Lies and Broken Promises

The rhetoric against False Prophet Ronald Weinland and his family can get pretty fierce in comments to blog posts.  And the posts themselves cover events over a period of several years.

This blog has static pages linked in the banner at the top of every page on this blog.  I have just added a new one

Lies and Broken Promises

The purpose of this new page is to summarize statements by Weinland that turned out to be false at the time or broken promises later on.  Comments on that page are disabled, if you have any please leave them on this post.



18 thoughts on “Lies and Broken Promises

  1. Re the WCG press release, it says Joseph Tkach died quietly.

    This is not true, he died a very painful death…the wiki on him states..

    “On May 12, 1995 Tkach had surgery to remove his gall bladder. Shortly thereafter he was readmitted to the hospital because of severe intestine and back pain.”

    Other articles indicate a brain hemorrhage caused by the cancer, he died very painfully.


  2. Lies and broken promises have an important purpose within the Armstrong movement. Part of the continuing brainwashing process is devoted to keeping members from becoming “data driven”. Within PKG, over the past several years, the data which has been collected contradicts Ron Weinland’s impassioned false prophecies, just as the data surrounding the year 1975 indicated that his mentor, Ol’ Hog Jowls, was also a lying, perverted sack of false prophecies. When the data contradicts the prophecies and doctrines, this can trigger members’ forgotten and dormant objective thinking skills, causing them to re-examine all of their premises, to realize they have been scammed and wasted large portions of their lives, and to seek new, more reliable solutions. Fear and lies are then vigorously applied as the antidote, and most members will simply re-program themselves, waiting attentively for the revised false prophecy. It works, and has even expanded, as people now have the opportunty to jump from frying pan to frying pan, until they eventually realize that all of the components are spawn of the original scam.



  3. What has Rotten Ronnie gotten correct? Seems like everything that comes out of him is a lie or a failure. Yea, Ron and Laura are a team alright. A team of cons and crooks. Selling lies used to be profitable but unfortunately for Team Weinland these lies have caught up with them. The traveling duo have had their flights grounded.

    I am fairly certain Team Weinland will also drown in debt experiencing the very same wrath that Ron has dished out upon his followers. Ron and Laura have some very steep debts hovering over them like a nasty black cloud. Does anyone have a fairly accurate estimate of how many paying tithers are left? It looks as if the end of the world run for the tithe cash has depleted many followers finances. Ron WILL bleed them for their last dime though. I assume the financial picture for PKG as a whole is pretty bleak.

    Ron and Company grew too accustomed to having limitless amounts of money coming in on a regular basis and spending it freely. Now he has stiff penalties and expenses to pay along with all of his high dollar lifestyle habits. I believe much less money is at Ron’s disposal and will be greatly reduced more in time. How can he continue to beat money out of people in debt up to their eyes?


  4. Laura a counseling guru? Yea, OK…… From what I have seen anyone seeking help gets the same old “deal with it” because Ron-God and the Heroine Prophet Counselor do not have time for you. Ron are you on this statement too when you say Laura counsels so much? I think you are. Anyone taking any advice from mental patients like you and your PIG wife should expect poor results or nothing. Does Laura have any counseling qualifications? Well, I guess she does not need any since she really never counsels people. Crap talking gossip is not counseling. The back stabbing does not help much either.

    Yes Ron, you hit the fact that Laura gallivants around traveling at a ridiculous amount all on the tithers/God’s money using it for her personal expenses therefore it would qualify as PERSONAL INCOME. You should re-think your true motives and quit blaming everyone else for your own decisions. If you would not have lied to people and taken their money from them on your fake premises then you would not have these tax problems to begin with. Go get a real job! LOSER!

    I also think there will be more trouble on the horizon since the Weinland Clan is continuing to do exactly what landed them in trouble. Be sure to send out a W-2 for Laura because if you do not I think she will be taking the stand next. How can Laura use the “church money” when she has no official capacity to do so. I am willing to bet the IRS and Feds are not finished with you idiots. They are not believing your junk and excuses for your PERSONAL INCOME SCAM.


