A Heightened Dedication – Pt 5

After 4 weeks, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has a new post up, reposted below for your comments.  I haven’t looked into God’s creating Adam and Eve as naked but telling them to “dress and keep” themselves.  Guess they didn’t fully understand that until Satan helped out and they realized they were naked.

————— Ron’s nonsense —————————————–

The most important thing God told the first two created humans was that they were to “dress and keep” themselves, but they did not have the ears to hear. Mankind, beginning with Adam and Eve, was the primary focus for all of God’s creation, although God’s creation of Adam and Eve (just as any individual) was not completed simply when they were created as physical beings. Their creation was to have continued beyond the instantaneous physical one that gave them physical life, and a creation “in them” was to have continued over their lifetime.

God let Adam and Eve know from the beginning that they each had been given great personal responsibility directly from Him to “dress and keep” everything that had been placed within their environment and control. The most important part of all that was that they were to “dress and keep” themselves. If they had done so then everything else in life would have fallen into its proper place, as they would have been striving to do everything in accordance to God’s ways, in complete unity and harmony with Him.

Although they were created in a kind of neutral state, it did not take long before their own motivations began to set in. As a result of being made physical, they were by nature drawn to selfishness. That is the actual “nature” of a physically created human mind in a physical body that is living within a physical environment. A way to begin seeing this more clearly is to understand how a baby quickly develops traits of selfishness. If they are hungry, they will let you know. If they are uncomfortable or unsatisfied, you will know it. The development of selfish nature only becomes stronger as one matures physically. That is the natural progression, from birth, from being created in such a manner. Yet all of this was by Devine design.

The natural created state of mankind would be to resist God’s ways and to instead embrace their own ways due to a natural selfish nature, yet it needs to be understood that this response to God (to naturally resist) would always be the result of “free choice,” as a matter of a person’s own free will.

So from the beginning, Adam and Eve began to base their choices and decisions in life upon their own selfish desires and did not make choices and decisions based upon their confidence in, and agreement with, God’s ways, nor of any desire to glorify, honor, and place God first.

A Continuing Creation
All that was created within the animal kingdom was created in a kind of robotic, preprogrammed manner, with no free will given to it that would enable the ability for thinking and reasoning. Instead, that creation responds automatically to conditions in life by a specifically unique nature that God gave (programmed within) each variety of species in His creation.

Geese and ducks do not reason and plan for the necessity to fly south for the winter. Neither does a squirrel reason and plan for the necessity to gather nuts for the winter in order to survive. Animals and birds do not follow precise patterns of migration because they have figured out how to do so. They do so because they have been preprogrammed by the Great God who created them with such nature, instinct, and abilities. Having such an understanding of God’s creation truly makes evolutionists and many scientists look like awesome fools who harbor great intellectual stupidity on one part, while having a good level of actual intelligence on the other.

Within His great power to create life, it needs to be understood that God cannot instantaneously create a free moral agent (a being with free will) to be in full unity, agreement, and oneness with Him. If any being were created instantaneously to be in full agreement and of the same thinking as Him, they would have to be created robotic by nature with no free will. Yet God desired to create a family that would be in unity and harmony with Him. God desired that each one in His family would live the way of peace and His kind of love as a result of each one’s own personal motivation and willing choice. To do this, they could not be instantaneously given holy righteous character that is only in God Himself. Such cannot be instantaneously created, but it can be created over an extended period of time.

Holy righteous character can only be created through God’s direct power actively working in the spirit of man – in one’s mind – to help transform one’s thinking that originates from motivation that stems from selfish human nature to motivation that originates from agreement and unity with God and all His ways, truth, and thinking. There is still much to be revealed and learned about this process, but God has granted us a clearer insight into this process than at any other time in human history.

This process of spiritual transformation of the spirit in mankind, which is a process of God’s “ongoing creation” to create Elohim – a God Family – is only possible once someone has been called by God and has received the impregnation of His holy spirit within their human spirit. From that point, holy righteous character can then be created through a means of one making consistent and continual “personal choices” in life that stem from the acceptance and desire they have of actively seeking to exercise “personal responsibility” in living God’s way. When such choices are genuine, honest, and true then God gives the means for the creation of holy righteous character through the working of His holy spirit with the spirit in them (the spirit in mankind) to bring about a transition in one’s very thinking.

