Christ’s Return – Timing

Seems Ronnie is not posting part 11 to his Groundhog Day series of blog posts this week.  Maybe his commissary budget is too low to be able to afford #2 pencils.

As the Present Truth (TM) continually changes, the editorial material on Ronnie’s websites falls behind.  Recently, there was an update to the Topics section on the FAQ.  The Topic “Christ’s Return – Timing” had a significant amount of text added.

Here is the original text:

In 2008, God revealed that Jesus Christ would return on an annual holy day of Pentecost. God also revealed in that same year that the 1335 days of Daniel, concerning the final sealing of the 144,000, was beginning its countdown on the annual holy day of Trumpets that year – 2008. Carrying the 1335 days forward from Trumpets of 2008 brings you to Pentecost of 2012. At the mathematical probability of such a possible occurrence, coupled with other overlapping periods of time fitting into the same time frame, we believed that Christ would return on that day of Pentecost in 2012. (For more information on this see the 50th Truth in the “57 Truths” article on the Publication page of this website.)

As the Church had the attitude and spirit to be a good “watchman” as described in Ezekiel and because of great eagerness in anticipation of Christ’s return, the Church told others of this impending date in the hope that they would listen and prepare themselves for the horrific times that precede his coming. Our desire was that not only should we physically and spiritually be prepared for worldwide catastrophic events, but we deeply desired that others would take warning and themselves prepare for such events. Before Christ returns, the physical manifestation of the Seven Trumpets of Revelation will occur, which includes massive worldwide destruction and WW III. God’s Church “lived” this belief in absolute faith in a genuine manner of “spirit and truth.”

By Pentecost of 2012, we knew that Christ was not yet returning and that we had entered the prophetic “Day of the Lord.” God reveals in scripture that this prophetic day is an actual year in length. Once again, knowing that Christ would return on a Pentecost and that this prophetic day was a year in length, we believed that Christ would then return on Pentecost of 2013. What we did not know then was that there are two specific periods of time that fulfill the “Day of the Lord,” as each has a separate purpose to be accomplished, yet involve God’s righteous judgment, vengeance, and recompense. The first prophetic “Day of the Lord” was about God’s Church and His power to create Zion – His family Elohim – through His Church. This also served as an avenging of His Church before Satan, as Satan also had now been judged. By Pentecost of 2012, God had sealed all 144,000 who will return with Jesus Christ in God’s government over all mankind, and Satan will be removed at that time. (For more understanding of that period of time from Trumpets of 2008 to Pentecost of 2013 and all that God has been doing through His Church, see the article on the Publications page entitled, “An Extraordinary 4 1/2 Years.”)

Obviously, the world never believed our warnings or that Jesus Christ was coming, let alone on a specific date of Pentecost of 2012 or 2013. Neither did the Church that was scattered believe it. The fact that it did not happen on either day has only verified their belief, as they view it, that Ronald Weinland is not a prophet and that the Church of God – PKG is not God’s Church. However, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The edit struck out the text “See Timeline Question Answered” and added all of the following:

God had great purpose in His Church believing and proclaiming those dates for Christ’s return. It served to facilitate the final judging (trying and testing) of those who should yet be sealed to fulfill the complete count of the 144,000 firstfruits of God’s Kingdom.

This also served as a witness and final judgment upon the world for their response to hearing such a message as the one contained in the book 2008 – God’s Final Witness. The message of that book was about devastating end-time events, WW III, and God’s intervention to end it all by sending His Son to take control over all government on earth and to establish His one and only Church, and thereby, end all other false religions on earth. The response of the world was the same as the previous 6,000 years. Man rejects God’s word and His servants whom He has sent to proclaim His word.

As far as Christ not returning on those dates of Pentecost of 2012 and 2013, the result would have been the same even if He had returned. People will not believe God’s word until they “physically see” massive devastation (and then it is too late to prepare). They will not listen to sound and plain truth that God proclaims to them. The reality is that this period of time was about God’s final witness and His judgment upon mankind for refusal to hear Him.

The end-time events will still come to pass. Jesus Christ is still coming to remove Satan’s rule on earth and to establish God’s government over all mankind. Refusal to believe these prophetic truths from God does not prevent them from happening, but is only a matter of “time.” It is simply that, as always, man believes what he wants to believe, and he has always chosen not to believe God.

It was mentioned earlier that there are two prophetic periods of the “Day of the Lord.” One was between Pentecost of 2012 and Pentecost 2013. It was about God’s Church and God’s power to create Zion – the Family of God – Elohim. The first phase of that family has now been established and sealed by God. His government has now been made ready to be given immortal life in Elohim and to reign with Jesus Christ. These firstfruits of God’s Family will come with Christ when he returns on an annual holy day of Pentecost. God has not revealed the specific year, but He will at the time He allows the manifestation of the Second Trumpet. Christ will then return on the Pentecost that follows this event.

Christ’s return is near – that is God’s promise, as all that now remains before his coming is the fulfillment of the second prophetic “Day of the Lord,” which is the time when the physical manifestation of the destruction from the Seven Trumpets of Revelation are revealed. The events of this final “Day of the Lord” are a matter of the judgment of God upon mankind for not listening to Him and heeding His warnings.