  5. JB, I really think there is only max 150 left in the entire organization . Out of that I would say 75 people would still be Tithing. Maybe this is being generous, not sure. Still enough to go to Ausrailia and maybe a unannounced stopover in Hawaii on the way home perhaps?


  6. Yes it is summer time over there now. I thought Laura cancelled her trips due to a chemical spill. Randy mentioned that. Who knows? They are difficult to keep track of and change things up daily. What is scary is that if there are 75 tithers and they are all giving $100 per month that adds up to $7,500 per month for the Weinlands to spend. This would mean and annual salary of $90,000 for Ron. Not bad for slinging lies but a far cry from the millions he had. I could see the $90,000 budget being tight supporting all of the Weinlands though.

    I am certain that the tithers are Ron, Laura, and Audra’s ONLY SOURCE OF INCOME. Not sure if Jeremy works but he has relied on the “church money” for his income in the past as well. Ninety grand does not go very far supporting three households and many large expenses associated. Audra’s condo alone costs approximately $14,000 including mortgage and monthly home owners association fees. Then there are utility bills, insurance, etc; Audra made $17,000 per year. Another lie that does not add up. There is no way she can afford what she has on that salary amount.

    Ron and Laura have a large mortgage on their home with stiff country club home owners fees living where they do. It is great to see that the free cash is not going to be able to support them much longer. I think this is evident with all of the damage control Ron is preaching. I know for a fact that Ron and Laura have no equity in their home. That has been verified and the reason Joyce Garrett had to put her home across the street up for Ron’s bond. Hopefully they run out of money very soon and lose everything.

    I do not see the Weinlands getting by financially for less than about $200,000 per year. This would include Audra and Jeremy. This may be rough for them with the current tithing count and more leaving. It seems that there are a handful of people here and there scattered about. I also feel it is going to become much harder for Ron to produce tithe money each and every day operating from prison with #2 pencils. I would guess Ron and Laura are figuring this out rather quickly. These con-artists have ruined so many lives they deserve to be broke and homeless!

    Maybe Haverty / Elder-pkg can enlighten us as to what he thinks or knows about his or her area and what type of money that area is giving to the P.O. Box. Figuring out the amount of money Ron and Company are getting still might be difficult. We can only assume based on the amount of tithers and the percentage they are supposed to give. Then we do not know every tithers salary. It is strictly guess work. One good thing is the fact that Ron is not getting anything close to the millions he once was rolling through.


  7. A sad fact is there are many others just like Ron selling bags full of lies for “God’s money.” The great thing is that many are no longer paying for Weinland’s. The goal here is to concentrate on Ron and at least put him out of business and free people from his cult garbage. I do think Rotten Ron’s days are numbered and Mike’s blog here has done serious amounts of damage to their bank account. YES!

    Ron’s trial and prison sentence has them in a tail spin. The False Prophet’s future is not looking so bright. Ron’s death curse on Mike and others here is another epic failure for Ron the Con. It only confirms he is full of shit and his magical voodoo wand has lost it’s power. The preachers magic wand never worked from the start. Ron and Company have no clue as to how insane and silly they are in regards to the average person. They are nut jobs!

    It has been mentioned and is a wonderful fact that when you Google “Ron Weinland” oodles of bad stuff pops up. What is better is that it is all true and there is proof to back it up. Anyone with half of a brain will run away from Ron. Ron’s recruiting days are OVER! Once the remaining tithers leave he will NOT be able to replace them and their money. Remember back to the graphs Mike posted on people visiting his site. There was A LOT of traffic and people looking and finding the real facts about Ron. This site is one of the many revealing truths about Ron. There are many reading and following here that we never see nor hear from. My wife’s cousin’s girlfriend knew who Ron Weinland was, but had no involvement with him and they live in Bardstown, Kentucky. Small world. She was researching some religious stuff and ran across info on him. Not sure exactly how she found out about him other than stumbling onto it on the internet. We had a long discussion about what a con Ron is.