Thus Adam and Eve, because of yielding to their own selfish nature, cut themselves off from being able to continue in the process of God’s creation that could have transformed their human mind and thinking to that of God’s. The choice to follow one’s own selfish nature is simply the way of mankind, and since such choices are opposed to God’s ways, they simply result in sin. All mankind has sinned, except for one – Jesus Christ. So in God’s timing and according to His purpose, He determines when He will call (invite) a person into a relationship with Him for the purpose of a “continuing creation” that has been ongoing from the beginning in order to bring about Elohim through the transformation of the mind in those who are called. This is an “ongoing creation” in the development of a new mind and not of one that is instantaneously created.

God clearly reveals that mankind’s own ways are not of Him, but are actually against His ways. Isaiah and Paul both speak of this.

“‘For my thoughts [ways of thinking and reasoning] are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ says the Eternal” (Is. 55:8). Simply put, both ways are opposite to each other in motive and intent. God’s thinking and ways are outgoing to the benefit of others, but mankind’s thinking is inward (selfish) to the benefit of self above others.

As it has been recently pointed out, this is why God makes it clear that man’s ways must be changed. The mind of mankind is to become healed of selfishness. That is what is being spoken of when God says, “I have seen his [mankind’s] ways [that are selfish by nature], and will heal him” (Is. 57:18).

Paul addresses it even more directly by stating, “Because the carnal mind [the ways, mind, and thinking within human nature] is enmity [hostile, opposed] against God, for it is not subject to the law of God, and neither indeed can be” (Rom. 8:7). By nature, the human mind and thinking is opposite of God’s. This is true to the degree that the human mind is actually hostile and naturally opposed to God’s ways, so that God’s ways can only be seen as a threat, an obstacle, and a great interference to how one wants to live life their own way.

One’s Greatest Responsibility
Throughout this series, we have focused on many aspects of God’s instruction concerning what it means to “dress it and keep.” Adam and Eve did not grasp what this meant, and they could not see that the primary focus of its application should have been upon their own self. Now, we are going to focus more fully upon what this means as a “personal responsibility” toward themselves that God has given to each of us individually.

True change in the conversion of human nature can only be accomplished by a person’s free choice and practice of yielding to God’s ongoing creation that comes through the spiritual transformation of the mind. Upon making the decision to repent (Gk. – to think differently), and to actively work on one’s own conversion and change in spirit, then one has accepted the greatest responsibility that is given in human life. When called (invited) by God to begin the process of a spiritual transformation within one’s mind, then God is at that time offering a person the choice to participate in a “continuing creation” to become part of His spiritual family – Elohim.

Once such a calling is offered to anyone then they must choose to accept the greatest responsibility offered to any human. It is a matter of willingly choosing to yield to obey, honor, and strive to glorify God and His ways of life, while fighting against one’s own selfishly motivated human nature, which resists doing so. This begins the process of learning to fight against being motivated by selfish human nature. It also begins a process of learning how to judge according to God’s way and then of practicing (applying) that judgment to one’s actions (way of living). As one then grows in greater spiritual insight and wisdom, through many different experiences, a person can begin to change from a selfish motivation, to a motivation that responds in agreement and unity with God – with His ways, thinking, truth, and mind. Yet “personal choice” is always a factor.

The spiritual growth that comes with accepting ever greater personal responsibility to “dress and keep” one’s self leads to greater acceptance and desire to honor and glorify God in one’s life – in one’s actions, example, and way of living. This involves (includes) a deeper understanding and appreciation of what it means for us to be included as part of the Temple of God. This in turn gives much greater importance to scriptures that reference such reality and fellowship in life that God offers.

“Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwells in you? If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy them, for the temple of God is holy, which [temple] you are” (1 Cor. 3:16-17).

It is not possible that the human mind of itself can grasp what is stated in these verses. Such understanding and deepening appreciation of this is something that one will grow in spiritually throughout their lifetime. Even with God’s spirit it is difficult to fathom the awesomeness of what it means that we are part of God’s Temple that is to be kept holy, as God dwells in it.

“And what agreement does the temple of God have with idols [that which is raised up above or before God]? For you are the temple of the living God, as God has said, ‘I will dwell in them, and walk in them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Therefore come out from among them [become removed from the ways of the world], and become separate, and do not touch the unclean, and I will receive you. I will be a Father unto you, and you shall be my sons and daughters,’ says the Lord Almighty” (2 Cor. 6:16-18).

We are responsible for working to remove ourselves from the ways and practices of this world. It is up to us that we not blend into this world as though we are part of its ways, that we not conform to it, but that we be transformed away from it. We desire that God will dwell in us and walk with (in) us in all that we live.

