PATN, Chapter 1 – Part 1: Who Will Listen?

Now that the Great Tribulation has officially begun, Ronald Weinland is performing his duties by posting his book to his blog in installments since fire-breathing on the prison guards did not have the desired result of his release.

It is not reposted here, for details please see the following post:


102 thoughts on “PATN, Chapter 1 – Part 1: Who Will Listen?

  1. Randy, that is sad! I used to do the same thing though……waiting around “hoping” something would happen. Got tired of that though and started living life. 😉


  2. One of the saddest parts of the legacy of WCG–people looking at world events and actually hoping for a disaster instead of praying for the best.


  3. People in PKG think that somehow all the evil will befall the world, but they will be safe in their home with all of their provisions and generators. God has not given an indication that this will happen. He helps us in the time of need, but he does not shelter us from all evil. We have plenty of grief in our lives, just like the rest of the world, but we have him for help and comfort. The Bible says that if you pray for rain on your neighbors land , it rains on yours as well. The same holds for disaster. I wonder if they want the tribulation to start so the Lord will come, or so they can all be correct.


  4. One day I forgot to lock the back door and mom got made she said somebody will come in and still everything , I told her the only one that ever stole from you was your minister and his wife !!!!!


  5. Ronald and Laura Weinland….how is your job of correcting the nations around the world going?

    Not so good? Nobody is listening?

    How are your fire breathing skills? Having problems breathing fire? Spiritually? Physically?

    Have you mentioned to your daughter that she’s committing adultery yet? You do know that correction starts with the family first don’t you? Before you can correct the nations, try correcting your grievous sins first before looking at anybody else sins, you know, like buying panties with tithe money, or lying on legal documents….stuff like that.


  6. Just to let everyone know. The die hard members of this false prophet weinland’s group have their noses buried in the news. They are looking for some cataclysmic happening. The ones that I have contact with seem to be detached from the die hard members. I have heard that “if” something doesn’t happen soon then there will be some departures.

    I get the impression that not all of the membership are on board with this false prophet weinland’s latest “nothing happened” that was to occur on Nov 8th.

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!!


  7. I am sure that the “damage control” is in full action to save what is left!! It is this blog that has the front row seats in watching this current scramble to save the false prophet weinland from extinction!!


  8. First its specified as 1260 days for a reason. It’s not the 1000 days, or the 500 days, or the 90 days. It’s called 1260 days because stuff demarcates the start of it, the middle of it, and the end of it.

    Ron and Laura and Wayne and the rest of the gang, are pretty clueless, since (as mentioned) they have Christ returning 50 days later after the Tribulation has ended.

    The bible has “mile markers”. For the 1260 days, the mile marker occurs 30 days before the GT starts, and that is at the 1290th day. On this day, the sacrifices that were restarted are forcibly halted, and armies surround Jerusalem to enforce this. Also an idol is placed in the holy place. Basically 3 things

    1) Armies surround/enter Jerusalem
    2) Sacrifices are halted
    3) An “abomination”(jewish term for an idol) is placed in the holy place

    Thirty days later the GT starts, and we should not need to be told it will start with a “bang”.


  9. A broken clock is correct twice a day.

    Eventually “stuff” will and can happen. This in no way validates Ron’s claims for anything.

    We are talking about a guy who has ZERO fulfillment of any kind of prophecy. No prophecy he spoke has come to pass, and no explicit prophecy about the two witnesses is fulfilled by him. No fire breathing, no turning rivers to blood, nothing.


  10. Martin,

    You need to look at this false prophet weinland as entertainment. I know it is difficult to get your ire under control, but, I have finally come to the point as viewing this false prophet weinland as a second rate comedian. He really is laughable!!

    He is not worth the stomach ulcer by getting worked upped over this comedian. The fun thing to do is to “mock” him because it’s fun and you will live longer. There are times my ire will get the best of me, but, no more. He is not worth it.


  11. Ozy:

    Right at this moment, the members want vindication and it has nothing to do with Christ’s return. They are tired of being mocked and laughed at and want justification now!!! But, this false prophet weinland can’t deliver and some are getting tired of it.


  12. EIE, I can bet you right at this moment, there are some that I know in PKG that are HOPING this latest stock market hit (it fell 254 points today) is the start of something big. I used to hear that all the time while I was in——how much the DOW fell, only for them to pump things up right back again where they were.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a Prophet for that matter) to know that the DOW will someday crash. They’ve been talking about this for years, long before Ron tried to scare everyone with it.