    She was intrigued that I was a juror and he was sent to prison. She thinks Ron is a crazy fraud. I heard Ron’s name mentioned on a local radio station after his trial here in Cincinnati, OH and they were making fun of him. They were saying things like the guy that has predicted the return of Jesus and missed it a bunch of times and the dude that thinks he is God type stuff. It was hilarious. I had no idea who he was and had never heard of him until the trial. Afterwards I Googled his name and found this blog and began reading up on him. I was wondering how such a blatant con-artist was able to screw so much money out of so many people. Now I get it but still think it is unbelievable that people pay him for his lies and abuse.


  8. For what to spread a false prophecy . When you compare Ron’s life to real prophets lives such as Any in the Bible, Ron has lived a Comparativly easier and Cushy lifestyle.


  9. Acts,
    It is clear the “For what” is for the money. We do not see Swineland holding any true religion other than fake internet #2 prison pencil jibberish nor values or doing what is morally correct. These PKG authority figure idiots can not even get his #2 crap straight. He is only ranting about cash flow as usual.

    Ron operates a pay to play scam. Ron figures out what lies sell and fill the P.O. Box as did the quick move with the book and Google adds. Selling fear, lies, control, and huge piles of B.S. What Ron is currently doing is busy body Club Fed filler work and damage control in hopes that when he gets out of prison he might still have a few remaining tithers to work with. Now he can not afford the advertising and he does not have another current GREAT BIG LIE TO SELL. I think Ron has painted himself into the corner in more than one way losing more tithers and control by the hour.

    It takes money to make money and he is falling short these days. His tithers have also grown tired of his failed prophecies and Ron is leery of slinging out another BIG LIE in fear of more leaving. Herds tend to follow the others and I’d say most are very uneasy seeing all the people leaving. I think it is more leaving than being “kicked out.” The dis-fellowships are an after thought by Ron and Laura in a lame attempt for them to try to show they are in power and made the decision.

    It is pointless and redundant to fire and employee that has already quit the job. This dis-fellowshipping crap is another control ego thing for Ron and his wench wife. A waste of time, but if it makes him feel almighty like the King-God he claims to be, then have at it Jack Ass. It is only more smoke and mirrors and a distraction and another lie in an attempt for Ron and Laura to act like they are still in control which is more total bullshit. These losers can not keep people from walking away. They can only mislead the remaining flock trying to keep them in the corral of cult mind control. They will do this until the last person is gone. Right now the herd is growing old, tired, and diseased with lies and broken promises.

    I guarantee you Ron and Laura are angling for gains as the elderly pass away in the last possible money grabs they might have. Hopefully these followers do the right thing and leave first. If not then I hope they leave their money to their families. This might be another conniving motive in Ron separating families so he puts himself in line for the money first. We are dealing with the lowest of low here in regards to the Weinland Scum. I think they would kill for money if they thought they could get away with it. They do not value people or human happiness whatsoever unless they are beating cash out of them. When there is no longer cash to take the caring stops as many of you have experienced. The Weinlands are all sociopaths not caring about who they destroy or what as long as they are getting what they want. MONEY!


  10. The Two Witnesses are prophesied to breath fire and kill anybody that hurts them.

    A comedian hurt Ronald Weinland at Idea city. Ronald did nothing and fled. (he sent a threatening email/letter, but nothing happened)

    A jury convicted him and a judge jailed him. Ron did nothing and is still sitting in jail.

    Ron is forced to do “hard” labor. He does not breath fire spiritually or physically or in any way shape or form.

    No “exacting” prophecy has come out of Ron’s mouth.


  11. Martin,
    I do not think Ron’s bad breath counts as fire breathing either. Ha Ha! Did the comedian blast Rotten Ron at Idea City? Think there is something on that on Youtube. I’ll check. If not I would like to see someone giving Nut Job some grief. Did the comedian confront Ron of his B.S.? I can see Captain Sneaky Spineless tucking his tail and scurrying away if someone did. COWARD can only hustle and hassle little elderly ladies and such. Laura probably bosses Ronnie around in all reality. I can see that.

    Ron has told some “exacting” lies. Do those count? He is pretty consistent there.


