Measuring the Temple Part 3

Less than 2 weeks since the last post, and False Prophet Ronald Weinland now has the 3rd in his series posted.

Ron explains the cleansing that’s going on in the temple: “These ex-ministers have indeed been turned over to becoming more fully corrupted and even to a shameful alliance with a spirit world that seeks to slander, mock, and belittle God’s people and the truth God has given”

————– Weinland’s posting ——————————-

God’s Church has been going through a process of being transformed “in thinking” regarding the need to have a more sound focus on the coming of Christ. Although at this time it is not yet being directed toward the world, the timing for the return of Jesus Christ has once again been proclaimed in the Church.

As a result of two previous experiences in the expectation of Christ’s coming, God has worked to refine, define, and more fully prepare His people for what is ahead. All this needs to be understood in the context of how this is related to what God’s Church first began to experience in late 2007. Although we have just reviewed some of this, it is good to be reminded, as it applies to how God has transformed the focus of our thinking in regard to His Son’s return.

In the first experience in the anticipation of Christ’s coming, the Church had a focus in late 2007 and on into the first half of 2008 that the return of Christ would be on the Feast of Trumpets in 2011. Then a few months later, God revealed that this was not correct, as the Messiah’s coming would be on a Pentecost (50th Truth), and not on a Feast of Trumpets. When this new truth was revealed to the Church near Pentecost of 2008, it became an important “test” and “revealer” of who God’s people were that were worshipping Him in spirit and in truth and of those who were not. However, we did not fully grasp that then.

This became a “test” on three defining fronts. The first (not a matter of numerical order), was that this was the first major area that forced God’s remnant Church to address within themselves – in their individual thinking – whether a true prophet of God could be in error in giving the Church the focus of 2011 for Christ’s coming. The way in which one would largely answer this would lie in their faith concerning the next two defining fronts.

This matter became a big test for a few, as it quickly brought into question whether I was a prophet, and it did so to the degree that these few showed more of their true inner self by becoming critical, angry, disgruntled, depressed, and/or even bitter. This even included a few within the ministry.

This in-itself proved to be a “revealer” of those who were seeking to worship God in spirit and in truth, and of those who had let down spiritually by becoming lifted up in pride, in self-reliance, and in spiritual superiority over others – even toward their teachers whom God had given them. There were others caught in the middle of all this on whom God had mercy and gave opportunity to repent.

Of those who had the stronger adverse responses, God did not forget! Many of these were judged that they would not be allowed to share in His ways and in fellowship all the way through to the return of His Son. Yet they would be allowed to continue for a while longer in the environs of the Church as a means of trying and testing others, but would become removed during the time of the actual “measuring of the temple.”

A second defining area in the response of some, in all that led up to the revelation of this 50th Truth, was in the measurement of their true faith in God’s government that He had established in His one and only true Church. For some who should have known better, this became a test, that in reality, revealed their lack of conviction of such truth.

This of course ties in with this being a test on a third front as to their true conviction and belief of the 49 Truths that had already been revealed prior to this. Of these truths, one truth powerfully separated God’s true Church from all others that were scattered. This concerned whether Jesus Christ had eternally existed, which all other scattered groups believed to be the case. Yet God revealed to His remnant Church that He alone was Yahweh Elohim, our El (God) who has eternally existed. This one truth alone is proof enough of where God is working amongst those who became scattered.

A Second Focus on Christ’s Coming
As previously shown, learning that Christ would not return on Trumpets but on a Pentecost, led, at that time around Pentecost of 2008, to the expectation of the return of Christ being moved ahead to Pentecost of 2012. This experience of faithfully “living out the anticipation” of this event, which did not occur, helped to transform the thinking of the Church to a far more balanced and sound approach to being more fully “prepared” for that actual event and the great work that precedes it.

As most in the Church were new and had no “experience” in events that preceded and then followed the Apostasy, the thinking and maturity of the Church needed to be refined and defined in order to be properly furnished and ready for the actual coming of Christ. The truth is that there was much to be learned about “motive” and “self” through this experience. Rather than having a truer, deeper, and more sound desire for Christ’s coming, too many actually saw this date of Pentecost 2012 as a means of escape from their personal struggles and present battles in life.

Then after “faithfully living” such a focus for that entire period of “God’s final witness” that led up to that Pentecost of 2012, the Church was once again brought to another moment in time that required each person to answer what they truly believed and where they actually stood. Through this process, God was more rapidly maturing, refining, and strengthening those who were His people – in true fellowship with Him. God was making His Church to stand. Most of the Church came to more deeply see and understand that we must struggle with our own human nature our entire physical life-time, and that living God’s way of life is always the only right and meaningful choice throughout such a life-time.

The fruit that was produced through this unique experience for the Church was a truer and stronger humility of spirit (the wearing of sackcloth), which is so essential in the battle against selfish human nature and the ugliness of pride.

Yet again, there were some who were not in true unity and fellowship with God. These two experiences in the anticipation of Christ’s return became “too much” for these individuals, and this actually revealed that they were not worshipping God in spirit and in truth. They did not believe many of the 57 Truths God had given His Church. Some of these simply drifted away while others became filled with certain attitudes or combinations of them, such as bitterness, anger, depression, and hatred, and thereby becoming slanderous, vindictive, and false accusers of members and the truths of God.

Although some were the same people, these individuals and those who had responded so poorly in the first experience of moving Christ’s return from Trumpets to Pentecost, began to be cleansed from any relationship or the appearance of such a relationship with God and His Church. This has been taking place since the Church entered this new period we are now in – the “measuring of the temple.”

In Spirit and In Truth
Through these two previous experiences in the anticipation of Christ’s coming, God indeed has been refining, defining, and preparing a faithful people for a great work that is yet ahead of them. The majority of the Church has been made to stand in unity of truth, in a vastly matured faith, and in a more powerful focus of purpose.

This now brings us back to the beginning of this series, Measuring the Temple, and those verses that speak of this time that we entered beginning on Pentecost of 2012.

“Then I was given a reed like a measuring rod. And the angel stood, saying, ‘Rise and measure the temple of God, the altar, and those who worship there. But leave out the court which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the gentiles. And they will tread the holy city underfoot for forty-two months’” (Rev. 11:1-2).

Although some aspects of these verses are not readily seen, God’s spirit conveys the true meaning of what is being spoken. The angel told John to rise up and measure the temple. We know that this is speaking of a specific period of time – a specific prophetic 42 months in which the Church (the temple) is to be measured.

Measuring the temple is nothing new for God’s Church, as this has been a continuing necessity since the Church began, but this is now speaking of a far more intense and thorough measuring and focus for this specific period of time. The reason for this is due to where we now are in God’s plan. We are rapidly closing in on a final “great work” that God will do just before His Son is sent back to reign as the Messiah, and before that happens, the temple is to be thoroughly measured.

The structure of the Church (the temple) that will continue on is being readied – prepared – to fulfill a calling of participating in that final great work. In order to accomplish that work in a more powerful and profound manner, at the end of the age of man’s self-rule, the Church must be more fully yielded to God in unity and purpose. This is so God can more fully “dwell in” His Church to accomplish that great work.

