A Year of Calm

Yesterday was the end of the first 50 days of the Great Tribulation leading up to the next time Christ doesn’t return, Pentecost of 2019.  There has been some discussion that maybe some were allowing a 50-day delay in the onset of tribulation because of the 50-day period Ron tacked on to the 1260-days in this latest timeline.

But no matter.  On Saturday, the Bureau of Prisons gave Ron a brief furlough from his incarceration in a halfway house so he could speak live on the Internet and in person to the Cincinnati congregation and those who made a special trip to see their spiritual idol.  We can look forward to more sermons in the future, in addition to the sermons prerecorded by his fill-ins and scrubbed by the prophetesses.

Update 12/29/2015: The full sermon is now posted on the PKG website, entitled “Sharper Vision” for playback on Jan 2.

There is no recording or transcript of his sermon on the PKG website.  Using a pocket recorder, I recorded part of the sermon and have a file of it available for download.  It does not include the first half-hour of his sermon, and there were a number of dropouts which required that I reconnect to the audio feed.  I’ve trimmed down the periods in the recording when dropouts happened. Also in the recording is ambient noise in the room picked up by the pocket recorder.

In his sermon, Ron stated that 2016 will be a year of calm in order to allow his third book to be published and promoted.  He plans to hire a publicist and go boldly onto radio talk shows.  It will be interested to see if Ron will be bold enough to be interviewed by Mike McConnell.  Mike McConnell interviewed Ron several times in 2008 when his talk show was on WLW in 2008.  Ron chickened out when given an opportunity to be interviewed again in 2011 by Mike on his radio show on WLS in Chicago.

Prophecy has changed, and the events in “2008 God’s Final Witness” will not happen that way.  It seems that God changed his mind back in 2008 but didn’t bother to inform his prophet until recently.  Chapters 6 and 7 in Ron’s new book will explain it all, although it took Ron a write and 2 rewrites to finalize the godly inspired message in chapter 6.  It seems the changes have a lot to do on how the prophecy of the 63000 will be fulfilled.

Ron is planning a Feast of Tabernacles next year, and 2017 and 2018 may be calm as well.  The Great Tribulation won’t hit and the Two Witnesses will not be doing witness things until the last half-of-a-time, and the full impact will be during the 50-day period tacked on at the end.

The sermon portions I recorded is available for download (right-click and save-as) or click on the player below to listen.   Others have listened and made comments on the previous post.


42 thoughts on “A Year of Calm

  1. Acts says:
    December 28, 2015 at 05:10
    The people that still follow Ron are blind to the Fact that he has been a False Prophet from the beginning https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NzSO2IOjmu0
    They do not believe what God says simply and very clearly about how to recognize a false prophet , because they do not love the truth.

    Ron is “set” in his presumption till the day he will die . Ron’s own filthy way has come back on his head , he did not repent from the start when he was “proved” wrong and has become a vessel for Dishonor until he dies . The people that still follow him believe his word over the word of God in the Bible , so they are under a curse and as I said long ago , most don’t come here to see the truth except a few at the top of his pyramid . The delusion is strong in his group because of his False Signs and Wonders: “timelines” “man of sin” “Tribulation” and the biggest sign and wonder of them all : The Knowlege of the day and hour Christ returns , the exact thing that Jesus Christ Himself said NO man would know but only the Father. Did Christ return in 2012 when Ron said ? No , he most certainly did not ! Did Jesus Christ return in 2013 when Ron said he would ? No he did not . Ron is an arrogant foolish man and so are all the people that still follow him , they cannot see or understand the damage this man has caused to others by his foolishness so they now will have to experience that for themselves .

    Herbert W Armstrong was a False Prophet and every minister that followed him has become a false prophet , that is the plain Truth.

    A bad tree cannot bear good fruit.