This not only applies to how we live differently as a matter of not sinning as the world does around us as we seek to obey the laws of God, but it also includes many other aspects of life. There are many choices made in life that can be a matter of sin and there are some sins that are not as obvious as breaking one of the Ten Commandments, which clearly state specific sins. One can sin by simply dishonoring God, and often such matters are not as clearly revealed as with the physical application of the Commandments.

Much comes down to one’s basic desire and intent (motivation) for the choices one makes. It comes down to where one’s level of desire is to honor God and to glorify Him in how one lives.

“Do you not know that your body is the temple of the holy spirit which is in you, which you have of God, and you are not your own [to do as you please, as you will, apart from God’s ways and will]? For you are bought with a price, therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s” (1 Cor. 6:19-20).

Building On A Framework
This series has been focusing upon the need for each member of the Body of Christ to accept greater personal responsibility in “dressing and keeping” what God has given to them, within their environment, that falls within their own control. A vision concerning greater change that can take place in our lives – in our thinking – is being given to us in this Year of Dedication. Now is the time to respond more fully to God and Christ with a “heightened dedication” by actively building upon a framework that is being shown to us in this series.

We are being given an opportunity to draw closer to God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ. As we apply ourselves to a heightened dedication, we will experience a heightened spiritual transformation in God’s continuing creation in us. Before proceeding with the final part of this series, there is one paragraph that needs to be repeated about this transformation process:

“We are now being given deeper insight into how this process can be more fully captured, enhanced, and lived as we learn more clearly about taking control of life, rather than letting life control us. In reality, when a person allows a motivation of selfishness to continue to exist on any level, then they are not in true control of their life. They are not free from that bondage as long as that specific portion of selfishness is controlling them.”

It also needs to be repeated again, as it has already been stated in different ways, that in the instruction to “dress and keep” what God has placed within our environment and personal control, our focus should first be upon ourselves, of “dressing and keeping” ourselves in God’s way. Certainly, the most obvious in all this concerns what we first focus upon when God calls us, which is physical and spiritual obedience to the Ten Commandments, as we also live in faith and obedience, while seeking to be in greater unity with truth He reveals to us. Some of this has already been mentioned in this series, and it is also something we have focused upon and grown in since we were first called, but there is more we can focus upon.

That which we are going to now cover is spiritual in nature, as it has to do with the way we think, and why we make some of the kinds of choices and decisions in life that we do. Although much of this is not a clear matter of right and wrong, as is more easily seen in the application of the Ten Commandments, it is still spiritual just as so many of the attributes and characters of God are spiritual, originating from the holy spirit in nature.

In all that will be addressed in the remainder of this post, we will only be scratching the surface, but what is covered will give us a basic framework that can be applied to many other areas of life, so that we can continue to build upon them in a more refined manner.

Judgment Motivated To Honor God
As we proceed through a few examples that will be given of how to better “dress and keep” ourselves in greater unity and oneness with God, there is one basic factor that will aid in all decision-making. This factor concerns learning how to distinguish righteous judgment from self-righteousness. One is simply based upon and motivated by one’s own selfishness and one’s “own” opinion. The other is based upon making decisions and judgments that are the result of seeking to keep God’s truth, judgments, character, qualities, and ways as the primary focus for such reasoning. This is the kind of mind that seeks to honor and glorify God by how one is living. One way seeks (or yields) to put self first and the other seeks to put God first.

The best way to begin understanding these differences more deeply is to begin seeing how this is to be applied to the smaller or simpler things in life. If one does not grasp this and know how to apply this in the easier matters of life, then one will not know how to apply right decision-making to the more difficult and complicated matters of life.

One example that we are going to examine first would indeed seem to be of small importance in life. This example was at one time mentioned in a past post concerning matters of government during the history of the era of Philadelphia. It was about the use of makeup. For those who did not experience this history in the Church, it might seem a little unimaginable that such a seemingly small thing could have become such a large issue within the membership of the Church.

This issue of whether or not the use of makeup would be allowed resulted in the manifestation of attitudes and spirit that were not at all in unity and agreement with God and His Church. This small matter revealed far deeper spiritual problems that needed to be revealed within the environs of the Church. This controversy escalated in such a divisive manner that it mushroomed into far more serious issues and it eventually resulted in the removal of thousands from fellowship in the Church. So never underestimate the importance to your overall spiritual life and well-being concerning what one would generally consider the small things in life. This one example alone reveals how little things can and do reflect one’s true overall spirit.