This instruction given by the angel to measure the temple is about measuring the entire Church. Although it is about everyone within the environs of the Church, the first focus is upon the ministry being measured or removed from the temple. This is the intent for why the “altar” is mentioned, as this reveals a focus that is about those who are first and foremost recognized by their “service” at the altar – the ministry.

Yet all in the Church are partakers of the altar. So it is made clear by the next phrase in the instruction from the angel that the measuring of the temple is about everyone in the Church – those who worship “in” the temple. This period is an intense time of measuring the Church – of measuring all who seek to worship God in spirit and in truth, for there is no other way to truly worship God.

Those who are not truly seeking to worship God in spirit and truth are not to be measured at all. Instead, they are to be clearly removed from any such false appearance of doing so. Through a great variety of means, God is bringing such false worshippers to light and revealing that they have become non-believers – given over to the gentiles. Not only this, but the manner in which God reveals such individuals also opens them up to strong spirit forces that work to turn them into active adversaries of God’s Church. Most of these become part of that which “tread(s) the holy city (the Church) underfoot for forty-two months.”

Because of the actions of such individuals who so betray God and Christ during a time that has followed the Apostasy, when God has poured out more truth and grace upon His people than at any other time, these people have been given strong judgment. They are to bear a shame of being opened up to a spirit world that works to make them active adversaries of God’s Church – of members, the leadership, and the truths of God. During this period, these are tormented in mind and thinking about the Church, just as the demonic world is becoming more tormented by what God is doing through His Church, and because they know they have a very short time remaining.

The Ministry
“But leave out the court which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the gentiles” (Rev. 11:2). This first sentence in verse 2 is instruction that a clear delineation is to be made with those who are not worshipping “in” the temple – those not worshipping God in spirit and in truth. Instead, they are standing around the environs of the Church – in the court – as though they are in true fellowship with those who are worshipping in the temple.

God has been removing such false worshippers, with a primary focus being first and foremost upon the ministry. Those who are ordained to be faithful servants of God to His people carry a strong measure of responsibility in “their example alone” that should always reflect that they stand fast, are supportive, and encouraging in unity and truth. When they “do not serve” in these right actions, great harm is easily inflicted upon others.

Since this period for measuring the temple began, it is dumbfounding how much of the ministry has been visibly experiencing this “measuring” and how many have been rejected in measurement – cast over to the gentiles.

Since Pentecost of 2012, 24 ministers have been cast out of the environs of the Church. Of these, one was an evangelist, 4 were sr. elders, 10 were elders, and 9 were associate elders. These are no longer in the false position of giving the appearance of worshipping “in” the temple, but have been cast out with the gentiles – those who are trampling the Church underfoot for 42 months.

Through Paul, God states, “Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwells in you? If any man defiles (Gk. – corrupts, makes waste of, causes ruin to) the temple of God, him shall God destroy (same Gk. word for corrupt, to cause ruin); for the temple of God is holy, which temple you are” (1 Cor. 3:16-17).

Focusing first upon the ministry, if anyone ceases to worship “in” the temple in spirit and in truth, and instead, begins to make waste of it and cause ruin in it, God will remove such individuals and give them over to themselves, being wasted and ruined – to become even more fully corrupted.

These ex-ministers have indeed been turned over to becoming more fully corrupted and even to a shameful alliance with a spirit world that seeks to slander, mock, and belittle God’s people and the truth God has given – who participate in helping to trample the Church underfoot. These have turned away from truths God has given His Church since the Apostasy and even from truths that existed prior to that.

Some have gone back to a doctrine of Christ having existed for all eternity; Petra is a physical place of safety; there was no Apostasy or man of sin revealed by God; a belief of a 14th/15th Passover (where it begins to be observed toward the close of the 14th and then after sundown on into the 15th). If they believe any truth God has revealed to His Church since the Apostasy (Truths 22 through 57), then they are in horrible spiritual conflict and torment because there is only one place that teaches these truths. So God has given them over to greater spiritual ruin and corruption.

To no longer be able to be measured within the temple is an incredible shame and waste. Many of these had been awakened spiritually after the Apostasy, and now for a second time have turned from God. This is far worse than those who fell asleep and were cast out of God’s presence at the time of the Apostasy. Not only that, but since that time, God gave an additional 36 truths to His Church and these individuals have turned their backs on what God revealed.

So the focus is one that is first and foremost upon the ministry, for either not being measured at all (the court outside the temple) or of being amongst all others within the Church who are being measured. As of now, there are 2 elders and 9 associate elders that no longer serve in the ministry. There are also 3 elders who now serve as associate elders. All are still among the others within the Church who are seeking to worship God in spirit and in truth.

Within this “measuring process” there are numerous reasons for such changes being made. This needs to be explained more fully, as “everyone” in the Church is being measured and this in-itself will work to produce change and greater growth. Being measured and growing through this process is not a negative factor, but a positive one. So before jumping to conclusions or passing misguided judgment upon others, it is wise to step back, wait, and then seek to learn from Pt. 4 of this series that will follow.

Measuring the Temple Part 2

Looks like I prophesied Ron’s next date for the return of Christ, Pentecost of 2019.  Although it looks like he’s leaving some wiggle room on that — just in case, ya know, if it doesn’t happen this time,

—————  False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s Post  ————–

On a purely personal, physical level, I would rather not proclaim another date of Christ’s literal return as King of kings: however, as a prophet and apostle, I would be highly amiss if I failed to declare that time, if I believed I knew it. On a spiritual level, I am incredibly excited and inspired by additional understanding God is now giving concerning this timing and I am, therefore, deeply moved to have the opportunity to share it with you.

God has shown that if someone has been made a watchman and has been given to see that devastation is coming, then they are to warn others. On the other hand, God also states that the world will not listen to any warning, as they have not done so now for 6,000 years. This has much to do with why the book 2008 – God’s Final Witness was written. It is written in such a manner to help people understand what is taking place after end-time events and the destruction they bring begin. It is because only then, when these events start to take place, will they begin to consider what is stated in the book and possibly begin acting upon it.

The present reality is that of approximately four million people exposed to the book, absolutely no one took heed except for a very, very few whom God was calling.

There are many who have mocked and ridiculed me and the Church for believing in two previous dates for Christ’s coming. It is important to consider those dates before proceeding into what God is now revealing. Before doing so, it should first be noted that such people who ridicule are motivated by the primary intent of finding fault and seeking to discredit the Church and its teachings. For those who seek the truth, there are ample answers God has given to correct, clarify, inspire, and lead into deeper understanding. Yet even then, God reveals such things in His own timing, for His own purpose. When God does give answers, we in God’s Church respond by making decisions based on what we know to that moment in time, according to that present truth.

Setting Dates
Although much of this has been partially covered in recent times, understanding the process for the setting of such dates is highly worthy of review, as it is so very important to what God has been working to perform among His people.

The first date we believed Christ would return was on Trumpets of 2011. This was our focus by the latter part of 2007. This date in 2011 was believed to be Christ’s coming because of our understanding that the length of time the two witnesses will witness is 1260 days. Yet that specific period we were going to experience was not what we thought it was going to be. Instead, this was a time that God was establishing a “witness” and He was establishing the two witnesses. Yet this period was not about the “work” the two witnesses will do in that period of the 1260 days mentioned in Revelation 11, which will then quickly lead up to Christ’s actual coming, although we thought that this was that time then.