  2. LOL you can listen to almost any of rons sermons, even way back when , and pretty much get the same FALSE message

    not much has changed except the dates


  3. This false prophet weinland is insane!! Told you about the 63,000, but the reality is that there is not 63,000 members of wwcog still alive today. That generation is elderly and is dying off quickly. Do you really believe that any from flurry, pack, or meridith’s group will give this false prophet weinland the time of day? Does this tell you something about the delusional mental illness of this false prophet weinland!!!

    It will be interesting to see if this false prophet weinland has the guts to get on the radio and spew his lies!!


  4. ok ..in all fairness yes JESUS is coming back ..He said so …but weinland does NOT know when ..neither does anybody else

    and the last sermon by wayne matthews now gives 7100 years instead of the 7000 year plan of weinland …change change change …GOD is the same yesterday ..today ..tomorrow

    good ole pkg ..wonder just how many are left ?


  5. Sooo let me get this right! Nov 8th is also a lie? You mean the two false witnesses were not empowered and won’t be until the last fifty days? Is this another lie from the mouth of this false prophet weinland!?

    Go Figure!!


  6. Hahahahaha send money pkg your Ron God needs it !!!! The problem is they gave all their money and are old and sick and broke , Ron go back to Los Veges and put your money on 12 red and let it ride and your God given knowledge you will win to pay for your book !!


  7. “Searching for a Teacher”

    This is what I am talking about this false prophet weinland’s history will haunt him!! It is to easy to do an internet search on him. Pop in his name and voila’ the real truth about this false prophet weinland jumps out at you!!

    By the way, I know “Once an Elder” and I really hope “searching” gets in contact with him. Boy! He will get an understanding on what really goes on in pkg!!!

    If this false prophet weinland has the guts to do radio interviews this is what will happen to him, A GOOGLE SEARCH!!!! It doesn’t get any better than this!!!



  8. I’m assuming that this false prophet weinland has internet access now. If so, he is reading the comments here and this false prophet weinland will be keeping up with this site. I hope so!!! If this false prophet has the guts to do radio interviews and the internet searches begin on this false prophet weinland, guess what!! Hopefully many will be reading all of the information that is available here!!! Criminal case, former members and so forth.

    I am really excited about this and can’t wait to expose what this slimy worm weinland is all about!!!!!


  9. I have a question, “why would a self proclaimed prophet/witness have need of a publicist”? Did the prophets of old have publicist? How does a publicist play into what is written in Rev 11? Does the publicist die in the streets of Jerusalem as well? Does any of this make any sense!!??

    I will say this, a publicist has no influence over the internet. Where does the public go to get its information – on the internet!!! Also publicist are not cheap – they charge a lot of money for their services (thank you pkg tithers)!! We all know that this false prophet will end up firing this publicist because he or she will not be able stop the hard questions that this false prophet weinland will have to answer.

    Another question, “is this publicist going to be the new spokesmen for the end time witnesses”? This is so twisted and convoluted that it is beyond anything that is normal!!!!


  10. A publicist?


    Nothing is stopping Ron from going into the biggest radio station, and simply breathing fire on anybody that blocks him from speaking on the radio.

    Oh wait, he has to ask for PERMISSION FIRST, so that he can go out and fulfill prophecy.


  11. Go ahead Ron you ape, ask your parole officer, can I go please breath fire on the men at this radio station so I can preach on the radio.


  12. Hmmm… Ron and his imaginary god need a publicist? LOL!

    Don’t you think, Ron, that filming yourself shooting fire out of your mouth in the middle of a street and lighting a couple of parking meters on fire, then posting it on Youtube would NOT have every TV station and network on the planet rushing madly to you home to talk to you? Can you imagine how many billions of views your blog would get if you lit a nearby tree on fore with your mouth, and called down a REAL plague a neighboring town? The Internet would explode… and you would be the SOLE center of the world’s attention for years!! Ron;s God needs a publicist!! LOL!