Through this experience regarding the wearing of makeup, the Church has come to appreciate and better understand that such decisions made in the Church result in our refinement that produces truer unity and agreement with God. It also results in understanding moderation, balance, and soundness in thinking and judgment that only God can fully reveal and give to us. This example of makeup should teach and emphasize the importance of striving to govern our lives in all things in life, for even the small things must be under our control, or else they will control us. Having such control and being able to govern our lives in greater unity with God requires God to continually live and dwell in us because of ourselves we cannot “think” as we should.

It is good to notice that there are many decisions that we must make in life in which there is no written law that specifically tells us what to do, as with the decision to not wear makeup. We are to learn how to judge and make right, sound, and spiritually healthy decisions in our life, which requires that we learn to judge the motivation for such decisions.

In the matter of makeup, there is no law written that covers its use; therefore, there are several things to be learned from such an example as this. The obvious one for the Church became a matter of whether or not an individual was in unity with God’s Church and God’s government in decisions that are made by the Church, even in administrative issues as well.

Sharpening One’s Judgment
In the matter of makeup, there are principles that one can learn which may also apply to other areas of life. There is no need to go into an extensive examination of the subject, but rather to “get to the point” of the important issues that one needs to address. And by applying these things, one who seeks to honor God can improve upon how they judge and make decisions concerning whether God is being placed first in different aspects of their life.

It is good to ask, “Why was there a question about makeup in the first place?” It is because its use over the centuries was highly associated with a wrong use as an alluring enhancement for sexual attraction. However, that wrong use and purpose does not mean that it couldn’t have an acceptable and right use as well. This distinction was difficult for most to understand during that period of Philadelphia.

This brings to mind another example in which people have had such opposing views, and that is about the use of alcoholic beverages. Some religious groups totally forbid it, claiming it is against God’s will. Even this nation (the United States) went through a period of time known as Prohibition, where it was illegal to make alcoholic beverages of any kind. Rather than going into all the stir over the issue that has existed through time, it is simply better to look at what kind of use can dishonor God and what it means that a right use can honor Him. Simply the fact that one seeks to not dishonor God in any way in the use of anything is a matter of honoring God.

There are plenty of examples in scripture that reveal that alcoholic beverages are not forbidden by God. This has led the Church to better understand the principle of moderation in its use. Lack of moderation, acting irresponsible in its use, and drunkenness reveal dishonor toward God in that God is not in the consideration and judgment of such actions.

Whether one chooses to have a glass of wine, a mixed drink, or a beer is simply a matter of free choice. This is just as it is with what one chooses to eat for a meal (with the understanding that no unclean food is a matter of free choice). It is in the “process” of making the decision whether it’s right or wrong that determines whether the intent and motive is to honor God (whether God is in the forefront of such thinking and choices). Certainly, the misuse of alcohol dishonors God. However, alcohol can be used in right balance when done so in a responsible manner. Its misuse has caused incredible grief and suffering through time. This misuse often leads to addiction and total lack of control over its consumption. The misuse of alcohol and drugs are associated with nearly half of all traffic deaths in the United States, where each year traffic fatalities are numbered into the tens of thousands.

Over the course of a meal, if someone chooses to consume an alcoholic beverage, most people will have no symptoms of drunkenness. If a drink or two are consumed over a period of an hour to two, most of the affects of any alcohol will have fully dissipated. Choosing to drink or not to drink alcohol is a free choice. But it is not a free choice to have a quick meal with a couple of drinks and then quickly place one’s self behind the steering wheel of a motor vehicle. In some instances of eating a meal and consuming an alcoholic drink, a person may still be in good form while visiting with others, but they may not be as sharp in skills which are necessary to maintain when it comes to driving. Proper time for the dissipation of alcohol should exist before someone places themselves into the kind of responsible position that is required when driving. If such freedom is abused, this can potentially have a very wrong impact and consequence upon one’s own life and that of others.

As alcohol has had such a history of misuse, this does not take away from the fact that when used responsibly it is perfectly fine to enjoy such beverages if one so chooses. Simply because far too many people choose to misuse it does not mean it should be prohibited. This misuse in general is just a sad commentary on today’s society. This now brings us back to the subject of makeup. Just because many people have misused it through time, as an enhancement for sexual attraction, does not mean it should be prohibited.

