God’s Government in Action

The message from Ron at the end of this posting was left in a comment here on this blog.  While I am not in a position to verify this as an authentic communication from God’s own apostle in this post-Laodicean era, I personally believe that it is.

This relates to Deputy Sheriff Wayne’s sermon series on Spiritual Government. At the beginning of this weekend’s sermon, he starts out by saying:

There is only one true Church, and that has God’s way of spiritual government in it, and that it is the Church of God – PKG. Now, this is difficult for many people to come to grasp this, and they would see that as a statement of arrogance. But that is the truth. There is only one true Church on this earth.

Elsewhere in the sermon, Wayne made the following statements:

When we lift ourselves up against a decision made by the administration of God’s Church we are in fact mocking God! And that is something on a spiritual level to come to understand, that when we criticize the administrative decisions or any of the administration structure of God’s Church – any minister, anyone placed in a position of service by God – we, when we criticize, mock, pull down in any way, are in fact mocking God, because it was God’s decision to place them in authority. Now, they will make mistakes, but it’s not our role to judge and condemn and pull the person down because of their mistakes, because we all make mistakes, we all sin, because that’s the way we are.

I note that the last hearing for the divorce of Audra and Chris was in August, less than 6 months ago. God’s government moves quickly.

————————–   Ron’s Ministerial Communication ————————

Hello to all of you in the ministry,

Laura and I wanted to pass along a few miscellaneous items to you before she left for Australia and New Zealand. The last item concerning the Feast of Tabernacles can be announced in your areas during services.

Our love to all of you,
Ron & Laura

– – – – –

Hopefully everyone (for those who have the responsibility to do so) has completed all the necessary planning for this years Passover service such as: setting a location (hall rental if required), Passover wine glasses, et cetera. If not, then please get that taken care of right away.

– – – – –
Marriage & Church Administration:

Laura and I want to let all of you know (if you don’t already) about our thankfulness and happiness that Audra has married Edwin van Horne who serves as an elder in Europe. With this computer age and the Internet, it will be easy for Audra to continue serving and working for the Church, just as she has been, after she moves to Europe. Her duties will remain the same and on some occasions will still travel with Laura on some Church visits, although fewer than before.

When it is possible for him to do so (due to his job and whether he is able to get off from work at times), Edwin will be traveling with Audra and Laura on some of those visits. Even now, Edwin will be traveling with Audra and Laura on this current trip to the Church in the Los Angeles area as well as New Zealand and Australia. The reality is that God and Jesus Christ have been working in a very large way through our family to serve Their Church. It is important to God that the Church learn from this “family” focus and service to His Church, as there is much to glean from all this, as well as to give inspiration and encouragement by what He is doing.

Jeremy also works for the Church full time and has done so now for several years. On occasion, we have had him travel to some areas in order to represent us and our leadership, and to provide encouragement and fellowship with brethren and ministers in that capacity. Such travel by our family is simply another important means of how God is working with and molding His Church.

All this brings up another matter of importance that I want to share with all of you in the ministry. As both Audra and Jeremy work full time for the Church, their jobs involve being in contact with many of you directly because of the work they do for us (Laura and myself), which is the government structure over all the Church. There is structure that is a matter of ordinations and there is another structure of government that, even regardless of ordination, is a matter of administration of government more directly from both Laura and myself, through them, to the rest of the ministry (as though directly from us). It is important to understand that both Jeremy and Audra are often “highly informed” as to that governing and functioning process and how it relates to many of you in the various areas you are located. Much of what they do is fully directed from us, while other aspects are not as direct, but still a matter of administration that comes from us. For that reason, I want to make certain that all of you understand that in their positions of service to both Laura and myself, they represent us when they are in contact with you. That contact may be by way of a visit to the region you are in or by direct contact with you via phone or email. That contact should be received as being directly from Laura or myself, as much of what they work to accomplish is part or our communication and service to the Church as well.

– – – – –
Anne Wrozek:

Laura and I want to share with all of you how God and Christ have moved to have Anne Wrozek begin serving more in the Church. She has already been serving more by assisting Laura and Audra on some Church visits. Recently we have also asked for her help in reviewing sermons for the new speakers who have been asked to work on a split-sermon.