I would summarize all of this as: It doesn’t matter that the prophecy was false because no one was listening anyway.  And it’s all going to happen eventually anyway.  So there!!!

Here’s what the deleted section “Timeline Questions Answered” used to say:

God has revealed that there is a separation between the opening of the Seventh Seal and the start of the Great Tribulation. God reveals the truth progressively and will continue to do so through His end-time prophets: “Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).

1335 Days: The sealing of the 144,000 that will make up the Government of God at Christ’s return in 2013 (see topic: “Christ’s Return – Timing”) took place on September 30th, 2008, and 45 days later we arrived at 1290 days.

1290 Days: The Seventh Seal was opened on the 14th of November, 2008, which signified an end to the abomination of desolation that has been working in God’s Church. This marks the beginning of an awakening for spiritual Israel – the final remnant of the Church of God that was scattered, and will continue right up until the return of Jesus Christ. Thirty days later we arrived at 1260 days.

1260 Days: The blowing of the First Trumpet occurred on the 14th of December, 2008. That day was the beginning of a 3 1/2 year countdown that would lead into the final “Day of the Lord” (a final literal year) where world conditions will escalate into WW III and end at the return of Jesus Christ on Pentecost of 2013. From the start of this final 1260 day countdown, the process began that will lead to the complete collapse of the USA and the other Israelite countries. The Second, Third, and Fourth Trumpet will occur in God’s timing during the “Day of the Lord” (see the topic entitled “Christ’s Return – Timing”), and the combination of these first four trumpets will bring about that complete collapse. God will reveal more about these events, in His time, to His two end-time prophets (and two end-time witnesses) whose job began at the start of this final countdown to Christ’s return.

The only way a person can understand this timeline is by revelation given by God. The Church of God knows the date of Jesus Christ’s return because of the timing of the opening of the seals and the revealed truths contained in the annual Holy Days.

True Fellowship Part 10

False Prophet Ronald Weinland seems to now have an every-other-week posting schedule.  Maybe his budget for #2 pencils is on the decline with the falling membership in PKG.  And we have the travel schedule for Laura, Audra, and husband #2 must be supported.  Wonder if they had first class compartments for their current trip down under.
—————  Ron’s post ——————————–
The Mind Becomes “Set”: As we continue in this series, concerning the ability to have true fellowship with God and Jesus Christ, God is revealing more about what this truly means. This “fellowship” is one that must be created, as it is about an incredible process in the creation of Elohim.

This process is not a simple one for the human mind to grasp as it involves the mightiest and most profound work yet that God is accomplishing in the pinnacle of all His creation, and yet God is now giving us a clearer grasp of this creative process by showing us a basic framework – a kind of spiritual blueprint – of what this entails.

It bears repeating, although it is being stated in a different manner, that the beginning stage of this creative process is an “embryonic one” that involves “spirit begettal” and a “spiritual transformation” within the human mind. Before a person can be changed from mortal to immortal, from a physical composition to a spirit composition, which is to be born into God’s Family, the human mind must become “spiritually set” in God’s ways. That means a person is “set in purpose,” as a matter of choice (of the mind), to always be “at-one” with God, to always be in agreement with God because of the personal conviction that His way is the only way to live life.

It was stated that a person who becomes fully “at-one” with God has become “set in purpose” (in personal will – in choice) concerning living only God’s way. But it must be understood that although a person can become “set” in such purpose, in such will and conviction of choice, that person is not yet without sin even though their “will” (purpose) to be so (to be without sin) is “set.” As long as we are in a physical body, we will sin; however, when the mind has become fully set spiritually in agreement with God, then that person will always faithfully repent and will always be forgiven. Thus, such a person is ready for birth into Elohim, even though they may have several more years of human life remaining. That amount of time depends on God’s purpose for further “work” He may have for them to accomplish. God may also give them longer life in order to mold and fashion them to fit into a specific place of function within His Family.

This has been the state of every person who has ever been “sealed” as one of the 144,000. At some point in their life they became sealed, which means they became spiritually “set” at-one with God, and then they lived, or are living, out the remainder of their life in that state of guaranteed birth into Elohim in the first resurrection. This process of becoming sealed is the creative transformation of the mind that can only occur in human life. Such transformation cannot happen (be created) in a “spirit-created life,” as in the angels. This “setting,” or “sealing,” must occur only in physical life where this incredible creation can be performed.

An example of this sealing, or setting, is when Abraham acted in highly matured faith to offer his own son. God told him at that time, “Now I know you.” Abraham had become fully “at-one” with God in the “spirit in man” that was in Him.

Indeed, this sealing of each one of the 144,000 was a “sealing” into Elohim, although they may have had many years of physical life remaining after they became “set,” or “sealed”. Once a person became sealed (when the mind became set in spirit), this marked the completion of a spiritual creation – the completed transformation of the human mind from carnal motivation to spiritual motivation as a result of a “set will” being at-one with God, in full agreement with God.

