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Here is the third biography Weinland said he would publish. Only 10 days to review and comment before the next start of the Great Tribulation.

—————- Weinland’s Post ————–

This is one of three bios of Ronald Weinland. Each one gives varying information geared uniquely to the site on which it is posted. The other two sites include the Church of God–PKG website and the Prophesied End-Time website, a book website that offers the three books he has written that are free. The last book will be published and made available in early 2016 and is entitled, Prophesy Against the Nations.

Ronald Weinland became a baptized member of God’s Church in September of 1969 in the organization of the Worldwide Church of God. His baptism at age 20 was at a time when he was just entering his senior year of college, majoring in Mathematics and Physics. In 1972, he began attending Ambassador College in Bricket Wood, England, which was one of three colleges that was established by Herbert W. Armstrong, the apostle to God’s Church. Then in 1974, he transferred to Ambassador College in Texas and graduated in May of 1975 with a degree in Theology.

He married Laura Short, whom he met at Ambassador College, and they moved to Houston, Texas, where they lived for several years, and it was there that Ronald Weinland was first ordained on Passover of 1981. Then, a year later in 1982, he was asked to become part of the full time ministry of the Worldwide Church of God. In the middle of 1994, after serving in different locations in the ministry, Ronald and Laura, along with their two children, were transferred to pastor the churches in Toledo and Findlay, Ohio.

Mr. Armstrong died in January of 1986. After his death, Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. rose to the position of replacing Mr. Armstrong as the one who would lead the Worldwide Church of God, even though he was not an apostle. By December of 1994, the same year Ronald and his family had relocated to Toledo, Ohio, Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. gave a sermon in Atlanta, Georgia, where he set out to change every major doctrine of God’s Church. It was on that day that the beginning of the Apostasy (great falling away from the truth) that was foretold by Paul occurred.

After that event, only one-third of the Church tried to hold to the truths God had delivered to them through Herbert W. Armstrong. That third consisted of approximately 31,000 baptized members who then became scattered and gradually split apart into over 600 different organizations. Another third went back to false religious practices God had originally called them out of, while the rest simply gave up on religious practice altogether.

Satan was allowed to attack God’s own Church that had become spiritually lukewarm after Mr. Armstrong’s death, and as God prophetically stated He would do, He spewed the Church out of His mouth. The Apostasy became the means through which God separated the Church from Himself and began to cleanse it. God cleansed those in His Church who would humble themselves and repent of the spirit of pride and lethargy that had led to the Church becoming lukewarm. Some began to repent immediately, and God then began gathering a remnant from all those who had been scattered in order to strengthen, mold, and fashion a people who would be made ready for Christ’s second coming. After all the destruction, confusion, and growing opposition that was developing in doctrine among all who had become scattered after that Apostasy, God worked to fully reestablish His Church by Pentecost of 1998. God did so through a small group who then took on the name describing what God was going to accomplish within them—the Church of God – Preparing for the Kingdom of God.

God made Ronald Weinland both an apostle and prophet in order to fulfill a commission He would give to him as the counterpart to John who wrote the Book of Revelation. John did not understand what he had written, as that was not given to him, since what he had written was not for his time period, but instead, was for the end-time. It is for this reason that God raised up a prophet at the end who would be the counterpart to John and who would be used to reveal to the Church and the world what God had given to John to record. John and Ronald are the only two whom God made both apostles and prophets.

God’s purpose for mankind is for all to have the potential to become part of His Family. Therefore, God is once again emphasizing the importance of family just as He has at other times throughout the past 6,000 years through those with whom He has worked. So God is now working through Ronald and his wife, Laura, to be His two end-time witnesses written about in Revelation 11 who appear on the scene at the very end of the end-time.

As part of God’s purpose to emphasize the importance of family, He has also prepared and placed both of their children into important areas of service within His Church. Their daughter, Audra, has been ordained a prophet, even as Debra was a prophet in the time of the Judges of Israel, and she has been placed to serve over the Church in the U.K., Ireland, and continental Europe. Their son, Jeremy, has been ordained to serve as an evangelist to God’s Church.

As with so many whom God has called as prophets and apostles, most all have been imprisoned and/or killed by the governments of this world. Although some history has different accounts, it is believed that all the original disciples who became God’s apostles, including Paul, were all imprisoned and killed, except for John. John was imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos by the Roman government, and it is there that he was given the Book of Revelation to write.

In like manner, and as his counterpart, Ronald Weinland was falsely imprisoned by the government of the United States for evading to pay taxes. Some of that is covered in the other bios. However, very soon now, the truth about what occurred is going to be clearly revealed. For God’s end-time prophets, God reveals there will be great power that He is going to give to both of these witnesses. God has purposed for them to become directly engaged in administering much of the correction and humbling that must take place in this world, and also within the Church that was scattered, before God sends His Son to take over the governments of this world and reign over every nation.

