in life that is made due to any relationship with someone which would lead a person away from obedience and unity with God ends a true fellowship with God. True, faithful, and unified fellowship is awesomely important to God and His creation of His Family.

Jesus went on to say, “You are my friends, if you do whatsoever I command you” (Jn. 15:14). In order to be in a true fellowship with God and Jesus Christ it is obvious that one must be in unity with God through belief and practice of whatever (and whenever it is given) Christ gives in direction, correction, and instruction to His Church – whatever he commands. To be a friend of Christ – to be in such a relationship and fellowship – is far more profound than can be fully realized. And even more so, how profound is the relationship we have been given whereby we are to “see” the One Eternal Living God as our Father?

Placing a continuing fellowship with God “first” in one’s life is accomplished by ever growing in greater unity and oneness with Him. After being called into the Church, the rest of one’s human life will consist of constant choices that will reveal one’s true desire to “remain” in that relationship or not.

Paul explained that we are to walk (live) in a worthy manner of our “special calling” from God. He explained how this is accomplished (made possible) by exercising (living) humility (the opposite of pride), meekness, patience, and love (agape – God’s love in us). However, the reality of this is that no one can accomplish this of themselves. Humility, meekness, and patience are not traits of human nature, as selfishness cannot produce such true qualities of character. Mankind can only achieve a very small semblance of such traits that “seem” to be genuine. We must have God’s spirit “in” us to achieve the ability to practice and live such traits as they are molded into our character through God transforming our mind (the way we think).

The point Paul was making of our need to seek such traits, which can only come from God through the power of His spirit at work in our thinking, is so we can work to accomplish what he states next. The reason we need such qualities to be at work in our thinking and behavior (actions that follow) is so we can then work at what is most important about our very calling to begin with: “Endeavoring (Gk. – diligent, laboring, working hard) to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace” (Eph. 4:3).

To be in the Family of God – Elohim – we must grasp the magnitude of the importance of coming into absolute unity and oneness with God and His one and only true way of life (into full unity with the Word). It is “His way” alone that will give true and everlasting peace – spiritual Jerusalem. Unity with God is the bond that holds true “peace” together.

To grow in such unity, one must fight against pride and learn to embrace humility (wearing sackcloth). If that is not practiced continually then pride will “raise up” (idolatry) some other idea, belief, perceived understanding, and/or selfish interest or desire above what God teaches as true. To grow in unity, one must become teachable (meek) and fight against “the way I see it” or “the way that seems right.” To grow in unity, one must be patient and wait upon God’s timing to reveal to us what we need when we need it. Impatience only leads to taking things into one’s own hands and/or simply acting rashly in life. These three traits of humility, meekness, and patience must also be practiced in our relationship and interaction with others.

Paul stated his great desire for the Philippians that they be unified and that the mind (oneness in thinking) of Christ might be “in” them: “Fulfill my joy that you be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, and of one mind” (Phil. 2:2).

If any “thinking” other than that which is in unity and oneness with the mind of Christ, as well as any conduct or conversation that follows, will only produce discord, division, rebellion, hurt, pain, and suffering – the opposite of peace and what it produces. True fellowship with God, Christ, and the Church can only be experienced through a consistent unity and oneness with God as a result of a continuing and abiding supply of God’s spirit dwelling in a person.

“If we say that we have fellowship with Him (God), and walk in darkness (practice/live something that is not in unity with God), we lie and are not doing (practicing/living) the truth. But if we walk in the light (live in unity), as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son is cleansing us from all sin” (1 Jn. 1:6-7).

John is explaining that a person who is in true fellowship with God, Christ, and the Church is one who is repenting of sin in a quest to live in unity (walk in the light) with God. Those who are not repenting of divisive attitudes and behavior (not in unity) are not in true fellowship with God, Christ, and the Church, but instead are living a lie, just as John explains.

Grasping the Importance of Unity
God’s desire for unity and oneness with His one true way of life is great! It is the “only way” that produces true peace, fullness, and absolute joy in life. It is for this reason and of God’s great purpose in the creation of Elohim that He gives such direct and strong instruction to His Church concerning those who have been called who have not placed Him first in their life, but have instead shown disdain for true fellowship with Him.

It is no small thing with God after someone has been granted great grace, which means they have been granted unfathomable fellowship with Himself, His Son, and His Church, that they respond in thinking, spoken words, and actions that reflect contempt toward Him. This grace means they have been offered “love,” given to them to experience from Him, His Son, and from those whom He has called into His Church. Such people have been granted a unique experience of God’s love poured out upon them that has been patient (allowing much time for change), merciful, and granted an allowance in the opportunity for immediate forgiveness upon repentance. But the history of the Church reveals that such an outpouring of “love” from God, Christ, and the Church is far too often received with ingratitude, indifference, selfishness, and therefore, is lightly esteemed.