    Martin, I agree that bad things can and will happen. But that doesn’t mean Christ will ride in on a white horse and save everyone from themselves as most in PKG are hoping for. I myself am hoping that more will leave in short order as the days drag on, and nothing major is happening. Nothing that normally doesn’t happen in the daily goings on of human beings walking the earth.

    Ozy, I have to agree with EIE——–PKG is all about being proven “right” than for Christ returning. I’ve had more than a few kerfuffles with those in PKG about certain things Ron has said. Only to be told that “we shouldn’t talk about that”. One time was right at the Feast (2014), when I brought up something going on in the world that didn’t add up, and the person I was sharing the room with had the nerve to say that we shouldn’t talk about such things on a “high day”.

    I immediately said I didn’t know conversation about anything was censored on a high day or any day, and they later apologized, but that just goes to show how far the brainwashing can go.


  13. R “God reveals there will be great power that He is going to give to both of these witnesses. God has purposed for them to become directly engaged in administering much of the correction and humbling that must take place in this world”

    1) Has God given Ron + Laura any power? NO

    2) Are they correcting the world? NO

    3) Are they humbling the world? NO

    4) Are they humbling the splinters? NO

    Are we expected to believe GOD MUST WAIT until Ron is let out of prison before God can use them?????

    God’s hands are tied by the judicial system, and He has to wait for them to let Ron go???????????

    Do PKGers actually believe this horse baloney????????????

    If I had fire breathing skills, I would have been out of jail on day 1 of the 1260 days.


  14. Here is my recommendation to PKG.

    SELL ALL THAT YOU HAVE, SELL EVERYTHING. Sell your house, your car, sell every thing you own and send Ron the proceeds. Since the GT is here, you don’t need all that stuff. Ron will use that to get some more BMW’s, maybe a vacation house, Ron never uses that money to preach the Gospel, it’s all for him, he can do what he wants with your tithe money.


  15. Ronald Weinland calls Joseph Tkach Sr the “man of sin”, he does this because Mr Tkach changed a lot of the doctrines that HWA and the WWCoG taught.

    But Ronald Weinland has done EXACTLY THE SAME THING. Ron has pretty much changed everything that the WWCoG taught, the only thing left in common is the Sabbath and the Holy Days, pretty much everything else including the entire prophetic framework that was taught has been changed by him.

    So if that made Mr Tkach Sr an anti-Christ, what does that make Ron? The man condemns himself.


  16. Martin, Ron would have blasted Tkach for his many failures if he had predicted half of what Ron has predicted wrongly. You’re correct in that he is no different. Maybe he is worse after all, because Tkach never claimed to be anything more than he was. Ron has set himself up in a high place for all to see. He has certainly given himself a pass that he has never given anyone else.


  17. All of you left in PKG – you are in a cult – you have been brainwashed by Ron and Laura with the help of Johnny and Wayne – WAKE UP! Or do you want to be good little children leaving all decisions to need your money for their pleasure?


  18. “France has declared a national state of emergency and has closed its borders after at least 40 people were killed in multiple gun and bomb attacks in Paris.

    At least 15 people were killed at the Bataclan concert hall, where gunmen took up to 60 people hostage.

    Police have now stormed the venue and killed two attackers, French media say.”

    No doubt Ron will use this incident to his advantage, and sadly it is probable that PKGers will somehow look at this as some kind of confirmation of Ron.


  19. I am convinced that even if Ron emerges from prison as a gay man, Laura and the kids will stick with him, and the stalwarts in his church will keep right on supporting him with their tithes and obedience. He has them so brainwashed to believe that he is an unfairly persecuted apostle, that most of them can’t leave. There are all manner of Armstrongites who suspect that the incest allegations against HWA are actually true, but are physically and spiritually incapable of leaving the doctrines he compiled during the incest behind.

    This is powerful stuff, folks, and in all the wrong ways.



  20. Hey false prophet weinland!! You missed it!!!! Aren’t you supposed to predict what happened in France to prove who you think you are!!!! This missed opportunity shows that you are a fraud!!!!