Just as John was in prison when given the Book of Revelation to write, God has given Ronald to write a third and final book that is entitled, Prophesy Against the Nations. This book reveals more fully why at least half the world’s population will die before Christ returns. It also reveals, however, that it is in the hands of people and nations whether an even vastly larger number of people will die in this final end-time or if hundreds of millions can be saved when catastrophic physical tribulation strikes the earth, along with a third world war that will eventually lead into a full scale nuclear war. God has directed this revelation to be sent out to the world. In addition, God has also revealed that nearly 63,000 people from the environs of the Church that was scattered can potentially be saved to live into the Millennium. It is also revealed why a much smaller number than this may survive.


143 thoughts on “Post Site Bio

  1. Four days until Ron’s version of the Apocalypse happens, right now, there’s not a single major update on their site, mentioning, you know, WWIII.

    Ron doesn’t do it because Ron doesn’t believe Ron’s lies.


  2. I agree. This false prophet weinland knows he is wrong again. But what about the other two prophets and the four evangelists – do they know!?


  3. back in 2014 when Laura and Audra were visiting CA area I had a private conversation with Laura on personal matters and church matters. During the conversation I mentioned that there was a female church member who I was attracted to. Laura said “great – she makes a lot of money” I replied that it was not about the money. Just an example of how much Laura is a gossiper and money is the top of her mind. She had no right to reveal that this certain member made a lot of money!


  4. A gossiper, who lusts for expensive jewelry and paintings. Treats people “under her” like dirt.

    Didn’t she read the part about women keeping silent in the church (that is preaching from the pulpit)? Or was that edited out of her bible?

    She thinks she’s going to be given power????????? Not a chance.


  5. “you’ve got a lot of splaining to do Ricky” or Ron. PKG is all about money. Why do you think they let Gary stay knowing he drank, was abusive, cheating, etc…MONEY. I know when “the end” was to happen, Gary gave all his money from both personal and business accounts to the church, that does not include $40,000 that I could trace from the accounts. Actually it was whole business checks that were cashed and money not in the accounts. When asked about it, Gary would just say, “it’s none of your business what I do with my money.” Let’s see, paying some household bills would have been nice. It was OK to let the wife support the husband. What does the Bible say about that? Guess you better read it Gary and not listen to Ron.


  6. “Gary gave all his money from both personal and business accounts to the church, that does not include $40,000 that I could trace from the accounts.”

    Yikes!! 😮

    From my own personal situation, I can tell you that I KNOW for a fact that I’d be MUCH worse off money wise had I stuck around with this bunch. Ron likes to mention that those that leave end up being “thrown back into the world” and Satan will have at them. I take that to mean bad things will happen if we leave the “church”.

    Really?? At least on my end, things have never been better on my job! We’re busy like crazy, and they’re just short of telling us that there’s going to be mandatory overtime, which would include Saturdays. I say bring it on! There’s so much that I COULDN’T do because of giving so much money to PKG, I intend to make as much as possible while the opportunity is there.

    Not another red cent will ever go to any “church”.


  7. Oh yea LaurA loves to gossip and the PKG love to lesson , they think she is just talking about other people, but when she with other people she is talking about them , they all think there someone because LaurA told them something about someone else !


  8. well, freeatlast, these two false witnesses need an excuse because the world stage doesn’t have any room for them nor will it recognize them on Nov 8th, (according to this false prophet weinland) – they have failed again and are in desperate need of a “new lie”!!!

    Where will they be on Nov 8th?? Answer: one in prison and the other trying to figure out what to do!!


  9. johnny, wayne, willem, how are you guys going to deal with this failure?? I know all of you and the membership are drooling to have something happen that will justify yourselves and to have some vindication that this false prophet weinland is the real deal! Yes, we will heard the death curses and proclaimed deaths in the scattered groups and the return of the non-existence 63,000 “again” just like the other failures of the past/present. It will be the same old boisterous BS as before – oh well here we go again!

    I can only offer the truth because they aren’t the real deal and Nov 8th, and onward to 2019, will prove this to be true.


  10. Ron forgot about his 7 Thunders. None of it happened. What makes him think anything he says will happen???

    The really and truly sad thing, is the short memory span that PKGers have. Ron came up with some nonsense about 7,000 dying, and 63,000 joining up with PKG. NONE OF IT HAPPENED. Now he says some of the 63,000 maybe might survive, maybe not, maybe some will live into the Millenium, maybe not (real decisive of Ron). Either this is a prophecy or it is not a prophecy. Ron conveniently forgets to say anything about the 7,000 that was supposed to die.