However, after a good measure of time (patience that is given), God will reveal what is true about any false fellowship within His Church of each individual who turns away from the relationship He has offered them. Most often there are trials (fire) and tests that will finally reveal God’s judgment to remove those who will not yield to His transformation ¬– who will not yield to His government to work in their life. For some, God may have an individual suspended from fellowship for a short time in order to serve as a time of correction to help stress the severity and weakness of one’s true relationship with Him. This is usually granted to those who reflect a potential or otherwise state some desire to be in a renewed fellowship with God’s Church. Unrepentant (no evidence of repentance or desire to change) individuals are simply removed from fellowship¬ ¬– disfellowshipped. Those who are granted suspension who do not follow through with repentance and change are also disfellowshipped.

It is all too often too easy to take a relationship with God too lightly – even for granted. It is difficult for the human mind, even when impregnated with God’s spirit, to grasp the awesomeness and magnitude of such a relationship, as God is not seen physically, but only spiritually through His own revelation. Over the past 2,000 years, God has given few among mankind the opportunity to experience a fuller relationship with Him through a physical group of individuals who have received spiritual life from God– in the Church of God.

If members of the Body of Christ can better grasp the history of all who have had fellowship with God and then at some point have begun to treat it with spiritual contempt and disdain, they should be able to better understand what it means to be removed from such an incredible opportunity of fellowship and the level of seriousness in such rejection.

(Part 2 of this post will cover that seriousness of being disfellowshipped from God.)


84 thoughts on “True Fellowship Part 1

  1. ACTS:

    You have to keep in mind that Ron has realized the PKG will never actually hold him to his word. He has made vows and promises, and backtracked on ALL of them, all the while holding on to members. Ron has lied, stolen from the PKG, been jailed for financial fraud, proclaimed himself a prophet, apostle, and one of the Two Witnesses completely falsely. Weinland could say he is Jesus Christ and they would accept it…even if he changed his mind and called himself something else 10 minutes later. Weinland has scoured the bottom of the spiritual ocean and dredged up enough stupidity to fund his pretend church in perpetuity. There are humans on this planet that are completely happy to give him their money after openly lying about almost 100% of his ministry.

    Keep in mind that many (most?) react to his fraud with “it’s God’s Money, I don’t care what happens to it after I send it to Ron…”

    You just can’t penetrate willful self-delusion like that.


    1. Moreso than that. Ron teaches that they should never hold him to his word, i.e. his Present Truth(tm).

      After all, he’s an apostle and gets to make things up.

      How do we know he’s an apostle? Because he said so.

      Why should we believe him? Because he’s an apostle.

      So there. What more do you need?


  2. Avalo, Mike,
    I would also add that his biggest hold on people is , IT IS ALL SPIRITUAL ! And if you are not in my group YOU CAN’T SEE IT. This is a major Stumbling block for people in PKG. As mike said the present Truth is another thing that Ron has taken out of the bible and warped it into his own Doctrine . Ron has used that to push everything forward for as long as he likes. PKG look up PRESENT TRUTH it’s in 2nd Peter read it for yourself and see ! It is not at all what Ron turned it into. Avalo, Ron has put a Ton of fear into pkg and he is now trying to cement that fear with his latest series of posts. Most people in PKG only saw Ron and Laura once a year . R&L have become so accustomed to people kissing their butt over the years. As time goes on they have no idea the fall coming for them. I will continue to show Ron’s hypocrisy as long as he continues to be a hypocrite.


  3. The absurdity of conjuring up this thought that the “PRESENT TRUTH” overrided an older “present truth” is of course ridiculous.

    Leave it to Ron to come up with such nonsense. If this were true, then Ron has the freedom to come up with new lies ad infinitum.

    All he has to do is rename the lie “present truth”. And of course the PKGers love to have it so.


    1. If this were true, then Ron has the freedom to come up with new lies ad infinitum. All he has to do is rename the lie “present truth”.

      And that’s exactly what is going on.

      And of course the PKGers love to have it so.

      And this also is exactly what’s going on, though for a decreasing number of people. Hoping that number is zero before Ron is released from prison.


