How To Choose a Guru

How well does Ron measure up?


47 thoughts on “How To Choose a Guru

  1. Conald Swineland just doesn’t measure up. He doesn’t seem to have written 5 books saying the very same thing yet.

    I don’t think he has strong legs to stand on. He certainly doesn’t have a pouch.

    He doesn’t seem to have the ability to perform soul washing.

    He doesn’t have a foreign sounding name that’s impossible to pronounce.

    He’s also too well dressed.

    Does he sleep with his own followers. I don’t think he does because he thinks they are too inferior to him.

    He has chosen the thug life, the thug life hasn’t chosen him.

    He has a long way to go.


  2. “You want someone who is so secure that they demand you put them on a pedestal…”

    That is Ronald Weinland in a nutshell.


  3. In his post headed “Satan’s Waning Power”, Weinland says:
    “There is yet one more prophetic verse that is now beginning to be fulfilled. It was recorded by Paul when he states, “And the God of peace shall bruise [KJV quote – the actual Gk. means ‘to break, shatter, crush’] Satan under your [the Church’s] feet shortly” (Rom. 16:20).
    This is part of what is now beginning to take place in this year and will continue through the seventh period that follows. The word translated “shortly” is not a word that means it will happen soon, but is a compound word that means, “When it is time for it to happen, it will happen relatively quickly or over a short period of time.”

    Weinland, who is NOT a biblical scholar, is lying again. The Greek term translated “shortly” in Rom 16:20 is NOT a compound word, and does NOT mean that “When it is time for it to happen, it will happen relatively quickly or over a short period of time”. The Greek word in question is, in English format, “tachei” – this blog refuses to accept the actual Greek text I’m afraid. The term is employed here in what is called a “dative construction”, and NOT ONE of the world’s top Greek scholars in their various Greek-English lexicons and dictionaries agree with Weinland. They all stress that it means, quite simply, (and here I am quoting from those authorities) “ soon”, “without delay” or “at once” or “shortly”. In Romans 16:20 Paul expresses his belief that the bruising of Satan would take place soon. This is consistent with Paul’s belief, shared by other New Testament writers, that the return of Jesus was imminent in the 1st century AD. Paul often exhorts his fellow Christians living in the first century not to get involved in worldly things such as marriage, because Christ would be returning soon.

    The same Greek word “tachei” is also used in Acts 25:4 and 1 Timothy 3:14 where it unarguably simply means “soon” or “shortly”, as any English translation of the New Testament will demonstrate. (In fact, in 1 Timothy 3:14, the writer says that, “I hope to come to you soon [“tachei”]…”, but later says, “if I am delayed…” This clearly illustrates how the Greek word “tachei” is used IN OPPOSITION TO the concept of “delay”!) The same Greek word is also used in Revelation1:1 and 22:6 to assure readers that the things shown in the Book of Revelation would take place “soon” or “shortly”. The term “tachei” does NOT imply delay, as Weinland would have you believe – it means without delay.


  4. Ron the Con does do some washing or cleaning. Not souls by any means. The Weinscam Clan are very into “cleansing” and washing people or followers of their hard earned cash. You know, that tithe money for God that buys his worthless adult children BMW’s and vast amounts (yards and bolts) of high dollar fabrics from Victoria’s Secret to cover his wife’s extra wide fat butt.

    And besides, Douglas……………. Ronnie is a Guru in his own little bald melon mind. A lazy one but he does do the bare minimum for a pay check errr, God’s tithes ya know. Hell, the entire family makes a living off of screwing tithers out of their homes, families, 401 K’s, and anything else of value to beef up the Weinland Luxury Fund.

    So tithers should donate to the cause of lust and excess. The BMW’s are getting up there in car years now. Laura and the Piglet Audra are ready to do some traveling and shopping people. Pay the hell up so you do not spoil their fun.

    One simple question here. Is it right to idol worship a 5 time CONVICTED FELON? I’m still waiting to see some of this prophet’$ magical mad skills. Ron and family are NOTHING more than SCAM ARTISTS feeding the flock bullshit. Expensive lies at that.


