Planning and Miscellaneous Matters

About two weeks since his last posting, False Prophet Ronald Weinland says it will be a few more weeks.  Seems he’s too busy crafting his next timeline.

——————- Ron’s post : Planning and Miscellaneous Matters ———————-

This post was originally going to be a letter sent out to the ministry and then distributed to the Church as I have done in the past on things of a more personal note to the Church. However, after more consideration, it is becoming clear that the things being covered here should be made available to anyone who reads this post site.

Currently, I am beginning to work on a new post that I hope all of you will take deeply to heart and seek to grasp the seriousness of what will be covered in it. The post will address a matter that is first directed toward the ministry in the Church (in sequence of timing) and then to everyone else within the Church. God is charging His leadership (His government for Church administration) to weigh the spiritual condition of His Church (that will be explained more fully in the next post). Before His Son returns, His Church will be HIS Church – submitted to God in spirit and in truth. This process must be completed before the final phase of the work of His two witnesses begins.

The post I am working on may take two to three weeks beyond the time this post is sent out. Right now I am also trying to get the new book “off the ground.” The book is not going to come out quickly, so please understand that it is only in the beginning stage of development at this time. Writing a book does not just “happen.” It takes a lot of work and time. In this environment, it is even far more difficult to focus and work on it, especially with the antiquated tools at my disposal (mostly just pencil and paper).

If this book is half-written by the time of my release, I will be deeply pleased and excited. It will likely take six months to a year to finish once I am home again. The next post may help everyone to “see” that more clearly, as far as timing is concerned.

Much of the production of this book and additional work that must go into the final writing cannot fully take place until I am outside of this environment and I have the actual use of my own computer with access to programs needed to accomplish a finished product. The timing is fully in God’s hands. It could be sooner or it could take longer, as I simply do not know at this time. Having said all this, there probably won’t be as many posts coming out and they will likely have less content in them than what everyone has become accustomed to.

God has already inspired an enormous amount of material since I have been in prison. It is material that cannot be completely absorbed (received) on a spiritual plane by one or two readings. There is much depth to what Christ has given us. Many have commented on how the posts strengthen them, giving them a spiritual boost in the midst of the week, and they still can! As you have had a period of absence since first going through them, you will find that if you choose to do so again, in an orderly and progressive manner, seeking greater understanding through prayer, that you will be able to build far more upon what has been framed within you to this time.

So there is much to potentially review and grow in over the next many months ahead. If you do go through these posts again, do not rush it, but rather build upon them in the same manner they were delivered, to be utilized as a great tool through the midst of the week, week by week, and not all at one time. The reality is that some things like this simply need to be reviewed in smaller sections and then digested over the following week before taking more in. It is a building and absorbing process that cannot be rushed.

Proper Sabbath Attire
On another note, there is a subject that would be good to address at this time. It concerns how we come before God and Jesus Christ on the Sabbath. This has been something that I have considered addressing many times before over the past several years, but have resisted as I realize it can potentially lead to some who might let down in their attitude of respect and honor being shown to God and Christ. This concerns how we dress for the Sabbath.

Before going into this, it needs to be understood that respect and honor cannot be legislated, as either it is in a person or it is not. Yet this can be a fine line as well, since respect and honor shown to others, especially toward God, can be learned. But right now, we are in a unique “period of time” for the Church, as the next post will focus on more fully.

This matter of respect and honor shown where it needs to be shown is similar to something addressed early-on in the Church of God – PKG. God revealed that it was no longer necessary to address the ministry by saying “Mister” before a person’s last name, but that the ministry could simply be referred to by one’s first name. Using “Mister” before a name was more readily expected within society throughout most of the last century, but towards the end that was changing. The Church has always “stood out” as strange enough to others simply because of how God’s truth is so different from what the world knows and believes. Adding an unbiblical (not commanded) requirement of formality was not helpful in how the Church was perceived. We are to be moderate in most things and are not to be ultra conservative or ultra liberal.

As a Church, respect cannot be legislated within the mind by how someone in the ministry is addressed. Just addressing a minister by “Mister” does not mean that a person saying it has respect or is showing an attitude of honor toward one of God’s ministers. So the Church made the decision that we would simply address a minister by their first name, just as in the beginning of the Church when people simply addressed Peter, Paul, John, etc., by their name.

