Inset: Not This Pentecost

The following appeared on False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s blog today:

The next post will be delayed by at least two to three weeks, as it will be an “inset post,” inserted in place of the current series on True Fellowship. After this inset post, the series on fellowship will resume.

This inset post is entitled, “Christ’s Coming.” There is much God is now revealing and giving in this post that shows far more clearly where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going. The first sentence of that post will be given now so that plans concerning this Pentecost can be somewhat laid to rest:

“Pentecost of 2014 is not the day that Christ will return to begin his role of King of kings, yet that day will prove to be one of immense pivotal importance and timing in his coming.”

So.  I wonder what Apostle Ronnie’s new Sign and Lying Wonder will be.


182 thoughts on “Inset: Not This Pentecost

  1. Called To Blessing:

    1. As I have said before, TRUE atheism is not saying there is no god(s) of any kind in any way. No atheist knows 100% that there are no gods of any kind/anywhere in the Universe.

    2. One of the problems with this is that Christians like to pretend atheists don’t believe in God, like God is real and we just don’t believe all the true evidence laying around. True atheists reject myth and accept facts… we don’t believe or disbelieve anything. Atheism is the only logical position to take in light of the lack of real, verifiable evidence.

    3. Most atheists become so after reading the Bible from cover to cover. This is why I am both an atheist AND also NOT against god or the idea of god.

    4. Thus I do not CHOOSE to be an atheist. I cannot be anything other than an atheist in light of the first three points.

    5. The idea that since science can’t prove God doesn’t exist does NOT ‘prove’ the opposite. I have heard many Christians say, “Well you can’t prove God DOESN’T exist…” like that makes belief in the Bible logical and rational. It is like saying, “Well, we can’t prove Steve DIDN”T kill his neighbour, so he is guilty!!” This is one of the big B.S. fake arguments fake atheists and ignorant religious people try and get away with

    6. I don’t actually, as you suggest, have a strong interest in the Bible. I have a strong interest in separating myth from fact.

    Once again, let me make it clear. I am not preaching “for” atheism” or trying to win converts to “it.” Atheism is not a set of beliefs. “Atheism” is knowledge.


  2. Called To Blessing:

    Also, keep in mind too that it is usually religious people who think that atheism is depressing, like we atheists live in a cold, meaningless world of negativity and cynicism. Nothing could be further from the truth. Real atheists like myself are extremely happy to be atheists. Science provides endless wonder, and the freedom from dogma means I can love openly without pre-conditions. I truly, deeply, and completely love being an atheist. It makes Life really really sweet.

    “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish…”


  3. “… What I don’t see him doing anymore is prophesying dates. That is too risky because of the risk of further fraudulence and lose of members who are tentatively held. He needs cash and tithes…a shrewd business man just as he always has been. And just as he has always shown in previous splits in his congregation. The church is his. It belongs to him. And he says other threaten God but it is he who is threatened, just as in previous splits…” (Called to Blessings)

    I could not have said what you have stated above in better terms. This is really what it is all about. Ronnie NEEDS CASH and he needs it NOW!!

    Personally, I believe his “day” is done. I believe that God “is in” the process of tearing down the house (pkg) he and his evil wife have built. Think about it, they had some good years with the cash steaming in at a good rate and now you have failed prophesies, imprisonment, declining membership, total loss of respect within the Christian Community, and finally being cut off from direct contact with the remaining membership.

    Sounds like a demolition project to me!


  4. Elder-pkg (no longer):

    That is a good point. The Bible says a house built on sand won’t last, and I have seen this concept play out in reality a lot. And if a house built on sand is fated to be destroyed then how much more so Ronald Weinland’s “house” – which is built on dried cat poop and stupidity!!

    It must be really frustrating for you good Christian folks to have to Ronald Weinland running around defecating on Scripture. It is bad enough for you people that atheists like me are running around in the process of building a secular world which de-emphasizes the Gospel, let alone Ronald Weinland who is completely tearing it apart with his fake theology! Ate least secularists reject the actual Gospel, and not Weinland, who has no idea what Jesus said or meant. Dear God, Ronald Weinland, what a spiritual mess that a–hole has made in the world!

    My wife and I should start a Christian open house program from my residence where Christians can come over, have a nice (free) meal, swim in my pool, and get away from Weinland’s stupidity. Free coffee, noodles, therapeutic massage, and mood stabilizers for everyone! LOL!


  5. Another thing I hate about Weinland and any COG is that they make it way harder to follow Christ, if they indeed follow Him at all.

    Christ’s Gospel is supposed to take away burden and replace it with peace. Thus, anyone should be able to grasp it and follow it. It is also one of the things I heavily criticize about Zen Buddhism. If a single mother working two jobs to stay afloat doesn’t have the chance to know God, then the system is completely f-ing unfair. Single mothers for example don’t have time to spend nineteen hours a day in a mountaintop temple “meditating upon…” whatever. IF ONLY monks who spend their entire lives sitting around for decades-thinking-get to know the real truth about the Universe then that system is completely unfair, and thus not of a loving God.

