PATN: Chapter 1 Part 3 of 3

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I personally am thankful that while I have family in Armstrongism, none is caught up with Ron.

The excerpt from Ron’s book is not reposted here, for details please see the following post:


71 thoughts on “PATN: Chapter 1 Part 3 of 3

  1. “The appearance of the European Power and the rise of the Catholic Church is not the beginning of the GT but is the precursor to it. ”

    I agree 100%, and of course the bible teaches this…

    Rev 13:5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to CONTINUE forty and two months.

    The beast leader (him) will continue for 1260 final days, not START at that time, so the beast leader and the false prophet who presents the beast leader to the world, start their “jobs” way before the GT starts.

    Now how much time this precursor period is, nobody knows, and it is not stated in the bible.

    But of course, when a man in Europe calls down fire, it should be obvious this precursor period has started.


  2. No boarders or ports blown up
    The pope he said would be last , I think 2 since
    None of the ministers that he said would die did
    Christ never returned when he said
    He never died in the streets
    He never wore a cloth sack
    Just $1700 suits
    Nothing happen 11/08/ 15. Or anytime
    He was sent to Fedral prison
    He spent all your tighted on his self and family like Dimounds , suits , BMW , $400.000 house , cruises , Vegas , Victoria Secarats, and condos ,
    And he sits in Fedral Prison for not pay tax on money he and his wife stole from you PKG
    He will burn in a lake of fire !
    Ron you are a asshole quit reackin people’s life’s , let it go and take your own life instead of praying to take wemon and children’s life’s asshole
    Just had to rant good night you all !


  3. No 2/3 of vegition gone !
    The Dallor is stronger then every
    The USA is not on its knees
    Oil is cheaper than ever
    Tell me this guy is not a false prophet , he never hit noting right !!!!!
    Tell say oh it going to happen will tell us when for sure asshole


  4. This is how Moses gave a prophecy
    1) Gave exact day it would occur
    2) Described exact plague that would occur
    3) Described the location it would occur
    4) Described who the plague would fall on

    This is how Ron gives a prophecy
    Something bad will happen in 1260 + 50 days.


  5. Living contrary to God’s ways and in disobedience to His laws only brings great sorrow, suffering, and curses in life. However, when a person chooses to live in such a manner, it doesn’t just hurt oneself, it has a rippling effect that hurts those close to them in family, job, and society.

    REALLY RON. You should know. Look at the families that you have already destroyed, the marriages that broke apart because of you and your twisted teachings. I know of many that will not be celebrating the day you get released from prison. When you no longer have a “group” to call a church, then all of us will celebrate, because then God has finally said enough of you.


  6. Well, false prophet weinland, is there “sorrow”, “suffering”, and “curses” in your Life!? Let’s see, you have brought disgrace upon your family by being convicted on five counts of tax fraud, and your daughter has suffered a divorce because of your meddling and your organization is experiencing “loss” instead of gain.

    Well, by your own words, “disobedience brings”!! Question: “are you living contrary to God’s Laws!? It appears that you are because of the “curse” you have become on those involved with you false prophet weinland!!


  7. …And… let;s not forget that Ronald Weinscum pronounced a DEATH CURSE on us and our CHILDREN… and told the PKG NOT to pray for those not in his church who are sick or poor. This is the kind of maggot disguised as a human Ron has shown himself to be….

    Yeah… I have no problem watching his cult slowly fail…


  8. If time allows for it (I’m not sure there will be time), Ronald Weinland will simply continue to post his blog posts, even when he gets out of prison, and this will be the extent of his “mission” as one of the TW’s.

    When he gets out of jail (you know, for tax fraud), nothing is going to change, he will not start breathing fire or get presented before the rulers of this world. Laura the lazy bum, will still be silent, she has no speaking skills outside of gossip.

    No, it will still be zero fulfilled prophecy for these two.
    (well except for the prophecy about false prophets deceiving many)


  9. LAURA….

    Where is the fire breathing? Why aren’t you breathing fire? Ask yourself, are you fulfilling prophecy? In regards to the Two Witnesses, the answer is NO.

    Then ask yourself, should I continue to be a false prophet? pretend to be one of the Two Witnesses?

    Or maybe you can decide to save yourself from this false delusion.


  10. LAURA…

    Your husband Ronald Weinland, and perhaps yourself, pronounced a death curse on this site’s owner.

    Ask yourself, why hasn’t this been fulfilled? Do you think the real Two Witnesses will have to wait years for their death curses to take effect? Ron said his “judgements” would be exact and precise. Instead his “judgements” have fallen flat on their faces. NONE of them have been fulfilled in any manner whatsoever. Including his death curses on other ministers.

    The reason this has not been fulfilled is simple, you are not one of the Two Witnesses, and God doesn’t hear the prayer of false prophets.


  11. As it is stated” “you shall know them by their fruits”. Hey false prophet weinland what “good” fruit have you produced!? Hmmmmm, imprisonment, failed predictions, exposed greed, selfishness, arrogance, and a long trail of broken marriages and relationships among the members of your organization.

    Question: what kind of smelly fruit is this!!??


  12. Laura your daughter is, by bible definitions, an adulterer.

    How are you fit to correct the nations when you can not even correct your own daughter?

    And worse, you approved of this marriage?????????????????

    Your husband is still in jail. Why is he not been set free? Ron can certainly free himself if he could breath fire. Or you could free him if you could breath fire. But neither of you two can breath fire because you are both false prophets.


  13. The greater the acceptance and stubborn insistence to continue in belief of so many false doctrines, the greater the lengths some will go to keep the truths of God out of their lives. The refusal to listen to God is exceedingly strong in today’s world. Again, this is exactly why judgment has now come at this time. – R.W.

    Ron just spelled it out. I wonder if he ever reads what he writes? He even explains why the teachings of RW keeps God out of their lives. Come on people, do you really read what Ron says or just skip over most of it, using the excuse you don’t understand what he is saying cause he is so much more “special” then you are?


  14. I have some observance from the internals of pkg. Of the ones I know I have been quietly watching what they are doing. As of now, I am seeing a quietness and the beginnings of a loss on interest. As I have stated, for every second, minute, hour, day, and month that goes by will further prove that weinland is a false prophet!!

    When prophesy fails it will turn into disillusionment and anger. Come Dec 8th it will be one month pass and when Dec 27th arrives the fifty (50) day buffer will evaporates!!!!

    Where are you false prophet weinland!!???


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