  5. BYW, nice video Mike. It’s nice to break up the recycled drivel of the retarded lunacy of Ron and Queen Laurdashian. Huh? There’s a new one for you Becker! Obviously there is another channel to tune into.

    It’s called Keeping up with the Laurdashians. It’s somewhat of a copy right infringement of that other pack of tacky hoes Swineland style. Starring a couple of other useless skanky Money Grubbing Hookers. Another expensive tasting waste of time. Maybe the PKG could get Bruce Jenner to become a paid spokesman /chic /it for them for some cash pimping. Brucette is slumming these days. Going from an Olympian on a Frost Flakes box to a tranny chic makes about as much sense as Ronnie Boy.

    Then again,,,,……… Isn’t it somewhat ironic Bruce was the poster child for Frosted FLAKES. Should have seen this one coming too. Maybe Fruit Loops will be able to line Jenner, Ron, and Laurdashian up with some work on those Fruit Loops boxes.

    It would be classic. A tranny and an insane prison bitch on the same box cover. Laurdashian could be in a commercial holding the Fruit Loops box with the two she males on it stuffing her face with handfuls of loops telling the world how great they are. Laurdashian would love that! Getting paid to eat. More repetition.


  6. Bruce Jenner has every right to come out as what he really is… and insulting him for “going from” an Olympian to a “tranny chic” makes him nonsensical, a “flake”? Mocking Jenner for the brave act of admitting he is different… admitting he is something people still hate and fear YET he does it anyway… makes you something of a coward and/or a bully, J-bags. This is how Weinland wins when he references this site. He can rightfully point out hate/mocking of others (i.e. Jenner) who don’t deserve it, and pretend he himself is one of them.

    Bruce Jenner is a brave soul who worked up the courage to be himself no matter how much people fear/hate him for it.
    Mocking Jenner proves that Jenner was right to say that people will discriminate against him and treat him unfairly…
    Mocking/opposing a criminal “minister” like Weinland is completely justified.


    1. Don’t forget that it would be fine for Ron to trash Bruce Jenner in a sermon, or for Laura to gossip about him.


  7. Weinland has wisely stayed away from these kinds of stories and topics. Though he could quote the Bible and call Jenner an abomination, he stays focused on the fiction of his ministry. Mocking Jenner or anyone else in the news accomplishes nothing.

    It is also “wise” of Weinland to stay away from topical news on celebrities and so on because of his admonition against gossip (by anyone else other than Laura). The more people stray from HIS narrative and start talking about the world, the more chance there is of someone asking Weinland about current events and their relationship with Ron’s imaginary god… which would invariably lead people to start thinking in ways not Weinland-approved. Ron is a liar and a criminal. Bruce Jenner’s sexuality is a diversion that could potentially lead to non-Weinland centered discussions.

    Besides, NOTHING Jenner does affects anyone in the PKG or anywhere else. One famous guy in California who has gender issues does not dictate how my wife and I relate to each other. The same with gay marriage. Two men getting married in Toronto or anywhere else has NO effect on our own relationship. We had been together, with kids, UNMARRIED for decades before finally having a wedding. If two men getting married can somehow affect YOUR own heterosexual marriage, you have a major problem that has nothing to do with them!!

    Weinland, as stupid as his theology is, knows that Jenner is a diversion best left unheeded…


  8. Yes, I believe that Swineland is lazy and only does what he enjoys doing and procrastinates to do anything else.

    The video shows how much hubris gurus have, but I took away from the video that they pursue their scams aggressively.

    Just remember that Proverbs says that the hand of the diligent shall prosper and that definitely applies to gurus!

    This is another reason I don’t believe that Swineland can rise to the level of guru: Because he’s lazy. He also doesn’t really have much style.


  9. What happened to all those celebrities that Ronald Weinland pronounced a death curse on?

    Weren’t they supposed to be dropping like flies?


    1. I have a feeling that Ron is not going to be mentioning his thunders, unless they seem to be coming true. Like if 3 celebrities died in short order, he would mention that one. And then forget it when more deaths don’t follow.