  4. It’s fascinating watching Ronald Weinland practicing and applying double-think in real life.

    Even George Orwell would be have been dazzled


  5. Ron should have stayed out of the prophecy business completely. He has made a mess out of his followers’ lives, and he has certainly made a mess of his own. There is no street buzz on him. Nobody I know, overhear, or meet even knows the most significant thing which he has ever done (go to jail). Invisibility, insignificance, and damage to a small group of followers are the hallmarks of his career. Probably more people have heard of the Illinois enema bandit.



  6. It still amazes me that people can be THAT LOST and donate to Ron’s fraud. The comparison to a big dysfunctional group is correct. The blind leading the blind. They are all in denial. There is no doubt that Ron is a socio or psychopath con-artist. Laura and Audra somewhat fit the profile too. Google traits of a sociopath/psychopath and compare those to Ron and his actions. I am not a psychologist but I can figure out what is what. They are also an immoral and unethical PIGS.

    If followers are stupid enough to keep giving Ron and Laura their money that is their problem. What makes it so very wRONg is the fact that Ron and Laura know that they are selling these gullible lost souls made up and make believe voodoo B.S.. A complete pile of garbage, lies, and manipulation. They have no problem with that either. It was proven in court that Ron and Laura do not believe what they are selling one bit. They contradict themselves by preaching one thing and doing the opposite themselves. All in the name of God’s money which translated to the Weinland’s personal incomes.

    Martin, Those are some conservative figures on the prices of their 3 BMW’s, but I get your point. We saw the financing paperwork and purchase orders in court. I can not remember the exact numbers any longer but it was a LARGE sum of money. I am fairly certain it was well over $100,000 for the three cars. Wonder how much the shipping to and from Germany cost? Do not forget Ron and Laura’s “church”paid vacation to Stuttgart (sp?), Germany so they could attend the BMW factory tour and BMW’s drivers training courses. All said and done taxes, insurance, shipping, drivers training vacations, etc; have cost the church tithers a whole lot of money for Weinland lusts. When Ron was bragging about having his $1,700.00 suit on that day in court was the icing on the cake for me. What made that better was when the prosecutor reminded Ron-God he was in court on PERSONAL business in his church bought suit. FUNNY! Not really though.

    How ass backwards and arrogant is that shipping deal anyway? You know, buying Jeremy’s locally and shipping it to Germany and then shipping Ron and Laura’s to KY from Germany. IDIOTS! That is just irresponsible financial matters even if you are spending free stolen tithe money.

    Avalo summed that up well with the Canada and hockey sticks scenario. Makes no sense whatsoever! It does show Ron and Laura’s level of arrogance and almighty power of money use. As idiotic as it screams they are in doing so.


  7. I find it ironic to say the least that Peter speaks of the present truth in regards to not being deceived by false prophets. PKG read the Bible in its CONTEXT . 2peter2 1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers AMONG YOU,who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. 3And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

    Fiegned Words , Pretended , sham , counterfeit, disguised ,Not genuine .

    PKG Ron is making Merchandise out of you ! You are his bread and butter.

    I leave it to you to look up present truth and see this for yourself.


  8. 1 of the 12 juror bags says: “Martin, Those are some conservative figures on the prices of their 3 BMW’s,”

    It was hard to gauge the price as they were so many variables…but thanks for pointing out that I was underpricing it (I had a feeling I was).


  9. We also know that this disfellowshiping deal is another form of damage control for the Swinelands. They want to separate the followers whose light bulbs went off in their brains from the dark and dimly lit ones. God #3 and the Money Slinging Apostle Queen want these individuals gone ASAP. The quicker they get them gone the less damage they do to making others aware of what they have finally figured out. That the Swinelands are a scam and they are being ripped off.

    The greedy leaders do not want these people sticking around to disrupt others and their willingness to donate cash. RON AND LAURA DO NOT WANT THE TRUTH AND THEIR SECRETS REVEALED. That would not be good for business. The Weinlands figure it is better to lose some cash flow than possibly much more with disgruntled followers speaking out to others which could result in others leaving with THEIR CASH also.


  10. Tell tale signs that a person is an anti-Christ.

    Anti-Christ’s do NOT say they are against Christ, they do so by their words and by their actions.

    When a ministers words OVERRIDE and SUPERSEDE Christ’s words, that person is an anti-Christ

    God said NOT to put a woman in authority in the church, nor are they to PREACH in the church, nor usurp authority over the husband or man.

    Ron made Laura head in the church (under him of course), gave women offices usurping the role of the men, soon he will be allowing women to preach as well as men.

    But PKGers should just disregard this evidence…carry on….send more tithes and more offerings…even though none of it will be used to dispense the gospel.


