Not This Year

This posting is timed to publish at the same minute as sundown in Jerusalem, which is the beginning of Pentecost and the moment that False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s elder brother Jesus is scheduled to return in UFO-like fashion.  That is the moment of the Pentecost which Christ actually returns.

Trouble is that we don’t know which year, and won’t know until Ronnie tells us.  Probably not before he gets out of prison in 2016.  How many followers will he still have then?  If greater than zero, too many.  I expect he will have too many followers who will stay with him, Pentecost to Pentecost.


139 thoughts on “Not This Year

  1. Be sure to tip Uncle Sam his 46.9% on all of your current PERSONAL EXPENSES. Betcha Ceasar is getting his now and that is wonderful. HALF of the Luxury Fund now goes to Ceasar. Time for you hogs to get on a money diet.


  2. Juror Bags…would you happen to know what the standard practice was regarding travels?

    Would the Weinlands fly out, attend a service, and fly back?

    Or would they string it out and stay the whole week at wherever they traveled and enjoy the sights?


  3. Martin,
    They normally hung around for some time and myself along with others considered it vacationing. The service was an excuse to take repeated vacations. Another fact was that they frequently had extended layovers in Las Vegas.

    Just so you have an understanding as to how they operate I will explain Audra’s honeymoon with Chris her first temporary husband. They all boarded flights to “go visit” their congregation in Europe. In all reality it was a fully paid vacation/honeymoon where PKG tithe money footed the bill. I remember Audra being very vague about explaining where she was and why she was there. A blind man could see and understand the situation.

    Audra traveled around and did stuff with her tour guide (brother Jeremy). The Weinlands spend very little time doing God’s work when they are out and about traveling. I am sure they are doing more “church” work now trying to get some cash since the Luxury Fund is tightening up and the IRS is getting their 46.9%.

    Another thing I vaguely remember is something about a snow skiing trip. This is where Jeremy’s name came up and the prosecution was asking how he could afford trips and what he did for work. The defense tried to make it sound like he did computer work for the “church.” He also had no visible means of income other than mommy and daddy handing him God’s money. Jeremy never received a W-2 nor 1099 for his “church” income.

    We all knew he was just given money too. This is why I say they should have all been indicted. Every Weinland family member makes a living of of PKG tithes and donations. What is funny is the fact that NONE of them really work or do anything for this FREE CASH.


  4. Another good example was Ron and Laura’s cruise ship excursion with deep tissue massages. I do not recall a PKG congregation being on board. Another words, they were not there holding any type of “church” services. Harrell or Wroek might have been along for the party. I can not remember at this point. I know Ron and Laura enjoyed their vacation though.

    What the Weinlands do is to try to write off their VACATIONS as a “church” expense when in all reality they are there BRIEFLY TO COLLECT DONATIONS and MONEY. After they do that it is PARTY TIME. They also tried to justify Laura’s travels being a legit “church” expense because she “counseled people”.

    We all know that her being any type of counselor is a figment of the imagination. Lies and B.S. Gossip is not therapy nor counseling. This counseling is so untrue because we all also know how Ron and Laura do that. THEY DON’T HAVE TIME AND ANYONE ELSE’S PROBLEMS ARE TRIVIAL AND DO NOT MATTER. It is all about the Weinlands and their money scam. They could give two shits about anyone else.


  5. To Ronald Weinland: Happy Father’s Day, you self-righteous jerk. You set a fine example of how not to be a father. Congratulations.

    Anyone asking you in prison, “Who’s your daddy?”?


  6. Well, it may seem strange but I am going to wish myself a Happy Father’s Day! 🙂

    Here’s why.

    I survived an extremely negative WWCG upbringing to eventually end up with THE most gorgeous and intelligent wife on the planet, and two amazing daughters. I did my best to be a good father but they really made my job easy. The kids got my German drive for perfection yet still manage to ‘enjoy the ride’ via their mother’s Vietnamese friendliness and easy-to-please nature. Yes, I am bragging, but here is my point.

