Searching for a Teacher

Strangely, people are still considering following Weinland despite the abject failures of all his prophecies.  I received the following email this morning:

Hi Mike,
I have recently been looking at your website on Ron Weinland. He seems sincere and I”ve been thinking of contacting someone. What downside is there to just talking to them? I am well educated and have a firm understanding of religion. I just wanted to give you a chance to explain the cons to this religion and the pros to others you may endorse.

“Searching”, here is my answer.  I will be somewhat brief in this post, as there is a wealth of documentation on this blog accumulated over the nearly 8 years that I have been blogging about Weinland.

What downside is there to just talking to them?  If it’s “just talking”, then the first downside is that you will waste that time.  The second downside is that you could be persuaded to follow Ron.  But that probably won’t happen: in the past people who asked too many questions were given the bum’s rush out the door.

Ron Weinland may seem sincere.  But talking-the-talk and walking-the-walk are two different things.  Over the years when his prophecies fail, he madly changes and revises them despite his promise not to do that.  In fact, he’s made so many changes that he has trouble keeping up with the changes needed on his website including his “truths”.   In fact he has come up with the term “Present Truth (TM)”.

I refer you to the admonition of 1 Timothy 3:7 as to the qualifications needed to be an overseer.  Having been convicted of 5 counts of criminal tax evasion, Weinland does not have a good reputation in the world.  His explanations as to his conviction do not wash.  And then there’s the well documented lie in which he told the civil authorities that he performed the wedding ceremony for his daughter on Kentucky soil when the ceremony actually took place in Germany.

As to endorsing other people to follow, I don’t do that nor do I permit others to do that on my website.  I advocate that people should decide for themselves and not turn their thinking over to other people — that can be very expensive as well.  There are other false teachers out there of whom to beware, and most of them do not have a website exposing them.  Don’t look for a teacher, figure things out for yourself and if you do join with one, follow the example of the Bereans.

I’m going to dedicate the comments section of this post for others to answer your questions. To those who would leave comments, here are the guidelines for this post:

  • Address your comments to “Searching”, keeping in mind that he probably doesn’t have a CoG background.
  • One comment per person, unless “Searching” comes on the blog and asks another question.
  • Be brief and to the point.  If your comment fills more than half your monitor, it’s too long and will be rejected.
  • Doctrinal criticisms to be minimized.  Martin, if you can’t keep your points about sons of oil and other doctrines to a minimum, they will be rejected.
  • Leave your comments about current events and other topics on other posts.



19 thoughts on “Searching for a Teacher

  1. searching …..first of all welcome ..second im sure you have many questions and it is good you have come here ..but do your own research..there is plenty of information about ron weinland available on google

    and third …if you do need to ask a question ..please do so

    many people here were in either the pkg or the old wwcog under armstrong


  2. Searching, Consider this
    2 Timothy 3
    16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished to all good works.
    Doctrine , reproof , correction . Three things Ronald Weinland knows nothing about. Do not put your faith in man , it is a very dangerous time we find ourselves in (Matthew 24:19) be fed by God through the power of his Holy spirit who he gives to those who obey him.
    Ronald Weinland predicted Christ to come back in 2012 and when his prediction failed he said he would come back in 2013 . When someone gives a prophecy in God’s name and it does not come to pass that is a False Prophet . Ronald is in Rebellion against Christ .

    Searching , Obey God and he will open the Scriptures to you . Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient.


  3. Searching
    I’m not educated at all but all Ron’s prophecies never happen and he him self said if it ( if it doesn’t I will be proven a false prophet ) Quote Ron


  4. Mike – Searching
    I would like to post one more please if not delete
    Searching please go and read the court transcript how he was convicted in 2 hours of a jury of 12 that never knew him how he spent 4.3 million on his personal use and family and$1700 suits ! He was not persecuted , he was prosecuted for not paying Tax on all that money the Department of Justices has it all documented ! And his wife’s spent just as much or more on Diamonds ! She gossips about everyone in church to each other I can vouch for this I heard it many times and you know what they say if someone talks about someone to you they are talking about you to no minister wife should never discuss anyone business with no one else !


  5. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around this. I’m not usually a black and white thinker, but I only see two possible reasons for having a conversation with the Weinlands. One would be to confront them for the false and failed prophecies they made, and the extravagant lifestyle they lived which was unwittingly financed by their followers, and the taxpayers. The other would be to gain some insights, or special knowledge from them that you imagine might somehow enhance your life, both present/physical, and future/spiritual. Based on the tone of your email to Mike, I believe your thinking is more weighted towards the second of the two choices because it just doesn’t sound as if you plan to confront Ron Weinland. You may even believe that you can manage him, and avoid being manipulated by him.

