Upcoming Trip to Bowling Green

The Upcoming Trips page on Ron’s blog was updated in the last couple of days.  It now reads:

In this end-time, Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland van Horne, Johnny Harrell (senior evangelist) & Myrtle Harrell (pastor), Wayne Matthews (senior evangelist) & Chris Matthews (senior elder) will continue to visit God’s Churches in the various areas of the world where His people are scattered. We will continue to focus on serving those whom God is calling as long as we are able to accomplish such work.

August 15

Portland, OR – Laura Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell; Jim Jamieson (senior elder)
Melbourne Victoria, AUS – Wayne & Chris Matthews

August 22

Columbia, MO – Laura Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell; Beth Bucheit, Lynette Eckhardt, Joe & Sarah Shockey (senior elders)

September 14

Erie, PA – Laura Weinland; Patty & Steve Dalrymple, Beth Bucheit (senior elders)
London, England – Audra & Edwin van Horne
Melbourne Victoria, AUS – Wayne & Chris Matthews

September 19

Detroit, MI – Laura Weinland

September 26

Gold Coast Queensland, AUS – Wayne & Chris Matthews

November 14

Bowling Green, KY – Laura Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell; Steve & Patty Dalrymple (senior elders)


What happened to the Two Witnesses’ third trip to Jerusalem on Nov 7 to start their jobs as Witnesses for the third time on November 8? Or at least the Silent Witness by herself, as the spokesman witness will still be in prison if not transferred to house arrest, as his sentence for criminal tax evasion does not end until February.

Maybe travel funds are tightening up, with more PKG members coming to the realization that Ron is a false prophet. Or as described in a comment on the last post, deciding not to pay tithes due to doubts that it would be used properly.  These doubts arose after reading transcripts from Ron’s criminal trial — transcripts that would not be available publicly unless the transcription fees had been paid.  It was Ron’s criminal defense team that ordered the transcripts and therefore had to pay the fees, although ultimately it was PKG tithepayers who paid for it.  At least they got some small value for the money they thought was going to further God’s work but instead was going to further the interests of the god who lives between Ron’s ears.

Copies of the trial transcripts are available by clicking the Criminal Trial link in the banner on the top of every page on this blog.  Those copies are free, but if you prefer you can download the files for a small fee from the Federal Court web server.


95 thoughts on “Upcoming Trip to Bowling Green

  1. Juror Bags,

    I personally know of two folks that did get assistance when it was needed to go to the Feast. The one person I shared a room with at the hotel where the Feast was hosted, and IIRC, they got something like $500. Thing is, he had to be very specific about what the money was going to be used for, ie: how much for food, traveling expenses, and the hotel. One thing I distinctly remember is how they emphasized how one should stay at the cheapest hotel possible——-while they get to stay at nice 5 Star hotels.


    I know of another individual who was disfellowshipped because he did not spend the money in the way the church saw fit. If I have the story right, when May 27, 2012 failed to materialize the way we THOUGHT it would, he had spent a TON of money on “after the destruction” supplies. So here he is with all this “stuff” that can’t be used anytime soon, and wouldn’t you know it?……….Ron calls for another Feast to be observed. Nevermind the fact that MANY had lost (left) jobs as I was one of them, and had no money to travel the long distance to get to the Feast.

    Well, he decided to take the $500 that was given him, and spent it up on some very much needed food that wasn’t in the house.

    The powers that be didn’t like this when they learned he didn’t show up for the Feast, nevermind the fact that the money they gave him was probably a mere pittance of what he sent them in tithes. Nevertheless, they disfellowshipped him because of his “attitude” I suppose, but I look at it now as at least he got $500 out of ’em! 😀

    So yeah, some do get assistance, but they’re VERY particular about what the money is to be spent on, where you stay, etc. Too bad I couldn’t see through this sham before, but I’m glad I’m outta there!