This brings us back to addressing how we come before God on the Sabbath. If we are in the privacy of our own home, perhaps with even a handful of people joining us for Sabbath services, it is not good to go into a private home “over-dressed.” Again, this is about a balanced and moderate example we are seeking to set for our neighbors. So there is a “balance” in this. We should not “dress-down” either, as with wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, or other exceptionally casual clothing. In such instances, nicer casual clothing is fine and proper to be worn before God in such a meeting location. However, a suit and tie for a man or a dress or pant suit for a woman can be too much for such a private home meeting. In a “more formal gathering” of a special meeting location for the Sabbath, such as a hotel meeting room or other rental location, a suit (or sports jacket) and tie for a man is proper, as is a dress or type of dress suit (nicer dress pants and blouse) is proper for a woman.

The exception to this formal attire for a more formal gathering (not at a persons home) on the Sabbath is when temperatures outside are reaching the mid 70′s (Fahrenheit) or around 23 degrees Celsius and above. At such times, jackets need not be worn at all on the Sabbath. This also includes wearing a tie. There is no requirement for a tie on the Sabbath when temperatures reach such levels. The physical body does not function well under such conditions and at such times less will be able to be gleaned from sermons when people are so uncomfortable. It is far more important that we receive all the spiritual food we potentially can on a Sabbath without such encumbrances.

There is balance in all this and either we have great respect and honor (and want to reflect that) toward God and Christ or we do not. By this time within the Church, such a right attitude and spirit is in us or it is not. If it is not, then such a person will be “weighed and found lacking.” That is not a state anyone wants to be in at this specific time, or any time for that matter, but it is very crucial now.

Supporting the Work
In the inset post, “Christ’s Coming,” it was mentioned how there is a great work that is ahead of us. We are still being prepared for that work. There will be planning and more organization and that planning will continue as we draw closer to the period when that greater work is to begin. As in the example of the Church being like a body, we are all placed in it in different locations for different functions, but we are one body and we need each other.

In addition to each of us yielding to the transformation (change and spiritual growth) that God offers us and of continually coming into greater unity and oneness with the teachings God has given His Church, there is an often overlooked participation (role) and vitally important area of service to God and His work. An important aspect of the calling given to many is that of more directly supporting God’s work. Far too often, people tend to elevate the importance of service in the ministry as something that is the most important. That is a great mistake! It is part of a necessary function within the body, yet to do a “great work” God has been calling people into the body to SUPPORT that work. That more direct participation comes in the form of tithes and offerings. Such focus, hard work, and time placed into such effort of employment or personal business should not be underestimated.

God could call multi-millionaires or billionaires, but then the tendency of too many would be to elevate such individuals in a manner that would not be spiritually healthy for either the one being called or the one who elevates them and esteems them in a false prejudicial manner (exercising wrong judgment of favoritism or awe). In addition, God could call thousands to help support the work that is ahead of us, however, that is not God’s purpose either, as God is going to clearly show that what is humanly impossible to achieve is being fully accomplished by Him and we are of humble stature to be so blessed to be able to participate in what He is performing and bringing to pass.

Over the past year alone, many of our young people have “stepped up to the plate” and made greater changes in their life as they seek to become far more productive and stable financially. This in turn yields more fruit that God will use in His work. The point is that this understanding and mindset needs to become an even greater focus and goal of those who are capable of accomplishing such service to God’s work. Such an individual’s drive should be to accomplish more through more work, promotion at work, or by other means that will be adding greater financial increase to their lives. God actually seeks to bless those who are striving to yield themselves to such purpose. Go to God and share with Him your conviction in helping support His great work. If you have your own business, seek God’s favor and ask that doors might be opened for you to produce more so that you can give more. If you are employed, seek to grow and increase in that job, knowing that above everything else we work for God and Christ.

I’ve known of many over the years who have been awesomely blessed when this has been their motivation that God is “first” and supporting His work has much to do with putting Him first. I’ve also known of some of these who were so blessed that they began to take their advancement and increased productivity to themselves. Be on guard against such a mindset and ask that God help you keep properly focused and to not be lifted up in pride when increase is given. There are many of you whom God will bless so that you can serve His work in a powerful manner that far too often is not recognized or esteemed for the importance contained in it. We have gone through a period where many financial lessons of budgeting and planning ahead have been magnified to us. Those skills that have been planted in many, because of such an adverse experience, can now be used more powerfully as blessings that have prepared us for what is ahead.

