Happy New Year 2014

As we trade out calendars, it is traditional to look back over the events of the past year and also look forward to what may happen in the coming year.

In January, Ron gave what he described as possibly his last sermon before Christ’s return and repeated the lie that he was convicted for Laura’s travel expenses on their domestic international junkets.  The following Friday and Saturday were the most heavily trafficked days on this blog as Ron reported to prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

After Ron went to prison, the weekly sermons were delivered by Johnny Harrell, Wayne Matthews, and Terry Wrozek.  However Terry Wrozek gave his last sermon for June 8th and apparently gave up on Living by Faith because later on news came that Terry was suspended and later disfellowshipped.  Other prominent departures included Ralph Dowd and other long time members in the Cincinnati area.  Weinland’s own mother and sister were disfellowshipped with the announcement sent out by newly minted senior elder Beth Bucheit.

Ron began filling in with a post up on his blog during the middle of most weeks composed with #2 pencils and typed in to electronic messages on the TRULINCS prisoner equivalent to email. In May just before the third non-return of Jesus Christ he announced the non-event and in a follow up post that the web site was being updated.

In August there was a civil court hearing which I believe was the final divorce hearing that ended Audra and Chris’s marriage.  It seems that there may have been another ceremony later than the one mentioned in Ron’s criminal trial as the legality of that one was doubtful given that the ceremony was conducted on German soil while the marriage certificate that Ron signed fraudulently indicated it was conducted on Kentucky soil.

After Labor Day, I lessened my blogging as I’ve stopped listening to sermons by Ron’s surrogates, which now include some by Willem Henderson.  Web traffic decline a bit has remained up as new commenters have joined who are now ex-PKG or exiting PKG.  “Haverty” indicates that he is in contact with a currently serving disgruntled elder, whom the women running PKG now (Laura, Audra, and Beth) would probably very much like to find.

As 2013 began, I predicted:

Looking forward to the coming year, I expect that Ron will show up to prison as scheduled and Joyce Garrett will get her house back.  Ron will have new Present Truths(tm) to explain why the daylight portion of the Day of the Lord is not accompanied by the Great Tribulation and yet another Present Truth(tm) in May to explain why Christ is still a no-show.  Ron will leak more members, but the majority will continue to stick with him to pay for his lawyers and his back taxes.

My predictions were pretty much dead on.  At least Ron did report to prison and later on court filings showed that the lien on Joyce Garrett’s house was removed.  Ron did leak more members, from comments left on the blog the word “majority” in my earlier prediction is in doubt.  But enough members remain to finance a trip in February for Prophetess Laura and Senior Elder Audra to make a junket down under.  I wonder if PKG finances will provide them with first class travel accommodations in in-flight private cabins.

So now it’s time for my predictions for the coming year:  I predict that Jesus Christ will not return on Pentecost this year (June 8).  According to comments left by “Haverty”, there are those still hanging on in PKG in hopes of that — Haverty expects another large departure from PKG after that.  But maybe Ron, who will begin serving the second year of a 3+-year-long prison term in February, will come up with a new Present Truth(TM) to keep those susceptible to signs and lying wonders sending in their tithes to a Cincinnati PO box  and keep Laura and Audra in the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed.

Wishing a Happy New Year to all who read my blog, whether drinking Ron’s Flavor Aid or not.  I hope this will be a happier new year for those like Randy who are friends or family of PKG members with their departure from the cult.


30 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2014

  1. And here’s to you Mike, the man who has gone above and beyond to expose Ronald Weinland as the fake, phony and fraud that he truly is. Your never ending efforts have helped numerous people escape the clutches of evil. Even though we know of many people you’re blog has helped liberate from pkg, there are countless others who have escaped so none of us will never know the exact amount of people who have escaped due to your diligence, hard work and dedication.

    So once again here’s to you Mike, may you have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year with much love, peace and happiness. May you dance the night away each evening in pursuit of happiness as you engage in the activity you love to do most during your free time. Please take care of yourself and loved ones, and may they too have much love peace and happiness during the upcoming new year. Cheers, Jocko.


  2. Thanks for the recap and Happy New Year to all!

    And- I finally sign my name…Ruby! ( I sense that the rumor mill will start soon in the Erie Church…lol!)


  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! MAY THIS BE AN EXTREMELY ROUGH & NOT SO PROSPEROUS YEAR FOR OUR FAVORITE FELON & THE WEINLAND CLAN! May the tithe stream run dry & the BMWs break down. The IRS will be looking for a nice big FAT payment from them April 15th too! YIPPIE!


