True Fellowship Part 6

Update 1/10/14: Looks like word got back to Ron that he was missing a commandment, as his post was updated to include the following:

8th Commandment
“You shall not steal” (Ex. 20:15).

To decide for oneself to turn against God’s clear instruction and then fellowship with someone disfellowshipped is to “take” something that is not theirs to take. God clearly reveals it is not theirs to take, just as he told Adam and Eve not to take of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They also rob themselves of the true purpose and true fellowship God created them to have, which can even potentially rob others as well if they follow such a wrong example.

So.  Withholding from Caesar that which is his is not stealing.


False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s post out overnight, not as late as last week’s posting.  A couple of comments left about it on the prior post while I was sleeping.

Paula said: “He can’t even get the commandments right.  Ron honor you parents is the 5th one not the 6st.  And I guess you would leave out dot not steal.”

Apparently Greg Chipps noticed the error or Paula’s comment, because that was corrected by this morning when I read it.

Avalo said:

Ron says: “9th Commandment – You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour” (Ex. 20:16). This commandment is quite simple. It means we are to speak only what is true and not to lie. We are not to carry (bear) anything that is untrue to another person or about another person…”





When are you going to apply ANY of the Commandments to YOURSELF you lying sack of s**t?

Somehow, associating with someone who is disfellowshipped breaks all of the ten commandments.  But most of all it breaks the zeroeth commandment, which is “Thou Shalt Believe Everything Ron Says (even if it’s different from what he said before).”

————— Ron’s silliness for your own perusal and commenting ——————————————

True Purpose of the Commandments: As it has already been mentioned, when God first gave the Ten Commandments, He did so by making a most profound statement – one that is not quoted by the world when they make mention of these commandments.

“I am the Eternal your God (Heb. – Elohim), who has brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage” (Ex. 20:2).

It is important to now quote two paragraphs of what has already been written in this series regarding this first statement God made, which is not only part of the First Commandment, but it also sets the stage for the rest that follow.

“When giving these commandments, God began by revealing Himself as the authority and power to deliver ‘Israel’ (both physical and spiritual) from Egypt – from bondage. But God actually revealed much more in that first sentence. He referred to deliverance from the ‘house’ of bondage. This word for ‘house’ has a specific meaning in the context as a ‘household’ or ‘family.’ God is revealing that His deliverance is from a household (of Egypt) that holds its servants captive.”

“God begins by revealing that He is the Eternal – the Ever-lasting Self-existing (Yahweh) God. The Eternal then states that He is the one who has delivered us out of the household (family) of Egypt into His household or family – Elohim. He said, ‘I am… your Elohim.’ Once we are called out of this world, God begins to deliver us out of spiritual Egypt – out of the household (the family) of bondage into a new relationship and into a new family – into a new fellowship.”

The first four commandments that have already been covered show how one must live in order to have a right and true fellowship with God. All the commandments are about relationships – about how to have true fellowship with God and His begotten family. The commandments are first and foremost for God’s Church – spiritual Israel. They are not for the world, but they reveal a moral code for the world of which some few use to guide part of their conduct in life. The commandments do, however, reveal the very law by which God judges mankind.

In short, the world is not capable of keeping the commandments, nor do they want to do so. Even Israel did not keep the basic physical application of God’s commandments. Their whole history is one that is witness to this truth. Until mankind is “called out of” spiritual Egypt – out from the bondage (captivity) of sin, they cannot “keep” the physical application of God’s law. The reason this is true is because the law is spiritual. It requires access to, and help from, God’s spirit to keep the physical and spiritual application of God’s law.

Except for a very few whom God called and gave of His spirit, physical Israel had the spirit of the world – the spirit of carnal human nature that is void of God’s spirit. Only when someone is called into a true relationship with God (called into His Church) can one begin to truly keep not only the physical application of the law, but also the spiritual.

“Now we have received (those called into the Church), not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God, so that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God, which things we also speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teaches, but which the holy spirit teaches; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural (carnal, physical) man (which included physical Israel) receives not the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them (even the Ten Commandments), because they are (only) spiritually discerned (received and understood)” (1 Cor. 2:12-14).

Again, the commandments are first and foremost for God’s Church – spiritual Israel. Physical Israel did benefit from God’s law to the degree they applied it to their life, using it as a moral guide in a limited physical relationship toward God and in their physical behavior toward others.

