True Fellowship Part 2

False Prophet Ronald Weinland demonstrates his super-human abilities, which do not include highly efficacious death curses.

—————- Ron’s Posting —————-

It is humanly impossible to grasp the true purpose of “how and why” we exist. God has to reveal it (give such ability) to us.

Even with God’s spirit in us, after being begotten of it, we still have difficulty grasping the smallest portions of the magnitude of what it means to be “called” by the One Almighty Self-Existing God. We cannot fully grasp what it means to be called into such a relationship that eventually can lead into actually being born into God’s Family – Elohim.

As the Hubble Telescope peers farther and farther into a seemingly endless universe that consists of what scientists can only guesstimate as hundreds of billions of galaxies, with each potentially containing billions of stars and solar systems, how can a person conceivably grasp the magnitude of the Great God who created it all? How can one grasp the power of an Almighty God who sustains all that He has created? No one can! Then if no one can remotely begin to grasp such a Mighty God, how can anyone begin to grasp what an awesome privilege (beyond any measure), honor, blessing, and opportunity it is to receive an invitation (calling) from Him to come into a Family relationship with Him? We only grasp this in a highly limited way, but we should be so moved by that “small understanding” that we be deeply humbled, honored, and have zealous desire to embrace that calling with all of our being.

The True Value
The history of the Church is that many have failed to consistently place high value in a true and lasting relationship – fellowship – with God. It should be so very sobering to understand that the human mind can actually allow familiarity (through pride) to breed contempt for such a calling. Those who fail to continuously embrace and truly value that fellowship can easily fall into a consequential state of becoming disfellowshipped.

If it becomes necessary for a person to be disfellowshipped, God’s Church may “formally” give notification of being disfellowshipped; however, the individual being disfellowshipped has already “chosen” (if even by neglect) to remove themselves, as they produce the kind of bad fruit that reflects the true value they have placed on fellowship with God, His Son, His Church, and His ministry. Yet these same people become so spiritually weak and cold that they deceive themselves into believing they are continuing in a relationship with God through “some other means (way)” than what they had originally been called into within God’s true Church.

The true value a person places on their fellowship with God is reflected in how they live towards God – to the degree they walk in the light – in unity with Him, His Son, and His Church.

Christ stated that many are called, but few are chosen. This has been the history of God’s Church. The reason few are chosen is because of the individual “choices” (wrong choices) made by those who are called. When God “calls” (invites) someone into His Church, it is with the offering of power and truth to yield to the transforming of our human mind in a process of a new creation that leads to becoming part of Elohim. The apostle Peter was inspired to reveal the awesomeness of what it means to be “called” of God: “But you are a chosen generation (chosen out of the world, but not yet chosen into Elohim), a royal priesthood, a holy nation (spiritual Israel), a peculiar people (“special” is often used here, but over simplifies what the Greek is saying. The expression is made up of two words, as an “acquisition into,” as God has acquired one to come into an active purpose of “living” something that is indeed special as a result of a relationship with God.), that you should show forth the praises (Gk.- moral excellence, character, and virtue) of Him who has called you out of darkness (as a way of living like the world) into His marvelous light (to walk/live in the light – in unity with God)” (1 Pet. 2:9).

If someone even only partially grasps this magnitude of life that God offers to those who are called, how could they turn away from such an incredible offer of true fellowship with Him? But it happens, and it happens all too often. In nearly every Feast of Tabernacles at which I have spoken, I have admonished and warned that some who are observing the Feast with us that year will not be with us at the next one. Yet I am deeply convinced that not one of those individuals that became disfellowshipped over the following year believed that it would ever be true of them when I stated this. Every year of my 43 years in God’s Church, this has been true. Every year there are those who disfellowship themselves from God, His Son, and His one true Church.

One Way Is Right
In the examples of Christ stating that “many are called, but few are chosen,” there are different lessons that can be learned. One of the greatest lessons is that only one way is right and that is God’s way. This is reminiscent of the “way” that God led the children of Israel out of Egypt. In Exodus, it states that God led them in a “way” that they did not know, as He did not lead them through the way of the land of the Philistines, which was nearest to them (Ex. 13:17). There was another route whereby God could have taken Israel – the way of Shur, but God did not lead them that way either. Instead, He took them by a way that did not exist – the way of the wilderness through the Red Sea.