    The money I would have spent on going to the Feast this year——I’m going to spend on myself to take a road trip to OH come October 9th. Not to the Feast (Absolutely Not!), but to a very big model car contest that I haven’t been to in years in Toledo—— haven’t been there since ’08 as a matter of fact, and I intend to have a GREAT time! A great time to spend MY money on how I see fit, and not send it to a couple of lying thieves that have ruined many folks’ lives as I see it.


  2. FNM, it’s disgusting how Ron and Laura are not accountable for the millions they use on THEMSELVES, but the PKG members who receives a LITTLE help have to report how every dime and nickel is spent.

    They are filthy and disgusting.


  3. juror bags,

    When I spoke with Laura about a certain church member who I was interested in, her comment was something like “great, she makes a lot of money!” meaning go for it


  4. Finallyfree:

    When you build an organization on lies and deceit peppered with greed and to maintain this false church that was created on this type of foundation will eventually become a heavy burden. As the criticisms and former members grows the physical and mental demands to continue the falsehood grows as well.

    I do hope that this is happening to the weinlands that they are finally sufferings from the very same trap that they set for the innocent. This type of falsehood demands that the lies and deceit have to be maintained and managed. Eventually it can no longer be maintained. Let’s hope that this false prophet weinland has finally met his Waterloo.


  5. Finallyfree,
    There seems to be a very tight pattern and obsession with Laura and MONEY. Not surprising the Money Grubbing PIG would respond with an answer like that. Instead of saying she is very nice and a great person or something along those lines she says “she makes a lot of money.”

    Typical. And know for a fact in regards to the Weinland Scam Clan it is all about the money. They are in the “church” business for the money. Nothing else. PKG is simply a front for a scam and a money laundering venture. Problem is the fact they were caught doing the wash and that is why the main $$ PROFIT $$ is serving a felony prison sentence.

    One thing that that helped Ron was the fact that his SCAM is registered as a religious entity for tax and business purposes. Separation of church and state so the prosecution couldn’t go where they really needed to but shown the jury exactly what the PKG is and the Weinscums are. If it would have been any other kind of scam he would be in much worse shape and likely serving a much longer prison sentence. The whole family would be. No doubt in my mind.

    As I have said before Ron and Co. got off very light and easy for the actual crimes they have repeatedly committed. I’ll put it this way. A street thug that breaks into a home and steals a thousand bucks is likely to serve a longer prison sentence. Ron and Laura can destroy a home and family, steal ALL of their money, abuse the elderly and rob them of their meager worth, basically steal millions and destroy peoples lives forever, and suffer only minor consequences. Only because their SCAM is operating as some type of freedom of religion con. The Feds got stuck by that but still did a great job putting a PREDATORY CRIMINAL behind bars.

    Laura deserves all the pain and suffering she gets. And then some. No sympathy here. Just smiles, laughs, and joy because she is getting a very small taste of what she forces onto others.


  6. BEWARE:

    Ron and Laura Weinland are predatory rapists. The rape the elderly. They rape your souls. They rape you bank accounts. They rape the tax payers of the U.S., They rape your families and loved ones, They rape anyone they can for anything they can, They rape your 401K’s, They rape your home equity, They rape their own family Ron’s mom and sister) and kick them to the curb once they’ve taken all they can. These scum bags are trash.

    The Weinlands care NOTHING about anyone but themselves and their money pimping.

    Ron, bet mommy is proud of your thieving lying ass. Kudos, douche bag!


  7. I know of a lady in Wisconsin that got assistant two different years to attend the Feast. She had to travel by bus until she could meet up with someone that had room in their vehicle. I also know she spent lots of the money of “gifts” for her grandchildren. Then to get back to Wisconsin one of the years, Ron gave her Joyce’s old car, since she had gotten a new one.

    Now this person would almost faint when she would be near the Weinlands, Make statements like, “I’ll never wash my hands again, they both touched them”. Statements like that, that Ron and Laura just eat up. I think she was good for their ego and that was why they kept her around.