True fellowship with God and those in His family is spiritual – can only exist on a spiritual plane. God’s law – the Ten Commandments – reveal how we (those in God’s Church) are to live toward others. This is first in how we live in our relationship (fellowship) toward God who is the Father of His family and toward our elder brother Jesus Christ.

Last Six Commandments
The last six commandments reveal how we are to think and live toward all other people. Though we (the Church) are to think and live toward others as God reveals by these commandments, the reality is that “true fellowship” can only be experienced among those who live the same way in return toward us. This obviously means that this can only be experienced within the environment of Church fellowship itself with those impregnated with God’s spirit and who have God’s spirit continually living (dwelling, abiding, remaining) in them. Those in the world around us cannot be expected to live toward us in the same way God requires that we live toward them.

So those who become disfellowshipped from a spiritual relationship with God, His Son, and His Church are separated from the one and only “true fellowship” that man can be offered in life. As we have already covered, anyone (in the Church) who then chooses to fellowship with someone whom God says not to – one disfellowshipped – then they break each of the first four commandments concerning how to have a right relationship with God. They also break each of the last six commandments, which reveal how we (in the Church) are to live in a right relationship toward anyone among mankind – that which we are to practice (live) toward them.

5th Commandment
“Honor your father and your mother so that your days may be long upon the land which the Eternal your God gives you” (Ex. 20:12). The physical application of this is basic in how a child is to treat (honor) their physical parents or guardians (those who are as parents to them). Yet spiritually, even people in God’s Church have not fully grasped this commandment. Understanding how to apply this commandment or any commandment is to remember and live the 1st Commandment and the primary principle that one must learn from it – that God is to be first.

How is God first in this commandment? We are to first honor God as our Father and His Church (spiritually begotten Jerusalem/Zion) as our spiritual mother (Gal. 4:26, Rev. 21:10). The very best way to honor a father and mother is to honor God first through living His ways (being obedient to His laws). In doing so, one will bring (give) honor to the physical family (parents). However, such honor cannot be meaningfully received by them (the mother and/or the father) until the parent or parents are brought into a true fellowship with God.

So someone who chooses to disobey God by deciding to have fellowship with someone disfellowshipped has then dishonored God, the Church, and even their own physical parents (whether affecting them immediately, in the Millennium, or in the Great White Throne period).

6th Commandment
“You shall not murder” (Ex. 20:13).

Someone who flaunts disobedience before others in the Church acts carelessly toward the possibility of causing another to stumble and thereby turn from God. If someone is the cause of another person stumbling and potentially dying spiritually, then this becomes murder of the very worst kind. Such a person who chooses to fellowship with someone disfellowshipped shows no care or concern (no true love) toward their spiritual brother or sister. Instead, they show hate (loving them less by comparison than the one disfellowshipped) toward the ones who are supposed to be their true family. God is quite clear about such a spirit and attitude that breaks this commandment.

“We know we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He who does not love (fails to love) his brother abides in death. Whosoever hates (by failing to show love in the way God commands) his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him” (1 Jn. 3:14-15).

Such a person, who shows by his actions that he hates his brother, has already been cut-off from God’s spirit – disfellowshipped by God.

7th Commandment
“You shall not commit adultery” (Ex. 20:14).

The act of adultery is an act of deep betrayal. This highly repugnant act reveals the highest level of unfaithfulness to one’s own physical family. To a very large degree it reveals the “depth” of one’s own true selfishness. It is a great love of self to place (in a deeply uncaring and unloving manner) one’s own wants (desires, lusts) so far ahead of family (at their expense), that one is able to show little regard for the pain, suffering, and deep emotional scars that their actions will cause.

Christ even revealed that if a person “thinks” (that which begins in the mind) in a wrong manner so as to lust after (to covet) someone else than the one to whom they are married, then they have already committed adultery. However, this has more to do with the last commandment, which is yet to be covered.

This wrong “thinking” Christ spoke of is about a spirit of adultery that occurs first before the actual physical act. However, spiritual adultery is about spiritual betrayal toward God and His Family. It is about unfaithfulness exercised toward God. When someone chooses to have fellowship with anyone disfellowshipped, then they have chosen a “relationship” that is akin to adultery, which is indeed highly repugnant and horribly selfish. Anyone who embraces any other way than what God has revealed is true and right commits spiritual adultery as well as spiritually idolatry. An act of spiritual adultery is an act of great selfishness that reveals the true lack of concern or care (love) one actually has for the suffering, pain, and hurt that their actions will cause to God’s Family.

9th Commandment
“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” (Ex. 20:16).