    My kids give to charity, babysit the children of young immigrant mother’s coming to our house to learn to cook in my wife’s kitchen studio, have friends of all colors and religions, are secular but go to church/synagogue/mosque with their friends sometimes, donate their old clothes to a number of different charity clothes drives, canvas the neighborhood for the Canadian Diabetes Foundation (and usually rake in a lot of money because they are cute!), and so on. They are also becoming philanthropists: not only giving to charity, but also trying to come up with ways to contribute long-term solutions to many of these problems, e.g. a lemonade stand they pay young immigrant kids a ‘salary’ to run!! Of course, I am the source of much of their money to do so, but the effect is the same. They are building business and life skills that will serve them and the community well when they are off on their own.

    Here’s the point…

    My children are a scathing indictment of Ronald Weinland and his completely failed fatherhood. he has raised greedy, lying, self-interested children – kids that have no problem with taking tithes as a salary even though they do nothing, children who accept BMWs as presents on tithe money while the widows in their own church struggle to send these tithes!! These narcissistic pigs glory in spiritual abuse and selfishness, while my kids clean up the mess left by the Weinlands of the world. That is a FACT. My atheist children behave more like Christ ( a savior they don’t believe in) than any/all offspring of these pigs that walk like humans. They lift themselves up on the misery of others.

    It is indeed a Happy Father’s Day for me… my kids are not like the Weinlands, “thank God”…


  7. Avalo,
    There is a huge difference in parenting between guys like you and I versus losers like Ron the Con. I also set the stage for my two daughters and son so they know that nothing comes free and easy. We could spoil our children but that is not what life is about. We instill the life skills and drive they need to succeed along with compassion and understanding. How can scammers and deceptive thieves like Ron and Laura possibly take any pride in who they are or what they do? They have no true pride. They are FAILURES as people and parents.

    We can also see what type of needy and self righteous off spring that produces. Audra and Jeremy are adults still sucking on pacifiers. Today it is stolen tithe cash. Yesterday it was a binky. Adult children like Audra and Jeremy who can not truly provide for themselves that have to suckle off of mommy and daddy’s stolen “church” money which proves they are worthless cons just like their parents.

    These people are parasites to society. Audra and Jeremy do know that their parents are SCAM ARTISTS and they also know their bread is buttered with the stolen tithe cash. Like mommy and daddy they do not seem to have a problem with the scam or theft of God’s money either.

    I am glad to know that once PKG plummets that Aurda and Jeremy will land flat on their asses where they will remain for the remainder of their lives. They have no skills, self direction, nor proper thought process to pick themselves up with. Daddy Ron has produced needy and entitled worthless off spring. Good job, Papa Ron! ANOTHER FAILURE!

    Hey Ron. Who’s your daddy? Today Bubba fills those shoes……. TICK-TOCK! You sir, are an epic failure in many ways that only real men and fathers understand. Move along now, Nut Case!

    Showing your kids how to scam, stealing little old ladies tithe money, and how to lie proves what kind of a worthless loser you are. Stolen money might have bought you and your family some temporary enjoyment but now examine all of the misery that is now unfolding. The misery will only get deeper from here on out. ENJOY IT! You and yours are very deserving.


  8. To confirm my point. What would the Weinlands have if they did not have the stolen “church” cash? NOTHING! Ron would probably be some other type of deceptive scammer selling cars on a buy here pay here used car lot still screwing over the less fortunate. Laurdass would still be a fat, useless, unemployed home wrecking gossip whore. Audra and Jeremy would likely be addicts of some sort still living at home in the bad part of town.

    Think of it this way also. With all of this free money in the tune of MILLIONS what have they really accomplished with it? Audra has no college education and I do not think Jeremy does either although he did get the only PKG scholarship. What has Laura done to better her fat lazy ass? NOTHING. Same goes for Ron the Con and his lost kids. The Weinlands are lazy, thieving, losers. “It’s easy to spend other people’s money.”

    These thieving losers can not even capitalize on MULTI-MILLIONS of free dollars to do something with themselves. Therefore, when the P.O. Box dries up they will be NOTHING and have NOTHING.
    Hence they are WORTHLESS PIGS. Better yet they are lesser than that. Pigs make bacon and pork chops, so they are much more useful than the Swinelands.


  9. I can add to this. I have two wonderful daughters who are college educated and have professional careers. My daughters are self sufficient and financially depend on no one!!

    My oldest daughter is married and has her own family, however she has maintained her own self worth and can survive on her own financially. You go girl!!