    Statistically speaking by the looks of the blue unique visits I would guess Ron has some tithers not obeying the kings command. Tisk, Tisk, Tisk! Ronnie you have some bad lil’ boys and girls with prying eyes and doubting minds lacing up their sneakers getting ready to run away from your goofy, fake, lying, incarcerated ass. DING!

    Nice post Mike. A refreshing break from Ron’s #2 mumbo jumbo insanity. I like the graph and the interactive click and verify (or see for yourself) format. I enjoyed re-reading Ron’s letter about how his diet has changed and how bad the prison food tastes. Yes, your diet has drastically changed Ronnie. Enjoy the Club Fed menu.

    Going from all expense paid fine dining at various top notch restaurants around the globe to mystery slop shoveled onto stale wet toast served on Fisher Price plastic cubby trays must have been a shocker. Not only for the taste buds but your ego as well. YOU ARE MOST GENEROUSLY WELCOME! ENJOY! You can always fill up at Bubba’s hot dog stand. Were you shocked when Bubba renamed you Tina and told you prison love does not count in the real world. You must have had a serious issue with that since you do not live in the real world to begin with. Have the tongue buds gradually adjusted to the Prison Bucks Java?

    I laugh frequently and enjoy every sip when I fill my Star Bucks mug (received as a gift) with some tasty Dunkin Donuts home brew. I think of you Ron and your “church money” trips to the local Coffee Bucks shops.

    Ron does your ego swell with pride and you get lost in the moment when Bubba begins to climax and shouts out “Oh God, Oh God!”, and you are thinking, “You got that right,” Bubba! Does that count as using the Lord’s name in an improper way or do you not count that? Never mind. I forgot that your are God #3 so Bubba would be speaking to you directly. Very directly! Just like the God in your ugly bald melon that Bubba paints a girl named Tina’s face on the back of with prison finger paints. Bubba really digs the fact you are bald. It makes his prison bitch artwork much more realistic and easier to paint up.

    What is your BIG goal this year for yourself in Club Fed, Ron? Sharpen more #2’s?, Keep Bubba happier to reduce the assaults and beatings?, Hoping and praying too many tithers do not run astray? Are the PKGers going to give up the Flavor-Aid for their resolution? Getting some new plastic prison flip-flops? Hoping Laura doesn’t leave you for the illegal mowing the grass at the home on the golf course?, Getting a more accurate Magic 8 Ball to help with your Prophet Predictions? Perhaps receiving a new magic wand with better magical voodoo stored inside? Are you still going to enjoy the Strip Poker Pokeymon game every evening with Bubba? They get pretty creative with jail house games when they do not have any. Don’t they? Pin the tail on the Prison Bitch is always a classic! Is Bubba going to crack open his bottle of bubbly with you at the stroke of midnight to ring in he New Prison Year?

    What are your goals, Ron? We would like to know. Did the last year seem like it was the LONGEST YEAR you ever remember? More like a decade. TICK-TOCK! You have not been there a whole year yet. For once time did not “FLY BY”, did it. Literally nor figuratively. Seeing stars from the donkey punches and being rocket propelled by Bubba does not count for taking a flight. How was your travel schedule in the big house? Those plastic Club Fed flip-flops are a way different source of transportation than 1st class air and cruise ships. Right, Ron?. I bet they are very difficult to operate while trying to run from Bubba. Specifically on those floors you polish and shine in various ways. I can only imagine how rough the shiny concrete floors are on your knees and wrists. Just remember all of that cleaning you and Bubba do in Club Fed does not count out here in the free world………So they say?

    As you travel on your new set of prison wheels does the Simon and Garfunkel tune Flip-Flopping Away come to mind? Kinda goes like this: Flip-Flopp’in Away, Flip-Flopp’in Awaaay, The nearer your destination, The more you’re Flip-Flopp’in Away…..I know a Con…He came from my home town…….. I LOVE THAT SONG!

    Flop on into the New Prison Year, Ron! With your #2 pencil sore prison butt strut! Will you make the cover of the 2014 Prison Bitch pin up calendar? Wish you the best, Sweet Cheeks! Do not forget to keep those yellow #2’s busy so the wife and daughter can enjoy life while you are hating yours. You have A BUNCH of #2 jibberish yet to go. Be good to Bubba in 2014! Enjoy sprinkling the nuts and what not you have to buy at the Club Fed canteen to flavor up that yummy oat meal mushy stuff and various other jail house eats. And try to be a better person in 2014 and get it through your dense melon that you are still a lying, manipulative, money grubbing, con-artist, PRICK!