God does not lead anyone in a “way” that is known, as God’s way must be revealed by Him. Someone who is called to follow in the way that God leads them has two choices before them – to follow or not. Yet, just as it was with the Israelites, it often does not take long before individuals begin to murmur against the way God leads.

Murmuring can come from various attitudes that are more direct against God. It can be stated that this (way) is just too hard – too difficult to live – as a person begins to turn away from what God has offered them. Another attitude that was covered earlier, is revealed when someone chooses any relationship that pulls them away from putting God first. Still another is an attitude that is reflected in defiance directed more toward God, which is tied to one’s unfaithfulness in giving God His tithes and offerings, and then it is also often reflected in personal judgments of how they think such funds should be used, since they also tend to find fault with how such funds are being used.

An indirect affront to fellowship with God, which commonly involves justification and disagreement to following His way is to find fault with the leadership He has placed over His Church. This is usually done by a person stating some disagreement with some teaching, instruction, decision, or revealed truth God has inspired to be given to His Church through His human servants. Such people unwittingly disfellowship themselves from God when seeking to justify their own actions to follow some other way than the way God originally called them to follow. In reality, such people actually turn against God’s one true way that is given through His one true Church.

The first example where Christ stated that “many are called, but few are chosen” is in the Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard. Some who had been working in the vineyard throughout the day were finding fault with the owner who brought others to work there later in the day, but was paying the same wage for a full day’s work. This reveals much about selfish human nature that so easily finds fault with “how” God does as He wills in the “way” He leads His people. Indeed, how can anyone become so presumptuous as to question God in how He leads, governs, tries and transforms His own creation?

The reply in this parable is actually God asking a direct question to all those whom He calls: “Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with my own? Is your eye evil because I am good?” (Mat. 20:15). Yet those who disfellowship themselves are those who find evil in the good that God does through His Church and His ministry. When I think of this example, I think of the large numbers of people who found fault with Herbert W. Armstrong when he built a high-quality auditorium for the headquarters of the Church that he had dedicated to the Great God whom we serve. It is also easy to recall the criticisms made toward him for the purchase of the jets and cars that he bought through the Church for his use in the “work” God had given him. It was shallow minds that failed to see “what and why” God did as He willed through Mr. Armstrong. Most people with such attitudes also deceive themselves into believing they have some right to judge how “their” tithes and offerings should be used. But such things never belonged to them, but only to God.

Another parable stating, “many are called, but few are chosen,” is in the example where there were many who had been invited to a great wedding feast and one came who had not clothed himself in proper attire. Satan has deceived mankind into believing that they can come before God “just as they are” – “in” their own way. That is a natural tendency – to follow one’s own way rather than God’s one right way.

Makeup: A Lesson of Where We Place Value
Believe it or not, but thousands turned against Herbert W. Armstrong and God’s true Church over a very small matter – whether or not women should wear makeup. Many ministers and their wives were among those who became divisive and murmured against the decisions that were made at that time. Those who were filled with such bitterness and anger over such a small matter in life failed to grasp that these accounts actually tried and tested their faithfulness to follow God – to upholding and supporting Him and His government over them.

We are going to look at the history of this example as it reveals much about the kind of “value” people can place upon true fellowship with God.

As I think about this subject today, it is even more incredulous to believe that anyone would disfellowship themselves from a relationship with God (though they would not “see” it as that) over something so relatively small in the scheme of things. Yet that is how shallow, selfish, and contemptuous the human mind can be.

The decision (judgment made that was bound) Herbert W. Armstrong made for the Church concerning the wearing of makeup was changed back and forth a couple of times over a period of less than a decade. These changes tried and tested the thinking, attitude, and faithfulness of everyone in God’s Church. For those who did not have this experience, this may seem unimaginable that such a thing happened. To grasp what happened, one needs to understand what was occurring in society during this same period of time.

