Extra Baggage

A comment was left earlier with what appears to be the latest list of elders. I do not have independent verification, but it appears to be genuine.

I annotated the list, replacing initials with full names.  I also compared lists, identifying some demotions and a few promotions, also adding a list of people no longer listed as elder.

Notably absent from the list is Helen Terlecki, a long time member and a confidant (to whatever that’s possible) of Laura.  Her son reports her to be ill.  I hope she recovers soon and will also be added to the list of ex-members.

There were some senior elders demoted to elder: Lynnette Eckhardt, Dave Conley, and Mitch Williams.  Leonard McGlynn of Canada is no longer on the list.  Newly promoted were Joey and Sarah Shockey, Sarah being Beth Bucheit’s daughter.  Of the 10 senior elders listed, half are from Cincinnati.

——- comment with annotated list ——————-

This is a current list of those who are in the ministry from associate elders through sr. evangelists. We are sending this to everyone since there has been another round of nearly thirty more being removed/retired from the ministry. We want to remove any confusion as to who is actually serving in the various areas and in what capacity.
Most all who have been retired/removed from the ministry are the result of health issues and/or the normal course of some simply getting older and who have no need to be burdened with the kind of work that will be required within the next few years. A very few are being removed because there is simply no need in some areas to continue to sustain a ministry. Laura and I are very thankful to all who have served and supported the Church and ourselves as they have. We have not included Laura, Audra, or myself in this list, as that certainly is not changing.

Sr. Evangelists:
—Johnny Harrell, United States
—Wayne Matthews, Australia

—Willem Henderson, Netherlands

—Myrtle Harrell, United States

Sr. Elders:
—Garth Blake, New Zealand
—Beth Bucheit, Cincinnati
—Patty Dalrymple, Cincinnati
—Steve Dalrymple, Cincinnati
—Doris Giles, Georgia
—Jim Jamieson, Idaho
—Chris Matthews—Australia,
—Joey Shockey & Sarah Shockey, Cincinnati
—Jeremy Weinland, EU

—Geneva Abraham, Georgia
—Phillip Bruner, Missouri
—Jimmy Carlisle, Texas
—Diana Carr, Oregon
—Greg Chipps, Michigan {demoted}
—Jimmie Coleman, Cincinnati
—Dave {demoted} & Shelley Conley, Virginia
—Chris Czech,Washington
—Richard Dryden, Minnesota {promoted}
—Lynnette Eckhardt, Illinois {demoted}
—Jacque Edwards, Arizona
—Glen Gagas, Texas
—Matt Garratt, Australia
—Paul Giles, Georgia
—Jodi Habel, Cincinnati
—Caroline van Delft Henderson, Netherlands
—Amanda {Wrozek} Jaskolski, Ohio
—Pam Johnson, Cincinnati
—Mike Knopp, Cincinnati
—Debra & Travis Luksich, New Mexico
—Diane Newell, Florida
—Laura Peña, Texas
—P. Polatsidis, Australia {new}
—Charles Rosenberger, Cincinnati
—Nathan Urquhart, Australia
—Edwin van Horne, Netherlands
—Al Volle, Cincinnati
—Tom Volle, Cincinnati
—Eric Wiesman, Canada
—Lori Williams, Mississippi
—Mitch Williams, Washington {demoted}
—Kathi Wilson, Tennessee
—Philip White, United Kingdom {promoted}
—Dee Wobbe, Missouri
—Alain Yvorra, United Kingdom

Associate Elders:
—Jon Baillie, Australia
—Brian Button, New Hampshire
—Izabel Costa, Netherlands
—Sandy Czech, Washington
—K. Garrett, Australia {? Katy Garratt}
—John Haugen, Washington
—Zoran Illitch, Australia
—Dale Lindemann, Canada
—Donna Madison, Pennsylvania
—Shirley McKee, Canada
—Matthew Payne, Alabama
—Jolanda Peeters, Netherlands
—Conrad & Michelle Reger, Florida
—Angela & Trevor Rendall, Washington
—Eric & Stacey Stephenson, Cincinnati
—Gijs & Mieke Van Lerberghe, Netherlands
—Kalee Wiesman, Canada
—Josephine Yvorra, United Kingdom
—Ken Zitt, Cincinnati