  11. I know a lot of people on this blog think that Ron is going to have women giving sermons . I do not think this will ever happen. That is way out of Laura’s comfort Zone! she only likes to talk about people behind their back. That is her main speaking role.


  12. “You are his bread and butter.” Acts, Yes they are! Literally and figuratively speaking. His bread and butter is THEIR CASH. Hopefully, Ron and Laura are tasting some soggy burnt toast in regards to tithes these days. The fact that Audra and Laura are still vacationing means they have the money to do so but people like them can not quit spending even if the financial forecast looks grim.

    They will spend, spend, spend until the last dime is gone not changing their extravagant lifestyles until it is all over and they are forced to do so. They are in the mindset of the more you spend the better it must be. Not always true. In my opinion idiots spend that much for a suit and jewelry. If I had a gazillion dollars I would still not pay that much. The Weindland’s grandiose thinking and way of life will be their demise eventually. Tomorrow would not be soon enough, but I would take that and be very content.

    Only the best for the Weinland Clan. These cars were far from base models. Jeremy’s had an expensive sports package and Audra’s was all wheel drive. I have personally seen Ron’s 5 series at a local ice cream shop and it was an upper end 5 series model. I am familiar with BMW’s. I have had both BMW cars and motorcycles. They are expensive to buy, own, and maintain. BMW stands for Break My Wallet. They are some great engineering and a good product. I recall Ron’s is black or a very dark charcoal gray. There is actually a picture Mike posted a ways back that I took. I think it was the summer of 2012.

    I think Audra would be just fine picking up cash from the P.O. Box in a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla though. Maybe they got her the all wheel drive BMW XI so she could even pick the cash up in adverse weather conditions too. Nah, they are usually vacationing some place warm and sunny when the weather is bad here like it is now. They need to snag that money on a regular basis. It was mentioned in court that some days Audra made numerous trips the same day to grab all of the loot. Audra picked up millions there. We were shocked at the amounts rolling in. CRAZY! What is even crazier is that suckers are still sending money in after his conviction and much has been revealed about him and his SCAM. Followers need to wake up and get with the program. Not Ron’s program.


  13. At one point or another, wealth and possessions begin to control you, and is has been demonstrated that these things can actually warp your ethics, morality, and relationships with other people. They become the center of your life, and the things for which you would fight at all costs to preserve. It’s why you might find counter-culture people, and those from any ascetic discipline either rejecting wealth, or spreading it around to accomplish good. This is one thing the old, dreaded hippies managed to get right before they sold out and became Yuppies.

    Mother Teresa would probably either be driving an old, beat up pick up truck to the post office box, or riding a mule. Any money in the P.O. box would be considered as essential to do her work! Apparently, the Weinlands never heard of Gehazi. Or Annanias and Saphira.
    Ministers are not called to a cush lifestyle.



  14. PKGers….

    Look forward to Ronald Weinland’s attempt to equate you staying with him (a tax criminal and abuser of tithes) as fellowshipping with God.

    And leaving as leaving the true church, rather than leaving as commanded by the bible when you are being deceived by a false prophet.


  15. At last something true from the twat -Believing his rubbish breaks up families !!
    hope all of you in PKG suffer for your evil foolishness !!


  16. PKGer’s here is Laura and Audra’s sole job.

    They produce NOTHING. They do NOTHING.

    They do not preach. They do not write magazine articles. They do not send out mailers. THEY DO NOTHING.

    While you are working 40hrs a week, and tithing on that, they sit around and do nothing (that is, except collecting your hard earned tithes).

    They travel first class ON YOUR DIME, jet set around the world ON YOUR DIME, eat at 4 star restaurants ON YOUR DIME.

    They put in a couple of hours of face time in some congregation at Sabbath services (on your dime).

    The rest of the week they do nothing but visit the post office to collect more tithes, where less than 1% of it will be used to maintain a web site, the rest they will use to purchase jewelry, paintings, and frederiks of hollywood panties.

    And of course PKGers love to have their tithes squandered on lusts, and not used for any church related expenses.


  17. “Ministers are not called to a cush lifestyle. ”

    Somebody forgot to tell Joel Osteen whom bought a 10 million dollar house in River Oaks Houston.
    Just a high class of scammer than old wRONg, with his constant blinking and sculpted facial features. But a scammer is a scammer is a scammer.
    It’s all about the $$$.

    Go figure?


  18. You know, some Christian ministers have suffered poverty and have become martyrs in order to spread the gospel of redemption through Jesus.

    Not seeing that level of commitment from the Weinlands some how.

    I guess they would rather trade eternal life for the filthy lucre of this world for the brief time they will be on it.