  10. Martin he won’t follow up on his death curses anymore than he’ll return to the radio stations for follow up interviews.

    He already hauled away his wheelbarrows of cash. The only reason for any follow up would be if he had any shame.


  11. Ron ( the asshole ) can’t get nothing right nothing at all , but his bitch sure knows how to keep the money coming in for the Weinland family Mafia ! Just don’t understand how would you like to live life thinking these lieing , stealing crooks got your back ? He Bubba give him a bitch slap for me ! I can see the lil punk hiding in his cell in Fedral prison squinting his eyes saying don’t hurt me I’m 3 in line to Gods thrown !!! Ok I feel better thanks !


  12. Here’s my question to the PKGers

    Is posting once every 3 weeks the behavior of a man that believes the world is going to end in about 6 months?

    Or is it the behavior of somebody who doesn’t believe that at all?


  13. Rev 11:3 And I will give power to My two witnesses, and they will prophesy a thousand, two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.

    They BOTH prophesy (preach or testify), and BOTH do it for 1260 DAYS.

    Ron can barely crank one out every 3 weeks.
    Laura has no speaking skills whatsoever.

    And these two are going to do it for 1260 days?

    Starting Nov. 7th, if EITHER ONE is NOT speaking publicly in any shape or form before authorities in the world, THEN THEY HAVE FAILED THEIR MISSION.


  14. Martin,

    I agree. There appears to be a definite lack of urgency in his periodic postings. I think the Two Witnesses (both of them) will be far more active prophets.


  15. Glad to see this site is the top .google search for ron weinland. In due time pkgers are gonna realize they are fast asleep in Rons world of confusion and half truths and bail God willing .


  16. Martin said: “Starting Nov. 7th, if EITHER ONE is NOT speaking publicly in any shape or form before authorities in the world, THEN THEY HAVE FAILED THEIR MISSION.”

    You are absolutely right. We here all know that it is already a failure because Weinland is a false prophet and a liar. But any remaining PKG who still have any remnant of an IQ will be once again faced with the truth that NONE of Weinland’s “prophecies” will ever come true. WE here have been right about Weinland 100% of the time… we have called all of Weinland’s prophecies false, and they HAVE been. Even Weinland HIMSELF has said if anything he said did NOT come true in 2009 he would be insane to admit he was anything other than a false prophet.


    Martin has rightly pointed out that the Weinland’s prophecies are lies. This blog has been proven correct EVERY time we have called Weinland’s prophecies false, months and even YEARS in advance. We habe told you the truth.



  17. And while we are talking about the Weinlands… today (May 13th) is Inge Lehman’s birthday… the WOMAN who successfully theorized about the nature of the Earth’s core and essentially “discovered” it – by suggesting it was not a single phenomenon like another layer or “ball” but rather the core was something unique unto itself.

    While great women are out in the world doing great science, business, politics, arts, and so on… Laura and Audra Weinland sit around collecting money and buying sh*t for themselves… doing NOTHING to help their sisters get ahead in the world. Instead of helping poor/Third World women get education, financial help, food, and the necessities of Life, they gorge themselves on the money of widows and elders.

    They are not real women… they are parasites dressed as women…false prophetesses, leeches, whoring themselves to the Almighty Dollar… worthy only of the Lake of Fire. Three million of them are not worth even 1/16th of an Inge Lehman… they should be ashamed of themselves…


  18. There hasn’t been any “drive bys” is a long, long while.

    I wonder why? Are they just kowtowing to Ron? (you know the tax thief and multiple failed prophet)

    Or do they sort of realize they don’t have a leg to stand on anymore?


  19. When you worship a convicted tax fraud who has lied so many times about God you can’t show up anywhere where sane people gather to talk about life, search for truth, seek unconditional love, make peace, try for happiness, and call out to god. You must hide deep in the lie and play with the broken toys the Weinlands have made of their lives.