Makeup can be used to enhance natural features, but it can also very easily be used beyond moderation to something that tends to enhance sexual attraction. To address this correctly in one’s life, a person must go before God, in spirit and in truth, and seek His help to properly discern the difference. A sound way to measure such a thing is to seek that which reflects something between light use and that which draws closer to moderate use. In doing so, one would then be acting in a responsible fashion before God. One should guard against going beyond the point of moderate use to that of heavier use, just as in the consumption of alcohol.

The use of makeup does not dishonor God unless one goes beyond a balance in moderation. Rather than judging one another, each person must go before God to seek that balance. Just as the Church teaches it is fine to wear makeup in moderation, it is also fine not to wear it. One is not more righteous or better than the other.

It is also wise, when striving to determine matters of moderation, spiritual soundness of mind, and that which honors or dishonors God, that one pays extra close attention to any related statements on a specific subject that has been made by the Church. If the Church has given direction in any matter, then one should recognize that importance, especially if one truly grasps how God works in and through the leadership of His Church.

Once again, it is necessary at this point to end here in “Part 5” of this series. This is to give time for this material to more completely become mentally (in knowledge and understanding) and spiritually (in reasoning and soundness of thinking) digested and absorbed. It was originally thought that this series would be much shorter, but God has continued to give more. This is so His Church can be better equipped to make this Year of Dedication greater in what can be produced in one’s life if one so chooses to more fully apply to their lives what is being given.


40 thoughts on “A Heightened Dedication – Pt 5

  1. “… statements on a specific subject that has been made by the church has given direction in any matter, then one should recognize that important, especially if one truly grasps how God works through the leadership of the church …”

    I do question the leadership of pkg due to its acceptance of a corrupt leader.


  2. Working thru “the leadership” of the church, not questioning whether they are right or wrong, THIS has been the big problem with the COGS all along. We read the ” fine print” for a reason, but the church leaders can be wrong over and over and people don’t “question”. We were taught that questions were from the devil, leaning on your own “understanding”. We were afraid to think at all.


  3. The whole gist of this post is “Your own thinking as a human is flawed and you can’t trust yourself… so here is what you should think, coming from ME., another human who is in jail for theft, appointed himself a prophet and has falsely prophesied!” Interesting how the PKG members are constantly being told how unsound they are WHILE their abuser sits in prison for tax fraud…It is like getting lectured by Charles Manson on godliness…


  4. Ron the anti-Christ said “In reality, when a person allows a motivation of selfishness to continue to exist on any level, then they are not in true control of their life. They are not free from that bondage as long as that specific portion of selfishness is controlling them.”

    That includes stealing tithes, using them on selfish lusts (during the Great Tribulation no less), using them to buy expensive suits, expensive jewelry, expensive paintings, expensive meals, expensive trips, expensive hotels……

    This guy doesn’t know what’s awaiting him, he should be quaking in his boots.


  5. “Working thru “the leadership” of the church, not questioning whether they are right or wrong”

    The bible says to test the spirits, certainly this is supported, but this should be done with a right attitude (this is not directed at Ozymandias of course).

    Ron would have you NOT test the spirits or an apostle, the bible says we should do both (in fact God says you should test Him as well). The PKGers prefer not to obey the bible.

    The truth has no problem being tested, only liars do.


  6. I recently watched a BBC documentary about how William Tyndale was the most “dangerous” man in Tudor England. In 16th century Europe, the catholic church kept the bible and the Mass in Latin so that way nobody could understand it. Meanwhile, pope and priests claimed to be the gatekeepers of heaven, and gave divine mandates to kings. Tyndale was dangerous because by translating the bible into English, he made it possible for the common man to realize he didn’t need popes and priests, or their pomp and circumstance, and gave them what they needed to challenge this false system. Luther had realized this too and was doing the same in Germany. Eventually, slowly, that system began to crater and collapse. If you think about it, in the greater world at large, we now live in a time after many thousands of years when FINALLY we’re not ruled by gods or priests. I’m still not sure we have much of a voice in how we are ruled, but that’s grist for a different mill.

    Reading through these missives from Weinland, Dave Pack, Meredith, Flurry, UCG during the COGWA debacle, etc. you would think it was still the middle ages. You would have no idea we now live in an increasingly secular and atheistic time in which reason has begun to overturn religion itself. These people still claim to be priests and gatekeepers (to imaginary realms), and those who are ruled by these priests don’t seem to realize that the shackles under which they still labor were knocked off centuries ago! You would think this stuff wouldn’t work on literate people who can read the bible in their own language (let alone science journals that discredit it). I’ll never excuse these false priests, but at a certain point you have to conclude that there are some people who genuinely want to be enslaved by them and all this foolishness.