    My youngest is an accountant is ready to open her own firm. She is not married and at this moment is focused on her career.

    My wife and I never forced religion on them. Long ago my and I agreed that they must make that decision on their own.


  10. The only way the Weinscums capitalized on the MULTI-MILLIONS of dollars of GOD’S MONEY is by wasting it and blowing it on frivolous material possessions that depreciate.

    This is fair to say in regards to their real estate investments like the highly over priced home on the golf course and Audra’s loser condo purchase too. They have lost their asses on these places big time. That is why they had to pimp Joyce Garrett into using her home to post Ron’s bond. They have no equity and are STUCK with piss poor investments.

    How much are those expensive BMWs worth now? What good is all of the fine dining doing you turds now? The Weilands are wasteful idiotic PIGS that blow God’s money in very uneducated and pitifully stupid ways.

    Most people who have millions of dollars to use as they see fit use it wisely. The Weinland’s GREED has had a significant blinding effect along with turning them into moronic retards.

    My young children can manage money better than these dumbass PIGS! It wouldn’t be such a big deal if Ron and Company would have spent and lost their OWN MONEY, but they have STOLEN OTHERS MONEY saying it is GOD”S MONEY and simply wasted it all on stupid things and FRIVILOUS expenses in the process of destroying families and peoples financial well being. SICK, DEMENTED, F**KERS!


  11. Elder pkg (no longer),
    It is lovely to hear of the success of your daughters along with Avalo’s two cute go getter gals. Enjoy it because you have earned it. I salute you two along with all other good father figures here and everywhere. Happy Fathers Day!

    Now look at yourselves and your hard earned accomplishments and compare yourselves to Ronald Weinland. There is no comparison. Is there? Good deeds do get rewarded. I am sure your daughters love and respect you guys too. Mine do.

    What kind of love and respect do you think Audra and Jeremy really have for their piece of shit father? Not the same kind we get from our kids. Ron has to buy what little he gets with stolen tithe cash. Truly Amazing and Awesome isn’t it? LOL! What can they put on Ron’s grave stone? Here lies a liar….or…..Ronaldo Weirdlando, bullshit “church” con of the century who was awesome at beating little elderly ladies out of their life savings. They will have to cremate Laura so she will fit into the burial plot. PIG!

    Hey Randy,

    Have I told you how much disdain I have for Ron and PIG Company lately? I DO NOT LIKE THESE LYING CON-ARTIST SCUMBAGS! Not one bit. When Laurdo’s fat ass gets tossed into the Lake of Fire attendees can celebrate with a PIG roast that day. Keep on fine dining and eating up Laura. Go get ya some of that there free “church” slop. Miss Piggy.


  12. I do wonder what they will both say on Judgement Day???

    Ron “We overturned clear biblical commands such as allowing women to hold positions of authority over men.

    Contravened plain and clear scriptures that said the Two Witnesses are both men.

    Stole tithes. Used them to enjoy a hedonistic life style. Spent 99% of it on ourselves, and 1% for preaching.

    Preached countless heresies, like Christ is a created being.

    Stole from the government. Lied in legal matters. Made a lonely widower put up bond.

    So, what thrones do we get?”


  13. So, what thrones do we get?

    Don’t know. Weinland can’t get the throne to hell because Satan the Devil has that and it’s doubtful that Satan has any incentive to give one of his servants his crown.


  14. Scripture says rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, which leads to the conclusion that since Weinland is a rebel, that makes him a warlock, his wife is a witch and the PKG isn’t a Church, it’s a coven, where the Weinlands have turned their members into zombies.

    It’s magical.


  15. PKG is a personal income for the Weinland Family Mafia, nothing they said was going to happen did, Ron’s in prison and the whores are out doing damage controll to keep money coming in !!!!!! If a profit in the name of God says something going to happen in Gods name and it doesn’t don’t be afraid to leave him! Think for your self don’t let the gossip Qween do it for you! Ask your self are you better of after you sent all your money to Ron and Laura ? They are and there family !!!!! Just think of all the family’s you PKG people help reck , children , women and husband’s and Grand kids witch Laua has none see, don’t even care about her kids just give them money, not love , Ron and Laura where never there for there kids , just always want money and power open your eyes and put your family first our you will burn in hell with Ron and Laura !


