A Carrot for the Grumpy Family

The Feast sermons are posted on the PKG website. It includes an introductory sermon delivered by Weinland. The Last Great Day sermon is not yet posted, as Weinland promises yet new revelations.

I am reposting his introduction here, probably will be some time before he again posts on his blog.l

———— Weinland’s Introduction ——————–
Greetings to everyone at this year’s Feast of Tabernacles! It’s great to be able to talk to everyone here today at the opening here of this Feast.

As you know, sermons for the Feast were prepared far ahead of time, and I believe that all were completed by the end of July this year, except for the one, and that’s me. So, anyway, there’s a lot of work that follows these with transcribing into the PDF files, getting them on site, on the site there for everyone to be able to read, and of course the translating that has to take place as well into different languages. So this year we tried to give those who are doing all that work a little more time, and so that’s why the sermons were done as far in advance as they were this year. So everything, I think, has worked a lot better this year than what it did last year.

So, anyway, I’ve waited a little bit longer, as we’re now just starting into the second week of August as I am recording this.

So, again, this year we’ve been consolidated to different sites; different than what we’ve done in recent years. The United Kingdom and Ireland will be at the site in The Netherlands this year. New Zealand, obviously, is over in Australia. And then just the one site in Canada, that’s the same as last year. Then there’s the larger site in only one location here in the U.S. this year. So this is quite consolidated, especially, the United States. People have had to travel farther, and because of that, some haven’t been able to come. Obviously, there are a lot of people who are scattered this year all over the different areas of the world, actually, that couldn’t attend. Most of those because of health reasons, obviously, and age. Sometimes that just takes too much out of people when you get to a certain age, and if your health isn’t good enough to travel long distances it can take so much out of a person that they wouldn’t get out of the Feast what they really need.

So, anyway, a special greetings to all of you as well that are scattered and we’re really looking forward to hear about how everybody’s going to have a fabulous Feast.

So, again, greetings to every one of you at all the sites. We are family!

Well, brethren, I’m not going to take much time in this first official “Welcome to this year’s Feast.” The main reason is because this year I have prepared a message (though much shorter than a regular sermon); nevertheless, it’s kind of a mini-sermon for the last message of this year’s Feast on the Last Great Day.

So I’m saving more of the time for that, to be able to get that completed. Again, it won’t be as long, not nearly as long as a regular sermon. It probably won’t even be as long as a split sermon, but nevertheless, the final message for this year’s Feast. And I am immensely excited! I tell you, I’m just… I’m really excited that this has worked out this way this year, that I’m able to bring you that last message. I’ve been working on some of that today. It’s awesome some of the things I get to share with you. I’m really looking forward to it. And the Feast will go by fast enough and you’ll be able to hear all those things.

But, anyway, since my heart attack, God has been revealing a lot of things to me that go beyond all that He and Christ have given me in the previous years that we’ve been here, and all the posts that have been written; there’s just so much! And I’ll probably have more to say about that on the last day.

But, now, maybe, that will help to stir you up even a little bit more for the excitement for what’s coming. Because I have been dumbfounded. I really have. It hasn’t been that long, just a little over two months now, and literally, in that two-month period of time there’s been so much more given than was given in the whole time that I’ve been here. And you have been given a lot during that period of time!

So, anyway, I do want to state, however, please do not jump ahead and listen to that sermon. I think I’m even going to have it probably uploaded toward the middle of the Feast. But anyway, don’t jump ahead and listen to it. Wait until it’s time that you do so on the Last Great Day. And as always, in such a case as this, do not call or email ahead of those in other sites, who are going to be located in other sites and sharing that with them. That would truly rob them of what they will be able to receive in just the one setting there while on the Last Great Day. So, anyway, keep it to yourself when you do hear it.

So, you’re going to hear a few times throughout this Feast about what God has commanded us. It’s going to be mentioned by several, and that is to rejoice! So don’t let human nature nor a demonic world stir you up in any wrong attitudes or feelings towards anyone during this Feast. It’s God’s Feast. We are God’s children. And to have any wrong feelings or attitudes towards anyone else is to have that directly against Jesus Christ and God our Father. So let’s really watch ourselves. If you get out of bed grumpy, you know, you feel grumpy, then just stay there! Stay there until you become a little more un-grumpy.

You know, it reminds me of a Feast preparation meeting that was taking place in England one year, but I was there my first couple of years at Ambassador College when I was over there, and we were told about this minister’s meeting that was taking place for one of the Feasts one of those years. I don’t remember which one. And one of the evangelists told everyone – he was conducting a meeting – and he told everyone that in the previous year there had been too much complaining, even among the ministry, and he was encouraging and admonishing everyone that they should be on guard against that. So they were all seated and being served a meal at that meeting, and it was right after they had just been admonished about not complaining, that one of the senior ministers took his first spoonful of soup and blurted out, “Wow! This is so salty!” And everyone just stopped and looked at him and he paused a moment and then said, “Just the way I like it!” Anyway, I always got a charge out of that.