This period of the late 1970′s and early 1980′s was caught in the shadow of a movement in western society in what was widely referred to as “women’s lib” (liberation). Society was experiencing a backlash to an oppression of women that was being more fully exposed and debated at that time. Although it is true that women were being harshly oppressed in society, they did not know how to properly or even adequately address these obvious inequalities between men and women. The reason is because society lived in rejection of truth from God and therefore could not find true answers and solutions. Only now is God giving this true understanding to His Church, as these matters are going to be far more fully addressed in the Millennium.

After World War II, as a result of women carrying a vastly greater role in business, manufacturing, and much of the backbone for military support, society began to experience a shift in norms for women. The very role of women began rapidly changing from the common stereotypes that had predominately existed up to that time. During this period that led into the 1950′s and 1960′s, religious institutions and an older generation of people still held on to much of the old stereotypes of ways believed to be “better,” and were often equated with a more righteous way to live. The woman’s place was seen as being in the home and it was deeply frowned upon by many that a woman would work outside the home to help in the support of family.

In the midst of this, were attitudes and stereotypes that were still being associated with women who wore makeup. Yet throughout this period of time, cosmetics were rapidly growing in popularity, acceptance, and becoming a new norm for society. The stereotype of women who wore makeup, which was once associated in the past with those who were considered loose, promiscuous, and sexually flirtatious, was rapidly changing.

Religious institutions tended to make changes more slowly as many past stereotypes were looked down upon and judged as being unrighteous. Along with all this, due to technology, much of the western world was rapidly changing and this was bringing about a shift in many of the norms in society.

At the same time many of the norms in society were rapidly changing, God’s Church was experiencing more and more growth, yet it was still very young and only beginning to grow in greater maturity. God had now restored and established all necessary truth that had been lost during the era of Sardis. From the time God had called Mr. Armstrong to restore truth to His Church beginning in the 1930′s to this time period up to the late 1970′s, the Church’s teaching on makeup was that it was wrong to wear. Upon being called, women were expected to quit wearing makeup if they wanted to come into fellowship with God’s Church. In looking back, it seems somewhat amazing that some simply could not give up something like this in order to receive what God was offering them.

Although some believed there was scriptural evidence to give credibility for the forbidding of makeup, it didn’t truly exist, but was being “read into” passages and concluded this was the case. Regardless, many people simply missed that the primary matter was not whether or not it was forbidden in scripture, but that it had been decided (judged) by God’s apostle that it should not be worn. This was an administrative decision and had everything to do with how God’s government works. As the Church became more uncertain as to the scriptural instruction on the matter, someone still had to make a decision about how it should be addressed as there was controversy regarding it within the ministry. It then became a simple matter (as it was all along) of government alone.

If something is not a matter of sin and an administrative decision is made that people should adhere to certain behavior for the sake of unity and order, then whether a person is faithful and supportive to God’s government becomes the issue. Then it indeed becomes sin for anyone who creates division, who condems or slanders others through their own judgment of what they believe is right or wrong, and who is unfaithful to work for unity and peace.

This decision concerning makeup was switched back and forth a couple of times as God was beginning to bring the Church to a higher level of maturity in its transformation. Through this process the Church would be forced to begin addressing such matters from a perspective of what is truly “spiritual” in judgment of the weightier matters of God’s law.

When the first change was made to now allow the wearing of makeup, there were large numbers of people who had lived the belief that makeup was sin and they could not change from that stance, and they therefore judged, condemned, and looked down upon those who accepted the change. This created an uncomfortable division with the Church and the ministry.

The Spirit of the Matter
After a few years, the decision was made to change back to forbidding the wearing of makeup. Those who had been harsh in condemnation and treatment of others became justified (in their minds) and vindicated in “their” righteousness. Many who had now become accustomed to wearing it rebelled in spirit and began living a lie by not wearing it to services, but wearing it at other times. There were many other wrong attitudes that emerged from all this, but the Church was being tried and tested through this. The Church was being dragged (drawn) into the position requiring the need to address the “spirit” of the matter. The matter of government and unity began to be more deeply understood as the Church began some of its first stages into a greater spiritual maturity.