  16. General Motors is in the process of issuing a massive recall on their defective equipment.

    Perhaps Weinland is in the midst of intense preparations for the process of issuing a massive recall on his defective doctrines and defective prophecies.


  17. PKGers and spies….

    Do you think God works this way? In utter darkness and confusion?

    The tribulation starts….stops….maybe it was spiritual…then we have a Day of the Lord (where nothing happens)…and another Day of the Lord for the world where don’t you know….nothing happens….then MAYBE we might have the Great Tribulation Reboot….and Ron didn’t mention if there was going to be a Day of the Lord Repeat.




  18. Now now people. It is perfectly simple. If Ron predicts something, and it does not happen, then that does not mean he made it up at all… Deut 18:22 or no Deut 18:22

    it just means that

    a: Everyone else was backsliding and this made God change his mind.
    b: God is testing your faith
    c: God is humbling you
    d: Something DID happen, but it was invisible.

    So you can see, there is NO way that anything is Ron’s fault, ever.


  19. Duuno — God seems awfully stubborn these days not to allow a single one of the Weinland prophecies to come to pass.

    Wonder what the problem is.

    Like you say, Matt, it’s probably the PKG members’ fault — that’s who the leaders always blame because, darn it all, with their direct line to God (or maybe Satan who knows quite a lot about prophecy), they get the good word and then it’s all messed up by those darn members and God is powerless to make things happen if the members don’t have the true faith.


  20. What up asshole (Ron ) bubba got your head pinned to headboard ! God is not given no new info but the tightes are still coming ! May be Satan will give you a call ! Your new book will be bs like all your last ones in the mean time how many families you going to reack ?


  21. I laugh at Ron….

    The first DOTL comes and goes and Ron has this spectacular revelation


    What a pile of horse manure. The guy doesn’t have a clue, not a single clue.

    Ron doesn’t know up from down, black from white, he knows nothing.


  22. I wonder if gulag pkg is planning a shift in policy. I wonder if the false teachings are going to be massed emailed to what is left of the membership instead of being posted on the web? I wonder if someone at the prison has broken the false one’s hand.

    Ronnie the longer you put off youR psycho babble the greater the risk of losing your “profit centers” attention!! Has the mid-night visitations come to an end? Is the “black widow” running out of venom to keep things going?

    How does it feel to be discovered for what you and your wife really are? FALSE FALSE FALSE EVERYTHING!!!!!!



  23. “I wonder if the false teachings are going to be massed emailed to what is left of the membership instead of being posted on the web?”

    This would violate the Rev. 11 prophecy
    Rev 11:3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

    If Ronald Weinland decides not to “testify” before the world court, that only means he’s a fake as the Two Witnesses are prophesied to preach before the entire world.

    Otherwise why would ” they that dwell upon the earth” send presents to each other, would it be over somebody they never heard of and don’t know? of course not, the whole world will be aware of and hear and know these two prophets.

    Ron is not one of them nor is Laura.

    They are both false prophets.


  24. PKGers should realize this one simple fact.


    Did you get that? Will that fact sink in?

    Will you just continue “just in case”, and simple fall into the “pit” with Ron the blind man Weinland?


  25. Ron doesn’t understand WHY there are Two Witnesses.

    In the OT, and in the NT (that is, with the Two Witnesses), it was REQUIRED to have at least two witnesses in matters pertaining to death.
    That is, if a death penalty was required, there needed to be at least two witnesses.

    TTW’s are required to put to physical death anybody who tries to harm them, this is not an option, but a forceful command.

    Here is what I call, the Law of Witnessing. Also note how Ron violates EVERY ONE OF THEM.

    Here are the verses.

    Num_35:30 … but one witness shall not testify against any person to cause him to die.

    Deu_17:6 At the mouth of two witnesses, or three witnesses, shall he that is worthy of death be put to death; but at the mouth of one witness he shall not be put to death.

    Deu_19:15 One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.

    2Co_13:1 … In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

    1Ti_5:19 Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses.

    Heb_10:28 He that despised Moses’ law died without mercy under two or three witnesses:


  26. Ron has a new post up.

    It starts:

    “In writing this series, True Fellowship, God has been revealing much to us that we have not known or understood in the past”.

    So he’s come right out and said it – he’s God.


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