A Final Stretch

Ron has a new posting up.  “A Final Stretch” is more appropriate than “The Final Stretch”.  Because with Ron there will be a string of “Final Stretches” until he’s no longer able to declare them.

———————— Weinland’s Posting —————–

As of this post, there are about three months remaining until this year’s Feast of Tabernacles begins. Before you know it, we will be observing the Last Great Day of the Feast. Every year we are blessed to observe the Feast of Tabernacles, but to our knowledge there has only been one time EVER that the Church has been blessed to observe a special Year of Dedication as we are doing now.

We are near the three-quarter mark in this very unique observance. In this post, I am going to use a “race” as an analogy to this year because there are some comparable lessons that can benefit us mightily. It is often near this three-quarter marker in a race that one can begin to tire to the point that the battle in the mind becomes the greatest. In a real race the battle is on a physical plane concerning how the mind reacts. In this unique year the battle is one that is on a spiritual plane concerning how the mind reacts to what we are currently doing and how this year will be completed. It is at this point in a race that choices are often made that determine the final outcome for the rest of the race, just as it is in this special year we are observing.

At this marker in a race, a person can begin to let up, give in, and slow down by starting to exercise less effort. It is even here that some actually just quit and give up entirely. It is somewhat like fasting itself where a person simply quits at some point in the fast and decides to do it at some other time or not at all. Fasting also can indeed be likened to a race because of the battle against self – against one’s own mind – is very similar in nature.

So whether or not one begins to let down, or ceases to focus and fight as one should, is a matter that is solely in each individual’s hands, and in no one else’s. Instead of letting our human nature begin to take control by allowing less of an effort to be put into the time that is remaining, now is the time to actually fight against our human nature even more. This has much to do with a genuine exercise of humility and the practice of fasting itself.

It is at this very marker that a person should fight against self more than at any other previous point in the race. This is the time when one can actually dig deeper and become more resolved to actually put greater effort and determination into a far more successful and meaningful completion. This is now the place in the race that becomes more important than any other.

So it is often at this very juncture in a race that the real battle begins, concerning how we are going to fare in the remainder of what is yet before us. The distance or time that is yet before us in this Year of Dedication will largely determine the actual true success and overall spiritual benefit that will come from this entire year. It is not how we began this year or how we have fought up to this point, but it is far more about how we continue on and finish what we started!

This is not the time to let up, but a time to press forward to the end for a potentially great spiritual year for each of us. It is not the time to begin becoming complacent, weary, or lukewarm in spirit. Instead, this is the time to focus even more on our quest to more fully dedicate the time that is remaining to that of growing more spiritually and to developing a far closer relationship with God Almighty, Jesus Christ, and with one another.

This post is rather short, but it is very much to the point and it truly says a great deal. This message is vitally important to every member of the body as to how each person continues in this very important year that will also conclude the sixth cycle of 1,260 days, which is the conclusion of what this sixth cycle has been all about – the measuring of the Temple of God.


60 thoughts on “A Final Stretch

  1. Ronald Weinland claims to be a type of John.

    John heard the 7 thunders. (Rev 10:4)

    John was COMMANDED not to write them down.

    Ronald Weinland disobeyed, and wrote (what he thought they were) down.

    Ron is a lying false prophet who disobeys the commands of God.


  2. Avalokiteshvara, perhaps a better choice would be to set the Weinlands up to join the first Mars colony — can’t you just imagine Jeremy, what’s her name and her 2nd husband, Laura and Ronald all crammed aboard the rocket to take off to a brand new world, full of challenges, establishing a new outpost for humanity! Exciting isn’t it! Pioneers! In a Brave New World! And they can have the solar system’s biggest litter box if they only had a cat. I’m not sure the ethics of their using PKG money to finance the trip, but on the other hand, the end really does justify the means. It’s the Swiss Family Weinlands! Lost in Space!

    Of course the little mishap with the SpaceX rocket is somewhat disturbing, but if something goes wrong, what has the world lost?


  3. “… The religions of the world, as they are brought down, and the Churches that are scattered are brought down, will turn to their god, what they see as God. Some in the world will be called to turn to seek the true God, because of a calling… because of a calling. Now, the Churches that are scattered, the same thing will apply. Some will turn to God (and we understand that 63,000 are going to be given this opportunity), to be awakened, to turn to God, to seek God, and God says that He will deliver them if they continue to seek Him with humility and repentance. Because that’s the key! Humility and repentance…”

    Wayne Matthews “Man’s Last Days pt 2 1-3-15

    what say you false prophet weinland


  4. “… So when God says to Israel here, “seek Me and live,” well, the opportunity has to be given. The answer is, for the 63,000 that are yet to be given this opportunity, the same answer. It’s the same for physical Israel as it is for the Church that’s scattered, “seek God and live!” Because the only way that we can live is by seeking God and having God’s holy spirit living and dwelling in us—talking about something on a spiritual level…”

    Wayne Matthews “Man’s Last Days pt1”

    “… Now, this applies to the Churches that are scattered. They also have to admit their sin and that they have been unfaithful, that they have been unfaithful to God and have walked contrary to God. They have to repent. “But if they confess their sin,” well, they have to do that to live. Now, we understand that God is going to give an opportunity, and He’s going to awaken 63,000 that are going to have that opportunity and that potential to live, on a spiritual level by having God’s holy spirit dwell in them, and they’re going to have that opportunity, and therefore, they will be given this humility and repentance…”

    “… Well, there’s millions that are going to be called, and we know there are 63,000 that are going to be given the opportunity of an awakening. Well, this is an exciting time…”

    Wayne Matthews “Man’s Last Days pt4”

    what say you false prophet weinland


  5. Ever since the Apostasy, the Church has been experiencing great spiritual tribulation, which will nearly be over by November 8, 2015. At that time the seventh and final cycle of 1,260 day from the Apostasy to Christ’s coming will begin, including a final 50 days, and it will be within this period that great physical tribulation comes upon this world.

    false prophet weinland truth 43 (last paragraph)

    tick tock crash and burn tick tock


  6. “there are 63,000 that are going to be given the opportunity of an awakening”

    Why the ambiguous language? Either it’s a prophecy that’s going to happen or Ronald Weinland made it all up in his head.


    What confidence they have in this prophecy!


  7. “At that time the seventh and final cycle of 1,260 days…” LOL!!

    The BIBLE says ONE cycle of 1260 for the Witnesses then DEATH….what a bunch of cretins the PKG “elders” are … they call themselves christians while COMPLETELY changing and negating the book revelations of CHRIST… the book whose last few scriptures doom anyone who dares CHANGE them!! These fake theists use Jesus Christ’s words like toilet paper…and proclaim themselves righteous…

    Hell awaits you eagerly, Wayne…


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