The figuring of the timing to Christ’s return was based on the title that God inspired the book to be given 2008 – God’s Final Witness. God had clearly revealed that He would begin an important phase of His work for the end-time that was to begin in 2008, and it was very much focused upon the work of His two witnesses: but at that time we did not know that there were two periods that would have a type of duality for fulfilling the 1260 days concerning His two witnesses – one for establishing them as such and one for doing the actual work mentioned in Revelation 11.

So during the latter part of 2007, it was concluded that if 2008 was to be the beginning of a “final witness,” which we thought meant the time when the “work” of the two witnesses would be accomplished, then we had to incorporate such knowledge into the belief we had at that time that Christ would actually return on a Feast of Trumpets. So if this period was to begin in 2008, then the completion of it would have to be at Trumpets in 2011.

We believed this date for 2011 to be true for about eight months until God clarified and revealed a “new truth.” That new truth – the 50th Truth – was that Christ was not going to return on a Trumpets, but on a Pentecost. At this point, it would be good to quote a paragraph from a May 2013 post entitled, “Extraordinary 4 ½ Years – Pt. 1,” where this subject was being addressed and I had referred to the sermon that was given about this change in understanding in mid-2008.

“…So in that sermon, God revealed that Christ was not going to return on a Feast of Trumpets, but on a Pentecost. This timing was critical to God’s plan concerning the fulfillment of the wave loaves being offered up before God that pictured His acceptance of the 144,000. This was of the same importance as the acceptance of the wave sheaf during the Days of Unleavened Bread that Jesus Christ fulfilled. We then changed the dates of our previous understanding of timing as soon as God revealed the truth of this matter of Christ returning on a Pentecost. As a result of this understanding, the beginning of the 3 ½ years of witness was pushed back by nearly 8 months, to the end, rather than at the beginning, of 2008.”

As we knew that this was to begin in 2008 and end on a Pentecost, this calculated out to be the Pentecost of 2012. This in itself proved to be incredibly profound and far, far beyond mere coincidence, as it turned out that by backing away from Pentecost of 2012, it was exactly 1335 days from the Feast of Trumpets of 2008. The probability of such an exact count is highly rare in actual occurrence within any grouping of calendar years. The meaning contained in this is nearly beyond words that can be expressed because of how incredibly awesome this is. The Feast of Trumpets announces the coming of the King of kings, and Pentecost reveals his actual coming with the 144,000 to reign on this earth.

So yes, I have believed and proclaimed two previous dates for Christ’s return and have sought to warn and prepare others due to such belief. In all practical reality, this doesn’t really matter that much as far as the world or the Church that was scattered is concerned, as they do not believe the message from 2008 – God’s Final Witness anyway, or that this is God’s true Church and that I am His apostle and prophet for this end-time. It does, however, matter concerning the Church, for all of this has been about the Church being tried, tested, cleansed, refined, and prepared for what was and still is ahead.

As far as the world and the Church that was scattered is concerned, they will not begin to listen, believe, or change until the events in 2008 – God’s Final Witness are well under way.

A Third Date
As God’s end-time apostle and prophet, I am now going to begin proclaiming a third date for the expected coming of Jesus Christ. At this time, this is obviously only for the Church. No one else will receive it yet, unless they are being called by God.
Does it matter that others do not believe now? No! But it does matter for God’s Church, as this has everything to do with following God wherever He leads His Church. It is for the learning, training, transforming, and greater growth of His people.

In God’s time, many in the world and the Church that has been scattered will begin to see, hear, fear, and change.

So what is this new date? It is necessary to properly set the stage for this, which concerns what God has revealed to me as a prophet. He has revealed that His purpose and design, beginning when the First Seal was opened on the day of the Apostasy (Dec. 17, 1994) to the coming of His Son to reign, contains “seven periods of 1260 days.”

The basis for establishing a third date is a matter of my function as an apostle, as I am utilizing all knowledge, clarification, and truth that God has given us to this moment in time. Since Pentecost of 2012, God has poured out upon us vast amounts of new, clarified, and needful knowledge, which has made it possible to teach and proclaim an incredibly beautiful, inspiring, and truly the clearest picture ever of what God has designed, purposed, and is now more fully bringing to pass concerning His Son, Jesus Christ, coming on Pentecost of 2019. The time from the Apostasy to the Messiah’s coming does contain 7 periods of 1260 days, plus some specific additional time that God has given as “signs” to accompany His design, revelation, and deep meaning in all that He is bringing to pass.

As a result of focusing on two previous dates, those in God’s Church have been mightily matured and strengthened through that experience, and we have consequently grown in greater wisdom and have been far more fully prepared for where we are now and where we are headed – far more than what we were before Pentecost of 2012. As a matter of faith and of seeing a clear, clarified, and completed picture of God’s purpose from the Apostasy to Christ’s return, I do not believe it is possible that this new date has any error or lack of understanding in its calculation (which will be addressed a little later). Having said that, if for any reason the timing were to go beyond this new date in 2019, then we can be certain that God will reveal much more to us in order to give us even greater understanding, just as He has in the past. If indeed this proved to be the case, we would simply continue moving forward, following Him wherever He leads His Church.

Leading Up to Pentecost 2012
There is an awesome “design” that is contained in all that God has fulfilled from the time of the Apostasy up to Pentecost of 2012. God’s hand is clearly in His design to accomplish His purpose and all this has been manifested through numerous numerical fulfillments, with many that corresponded to exacting dates that have led up to Pentecost 2012. The mathematical probability of all these occurring as often and as exact as they have is evidence in itself of that which is far, far beyond coincidence, and so much so, that it reveals profound design and fulfillment that could only be mastered by God alone!

In all these numerical fulfillments and their corresponding dates up to this point in time, there is one more that we have not seen or known until now. Before addressing that additional account, some of the most important of all these will be listed in a simplified manner, as will all the rest when we come to them.

The beginning of all this is based upon the truth that the Apostasy occurred when the First Seal of Revelation was opened. That was the day that signified (was a sign) to the Church that a countdown had begun to the return of Christ.

1) From the Apostasy on December 17, 1994, the man of sin, the son of perdition, Joseph W. Tkach, Sr., died exactly “280 days” after he initiated it – to the hour – which signified “God’s Judgment” upon him.

This is 40 weeks (a prophetic number for judgment) times 7 (a number signifying “completeness” in God’s work).

2) From the Apostasy up to Pentecost of 1998, the first prophetic cycle of 1260 days was fulfilled.

God’s Church understands that this was the Pentecost when God fully reestablished His Church and His government in it, after it had been scattered because of the Apostasy and was then protected from Satan during that exact time period.

3) From the Apostasy up to Pentecost 2012 there are 6,370 days. This consists of three prophetic numerical combinations of 7 x 70 x 13.

The number “7” signifying “completeness.”
The prophetic number “70” signifying “Christ’s coming.”
The prophetic number “13” signifying Satan’s way that is associated with “apostasy and rebellion.”

By Pentecost of 2012, Satan’s final attempt to “Apostasy and rebellion” (13) to thwart God’s purpose had failed, as God had now “completed” (7) the way for “His Son to return” (70) and reign with the 144,000 in His Kingdom because all of these had now become sealed.