    It is so COMPLETELY clear Ron is not only a liar, but can’t even think through the basic implications of his nonsensical announcements. The Two Witnesses need to publish an online screed and hire a publicist? It is comical how weak and confused Ron has made Yahweh… that Ron preaches a God of Abraham that needs a publicist while the Book of Revelation says otherwise.


  13. His scam worked the last time, why would he not repeat it. It pays well, and without consequence if you do the paperwork right.

    He is repeating everything he did in 2008 pretty much verbatim.


  14. Bilbo:

    That is absolutely correct!!! This is what “reinvention” is all about even to the point of hiring a “publicist” to promote his book. I do believe somewhere in the NT it states that it is God who does the calling and not some false prophet like weinland – right?

    If weinland is what he claims to be – then why the publicist!? If he is empowered by God, as he claims, then there would be no need for a publicist – it is just another indication that this lying weinland is after one thing – MONEY!!!! It appears to me that this false prophet weinland’s coffers are in bad shape and he “must” do something now!!!! Could this be the reason for all the current backpedaling!!?? This so called “year of clam” is nothing more that a cover up for his failed 2019 prediction!!! In this false prophet mind he knows he failed so now let’s not waste any time and get new lies out there and “make as much money” as he can.

    His only problem is that he now has a criminal history and four failed predictions about Christ’s return that will haunt him!! I look at the comments on “searching” and I see right to the point about this false prophet wienland’s character. This false prophet weinland did not have this problem in 2008 – he has it now!!!

    I hope that Mike will preserve those comments because of their straight forwardness and honesty. I see it as a fair and just warning to any who may be deceived by this lying false prophet weinland.


    1. Yes, I think that the comments left for “searching” were very good, mulling over how to give that post some permanent prominence.


  15. So now Ron the Con is saying this year is calm. OK, I’ll call BS on that. Look around people. The world is anything but calm. There are jihadists destroying and over running the middle east and parts of Europe to a smaller degree.

    There are thugs all over acting up throughout the U S cities and hot spot areas. In general the U S and the rest of the world is in more chaos and more violent now than places have really ever been other than World Wars and other upheavals. The world in general is not a peaceful place these days. Violence must be met with like counter measures. It is the only thing these extremists understand. You can not negotiate with these fanatical freaks. Just like there is no reasoning with Ron. Ron is the same but not violent. Obviously the jail time did NOTHING to mend Ron’s ways. He is still doing what he does just like before he went to prison. Ron is a terrorist and thug on a more “calm” level.

    But now Ron is promoting a year of calm……………………………………… Let me translate that.

    Sheeple, stay calm and keep sending me MONEY while I try to spin another bunch of BS for you to latch onto for awhile, You know like another made up past, present or future truth I spin up in my deviated mind. Just so you can send me more money until you figure that LIE out also. You know people just stay “calm” and keep that cash meant for God rolling into that Cincinnati P.O. Box so Laura, the kids, and I can keep living large at your expense.

    Basically people, what Ron is now doing is some serious damage control to finagle people to not bail out and continue throwing tithes at HIS LOST CAUSE. Ron has lost any and ALL CREDIBILITY in everything he does and says but you know the Weinlands still need money donated to God’s work to fund everything the WEINLANDS have, need, and want to continue to do.

    Should I ask Ron and Laurdass for an application to be their publicist? LOL! I guess Ron and Laura think they are of super star status and deserve proper representation. WHATEVER! The publicist would have a tough job to do making Ron and family look anything close to good and just people. Kind of like a publicist making Charles Manson look like Mother Theresa or some innocent cute little two year old girl. IMPOSSIBLE!

    Ron and his over bearing lard ass wife are nothing more than money hungry, money grubbing con-artists abusing lost souls looking for some sort of salvation. It is and expensive roller coaster to ride.


  16. Maybe the “publicist”, after reviewing weinland’s decayed morals and criminal history, may tell this false prophet weinland to take a hike and to not let the slamming door bruise his ass!