By the time the next change was made in which it became permissible to once again wear makeup, the Church had experienced a process that it did not fully understand through that time. It is much like the beginning stages of maturing growth a teenager might experience in learning to make choices and decisions that have a more direct impact on their life. Most of these involve “their place” in relationships with family and friends (peers).

As the Church was learning to yield itself to this transforming process through this one experience alone (that of changes concerning makeup), brethren were learning more about the importance of God’s government in the Church and the need to support and be faithful to it. It was God’s Church. If the Church makes binding decisions (judgments), then there is one correct choice before each member – to live God’s way in unity of spirit that is void of rebellion, condemnation, division, and self-righteousness.

Those who learned from this experience and grew more spiritually mature over the course of these changes made through administrative decisions (government) began to recognize the weightier matter of God’s law concerning judgment.

“Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and the same judgment” (1 Cor. 1:10).

Even over something as small as whether one should or should not wear makeup, some chose to be adversarial to God and His Church and they disfellowshipped themselves. To be in true fellowship with God, Jesus Christ, and God’s Church one will seek to be perfectly joined together in the same mind (unity) and same judgment in all things given through God’s Church.

(Pt. 3 will follow next week)


85 thoughts on “True Fellowship Part 2

  1. I wonder if Laura and Audra have learned to be Keester Bunnies yet. Maybe that’s why the pencils are referred to as #2’s, as opposed to the normal industry standard used by Dixon and others, rating the hardness of the lead.



  2. Why Martin! Don’t you understand? We’re all caught up in a root of bitterness, and nobody else can come here even to defend Ron, or they might get deceived and go to the Lake of Fire.


  3. Revelation 11:6 These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.

    PKG ,The Two Witnesses are given power by God To Smite (hit somebody or something hard: to hit somebody or something with a hard blow
    affect or afflict somebody: to affect somebody strongly or disastrously, or afflict somebody with something) In This Case, The EARTH ! with all Plagues as often as THEY WILL.

    Let’s Notice Above in Ron’s book ,that he says is so true, what is stated , He Says ,”this is given in order to HELP HUMBLE MANKIND SO THEY WILL REPENT AND TURN TO GOD.”

    Did This Happen at all during the time of December 14 2008 ———1260———-May 27 2012 ?



    PKG Ron can go on and on about how Spiritual it all is , but you are being foolish. You may not believe he is pushing this foreword for the money to keep his family fed , but you must see the FACT that he is a false prophet WHO IS SHOWING YOU SIGNS AND WONDERS AND HE HIMSELF IS DECEIVED BY SATAN THE DEVIL.


  4. Ronald Weinland’s and the PKGer’s 2 day fast cancelled any plagues.

    So basically Ronald Weinland and the PKGer’s 2 day fast worked against God’s purpose.

    Ron tried to weasel out of 2 years of nothing happening by saying the fast stopped any plagues from falling.

    This still did not explain why the last 1 1/2 year (of the 3 1/2 years) nothing happened, nor did it explain how working against God (ie the plagues were to induce man to repent) was in any way good.


  5. The Weinlands are the “plague.” They are in this for NO REASON OTHER THAN a bunch of free MONEY FOR THEMSELVES. It is a SCAM! We were shown in court how the whole deal works. It is sick and disgusting. They should ALL be in prison. Ron should have been hung!

    If Ron really believed what he preachers do you think he would do what he does and act like he does? Doubtful. I agree with Avalo in the statements that Ron does not even believe in God. Ron and Laura use God and religion as an EXCUSE/REASON/PURPOSE/WAY to screw people out of MONEY. How many of you think the Weinlands would continue preaching etc; if the money was not there? Actions speak louder than words.


  6. Where is Haverty? Did he reveal too much that he might have exposed himself to weinland? This post has the veiled threat of disfellowshipment (Is that a word) and appears to be addressing the various posts here over the past few weeks. Haverty, where are you in exposing more of this cult.. How sad that anyone can ignore truth. Help these people see weinland for who he is.


