One More Year

release_dateA brief note here to break up the prophetic blather.  Ronald Weinland is serving a 42-month prison term for 5 counts of criminal tax evasion.  He started serving just about 2 years and 2 weeks ago.  With time off for good behavior, his scheduled release date is one year from now.

But the sentencing order requires an additional 3 years of supervised release.  Which means that Ron will not be allowed to leave the Eastern District of Kentucky without permission from his probation officer.  The sentencing order also includes this provision:

13) as directed by the probation officer, the defendant shall notify third parties of risks that may be occasioned by the defendant’s criminal record, personal history, or characteristics and shall permit the probation officer to make such notifications and confirm the defendant’s compliance with such notification requirement.

Wonder if the probation officer could be persuaded that Ron is a danger to those who believe his nonsense or are likely too.


57 thoughts on “One More Year

  1. Ron should be shaking in his boots. Doesn’t he know that false prophets have a death penalty on their heads?

    The difference between the OT and the NT is that in the OT the civil government carried this out, in the NT God carries this penalty out.

    Ron and his wife ROB the people of tithes and use the money for THEMSELVES.

    The vast majority of the tithes they collect IS NOT USED FOR AND TRUE RELIGIOUS WORK AT ALL.

    It is used to feed their lusts.


  2. To all the money-grubbing, tithe-demanding religious scabs and leeches in their own “One True Church”TM …..
    The Tithe was only on agricultural, horticultural and animal husbandry occupations. In the land of Israel. Paid to the Government, who comprised the tribe of Levi.
    A tithe ( 10% ) of the Tithe went to temple and all ecclesiastical activities, and only to the descendants of Aaron.
    Yes, 1 ( one ) percent, you thieves. You can all go to Israel and set up your tithing system. See how you go with that!


  3. JD, Thank you for bringing the “correction” in Ron’s latest post to our attention. The God between Ron’s ears sure likes to change his mind quite often.

    Guess the new rules regarding electronic devises during Sabbath services didn’t sit well with the membership. At least we now know how the membership was able to pass the time over the past two years listening to sermons by the likes of Hillbilly Harrell and Wayne’s World without falling asleep or dropping dead of extreme boredom.


  4. Still, it would be better if PKG members realized that instead of having to make choices about how electronics are used in the Sabbath Environment™, it would be so much better not to attend services at all.

    It would solve a host of problems….


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