  17. Maybe “Searching” is considering taking the publicist position and is looking for ways to try to believe in the straight up lies that position would be expected to promote? I hope not and I also hope He / she does not fall into the PKG trap of lies, money pimping, and fear mongering. Because that is exactly all that the PKG and the Weinscums are. Pure lies, deception, fear control, money extortion, and JUNK. There is absolutely nothing good about any of it.

    This can be backed up with the leader of the cult being an imprisoned and convicted felon. The entire court room saw the Weinlands and their bogus “church” for exactly what it was. Not one single juror, many court workers, nor the judge bought into the SCAM one iota. In fact we all thought how could anyone fall for this crap. Granted we saw ALL OF THE REAL DETAILS which the followers never get to see nor look into. I still wish I could go to a boxing or cage match with Ron. Just to give that scumbag bastard some of his “church” love back. I beat him to death. That would be justice. This loser deserves to be stoned to death for what he has done. Throw Laura in there too and give Jeremy a long prison sentence because he is very guilty also. Audra deserves a longer prison sentence than her semi silent hand out brother.

    The only consideration the kids deserve is that they were brought up by these two criminal parents. BUT……,,,,, As adults they both enjoy the hell out of the ill-gotten free God’s cash. They could walk away at any time or could have. However, they choose to enjoy the fruits of the MONEY LAUNDERING “CHURCH” SCAM in a big way. YOU PEOPLE DO THE MATH ON THESE LOVELY SCUMBAG KIDS.

    As I have said repeatedly for years now. They should ALL be in prison and ALL for a very long time. If Ron-god #3 had not incorporated his money laundering cult scam non-profit “church” they would have ALL been prosecuted and ALL served lengthy jail sentences. There are many Ponzi Scheme and other business frauds serving a long prison sentence for doing EXACTLY what Ron and family did and continue to do.

    But these other convicted Ponzi cons I have much more respect for. At least they were not COWARDS HIDING BEHIND RELIGION. They were just illegitimate business men.

    Ron and family are COWARD SCUM! Laura and Audrass just go sooth yourselves again and go eat something again you PIGS. Your asses are getting hungry and you don’t want those freight train rear cars neglected. OINK, OINK fats ass PIGS! By the way, have a wonderful and stressful money crunching New Year! Stay away from the mirrors. How’s the vacationing, jewelry buying, endless shopping sprees, new BMWs, and life of ill-gotten excess treating you Money Grubbing Hoes now? The fine 5-star dining never did do you two PIGS any favors.


  18. Juror Bags:

    You bring up a good point about “searching”. I do have a backdoor suspicion that whoever this person is just maybe doing an investigation on this false prophet weinland’s critics. Any intelligent publicist has to know where the resistance is going to come from. Once you start the public campaign it will draw a lot of public attention to this false prophet weinland. Now, it is understood that this is what this false prophet wants to do. But, there is a “high risk” to this because the public will do the google search on weinland and will discover that this liar has a criminal history and a trial of destroyed marriages, relationships, bankrupt members, and so forth.

    This publicist will have to come up with a strategy to counter this information. In my opinion, this will be next to impossible to do. Once you start a campaign against the critics it can lead to a total public relation disaster!!! I assume any intelligent publicist will think twice about dragging their good name down to the bottom of a cesspool over someone like this false prophet weinland – we will see –


    1. I believe all the publicist would do for Ron is get him radio interviews. If you look through the past interviews, all of them have been in single markets (no nationally syndicated shows) and most of them have been in minor markets. I believe the ones he did with Mike McConnell in Cincinnati were the biggest markets.


  19. Juror Bags;

    The burden of proof will fall on this false prophet weinland to counter the critics. However, the critics can prove, without a doubt, that they are right!!! This false prophet weinland cannot prove anything to support his claims!!!!