  7. Exactly right, Ephemerol! It is no accident that Armstrongism fails to see any good coming from the Reformation. They would have liked a continuation of the Dark Ages, only presided over by HWA in lieu of the Pope. Tyndale, and other courageous individuals, ripped that whole thing wide open, setting the world on end, and setting the stages and many of the principles for the founding of the USA.



  8. This post reminds me of Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit episode where there was a very perceptive observation about the antagonist, a nine year old psychopath named Henry who pushed his younger sister down the stairs (“It was an experiment, I wanted to see if she would make it all the way to the bottom”), drowned the neighbor’s dog in the bathtub (“It took longer than I thought it would”) and shot a police officer (“Can I hold your gun?”):

    Some people are wired wrong.

    And that handily explains, Weinland, Dave Pack, Meredith, Flurry, UCG during the COGWA debacle (and the CoGWA itself who fabricated a person to carry on a social media campaign).


  9. well i read rons post …at least the first word ..and ron got it absolutely right ..”The” ..after that it went downhill quick …first of all God did not tell Adam and Eve that they were naked …God did ask them ..who told you that you were naked?..at least if you are going to post, ron ..get your facts straight ..oh wait ..thats been the problem all along ..


  10. I find it dazzling, that PKGers can not see this man for what he is. They are completely blind.

    Nobody’s perfect, I’m not talking about that. Ron has done a host of reprehensible things, that are not characteristic of a man of God, much less of the caliber that the Two Witnesses will be (whom the bible explicitly declares are both men).

    Ron is the man that the bible describes as a “minister of light”, and not to marvel because their master Satan is an angel of light.

    Ron is NOT a Christian who is being persecuted, he’s one that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and he’s paying for it.


  11. A lil bird told me sabbath attendance is at a all time low and morale in this cult is dwindling thank God !!eventually Ron can stop discrediting God and him and his “family”can fall in the hole they dug themselves in .What ever happen to that post where Ron’s sister said he had always been manipulative ?hypocrisy all up and down the page whoever reads this site and is still tied in the web of pkg and in doubt know that Ron made promises that he wasn’t who he was if this or that happened no one asked that of him he literally accused himself !!don’t let him rob you of a fulfilling life he is a Darty eyed scumbag rotting in a cold cell free yourselves !!


  12. Morale should be at an all-time low… because Ron is recycling yet again his failed prophecies back into a new timeline, which of course will fail too because he is a liar. Time is the ally of the con artist. By the time the remaining PKG see his 2019 prophecy fail they will have been given the opportunity to have been duped for a decade since Ron’s 2008 GFW and 2009 “prophecies.”Like they say, only the insane think doing something over and over even though it is not working is wise.

    It is going to be interesting watching how Ron will just keep going once his 2019 prophecy/lie fails spectacularly.

    No matter if the entire church leaves, Ron will still be wealthy and that is the ENTIRE point of his con. He doesn’t need the church or care about prophecy… once he has restocked his bank accounts with a couple million dollars.


  13. “It is going to be interesting watching how Ron will just keep going once his 2019 prophecy/lie fails spectacularly.”

    We don’t need to wait till 2019, his prophecy will be shown a failure by the end of December this year, when he will still be in jail, not breathing fire, not being on the world stage in any shape or form or manner.


  14. Ron says in “Timing And Our Commission” (May 2013):

    “I follow God where He leads. I don’t know the turns until we are there and only God through Christ reveals them. As an example that was recently mentioned about a GPS, we follow a spiritual one that is always true – always right. If there is a problem, it is only with us in our following it….”

    This will be EXACTLY the kind of thing he will say again, because he has said it in some many ways from 2009 – 2015. Amazing how he has falsely prophesied over and over and yet he has the gall to say THEY are ALWAYS “right” because Ron has a magic GPS that makes false prophesy OK! There is NO problem in false prophecy because the only problem is not doing what Ron says after it fails! (“If there is a problem, it is only with us in our following it….”). Ron thinks he is never wrong… no matter how many sins he commits. He was “not wrong” though jailed, he is “not wrong” after FOUR false “EXACT” prophecies about Jesus Christ, and no matter what he says or does he is “not wrong” because “god through christ” keeps on changing his EXACT prophecies that he himself has said “not even God can change them”!