Spirit Becoming Set
God’s purpose for completely cutting someone off from access to Him (with no flow of His holy spirit into their life) is most often done so that the spirit-begotten spirit in man does not become “set against” Him. That is what happened to Lucifer and a third of the angels when they chose to turn against (to think and act against) God’s ways. Their mind instantly and permanently became “set against” God – perverted from the way God had created it. The spirit in man does not become instantly “set” when someone chooses to go against God by disobeying and/or living against God’s way, even if by ignorance (no knowledge) of God’s truth.

To more fully understand that last sentence, it is necessary to now clarify some things concerning the spirit in man and it becoming set. It needs to be understood that “in time” the spirit in man does become set in one of two ways. It will become “set against” God or “set in agreement” with God.

This spirit in man can only become set in agreement with God if it is begotten of God’s holy spirit, and then only over a lengthy period of time of consistently repenting and choosing God’s way of life, can a spiritually complete transformation become established (set). This result of a spiritual begettal and a complete transformation is the only way the spirit in man can become “set” in order to become at-one with God (in full agreement). The spirit in man, however, can also become “set against” God and in one of two ways.

The spirit in man can become “set against” God as a result of personal choice at some point following begettal (usually much later). There are people who have been begotten who have made the free-will decision that they do not want God’s ways and prefer to live out their life in opposition to God’s purpose and instead follow the way of pride, selfishness, and lust. However, there is another means by which the spirit in man can become “set against” God. It is fully separate from what happens after spiritual begettal, as it occurs before even coming into the knowledge of the truth and ways of God. Spiritual begettal has not and will not be granted to every human being. Such a statement and what is stated following this needs to be read closely and not misinterpreted.

Over the past several decades, it has been widely believed within the Church that every human being will be able to become begotten of God’s holy spirit. However, God is clearly revealing that this is not true. That concept is a type of Protestant “mindset for salvation” and “perceived fairness,” which is a distortion in understanding God, His plan, and His purpose in life.

God knows the mind of every human being. He knows the “state” of the spirit in man that is in every person. God does not owe every human being the gift of His holy spirit. It is not owed to every person that they be begotten of His spirit and given the opportunity to be in Elohim.

Those Set Against God
The truth and reality is that there are people who even when shown what God has done with the earth and mankind after 1,000 years of the reign of His Kingdom and the manifestation of the God Family, they will not want to live by God’s ways. Once they are given the ability to see what is true in God’s purpose and the truth of His one way of life that is to be lived, they will not want it. Their minds became “set against” God in their first lifetime. Such a mind cannot be transformed, for it is “set” in perversion, evil, pride (its own way), and lust. Such a mind does not want God’s way, even as Lucifer and a third of the angels came to that state of thinking – of not wanting God’s way – ever.

There are people throughout history who have so perverted their thinking and have chosen such evil in life that they are “set” in that choice of life. Some people are simply set on evil by choice, and regardless of what they might suffer or experience in life, even if witnessing miracles or wonders from God, they would never be of a humble or repentant mind. They are simply “set against” God’s ways, even if they have never known anything about the truth. God’s purpose is not to force anyone to receive Him and His way of life in order to come into His Family. It must be of free choice and from a true and sincere desire.

So throughout time there are indeed vast numbers who have lived such evil in life that they have fully corrupted the spirit in man that is in them. Their mind became “set against” anything that is good. A mind so set on evil, perversion, and lust against mankind will never repent and accept the true goodness of God and His way of life. Yes, the carnal mind is by nature against God (Rom. 8:7), but there are very large numbers of people who, through time, have so deeply corrupted and perverted their carnal mind that the spirit essence in their mind became fully set in evil and can never be transformed. Such a mind will not “willingly choose” to repent of sin.

Although these people whose spirit became set in evil in their first lifetime (apart from any knowledge of God’s truth) will be resurrected at a future time, they will not be granted repentance of sin after baptism and will not be given the impregnation of God’s holy spirit, as they will never genuinely repent of sin. They simply will not want God’s way of life. At a future time, God will reveal more about how and specifically when these people will be dealt with for refusing Him, once they are brought face to face with the fullness and truth of His purpose for all human life.

As a matter of God’s righteous judgment, once He has completed His work of a complete (full) 7,000 years, He will resurrect all the rest of humanity (all who are dead) into a second physical life of those who have not yet or will not at that time enter Elohim. This will be a resurrection of all who will be granted the opportunity to repent of sin, be baptized, and then become begotten of God’s holy spirit.

In addition to this great resurrection into a second life at the beginning of the final 100 years, there will be those who are still alive when the Millennium has ended who are still too young (physically and/or spiritually) to be sealed who will live on into this period of time as well. This is the time observed in the holy day of The Last Great Day.

Over the past several decades, there has been another belief held by many in the Church that Satan is released for a short time at the end of the Millennium – before the Millennium is over. A few years ago, God made it clear to His Church that this was not the case. It clearly states in the Book of Revelation that “when the thousand years are expired (Gk- have ended, have been accomplished/completed), Satan shall be loosed out of his prison” (Rev. 20:7). This does not occur during the Millennium, but afterward.