  20. If this is the case, then, what good is it?? Is this false prophet weinland afraid of a larger audience!? If I am seeing this correctly, I believe his past history is going to be a focus of the interviewer, am I right or wrong?

    Certainly radio interviewers do their homework and make every effort to sensationalize the interview for ratings. What better candidate then this false prophet weinland’s history to exploit. Is this idiot weinland willing to go through this and why?


  21. This false prophet is claiming to be one the two witnesses and their ministry is global!!! Bring on the weinland clowns and let the show begin – if you can find it –


  22. “Publicist” – is that more of his aggrandizing obscurantism again? Plainly stated, it sounds like Ron is starting up advertising again. Just like he did in 2007 era. Interviews, internet popup ads, even a live venue – Idea City. It wasn’t about the 99.98% that were laughing at him. It made him seem more important then he was, to the tiny portion of audience who is religious and got lured in. He gained clusters of new members based on geopolitical fears of the time. This time, due to his past, I predict the “interviews” are likely to be scripted, perhaps taped in advance, and callers won’t be allowed to speak with him. It will be more of a sponsored content type of placement.

    In case Searching is reading – one more observation if I may?

    Each wave of departures after prophecies fail, sets up the next cycle. People get wise to Ron, or disillusioned after years of tall stories and nothing happens – well those people leave or get disfellowshipped, most who realize they were played, leave themselves. That makes it very easy – the doubters purge themselves, making it easier to repeat every few years. The trick is – that mass departure gets folded into the folklore of the church “history”. The story gets told as a great “falling away”, a mass abandonment by people who clearly returned to Satan and to worldliness. The old people who stay in that church forever, describe their “war” stories of apostasy, and falling away, and great deep and spiritual sounding dramas and strife! Really played up, where possible even with numerology and day-counting. When all that really happened was a mass departure after a failed prophecy, or some administrative coup (in the earlier days). It’s fake. All of it.


  23. Let’s see Ron’s miserable track record.

    The 7 Thunders
    1) Warfare….no WWIII (warfare yes, but no WWIII)
    2) Earthquakes…didn’t happen as stated (that is nothing that hasn’t already been happening in terms of earthquakes)
    3) Weather….didn’t happen as stated
    4) Global Economic….didn’t happen as stated
    5) Death of many famous people and politicians…didn’t happen as stated
    6) Ron + Laura become famous…..didn’t happen as stated
    7) Revelation of Ron’s God…….didn’t happen as stated

    2012 Ron prophesied that Christ would return……didn’t happen
    2013 Ron prophesied an added year before return…didn’t happen
    2014 Ron came up with some nonsense and added another year….nothing happened
    2015 Ron used numerology to concoct a 2019 date, which requires Tribulation to begin in 2015….nothing happened.
    2015 Currently in the GT, still nothing happening.


  24. Maybe Acts can help with the scripture
    No man will no time our date
    If a prophet tells you something going to happen in the name of God and it doesn’t don’t be Afriad to leave he is a false prophet!
    Oh and how about the great prophetess and there daughter !


  25. Ron is predicting a year of calm $AMAZING$ All about the book he Claims $Amazing$$Amazing$

    Here is what he was predicting in God’s Name back in April of 2011

    ” So why would they listen to me, God’s prophet at this end-time, who has warned the world through the inspired writing of a final warning to mankind: 2008 – God’s Final Witness?
    God has shown great mercy in His judgment, but mankind has always taken advantage and liberty of His mercy. Since the true witness of mankind is that he chooses to ignore, mock, and refuse God’s word and warnings, ****God is now going to execute His end-time judgment upon this world.**** A “Time” of Judgment
    Tomorrow is the beginning of a new period of time for this end-time. It is a “time” of 40 weeks in the “complete judgment” to be executed upon the scattered nations of Israel and upon the Israel of God (the Church) that was scattered. The whole world will suffer during this period, but the focus is upon both physical and spiritual Israel.