4) The final period for the completion of the sealing of the 144,000 was from Trumpets of 2008 (Sept. 30) to Pentecost of 2012 (May 27). This was the fulfillment of the “1335-day” prophecy of Daniel 12 that resulted in those few yet remaining to be sealed in order to complete the total for all 144,000 who will return with Christ at His coming.

Two New Phases Revealed
Just with these events covered so far, the mathematical probabilities for their occurrences to have happened is staggering, as these periods of time coincide with specific dates that parallel the very holy days that reveal the meaning for their fulfillment in God’s plan. It is awesomely inspiring to “see” that only God could coordinate and bring to pass such phenomenal occurrences.

There are two phases of God’s work in the preparation of His Son’s coming. The “first phase” fully paved “the way” for his coming, since it concerned the 144,000 who must return and reign with him in God’s government over the earth. The full count of the 144,000 was completed by Pentecost 2012, thus making it possible for him to now return in God’s Kingdom. This first phase began when the First Seal was opened and then continued up to the Pentecost of 2012 (6,370 days).

The “second phase” began on Pentecost 2012 and it will become complete by Pentecost 2019. This phase includes the final preparation, measuring, cleansing, and refining of God’s Church that makes it ready for the final work of the Church and two witnesses. This second phase leads into the literal return of Christ.

Additional Fulfillment of the “First Phase”
An additional fulfillment in the first phase of God’s plan has now been revealed. It has been previously stated that there are seven periods of “1260 days” within the entire time from the Apostasy up to Christ’s actual coming. God had already revealed two of these 1260-day time cycles – the first and the last – during the first phase.

We know the first cycle of 1260 days that went from the Apostasy up to Pentecost 1998. We know the last period in this first phase is the fifth cycle (out of 7) of 1260 days. That is when (on Dec. 14, 2008) the First Trumpet sounded and when God began to establish His two witnesses. This period then continued up to Pentecost of 2012.

God has not specifically revealed any meaningful significance to the three other periods of 1260 days in the first phase. He has only revealed the “length” of that entire time. As it has already been pointed out, only the first and last (5th) cycles within this first phase have specific purpose and meaning. But from the date of the Apostasy to Pentecost 2012 there are 6,300 days (5 time cycles of 1260) plus 70. What about the remaining 70 days? The answer is what brings us to the additional fulfillment that is now being given.

5) The first phase of God’s work following the Apostasy covers 6,370 days, which includes a total of five equivalent periods of 1260 days that equals 6,300 days, with a remainder of 70 days.

The prophetic number for “70” signifies “Christ’s coming,” and it is God’s first numerical sign for that coming (which is in the first phase of His work).

This fifth numerical fulfillment is deeply meaningful. It has already been covered that the Apostasy was a “sign” to God’s Church of Christ’s coming and that a countdown to that moment had begun. However, this was only a sign that Christ’s coming was now imminent, but the timing was not yet known.

As an apostle, I fully believe God has now revealed that complete timing. We are now able to look back and learn from what God has fulfilled, as He has given us additional numerical signs of His work. Is the addition of 70 days that led from the Apostasy up to Pentecost 2012 a coincidence or matter of chance? Hardly!

After the Apostasy, God and Christ began working to reestablish a remnant of the Church from the scattering. God began to complete the final preparing, molding, and fashioning of the few who were yet to be made ready, sealed, and thereby become the last of those to be added to complete a total count of 144,000 sealed throughout the span of 6,000 years of mankind. The “way” for Christ’s coming (70) could not occur until this full number of firstfruits of God’s ruling Kingdom had been sealed.

Second Phase
We have thoroughly covered the first phase of God’s work in the preparation for His Son’s coming rule, which contains five numerical fulfillments of astounding proportions. The sixth fulfillment is during this second and final phase of God’s work to establish His Son in His Kingdom that is to reign on earth.

As this series began, we were shown that we are currently in a very specific time period of the 42 months mentioned in Revelation 11 that concerns the measuring of the Temple of God, which will be covered in greater depth in the next post.

These 42 months are equivalent to 1260 days. It is interesting to note that this is in the sixth cycle. This sixth cycle corresponds to a “final preparation” that leads into the seventh and last cycle of 1260 days. For the Church of God–Preparing for the Kingdom of God, this is related in meaning to the sixth day of “preparation” for the Sabbath. However, we are undergoing a final preparation in order to complete God’s work during the seventh cycle (7 for completeness) in our work to be accomplished in making the way for Christ’s return to reign over the earth.

This period of 42 months will be followed by the seventh and last cycle of 1260 days when God’s two witnesses will accomplish their work of Revelation 11. That work is about a humbling power that will work upon mankind to begin destroying the arrogance, haughtiness, and deep pride of mankind. This power to humble will be spearheaded by those who have become attired in sackcloth.

Before proceeding into addressing the remaining two numerical fulfillments to be covered in this post, it is necessary to understand more of what is stated, and of that which is not stated, about the two witnesses. It is stated that they have a period of 1260 days to fulfill their work. It does not say that this period ends at Christ’s coming, nor 3½ days prior, although we have believed the latter.

It is important to keep straight what it does say. Their work of fulfilling their commission does last 1260 days. It does not say they will be put to death right when that is over. The truth is that several weeks can pass after their work is complete before they are killed, which it states will be 3½ days prior to Christ’s coming. Their work may well be accomplished at a period several weeks prior to his coming due to the horrific conditions that exist on earth by that time.

Now, the last two numerical fulfillments will be explained.

6) Beginning with Pentecost 2012, the combined period of 42 months along with the final seventh cycle of 1260 days ends during the Days of Unleavened Bread in 2019. Not only that, but more importantly, it ends on the day of the “wave-sheaf offering” from when the count for Pentecost begins.

Again, the mathematical probability of this alone, along with the absolute impossibility of the combined previous 5 numerical fulfillments all working together in harmony and unison of purpose as they do, giving such exacting times and dates, simply magnifies the glory and power of God to purpose, design, and fulfill such a thing.

7) The time from Pentecost 2012 to the wave-sheaf offering in 2019 is 2,520 days (1260 plus 1260). There are 2,570 days from Pentecost 2012 to the Day of Pentecost in 2019. This leaves exactly “50 days” that God has established as a final numerical sign of His work to establish His Son as King of kings.

We obviously understand the significance of these 50 days that lead up to the Day of Pentecost from the time of the wave-sheaf offering. This ties God’s plan together in a profound way, as it entails the receiving of Christ as the wave-sheaf and the 144,000 who fulfill the wave-loaves to be received by God. These then are unified as all the firstfruits of God’s Kingdom that will then begin to reign in God’s government over the earth.

It is an incredible coincidence where the “50th Truth” has led us!

[Pt. 3 will continue with the focus on measuring the temple.]

Measuring the Temple Part 1

Ron sharpened his #2 pencils and is throwing out a carrot.  Seems that we are now in the 42-month period of something-or-other that began on Pentecost of 2012 when Christ didn’t return.

—— False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s carrot —————–

Ever since the Apostasy, God’s Church has been fulfilling and experiencing a large portion of prophecy, and we are now being shown by Christ that we are living through another very specific period. We have already experienced more prophetic events recorded in scripture than any other age of mankind, yet many more dramatic events are still in front of us.

We are now experiencing a specific period in time which carries great meaning for God’s Church. This is awesomely unique within all our history. Let’s understand why. As we do so, there are two verses that will need to be examined a little more closely.