  4. Mike your insight into what is happening is Spot on! You know more about Ron’s teachings than a lot of people IN PKG! That is the Sad Truth. And that is why so many will continue to follow this False Prophet. Cheers!


  5. Hey Ron, Have you appointed any new elders or evangelists inside of Club Fed? You know, like real life inmates turned evangelist types. That would be “truly awesome!”

    What? No, you say? OK, I get it. These guys are probably extorting and beating money out of you instead of you getting them like the PKG herd. Bet you are popular on Club Fed Canteen day. You are probably FORCED to buy for ALL of cell block bunk mates.

    Flip-Flop sure is different when it is on the other foot.


  6. Happy New Year all!

    Jocko – couldn’t agree more with what you have said.

    Mike, for another year you have kept at it – thank you so much!

    Love you guys!!

    Hi Wayne!


  7. Wow, Just read Mike’s post a second time and clicked onto each of the links he highlighted. So much has happened since Mike started this blog. It almost as if it’s a whole new ballgame but way more than just a double header. Rereading the posts and clicking onto the comment sections brought back many memories. Hope Budgie Smugglers is doing OK down under. Haven’t heard from him in quite some time. Hope the other people we haven’t heard from in a while are all doing OK too.

    We haven’t heard anything recently from Avalo either, but knowing Avalo he’s probably on holiday half was across the globe with his family. The way I see it family always comes first and they’re far more important than anything else in this world. People who give up there families to join up with the likes of Weinland and company have to be out of their minds.

    Several states within the USA and certain areas in Canada such as Toronto were recently hit by a pattern of severe weather conditions. According to the news media tens of thousands of people are still without electrical power within the Toronto city limits and surrounding areas. If their mayor wasn’t smoking crack and partying every day perhaps the electrical power would have already been restored. There are also tens of thousands within the USA without electrical power too. Randy you’re up in that neck of the woods so how’s it going in Detroit.

    There is much work to be done by the dedicated men and women in the utility companies who are now working 24/7 to restore power to the affected areas. Hopefully power will be restored sooner than later because it’s pretty darn cold up north right now. Working in the dark and cold wouldn’t be the way I would care to spend my new years eve or new years day but somebody has to do it. For decades I paid my dues working all the major holidays including new years. In my line of work new years was one of the wackiest, craziest nights or day of the year. For most of my career I usually worked the night tour so I had run ins with multitudes of insane and intoxicated citizens.

    I’m sure glad those days are over. Thirty years was more than enough. Tonight I’m sitting back and relaxing with a bottle of Poland Spring as I surf the net. Thirty years ago I may have been relaxing with a different type of bottle but I don’t miss those days either.

    I wish all of you here a happy, healthy and prosperous new year with much love peace and happiness. I’m actually overdoing it with the love, peace and happiness expression but I just can’t seem to help myself. I actually lifted that saying from the name of a Chambers Brothers song after seeing them perform a thirty minute version of the song live in concert way back in 1971.

    Four black siblings on bass, guitars and percussion up front with a fabulous white dude on drums. Awesome band with extreme talent and fantastic music during their time. Their music is still very listenable to even to this day. “The Time Has Come Today” has no time stamp on it and probably never will.


  8. Thank You, Mike – I found your blog in Spring/Summer 2008 and have been following along since – As I reflect on my own journey out of ‘all things Armstrong’, I think of the journeys of those who have posted here over the years and shared their experiences – So many lives have changed for the better – This blog remains to be such a gift in so many ways – Dance on & Happy New Year to all!


    1. Thanks everybody. Glad to have you here commenting.

      Jocko, it appears you’ve referenced two different Chambers Bros. songs. For those who haven’t heard them (prepare to settle in):



  9. I was just watching the year in review it showed the popoe washing feet, could you imagine the asshole wash people feet he wants everyone to kiss his ass !


  10. Mike, I did in fact reference two Chamber Brothers songs. Even though I began using the expression Love, Peace and Happiness after hearing the original Chambers Brothers perform a 30 minute live version of a song by that name over forty-two years ago, “Time Has Cone Today” was their most popular song and has stood the test of time. “Time Has Come Today”still used in advertising today and it’s also occasionally played on the radio but it’s usually the three minute 45 RPM single version of the song that’s played on the radio and not the full 10 minute studio version from the LP.

