Mere Words and Promises Aren’t Cuttin’ It Any Longer

As False Prophet Ronald Weinland finishes his last year in prison, PKG gets smaller and smaller — but probably will not hit zero.

Just this week I received an email from a now former PKG member, having just left this weekend.  Here is his email in it’s entirety with the exception of redacting his last name.  Those PKG members from East coast near Pennsylvania should recognize who it is.

—————-  Bill’s email ———————————–


166 thoughts on “Mere Words and Promises Aren’t Cuttin’ It Any Longer

  1. From Mike’s Post: “After declaring in 2007 that there wouldn’t be a feast in 2008, and that members should send in their 2nd tithes to him.”

    Wow, I had forgotten about this – I think this is the period of time when the spending spree really took off i.e. Mediterranean Cruise, BMW’s etc.

    Interestingly, this is also about the time when the ‘business cards’ came out to PKG members to pass onto other prospective members/tithers (former WWCG) and provide a free copy of Ronnie’s book GFW2008. I was contacted in November 2007.

    Randy, I am glad you posted the list of some of Ronnie’s lies & failed prophecies. We tend to forget over time. It may help anyone who is contemplating leaving PKG to make a decision to do so.


  2. There is another possibility: Maybe Weinland wants to shut down the Feast sites because it’s too much work and drains away money — it would be so much easier to just ‘coast’ on the money for his Luxury Fund by having his remaining faithful flock send in money and get absolutely nothing.

    It may be risky business, but Weinland has never been one to avoid taking chances, especially since his counting on his own charisma has been so successful with a qualified subset of cult members.

    But of course, there’s no denying that if the membership falls sufficiently, no Feast should be forthcoming, since Weinland doesn’t want the membership of the PKG to realize how few left they are….


  3. Hi to all,
    I have not been on here for awhile as I don’t care for people blaming God for what a man has done. We are all responsible for our own actions. GOD IS ALIVE AND WELL! I read the post of our latest retiree from PKG. I am so glad that there is still hope for some to come to their senses. I did not leave because of the coffee. I am attaching a copy of the letter I sent directly to Ron and Laura. It is a little lengthy but I think it will let some on this blog see that we left for all the right reasons. Please read to the end, I know it is long

    The remainder of Donna’s comment is moved to it’s own post


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