Laura and Her Band of Merry Women

The Trips page on False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s blog has been update with a schedule of trips this summer.  These are:

June 14   Detroit, MI – Laura Weinland & Audra Weinland Van Horne

June 28  Columbia, MO – Laura Weinland

July 19 Lubbock, TX- Laura Weinland, Lori Williams (senior elder)

July 26  Dallas, TX- Laura Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell, Lori Williams (senior elder), Anne Wrozek (senior elder)

August 9 Minneapolis, MN – Laura Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell

August 30 Spokane, WA – Laura Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell, Audra Weinland Van Horne (senior elder)

In addition, the Trips page has some travel for Wayne next weekend, which is yet another Pentecost during which Jesus Christ will be AWOL and then to the US in late November.  Other than that the only male name on the trip schedule is Johnny.  Laura is traveling with her twice-married daughter and her friend Lori.  Also on the schedule is Anne Wrozek, whose legal name is Angela.  Laura and her band of merry women.

With recent developments, Angela/Anne is freed up to travel more.  Found on the online calendar for her local courthouse.

Here is the docket from yesterday’s activities:

The Wrozeks have two adult sons and two adult daughters. I don’t know what are the specific issues that led to the termination of their long marriage, but I imagine that Rotten Ronnie’s false prophecies played no small role.


163 thoughts on “Laura and Her Band of Merry Women

  1. @Randy, sorry I haven’t been online all weekend. Had another thought. On the sly, you can have Laura’s phone # blocked on your Mom’s phone. Depending on the phone company, it usually is an easy thing to do. Would probably take awhile for Mom to catch on, and therefore, could bring a little peace to her. (I am a conniver from way back! 😉 )


    1. Randy, I recommend that you not take up whatmeworry’s advice for phone blocking. Let’s leave the under-handed stuff to Ron and Laura.


  2. My mother was one of the first Divorce and Remarriage cases in the church. She was widowed in 1965. The ministry in our local area arranged a hook up with a confirmed bachelor. He basically whisked her off her feet, took her to the theater, restaurants, the whole deal. What the WCG wanted was to marry him off so they could make him a local elder as bachelors were never ordained, except of course Gerald Waterhouse. They married in 1968, in the Fall, and her was ordained 1 month later at the Feast. Well, he was a MONSTER, and a drunk, and impotent to boot. My mother was a mess for 4 years, he beat the crap out of my brother for locking him out by accident. He eventually hit my mother too. All along, she councelled with the ministry, and was treated like a hot potato. They knew it was a mess, and had no cause to disfellowship her. They knew she did nothing wrong, but still, he was a minister! Pasadena was stymied. After 5 years of living hell, she left. She left it all behind while he was at work. Eventually, she filed for a divorce. She lost all the $ she gave him for down payments for houses they bought. She gave him all our social security $ we got as minors of a deceased person. I never had the $ to go to college. My brother never forgave my mother, and estranged himself until his death at age 50. The kicker was that he left his 50% of the proceeds of the sale of the house they jointly owned. When he finally kicked it, the church basically strong armed my mother to hand over her 50%. She now has NOTHING, and lives with me. AND after all they did to her, she STILL attends the GCI. Amazing.


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