    The Gospel is crystal clear on this point. John 5: 24 is completely clear. And it is, in the Christian world, the very words of the Son of God. This one Scripture saves the illiterate upon hearing, the literate upon reading, and is the simple summation of Jesus’ message. This Scripture is one of great Christian mercy, and one of great power to the meek, the downtrodden, and the simple, as well as anyone else. It is COMPLETELY fair to the single mother and the monk simultaneously. It is the summation, and thus one can then go about learning how to apply that belief wherever they can, each according to his/her own abilities. It accounts for all types, shapes, and sizes. It is just. And it is simple.


    Along comes Weinland who says, “No, That is not it. You people don;t understand the Bible, so let me tell you about hours and timelines and present truths, and how X is not X but rather Y is Q and the Ten Horns are 40 kingdoms, and the Day of the Lord’s Wrath is actually two years but not exactly, and what is physical is not, and what is not is, and if something is then it also can’t not be an isn’t if God allows you to understand how powerful the signs that he has not shown yet is about to, and has already to the faithful but not after the second trumpet for the 144,000 in conjunction with the Asian Hordes, and Magog…”

    Then he says, “What? You don’t understand how the scattered tribes of Israel are powerfully awesome in their history of how God leads his people after the time of the end and before the destruction of Israel happens by not happening? YOU are not spiritual enough, and need to give me money so God can see how faithful you are in serving his church which is being led in truth after truth and an event not happening doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. ”

    1. Weinland = confusing days, wrong numbers, failed prophecies, failed timelines, dozens of posts contradicting himself, zero repentance, denial of Scripture, complete confusion, and theft.

    2. Jesus = freedom and Salvation, simple and direct for all who desire it, all who repent of evil and do good.

    If Satan is the author of confusion, then look at these two examples and STOP LYING TO YOURSELVES PKG…

    One is a criminal and false prophet, the other is the Son of God.

    WHO ARE YOU REALLY FOLLOWING, PKG? I’ll give you a hint: 1 Peter 5:8…


  6. PKGers are following an outright blasphemer.

    Ron says that Christ is a created being, this is blasphemy.

    How does the life of one created being pay for the lives of all humanity?

    An accountant without the Holy Spirit could figure out that that does not add up.


  7. Martin:

    Ah, yes! The ‘Created Christ’ idea. Yet another non-Biblical Jehovah’s Witness (Rev 3:14) concept Weinland stole without understanding where it came from! Weinland would say that Jesus was a banana if he thought it would make him a large pile of money! Fortunately Weinland doesn’t realize that we here at Mike’s blog have REAL theological training, and are not fooled one bit by his convoluted “ministry.”

    Weinland is a mental weakling who wouldn’t stand a chance against any of us theologically if he had the balls to show up here. He hides in his cell and pretends that we are so wrong about Scripture that there is no point in showing up, like we have nothing to offer. Weinland is a hider, a lover of the underside of rocks where he and his fellow maggots can pretend they are ministers. Away from the light and even the most basic grasp of the English language that easily proves he is a liar and a thief…FACTS.

    It is also why his followers also don;t show up here: because they would have to stop pretending they are know something about the Bible. It is easy to imagine you are wise when you hide from the world and live in a bubble of ignorance. Cults are places to hide, and the PKG have buried themselves just deep enough to pretend they are the only people on the planet who are worth saving. You can’t have a real debate with ignorance like that. But that is OK. One doesn’t have to care about their stupid opinions when you have FACTS on your side. The PKG will hide and play “we’re special” all the way into the Lake Of Fire, where they will meet me…armed with only a grin and a razor-sharp ceremonial gri-gug (flaying knife)…

    Welcome to the COG-PKG, a place where even worm sh*t would be embarrassed to be seen…


  8. If Weinland had lived in Christ;s time here is how it would have played out:

    Jesus: “Gather around my children, come to me and I will teach you and feed you.

    Crowd: “Jesus, how must we live?”

    Jesus: “Fear not my beloved brothers and sisters, for as the Kingdom will free mankind, so shall justice and mercy…(interrupted by Weinland)

    Ron: “Excuse me, Christ? I just want to tell everyone that You have spoken to me, and that I have the key to the Kingdom through tithing to me and doing what I say.”

    Jesus: “Get away from me you vile deceiver, your hardened heart has (Interrupted)…”

    Ron: “Now, now Jesus, don’t twist my words around like the others do. Mankind needs me to tell them just how spiritual I am, and that my ways are the true path. So everyone, you need to adhere to God’s Government and that means I have a special authority. Jesus has some great ideas and he told me that I will be his Prophet.”

    Jesus: “No I didn’t!!”

    Ron: Now wait a minute Jesus, you need to understand that there is a present truth you have revealed solely to Me, and that it is my job as Prophet to make sure You do what I say.”