Ministerial Structure
Finally, there is one last area of planning that I want to share with you and that concerns how some of our structure within the ministry is going to be expanded. However, the implementation of this may not take affect for several months or even a year or so from now. It is the addition of another area of ordination. Currently, there is a structure of associate elders, elders, and then senior elders. In this category, there is only the need of a single ordination and then a verbal elevation as God leads us to raise some to more responsibility. Most of this is primarily for the future and not for right now, however, the training that is taking place now is in the little things. If faithful in the little, we can be faithful in much. The level of faithfulness to the “little things” reveals much as to what the faithfulness will be to the greater things to come – to the “much.”

After this structure of associate elders, elders, and senior elders, there will be a new level of ministry. Although the title of that new level in the ministry has not been fully settled at this time, we are going to institute an ordination that can be given to a man or woman that will include greater responsibility within the ministry and Church. Such ordination may carry the description of a “ministerial director” or a “ministerial pastor.” There will be more given about the duties and responsibilities of such individuals in the future when this begins to be implemented. Of course, after this, is the ordination of evangelist and sr. evangelist that again only requires a single ordination when first raised to an evangelist. It is highly unlikely that we will have any more evangelists in God’s work before Christ’s return.

God Blessing His People
As the last thought to mention in this post, I want to say how inspired and excited I am that God is revealing His will to intervene, strengthen, and bless His people. This is in a far greater way than when we were going through the time of witness during that 3 ½-year period that tried and tested us as His people, which was the purpose of that period. God’s Church has been rapidly made ready for where we now find ourselves and God is making us stand more firmly and powerfully. As I have already mentioned, this process has already begun where several are being blessed in their jobs or occupation. In addition, I am in awe of what God has been showing concerning His desire to grant far more healing within His Church at this time. We now have numerous accounts of people being healed quickly, mightily, and miraculously of different things. One area alone that stands out concerns the numerous and complete healing of cancer, even with several cases where cancer was in the final stages. We need to truly give God and Christ thanks for such intervention and strengthening of His people.

Hopefully, this post has contained information and news that is exciting, inspiring, and motivating to you. God is giving us a focus for completing His work – a great work that is before us!


124 thoughts on “Planning and Miscellaneous Matters

  1. Elder-pkg, I know you don’t want to argue with your wife as that would play into Ron’s hand.

    But are you able to discuss or ask her stuff? Or do you think it’s best to have a “hands off” policy?

    It sounds like your wife is thinking about things which is good.


  2. Martin,

    I have been married to my wife for thirty years. I know her well. Some things can be discussed and with some just let it play out concerning the gulag pkg. What is important here is to love her as I always have for the last thirty years. That is what will win!!!!


  3. Ronald Weinland RAN AWAY FROM A COMEDIAN.

    Ron thinks he can stand toe to toe with the Beast leader and False Prophet???????

    Fat chance.

    The guy is a coward.


  4. I just got got up reading the recent posts.Thanks for all the input everyone and thanks Soap Opera for your kind words. It was appreciated thank you.


  5. No, he doesn’t get it.

    However, he’s doing a nice job of avoiding explaining why Christ didn’t return this year.

    You know…..that brilliant insight he had, where the Day of the Lord is TWO DAYS…..

    ….let’s just say it didn’t pan out.


  6. Hey PKGers, Ron has lied for the 10th, 20th, 30th time already.

    How many more lies do you need to be told to figure out Ronald Weinland is a liar?

    40 times? 50 times? 60 times?


  7. Elder-PKG No Longer ~ I certainly hope you are right about your wife leaving PKG soon. I had hopes my husband would leave but after a lengthy separation (when given an ultimatum he chose the cult) he is back home but deeper into this thing than ever. I wasn’t happy with it when he started but chose to go along with it a while. I took myself and the kids out, thinking he would soon see. Of course he did not and is now an elder. His personal email address (which he didn’t get until we left and he wanted his communication separate) includes his name and 08 which is when he joined. He is in through and past the bitter end. We had been so good together before this whole thing. I went through all the stages of grief ~ immense sadness, anger, guilt. Finally now (6 years after he found this group), I just don’t care. He provides a steady income and pretty much leaves us alone.

    It is interesting that you say your wife is moody. My husband has been more moody than normal too. I’ve been thinking probably Ron’s words are convincing him that he ought to leave us in order to more fully obey God Ron. His family isn’t happy with him now…they would be even less so if he chose to leave. If somehow he wakes up to the truth that he has been duped all these years, it will crush him to pieces. Suicide concerns me.

    Anyway, it sounds like you are much more understanding and patient and loving than I was. I hope it works for you.