  7. Ron sounds good doesn’t he?


    He says this, but doesn’t believe it one bit….he is just inducing his followers to obey tithing, meanwhile he uses the tithes however he wants (ie for anything his black heart lusts for).

    Spiritual sounding words….nothing more, he appears as a minister of light…but then you look at the fruits…it’s all darkness.


  8. Yes, and while the Roman Catholic Pope has given up many of the trappings of his Office, such as the Popemobile in favor of an older used car, and has done much to help the poor, nothing similar can be said about the Weinlands.

    If you see a short Jewish guy with a beard riding around in a Weinlandmobile, you can be sure it’s not Jesus.


  9. If Ron was a false prophet in Ancient Israel ,he would have been stoned. Both him and his wife. Right after his date may 27. Instead he is a false Prophet in America today ,and is able to still carry this on , his wife flys around on other peoples money, and he is still able to give his long-winded speeches from jail. As frustrating As all this is, It does not End well for false prophets no matter what time they live in .


  10. Jude 1:17 17But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; 18How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts.


  11. Blackjack in Las Vegas during the years of witness , what a Marvelous Example you are Ron what a Prophet! A BMW for every family member , WELL DONE! ,Boxes of Wine and special foods shipped to the house from all those fun trips visiting Brethren , Why not Right? TRULY AMAZING.


  12. Just heard that Harold Camping has died at 92. He was the guy who set a date for the end of the world a couple of years ago and got all that media attention. Wonder where his followers are now.


  13. Every one of you in PKG who used the church as an excuse to hide from some deeper problem in your soul, who felt righteous and pompous throwing away your family … after all is said and done, your story will end the same way. Ron will smugly live off those he is spinning fairy tales to, will live off you for the remainder of his lifespan, just with a lower profile. At the conclusion of his natural life, will die with that same smirk on his face. And fade to nothing. Forgotten except for some volumes of cult books no one cares about. PKG will be a footnote in history, if even that; more likely disappear from history the same as thousands of small cults, sects, and groups who were secluded and crazy.

    The world will go on long after Ron is gone, long after some other narcissist has taken his place.

    You will have wasted your life supporting a delusion. And in the process, perhaps will have thrown away the only thing that will outlive you and mean anything to you in the long run – your family.


  14. Actually, I think Jim Bakker is still alive and kicking. Caught his TV show in the wee hours of the morning not long ago. It’s a far cry from his PTL days.


  15. Douglas, Just saw your photo of Black Ops Mikey. That’s a fine looking cat you have there. Is he a Russian Blue or does he just have some Blue in him? Eight years ago I adopted two gray male kittens from an animal recue group. They were siblings and one was tiger striped while the other was solid dark gray and looked very much like a Russian Blue.

    The solid gray cat’s name is Guytano and the tiger strips gray cat’s name was just plain old Kitty. When both cats were full grown and sitting in the sunlight you could actually see two shades of dark gray stripes throughout Guytano’s body but you had to look very closely to notice them. When people would first see Guytano they would ask if he’s a Russian Blue but I would have to tell them he’s not a pure bred and only looks like one.

    This past Summer in the middle of the night Kitty developed a blood clot in his rear quarters so we rushed him to the 24 hour animal hospital. The condition turned out to be a fatal so we had to put him down and that day turned out to be one of the worst days of my life. Seeing I choose to have pets I know there will be similar days in the future but I dread even thinking about them. It’s really a shame animals only live fraction of a life span compared to a human being so over the course of time millions of hearts have been broken after the loss of a beloved companion. .

    Too bad Conrad Sweinland couldn’t turn our pets into spirit beings so we could have them forever as companions in our lives.


  16. Jocko, Black Ops Mikey is a silver domestic short hair, 16 pounds (mostly muscle according to his veterinarian Dr. Craig (Smith) at the Tacoma Cat Hospital) who is quite athletic and can jump easily from the floor to the desk top gracefully.