    There is an ocean of life… and the PKG are sleeping in a forgotten cove, dreaming of being captains and commanders as they drown in the brine of their surrender…

    … Weinland is a piece of sh*t…


  20. More on God’s Witness
    February 21 2013
    “Since we are in the prophetic Day of the Eternal, which is the time in which God will execute His final judgment that ends 6,000 years of man’s self-rule and refusal to hear God, there is no need to any longer warn anyone of what is to come. God’s final prophetic day is about His execution of judgment, with no more endless unheeded warnings.
    For 1260 days in this end-time, God gave his final witness against mankind that fully revealed and magnified the righteousness of His final judgment that would be executed before His Son returns.
    A question that should be asked once that witness was completed by May 27, 2012, is: “What follows the witness God established during that 1260 days?”
    It should move you to the core of your being to grasp a further revelation God has given concerning how He is fulfilling His prophetic word through this final end-time. The witness God established during the 1260 days led directly into God’s last prophetic day which is from Pentecost of 2012 to Pentecost of 2013 as the Day of the Eternal, the “day” of God’s end-time judgment upon mankind. How incredibly awesome this is in structure, meaning, and fulfillment. God has meticulously planned for how He will usher in His Kingdom to govern this earth at the return of His Son.”

    Deuteronomy 18:20
    But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in my name that I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that same prophet shall die.
    And if you say in your heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD has not spoken? 22When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken, but the prophet has spoken it PRESUMPTUOUSLY


  21. (May 27 2012)
    April 29 2012
    “As readers of this site know, May 27, 2012, is the time that I have stated as being the date Jesus Christ will return as King of kings over all government on this earth.
    God’s timing is based on the day He has set for the return of His Son as world ruler. God will allow mankind to begin his final war, but He will also quickly stop it. The reason should be obvious! “Why” massive destruction from end-time events has not yet begun is due to the reality of how massive such a war will become as soon as it starts. Once a single nuclear device is detonated, and it will happen very soon now, who will refrain themselves from retaliating? Who will be the first to limit the response of their attack once the cycle begins?
    It is because of such destructive power in the hands of mankind that God has shown that if He did not intervene quickly, once such a conflagration begins, mankind would destroy itself. That is exactly what God is going to do. He will cut short the war that man begins, and He will do so on May 27th, which is also the day Jesus Christ returns.

    May 27th is fast approaching and God will perform what He has spoken through His prophets.”

    Deuteronomy 13:5
    And that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams, shall be put to death; because he has spoken to turn you away from the LORD your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt, and redeemed you out of the house of bondage, to thrust you out of the way which the LORD your God commanded you to walk in. So shall you put the evil away from the middle of you.


  22. The Execution of Judgment
    April 1 2011
    “This Sabbath (April 2nd) ends a very unique time in all history. It is the end of four cycles of “half-a-time” in the period of “time, times and half-a-time” described in Daniel 12. There are only three more periods of “half-a-time” remaining before Jesus Christ returns as King of kings over all government on earth.

    Mankind has always ignored God and refused to listen to His prophets. The greatest prophet of all time was God’s own Son, Jesus Christ, and the world refused to listen to him.

    A “Time” of Judgment
    Tomorrow is the beginning of a new period of time for this end-time. It is a “time” of 40 weeks in the “complete judgment” to be executed upon the scattered nations of Israel and upon the Israel of God (the Church) that was scattered. The whole world will suffer during this period, but the focus is upon both physical and spiritual Israel.
    In the past, I have not had the need to write much in the postings on this site. That will all begin to change as we are entering a new stage in time. The Thunders will increase in far greater magnitude and frequency and the first few Trumpets will sound with great devastation to follow.
    We are entering a momentous time. After two years of mercy, the United States will now begin to answer for ignoring God’s warnings. Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the continent of Western Europe are going to begin to answer right alongside the U.S.
    All this will be followed by the final “half-a-time,” which is the great execution of judgment upon the remaining nations of the world.

    Matthew 24
    For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.


  23. Great video Mike ) I think Ronald measures up pretty well , especially how he is always in the Present . His many many false prophecies of the past are not false because he is always in the present , and what he says presently only matters till his prophecy is proven False and then he is right back in the present with a new false prophecy amazing amazin amazing ! Sick sick sick!