    Jesus: “You are a deceiver and I will cast you out from eternity at the End…”

    Ron: “You see everyone? Jesus is saying that I am set apart, I am righteous and holy and I will have a special place in the Kingdom. Now give me your shekels, all of them, and I will now go buy some slaves, diamond covered sandals, a giant temple for my family, a few thousand bottles of wine, 1000 concubines, and a swimming pool filled with rubies, because that is what Jesus says I should do, and you have to pay for it!”


  9. 1000 men owe a banker $1 each, for a total of $1000.

    Ronald Weinland’s financial solution: pay the banker one dollar, the one dollar will cover the total cost of $1000.

    Makes sense right? That’s a special dollar. That’s a dollar that Ronald Weinland actually touched.


  10. Avalo, your post at 14:16 is brilliant – the religious nail was firmly and accurately hit on the head. Ron hasn’t the guts to debate you on what the bible says because he KNOWS he hasn’t a prayer of even the slightest success. And I wish he would debate me on tithing. Law keeping???? Come on, Ron, what about the other 600 in Leviticus and Deuteronomy? If you say you need to keep the O.T. Law, then if you break / fail to observe even ONE of them (and boy do you ever break the Sabbath!), then you have broken the Law. It is one complete package.
    Spare me on Law keeping.
    Read Avalo’s post, Ron and PKGers, and consider.
    Salvation is not about keeping some screwed-up fragment of the Old Covenant Laws. But what would Armstrongites necessarily know about doing unto others as they would be done by?
    I know well a few PKG members who are absolutely wonderful, loving people. Go learn from them, Ron, and repent of your arrogance and greed.


  11. Ron is a “victim” and falsely accused. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one there, JJ (whoever you are). Now pull your blinders off and read the court transcripts.
    Ron and Laura are scumbags that are guilty as all hell. FACT!
    Although that is not nearly as funny as Randy talking about Ron’s fire breathing skills for prison s’mores and lighting Bubba’s smokes.

    NOTE: Ron Weinland does not believe what he preaches. If is was Jesus’ time to return then why did Ron and Laura keep all of their lifestyles, bills, etc; current while they encouraged followers to bleed out their finances?
    IT IS AND HAS BEEN ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. There was no religious persecution or witch hunt for Ron. Ron’s greed was his own undoing. The Weinlands are slimy pieces of sh!t screwing people over with lies in the name of God for financial gain. It really is that simple.

    Now tell me again how the jury falsely convicted his lying, thieving ass……… Laura and Audra should be in prison too. Plus sized, immoral, unethical, PIGS!

    Yea, Randy I pretty much so agree with your outlook on these scumbags if you haven’t figured it out. Ha ha! Ron is lighting Bubba’s smokes and smoking something else on Bubba. No worries Bottom Boy Ron. The inmates all tend to agree it is not gay sex if you are in prison. Good Luck with that one, baby doll.


  12. Ron (the asshole says it’s God given info) God says no man or angel or the son will know the time or day ! I know who I believe !!!!!


  13. Ronald Weinland is not pursuing any legal recourse, his wife is not pursuing any legal recourse, none of his family is pursuing any legal recourse.



    It’s like a bank robber trying to pursue some legal recourse for his robbing of bank.

    He knows he can’t because he is GUILTY.

    Ron is GUILTY. This has been proven with facts.

    Ron does not respond becaue he knows he can’t, BECAUSE HE IS GUILTY.


  14. The guy who gave the sermon and said Ron was being persecuted.


    This can be proven with facts, not opinions, with facts.

    He said that Ron is not in it for the paycheck. This is a LIE, Ron receives a paycheck while serving time in jail.



    Here is a little challenge for you:

    1. Explain to me how Ronald Weinland hiding the interest he earned on his Swiss bank account(s) from the IRS for for FIVE years is being “FALSELY ACCUSED”?

    2. Look at Ronald Weinland’s handwriting on Audra’s marriage certificate and then Audra’s own court testimony under OATH – and tell me why they are completely opposite of each other?

    3. Then look in the Bible and tell me what happens to liars… do they inherit the Kingdom?

    4. Are prophets that get EVERY prophecy wrong, don;t repent – and lie about the exact timing down to the hour of Tkach’s death – going into the Lake of Fire or not?


  16. The apostle Paul, when he was put on trial, pursued legal recourse because he was INNOCENT.

    The innocent can do this because they know they are not guilty.

    When there is legal recourse, they will pursue it.

    Ron doesn’t, because he can’t.


  17. Okay sorry I’m a little behind – someone said bob pits left pkg. did he leave the la group or was he disfellowshipped??


  18. Ron Weinland is mentally ill and his wife is a gossiping Gold digging bitch they have no more to do with God than I do !!!!!!!


  19. Surprise surprise. he spiritualized the last few years. How he could ever think that his lying, gossiping evil wife could ever be a witness only a witness to satan is she.


  20. Thanks JD. What a bunch hooey!! a third book is to be written!? Told ya’ – ronnie is trying to buy time!!


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