God is not yet revealing exactly when this will occur, whether it might be at the beginning or at the end of the 100 years. There is no purpose now to know or speculate when that will be. It will simply be whatever it is meant to be when God determines to reveal it. However, it will be during this time that God, in His righteous judgment, will bring final judgment upon Satan, the demons, and all of those whose minds have become “set against” Him.

All that has been covered in this section is information that needs to be understood in the context of the powerful and delicate creation of a transformed mind that can become “set in agreement” with God. These things need to be understood in the context of what it means for the spirit in man to become “set” and why God has disfellowshiped many through time so that the spirit might be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is about their resurrection to a second physical life at the beginning of the final 100 years.

(Part 11 will follow.)

God’s Government in Action

The message from Ron at the end of this posting was left in a comment here on this blog.  While I am not in a position to verify this as an authentic communication from God’s own apostle in this post-Laodicean era, I personally believe that it is.

This relates to Deputy Sheriff Wayne’s sermon series on Spiritual Government. At the beginning of this weekend’s sermon, he starts out by saying:

There is only one true Church, and that has God’s way of spiritual government in it, and that it is the Church of God – PKG. Now, this is difficult for many people to come to grasp this, and they would see that as a statement of arrogance. But that is the truth. There is only one true Church on this earth.

Elsewhere in the sermon, Wayne made the following statements:

When we lift ourselves up against a decision made by the administration of God’s Church we are in fact mocking God! And that is something on a spiritual level to come to understand, that when we criticize the administrative decisions or any of the administration structure of God’s Church – any minister, anyone placed in a position of service by God – we, when we criticize, mock, pull down in any way, are in fact mocking God, because it was God’s decision to place them in authority. Now, they will make mistakes, but it’s not our role to judge and condemn and pull the person down because of their mistakes, because we all make mistakes, we all sin, because that’s the way we are.

I note that the last hearing for the divorce of Audra and Chris was in August, less than 6 months ago. God’s government moves quickly.

————————–   Ron’s Ministerial Communication ————————

Hello to all of you in the ministry,

Laura and I wanted to pass along a few miscellaneous items to you before she left for Australia and New Zealand. The last item concerning the Feast of Tabernacles can be announced in your areas during services.

Our love to all of you,
Ron & Laura

– – – – –

Hopefully everyone (for those who have the responsibility to do so) has completed all the necessary planning for this years Passover service such as: setting a location (hall rental if required), Passover wine glasses, et cetera. If not, then please get that taken care of right away.

– – – – –
Marriage & Church Administration:

Laura and I want to let all of you know (if you don’t already) about our thankfulness and happiness that Audra has married Edwin van Horne who serves as an elder in Europe. With this computer age and the Internet, it will be easy for Audra to continue serving and working for the Church, just as she has been, after she moves to Europe. Her duties will remain the same and on some occasions will still travel with Laura on some Church visits, although fewer than before.

When it is possible for him to do so (due to his job and whether he is able to get off from work at times), Edwin will be traveling with Audra and Laura on some of those visits. Even now, Edwin will be traveling with Audra and Laura on this current trip to the Church in the Los Angeles area as well as New Zealand and Australia. The reality is that God and Jesus Christ have been working in a very large way through our family to serve Their Church. It is important to God that the Church learn from this “family” focus and service to His Church, as there is much to glean from all this, as well as to give inspiration and encouragement by what He is doing.

Jeremy also works for the Church full time and has done so now for several years. On occasion, we have had him travel to some areas in order to represent us and our leadership, and to provide encouragement and fellowship with brethren and ministers in that capacity. Such travel by our family is simply another important means of how God is working with and molding His Church.

All this brings up another matter of importance that I want to share with all of you in the ministry. As both Audra and Jeremy work full time for the Church, their jobs involve being in contact with many of you directly because of the work they do for us (Laura and myself), which is the government structure over all the Church. There is structure that is a matter of ordinations and there is another structure of government that, even regardless of ordination, is a matter of administration of government more directly from both Laura and myself, through them, to the rest of the ministry (as though directly from us). It is important to understand that both Jeremy and Audra are often “highly informed” as to that governing and functioning process and how it relates to many of you in the various areas you are located. Much of what they do is fully directed from us, while other aspects are not as direct, but still a matter of administration that comes from us. For that reason, I want to make certain that all of you understand that in their positions of service to both Laura and myself, they represent us when they are in contact with you. That contact may be by way of a visit to the region you are in or by direct contact with you via phone or email. That contact should be received as being directly from Laura or myself, as much of what they work to accomplish is part or our communication and service to the Church as well.

– – – – –
Anne Wrozek:

Laura and I want to share with all of you how God and Christ have moved to have Anne Wrozek begin serving more in the Church. She has already been serving more by assisting Laura and Audra on some Church visits. Recently we have also asked for her help in reviewing sermons for the new speakers who have been asked to work on a split-sermon.