But, anyway, brethren, this is just a short welcome to everyone at the Feast. Keep close to God throughout this Feast. This is a very special Feast in the midst of a very special year for God’s Church, this “Year of Dedication.” So let’s make this a special Feast for everyone around us and let’s dedicate ourselves mightily to our elder brother, Jesus Christ, and God our Father as we rejoice. Because that’s what God tells us to do at this Feast.

So, brethren, have a great Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day. And as you do so be very thankful to God for giving you the time in which to rejoice before Him.


92 thoughts on “A Carrot for the Grumpy Family

  1. maybe you could rent a billboard because most of pkg certainly will not come here ..i know some do thinking they are spying for their cause ..probably not the word that was used from whoever sent them..maybe thats whomever…lol


  2. Not doubting you Randy, but man that’s got to be crowded! I couldn’t stand it! Going out to eat anywhere HAS to be a nightmare! I’m sooooo glad I don’t have to deal with that!


  3. Soap Opera, I understood it to be Cincinnati. Not long before I left I had heard numbers similar to that being spoken of. Still, that’s just too many folks in one place. I’m curious as to how many rooms had to be opened up to handle that many people.

    I was at the Feast last year in Cincy, and the place just didn’t seem that big to hold so many, but I could be wrong.


  4. Ron “This is a very special Feast in the midst of a very special year for God’s Church, this “Year of Dedication.””

    This whole “YOD” is nowhere in the bible in any shape or form that I know of….

    It’s all made up by Ron. Nothing about a YOD in prophecy at all.

    It’s ironic that in the YOD, Ron is DEMOTING people, you’d think he’d be promoting people.

    PKGers are fond of empty useless titles, it appeals to their vanity, they’d rather have and keep a title than know the truth. Sad.


  5. Well, the news is out. The “Year of Dedication” is not really a carrot. They’ve gotten so low that now they are dangling parsnips rather than carrots. Therefore, the smart rabbits are no longer chasing the bait.



  6. The Year of Dedication… a year of being dedicated to stealing as much money as the Weinlands can from old WWCGers that are too heavily invested in the lies of the PKG to do anything else. This year’s “Year of Dedication is next year’s “Year of X”… X being whatever lie makes the Weinlands money.

    Ronald Weinland… a human toilet masquerading as a vase full of flowers… my Persian cat’s anus produces the same material that flows from Ronald Weinland’s mouth…


  7. Well… EXACTLY as I said…

    Zerubbabel has lied YET AGAIN and is continuing his on going series of delusional videos and angry denunciations of anything or anything that has anything to do with sanity! Guaranteed Ronald Weinland and Zerubabbel will do anything but tell the truth: they are delusional liars. Good old religion… the vast country of liars and thieves…

    Millennials are rejecting religion… Hmmm..I wonder why…


  8. Zerubbabel has THE WORST speaking voice and speaking style.

    He rambles a stream of disconnected thoughts (supposedly) related to whatever his main subject is.

    Every prophecy in the bible, is about him. He’s actually worse than Ron, except Ron rakes in more money, this guy makes nothing as far as I know.

    What kind of income does he have?


  9. Zerubabbel up and sold everything he owned, and was also getting a little money from some now departed ex-members who finally woke up to his delusions. he had a big gun collection, but it was old off too.

    As for his speaking style he reads line after line from a script, and always raises his voice at the end of every sentence like a 5 year old, save for the sentences that he wants to make himself sound like he is powerful. It is usually three or four raised lines then two lines where the sentences drop off at the end. So it sounds like Z is asking three question then providing two answers. Something like:

    1. Today is the fourth day of the ninth month on Satan’s calendar?
    2. And it is amazing how you refuse to follow god’s appointed times?
    3. You listen to these videos and read my blog yet you do not follow them?
    4. That is because you are filled with pride and reject what god has given me to give you (sentence goes down).
    5. And you refuse to follow that which He has restored at this time (sentence goes down).

    He has made 851 videos to date and they say EXACTLY the same thing just in different fonts and graphics. It is like listening to a deranged five year old describe their first day of kindergarten….


  10. Ron ( the asshole ) is spending his third feast in federal prison for stealing PKG money , not for persuction !!! His arigant ass is right where it belong with the rest of crooks and the rest of his family needs to do time !!!!!
    Spent $4,000,000.00 in 3 years on personal stuff
    Got whole family on pay roll
    And $500 massage for him and his bitch just read court transcript facts Jack


  11. The PKG people just need to read transcript to see how much money LaurA spent in Jarrets Jewerly in Cinn. Ohio !!!!! And you all know how she Gossipping about you all !!!!


  12. I’m going to assume that Ron’s health is still poor. In other words, even if he was let out early and allowed to travel, it would probably be too much strain on his health and he probably wouldn’t do it as much as he would want to. With that said, I don’t think he would be able to preach as often as his job would demand of him, and that basically would be (according to Rev 11) EVERY DAY. Not this nonsense where you post every 5 weeks.

    The bible says THEY TESTIFY FOR 1260 DAYS. Not once in a while. This is a demanding schedule. You would need “power” to do this.