This commandment is quite simple. It means we are to speak only what is true and not to lie. We are not to carry (bear) anything that is untrue to another person or about another person.

For someone who chooses to fellowship with any disfellowshipped, they break this commandment on a physical and spiritual plane. The conversation and the spiritual act of defiance (a lie and a false witness) they portray to both the disfellowshipped and to those in fellowship is twisted, distorted, and in complete disunity with God. It sets an example to both (the disfellowshipped and those in fellowship) that something (being in fellowship with those disfellowshipped) is okay, which is in actuality, false – a lie.

10th Commandment
“You shall not covet (wrongly desire, lust after) your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s” (Ex. 20:17).

The Hebrew word that is translated here as “covet” simply means “desire” or “to want.” This can be used in a positive sense or a negative sense. It is all a matter of the way it is used in context of whether God has established something as a right desire or has shown something to be a wrong desire for one to have.

It is clearly used in this commandment and in numerous other places as being a “wrong desire” for someone to have. This “wrong desire” is sometimes translated as “covet” or “lust,” which is more descriptive of the kind of thinking (spirit) that is at work.

This same word can be used in a positive manner when God is revealing a “right desire.”

“The fear of the Eternal is clean, enduring forever. The judgments of the Eternal are true (truth) and righteousness altogether. They are more to be ‘desired’ than gold, yes, than much fine gold and sweeter also than honey and the dropping of honeycombs” (Ps. 19:9-10).

“There is treasure to be ‘desired’ and oil in the dwelling of the wise, but a foolish man spends it up” (Prov. 21:20).

This 10th Commandment is actually a key to understanding the spirit of matters, as it shows that the origin of the sin is in the thoughts and thinking of one’s mind. Even the use of the Hebrew word we have just covered reveals that God is the authority who establishes whether something is right or wrong, true or false.

Someone who has fellowship with any who are disfellowshipped has broken this law on a spiritual plane against God. They “wrongly desire” fellowship with those who God commands they shouldn’t – the disfellowshipped – with that which is antichrist.

When people sin, the depth of the seriousness of the sin is rarely considered. Every sin that one commits actually breaks each and every one of the Ten Commandments on a spiritual plane.

(Next week, Pt. 7 will conclude this series)


253 thoughts on “True Fellowship Part 6

  1. Lef’s put this disfellowship thing into proper perspective. Does everybody know that most of the Jewish Christians and their families were kicked out of the Temple during the first century? That is why in the book of Acts, they had adopted a communal living arrangement, banding together to survive and encourage one another. Imagine what this meant for a Jew of that day. They had been born and raised in a system where the rabbis and priests were believed to be God’s own authority structure. Being kicked out of temple often elliminated their employment, the good graces of their families, neighbors, and friends, and the ability to communally observe the oracles of God.

    They faced hardships, but consoled one another with the knowledge that they were part of the body of Christ, God’s new order. An unauthorized disfellowshipment by a proven false prophet does not remove one from the body of Christ. The fact is, it is the responsibility of Christians to separate themselves from false prophets and teachers! You would actually want to be disfellowshipped by such people, and there is no commandment breaking involved in associating with the other people of conscience who had also left a false teacher! The Weinlands are speaking “presumptuously” as the KJV puts it! They can disfellowship you from their man-made, false group, but they have no authority to disfellowship you from the body of Christ. Weinland’s words are meaningless rhetoric!



  2. BB,

    Well spoken and right to the point. Your are absolutely correct about ronnie’s non-authority! But, ronnie does not want this information to be known it would be damaging to his image.

    The problem is that it is becoming known and it is doing damage. His very words reflect the panic. Ronnie is a profound fraud and his supply of “hopium” has run out.


    1. In 2007, Ron mocked false prophets who made changes after their prophecies failed, it was about the paycheck.

      So Ron was correct about one thing.


  3. Amazing they don’t tell anyone about people leaving! Is that right Haverty? So really this means anyone who left or was Dissfellowshipped they don’t care about or want back . Shouldnt the church try to heal and help those who are away from God according to them? Shouldn’t the church be fasting and preying for all those who left to come back? If indeed this is Gods church. But No ! They don’t care one bit about anyone . And these are the Two Witnesses ? Of GOD? You must be lifted up Ron up up and away from God. You are no Shepherd Ron that’s for sure . Your flock gets out and you say dont let the door hit you on the way. You are a hireling . That is the plain Truth about you.