    It has been my experience that when people try to talk someone out of something, they end up talking them into it. So, I’m not going to play that game. Most people know in their hearts what decision they are going to make, and just use other people as sounding boards. However, surely you must realize that something very wrong caused all of the displeasure you see expressed here. That, alone should raise some serious red flags for you. Once inside, cults are very difficult to leave, and in a very short period of time, they can leave you with such damage that it takes a whole lifetime to undo, and repair. Any time a church or guru wants to be your single source for all things spiritual, you lose any hopes of balance, objectivity, or control. If you can live with that, then go ahead. Take the plunge.



  6. SEARCHING: Hello. My name is Avalokiteshvara. Let me address your comments.

    1. “I have been looking at your website… and he(Ron) seems sincere.”

    The problem is in WHAT he is sincere about. Sincerity is no a measure of spirituality. It is also not a measure of truth. All pathological liars are sincere about their lies, because they will say anything to get what they want. All con artists are sincere. Anyone can be sincere. So the danger you face in being sucked into Ron;s anti-Christ cult is WHAT he is sincere about. Which leads to your next question…

    2. “What downside is there to talking to them?”

    The same downside that speaking to any con artist. You intentionally expose yourself to being seduced by his ministry, and in doing so, risk losing your money, your future, and your Salvation (if you are a Believer). If you profess ANY belief in Jesus Christ, if you truly believe Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save you from damnation, you are CONSCIOUSLY opening yourself to a spiritual seduction that WILL damn you. And if you are OK with that, then you have to ask yourself this question: IF I have no problem risking losing my Salvation, then you are in serious trouble spiritually. If you are willing to gamble with your Salvation, willing to lose Jesus on a gamble you are a fool.

    3. “I am well educated and have a firm understanding of religion…”

    So do I. I have several advanced degrees (including a PhD), and speak several languages and so on. This alone is no guarantee I will not be seduced by a liar. Why? Because as you well know, you can meet people with PhDs who make stupid decisions. People with high IQs who join crackpot religions. Why? Because there is a difference between intelligence and WISDOM. You and I can be smart and make really unwise decisions. We can use our intelligence to convince ourselves a stupid decision is a wise one, if we WANT to believe in the decision.


    Ronald Weinland is a convicted tax fraud and liar. He hide financial information from the government. He said in as SERMON to NOT pray for those outside of his church who are suffering or poor or sick. He CURSED me and my children to DEATH for not being in his church. He has altered dates and Scripture in the Bible, which the Bible itself says will cancel your Salvation. Ron wasted 4 MILLION dollars of tithe money meant for his Work, and bought several BMWs for his family while PKG members struggled to pay the rent and could not afford groceries. Ron has openly lied on public documents such as his daughter’s first marriage certificate. He is arrogant, a thief, a convicted criminal and a false prophet who has denied the Gospel of Christ and has made membership in HIS church the sole path to Salvation! Not belief in Christ but tithing to Ron is the ONLY way to be saved.

    Listen to the following Youtube video of Ron himself speaking, then decide for yourself if you are willing to risk and lose your Salvation for this man. Ron and the BIBLE itself say he is a false prophet. The government proved he is a criminal. Is it WISE to open yourself to being seduced by this evil person? Ron himself has done EVERYTHING he said He wouldn’t do…


  7. Searching, If you are searching, just keep moving along, cause it is not with Ronald Weinland. Read his last chapter that he posted about how drinking and that live style is bad for a person. Then take what he did to my family. My husband and I both attended for a while, then just my husband, who is still attending. This man came at me with a drill bit, “your honor it was less then 2″ it would not have done much damage”, yes he was drunk, not the first time either, the police did a breathalyzer test on him. He would call me every name he could think of, etc… anyway long story short. When I would call Ron, then I tried Laura, then Johnny, all three told me it was my problem, they didn’t want to get involved. I’m now divorced, but the church made this person an elder. Is not an elder someone you should be able to look up to, learn from? Do you really want to belong to a group that rewards for this type behavior? Then look how Ron treated his own mother. What does the bible say about children toward their parents?

    The list goes on, just like I think you should keep moving on.


  8. Searching:

    My advise to you is to research wienland’s criminal history, it is available here on this site. On a biblical level compare his false teachings to what is actually written in the Bible, a good example is Rev 11. You will find that they do not agree. Do the research and come to your own conclusion.

    The most heinous anti-Christ doctrine he teaches and is also the gateway into his group and you have to accept this doctrine or you cannot become a member of his group is the unitarian doctrine that denies the preexistence and divinity of Jesus Christ. I cannot express to you more than this – DO THE RESEARCH on weinland’s criminal history and teachings of heretical doctrines!!

    There are plenty more of these heretical doctrines that he forces his members to accept without questioning him!!! Does this sound like a “chosen one” of God to you!? Also take the time to read and understand Deut. 18:22 – it means what is says!!!