“Then I was given a reed like a measuring rod. And the angel stood, saying, ‘Rise and measure the temple of God, the alter, and those who worship there. But leave out the court which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the gentiles. And they will tread the holy city underfoot for forty-two months’” (Rev. 11:1-2).

Although these scriptures on measuring the temple have been instructive and a “type” for other times of judgment upon God’s Church, the specific fulfillment of these verses is right now.

When we fully grasp that chapters 10 and 11 are not about something John was to fulfill in his time, but for his counterpart in the end-time, then we can better grasp what is currently being revealed. That which was spoken to, and recorded by, the only other apostle who was also a prophet, is first and foremost directed to God’s end-time prophet and apostle. The angel’s message to John is for me, the two witnesses, and the Church. It is about the “work” God is concluding at the end of this age.

At this point, it is needful to review some of what was covered in the recent inset post, “Christ’s Coming.” However, even all of this is being more deeply clarified by Christ as he continues to build upon what he has established in us.

In Revelation 10, an angel revealed the Seven Thunders to John, but told him he could not write what they were. The angel held in his hand the “little book” that was open and then he exclaimed with a mighty voice those Seven Thunders (spoken of in verses 2 – 3). Although it was always right in front of us, we did not piece those events together, since the time for it to be revealed had not yet come. God chose that what is contained in these two chapters and was shown to John while he was imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos was to be revealed to his counterpart while he was imprisoned on “high ground” (in Terra Haute), so that nothing would remain hidden, but that all would be able to come to clearly “see” what God does through him and His two witnesses. These things cannot be hidden, but will be revealed in God’s great power. This is the time that God has chosen to reveal the final events and timing that will indeed finally lead up to Christ’s very coming.

The “little book” is the smaller portion of the book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, which is specifically and only about the Seven Thunders. The eating of this little book that was sweet in the mouth was the period covered during that time of “witness” that led up to the Pentecost of 2012. The excitement and anticipation of where we believed this was leading – the coming of Christ and God’s Kingdom – was sweet. The Church was tasting (eating) this message through living it by faith that this evil age of mankind’s self-rule was about to end and that the age of God’s rule was about to begin. Then the foul reality of bitterness set in as we began to digest that there was more time before us and that this had opened us up to great ridicule, scorn, and contempt from the world around us – a time for learning to wear sackcloth.

I believe God is now showing us the Pentecost of Christ’s return, which will begin to be addressed in this post in an orderly manner. The first aspect to address will be the final transition in time that occurred on Pentecost of 2012 which leads up to Christ’s return. The importance of that transition will be partially addressed and then we will focus on events within the first 42 months that began on that Pentecost of 2012, which was a transition from one important phase into this phase that has now begun. Although we are going to focus on the timing of Christ’s coming, this will likely not be proclaimed until the final 1260 days of this “work,” this final commission given to us.

42 Months
This time period of bitterness corresponds to the time of becoming comfortable with wearing sackcloth, which corresponds to this 42-month period of the holy city being trodden under foot. This is also the time of the “spiritual type” of fulfillment of the two witnesses (and Church) being considered dead (as defeated, conquered, and of no relevance) for 3 1/2 days, which is prophetic for 3 1/2 actual years. That condition exists until God raises them up to stand in power in order to begin fulfilling the actual physical phase of their final 1260 days of work.

This specifically stated period of 42 months is quantified in this manner as a “number given in months” so that it stands alone in design and purpose and is not confused with other similar expressions of this same period of time like the 1260 days, the period of time, times, and half-a-time, or simply 3 1/2 years. It is also astonishing to “see” how this period began. Its first year was revealed to be the “spiritual type” for the fulfillment of the Day of the Lord. There is also a “physical type” for the Day of the Lord that will be fulfilled in the final year leading up to Christ’s return ¬– the last year of this entire final period.

So the beginning of this unique period for the final phase for God’s end-time events involves this 42 months and the ending is then the final 1260 days that lead up to the very last “count” for Christ’s return. This final phase began with, and will also end in, the “Day of the Lord.” One Day of the Lord is a spiritual fulfillment and the other Day of the Lord is a physical fulfillment. This timing is awesomely exacting, unique, and perfectly ordered for its fulfillment.

Often times, things are revealed to us and we do not fully grasp all that is being shown in the beginning, but in time, God explains (clarifies) and reveals even deeper meaning. There are two immediate examples of this that we have encountered in recent time. One is in the knowledge of a spiritual fulfillment for the Day of the Lord. The other is in the final sealing of the remaining final portion of the 144,000 that occurred during the period that actually began on Trumpets 2008 and went up to Pentecost 2012 (1335 day period).

Before proceeding, it needs to be stated that you do not have to grasp and see every detail of what God is revealing, but often, you only begin by seeing an overview similar to seeing the picture that a puzzle is to become, and then by putting the pieces together through time, you actually come to see the true finished product. Some have written and commented on how they often reread a post several times in order to try to grasp and understand everything. This is often stated in a context of concern toward themselves of getting older, of not being able to retain things, or that they may be lacking spiritually.

It is obviously good to reread posts in order to more fully digest them, and it is also good to always be on guard as to our spiritual state, as well as being humbled by the fact that we can’t get everything in reading a post once, twice, or even more; yet a person does not have to carry guilt or bad feelings that something is wrong because they cannot immediately see everything or are able to keep everything in perfect order.

Indeed, everything that God has given since Pentecost of 2012 takes a lot of time to thoroughly digest, even with the power of God’s spirit working in us. There is actually more in these writings that will continue to be clarified and revealed more deeply even into the Millennium.

Who of us can fully see and understand all that is written in scripture? None of us! But God continues to reveal more and more. Much of what God is revealing now involves intricacy and order, precise timing, and masterful building that only God and His Son can perform. That which we can see is only a minute portion of an overview of that which is far, far greater and immensely more profound than we could ever imagine.

A physical analogy for helping us to better understand this is in our small capacity to view and grasp the vastness of the universe or the intricacy in the world of atoms. We can only grasp and understand an overview and simply be in awe of such things. On occasion, we have been told about aspects of such a creation and of the size, distances, beauty, space, variety, magnitude, time, power and so much more that is involved in it all. Indeed, we cannot grasp the depth of such a physical creation, but we can only capture a minimal overview. The rest will take millennia to come to know and understand.

Although we can see the sun in the sky and how it effects and controls so many conditions of physical life on earth, we cannot begin to grasp the complexities of its existence. As mentioned in past sermons and posts, how can we begin to grasp its composition, function, or its size alone, which would take over 100 earths placed side by side just to reach through its diameter? Or how could we ever grasp the massiveness of VY Canis Majoris, which would take over 235,000 earths placed side by side to reach through it?

Also consider the factor of “time” that our minds have absolutely no ability to grasp concerning the size of this universe that God Almighty created and sustains. Of the estimated number of stars in the universe, how long do you think it would take to visit them all if you could do so at the rate of one million per second? It would take you over 8 trillion years!

So if you have difficulty in grasping all that is written in these posts, please know that it is normal. It takes time to digest all that God is now bringing together at this end-time as He prepares to usher in His Kingdom, which is far, far more complex than what He did to create this physical universe.