    It destroys the mythology, but Black Ops Mikey is by far the nicest, sweetest, loveable cat I have ever encountered. He likes to be held and puts his paws on my shoulder while standing on my lap to give me a “big kitty huge”. He doesn’t bite or scratch ever and has excellent balance (he can sit on top of his scratching post). He is four years old, and just barely out of kittenhood, since that’s about the time the DSH becomes a fully grown adult (good thing too, any bigger and he’d be a real handful). He isn’t as photogenic as his predecessor since he doesn’t like to have his picture taken (he doesn’t like the occasional flash when it’s a little dark).

    I’ve lost the last two cats to kidney failure. Kitty had been with me for 20 years. Seal Point Siamese Mikey was with me for four years — I got him when he was nine — and I still really miss him.

    I think there is a lesson in the mortality of our domestic companions. It is something we should learn from. Everything dies. It has its time and then is gone. The world moves on and so must we, in spite of our feelings, emotions and attachments. In the case of our feline friends, as much as we can appreciate their good companionship, they are, after all, cats. I think they do what they can to entertain and comfort us. Many people don’t understand that it takes time to earn a cat’s trust. The world is full of threats for them and they are cautious, but are great companions when we do gain their trust — even though it can take awhile. Having a cat (or dog) can help children understand the circle of life (or more appropriate, the cycle of life), when they grow up with them and see the animal go from young to senior to geriatric — a sort of pattern of human life compacted down to about 20 years: Just about the time for a child to reach adulthood.

    Domestic Companions (Pierce County abhors the term “pet”, which makes it confusing, especially when people thing “domestic partner” instead, leading to some hilarious misunderstanding — yes, I love to sleep with my domestic companion and run my hand through his hairy chest when we are on the bed), are often recommended as a way to help those who have had trauma or those who have clinical depression or some other mental disease. It isn’t just the purring, it’s the commitment to take the responsibility to take care of them in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer (and not just abandon them when they have problems or become inconvenient). A domestic companion can add stability to an otherwise chaotic life, being an island away from the mental noise of the world around us. They are simple and sometimes we very much need the simple.

    One can get great insight into the character of people though their domestic companions by watching the relationship between them. I would say the example of Conald Swineland with the dog paints a rather wretched picture of the man, absent any other knowledge we might have about him….


  17. Ron’ post Extaordinary 4 1/2 Years PT.4
    1290 Days

    As it has been covered before concerning the counting recorded in these verses of Daniel, the 1335 days is followed by a second count of 1290 days, with both ending at the same time on May 27, 2012. This marked the opening of the final seal – the Seventh Seal of Revelation. It is apropos that this period is tied directly into the final 1260 days of witness by a prophetic period of “silence” in heaven. This is an interesting word in Greek as it has to do with an expression “to hiss” as in trying to quiet everyone to listen to something special that is about to be given.

    God is revealing that these 1290 days are about Satan and the demonic world. Although it is not revealed to the angelic realm what this period was all about as it began, God gave them a “sense of knowing” that this period of silence was an incredibly important moment in time that would lead up to the final time of witness in the “1260-day count” that would follow 30 days later.

    Ron you do not have a single clue what is going on in this realm let alone the Angelic realm. A sense of knowing , Hmm sounds good Ron . You have really become Adept over the years in the SIGNS AND WONDERS department. How Apropo considering this is how False prophets operate.


  18. Ron’s Signs And Wonders

    1) He and his wife are the Two Witnesses in the book of Revelation

    2) All his False Timelines

    3) 2008 God ‘s Final Witness

    4) The Prophesied End Time

    5) New Truth , that you will not find in the Bible , but is the oposite of what the Bible says

    6) 57 truths Which are according to Ron The SIGN of Being God’s Church

    7) Pentecost To Pentecost


  19. Bilbo,
    That kind of sounds like an appropriate eulogy for Ron and the PKG. Let’s all hope Ron doesn’t last 92 years. The very little time I have even known of him or known who he was is way too much already. It is baffling how people can listen to him for more than a small amount of time. Let alone, believe the crazy things he says and pay for these lies. Simply amazing!

    Truly Awesome quote of the week: Isn’t it “truly awesome” that Ron is residing with Bubba in Club Fed? Why, yes! It truly is………..DING!


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