RRM Cincinnati

RRM_CincinnatiWithin the last few days, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has been transferred from the Terre Haute FCI to the Cincinnati RRM.  Here is the address:

RRM Cincinnati
36 E. 7TH ST., SUITE 2107-A

This type of office manages inmates either at a Residential Reentry Center or on home confinement.   I expect that Ron is now wearing a GPS ankle bracelet in his home next to the golf course, and will be prophesying and confronting world leaders from his basement until his release in February.

ETA: The following comment was left by “Hank”, appears to be an internal PKG communication but I am not able to verify its authenticity.  It does seem genuine, so I am including it in this post:

This is to inform everyone that Ron has been released early, as of Tuesday the 15th, and he will be staying in what is called a “halfway house” in the Cincinnati area. We are not sure how long he will have to be there before being sent home to “home confinement.” This halfway house is only about a 15 to 20 minute drive from the house and it will save Laura about a three hour drive (one way) that she had been used to making. Hopefully it won’t be too long before he will be given the ability during the day to at least work from home (Church offices) in order to once again begin working on sermons, preparing the book for publication and distribution, etcetera.

After a time, even if it takes a couple of months, he will be under “home confinement” in order to finish the 42-month sentence which will end in August. Until then, he does not believe that he will be able to travel to any other area, and even after it may be very limited for a time. We will just have to wait and see. The bottom line is that it is all a matter of God’s timing and where He intends that Ron should be, even if it is right here in the Cincinnati area for the next few years.

As a result of being released early, we have cancelled the Missouri visit and Laura, along with Johnny and Myrtle will be in Cincinnati on that Saturday, December 26th. Ron will not be allowed to attend services this Saturday, but we are hopeful that he may be allowed to attend the following week, although this also may not be a possibility so please keep this in your prayers.

I will add that characterizing Ron as “released” is inaccurate. He is still within Bureau of Prisons custody, only transferred to a different facility. And when in home confinement, he would still not be released from BoP custody.


81 thoughts on “RRM Cincinnati

  1. BB, For years there was a constant debate in our area about what you could or could not do on the Sabbath. For some, any activity was wrong, while others would allow activities. Still others would go swimming, watch tv etc. The reasoning was that if you felt guilty, you shouldn’t do it. Some of us felt guilty for everything and some for nothing. You ended up gravitating to people who felt the same as you. This is why WWCG was such a spectacular split in the end. God made us total individuals, ie fingerprints , yet we strive to be as much like others as possible. Ron is a preacher of a like mind, but I don’t think this is all God intended for us, or we wouldn’t be so different. I can agree that our lives ARE an experiment of sorts. The churches of the world have ruled through fear, since their inception . Most people go along with religion out of habit. The COGS may have a slightly different message , but their bottom line is money. Take away the tithing and they don’t want anything to do with you. When they say they want a like mind, tithing is what they’re really talking about. What you do on the Sabbath or what foods you eat is a personal choice as no one is at your home to monitor you, but tithing affects the ministry , and they certainly check on that. Besides tithing , in PKG, you must also give regard to Ron being a supreme being. When it is proven that he is not, you must keep saying you believe it , to pretend to be of a like mind. Ron roots out anyone who does not believe it the supremacy of his family. All of this has far less to do with God than it does Ron, but his agenda is that if you argue with him , you argue with God. Years of conditioning makes people go along with this. It’s very hard to believe God doesn’t want us to ask any questions, when indeed nothing about life seems to be cut and dried.


  2. Ozy:

    Tyrants only have so much time to do their damaged and then they meet their catastrophic end. This seems to be a law of behavior and it has been consistent throughout human history. There will come a time when this false prophet weinland’s tyrannical rule will destroy him and his family. In my opinion it is already in the works. To many lies, falsehoods and now setups to cover up this current lie of the 2019 return.

    Lies, lies, and more lies is all that comes out of this false prophet weinland’s mouth! I challenge anyone to prove me wrong!!