  24. The Present Truth
    May 26 2012
    “The term “present truth” has come to mean much to God’s Church over the past few years, and it is possibly going to mean more to us now.”

    Snake snake snake !

    Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

    Then I saw another beast rising out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon.


  25. Ron’s theology on the “present truth” comes from this verse.
    (2Pe 1:12) Therefore I will not neglect to put you always in remembrance of these things, though you know them and are established in the present truth.

    His interpretation of this passage is so moronic, so utterly stupid, and so utterly devoid of an sense. I find it hard to believe anybody follow this concept.

    For Ronald (tax thief, liar, false prophet) Weinland, this verse means that you can supplant any “truth” with a newer better “truth”.

    This is what amounts to a truckload of horse manure.

    Truth is not some ever changing thing.

    What is meant by “present truth” in this passage, simply means the truth that has been presented to them at that time and under discussion.

    Not some “new truth” replacing some other “old truth”. The idea is beyond moronic.


  26. Let no man deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.


  27. Re the 2Pe 1:12 passage… modern parlance….we might put it this way…

    ….the topic now under discussion…
    ….the present topic under discussion….
    ….the present issue….

    None of course would have been used or meant to negate some other topic/issue/truth that was previously being talked about.

    PKGers are going to be so sorry they listened to Ron at all, if they swallow such blatantly obvious nonsense, then it’s a hopeless case most likely.


  28. Hey asshole
    What info did God give you lately ? Probley the same as the last 10 years that never happen but the tights you steal keep coming


  29. Randy, on that note, I had an interesting conversation recently with a former PKG’er. The subject of tithes came up, and they mentioned to me how someone commented to them that what Ron does with the tithes is between him and God. Of course, I was floored by this as it hit me that this is one way for folks to look the other way, and not truly think about how they are being fully manipulated.

    So it’s OK to struggle and do without, as long as the person that has your tithes will answer to God later? Huh??

    Also, I’m not sure it’s “stealing” in the strictest sense, but more like a form of extortion due to Ron’s position in the church. Not to mention the fear factor that most in PKG have for NOT tithing, lest they get the “death sentence”. 😮


  30. Martin, the “present truth” got me into some hot water (and fully irritated) with a PKG member back in 2012, when I brought up the aspect of Ron and Laura NOT dying in the streets of Jerusalem. I can’t remember how I put it, but I was swooped on like white on rice when it was told to me very curtly how that what I said wasn’t the “present truth”, and I shouldn’t mention such things. I’m not sure what even brought that to mind, ‘cept to say that probably even back then I was seeing chinks in the armor, which would eventually have me leaving fully in time.

    Well, well, well…………whadya know———–not long after (before May 27th), Ron had stated in a sermon that he and Laura would indeed NOT die in the streets in Jerusalem! So when someone who’s not in authority brings up a very salient point, and because they’re considered one of the “lesser ones”, it’s immediately shot down as being worthless??

    That was one of those incidents that stick in my mind (among many others), and it’s a very good thing that I got out when I did! I know for a fact that my old temper would have flared up sooner or later, and someone would have ended up with a flattened nose! 😮


  31. Ronald Weinland said it was spiritual.

    So get this, the “death” spoken of was spiritual, that means Ron and Laura were spiritually dead for 3 1/2 years.

    A person who is spiritually dead is a person that is apostate from the church and the truth.

    Ironically this has always been true of Ron, but the message flew right over the heads of most PKGers.


  32. “Fooled No More, did this concept of the “present truth” make any sense at the time?”

    Sort of……….I didn’t grasp at the time that “truth” should never change. Either something’s the truth or it isn’t. I was just a bit frosted at the fact that there was a sort of censorship going on in the midst of the congregations…….that whenever an idea came up or a thought about something——-if “Ron” hasn’t said it was so, then it was not to be discussed! It happened a number of times over the years and the frequency of such occurrences was becoming quite annoying.

    Questioning something shouldn’t be that difficult or painful without a diatribe that you’re “losing faith”, or “not staying close to the trunk of the tree” when things simply aren’t adding up.