  12. Bags, The only trip that was canceled was the one scheduled for this past weekend to West Virginia. The trip was canceled due to the January 9th chemical spill in the vicinity of the capital city of Charleston. Perhaps the queen and princes were concerned about possibly bathing in tainted water but doesn’t this happen every time a new recruit is baptized by either Ron or one of his henchman in order to become a full fledged full tithing pkg member? I wonder what the going rate for a pkg baptism is these days.

    Believe me when I tell you I’m no tree hugger but I do take offense when utility companies, manufacturers, corporations, etc, pollute our country’s waterways due to incompetence, greed or total disregard of the law and their own fellow citizens. The USA has natural beauty like no other country in the world and we all need to do our best to keep it this way for future generations to come.

    Getting back to the original subject on hand I’m sure the pkgr’s in the West Virginia area were very disappointed that the queen and princes blew them off for a chemical spill that happened well over two weeks ago. The people living in the areas affected by the spill had no other choice but to deal with it as best they could but neither Laura or Audra had the guts to visit the area and take a five minute hotel room shower.

    On the brighter side this means the queen and princess will have extra tithe funds to spend on their upcoming trips to Los Angeles, Australia and New Zealand. They also have a scheduled trip to Hillbilly Harrell’s neck of the woods but I couldn’t think of one single item I’d want to purchase in Forsyth, Georgia yet a let visit the place. I wonder what they sell down there anyway. Hogs or Heifers???


  13. Hey Bags, not to hijack this thread and completely change the subject, but after looking at the stuff on Mike’s new page, I was also looking through some of the court transcripts on the Criminal Case page, and saw something interesting…

    The transcripts that are there include the things that happened after the jury was sent out of the courtroom each time, and was enlightening to read.
    Take a look at this document linked on that page – “{90}Audra’s testimony part 4, on Friday afternoon followed by Special Agent Palmisano’s direct testimony”
    Scroll down to page 109, I think. This is where the discussion between the attorneys and the Judge took place about “concerns” about a particular juror.

    Remember the guy who was on the jury for the whole first week, and then on Monday morning they told us that he’d been removed and wouldn’t be back, and one of the alternates would be taking his place for the deliberations? He was the guy who was a little flaky, was always late getting to the courthouse in the morning and after lunch, and would sneak bags of chips and bottles of pop into the courtroom. One day he even said that he was periodically pulling his shirt over his mouth and smoking an e-cig underneath it while court was in session. We wondered at the time what was the straw that finally broke the Judge’s back to get him kicked off the jury. Well, the discussion about him is in there starting on page 109.

    I remember trying to give him some friendly advice at the time about not making comments out loud while the trial was in session, but I guess he couldn’t help himself.


  14. Jocko,
    Yes, I agree with the pollution and disregard without a doubt. It ticks me off to see people throw trash and cigs out of their cars etc; I have not been to the area where Hillbilly Harrell lives but can imagine what it is like. The Swinelands have a strange bond with Johnny and his wife. I guess that is because they can easily steer him to do what they want. I guess the queen and princess are going about business as usual then. There must not have been much money for them to pick up in West Virginia so they didn’t want to waste their time. Maybe they are going to Forsyth, GA for the annual Hogs & Heifers Pageant. Laura and Audra are favorites expected to win this year.

    Juror #215,
    Hope you are doing well. We should meet up for lunch sometime. Mike has my email and phone number. I will be out of town again this coming week for work though. The clown they kicked out of the jury was a real tool. He sat directly in front of me. I was watching him eat, drink, and smoke the e-cig thing. I COULD NOT BELIEVE what he was doing. I remember you saying things to him to enlighten his brain and myself and others were saying we agreed with you that he should not be doing that stuff. I was pissed when he was doing those things because I thought it would ruin Ron’s trial. Luckily they sent him back home.

    The guy just had zero respect for anything much like most of the urban thugs in todays society. I thought the judge might have thrown him in jail to straighten his attitude up a little. That guy was about as unbelievable as some of Weinlands stuff. When he pulled out his E-Cig out I was like, “you have to be kidding me.” I was shocked. He might have been trying to get kicked out???? He obviously didn’t own an alarm clock or was too dumb to set it. He was fairly young also. I will check the transcripts out. Thanks.


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