Some of you are most likely not aware of the process and format we have been using for the organizing and delivery of those split-sermons, so I think it would be good to share this with all of you. In the Worldwide Church of God, some very few who gave sermonettes (10-15 minute mini-sermons that were given before the primary sermon) were sometimes asked to give a sermon (or sermons). Now, due to our small size and ability to enhance a stronger unity in what is presented to the Church in a split-sermon format, the new speakers are asked to first submit an outline of their split-sermon. Sometimes suggestions and/or corrections are made. Once this step has been completed, then the individual prerecords their split-sermon. After this, it is transcribed into a PDF file so I can read it. Laura (and sometimes one or two others) then listens to it. We then discuss the contents and give suggestions, ideas, and/or corrections that will make it a better split-sermon. Finally, those specific sections can be addressed by the speaker and edited into the written PDF file and into the prerecorded portion in order to have a completed sermon that will then be played for everyone at Church.
We have now asked Anne Wrozek to assist in this entire process as she has a real talent for picking up on some of those areas that can be modified to make for an even better split-sermon. This is all about a teaching/training process for the new speakers, as we have no other programs in place to train new speakers.

– – – – –
Feast of Tabernacles (this can be announced in services in each area):

As we do not know when the final “Day of the Lord” is (for this world), we are planning to observe another Feast of Tabernacles. This year will be one of our earliest yet for Feast information to be posted, registration to begin, and for everyone to begin making reservations. We are planning to have everything up and running by March 1st.

This year, there will be less Feast Assistance given than in the past, so we are encouraging everyone to plan wisely financially in order to insure attendance. In addition, we want everyone to know that when applying for assistance that no one should make any reservations that require any immediate financial payment. For those who apply for assistance, you should plan on attending the nearest site to you if that is the most economical, which is usually the case. Most certainly, you should not make other financial commitments such as buying airline tickets, making advance hotel payments, car rentals that may require some portion of payment, etc. as you do not know if you will be approved for assistance anyway.

Assistance request forms will not be sent out until after Pentecost, at which time, you will need to have estimated your potential expenses already and be prepared to have all requests sent in quickly. So please plan ahead wisely for all Feast preparations.


437 thoughts on “God’s Government in Action

  1. 6Howl ye; for the day of the LORD is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty.

    7Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every man’s heart shall melt:

    8And they shall be afraid: pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them; they shall be in pain as a woman that travaileth: they shall be amazed one at another; their faces shall be as flames.

    6Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:


  2. God sees Everything. He sees every false prophet , Con man , false Teacher , and every sinner on the face of this earth , which is all.

    11The heads thereof judge for reward, and the priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money: yet will they lean upon the LORD, and say, Is not the LORD among us? none evil can come upon us.

    12Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of the forest.

    Debbie , seek God with everything and you will have you answer. Men can never be followed . Seek God every day , and he will show you what to do. Let me just say I was very close to Ron Weinland , and many people seem to think he is just another con man, I understand this point of view , because he has been such a miserable example in all things, and as an outsider looking in ,that’s all he looks like. but he is A Dangerous False Prophet. many people after being affected by false teachers like Ron , Give up on God.

    If we say I don’t know , in a humble spirit , and seek answers from God he will give us what we need at the time we need it. For all those out there who have been and are going to be affected by Ron Weinland and the like . It is the beginning of the End for these False prophets and Teachers. Seek God with all you Strength.


  3. Debbie said “Does it reason that anyone alive today would know ‘exactly’ how an observance, which was supposedly established thousands of years ago, should be observed?”

    Everything I have read so far claims that the Passover should be kept Exactly like the Jews have done for thousands of years and still do today on the Day they keep it . Not what MAN Has Changed it to.


  4. My post was merely an offering of my opinion – based upon my observations, learning & experience -which was stirred up while reading the previous comments.

    My intent was to contrast the constraints & burdens of following religions of men (the legalistic) with the freedom & liberty (spirituality) that is possible by not doing so.


  5. No man will ever be followed again Debbie,Not by me at least . I appreciate your concern . I wish you peace , I know we have all been through a lot with these Wolves .


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