If we can grasp what has just been stated about such complexity, then we should be in even greater awe of what God is revealing about His precision, timing, and process whereby He and His Son are bringing about a perfectly ordered and meaningful fulfillment of very specific events that lead up to Christ’s literal coming in His Kingdom.

Spiritual Day of the Lord
So what happened in that first year of the 42 months that was a spiritual fulfillment of the Day of the Lord that was from Pentecost of 2012 to Pentecost 2013? Several things of awesome importance came to pass, however, as that prophetic “Day” was about to begin, a mightily important final transition in timing and final fulfillment had just taken place. The way for the coming of Jesus Christ had just been completed, as the work of transforming all 144,000 who will be resurrected at his coming in His Kingdom was then finished.

Most within the Church will not be in that resurrection, and although they are not part of the 144,000, they are incredibly unique and important to God’s plan. These are the last to be called, tried and tested, molded, and trained while still in the age of Satan’s reign during this final age of man’s self-rule. Those in the Millennium and final 100-years will not experience being transformed under such conditions. Those now yielding to that process have a special opportunity to serve and be uniquely blessed as they continue into a new age.

By the time the spiritual Day of the Lord came, God’s Kingdom of 144,000 (those dead in Christ, and those few who are living now) were fully delivered up to Christ to be resurrected at the time of his coming. The “way” for Christ to return had now been fully prepared and completed.

There have been numerous and meaningful transitions in time, yet this specific transition is one of the most important and awesome to date in the fulfilling of God’s great plan. This transition in time on Pentecost 2012 established the coming of Christ.

The First Seal of Revelation was opened on December 17, 1994, and the Apostasy was initiated. This was the “sign” to God’s Church that a very specific countdown to Christ’s return had begun, yet the amount of time from the opening of this First Seal to Christ’s actual coming was not known. God is now revealing a complete picture for His timing and final fulfilling purpose that is to lead up to the coming of His Son to reign in His Kingdom. God actually began revealing the process for this timing and purpose beginning after Pentecost of this year (2014), and has since continued revealing much, much more.

There are various posts, as in the Extraordinary 4 1/2 Years, which give more detail about important events that occurred in that first year of that 42-month period of the spiritual Day of the Lord. These events were established in a time that is known as the “cause” or “controversy” of Zion. In that “Day,” the Church stood firm in God’s truth after experiencing the most profound and shortened period (the 3 1/2 years of witness) of being transformed and strengthened in faith and truth, more than any other period of time. God’s process for creating such strength, conviction, and living faith had now been brought to its most matured and structured state ever within the Church. The way this was accomplished was through 6,000 years of continued progressive building and revelation being given to those whom God was calling and preparing for His ruling Kingdom. That “Day” proved and testified of God’s profound work and exercise of spiritual power within the Church in the “cause” (controversy) for Zion.

God had fully prepared the Church to stand through that year as it experienced victory over Satan’s powerful attacks upon it. Indeed, the time of vengeance for Zion was fulfilled as 144,000 had now been sealed, and also, the Church that was to continue on was made to stand. Although God’s quest was fulfilled by fully establishing His government that will reign in His Kingdom, Satan still pursued and tried to destroy God’s Church that is to continue on into the Millennium. By doing so, Satan’s judgment was established for him to be bound for 1,100 years, just as it had been prophesied long ago.

Rather than being destroyed, the Church was made even stronger with exception to the cleansing and refining of the temple that has been taking place ever since Pentecost 2012 when we entered the “42 months” of Revelation 11. In this period of time, that which has been “outside” (in the “court”) and not “in the temple” is being cleansed from any connection to the temple and “cast out.” These have had the appearance of being “in the temple” by their presence “in the court,” but they have not been serving in spirit and truth within the temple.

In addition, in this prophetic “Day” a final judgment became set upon mankind that will be executed during the physical manifestation of all Seven Trumpets and the greater fulfillment of the Seven Thunders. This judgment became firmly established after the response of this world to God’s final witness. It is the same response that has carried through the entirety of 6,000 years of human history.

In all of this, the period of 42 months is still primarily about God’s Church. It is about those who are receiving their final training and preparation for the last prophetic period and final “count” that then leads to the establishment of the Kingdom of God to rule on earth. It is about the measuring of the temple.

As we continue on into this series, it will become incredibly exciting to understand the “complete count” from when the First Seal was opened to the time when the 7th Trumpet is made manifest at Christ’s coming. Through this period, seven periods of 1260 days will have been accomplished, as well as identifying numbered signs that reveal more fully God’s complete design in what He has been orchestrating in this age of the final end-time.

[The next post will contain some of the most profound and inspiring material that I have ever been blessed to share.]

Deuteronomy 18:20-22; Jeffery’s Story

Here is a guest post written by Jeffery, a former PKG elder over the Florida area.  Jeffery has participated in the comment section on this blog since late last year.  His resignation email was republished here

Here is Jeffery’s story:

First, I would like to take this moment to thank Mike for this opportunity to present my experience with the notorious Ronald Weinland and “his” church known as CoG-PKG. I also want to thank Mike for his website and all the information he has incorporated into his blog which was a great benefit to me in making my decision to leave CoG-PKG.

I have a history with the Worldwide Church of God that began in 1973. I was a devoted member up to the moment when WCG changed the doctrine of keeping the Sabbath and Holy Days. The year was 1994. It was not until 2001 that I had a growing desire to find the church that I once knew. Of course, this was all done through the Internet. However, I did not make a choice until 2007. My first encounter was with the Restored Church of God led by David Pack. This lasted only a few months. I rejected this church because I found it to be too demanding on one’s life. This frustrated me so I continue my search on the Internet.

I came across Ronald Weinland’s website just after my experience with David Pack.  At first, I was not impressed with Ron’s website. I just wrote it off as being one of those nutty doomsday preachers, not realizing I was correct in my assumption. But eventually I decided to read both of his books.

You have to understand that I was desperate and looking for anything that resembled Mr. Armstrong’s teachings. Because of this desire to be a part of the church again, there was enough of what I recognized of Mr. Armstrong’s teachings that led me to CoG-PKG. I was then hooked and proceeded to become more involved.

Eventually I was able to attend with the Florida group. There were many problems with this group. Such as excessive drinking on the Sabbath and an elder who was a hard core controlling individual and encouraged the excessive drinking as a means to control the younger members who knew no better. I took issue with this and confronted Ron and Johnny about this matter. The next thing I knew I was ordained an elder and took over the affairs of the Florida group. Did this affect me? Yes it did! I become enthralled with the idea of being an elder in God’s Church! To clarify, I always had the desire to be a minister and now, in my pride, I was one!! So, for a period of five years I ran the affairs of the Florida group. Also, I met and had several social engagements with Ron, Laura, Johnny and Myrtle in Florida and Ohio. They knew me and I knew them.

So what led to my departure from CoG-PKG?

Let me interject this first. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management and Organizational Structure and Behavior. The majority of my career has been in senior management in municipal government. What is the purpose of this information?

To begin, I started to take notice of the lack of qualified individuals in leadership positions. I am referring to individuals who were handpicked (favoritism) by Ron Weinland for leadership positions without having the qualifications or proper training for the position. It became obvious that Ron was the sole authority figure as he did not allow any ordained individuals to have any decisive authority regarding local matters without his prior approval.

