PATN: Chapter 2 Part 3

Latest installment of Ron’s book.  His thoughts on deception and corrupt minds, topics which he knows about a lot.

It is not reposted here, for details please see the following post:


32 thoughts on “PATN: Chapter 2 Part 3

  1. Ron says: “The bottom line is that mankind is subject to its own selfish nature. People do not really have control of their nature that becomes inward and selfish from childhood. One of the best examples to help explain this is what I learned from one of God’s apostles before he died. Herbert W. Armstrong was speaking of this very thing when he was describing the difference between God’s kind of love that is always outgoing and caring toward others and that of mankind’s love.”

    Oh really… you mean how you CURSED us and our CHILDREN to DEATH? That kind of Godly love? HWA teaching Weinland about love… kind of like a machine gun teaching a hunting knife about pacifism…


  2. Hey false prophet weinland! What do you know about God’s Love!? You who has mislead and lied to your organization for your own personal gain!! Constantly changing Christ’s return date to save face because of YOUR INWARD egomania!!! You have ruined marriages and family relationships within your organization and you call this God’s Love on your part!!??

    False prophet weinland you are the epitome of hypocrisy!!!!!!


  3. Three quotes from the latest posting –

    “Deception and the willingness to deceive self can become so great that a mind can truly no longer “see straight.” Soundness of mind and true balance in life simply “go out the window.””

    “If a person yields to their own selfish human nature and begins to lust, they open themselves up to the potential of Satan or demons intensifying thoughts and feelings.”

    “We cannot fully grasp that power nor the ability he has to twist and pervert truth into lies and deception that “seems” true to the human mind. Much of why his power is so great over mankind is because mankind’s basic nature is one that is easily willing, and often even desirous, to believe a lie.”

    One of the greatest sources of our knowledge of human nature comes from within ourselves as we live our lives and develop our character. Ron has looked deep inside himself and come up with some traits that he thinks reflect the people around him but actually tells us a lot about himself.


  4. fuck Ron and Laura
    Nothing happening , is it just me our does someone see his shit happen !!! If you do you have better eyes than me !!!!


  5. Jim and Tammy Fae would be proud …pretty sure herbie would be too ….how do you do it weinland ??..just pick random words out of the dictionary and string them together ?……My guess is Will Rogers never met you did he ?
    so what happens to pgk when ole ronnie boy doesnt die on the streets of Jerusalem?..oh wait that was covered in a sermon back in 2012 as may 27th grew closer ….contrary to God’s WORD ron weinland said it wasnt necessary for them to die
    that begs the obvious question ….who do we believe ?…God or weinland ?…..pkg , who loves to be led astray, has chosen poorly .and speaking of the two witnesses ..scripture says that God will send HIS two witnesses …and this doesnt mean that they are human agents either ..but that discussion is better left for another time and place…. meanwhile , back at the federal prison ….fair warning to all ….weinland gets out next february..and this time ron ..get a good accountant …oh ..and some better attorneys


  6. “Deception and the willingness to deceive self can become so great that a mind can truly no longer “see straight.” Soundness of mind and true balance in life simply “go out the window.””

    Ron is priceless.


  7. Martin,

    This false prophet weinland has definitely deceived himself!! This false prophet weinland has proven time after time that he cannot “see straight”!!! He also has proved time after time that he “lacks” soundness of mind and is definitely lacking in balance in his life!!!!

    All you have to do is simply look at his life over the past ten plus years. All you see is filthy smelly results in the way he has lived his life. Prison, false predictions, lies, greed, and claiming to be something he will never be.

    Hey false prophet weinland where is the “soundness of mind” and where is the “balance” in your life!!??


  8. Also, it proves that this current book is nothing more than an attempt to “reinvent” himself!! This false prophet weinland is nothing more than a slimy worm that is trying to crawl out of its own crap!!!


  9. “The power that was at work to destroy everything immediately created incredible havoc in the atmosphere itself. It created what can best be understood as a perpetual nuclear type winter that engulfed the earth until God came on the scene tens of thousands of years later to renew the earth.
    The power that was used against the earth was so violent that it actually toppled the earth out of its perfect orbit and rotation. Large areas of the earth experienced massive and abrupt change. Parts of the earth itself were quickly ripped apart and thrust into space.
    This was so powerful that debris struck the moon, Mercury, Venus, and even Mars. God has revealed that the asteroid belt itself was formed from massive debris ripped free from the earth and scattered into space. There is additional debris within this region that was thrust into space, but it has not yet been revealed where it came from. The earth was originally created with greater mass than it has today”Ronald Weinland

    Exodus 20
    11For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: why the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.


  10. Eric,

    Interesting set of quotes. Wonder if Ron is setting the stage for his next failure by blaming his “confusion” about prophetic events on a huge, end-time attack by Satan that almost (but not quite, mind you) fooled the elect? Will Ron ditch his previous (and obviously failed) prophecies in favor of something new, something untainted by Satan’s deception? Will Ron call all of this a purifying phase that weeded out the non-elect, leaving just a Gideon’s army of the elect to carry on the work of God in the end time, and keep some sort of income flowing for Ron and Laura?