  21. The interesting aspect of this French situation is that people schooled in international geopolitics were predicting ten years ago that France was likely to become the first Islamified nation in Europe. This was based on population trends and the transformation the immigrants were bringing. If memory serves me correctly, the Ayatollah Khomeini had been exiled in Paris up until the Islamic revolution in Iran, deposing the Shah. This violence needs to be controlled, because it is just this sort of conversion by intimidation originally employed by Mohammed in furthering the advance of the then new Muslim religion. Intimidation was used several decades ago in converting Algeria into an Islamic nation. At one time, Algeria had been a colony of France.

    Centuries ago, Spain had been ruled by the Moors, who were Muslim, so it would not be unusual for a European nation to be under Muslim domination. What is fascinating is that none of this was anticipated by Herbert W. Armstrong’s theories of prophecy. He trashed our fellow Christians in the Catholic faith, never even considering the possiblilty of the growth in Islamic influences in Europe. To be fair, I don’t believe that anyone else did either, right up until about 1980, when American hostages were taken in the Middle East.

    Oddly enough, some see the arson at the Dome of the Rock on the temple mount in Jerusalem as having spawned radical Islam in our modern times, and when Dennis Rohan was taken into custody for having set the fire, he had a copy of Herbert W. Armstrong’s “Plain Truth” in his back pocket.



  22. Ronald Weinland and Laura Weinland have ALREADY failed their self proclaimed mission as the TWs.

    Putting up a portion of a chapter of a book doesn’t cut it.

    Ron is “publishing” this e-book as he thinks this is a prophecy. But the “little book” mentioned in Revelation is for the prophet himself to “eat”. It has always been taught by the WWCoG that this “little book” is the book of Ezekiel. Ron changed this teaching, and since he condemns others for doing what he himself is guilty of, he condemns himself.


  23. Laura, surely you can see that you and Ron have failed at “it”. You don’t have to continue with the lies, you can save yourself, and many others by admitting that you were both deceived.

    The penalty for unrepentant false prophets is the lake of fire, you should fear this. On what basis can you stand before God and claim to be one of the TWs? What will your answer be? Because Ron said so?


  24. “Then what about the “big bang” theory that somehow brought the universe into existence? It would seem that it would be good to ask a couple of obvious questions about this before blind acceptance. So when that “big bang” occurred, where did the unfathomable vast volumes of matter come from that were shot out into space to produce billions upon billions of stars and galaxies? For that matter, where did all the space come from that is so many times more vast? What laws existed to enable such a bang? If those laws existed, then where did they come from?

    “Yet in all of this, you are not to question this in schools or universities, for to do so could bring ridicule, mockery, and the possible disdain of peers.”

    Weinland promoting anti-intellectualism in all its glory… well, that’s not totally accurate: He’s promoting crass aggressive ignorance. The blackness is spreading.

    First and foremost of all, science is all about questioning its own theories — it’s about direct and indirect observation. Obviously, Weinland is not just unscientific, he’s completely anti-science. The reason? Observation proves him wrong. That’s science. We observe what he says and check them out with what we see and, voila! What he says and what the universe does, simply doesn’t match.

    Of course, he’s ignored the fact that science has been progressing with new observations and new theories, even in the arena of “The Big Bang”. Notice the latest:

    Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning.

    We have more and more powerful telescopes. We look through them in every direction, and what do we see? We see the cosmos in all its glory. It just goes on and on as far as we can see. Most cosmologists today believe the universe is 13+ billion years old (and have some interesting explanations about how the universe expanded faster than the speed of light at the start because they think the universe is 156 billion light years across). Now in the 1960s, one astronomer thought the universe was about 100 billion years old. See — science does change its opinions and refines its theories. That’s all part of the scientific method.

    But now — and the math does seem to check out — the universe may have always existed. (Some contend that it would still be possible to have a “Big Bang”, but it’s not necessary if matter existed forever).

    One thing is sure.

    Weinland does not believe in science. He does not believe in taking measurements and making observations.

    So what’s left?

    Magic. And magic of the worst kind: The kind where there are no rules.


  25. DB:

    The “magic” lies in the magic wand that the false witness has in “her” hand. She is not allowed to speak but when given permission to wave her magic wand things begin to enter the other false witness’s head and viola!!!


  26. Proper use of viola:

    Remove strings from viola.
    Wrap stings around neck of silent witness.
    Pull tightly.

    This should insure silent witness remains silent.

    Of course, this is not a solution for everyone… even though the Scripture says that the false prophet shall be put to death, it’s a little vague as to who is supposed to do it….


  27. And, of course, there is a problem with viola strings, so if you are going to use them, be sure to wear thick heavy leather gloves….