    She also lost her home, after all why make payments when the “end” is coming. After it was reposed (and she had been in it like 10 years or more), she found an older lady to move into her basement, claiming she would help her. Yet she would come to services telling us how this lady would feed her, give her things, etc…. Then she got some kind of grant and loan to go back to school, and would brag on how she spent it on herself and kids, grandkids, cause before the loan would come through the end would be here, again….. Wonder what ever happened to her. Once I stopped attending she would not even answer her phone when I called. She was also chasing after Gary when she would stay at the house. I was forever giving her a robe to wear, which she would take off. Make commits like, I sure wish I was his wife, etc….Gary loved the attention, would get mad at me for pointing out how wrong it was. At church she would always sit by him, bring him his coffee, meal, etc…but once again I was in the wrong to point it out. After all she was just being a “good women in the church”, which I was not. Gary’s words to me.


  8. I did not say there was never any assistance given but I would say if you put a total price tag on what was “given” <<< (I'll get back to that) it is a drop in the bucket on the millions the Weinlands beat out of followers. I will also back up and say that now I bet most that need assistance have been weeded out and sent packing as well or are not getting any at all because money is tighter and the travel schedule is slim. More or less if Ron and the Queen are not making money off of these people they surely don't want or need them. Therefore less likely to give assistance because they need to spend their tithe money on themselves now more than ever just to keep their heads above water. They got rid of Audra awfully fast to lose that financial burden and her home is gone. No longer mom and dad's problem. Van Horne can foot that bill. Last I saw her condo was in a short sale which is the step before foreclosure.

    Point being is that back when they were blowing millions of tithe dollars as they pleased on lavish luxury and silly over the top expensive personal possessions (which is how they were caught) there was not much assistance given overall and only a small handful received it back then when the Weinlands had oodles of cash to "assist" with. During Ron's trial he and the defense could not provide any substantial out lay of tithe cash for assistance other than a few hundred bucks here or there. Held zero weight in the overall picture of tithe cash blown and sure a couple of examples have been cited here of people knowing about assistance given. What was given overall lies between 0 and 2% of their tithe cash probably. Not much but just the bare minimum to act like they were giving help.

    OK, now let's revisit "given" and the assistance where Ron and his beast wife "gave assistance" by "giving" this lady from WI Joyce Garett's old car. What exactly is it that Ron and Laurdass "gave for assistance?" They gave NOTHING! It was not their car to give and they surely did not buy it from Joyce which I am sure it had some type of value. JOYCE basically gave that car to the WI lady because she wanted to give it to her. Maybe influenced by Ron the Con and Lazy Laura but they had zero vested financial interest in Joyce's car that was donated by Joyce.

    Are you following me here? I am pointing out that in all reality what little they have "given for assistance" pretty much amounts to very, very little vs. how much they have had control of to give or stuck in their pockets.

    Now another point about the one who lost her home after she paid on it for 10 years because Ron said it's game over time because God told me so. Yes, the lady who got $500 bucks for assistance and the same one who squandered her student loans and grants etc. Let me put that into simple perspective. If that lady paid on her mortgage for ten yeears then she had some equity built up and I bet it was more than $500 bucks worth. I Guarantee she gave more than $500 bucks per year in tithes or PERSONAL INCOME to the Weinscums too.

    Let's see here…….. OK she lost a sizable amount of home equity, racked up and lost a bunch of cash on financial aid she squandered because Ron said game over, tithe the Weinland Luxury Fund who knows how much, and became homeless. BUT, she did get $500 bucks once of PKG assistance. NO Thanks! This equation also equals in negative numbers for her. How much did she lose overall. A bunch and then some. Now I want to here all about benevolent Ron and how much that bastard helps and "assists" folks


  9. I’ll simplify it even further. As an example a tither gives Ron and Lazy Laura say $4,000 per year barely scrapping by to do so therefore they can not afford to hit the Almighty Ron-god #3’s feast so they need assistance. This is a lucky follower because they actually get a mere pittance so they can hit the party.

    Almighty Ron decides $400 is a fair amount for “assistance” so this follower can make it to the Feast Party for Ron (kinda like another birthday bash for Ron each year) so they can worship the sick lying con CULT leader. GREAT! Ron Almighty being so caring and unselfish (cough, cough) sends them $400 bucks.