    I can say for a certainty that all false prophets will die — Herbert Armstrong certainly did — and Weinland’s day is coming, since being a false prophet carries a 100% mortality rate (OK, OK, maybe irony is overrated).


  19. Ron,” We have grown to embrace a unique, incredibly meaningful, wonderfully beautiful phrase – Pentecost To Pentecost”.

    PKG , do you ever take into consideration that this could be a false prophecy? Especially because Ron was WRONG Twice already ?

    Christ will not return on Pentecost 2014 either. So what is this year in RON’S PLAN? Well rest assured he is working on that explanation right NOW.

    As for Ron ‘s above quote , FIEGNED WORDS! And kind of funny at that!


  20. Let me tell you what RON really means ,

    Blah blah blah blah blah Pentecost to Pentecost, because as I sit in this prison I will still have money sent to my Po box year after year, and by the time I get out of here I will also have a fresh round of prophecy for all to eat up. I have now secured my job Penecost to Pentecost, year to year, and no one sees it yet. amazing amazing amazing!


  21. I know I’m going out on a limb here, but I predict death for Weinland. So far, in the long term, there has been a 100% mortality rate for false prophets. The trick will be for the rest of us to outlast him: Like the optimist falling off a tall building after he jumped, “So far, so good!”. Not to worry, his death sentences for those here have failed miserably so far, so maybe we will continue to be in luck….

    Whoever dies first loses!


    1. Everybody is going to die sometime. Including the “Two Witnesses”, who will not be converted to spirit being while living.

      As far as your criteria for winning Vs losing, I don’t agree. Order of death will not depend on death curses, nor by statements in Duet chapter 18.

      The real losers are PKG members and those who are concerned about them but didn’t have the choice about following this false prophet.


  22. By Ronald Weinland’s own mouth, he has made clear he is a false prophet.

    PKGers are without excuse. Unless they leave a proven false prophet, they will fall into the same pit the Ronald Weinland will fall into.


  23. Ron has already fallen into a “pit.” Bubba’s left arm “pit.” CUDDLE TIME!! Who loves ya baby? TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK.

    Here is the daily grind (no pun) of God #3. Wake up and climb from underneath cuddle buddy Bubba’s conditional love. DING!! Hate life unconditionally. Wait passionately for the Prison Bucks to brew. Choke the java down and recall cruising through Star Bucks drive thru in style for FREE in the shipped Beemer. Sharpen the #2’s up and begin jotting false prophet jibberish laced psycho-babble. By this time it is maybe 8 AM. Tons of time for fairy tales the remainder of the day with occasional breaks to re-sharpen magical lying lead filled sticks. If Ron wrote with Crayola crayons it would be lying colored wax. Color is not a factor. Different media, same old insane money grubbing B.S.

    What a life that must be? ENJOY, RON! No matter how much money your mislead CULT FOLLOWERS send, you are one miserable inmate. DING! I gather Laura and Audra are still having a blast vacationing without you. Do they send you post cards? Are they getting the deep tissue rub downs? Did you get any stuffing for Turkey Day? How are the boob tats on your back hanging? Maybe the taxpayers will afford you a new set of flip flops for your holiday enjoyment. Don’t forget to pay your taxes on your dirty money, Chump.


  24. RON said: ”We have grown to embrace a unique, incredibly meaningful, wonderfully beautiful phrase – Pentecost To Pentecost.”

    Translation: “my prophecies have failed so completely and thoroughly I have to ignore Deuteronomy 18:22 and the rest of the Bible to continue justifying my ministry…”

    Exactly where in the Bible does Christ say “Expect my arrival on Pentecost, because I have revealed exactly to the day and hour when I am returning”? Nowhere. PKG, you guys better wake up. Most of you are 65 or older, thus you don’t have decades to keep on embracing a unique, incredibly anti-Christ, woefully false ministry – Ronald Weinland’s. You know your Christian church is false when you consider the main theological flaw in your detractor’s argument to be that they are using the BIBLE to prove you wrong!!

    US: Ron has lied about Jesus’ return.

    THEM: No, he hasn’t lied. He just got the date. time, and year completely wrong…three times, and even wrote a book about this prophecy that stated if he got it wrong he would be a false prophet by his own admission. No big deal…

    US: But the BIble says no one will know the time of the Return and a prophet can’t get anything wrong if he is a true prophet.

    THEM: Ignore those verses! Believe what Ron says instead. What he says is always true.

    US: But isn’t ignoring the Bible what non-Christians and atheists do?

    THEM: Uhhh….well…ummm…You are all mockers and don’t have God’s Spirit!!


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