Some of you are most likely not aware of the process and format we have been using for the organizing and delivery of those split-sermons, so I think it would be good to share this with all of you. In the Worldwide Church of God, some very few who gave sermonettes (10-15 minute mini-sermons that were given before the primary sermon) were sometimes asked to give a sermon (or sermons). Now, due to our small size and ability to enhance a stronger unity in what is presented to the Church in a split-sermon format, the new speakers are asked to first submit an outline of their split-sermon. Sometimes suggestions and/or corrections are made. Once this step has been completed, then the individual prerecords their split-sermon. After this, it is transcribed into a PDF file so I can read it. Laura (and sometimes one or two others) then listens to it. We then discuss the contents and give suggestions, ideas, and/or corrections that will make it a better split-sermon. Finally, those specific sections can be addressed by the speaker and edited into the written PDF file and into the prerecorded portion in order to have a completed sermon that will then be played for everyone at Church.
We have now asked Anne Wrozek to assist in this entire process as she has a real talent for picking up on some of those areas that can be modified to make for an even better split-sermon. This is all about a teaching/training process for the new speakers, as we have no other programs in place to train new speakers.

– – – – –
Feast of Tabernacles (this can be announced in services in each area):

As we do not know when the final “Day of the Lord” is (for this world), we are planning to observe another Feast of Tabernacles. This year will be one of our earliest yet for Feast information to be posted, registration to begin, and for everyone to begin making reservations. We are planning to have everything up and running by March 1st.

This year, there will be less Feast Assistance given than in the past, so we are encouraging everyone to plan wisely financially in order to insure attendance. In addition, we want everyone to know that when applying for assistance that no one should make any reservations that require any immediate financial payment. For those who apply for assistance, you should plan on attending the nearest site to you if that is the most economical, which is usually the case. Most certainly, you should not make other financial commitments such as buying airline tickets, making advance hotel payments, car rentals that may require some portion of payment, etc. as you do not know if you will be approved for assistance anyway.

Assistance request forms will not be sent out until after Pentecost, at which time, you will need to have estimated your potential expenses already and be prepared to have all requests sent in quickly. So please plan ahead wisely for all Feast preparations.

True Fellowship Part 9

After a week off, Ron the Con is back with more nonsense, repeated below for your reading and commenting.

———————-  Ron’s Post, Indigestion for the Embryos  ————————-

Inset: Before continuing in this current series, it would be good to have an “inset” in order to interject some points of importance as to why this series is becoming longer. This inset also reflects the importance that God places on what He is giving His Church at this stage, and it is good to understand why.

This subject matter is being built upon what God’s entire purpose, plan, and creation is all about – Elohim. Now, just before Jesus Christ is sent back in his role as the Messiah, God is clarifying and magnifying more about His Family. This too is very much about a stronger Seventh Thunder.

We are actually building upon what has virtually been lost and ignored in the Ten Commandments, although it has always been right there in plain sight (physically). That which has been completely ignored is the first sentence of that First Commandment.

“I am the Eternal (Yahweh) your God (Elohim – Family), who has brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house (Heb. – household, family) of bondage. You shall have no other gods (elohim) before Me” (Ex. 20:2-3).

The Eternal God IS our Family! Those begotten by Him into that family are the Church and God desires we be faithful to Him and His Family (the Church) above all things. Failing to do so is to break the First Commandment. If our relationship is not right with those in this family, then we are raising up something else that is of greater importance to us (whatever that is), which is idolatry. In this world, especially in this end-time of mass technology and highly intrusive communication (i.e. the Internet, Facebook, cell phones, blogs, twittering, etc.), it is easy to betray brethren and spread true and untrue information far too easily and far too quickly.

It is easy to pass something along about another member of the Body that does not contain all the facts – all the truth of a matter. Even when something is stated to others outside the Body (a previous member or in the world) that is fully true, it does not mean that it should be communicated to others, especially to those who have left the fellowship or have been officially disfellowshipped. There are many today who seek to perversely “feed” upon everything they can in order to pass it along to others in a twisted and negative manner.

The people who “feed” upon the Church are not only past members, but are often relatives or others who are still “friends” (although truly questionable) who take every little morsel they can glean (or tear away) in order to “pass it along” to others who are also desirous of “feeding upon” the Church.

As Christ was telling the disciples about events that would lead up to His coming, he gave a description of a period of time for the Church in which it would be considered “dead” by those who have hated it. We are in that very specific period right now. Even as a prophetic description of how the Church, the Body of Christ, would be looked upon and treated just before final end-time events, Christ stated that, “For wheresoever the carcass (Gk.- corpse) is, there will the birds of prey (best understood as ‘vultures’) be gathered together” (Mat. 24:28). This describes well (spiritually so) those who seek to feed upon the Body of Christ, seeking to pick away at anything they can tear away in order to consume in a perverted, foul, and stinking manner.

Any in God’s Church who pass along ANY information about anyone else in the Body (which may seem totally innocent) are foolish to do so, and by doing so very often betray faithfulness to uphold and protect God’s Family. Being foolish and irresponsible like this can easily break the First Commandment and cut oneself off from God spiritually, although they may still be physically convening with the Church. In the first few centuries of the Church, and even beyond, the spreading of any information about another in the Church did lead to the literal death of others. We live in a serious time in this end-time and need to take it seriously as part of our calling and duty toward one another to not be careless in writing or in speaking. To do so can mean being fully cut-off from God. This is how important true fellowship is to God.