    In the past, I have not had the need to write much in the postings on this site. That will all begin to change as we are entering a new stage in time. The Thunders will increase in far greater magnitude and frequency and the first few Trumpets will sound with great devastation to follow.We are entering a momentous time. After two years of mercy, the United States will now begin to answer for ignoring God’s warnings. Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the continent of Western Europe are going to begin to answer right alongside the U.S. The times ahead are not going to be pleasant upon these scattered nations of Israel, nor upon the Church that was scattered. Their suffering is not my causing nor my fault, but the fault of every person who has refused to listen to God and repent.

    All this will be followed by the final “half-a-time,” which is the great execution of judgment upon the remaining nations of the world.”
    False Prophet Ronald Weinland

    Deuteronomy 18
    21And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word that the LORD has not spoken?’— 22when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it *presumptuously*. You need not be afraid of him.
    20But the prophet who *presumes* to speak a word in my name that I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that same prophet *shall die *


  26. Most of these Pkg people went all in , they are broke, old and sick ,disable, they threw their dice and lost and now have nothing to loose so they still follow Ron God !


  27. He needs a publicist because he realizes that he has lost all credibility and has no hope of reaching fresh meat by using his own influence. It needs another approach beyond his own ability to work out and clutching at straws hope someone else may be able to turn it around for him. Put simply, he has run out of ideas or has used up all the ones he can think of. As we are noticing he is getting very repetitious and sounding like a broken record. I think he is noticing it too.


  28. Eric:

    He will always sound like a broken record… to us… those that know the truth about this crimes and lies. BUT… the PKG love what he says. Ron is doling out the hits, like a classic rock station. The PKG want to hear what they like, and Ron doles it out like a classic rock DJ doles out led Zeppelin:

    “God is changing the Bible… because you PKG folks are so awesome” is the PKG’s “Rain Song.”

    “You are all going to be Kings and Priests in the Kingdom and hold authority over all the billions of people in the Kingdom”… is their “Stairway To Heaven.”

    … when in Reality what comes out of Ron’s mouth is the sound of someone with violent diarrhea…


  29. Eric:

    I agree with you. This false prophet weinland does have a credibility problem and he knows it!! But he has a bigger problem and this is what is motivating him to to take the do or die risks. This problem is the declining income (tithes)!!! He is desperate because he and his wife may be “forced” to lower their quality of life!!! To bad for you weinland you deserve this and more!!! Make my day!!!

    I was impressed with the comments regarding “searching.” The points were made and they were direct and honest. I am curious if searching actually read them. Anyways, this false prophet wienland’s criminal history and multiple failures of Christ’s return is what is haunting him. He has no power or influence to change or hide it from the public. This false prophet weinlad did not have this problem in 2008 and it gave him the money he was looking for and he and his wife totally abused it!!! Today, he has this problem and it will haunt him because it now resides in the public domain!!

    If I were a greedy soulless worm like this false false prophet weinland, I would take the publicist job and charge the highest fee I could possibly get away with!!! But, because of how he has financially raped his group, I would not be able to take the money knowing where it came from!!! False prophet weinland and his drooling family members could care less about that!!!

    And this idiot false prophet weinland is at it again!!!! Hope it blows up in your face false prophet weinland!!!!!


  30. “… PKG is a pitcher plant just waiting for its next fly to come around, attracted to the bright colors and sweet smell …” Juror #215

    This description of pkg doesn’t get any better than this!!

    Hey false prophet weinland!! We know you are reading this blog – do you like what to see!!??

    Oh! it is now time for some more powerless death curses!!!


  31. “The Great Tribulation won’t hit and the Two Witnesses will not be doing witness things until the last half-of-a-time, and the full impact will be during the 50-day period tacked on at the end.”

    The Great Tribulation ENDS AFTER 1260 DAYS, Ron has the Great Tribulation occurring AFTER it is OVER???????

    What kind of horse**** nonsense is that?????? This guy still has members????


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