—Sandy Bays
—Tim Brown
—Pat Cameron
—Pauline Cameron
—Barbara Carter
—Lois Doemeland
—Curtis Fields
—Don Edwards
—Bert Foerschlea
—Skip Henry
—Angela Hopkins
—Susan Illitch
—John Masterson
—Leonard McGlynn
—Derek Mendygral
—William Milne
—Una Milne
—Tom Morrison
—Charmaine Muller
—Shirley Reed
—J-Noble Snowdeal
—Russ Shoemaker
—Gerry Schulte
—Nancy Schulte
—Dorothy Smith
—Debra Tiernan
—Tim Tiernan
—Helen Terlecki
—Susan Illitch
—Stan Watson
—Mark Wiesman
—Vera Williams
—Thelma Woods
—Paul & Lori Wroten


153 thoughts on “Extra Baggage

  1. The mistake I made was this, I was using the November date to Pentecost 2019 as 1260 days, and totally forgot about the 50 day fudge factor Ron added into his numerological horse baloney. So I backtracked 50 days from that into September.

    Well I must have skipped on my vitamins that day.

    The 1260 days START in November, and then AFTER THAT is the 50 day fudge factor nonsense, which then lands on Pentecost of 2019.


  2. Ron’s timelines are also great examples of stupidity when it comes to numbers.

    Ron’s “exact” prophecy about the Tribulation is based on exact cycles of 1260. Since this cycle is EXACT because it fits with God/god’s numbers, and the Bible, it can’t be flawed… thus Ron once again is a heretic and anti-christ for making god look like an idiot that can’t count. It is like saying 1 + 1 = 636… because you have to factor in an extra 634 to make the equation “right.”

    Let;s apply Weinland logic to other things:

    1. Asia is in the United States because it has an “a” as its last letter just like over twenty of the States!!

    2. The Pope is a Buddhist because you have to factor in how Buddhist temples have pillars too like the Vatican.

    3. Russia and Alaska are attached in real life… because if you look at a globe and squint your eyes they are not separate!

    4. The recipe for scrambled eggs is just frying up two pounds of fried chicken because eggs/meat can both come from a bird.

    5. Beets are food, hotdogs are food…therefore fish sticks are milk!!


  3. Soooo, if I am understanding this correctly, false prophet weinland has created a huge margin of error into his fourth or fifth failed proclamation? Since when did the prophets 0f God incorporate a margin of error into the messages they delivered to the ones it was intended for?

    My impression of the false prophet weinland is this – he doesn’t have a clue of what God is doing!!!!!!


  4. Weinland and Clan were also not very good at spinning the cash numbers in court. Like how all of the sudden when it was pointed out that they paid for Jeremy’s education suddenly the PKG had a “scholarship” program. Typical lies.

    And let’s not forget about all the expensive jewelry custom fitted for both Laura and Audra. That wasn’t for them as they wore it daily for PERSONAL USE. Oh no. It was “bartering” in end times.

    Yeah tell us some more crap and entertain us with some more spinning wheel lies. LYING CONS!

    The only justification for the ring sizing we saw as jurors was the fact the PIGS gained weight and needed bigger rings to fit those fat 5 star dining fingers.

    You can lie and spin it to somme of your sheeple but how’d that work out for ya in court. NOT VERY WELL. Stevie Wonder could see what was going on.


  5. Too bad Ron doesn’t read or believe the bible, it is quite clearly stated in prophecy that gold and silver will be worthless, that is, money will be of no help, bartering with diamonds will not help. And of course, they were lying through their teeth trying to justify the purchase of jewelry with church funds.


  6. Ron doesn’t believe any of this, he’s more interested in hoarding tithes to spend on the things he and his wife lusts for….

    New International Version
    “‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.

    Proverbs 10:2
    Ill-gotten treasures have no lasting value, but righteousness delivers from death.

    Proverbs 11:4
    Wealth is worthless in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death.


  7. “The only justification for the ring sizing we saw as jurors was the fact the PIGS gained weight and needed bigger rings to fit those fat 5 star dining fingers.”