    Ronald Weinland’s mouth and a pig’s rectum produce exactly the same material…

    And late December will prove this yet again…


  15. These COG scumbags seem to have zero conscience, but they do indeed know right from wrong and take pleasure in taking advantage of “holy” books to aid their crimes.

    Meredith knows, Weinland knows, HWA knew; there is a sucker born every minute and there is no more gullible sucker than a religious one. I am not saying only religious idiots are true idiots, but organized religion has a particularly brilliant way of making the common idiot into a super idiot. Someone with an IQ of 80 is going to have their idiocy supercharged by the belief that Ronald Weinland can make them into a magical being in the future if they give him all their money, because a god that changes his mind every other day told him to start an Internet church and falsely prophesy event after event over and over, then goes to jail for tax fraud after spending 4 MILLION dollars of the church’s ergo God’s money on his family alone….including 3 BMWs… while the church’s poor struggle to get by.

    …that takes a rather “special” person to join up.


  16. How many times does Ronald Weinland have to LIE to you before you believe he is a liar?

    Apparently a lot.

    You know a person could say he is Napoleon, he could say he’s telling the truth, but can you not tell that he is lying?

    PKGers can not do this. If they are told that they are being told the truth, they believe it.

    They do not bother to verify it, to look at the track record of the person, they blindly believe what ever they are told.

    The bible tells them their fate, they can avoid it if they open their eyes.


  17. They give him a pass on the failures and outright lies, because he preaches a version of Armstrongism. Just like President Clinton got a pass from feminists on the Monica thing.



  18. know its off the subject but monica wasnt the only one clinton screwed ..it was the whole nation ..and we are all still paying for it …weinland is still doing the same thing even from behind bars

    pkg reads these posts so why dont you do some research….the Bereans did …and just because weinland quotes scriptures ( well yes thats in the bible so people believe it )remember this well…ron weinland is a false prophet , a deceitful worker who masquerades as an apostle of Christ.. Satan himself masquerades as a minister of light so marvel not that his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve. —Corinthians 11:12-15 go ahead and look it up ..its in the Bible also..how can you possibly still have any faith in such a failed person. ok he has money and lots of it, but his is a filthy lucre .It is not honestly earned


  19. Here’s the thing.

    If the blind lead the blind they both fall into the pit.

    Now Ronald Weinland literally has said “we can NOT SEE” {prophetically}

    This is what I find astounding, Ron basically told his entire congregation around the world THAT HE IS BLIND, AND THEY STILL FOLLOW THIS BLIND MAN.

    God makes tongues waggle. Ron has CLEARLY statement from his OWN MOUTH many times that he is a false prophet.

    This is what boggles me. Ron has admitted to being a false prophet MULTIPLE TIMES, from his own mouth.


  20. The thing is, the PKG will only listen to those they feel have credibility and will reject anything they do not want to hear.

    Ronald Weinland has credibility in their eyes; we do not.

    So no matter how much truth we present, no matter how many facts we present, they will reject them all because we just don’t have any credibility.

    Their only choice is to believe Ronald Weinland because he’s the only one who has credibility in their sight.

    Their reasoning is circular because they are using circular reasoning.


  21. DB , the church represents a safe haven for the members. Remember , Ron came along like a knight in armor when WWCG fell apart. He is their hero and as such is given a lot a leeway on everything he does.When he speaks it is taken as complete gospel. They simply do not question him. The ones that have are out. They don’t want to be booted out of their safe place so they use the circular logic to help “prove” him correct. I did it myself on several occasions. He earned his “credibility ” when WWCG announced you didn’t have to keep the Sabbath and we Sabbath keepers knew we needed another group. We were all ” survivors” and looked at him as the end time hero. Had he not been a ego maniac, liar and thief it could have been good for the people that want this lifestyle. People believe and see what they want to see. All they know is that Ron was there for them in the beginning.This gives him his credibility in their eyes. Most of them will stay with him until the bitter end.


  22. The safe haven isn’t that safe.

    Ozymandias, what you are describing for the PKG is a mass Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Weinland isn’t a hero, he’s the street drug of choice that everybody that takes it, is comfortable with the addiction because it makes them safe because they can’t tolerate the withdrawal symptoms.


  23. “A lil bird told me sabbath attendance is at a all time low and morale in this cult is dwindling thank God”

    I hope this is true….