  3. People will come to realize that you do NOT need Ron Weinland or any other minister to enjoy a relationship with God. They convince you that you do in order to extract money from you. No money, no minister. Ron told us years ago, that he could sell porta potties with his brother if we didn’t go along with him. An unveiled threat to leave us if we weren’t on board. He was letting us know that we needed him more than he needed us. Of course, he wouldn’t be setting his own paycheck with his brother, so he stayed with us. I just can’t imagine people still following along with him. If he didn’t dangle his carrots constantly , and change his day soften, so that people don’t know what to believe any longer , they might see the truth. They’re old and tired most of them. And don’t forget most of them have only ever read material put out by the church. They are afraid not to believe Ron. Afraid all of Gods good things will not be coming their way if they aren’t with Ron the witness, Ron the prophet etc. Ron will once again , be proven wrong, but some will stay til the bitter end. They’re faith in Ron is very strong. Unfortunately this faith in Ron overshadows any faith they should have in God.


  4. I have one of the most blessed life’s in the world, and I don’t have nothing to do with Ron can’t stand the asshole but I follow God in my heart !


  5. Ozy:

    I guess it doesn’t matter to the “old and tired” because they don’t believe the false prophet weinland either. It would be more difficult to leave and start all over again for them. I can understand that.

    But, the younger ones are a different story. It will only be a matter of time that they will figure out that they have been taken for a ride and will respond to that by leaving. Those are the ones this false prophet weinland needs to replenish his bank account. This false prophet is in danger of losing them. In johnny’s sermon he made a commitment that this false prophet weinland and his phony wife will be “doing their thing”when he gets out of prison. You know as well as I do it won’t happen and this false prophet wienland will be standing before the world naked!!!

    I see this time as being different from the other times of failure. There is a different feeling about this one and it rings of the end of this false witness weinland and his phony wife.

    We will see.


  6. Those that stay because they don’t know where to go, is like saying ‘keep poisoning me Ron, till I drop spiritually dead’.

    Those that stay will end up in the same ‘pit’ that Ron is going to end up in. The blind will lead the blind and both will fall into the same pit.

    No, staying should not be an option for anybody.

    I knew Ron was a false prophet in 2008. Didn’t take a lot (in my opinion) to prove it, and to prove it from the bible. For others, maybe they couldn’t do so in 2008, buy SURELY at this point in time, anybody with half a brain, should be able to prove the Ron is false.


  7. “From Johnny’s sermon: “And when Ron comes back on the world scene it will be a final countdown, brethren, to the return of Jesus Christ. And that is the reality that we are facing now.””

    I assume that poor old Johnny thought Ron would be released Nov 8? Or was Ron “released” to the half way house at the time he made this statement? And that he thought that they would be active pretty soon?

    Will Ron be under house arrest till August? (the full term of his sentence?)

    It doesn’t really matter, the idea that the actual Tribulation is postponed till Ron’s sentence is finished is utterly, utterly preposterous.

    Those that stay should not be surprised at their ultimate fate if they decide to stay with Ron.

    Now, Ron says 2019 is the date of Christ’s return. Of course this is not true for a host of reasons, BUT between now and then, might something happen? Yes, and it will have nothing to do with Ron, but with end time events that will be fulfilled in their due time.

    The tragedy is that this will probably end up snaring PKGers back in again.


  8. Martin:

    According to this false prophet weinland, “IF” there is a GT event between today and the year 2019 the USA would be devastated and would no longer exist as a nation. This false prophet weinland makes no sense what so ever!!! It is all “BS” from the south end of a bovine!!!

    The problem is that this false prophet weinland’s TIMELINE is still WRONG!!!! Looking at this false prophet wienland’s timeline the GT was suppose to have begun on Nov 8th coupled with a margin of error (fifty days) that will end on Dec 27th, five days from now. Now you have johnny harrell adjusting the GT date to when this false prophet weinland gets out of prison, so now is it Feb 17th or Aug 17th of this coming year – which is it!!??

    I believe what was said to me about a “setup” initiated by johnny harrell’s recent sermon to readjust the GT date is real!!


  9. After the Feb 17th date, is he still on house arrest? That’s what I didn’t know before, I thought he was free Feb 17, but it sounds like he will still be under house arrest until August.


    1. I wonder if he paid all the fines and back taxes that were due. Maybe he didn’t and that’s why he has to serve his full sentence. Speculating somewhat here.


  10. Martin:

    Go to the “criminal case tab” and review the “sentencing order”. This false prophet has to deal with three years of supervised probation and there are other conditions listed as well. The government is still not done with this false prophet weinland. He still has to face the supervised probation for three years.