We have covered this material in this inset in order to help magnify the spiritual importance of what God is giving us. To understand what has just been covered it to learn “how” to judge many of the matters that will yet be covered toward the very end of this series once we get there.

We are now going to continue from where we left off in Part 8 as to what God gave through Paul concerning the phrase, “so that the spirit might be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.” It is important to understand God’s purpose and love (carried out and administered by everyone God’s way) toward most all who become disfellowshipped from Him.

The Spirit Mind
Although some of the following knowledge has been given to God’s Church in the past few years, there is more to be built upon it, as God gives us more understanding of how He is creating Elohim.

To build upon what God has given His Church, it is necessary to start in the beginning. The angels were created of spirit essence – fully spirit in composition. They were not created to be robotic in nature in the sense of being programmed or given instinctive responses to various conditions in life, even as mankind was not created in such a way. The angels were made free moral agents, but unlike mankind, they were fully spirit in composition, including the makeup of their mind.

It also needs to be fully understood that while the angels were fully spirit, they were not of God’s holy spirit – of His mind or word (logos). God did not and does not “dwell in” them through His holy spirit as with those who are begotten of Him among mankind.

From the beginning, the angelic realm knew only God’s way of life. They were created in unity and complete harmony with God. They knew no other way and they rejoiced in all that God shared and taught them. We know well the story of what followed. Lucifer, one of the three archangels, decided (freely chose) to oppose God by determining for himself that He was not in agreement with all of God’s purpose, plan, and only true way of life. Lucifer turned away from God and His way to embrace “his own way” of pride, jealousy, envy, lust, greed, lying, hatred, etc. It was the way that is fully opposite of God – against God. Lucifer then became known as Satan the Devil – the Adversary of God.

When Lucifer first made the choice to oppose God’s word, his spirit mind became corrupted and defiled. That is exactly what God told him concerning his sin.

“Your heart (the most inner being reflecting will and purpose) was lifted up (pride) because of your beauty (taking unto himself the greatness God had given him). You have corrupted (Heb.- cause ruin, destroyed) your wisdom (the mind God had given him) by reason of your brightness” (Ex. 28:17).

Once Satan infected (damaged, began to destroy) his own mind (thinking and reasoning) through the choice of opposing God – through sin – his spirit mind became “permanently set” on his own course (way) of life. He became permanently opposed to God, as did all of the angels who followed him and became demons. Satan did destroy (fully corrupt) what God had given him. Nothing can change such corruption to a “spirit mind.” This was Satan’s own free choice. He did not want God’s ways – permanently so. Once a fully composed “spirit mind” sins (makes the choice to oppose God), there is no reversal nor desire or will to reverse such a course. The mind becomes “set” on some other course of one’s own thinking, but never again on God’s one true way – never again in any agreement with God.

This is sometimes difficult for people to understand or accept, as the mind of mankind is made differently. God made mankind different for a different purpose – so that mankind could be created into Elohim. The human mind is composed of a physical brain along with a spirit essence in it – the “spirit in man.” This is what Paul was referring to when he asked, “For what (does) man know (understand, see) of the things of man (the physical world around him), save (except by) the ‘spirit of man’ which is in him? Even so the things of God (all that is spiritual) no man knows, but (but by) the spirit of God” (1 Cor. 2:11).

By creating the human mind to be composed of both a physical component (the brain) together with a spiritual component (the spirit in man), the spirit essence of the mind can potentially be created into something new (a new creation) – something different from what it was before a person is begotten. This is just as Paul explained concerning those who dwell in Christ (those begotten of God’s spirit): “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature (Gk.- creation)” (2 Cor. 5:17).

The “spirit in man” can be changed (transformed) into something different. This spirit essence in the mind is not “set,” but can potentially be changed in thinking and purpose from that which before begettal is only motivated by selfishness, the way of get, and pride. Such a change can only happen as a matter of free choice once God calls a person, offers repentance of sin and forgiveness, and then gives the transforming power of His holy spirit to anyone who has been begotten who earnestly desires such help to be changed.

Cut Off From God’s Spirit
There are similarities between the human “begotten” mind being likened to a spiritual embryo and that of a physical embryo. They are both similar in the likeness of having a beginning stage of life that is not yet actually born, but they are able to have life (one physical and the other spiritual) because of the nourishment that is continually coming into the embryo and giving it the means to develop and grow. In a physical embryo, the umbilical cord carries nourishment for life to it through the blood. In a spiritual type of embryo God supplies nourishment for “spiritual life” (His holy spirit), which is accomplished because of the blood of Christ as our Passover. So there are similarities of design, but differences in function.

There is also likeness in how the embryo is connected by the umbilical cord, as it not only carries nourishment to the embryo, it also carries waste away. On a spiritual plane, as one is nourished spiritually, it is the blood of Christ that carries away the waste of that which is rejected that is harmful (hurtful) and worthless to the embryo. It is as John stated, “and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin” (1 Jn. 1:7).