  4. Acts,

    When someone is disfellowshipped it is done locally and quietly. At one time it was handled by the elder of that area. It is now handled by the senior elder of the region. There was a time when the entire church was informed about someone being disfellowshipped, but, that is no longer the case. Ronnie and company DOES not want this information being common knowledge. This kind of information would only led to others leaving.


  5. Of course there is no Prophecy now . The last thing Ron needs to do is give another false prophecy, And he knows it. He already set people up for the long haul, or did everyone miss that one? From the looks of it he is getting pretty desperate though.

    POST, Timing and our commission May13 2013
    So how much time do we have? I don’t know and will not know it until God gives it. God has shown we do have a focus for timing and it is from Pentecost to Pentecost. Could it be over in the following year? Yes, and if it is, we do not have too long to wait before the effects of the Second Trumpet are seen because God is also clearly letting us know that will be more time for the events to be completed between the Second Trumpet and the time God intervenes on a Pentecost with the Seventh Trumpet. This cannot be fulfilled in just a few weeks or a couple of months. We may have several years before us



  6. Acts,

    I can tell you this. In my area, some have just left and have never been heard from again. I know of two others who will do the same, they will just disappear.

    You have picked upped on something that is poison to ronnie. “No Prophesy”!! Just by your statement above, ronnie will have to admit that everything he has taught is nothing but hooey! Ronnie has dug his own grave and is falling in!


  7. The best weapon that can be used against Ron are his own words and writings from the past. I would challenge any current PKG member to pick up Gods Final Witness, read it cover to cover, and then see if you still believe Ron.


  8. Acts,

    The “long haul” tactic is not working. Most have ignore this. The members are looking for prophesy and they are not getting it and it is leading to boredom. Ronnie did his thing with all of the prophesy thing and it has failed in a very big way. The members have planned their lives around these false prophesies and are making bad decisions regarding their personal lives and it is continuing to this day. Now, there are some who are wiser and are not making these bad decisions; it is these who are quietly leaving. You may heard from them once in a couple of months but that is all that happens. Just enough to stay in contact and that is it.


  9. Acts, NICE, after people spent thousands on food, generators ,whole house heating systems, fireplaces, barrels of water, you name it. Lost their homes , cashed in 401s. Everyone went into debt, now we may have years to go. Every day I’m out of that church is a good one. I so want more people to wake up.


  10. Ozy,

    Also, these supplies are now out of date. Are they renewing these supplies; not in my area. The attitude is blasé and this is becoming more prevalence now.


  11. Ozy,

    The financial problems are still a problem. I get so angry over what ronnie and company has done to these people and they do not even get an apology – SICK


  12. Ozy
    This is the way I feel, they store water , can goods and all the you said, he use the scare factor to keep them but after all these years of lying and nothing happen but they are broke open your eye’s but now he tells them it’s going to happen someday yea after your all died and broke !


  13. This is a fellowship of fear, and Ron is just as afraid as they are. He knows he’s wrong and just can’t believe it. He truly believed in himself and can not believe any thing else could possibly be true. Even prison had not deflated his ego.


  14. Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

    10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

    11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie

    False prophets. Not just one man.


  15. Ozy,
    Ronnie never believed in what he preaches. He did have to live his lies to and extent to make them believable to tithers though only so they continued sending money. JUST AS HE IS DOING NOW. Seriously. This was shown and PROVEN over and over and over again during his trial. The prosecution pounded this FACT to show Ron was a lying, scamming, con-artist. Ron contradicted everything he preached. Ron would tell the PKG to do one thing and he and his family would do the opposite. The PKG would be sending money and buying can goods depleting their finances and Ron and Laura and Company would be fine dining, taking trips, and blowing all of this cash. IT WAS AND IS A COMPLETE HOAX so Ron could make a big fat paycheck to feed himself and his SWINE. Ron and Laura were not maxing out their credit cards and not paying it back because Jesus was showing back up. It was all a sickening sales pitch to instill fear into the followers so they would cough up their cash. The trial showed how Ron operated and lied disbelieving his very own words all in the plan of reaping large cash rewards. Why did Ron, Laura, and Audra keep ALL of their future expenses paid up to date. Why would they waste a bunch of cash on BMWs etc; if the end was coming? Was Jesus going to issue just Ron and Company new age drivers license and keep the roads maintained only for their personal use? Ron was not correct about anything back then just like he is incorrect about all of his current LIES!

    Ron does know he was and is wRONg but REFUSES to believe it. Ron’s ego is playing tricks on him. Ron REFUSES to believe that the PKG is NO LONGER buying into his crap. Can we not see how ridiculous, frustrated, and nervous he is currently? This is because his cash cow is drying up. The milk is becoming more and more scarce these days.