    I do believe in Hank’s post 12/20 on this page. It was the false prophetess wife that mentioned the August date. I would go back and review Hank’s post.


  11. “… After a time, even if it takes a couple of months, he will be under “home confinement” in order to finish the 42-month sentence which will end in August. Until then, he does not believe that he will be able to travel to any other area, and even after it may be very limited for a time. We will just have to wait and see. The bottom line is that it is all a matter of God’s timing and where He intends that Ron should be, even if it is right here in the Cincinnati area for the next few years …”

    Here it is Martin.


  12. “… even if it is right here in the Cincinnati area for the next few years …”

    This is obviously in reference to the three years of supervised probation.

    Hey false prophet weinland how are you going to deal with the probation issue, why are you not telling your remaining members the truth about this!!??

    Lies and deceptions that flow from this false prophet weinland’s mouth – prove me wrong!!


  13. This is too much. Revelation doesn’t say anything about the two witnesses being on supervised probation! How can someone be taking the ultimate end time leadership position in doing “God’s” work, yet have all of that human authority bearing down on him? Probation can be some pretty nasty stuff.

    What I would like to see happen is that if he makes any prophecies that don’t come to pass, hoping to spike PKG offerings, he gets his probation violated when the prophecies fail, and the clock starts over on his probationary period. In a perfect world, that is exactly what would happen, but it’s probably too much for us to ask for.



  14. The Two Witnesses are not going to be constrained by man’s law, they are only bound by God’s law at that point in time.

    First (obviously) they will not be in jail for crimes they committed. There will be attempts to kill them or arrest them I suppose, but they will not be bound or fettered by any of that until the time comes for them to be martyred.


  15. If Ron is going to have three years of supervised probation….that would pretty much cover the remaining time of the GT.

    So if his travel is restricted, he could be in his local area for the entire remainder of the GT.



  16. In reading the comments here, I had a silly notion come into my head. It would be so cool if the “tribulation” would only fall on Ron’s house and family. Like the old cartoons back in the day, where a big cloud of rain would follow a poor sad sack around all over town. It would be sweet to sit back and watch them go through all the horrors he’s been spewing for so many years. Maybe make a reality series out of them. I’d watch that!


  17. whatmeworry:

    foolednomore made a comment that if anyone dumps pkg and this false prophet weinland that they would suffer “turmoil” in their lives. Well, what is happening in this false prophet weinland’s life – TURMOIL –

    Hummmm seeing is believing and all that I see in this false prophet weinland’s life is this: convicted felon, tax problems, declining income, declining membership, and PROBATION for three years!!!

    Lies and deceptions is all that flows from this false prophet weinland’s mouth – prove me wrong!!


  18. Look, people — the solution to this conundrum is simple: Rename Cincinnati to Jerusalem! Then all of what Swineland says can be mapped to Revelation… just as long as he doesn’t leave his yard!

    Of course, he COULD declare that Cincinnati is a spiritual Jerusalem.

    Anyway, the problem is solved!


  19. Here are some of the probation conditions:

    The defendant shall not incur new credit charges or open additional lines of credit without the approval of the probation officer unless he is in compliance with the installment payment schedule.

    The defendant shall provide the probation officer with access to any requested financial information.

    The defendant shall not leave the judicial district without the permission of the court or probation officer

    OH MY false prophet weinland this is going to put a damper of your shady financial dealings!!! Now you have to have permission from a probation office to leave the judicial district!!?? Really!!??

    When are you going to inform your remaining membership about this? You have to answer to a probation officer first before you can do any traveling or you will risk a probation violation that could put you back into jail.

    You need to explain this false prophet weinland!!


  20. “After a time, even if it takes a couple of months, he will be under “home confinement” in order to finish the 42-month sentence which will end in August. Until then, he does not believe that he will be able to travel to any other area, and even after it may be very limited for a time. We will just have to wait and see. The bottom line is that it is all a matter of God’s timing and where He intends that Ron should be, even if it is right here in the Cincinnati area for the next few years.”


    God is confined to whatever the state requires of Ron?????????? The greatest and most powerful prophet of all time????????????????????????????


    How can anybody believe this drivel?


  21. OVER 7 MONTHS have passed since when the GT has supposedly started.

    ZERO FROM RON (as always), nothing, zilch, he has done nothing will do nothing, his wife the lazy leech will not do anything either.


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