However, there is a big difference in how this embryo is nourished. A human embryo must have a continual flow of blood through the umbilical cord in order to receive nourishment to develop and grow and to have life sustained until actual birth. If the flow of the blood through the umbilical cord is cut off, the fetus will cease developing and soon become aborted. This is not the same for how the “spirit begotten essence” (the spirit in man begotten of God’s holy spirit) actually develops and grows.

The flow of God’s spirit can be slowed and even cease, but the “spirit begotten essence” (begotten portion of the spirit in man) does not cease to exist as a human fetus would if cut-off from a continual flow of blood. Without a continual flow of God’s spirit into the begotten portion of the spirit in man, that spiritual type of a fetus simply becomes dormant with no activity and no life coming into it. This is true for someone fully (totally, 100%) cut-off from any of God’s spirit. When this occurs, the spirit in man reverts back to only having the ability to function as before begettal on a purely physical plane, with no ability to “see” or function on a spiritual plane. That spirit essence (the original spirit in man) now contains certain knowledge about God and the truth that it did not have before being begotten, but it cannot deal with that knowledge on a spiritual plane– only a physical one. That is why some people may continue in some form of observance of a seventh-day Sabbath, or tithing, and/or will not eat unclean food, etc., but they do not grasp God’s truth on a spiritual plane.

Today, we can better grasp some of these concepts because of the computer age in which we live. We have far greater ability to understand much of this more clearly now than in 1972 when God first revealed through Herbert W. Armstrong this function and truth of a “spirit (essence) in man” that is connected to the human brain.

The “spirit in man” is a spirit essence that has no life of itself. Since it is spirit in composition, it cannot be measured or seen by anything that is physical. This spirit essence gives mankind the ability for learning, memory, creativity, individual thought (thinking and reasoning), etc., that makes mankind different from the animal kingdom. Mankind was created to be a free moral agent – free to make individual choices in life. There is no such ability within the animal kingdom, as it has been “programmed” by God to instinctively react to various conditions in life and to have specific characteristics as God has created in each species.

God has miraculously designed the human brain, which is totally physical in composition, to be connected to this spirit essence so that the mind in mankind is fully unique in all His creation. God has designed and created the mind in this manner in order to accomplish an even greater creation – Elohim.

Everything about an individual is stored within and functions within the “spirit in man” that each person has in them. All that a person has ever experienced and learned (although unable to recall it all) is contained in this spirit essence. Yet, for the human mind, the “spirit in man” can only work with things within a physical world on a physical plane. There is NO spiritual knowledge, function, or insight whatsoever.

When a person dies, that specific “spirit essence” (spirit in man) is retained by God. It contains no life in it, but simply contains “everything of a person,” a kind of storage of the individual it was in. It is that same individual spirit essence that will be put back into a human body of a person who is resurrected in the second life when that life is given on the Last Great Day. The exact same person who died hundreds or thousands of years before will have life again, except they will have a new and fully healthy body and brain with the same “spirit (spirit essence) in man” placed into it that was in them at death. They will have the same thinking, the same mind, and will be the same person as before.

The Spirit Begotten “Spirit in Man”
It is within this “spirit in man” that one can be begotten of God’s holy spirit after one has been baptized, forgiven of sins, and then had hands laid upon them. It is at this time when one is able to receive the impregnation of God’s holy spirit that a “new mind” begins to develop and grow together within this spirit in man. This new portion of “spirit essence” is a component that is spiritual in nature as it is of the “holy spirit” of God. Of itself, the basic spirit in man only allows for physical interaction in life, but this “begettal spirit,” or newly added spirit essence of the holy spirit allows for spiritual interaction and fellowship, as well as spiritual insight and understanding.

This new “spiritual” component (the holy spirit) that becomes attached to the “spirit in man” has no life in itself, just as the “spirit in man” has no life in itself. Only when it is in the mind of a living individual is it able to function. But this too is unique in the way God created it to be (exist and work), as it cannot function on its own within the individual through that person’s own ability. That spiritual essence (of spiritual begettal in the spirit in man) can only function when connected to God and His Son through a continual flow of God’s holy spirit into it.

It is only by a continual flow of God’s holy spirit into the begotten spirit in man that a transformation of the mind is possible and can be actively worked upon. It is important to understand that the flow of God’s holy spirit to the begettal spirit is not always the same. This has much to do with the response of each individual (through personal choice) to God. This is affected by prayer, fasting, reading or listening to spiritual material, holy day observance, spiritual growth, fellowship, how a person is living at any moment in time, attitude, wrong thinking, sin, spiritual sluggishness or lethargy, etc.

This begettal portion of the holy spirit works to merge (to grow and develop) with the spirit in man in order to change (transform) the mind from one that only functions physically (on a physical plane) to one that functions spiritually on both a physical and spiritual plane. Yet in all this, such a mind can only function on a spiritual plane when God’s holy spirit is flowing into it. This “new mind” that is being created by God can only be developed, actually grow on a spiritual level, and actively function spiritually when connected to a good flow of God’s holy spirit into it.