    What has he “given” them? NOTHING! $4,000 in tithes donated to a SCAM minus $400 bucks “assistance” = $3,600 $$ Profit $$ for the Conald Swineland. Good for Ron and Laura. They are $$PROFITS $$ ya know.

    —– OR —— That lucky follower was only screwed out of $3,600 that year. FACT.

    Tell me again about this “assistance” and how Ron the Con and Co. “help” PKGers………………………….. OK, I got it. So did the other 11 jurors.


  10. Juror Bags, I was in no way defending Ron and Laura in their so-called “help”. I was just pointing out how one has to go through so many changes just to get a infinitesimal amount considering how much they were raking in. Frankly, I’m glad that THEY’RE the ones that have to struggle now. Your insight to how things went in the trial is quite valuable as you were there and saw and heard everything.

    I’d like to see the squeeze come on those two even harder ie: PKG ceases to exist as a “church”. So much damage has been done by them, it’s a disgrace!


  11. I would love to know all that went on at the senior elder meetings in Las Vegas (last one Ron held) but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… alas


  12. What really amazes me, in retrospect, is the very idea that “the truth” would be exclusively taught by a collection of such incredible assholes, that we always had to be counselled to watch our attitudes practically every time they opened their mouths. Even if there were no issues with negative (fear) motivation, and false prophecy, I don’t believe a perfect and all powerful God would stoop to using blatantly inferior messengers to spread His message. It would be self-defeating.



  13. This is the Old Testament Abrahamic God we are talking about… his “chosen people” being arrogant, misogynistic murderers. Ask the Canaanites/women/gays how nice Yahweh is…also ask all the girls sold into slavery thanks to Exodus 21:7. Ronald Weinland is a perfect fit with Yahweh…The ONLY moral thing to do if one has female children is REJECT Yahweh…completely and thoroughly as a misogynistic rape monger.


  14. JB… I too was just pointing out how little they gave for “assistance” to the church. For the amount that PKG was taking in, little of it was given back to the members, unless it was of benefit to the R&L admiration club. I’m also sure that Joyce was “talked” into giving this person her car, something to the fact about how blessed she would be for this deed. Then R&L took the credit of it.


  15. If you feel like a little nausea with your coffee this morning, here is John Oliver’s piece on televangelists.

    Although using the internet, in my opinion Ron still qualifies as a televangelist.

    Except he is so small fry. Has the ethics of those shown in the video, but failed at the empire building part of it. Although to his “credit”, he was smart enough to run the business online and use hotels to reduce overhead and maximize profit, while avoiding getting big enough to feature in documentaries. If he had done his taxes he’d have got away with it.


  16. “… reminding Laura of her statement to me back in Feb 2014 about not going on much longer and relying on Johnny for support …”

    I have been giving some thought to this statement made by “Finallyfree”. I have come to the conclusion that this is what laura wanted and got. But, what have been the results of this misadventure? A husband who is in prison for income tax fraud, all sorts of problems with the IRS, a stagnant membership, a long and proven record of false predictions, and a growing list of former members and now she is complaining about not going on much longer!!

    This is what happens when you pilfer all of your income off the backs of others!! Sorry laura but you deserve every bit of this and more!!


  17. No where in the entire bible do you see any indication that a false prophet can be false, then (supposedly) repent, and sort of still be a true prophet.

    Such an idea is lunacy. One who claims to be an “official” prophet of God is speaking directly FOR GOD.

    Now if he utters a prophecy on God’s behalf, do you think God is going to take it well, if it ends up being false?

    No. God will demand that man or woman’s life for payment.

    The bible says God DOES NOT let His word (spoken through true prophets) return to Him void (that is un-fulfilled).

    So the idea purported by Ron’s lackey’s that Ron repents of his false prophecies is a useless argument.

    God does not have TRUE prophets speak FALSE prophecies, it is lunatic to think such.