    Neither Ron (because of health reasons) nor his wife Laura (because she is lazy and unskilled at speaking) are up to this job.


  13. Another potential “escape clause” Ron might invoke is that of Moses….

    God was going to destroy Israel, and perpetuate a line through Moses. But Moses pleaded on their behalf, and God relented.

    (I hope I’m not giving him ideas)


  14. On November 9th, the first day of the for real physical Great Tribulation.

    Ron will still be in jail.

    I don’t think Laura will go to Jerusalem without Ron. But she may scrape together some money to go with Audra and Jeremy.

    In my opinion, Laura will wake up in her comfy bed, roll her fat ass over, and then go back to sleep. She is a sloth. Too lazy to do any real work or speak for 1260 days.


  15. Weinlands days are almost OVER. Both money taking and living. That jackass might have at the TOP of his delusional game had 400 – 500 tithers. Many were one time Charlies or one time Lois’s. Better pay God Fast and well so you can pay the COVER CHARGE to walk thru the Pearly Gates.

    Ron the Con and the PIG wife and daughter + Not So Silent Jeremy hype stuff up so big and so bad it is sick. HEY LOOK AT ME! People buy into that and these SCAM ARTISTS know that. More like selling hedge funds and such……. Better jump in because you might miss something.

    2+2 = 4



  16. Martin:

    I agree with you that the false prophet weinland health is an issue. The stress of trying to maintain the herd will be physically difficult. This false prophet may attempt to hit the heavy schedule but will probably use his parole supervisor as an excuse not to travel.

    It will be interesting to see what he does with johnny and wayne. The ego of this false prophet weinland has no room for competing speakers. This false prophet knows that once his influence starts to wane over the herd the other two will smell the blood in the water and begin the overthrow of this false prophet weinland. This is typical behavior of cults and it is historically proven. We will see.

    The “new lie” should be appearing in the next few days. This false prophet weinland already knows that it will be heavily critiqued here. Take my word, it will cause indigestion for the false prophet weinland.

    tic toc tic toc to crash and burn false prophet weinland Nov 2015


  17. It’s pretty convenient that he’s learning all this new stuff right before when the Great Tribulation (for real and physical this time), doesn’t happen.

    A lot of people in jail have an “epiphany”. Ron is not different.

    Ron’s Revelation will involve how PKG (ie Ron) got this whole Tribulation thing wrong, there is no Great Tribulation.

    Proofs will involve (maybe) Sodom and Gomorrah, Moses, the book of Jonah, maybe Blood Moons, and how many times the stray cat meowed.

    It’s all made up in Ron’s head. Eat up PKGers, it will be a good meal.


  18. juror bags:

    daddy is going to have to demote audra and promote jeremy in order to transfer the family business to the kids. this may be in the works – who knows –

    just maybe, this may be part of the “new lie”. Do you think jeremy is up to becoming the new ceo of weinland enterprises?


  19. Ron + Laura -> spiritual Two Witnesses

    Laura + Jeremy -> physical Two Witnesses

    It would be laughable if they did decide to take this route. Laura + Jeremy are more incompetent than Ron + Laura (and these two are lying thieves).


  20. I thought Ron was going to post his sermonette or whatever he was giving, midway of FOT.

    I guess he doesn’t want people criticizing it.


  21. I’m impressed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and interesting, and without a
    doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is an issue that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about.
    Now i’m very happy that I found this in my search
    for something concerning this.


  22. total life change, what is your story? Were you thinking of joining PKG? Did you have doubts?

    To speak plainly, there are a lot of proofs that Ronald Weinland is a false prophet. That NONE of his prophetic utterances came to pass is proof enough.
    We are talking about a man who claims to be a prophet and has made prophetic utterances (“ex cathedra” if you will) and none of it came to pass, is the bible definition of a false prophet.

    Now I personally place a difference on a man who claims to be a prophet and has made official pronouncements as a prophecy, and the man who is a preacher trying to understand and/or preach about prophecy but his understanding is wrong.

    For example Paul (or Peter) thought the Second Coming was in their lifetimes, but they were mistaken on the timing.


  23. For example, Laura has scheduled a trip to Bowling Green, KY on Nov 14, 2015.

    Laura KNOWS the Great Tribulation is NOT happening already. She knows it. So does Ronald Weinland.

    Because nobody would schedule a trip anywhere if they thought the Great Tribulation would start Nov 9th of 2015.

    If they thought it was true, they would schedule a trip to Jerusalem, where presumably the Two Witnesses will operate out of, and use as their base of headquarters.

    Rev 11, says BOTH Witnesses testify. That is they BOTH preach for 1260 days. Now Ron will steal be in jail, and Laura has no speaking skills whatsoever, except to gossip. So no, neither are going to fulfilling any prophecies come this November.


    1. “total life change” is actually a spambot. Normally, the antispam plug-in will catch this kind of spam, but occasionally one leaks through. Still pretty good considering that it caught over 8800 spam comments in the last few weeks.

      If you look at the comment and think about it, it could fit on just about any blog. I would have deleted the comment except for the replies, however I did delete the link left by the spambot as that was the real payload.


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