  11. They did not love the truth (Deuteronomy 18:22 ) that they might be saved .

    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie


  12. A lot of maybe’s have been revealed to Ron….

    Maybe 63,000 will join PKG
    Maybe 63,000 will live into the Millenium
    Maybe a smaller number will live into the Millenium
    Maybe not
    Maybe 7,000 will die
    Maybe 7,000 will not die
    Maybe some of the 7,000 will become members

    Such conviction!


  13. No time to read comments nor anymore horse shit but as I was skimming along very, very quickly one thing caught my eye…….. Ron, Laurdass, and their two kids were appointed to tell you all exactly how it is.

    Personally, I have never seen a kid (let alone two non-educated kids) rule God’s world / universe / etc.

    These Weinlands really must be some type of SPECIAL B.S.

    Now all you long time tithers just kick back and keep cutting checks because now the worthless kids that can not do anything other than continue to RIP YOU OFF SOME MORE were telling you what God wanted (back in the day) while you were changing their shitty diapers. REALLY?

    How deep was the shit in those britches?


  14. BTW Mr. Mke. I ,,,,,, well it is trash but facts are facts and I do like to speak the truth concerning Ron the Con and his Vain lard ass wife………. ADULT Kids included. My bad.


  15. tic toc tic toc tic toc who you gossiping about now Laura? tic toc tic toc tic toc how much money have you stolen from the members Laura? oh yeah it is God’s right what a joke tic toc tic toc tic toc


  16. If we go by Jerusalem time, then the GT would start at around noon EST tomorrow.

    That is, if Ron and Laura were the TW’s. They aren’t. They are two false prophets.

    Look forward to the non-announcements during any sermon given tomorrow.

    Rev 11:3 … and **THEY** shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

    They BOTH must preach and prophesy for 1260 days. So if either of these lazy thief stealing bums fails to preach over the weekend, they will have both failed at their mission from the get go.


  17. Wayne Matthews has a sermon posted for tomorrow’s PKG service.

    Nothing about WWIII that I could see. You would think they would post something about it. But nope.

    I don’t think even Wayne Matthews believes anything is going to happen. If not, why is he still there with a lying false prophet?


  18. God is not giving this asshole no info, he’s just making it up to get money for the Weindland family Mafia ! Lol hey Bubba reach over and bitch slap your ho for me , did I ever say how much I hate this proven crooks in a court of law of the U.S.A , a jury of 12 found him guilty in 2 hours !!!! And religion had nothing to do with it !!!!


  19. Hey false prophet weinland! Why is it that your four evangelists are “not” announcing you and your wife bursting forth on the world stage!!!! Is there a problem? Time is running out!


  20. “This period of 42 months will be followed by the seventh and last cycle of 1260 days when God’s two witnesses will accomplish their work of Revelation 11. That work is about a humbling power that will work upon mankind to begin destroying the arrogance, haughtiness, and deep pride of mankind. This power to humble will be spearheaded by those who have become attired in sackcloth.”
    Ronald Weinland
    July 17 2014


  21. ” I do not believe it is possible that this new date has any error or lack of understanding in its calculation (which will be addressed a little later). Having said that, if for any reason the timing were to go beyond this new date in 2019, then we can be certain that God will reveal much more to us in order to give us even greater understanding, just as He has in the past. If indeed this proved to be the case, we would simply continue moving forward, following Him wherever He leads His Church.”
    Ronald Weinland
    July 17 2014

    Covetous Ron , AMAZING !

    “3) From the Apostasy up to Pentecost 2012 there are 6,370 days. This consists of three prophetic numerical combinations of 7 x 70 x 13.

    The number “7” signifying “completeness.”
    The prophetic number “70” signifying “Christ’s coming.”
    The prophetic number “13” signifying Satan’s way that is associated with “apostasy and rebellion.” RW 7/17/14

    2 thessalonians 2 :9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10And with all delusion of unrighteousness in them that perish

    “The Hubble Telescope right now says that there is a Galaxy out there 13 Billion light years away ” Ron Weinland Ideacity

    What a Witness .

    But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.


  22. Nothing but “double talk”!! Hey pkg where is the announcement!!!! How are you going to do this announcement to the world of these two false witnesses!?


  23. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but Ron is supposed to be getting out on February 16, 2016. No doubt he’ll start giving sermons again from the rec-room in his home as his probation follows immediately after till 2019. No traveling out of the country for sure, no traveling anywhere unless his P.O. is notified and has given approval.

    Others can fill in the missing info with more detail if it’s needed. 😉


    1. Almost correct. His release date is February 17. After that, he is on probation (supervised release) for 3 years. While on supervised release, he is not allowed to leave eastern Kentucky without approval of his probation officer.


  24. I know this is a difficult question, but what is the likelihood that he will be given approval for out of country trips? Do you think he will be given permission?


    1. I think it’s quite likely that he will be given permission to leave the country for short trips. After all, his last trip overseas was just a few weeks prior to his criminal trial. He gave his last sermon in the UK on May 19, 2012.


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