  8. movin’ on says, does he say anything regarding all these failed prophecies?

    (I don’t encourage something confrontational, so if he’s not the kind to like such questions then of course don’t engage him in such questions)


  9. movin’ on,

    Recently I have noticed that something is going on in the gulag pkg by the way my wife has been acting lately. She is troubled over something and I can see it in her eyes. Eventually my wife will tell me she always does. At times, she will talk to me about local problems and I will give her advise on how to handle it. It is this that keeps her close to me. If I were argumentative and confrontational it would damaged my marriage, I will not allow this to happen! I am in this fight with ronnie the oxymoron to the end!!

    Also, I have noticed members I do know are back on social media. According to ronnie the oxymoron THIS IS FORBIDDEN!! It appears that he has lost some of his influence over the younger members. Now here is something I do want the gulag snoops to know!! I am being contacted by current members for information purposes only. I will win the war by winning small battles one at a time.

    Concerning your husband, I would pay attention to his mood swings because these are indications that things in the gulag are not good. I believe this has to do with departures and the money crises for the thieves.

    Good luck with this.


  10. Movin on, I do indeed feel for you. You have grave concerns for your husband. I have been in the church of God for 40 years, but I never was so deep in anything I would have considered taking my own life. I pray your husband is stronger than that. Our true faith should always be in God Almighty, not a group of people. I know how strong the pull of the church is but the pull of God is far stronger. We are called to be his disciples , not the disciple of any man. Hopefully he will soon realize this and find others who will be supportive of him. There is a fine and wonderful life after PKG. Many of us live the same life we did as part of Ron’s group. Keep the Sabbath, Holy days etc. Some still tithe and use the money to fellowship with others. The feeling of freedom to do what is right is profound. I hope many more will come to this truth soon. The lesson we have ALL learned is to put GOD FIRST in your life! You don’t have to leave hating Ron, you can leave because it is the right thing to do. Good luck to you and your family.


  11. Movin on:

    You have no idea how much it troubles me to know how destructive the gulag pkg really is!! How could the gulag be of God when there is a continual trail of destroyed marriages and relationships. I grieve over your situation and I just want to strangle those selfish cruel individuals, ronnie and his black widow.

    Ozy is right on in her comments to you. My life is great now and I still keep the Sabbaths and enjoy them far greater than I ever had!! The one thing I learned is that I will NEVER listen to another man what so ever!! As with Ozy, I only look to God only!!


  12. I don’t think when the true Two Witnesses come onto the scene, they’ll be talking about proper attire for church services.

    I wonder if he’s going to stretch this one out for 20 parts?


  13. He needed to mention something before he started in on tithing and ‘supporting ‘ . Just filler til he got to the meat of the post. Money. It always is really about money.


  14. Ron (the thief) said “God is charging His leadership (His government for Church administration) to weigh the spiritual condition of His Church (that will be explained more fully in the next post). Before His Son returns, His Church will be HIS Church – submitted to God in spirit and in truth. This process must be completed before the final phase of the work of His two witnesses begins.”

    This is Ron’s way of blaming the PKGer for all the “delays” in prophecy.

    It’s not his fault for being a false prophet, it’s the church’s fault for not being ready.


  15. “… to weigh the spiritual condition of His Church …” ron the oxymoron

    And what qualifications do they have to do this!? There is NO trained ministry to do this!! It seems that the two witnesses are powerless to even lead a church!!


  16. Martin, I have always said Ron would blame those who left for failed prophesy . It would be our fault as God needed the time to cleanse and refine his church. Another stalling tactic from Ron, so he doesn’t have to admit being wrong. This can go on for several years now, with him saying “this is a process” not for us as it were, but for the brethren to see how God works etc. He can stretch this out as long as he likes at this point. Every time someone leaves, another example of God at work, cleansing the temple.Never mind all those pesky scriptures that expose Ron for what he really is . A failed and false man.


  17. When I read this post, it reminded me of some other posts and emails he has sent while I was in the cult. He would always get to asking for money…I would get excited that we would get a “special” email that was unexpected. After reading it, I would find at the end that he was just asking for MORE money. UGH! The movie “A Christmas Story” would come to mind and I’d think of the part when Ralphie locked himself in the bathroom with his decoder. “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine”??? That’s how I’d feel after reading and reading until the end when he’d ask for more money. Are you kidding????

    (and for those wondering…the first time I ever watched that movie was with a family that belonged to Worldwide…)


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