    LOL!! 😀


  8. Interesting thing about the diamonds Martin——-I can remember the sermon in which he talked about that. IIRC, it was sometime in late ’08 when he mentioned it. It didn’t dawn on me at the time that those things won’t matter when there is a complete breakdown in society. As far as the “scholarship” program, I’ve never heard of such a thing until now. I know of NO ONE that got to take advantage of that, and I knew several young people that were/are in school and guess what??

    They paid/are paying out of their own pocket!


  9. Do you remember what he said? Was he justifying the purchase of diamonds in a sermon with church funds????

    If he paid for them out of his own salary that would be one thing (doing this in excess would still be wrong), but using funds that are ear marked for use in preaching the Gospel is another matter, and is evil.


  10. Martin, IIRC he was talking about the diamonds for Laura inasmuch as they could be used for barter when they’re traveling—–particularly abroad. I wish I could remember the exact sermon title that he was talking about this. It had to be sometime during the latter part of ’08, possible early ’09 as I was just newly in the church then.

    The link that Mike gave, that pretty much sums up how they justified the buying of the diamonds. Might have been one thing if they were loose, but these of course were rings. Guess ya want to show off what ya got in case you don’t have to “barter” it. 😉


  11. Loose stone in a safety deposit box, they might be able to justify. They wouldn’t be able to justify it by any biblical passages though.

    But these were tailor made to fit Laura’s fat fingers. So no, they didn’t buy them so they could barter with. Laura kept them in a jewelry box at home, and of course she wore them.

    Such liars and thieves.


  12. They couldn’t really justify a trip for Laura accompanying Ron to Australia to to buy some $26,000 diamond ring if I recall correctly on the price of it but either way it was a staggering amount. Guess they needed to out do some hip hop stars at the time.

    This was a problem in two ways. Their vacation expenses on “church” tithes and also the over the top price of the ring really revealed things very simply for the jury. With proof, cancelled checks, receipts, purchase invoices, the whole nine yards. Like I said the prosecution had a shopping cart full of this and we only looked at a drop in the bucket on misuse of “church” funds in all reality. I am pretty certain they paid somewhere in that price range for ONE diamond ring for Laura while on a nice warm vacation during winter here.

    They had sales people from local jewelry stores testify about HOW MUCH and the EXPENSE of all of this jewelry Laura and Audra had. It was shocking. I kid you not. They had enough to supply a new jewelry store themselves if they would have wanted too. Guess they took this “end time bargaining” seriously. NOT! I’ll let you in on another secret……….. Those PIGS LOVE their BLING! It was jaw dropping and it takes a lot to get my attention.

    The prosecution laid it all out beautifully. Pun intended.


  13. That was only the jewelry we heard about. Now take that and picture every other facet of their personal lives and material possessions. I just wish Ron’s testimony was available here because that is when it got real, real good because McBride let loose on the Con-Artist.

    I will never forget the entertainment of him drilling Ron about a $1,700 suit and the Jackass piped up in court in a bragging manner that he happened to be wearing that exact $1,700 suit.

    McBride reminded the tool he was there on PERSONAL BUSINESS …………. NOT “church” business. Classic! There were so many things I feel the jury had him convicted on day # 2 or 3. But we had to keep hearing MORE PROOF so there were no questions at all. The first Juror who never said anything said GUILTY right off of the bat after the Jury foreman pressed him to start. it was hard to get a good morning out of this non-talking guy. From that point on it was all down hill for Ron. Myself, i wanted to punch him in the throat. Yes, it was that blatant and bad. How he ruined people and stole from little old ladies even on fixed incomes. Not his fairly well off neighbor Joyce Garrett who lives across the street and decided to follow a LYING LOSER CON. She can afford to be taken for a ride. Many others could not.


  14. Time to apply some Weinland Logic:

    Ron: “Society will collapse and all forms of currency will be worthless…so I need THE MOST EXPENSE FORMS OF CURRENCY to barter with. Forget gasoline and water… people will be wandering the nuclear wastelands in desperate need of rubies!! Looting shops for as much gold as they can store and eat… scraping through the wreckage for life sustaining clean diamonds to drink!”


  15. Also I am not the only juror who has participated here but I guess i stick around occasionally because I personally met Mike and he shed a little more knowledge and light on the entire SCAM going back a ways.