If someone is totally cut-off from all flow of the holy spirit, then we should understand that there is NO function taking place on a spiritual plane and that the spirit begotten portion of the spirit in man has NO activity. It is simply 100 percent stagnant spiritually.

This varying flow of the holy spirit has everything to do with where someone is spiritually at any moment in time. This should magnify for each individual that which Christ said, “We can do nothing (spiritually) of ourselves (Jn. 15:5).” Such understanding should remove all attitudes of spiritual pride concerning how someone can take spiritual knowledge and understanding to themselves by being lifted up over others for how one thinks of (sees) themselves spiritually. This is exactly what Satan did. He became lifted up in what he believed was “his own greatness” and was not of a humble spirit, as he failed to reflect an absolute knowing that all that he had was from God. Even the Church during Laodicea (after Herbert W. Armstrong’s death) became lifted up with spiritual pride (spiritually rich and increased with goods), and it did not grasp that ALL was from God and not because of any spiritual greatness of oneself.

God’s Creation
The context of what we have been covering concerns the statement God inspired through Paul of anyone who is fully (100 percent) cut-off from God and the flow of His holy spirit into them. This statement is key to understanding the primary reason for “what is best” for any begotten individual who is “fully” disfellowshipped: “so that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus” (1 Cor. 5:5).

The reasons for disfellowshipping someone in order to protect, edify, unify, sober, and cleanse the Church are separate issues which were covered in large part before beginning to focus on this aspect of “what is best” for the actual individual who has become disfellowshipped. Even when someone must be disfellowshipped, God reveals that He still has a plan in which there remains a potential means to save such a person. This is based on His love for the one disfellowshipped. This involves “saving the spirit.” So what does this mean? It means that this is about “saving” the new portion of the begettal of God’s holy spirit within the spirit (spirit essence) in man that is not yet fully “set” (completed, finished, transformed).

Although portions of this “newer understanding” were given in recent Feast sermons, it would be good to repeat some of that and then add to, build upon it.

We know that in the beginning God created a spirit realm composed of spirit essence (spirit elements, spirit matter), but not of His holy spirit. This is just as God, in a similar fashion, later created a physical realm (the universe) composed of physical matter (physical elements). Our minds can only minimally grasp such a thing. There are places in scripture that describe some of that spirit creation and how it appeared. Then God later went on to create living spirit composed beings – angels. They were created of spirit essence (spirit elements, spirit matter), and their minds were composed of a spirit essence that gave them the ability for learning, memory, creativity, individual thought (thinking and reasoning), etc. But their minds were not composed of or connected to God’s holy spirit. God did not and does not “dwell in” angels as He does “in” those who are begotten of His holy spirit. So similar to the spirit creation of angels in a spirit realm, God created living physical life from physical matter within the physical realm. With mankind, God created within the mind a portion of spirit essence (spirit matter, spirit in man) to be connected to the brain.

It has already been mentioned concerning angels that if they choose any other way than what God has shown (revealed) to them that their mind becomes permanently “set” against God. That is simply the makeup and reality of such spirit created life. God’s entire purpose for physical created life is vastly different from spirit created life. His purpose is to provide the means whereby a “spirit (essence) in man” that is connected to a physical human brain can be changed (transformed) in a creative process that is “not yet fully set” in spirit. This is the only way Elohim can be created.

With the “spirit in man,” along with the begettal from “God’s holy spirit,” a literal creation of God begins on a spirit plane. This creation is not something that is instant, but rather, it takes much time and interaction (spiritual fellowship) between God and the begotten individual. This creation – the only one of its kind – is the development of a spirit mind that is “holy” in nature – fully of God and of His mind, His being, His word within the mind of the one begotten. This also enhances understanding of the unique creation of “one Son” as part of God’s plan and purpose to create Elohim in which the “word” (logos of God) was made flesh. There is much more about this awesome marvel (wonder) that will be magnified during the Millennium, but God has given us much already – the building blocks of it all.

(It is necessary to strive to digest what has been covered in this post thus far before continuing to build even more upon what is being given. That will follow in Part 10.)

Groundhog Day

In breaking news, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, foretelling six more weeks of winter.  Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions are more often wrong than right.  But still right more often than False Prophet Ronald Weinland, whose ability to prophesy anything correctly is zero.

One year ago today was Ron the Con’s first full day in Federal Correctional Institution, Terre Haute, having voluntarily reported there during the prior day (Feb 1, 2013).  In the year since then, Ron’s little religious empire has been crumbling.  He lost his evangelist Terry Wrozek, who had been with him since he left WCG following “the apostasy”.  He lost his senior elder Ralph Dowd who had been with him nearly as long.  Many others have left PKG, including several who testified at his criminal trial. Even his own son-in-law, brother-in-law, sister, and mother have left.

Ron has many Groundhog Days in front of him, with his release expected for Feb 17, 2016.  Will Ron finally get it right before being released?  I doubt it, rather expecting him to attempt to rebuild his empire from whatever ruins await when he leaves prison to return to his home on the golf course.