    I last saw the original Chambers Brothers perform live in concert around 1985 at a place called the Saint Theatre. The Saint was actually the third incarnation of Billy Graham’s old Fillmore East Theatre located on 2nd Ave in Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighborhood. What a hell hole of a neighborhood that was back in the late 1960’s, 1970’s and early 1980’s. The neighborhood began to go yuppie during the mid 1980”s and once this happened the old Fillmore Theatre was torn down in the late 1980’s to make way for what else-A multi story apartment building with condos that now carry a million dollar plus price tag for each condo if and when they’re available. Man how things have changed during all of our lifetimes!

    Mike, Thank you for posting the YouTube links to both Chambers Brothers songs. I listened to them both and they brought back some wonderful memories. Included were memories of dear old friends who are no longer with me today so your effort was very special indeed and much appreciated.

    You included a great 16 minute studio LP version of “Love, Peace and Happiness” as well as an excellent 15 minute live version of “Time Has Come Today”. Coo Coo! Thanks again Mike for all that you do and I would like to give everyone out there on each side of the pond a huge Happy New Year shout. May the year 2014 be kind to all the regular posters and readers here on Mike’s blog.


  11. Where is everybody? I posted the above post over 24 hours ago and not one person has posted since that time except for this post from me at approximately 14:48 hours.


  12. Jocko,
    I have taken time off and have tons of blogging time currently. I was wondering myself. Plus it is snowing here. I was hoping for a sunny 50 degree day to sneak in a ride. Maybe if I have a snow machine. Could take a roll through the woods on my ATV though.

    I am already ready for summer. Have been. I’m tired of the cold and snow. You have it much worse up there though. Looks like you have been continuously pounded with the stuff this winter. I think it is going to be a long cold winter. I have already cleared my long time consuming driveway 4 times this year which is unusual here. I do it with a 4×4 tractor that has a front loader. That makes it much easier. Still do my fair share of hand shoveling and throwing salt though. Some years I do not see snow or maybe 1 or 2 snowfalls that require removal.


    1. We haven’t seen the fruits of Ron’s #2 pencils this week on his blog. Too busy shoveling snow? Or maybe all the holiday parties in the prison dorm.


  13. Every time you have to shovel Randy, you’ll have to laugh like I do. Since Gary has still not returned the 4-wheeler it cost’s him $50 each time. Each time I have to call someone to help get hay out to the horses it cost’s him another $50 also. Less money for Ron. I hope the courts have fun collecting it for me.

    Is everybody prepared for the next cold spell. Here in Wisconsin the high on Monday is supposed to be -15, with a wind chill of -50. I can hardly wait for that!! Maybe they should send Ron to Wisconsin to help clear my place out each time it snows, that way they can keep the money for PKG. Just remember I have a long driveway. I don’t think Ron’s heart to take it.


  14. Bags, I’ve had my fill of Winter already and it only officially began just two weeks ago. Just prepared my new snow blower for the blizzard that the weather forecasters are predicting will hit our area around 8:00 PM EST. It’s been showing for fives hours already and the clock just hit 8:03 PM.

    Still have to install a new carburetor on my thirty-five year old Craftsman (manufactured by Murray for Sears in the good ole USA) back up show thrower. Around seven years ago the throttle cable went on the Craftsman blower and my local power equipment shop told me the throttle cable was an obsolete part and no longer available so I should junk my machine and purchase a new one from them.

    Yeah right. I ended up using a throttle cable I had on hand for either my old 1969 BSA 650 Lightning or possibly my 71 Triumph 650 Bonneville. Both bikes were originally manufactured by British Leyland in Great Britain and very similar so many of their parts were interchangeable. Both bikes were excellent handling machines for their time period but can’t compare to what’s available on the market today.

    As long as you had the patience and know how to deal with the oil leaks, Amal monobloc carburetors and Lucas electrical systems they were pretty decent bikes back in their day.


  15. See I told you so!! It is still the same theme; members speaking to those who are disfellowshipped. I am telling you that ronnie is desperate in trying to save himself! June 8th it will be over!


  16. I can’t wit for June 8th. Not only will Ronnie, his family and his henchmen be finished, it will also be sunny and around 75 to 80 degrees outside. June 8th can’t come soon enough for me.


  17. I discovered you’re blog via Bing and I have to say. A Gigantic Thank you, I thought that the post was extremely informative I will come back to see what additional great information I can recieve here.


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