That was the first red flag, in that, I had to question why was I an elder and for what purpose? Actually there was a purpose and that was to report to Ron of any bad behavior of a member — in other words, a tattletale! This went against the grain of all my education and experience in government along with my experience in church structure that I was accustomed to in Worldwide Church of God. I came to the conclusion that I was dealing with a micromanaging dictator! This did not set well with me to say the least. This was the beginning of my taking a different view of what CoG-PKG was all about.

However, let me say this: some may think that I was out of line because this was Ron Weinland’s church and I was overstepping my bounds. Not so. I understand government and I know how it functions. CoG-PKG, in my opinion, had all the trappings of a cult! This was the moment when the rose colored glasses hit the ground and shattered!!

But the real failure of Ron Weinland was his second failure of Christ’s return in 2012. I can remember clearly sitting on my patio wondering “why” this event did not happen! Well, to make a long story short, I gave it another year. However, the thrill was gone and I started looking deeper into all the doctrinal changes from what I learned in WCG that Ron claimed to have authority to change.

Let’s start with the proclaiming of being a prophet.  I need to interject here that the questioning of the claim of being a prophet started when I was looking up something in the OT that I came across the eighteenth chapter of Deuteronomy verses 20-22. Let me tell you this! Those verses were burned into my mind and ended the influence of Ron Weinland immediately! Do I think this was an intervention of God? Absolutely!! For me, it was the absolute end of CoG-PKG!! Also, I scrutinized this matter of claiming to be the two witnesses and I was appalled at myself for believing such heresy! At this point, I was done!

Another element in the decision to leave CoG-PKG was the court transcripts of Ron Weinland’s trial. The only two transcripts that I read were the government’s opening statement and the memorandum of sentencing and that was all it took!! Case closed!! It is over and done with!! However, I had a bigger problem to deal with and that was on how to make my exit.

My exit was very trying for me, in that, I knew the effect it would have on the Florida group and my wife Diane. This was very difficult for me to deal with and I knew I had to go. But, as fate would have it, my wife noticed that I no longer read the postings and was very inattentive during sermons and basically ignored everything about CoG-PKG. So, the day came when my wife sat down with me and asked me if I still believed Ron and Laura were who they claimed to be. My answer to her was NO! We had a very long discussion and I told her I would be resigning after Pentecost. Well, my wife did not agree with that and simply stated, “you need to go now”. I jumped at the opportunity and composed my resignation letter and emailed it out to Johnny without any hesitation!!  Do I think that this was God’s intervention again? Absolutely! I was freed to leave CoG-PKG with my wife’s blessings!! BAM, I was out and gone!!!!

In closing, I am sure some of you who knew me or of me are asking yourselves, why is Jeffery posting at this site? This is a fair question to ask. I will tell you this, I strongly believe I am to do this for the reason that a voice must be heard from a source that is credible to some members of CoG-PKG. Is there an element of anger from me? Yes there is, to a point. I speak for myself and from my experience, the Weinlands are charlatans and are heartless to the highest degree! As I see myself, it is my duty to speak out against them and I will do so! Why? Because if the voices are silent then they (Weinlands) will continue in their deceitful activities destroying spiritual lives and marriages for their own selfish gains unchecked!

Jeffery, thank you for sharing your story here on my blog.

I would like to add my own emphasis to what I feel is the main reason for Jeffery’s departure from PKG — a simple read of Deuteronomy 18:20-22 and a reality check.  Ron prophesied, it didn’t happen, he’s a false prophet and you shouldn’t listen to him.  That alone should be enough to choose your exit.  One should not need a website like this with court transcripts from his criminal trial or evidence that he falsified government documents even more than his tax returns (Audra’s marriage certificate).  That stuff is icing on the cake.

It’s not easy to digesting that what you believed is not true.  Grappling with the decision to leave may be slow.  It took Jeffery well over a year to transition out of PKG.  This website is here to whatever extent it can smooth that transition.  But the decision to leave needs to be yours.

Planning and Miscellaneous Matters

About two weeks since his last posting, False Prophet Ronald Weinland says it will be a few more weeks.  Seems he’s too busy crafting his next timeline.

——————- Ron’s post : Planning and Miscellaneous Matters ———————-

This post was originally going to be a letter sent out to the ministry and then distributed to the Church as I have done in the past on things of a more personal note to the Church. However, after more consideration, it is becoming clear that the things being covered here should be made available to anyone who reads this post site.

Currently, I am beginning to work on a new post that I hope all of you will take deeply to heart and seek to grasp the seriousness of what will be covered in it. The post will address a matter that is first directed toward the ministry in the Church (in sequence of timing) and then to everyone else within the Church. God is charging His leadership (His government for Church administration) to weigh the spiritual condition of His Church (that will be explained more fully in the next post). Before His Son returns, His Church will be HIS Church – submitted to God in spirit and in truth. This process must be completed before the final phase of the work of His two witnesses begins.

The post I am working on may take two to three weeks beyond the time this post is sent out. Right now I am also trying to get the new book “off the ground.” The book is not going to come out quickly, so please understand that it is only in the beginning stage of development at this time. Writing a book does not just “happen.” It takes a lot of work and time. In this environment, it is even far more difficult to focus and work on it, especially with the antiquated tools at my disposal (mostly just pencil and paper).

If this book is half-written by the time of my release, I will be deeply pleased and excited. It will likely take six months to a year to finish once I am home again. The next post may help everyone to “see” that more clearly, as far as timing is concerned.

Much of the production of this book and additional work that must go into the final writing cannot fully take place until I am outside of this environment and I have the actual use of my own computer with access to programs needed to accomplish a finished product. The timing is fully in God’s hands. It could be sooner or it could take longer, as I simply do not know at this time. Having said all this, there probably won’t be as many posts coming out and they will likely have less content in them than what everyone has become accustomed to.

God has already inspired an enormous amount of material since I have been in prison. It is material that cannot be completely absorbed (received) on a spiritual plane by one or two readings. There is much depth to what Christ has given us. Many have commented on how the posts strengthen them, giving them a spiritual boost in the midst of the week, and they still can! As you have had a period of absence since first going through them, you will find that if you choose to do so again, in an orderly and progressive manner, seeking greater understanding through prayer, that you will be able to build far more upon what has been framed within you to this time.

So there is much to potentially review and grow in over the next many months ahead. If you do go through these posts again, do not rush it, but rather build upon them in the same manner they were delivered, to be utilized as a great tool through the midst of the week, week by week, and not all at one time. The reality is that some things like this simply need to be reviewed in smaller sections and then digested over the following week before taking more in. It is a building and absorbing process that cannot be rushed.

Proper Sabbath Attire
On another note, there is a subject that would be good to address at this time. It concerns how we come before God and Jesus Christ on the Sabbath. This has been something that I have considered addressing many times before over the past several years, but have resisted as I realize it can potentially lead to some who might let down in their attitude of respect and honor being shown to God and Christ. This concerns how we dress for the Sabbath.

Before going into this, it needs to be understood that respect and honor cannot be legislated, as either it is in a person or it is not. Yet this can be a fine line as well, since respect and honor shown to others, especially toward God, can be learned. But right now, we are in a unique “period of time” for the Church, as the next post will focus on more fully.