    Sorry, but I was raised to ask questions, and I was also brought up to believe that words mean things. If someone can’t answer a question directly, that person shouldn’t be trusted. Took me a while to grasp this, especially in the environs of religion or “faith”, but this whole experience has made me that much more cynical of religion, or faith, or what-have-you.


  33. The “present truth” was mearly a vehicle for Ron to change his mind every time his time line wasn’t working out. As the prophet he reserved this right for himself. He also called it ” binding and loosening “. This way he can change his mind at the drop of a hat and make it so. Herbert Armstrong did it with makeup several times.A few ladies in California use too much and the whole church has to give it up.If you didn’t like what the apostle or prophet says you were free to leave. Same thing with tithing. Funny ,no one ever bound and loosed that doctrine.This is their way of culling the herd of any trouble makers. Believe me, they were as happy to see us go as we were to leave. They like to keep their ducks in a row. Absolutly no room for any one with questions they can’t or won’t answer.


  34. That’s what my husband always said. We never fell for the present truth. God created science and math and the present truth can’t pass the test.


  35. It just strikes me as funny that any minister from an Armstrong-influenced background would use a phrase such as “present truth”. Generally speaking, if you used the term “dispensation” (as do perhaps some of the more educated theologians) to describe the Old Covenant rituals, you would have been told that one size fits all, that there are no such thing as dispensations. Yet, there goes Ron, with his “present truth”!



    1. Q: What is a PKGer’s definition of truth?
      A: Whatever Ron said in his last sermon or blog post.
      Q: What is a PKGer’s definition of untruth?
      A: Whatever Ron said in the sermon or blog post before the last one.


  36. The present truth is such a stupid concept. But Armsrong was a master of using the idea.

    He merely said that God had changed his mind, and Armstrong would openly admit things had changed. He could do that though, because of the way he set up his prophecies. 1975 in Prophecy was a set-up that focused on 1975, and the rest could change. Weinland on the other hand made Jesus the vital centerpiece, and the year EXACT, down to the hour. Armstrong knew that 1975 could change to 1983 or 1999 or 2036, because he set up the lie to be inherently flexible. Weinland did not. Now Weinland is losing his church while Armstrong grew even stronger.

    Herbie was a failed ad man, but he knew enough about advertisign and how to lie effectively to keep selling the idea of the World Tomorrow. Weinland is selling himself as a Prophet, Witness, and so on.

    Herbie was a narcissist that sold the sizzle of the steak (The World Tomorrow) Weinland thinks he is the steak himself (I am… I am right… I am the only…).

    Armstrong = successful liar and cult leader.

    Weinland = moronic criminal copy cat


  37. Also, Weinland fell into the trap of coveting expensive stuff without doing what SMART thieves do… diversify their foundation.

    He could have saved at least one million of the four million he spent on B.S. luxury items investing/buying property on a small conservative scale in order o make them into a SMALL herd of ‘cash cows.’ Plus, by buying a smaller house he could have fooled his followers into thinking he was humble. Not buying BMWs for his kids could have served his image. Have the leeches… I mean his kids… driving high quality compacts while filling their bank accounts would be great business for the kids (free money) while also making them “humble” heirs to his ministry WHILE storing up further millions. He could also tell the people int he PKG that he was going to have a small, reasonably priced vacation a bed and breakfast in Scotland to think up and write new sermons… spend a couple of days in Scotland then go to Monaco to waste the money on the “high life” before coming back… just not telling everyone about the Monaco part of his trip. Weinland is a complete idiot.

    Let me tell you all something… the guy who walks into your store/place of business in dirty sweatpants and a T-shirt, with a dirty ball cap? he is the millionaire who is frugal. The guy in the suit with the fancy car? He is spending a lot keeping himself just above ‘completely in debt’ or about to go completely broke paying off his rising debt.

    Don;t be fooled.

    And don’t trust a minister who isn’t dirty and tired during the week…

    and go to the barber/stylist with the most hair on the floor…

    he/she is too busy cutting hair .i.e. a popular barber, to handle sweeping…


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