    Ron has to switch tactics eventually. The sheep are waking up and leaving. He needs a new hook.


  11. This false prophet weinland does indeed know he is wrong again!!! As I have stated, for every second, minute, hour, day, and month that goes by further proves weinland as being a false prophet!!

    FedUp is right on cue, in that, this false prophet weinland is going to have to change his current failed prediction of 2019. This time, time is his enemy and this false prophet “has to” make an adjustment (new lie) in order to survive. This is something we need to look for because it is coming soon. I like the position of having to say, “you heard it first here”!!

    Hey false prophet weinland there are only nine (9) days left to the evaporation of the fifty days of your “margin of error”!! What! are you going to do false prophet weinland!!??


  12. One would think that members of these groups would not be able to avoid looking at the very real factors in the surrounding world, rather than continually focussing on the imaginary ones that were created in the cranial lobes of Herbert W. Armstrong, and embellished by Ron Weinland. The environmental effects which we are witnessing as they unfold are not just affecting the English-speaking nations. Negative trends are not impacting specific areas of the globe or isolating “punishment” for the things that their distant ancestors have supposedly forgotten. Church members should test and retest their beliefs and premises to make certain that they are correct, not just imbibe of new and higher doses of the programming which is available through the only source of invormation that they will accept and let in.



  13. R ” God has revealed that the asteroid belt itself was formed from massive debris ripped free from the earth and scattered into space.”

    Too who? Where is this written down?

    Ronald Weinland is just making up stuff from out of the blue.


  14. Ron says: “God established a belt of debris in our solar system from what was thrust into space to serve as a constant reminder, to all who come to know it, of what rebellion produces—destruction, chaos, waste, and death.”

    LOL! What an idiot.

    1. Why then did “God” “put’ this belt between Mars and Jupiter where NOONE could see it until the invention of the telescope? So billions of people on Earth BEFORE the telescope had no idea that God was telling them something so important about rebellion? And once people saw this asteroid belt their first/only correct impression was “Oh yes, clearly this is a sign that rebellion produces death!”

    2. The asteroid belt originally held roughly the same mass as Earth… but it was all ripped form Earth? The Earth used to be twice as big/heavy and then half its mass magically moved to Martian/Jovanian space where no one could see it? Interesting that Ron provides NO proof. That god provides no proof. That the Bible has ZERO mention of God’s amazing sign that NOONE can see…

    3. …so “god” has revealed this to Ron.. the SAME god that has lied to him 5 times about Christ returning, who has LIED about MILLIONS coming to the PKG to be baptized before May 2012 (Christ;s Return)? This “god” of Ron’s displays all the symptoms of a narcissistic sociopath… and reveals a 100% lack of knowledge about astrophysics and gravity. This scientifically illiterate “god” is the god of the Universe? This god has no idea what a Kirkwood Gap is?

    Ronald Weinland displays all the scientific AND divine knowledge of a nitwit prancing about in a pile of his own dung…


  15. ALSO..

    … I wold love to see Ron stand up in public in front of a gathering of astrophysics professors AND prominent clerics from all the major religions of the world and try to show them this completely false “truth.”

    He proclaims himself one of the Two Witnesses, and according him, the world is NOW in the Tribulation… wherein the Two Witnesses are SUPPOSED to be proclaiming publicly and LOUDLY…. and the world is supposed to be witness to fire from heaven and divine miracles from these Two. These Two Witnesses are suppose to be on CNN, and be known by ALL. This should make Ronald Weinland the top story on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBC, BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, TMZ…everyone should be talking about them… presidents and prime ministers should be giving special addresses on the topic of Ronald Weinland… ISIS and Al Quaeda should be releasing videos calling Ron a devil, the Pope should be calling Ron an/the Anti-Christ… the CIA and FBI should be tracking Ron for performing supernatural feats, and the late night talk shows like Kimmel, Fallon and Conan should be doing jokes and skits about Ron and saying things like Ron should call down God’s wrath on the Kardashians…

    … and this self-ordained Man of God is posting on his blog about asteroids… from the computer in the prison where he is in jail for fraud…

    … Ronald Weinland’s brain… where religion and science go to die…


  16. EiE, have your PKG associates said anything lately?

    Do you think at the end of the 50 days they will finally react?

    What is your opinion on what happens on the first day of the Great Tribulation?
    (if you don’t believe in the doctrine, what is your opinion on what the bible teaches regarding it?)

    As I stated before, the bible does not appear to be explicit on what happens on the first day, however the bible is 100% explicit on what happens 30 days before it starts, and that event certainly has not happened yet. And while it is not explicit on what happens on the first day of the Great Tribulation we can make a sound educated guess.