  18. I can backup previous comments about Laura’s gossiping and bad mouthing Audra’s first husband, Chris. Laura was constantly bad mouthing Chris. One visit to Phoenix by Laura and Audra, Audra sat out by the firepit (at an elder’s house) and really let everyone know how bad Chris was supposedly. I do not believe any of it.


  19. consequences consequences how all of the consequences are coming home to roost!! These false prophets/witnesses are finally paying their dues for all of the broken marriages, financial ruin, and emotional anguish they have caused to many. How heavy it is becoming to maintain all of the lies and false predictions that will eventually crush you and drain the life out of you as you have done to others for all that was based on greed and self important.

    Oh my, how far you have fallen from your false pedestal laura and ron – tick tock tick tock to crash and burn Nov 2015 –


  20. I will celebrate when the “farewell” for PKG is done. I will morn the loss, like many, of the marriages, financial troubles, emotional anguish, loss of family and friends. Things that PKG will never be able to put back to right.


  21. Glad I’m Free:

    I will celebrate with you! I know of some who have suffered at the hands of these two false prophets/witnesses.


  22. The devastating harm that these two false prophets/witnesses have inflicted on the innocent is irreversible and they will account for it. Their time to pay for all of their deceit and destructive behavior that has affected others that resulted in pain and sufferings will come!

    The same snare that they set for the innocent has entrapped these two false prophets/witnesses. They have no other source of income except the tithes they receive. As the IRS keeps taking their share in penalties and taxes and the continual loss of members that tithe is the trap I am referring to. These two false prophets/witnesses will experience the torment of the loss of all they have schemed for. They are dependent on the tithes which, in time, will be taken from them. That will be the just end of these two false prophets/witnesses.

    Tick tock tick tock to crash and burn in Nov 2015


  23. I wonder what the expense is for local traveling. Ron + Laura have a habit of shooting themselves in the foot, and after having shot one foot, they will shoot the other one as well. Not very bright.

    If Laura travels, she ends up consuming lots of money in these trips. But not traveling may perhaps cause members to drop out.

    It’s a lose/lose situation for these two.

    Plus the next colossal failure in prophecy is coming soon. (let’s not forget the current failed prophecy of the 70K)


  24. 4.5 million they stole read the Fedral transcript facts Jack !!!! In 3 years !!!!! 12 juror heard and seen the facts none of them even new Ron and Whorey Laura and they saw all the facts and found him guilty in 2 hours , what’s up with that money whore ! You have nothing more to do with God than I do , give it up bitch


  25. Randy, don’t cut yourself short. You have more “God qualities” then many people.

    Wonder how much Ron would get from Social Security? Would they even be able to make the house payment? Laura has never worked that I’ve heard of, so sure she never paid in. Kids here come mom and dad for you to take care of.


  26. I asked my brother, since he was in charge of the financial dept for a while, before he was in charge of the ministers in the field, but he didn’t remember.


  27. I was reviewing some of the others blogs on this false prophet weinland and one of them made an interesting statement. It suggested that it was the false prophetess audra who doing the monitoring of all the blogs. This would make sense, in that, this false prophetess audra has a “monetary” interest in the family business of pilfering. This interest would not open her eyes to the corruptness of her parents since she is corrupt herself. To have other members doing the monitoring could open their eyes and they would leave. This would not be good for the family coffers.

    There must be some real paranoia going on with all of the false prophets/prophetess/two witnesses – right audra!! – now run to daddy and momie and tell them what is being said here!!

    tick tock tick tock to crash and burn Nov 2015


  28. She is the daughter, what more does she need. I met her before she married Chris. Was not impressed with her, or her brother.


  29. Slightly over 2 1/2 months until the Great Tribulation breaks out and billions will die.

    No need for urgency, or to post about it in his blog, or to have radio broadcasts or interviews about this, or tv spots.


    Even Ron knows it won’t happen.


  30. Audra coming to London sept 14th Monday ? all the other dates are saturdays – shoppings easier in London on a monday ? not that any dates given by this thieving family are right !
    customs will be waiting …


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