    If we follow the 6th commandment, we will have fewer legal problems, even if it does seem a bit lazy to let Someone Else do all the Work….


  28. What happens when you mock a true prophet of God like Elijah? God sends a bear to attack you.

    What happens when you mock Ronald Weinland? Nothing. That’s because he’s a false prophet.


  29. Has anyone heard from the false prophetess audra?? Isn’t she the false prophetess over Europe?? Where are these supposedly end time false prophets!!??


  30. Hey! Let’s not forget the heir apparent “unqualified evangelist” jeremy weinland!! Where are you jeremy!!?? Are you afraid to step up to the plate or are you a coward like your father!!??


  31. EIE, what would they have to say? The false, the unknown , and the unqualified have NOTHING to say. At his point they can’t really back Ron up, but they’re all secretly hoping the massacre in France signals the end. Even if it did, it wouldn’t qualify any of them for a job.


  32. Ozy:

    That is my point. They can’t say anything because of the falsehoods they spew. It is a calling out and they can’t step up!!! This weinland family is putrid and deserves all the scorn that comes their way.

    This claim of being empowered as the two witnesses on Nov 8th is such a farce and I find it difficult that anyone would believe this with the history of failures this clown (weinland) has. My other point is this, when you make a claim such as this then step up and prove yourself!! It is now understood that this is a family of cowards!!!!

    I do know that the membership is extremely desperate to be right and their leadership is nowhere to be found!!! I am sure they understand that the testimony is to go out to the global community and it is not happening!! The idea that a bargain basement book is how this is to be done is ludicrous!!

    I really wonder if this false prophet weinland has the guts to go public.


  33. It is possible that the terrorist attack in France may force an issue that this false prophet weinland is going to “have to” make a public statement. By keeping it within the environs of his organization is worthless and accomplish absolutely nothing!!!

    I find it interesting that this false prophet weinland “has not” proclaimed his empowerment to the global community – why is this one may ask!!?? Where are these three false prophets!!??


  34. He will keep his proclamations in the environs of the PKG, because he knows no one else will give him the time of day. He is keeping what is left of his church close to him, because that’s all he will ever have. Ron has them convinced he is the only ONE calling for the end of this system of man, when in fact , MANY people can see the writing on the wall for man. This does NOT prove Ron is a witness or a prophet. He has simply jumped on the end of the world band wagon and made it profitable for him and his family. He has scared the people of PKG into thinking HE is the way to God. When something happens in the world, he can say “see I predicted this,” when in fact, MANY can see the world failing fast. He is not the only person writing a book. He will tell PKG that his book is for the world, when in fact it is only for them, to feel like they are moving forward. Ron is the little boy who cried wolf, and I’m sorry , but God Almighty just doesn’t work that way. He has tried to equate himself with the great men of the Bible , but they were not imprisioned for wrong doing as he was. The people of PKG have given Ron and family carte blanche to do as they pleased, and it all went to their heads. They treated them like a royal family. This is why Ron has no problem giving his children and wife undeserved titles. People just go along with it, and he knows he can get away with it. If you cross him, he throws you out. They fear getting thrown out of Rons church more than they fear disobeying God.


  35. Hey EIE – you and my mom prob know each other. Or at least have heard of each other. She’s still in Rotten Ronnies cult and has gone to all feasts, etc. Glad you are out and can shed some light as to what you’ve experienced. I often wonder what’s discussed during “fellowship!”


  36. Freckles:

    Out of curiosity – where would I know your mom from? I do know members of this false prophet weinland’s group. At the moment, the ones I know seem to be preoccupied with nothing happening on the level of Rev 11 as this false prophet weinland proclaimed would happen on Nov 8th. I really do hope that as time goes on that the remaining membership will open their eyes and come to understand that they have been “DUPED” by this false prophet weinland!!!

    With Europe in turmoil!!! Where is the prophetess over Europe!!!! Where are you false prophetess audra!!??


  37. “With Europe in turmoil!!! Where is the prophetess over Europe!!!! Where are you false prophetess audra!!??”

    There are crickets chirping EIE out of that one. With what happened in France, what an opportunity for the “prophetess” to have made herself known! BUT—-she wouldn’t know because she’s just another human being. NO special powers from God to foretell anything. Just cashing in living a life of luxury with husband #2 for however long that will last. Time will tell if hubby #2 will see the family for what they really are and have the good sense to bail.

    We’ll see…………


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