This matter of respect and honor shown where it needs to be shown is similar to something addressed early-on in the Church of God – PKG. God revealed that it was no longer necessary to address the ministry by saying “Mister” before a person’s last name, but that the ministry could simply be referred to by one’s first name. Using “Mister” before a name was more readily expected within society throughout most of the last century, but towards the end that was changing. The Church has always “stood out” as strange enough to others simply because of how God’s truth is so different from what the world knows and believes. Adding an unbiblical (not commanded) requirement of formality was not helpful in how the Church was perceived. We are to be moderate in most things and are not to be ultra conservative or ultra liberal.

As a Church, respect cannot be legislated within the mind by how someone in the ministry is addressed. Just addressing a minister by “Mister” does not mean that a person saying it has respect or is showing an attitude of honor toward one of God’s ministers. So the Church made the decision that we would simply address a minister by their first name, just as in the beginning of the Church when people simply addressed Peter, Paul, John, etc., by their name.

This brings us back to addressing how we come before God on the Sabbath. If we are in the privacy of our own home, perhaps with even a handful of people joining us for Sabbath services, it is not good to go into a private home “over-dressed.” Again, this is about a balanced and moderate example we are seeking to set for our neighbors. So there is a “balance” in this. We should not “dress-down” either, as with wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, or other exceptionally casual clothing. In such instances, nicer casual clothing is fine and proper to be worn before God in such a meeting location. However, a suit and tie for a man or a dress or pant suit for a woman can be too much for such a private home meeting. In a “more formal gathering” of a special meeting location for the Sabbath, such as a hotel meeting room or other rental location, a suit (or sports jacket) and tie for a man is proper, as is a dress or type of dress suit (nicer dress pants and blouse) is proper for a woman.

The exception to this formal attire for a more formal gathering (not at a persons home) on the Sabbath is when temperatures outside are reaching the mid 70′s (Fahrenheit) or around 23 degrees Celsius and above. At such times, jackets need not be worn at all on the Sabbath. This also includes wearing a tie. There is no requirement for a tie on the Sabbath when temperatures reach such levels. The physical body does not function well under such conditions and at such times less will be able to be gleaned from sermons when people are so uncomfortable. It is far more important that we receive all the spiritual food we potentially can on a Sabbath without such encumbrances.

There is balance in all this and either we have great respect and honor (and want to reflect that) toward God and Christ or we do not. By this time within the Church, such a right attitude and spirit is in us or it is not. If it is not, then such a person will be “weighed and found lacking.” That is not a state anyone wants to be in at this specific time, or any time for that matter, but it is very crucial now.

Supporting the Work
In the inset post, “Christ’s Coming,” it was mentioned how there is a great work that is ahead of us. We are still being prepared for that work. There will be planning and more organization and that planning will continue as we draw closer to the period when that greater work is to begin. As in the example of the Church being like a body, we are all placed in it in different locations for different functions, but we are one body and we need each other.

In addition to each of us yielding to the transformation (change and spiritual growth) that God offers us and of continually coming into greater unity and oneness with the teachings God has given His Church, there is an often overlooked participation (role) and vitally important area of service to God and His work. An important aspect of the calling given to many is that of more directly supporting God’s work. Far too often, people tend to elevate the importance of service in the ministry as something that is the most important. That is a great mistake! It is part of a necessary function within the body, yet to do a “great work” God has been calling people into the body to SUPPORT that work. That more direct participation comes in the form of tithes and offerings. Such focus, hard work, and time placed into such effort of employment or personal business should not be underestimated.

God could call multi-millionaires or billionaires, but then the tendency of too many would be to elevate such individuals in a manner that would not be spiritually healthy for either the one being called or the one who elevates them and esteems them in a false prejudicial manner (exercising wrong judgment of favoritism or awe). In addition, God could call thousands to help support the work that is ahead of us, however, that is not God’s purpose either, as God is going to clearly show that what is humanly impossible to achieve is being fully accomplished by Him and we are of humble stature to be so blessed to be able to participate in what He is performing and bringing to pass.

Over the past year alone, many of our young people have “stepped up to the plate” and made greater changes in their life as they seek to become far more productive and stable financially. This in turn yields more fruit that God will use in His work. The point is that this understanding and mindset needs to become an even greater focus and goal of those who are capable of accomplishing such service to God’s work. Such an individual’s drive should be to accomplish more through more work, promotion at work, or by other means that will be adding greater financial increase to their lives. God actually seeks to bless those who are striving to yield themselves to such purpose. Go to God and share with Him your conviction in helping support His great work. If you have your own business, seek God’s favor and ask that doors might be opened for you to produce more so that you can give more. If you are employed, seek to grow and increase in that job, knowing that above everything else we work for God and Christ.

I’ve known of many over the years who have been awesomely blessed when this has been their motivation that God is “first” and supporting His work has much to do with putting Him first. I’ve also known of some of these who were so blessed that they began to take their advancement and increased productivity to themselves. Be on guard against such a mindset and ask that God help you keep properly focused and to not be lifted up in pride when increase is given. There are many of you whom God will bless so that you can serve His work in a powerful manner that far too often is not recognized or esteemed for the importance contained in it. We have gone through a period where many financial lessons of budgeting and planning ahead have been magnified to us. Those skills that have been planted in many, because of such an adverse experience, can now be used more powerfully as blessings that have prepared us for what is ahead.

Ministerial Structure
Finally, there is one last area of planning that I want to share with you and that concerns how some of our structure within the ministry is going to be expanded. However, the implementation of this may not take affect for several months or even a year or so from now. It is the addition of another area of ordination. Currently, there is a structure of associate elders, elders, and then senior elders. In this category, there is only the need of a single ordination and then a verbal elevation as God leads us to raise some to more responsibility. Most of this is primarily for the future and not for right now, however, the training that is taking place now is in the little things. If faithful in the little, we can be faithful in much. The level of faithfulness to the “little things” reveals much as to what the faithfulness will be to the greater things to come – to the “much.”

After this structure of associate elders, elders, and senior elders, there will be a new level of ministry. Although the title of that new level in the ministry has not been fully settled at this time, we are going to institute an ordination that can be given to a man or woman that will include greater responsibility within the ministry and Church. Such ordination may carry the description of a “ministerial director” or a “ministerial pastor.” There will be more given about the duties and responsibilities of such individuals in the future when this begins to be implemented. Of course, after this, is the ordination of evangelist and sr. evangelist that again only requires a single ordination when first raised to an evangelist. It is highly unlikely that we will have any more evangelists in God’s work before Christ’s return.

God Blessing His People
As the last thought to mention in this post, I want to say how inspired and excited I am that God is revealing His will to intervene, strengthen, and bless His people. This is in a far greater way than when we were going through the time of witness during that 3 ½-year period that tried and tested us as His people, which was the purpose of that period. God’s Church has been rapidly made ready for where we now find ourselves and God is making us stand more firmly and powerfully. As I have already mentioned, this process has already begun where several are being blessed in their jobs or occupation. In addition, I am in awe of what God has been showing concerning His desire to grant far more healing within His Church at this time. We now have numerous accounts of people being healed quickly, mightily, and miraculously of different things. One area alone that stands out concerns the numerous and complete healing of cancer, even with several cases where cancer was in the final stages. We need to truly give God and Christ thanks for such intervention and strengthening of His people.

Hopefully, this post has contained information and news that is exciting, inspiring, and motivating to you. God is giving us a focus for completing His work – a great work that is before us!