    I hope that instead of having low morale, they can instead have high morale with absolute biblical conviction that this man is false, and that they have the choice to free themselves of him, and to do it, and to be better off.



    I am curious. Why do you gather to listen to a guy who lied to the government, has been rightfully jailed for being a fraud, openly lied on his daughter’s marriage certificate (a PUBLIC document), has falsely prophesied several times, broke every promise he has ever made, and spent your money on BMWs when it was supposed to go to church activities? Why do you get together to support and listen to this guy? What exactly is holy about a SELF-appointed false prophet in jail for fraud? How is HIS word greater and more important than Jesus’ own words in the Bible, which Ron has rejected?


    You have and are making an EXTREMELY wise decision. The money you are saving will NOT be wasted on diamonds and gold and BMWs for the Weinlands. You will also now be free of being lied to by a guy who knows he is wrong but wants your money so he doesn’t have to work. You are unhooking the claws the Weinlands have in your mind and spirit and are now on the way to hope, love, joy and freedom. You will be freed of a tax fraud who lies without shame, a jailed criminal who has lied about EVERY single thing he preaches. And this blog has recorded/proved it. Read this blog and then CHECK everything out for yourself. You WILL see we are telling the truth about Weinland and his DOCUMENTED lies.

    You are mere steps away from freedom. Don’t be scared to know the truth about Weinland. It will save your life when you start running away from his evil.


  25. Does anyone out there in the ACOGs respect Ron, Rod, Dave, Gerald, or other similar individuals based on their own strengths and merits? It appears to me that church members accept and kow tow to fourth or fifth-rate knockoffs as cheap temporary substitutes for HWA! The mere suggestion that the current crop of leaders is simply temporary custodians for something they hold to be of great value should be humbling, and sobering. But it is not! They continue to ordain themselves as apostles, and prophets without even considering the fact that this is HWA’s false flock, and without him, they would not be there. This also explains the rampant idolization of HWA in all of the ACOGs.

    A person would have a better chance of getting into the kingdom by following Tupac Shakur than Ron Weinland.


  26. Members may fear throwing the baby out with the bath water. Please let me say that this is propaganda from the COGs . You do not lose your spirit as it is God given, you do not have to fall away and become a tool of the devil. This is a big fat LIE told to you so you will continue to serve this false man.Ron needs the tithers , but he also needs to the long time members to give him credibility. God warns us over and over to be on the watch for false ministers! The old AND New Testament warn us of the wolves in sheep’s clothing that will come along in our lives. It warns us to be watchful. Ask yourself what Ron’s fruits are! Except for having a few of you as freinds he has accomplished NOTHING. No witness, no prophesies,no works at all. He is a big ole bag of wind!now he has you all on the hook waiting for 2019. After that he will come up with something else. One day he will disappear into the wind with whatever monies he has saved. He cannot keep this lie up forever, but he will milk it for all it’s worth. For all YOUR worth. People don’t use things that don’t work. Just tell him you’re going to take care of widows and orphans with your tithe and he will KICK YOU OUT! The only winner in this is Ron. He doesn’t have a clue as to when God is coming or even who God really is. Ron goes directly against God when he says HE knows the day and hour. No man knows, not even the angels for a reason.God will return when the time is right and there is nothing Ron can do about it. He has no power at all and all of his failures prove it.


  27. The main problem is that there is no baby and there’s no bath water to begin with.

    It’s all a delusion.

    In the DSM-5 it’s called “shared delusion disorder”. That’s just a fancy name for “they’re all nuts!”.


  28. I’m always amused by fundamentalists and biblical literalists such as Ron Weiland who think that the Genesis creation stories (two of them) actually constitute human prehistory, beginning around 4000 B.C. Is he blissfully unaware of the vast amount of scientific evidence – genetic, cultural, archaeological, etc – in existence which demonstrates clearly that current mankind is directly descended from ‘homo sapiens’ which flourished on earth for tens of thousands of years at the very least?

    Apart from that, why would God, KNOWING full well what lies in the future, create Adam and Eve with “the intention” that they live perfect lives, while at the same time KNOWING that this wasn’t going to happen. Did God embark on a deliberate course of action, knowing full well that His intended course of action would not succeed? Mmmmm…. Sounds like a God that a not very intelligent human being might dream up.

    Perhaps it’s the same God who is obviously very confused and keeps on giving Weiland incorrect “divine revelations” about when Jesus Christ will return!


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