    1. From Johnny’s sermon for this weekend:
      “And when Ron comes back on the world scene it will be a final countdown, brethren, to the return of Jesus Christ. And that is the reality that we are facing now. And it’s exciting times for the Church of God.”
      Later on:
      “What is sitting in this room is invisible to the world — it’s an awesome thing to understand — but it won’t be for long, brethren. And it will be beginning when Ron gets out of prison and a message would go to this world, the beginning of knowing who the Great God of this universe is and who Jesus Christ is and what is in store for mankind. It’s a beautiful thing to know what is about to take place. They will begin to know that they have been lied to, that religious deception that has gone out around this earth.”


  17. Really Johnny!!!!! What a disappointment that will be for you.

    What is the false prophet weinland going to do – appear on TV!!??


  18. God is quite capable of sending an angel to free Ron from prison if that was His will (it isn’t, at least not at this time).

    Peter was freed from prison by an angel(Act 12:5-10). Ron…not so much.

    Ron has a number of options.
    1) Breath fire on the guards (in fact this is commanded)
    2) Laura can visit the prison and breath fire on the guards
    3) An angel can visit Ron and free him.

    That God and Ron have to WAIT for the state to free Ron, so Ron can get about the business of correcting the world is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard.


  19. This is going to be interesting. I hope I hope they really “hype” this coming out because the higher the expectations the greater the fall!!

    When you think about it, what media is this false prophet weinland going to use? If this false prophet weinland thinks his book is going to convert the world this would be pure foolishness. There is no doubt that this false prophet weinland knows it is “do or die” time!! I am of the opinion this false prophet weinland is going to go for it even if it kills him!! Hey this is what we have been waiting for!! GO FOR IT false prophet wienland let’s see what you have!!!

    Johnny, I am with you HYPE this to its fullest!!!! Looking forward to Feb 16th and beyond!! WHOOPEEEEEE!!!


  20. You have greedily gained of your neighbors by extortion, and have forgotten me, said the Lord GOD.

    Can your heart endure, or can your hands be strong, in the days that I shall deal with you?


  21. “This is going to be interesting. I hope I hope they really “hype” this coming out because the higher the expectations the greater the fall!!”

    This actually is a good option. I hope they do hype this date. It will be a good laugh to see them go face down in the mud.


  22. I admire anyone that can get through RW writings. I sure can’t anymore. The first time I met Ron with my then husband, Gary, I remember telling Gary that Ron had himself so high up on a pedestal that the fall will surly break something. Gary just laughed at me, said I didn’t know what I was talking about. Watching PKG “kiss up” to Ron and Laura, an then watch Ron and Laura “expect it and suck it up like candy”, made me sick. Ron and Laura would walk around like they expected a “red carpet” moment from the people. I remember one person saying, “I touched the hand of RW”, ick, I hope he washed them after the bathroom.


  23. Glad I’m Free:

    This is what this false prophet weinland is all about – he thrives on the worship of the remaining membership. This is pure hypocrisy to its fullest!!! But, this has its limits and I am of the opinion that it has now come to its limit. This false prophet weinland “has to” deliver now!!! This is a result of all the previous failures and all of the hype of his latest prediction (2019) has received! It is now time to produce. The remaining membership is consumed with “wanting” to be proven right!!!

    That is why I want jhonny and wayne to “hype” this false prophet wienland’s coming out. Keep the expectations so high that the failure will become catastrophic!! It will be interesting to see if the remaining membership will approach family members and friends like they did in 2012 telling them that Christ is returning and they better listen to this false prophet weinland – in a small way I am expecting this to happen. According to johnny they are invisible now but they are about to become “visible” to the global community. This will be something to watch – I am assuming that they think it will be false prophet weinland’s book that will be the message to the global community and that it will convert the world!!! How Sick Is This!!??

    I really do hope that they (pkg) are reading this site and understand that it is “now” time to prove themselves!!!!

    We will see.


  24. Even at 78 years of age, Dick Dale, the pioneer or inventor of surf music, has a greater following than Ron Weinland could ever hope for. Although he is fighting diabetes and several other age-related illnesses, Dale still puts on a high energy show, making sure that his fans are uplifted by his kind of instrumental music for the moneys they have paid to see him. I consider that to be of far greater value than the typically depressing and fear-inducing message that any ACOG false prophet could present.



  25. From Johnny’s sermon: “And when Ron comes back on the world scene it will be a final countdown, brethren, to the return of Jesus Christ. And that is the reality that we are facing now.”

    LOL! The PKG use the word Reality like they know what it is… they call Ronald Weinland’s toilet of a ministry “reality.”

    Now THAT is funny…


  26. Let me get this straight, God has to wait for this puny group of prison guards to let Ronald the tax thief Weinland go? God’s hands are tied? God can’t do anything till they let him go? God can’t send an angel to free Ron? God can’t just open the prison doors? God has to postpone his schedule because the state is holding Ron behind bars????


    Ron is a pitiful false prophet.


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