    It also hacked me off too no extent and I am sure if the others knew about all of the collateral damage they’d be here too. Some were flat out afraid of how psycho Ron and the group are. I’m looking for a reason to pound the little bald freak into submission. I never would but I have zero concerns about such a weak person. In my heart I am a fighter. Most prefer to walk away but I’ll tell them how it is without a problem.

    That is why if you have followed here I cut the Swinelands zero slack and call them nice very appropriate names and such. They have earned that. And I’ll be glad to give them their payback.

    Plus I get a bit of satisfaction watching things unravel for them. Kinda pay back for me missing WORK getting paid $40 bucks a day to deal with his crap. So ya owe me you little bald bitch.


  16. Avalo,
    That exact point was discuss in deliberation. What good is the high dollar BLING? No good. Food & water and such would have way more value than some gaudy ring. Besides carrying all of their BLING would slow them down. Too much weight and such. LOL!

    Jurors were rolling their eyes and sighing throughout the trial. The hits just kept coming making the jury more disgusted than the previous day.


  17. Yes Sir! She and Audra rolled in every day like they owned that place too. Dressed to the hilt and decked out. I could care less about jewelry and never pay attention to it but they had some on every day. I’m sure the female jurors who are much more compassionate and such than men paid much closer attention.

    Even the female jurors probably wanted to kick Ron and Clan on the way out of the Federal court House. Seriously. It was that blatant and bad. And to top it off the Weinlnds were VERY PROUD of their scamming accomplishments. Arrogance filled the room because of those three. One could hardly breathe. I felt it and watched it every day with my own eyes and presence.

    Another reason I love to beat these LOSERS down. Obviously the $500 mirrors are no better than the $15 ones. FAT PIGS! I would never say such things to belittle others. My wife has some extra these days and I love her. Just part of life and or ages. If someone said anything about it I’d be all over their ass. BUT these SCUMBAGS are fair game. What’s your excuse Audra? Maybe you two have shaved a few off due to stress these days. Good for you. You two are still PIGS just possibly slightly lighter in weight. I doubt that though…………OINK, OINK!


  18. It’s educational to read the “About Ronald Weinland” page on his blog site. Just don’t expect to actually learn much about the man himself.
    I wonder who wrote this arrant, arrogant nonsense. I hope Juror Bags does not read it or he may become a little more annoyed with the self-proclaimed great one and actually be tempted to criticize with less constraint the imagined prophet of that prophet’s imagined god.
    At the top of the page a photo of the great one on his throne is featured. He seems to be sitting on two halves of different leather chairs – photoshopping, perhaps? And the left hand concealing the right: interesting body language if he is right-handed.


  19. From the about page…

    “that money would be placed there in Ronald Weinland’s personal name in order to give the Church the ability to continue to function during a third world war that will engulf the world in the final years of the end-time (which will now occur within a period between November 2015 and May of 2019). ”

    The dates are slightly ambiguous here in my opinion, yes, they mention the months, but why not mention the days as well? Perhaps leaving some leeway open?

    At any rate, WWIII is supposed to at least start in November, in reality, the GT lasts 1260 days, not 1260 + 50 days, the official time span from November to May of 2019 that they currently use.


  20. But the days are not actual, physical days: they are spiritual. Spiritual days are any length, or width, you may define. You have to “see” them. And of course only members of the One True Church and their august leader can “see” spiritual things (or time).
    Nonsense to normal people, but amazing, wonderful, and a vital “present truth” to the PKG.


  21. Excogger:

    What is sickening about this whole thing is that the weinlands know exactly what they are doing and could care less what happens to ones they hurt financially and within theirs families. It is all about money money with this highly corrupt family.

    One day, the weinlands will cross the wrong person and who knows what will happen when that takes place. In my opinion whatever dark recompense comes their way it will be well deserved!


  22. And THIS is why the COGS have churned out a flock of Pharisees . They are NOT like other men, NOT like these filthy publicans. THIS is the main problem with the ‘churches of God’.They are ‘above’, ‘called out’, and don’t SEE as other men do. From this, comes arrogance and self righteousness, things that GOD hates. All you need to do is convince people they are better than others and you have a problem. This is why they can easily turn their back on you and call you lost if you choose to leave.You then , become a publican and they thank God they are not like you. Ron isn’t so great, as he certainly didn’t invent this. He’s just a little pawn in the game. They must have a leader, and he only has to be a little nuttier than the rest of them.