    I wonder how the finances of the remaining tithers are looking. Probably not too good. This is a key component because if they no longer have plenty to give to Ron and his Weinland Luxury Fund then the Weinlands are most definitely doomed financially. They have a lot of costly upkeep, fines, taxes, etc;, and hefty expenses that are forming a black cloud over them. I think they are in a huge mess and see the end coming but will do whatever last ditch efforts to fleece whatever money they can on the way out.

    This leads me to my next prediction. I think out of a last minute ditch effort to make a run on the tithers cash Ron WILL eventually make another prediction of some sort hoping to make enough cash to simply walk away. The problem with that is with the IRS watching every move the con-artist makes it will be difficult to pull off. Also Ron would only be able to walk with a small percentage. Keep in mind that they were accustomed to blowing millions before. They must figure out a way to make enough quickly to extend their expenses and lifestyles. Not looking very good.

    On top of this the PKG’s recruiting days are OVER. They will be hard pressed to gain new paying tithers. TOO MUCH NEGATIVE PUBLICITY AND HIS SCAM HAS BEEN EXPOSED ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Game Over! Only a matter of time. More expenses and less tithe cash is a sure EPIC FAILURE. Just like Captain Whack Job himself. What a loser!


  16. Also the prison thing is a large problem which may provide Ron’s ultimate demise. Ron continues from there BECAUSE HE HAS NO OTHER OPTIONS. If he quits then Laurdo and the Princess starved to death. They go broke! They lose their homes, cars, everything. Those two bitches are probably doing more busy work now than they ever have. Money is no longer coming in vast quantities and extremely easy. Is it, PIGS? OINK’- OINK’ Victoria Secret is having a two for one sale. Maybe you can work a deal and get one pair now. They do have a limit on thread material.

    Enjoy monitoring my posts scum bags! Go jump off of a bridge! There are plenty right up I-75.


  17. What is hilarious? Ron spent countless thousands on Google Ads back in the day. But now if you type his name into a search engine, this blog and all his lies fill the search results.

    Since new prospects are much more likely to make an informed decision, hopefully his recruiting days are indeed over. At most maybe a couple of wcg members that are still hopping across cogs. But nobody new off the street, very unlikely.


  18. > If he quits then Laurdo and the Princess starved to death. They go broke!

    Well at least Laura and Audra can still work at starbucks. Ron can’t, he wouldn’t be allowed to work a cash register, would he? His health won’t permit him to work in a stock room, and he doesn’t strike me as the type to work an office job. Ron will have to write his autobiography and try to sell it. Who wouldn’t want another “I’m the most important person in the world” book series?


  19. Ron is learning that trying to stop communication in this day and age, is like trying to pee up Niagara falls.

    Ron : “Hey could you just remove that off the internet for me”

    Internet : “Yeah okay we’ll get right on that for you”

    (everyone looks, content that offended Ron climbs in search rank, delicious irony)


  20. Timing and our commission POST, “God is also clearly letting us know”. CLEARLY Ron like to use convincing words over and over and over and over again. Just to be very candid with you.

    ” God clearly Reveals”
    “God’s Clear Instruction”

    Clear or clearly always follows God but the iRONic part is nothing Ron ever says is clear at all.


  21. It will be interesting to see what the next series will be. The “hopium” supply is gone. What can ronnie possibly use now to reestablished the addiction of hopium? Any ideas out there?


  22. What a shame that Ron has destroyed so many families, marriages, lost investments, yet we as tax payers are still supporting him. Next his family will be on “state aid” and we’ll still be supporting him. Many of us have a long road ahead of us just trying to piece together what Ron has destroyed. Some, like me, are because of a spouse that was hooked into this scam. May they all be “blessed” for their wonderful works!!!


  23. to Martin it could read;

    House on the golf course $370,000 Parading around the country spending money like a rock star $1.5 million Going broke and loosing your Home = Priceless and might we add well deserved.


  24. WOW – 248 comments & growing – Mike is that a record?

    Word is getting out & so are awakening PKG members – Great News –

    Still wondering & ?hoping? more indictments may follow from the un-audited tax years –


  25. Yes. I’m still wondering about the (still?) unsubmitted tax returns.

    Are they liable even if they have an attorney working to now submit them?

    Will the IRS bring up new charges?


  26. Here is a nice little idea for everyone to chew on: Weinland should sell PKG to David Pack, before it loses all of its value as a franchise!



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