  23. I was looking at the “extra baggage” list and I noticed that the unknown evangelist henderson is not a “senior” evangelist as the other two, hmmmmmm. Then I realized that the false prophets/witnesses then in turn ordained the false prophetess audra and place her over the unknown evangelist to push him further down the ladder. This unknown evangelist was suppose to be place over the affairs of europe – until the false prophet weinland decided to overthrow willem and keep it all in the family.

    Does this make you feel warm and fuzzy audra?

    Willem you may want to step back and consider how insignificant you are to the weinlands – something to think about.


  24. How can somebody be ordained a prophet and not prophesy a single prophecy? Aren’t prophets supposed to prophesy?

    You have Ron who can’t prophecy a single thing correctly.

    Laura is the “silent witness”….here’s a clue, silent witnesses are of no value.

    And Audra, who hasn’t pronounced a single prophecy, not to mention that for the end time, the bible only mentions Two Witnesses/Prophets, not three or more.

    And yet these evil people still are able to snare other people? Ron/Laura/Audra could have anti-Christ tattooed onto their foreheads, and the willing victims would probably rush into their arms to be taken and snared.


  25. As far as I can tell from the OT and NT, no prophet was ever ordained by a man, the office was too important for this to be done.

    Every single prophet in the OT was hand picked by God Himself, no man ordained one or picked one, nor did any self appoint themselves as a prophet like Ron did.

    In Revelation 11, they are called MY Two Witnesses, that is because Christ appoints them to their office personally. They are not ordained by anybody, not even an apostle has the authority to ordain them. And the way you recognize these final two is by the fruits, not because they say they are the Two Witnesses.

    In the case of the Two Witnesses, it should be ultra easy. They will both breath fire.


  26. Ron wants his entire family to be above anyone that might come along. NO ONE will ever be higher . This is to ensure their place should anything happen to him. He thinks he and Laura are the king and queen, with the princess and prince ready to ascend the throne. It’s ridiculous! Anyone who follows all this crap will be taken advantage of. You cannot con an honest man, so what does this say about the people of PKG? Ron made himself lord and master, prophet and witness, so why not pull the same stunt with his family? Jeremy is chugging along and will be next.


  27. Ron is not letting go of this cash cow. He’ll have a timeline and a plan for whatever happens in the future. Ron has to see what happens before he can prophesy anything. He’ll tell you what, when, and why after it happens.He will carry this on as long as possible. He’s already setting his children up to take over the family biz. This is why he’s getting rid of some of the older elders and setting some younger ones up. The church must look youthful in order to pull in any younger tithers. They won’t live forever on the social security checks of the older members. I seriously doubt Audra or Jeremy has what it takes to build anything from here on.


  28. What I find funny is that the PKG can look at David Pack and go, “See? He is not an End Time Prophet because he has been spectacularly wrong…not like our Ronald Weinland, who is always right… because he has “present truths”! Ron is never wrong because he is merely mistaken!!

    “That guy over there is an idiot because he is drinking sulphuric acid,” said the guy drinking cyanide…


  29. They are all apples from the Worldwide tree. How different could they be? All of them struggling to maintain the gravy boat that HWA started. They know a good thing when they see it. Stupid people throwing cash at them for a spot in the Kingdom of God. These gifts are Gods to give, and none of these ‘ministers’ are worth anything.


  30. I’m not sure if there are a lot of PKG members near Abilene, Texas, but Ysreal Hawkins has quite the Feast of Tabernacles there, I understand. It might be an option for those in the PKG who can’t travel so very far.

    Hey, I’m just trying to be helpful.

    Not sure if the HOY would allow PKG members to return home though. There is that.

    HOY… as seen on Dr. Phil.

    What is this? Some sort of discrimination? Why doesn’t Dr. Phil feature Weinland?


  31. It’s fun time again. pkg just posted its feast sermons in the audio section – the false prophet weinland has the introductory sermon on the 28th


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