  9. Searching,

    Looking at the state the world is in, it’s natural to want to understand prophecy and deepen your relationship with God. Unfortunately, that won’t happen with Ron Weinland or the PKG. Ron has repeatedly had to backpedal on his prophecies or spiritualize things away when they didn’t come to pass. He is a convicted felon who has served time for not rendering unto Caesar. He and his family have lived a lavish lifestyle off the tithes of church members. They have destroyed marriages and families, as some here can personally testify.

    If you want to search anything, search the scriptures. Please don’t align yourself with a group that will demand your money and isolate you from friends and family, demanding your complete loyalty under pain of being thrown into the Lake of Fire. Every red flag that can be raised by a destructive cult has been raised by Ron and his minions. Any time spent with them will be time wasted and lost. You won’t find a loving, forgiving, gracious God in the PKG. You will only find Ron.


  10. Hi searching. You don’t have to go further than what he has said his latest sermon to work out how wrong he is. Here is a pretty close transcript of what he said at 2:25:30

    How inspiring that as we got father and father into it god begins to show us some things that were going to change latter on and if he hadn’t given that, I couldn’t have written a book, I couldn’t have written a book so he has to give things in advance and prepare us for things that come later…

    So again, the date Pentecost 2012 was not set, though we thought it was, I thought it was, I thought it was even after we passed it , what’s going on? Maybe we have a year of the Lord, that’s the only thing that made sense, that could possibly fit in there, and that wasn’t it either, and god didn’t reveal it right away
    That again in the book, we’ll wait

    Think about it. God has a prophet on earth, “one of the two witnesses, the spokesman of both. an apostle and a prophet, the “Elijah to come” and of Zerubbabel, the most important prophet of all time”. Here he is saying that God has changed his mind, that he Ron preached to the church that these things were going to happen and they didn’t happen because god changed his mind, and he did it again, and they didn’t happen because god changed his mind, and he did it again and they didn’t happen because god changed his mind. Within each cycle there are multiple milestones that also have prophesies and none of them didn’t happen either. he declares these things in a forward direction as one of the two witnesses, the spokesman of both. an apostle and a prophet, the “Elijah to come” and of Zerubbabel, the most important prophet of all time. Yet he clearly in his recording says when looking backward that this was simply what the church and he was thinking at the time.

    Now he is onto his fourth cycle. You could never be certain of anything he says because the same thing can happen again, God may simply change his mind. You end up making plans and decisions for your life on something that he declares is absolute truth but is in hindsight just what he thinks at the time. A very clearly double faced approach to prophecy.

    When the prophecy in 2019 fails its will again be just what the church and him was thinking at the time. Let me make my own prediction which is more than a guess and less than a prophecy: Ron will continue this pattern and within 10 years he will have died of a stroke or heart attack. He has had two heat attacks already and still has unresolved heart problems.

    Because this is a one person show after his death the PKG will simply fade away like so many other similar type churches and every body in PKG will be just where every one else is – not knowing when the second coming of Jesus Christ is and all their effort will have been for nothing.

    Sincerity is a poor standard to make a decision on as countless people had held sincere beliefs but have been wrong. If you want to invest your time, energy and life decisions into him then you are a fool.


  11. Searching, I’m someone who is probably the latest person to leave PKG since I left just this past March. If you do a search, you’ll see the original letter I wrote to Mike as to why I left, and the reasons were many. One of the chief reasons and pretty much the main one is that I believe Ron Weinland to be a false prophet.

    Sincerity in a person doesn’t necessarily make what they’re doing right or good. A murderer can be sincere as his/her sole intent is to kill you. A thief can be just as sincere as their sole intent is to rob you blind. I have seen some devastating things happen to people in the nearly seven years I was with PKG. Failed marriages/relationships, severe money issues, health difficulties due to lack of money to pay for proper care (a lot of it went to PKG), I could go on.

    Do yourself a BIG favor as has been said——DO YOUR RESEARCH on this character! He may talk a good game, but the proof’s in the pudding as they say, and as my original letter to Mike was titled, “Mere Words And Promises Aren’t Cuttin’ It Any Longer!


  12. This guy Ron is not some “sincere” person who happens to be wrong.

    Ron has made pronouncements “ex cathedra” if you will, in his self proclaimed office of a prophet.

    Under OT rules, you were stoned to death under the first false prophecy you gave.

    Ron has the distinct honor of having a ZERO BATTING AVERAGE. ZERO prophecies he has spoken have come true. On top of that, his true character (not the one he tries to present), is evil.

    Ron had and mostly still has a lot of money. On one occasion he had a widow put up her house for Ron’s bail security. Why didn’t Ron put up his OWN HOUSE for security? What does it tell you that he had a widow put up her house for Ron’s bail? Ron is slime, the worst kind of slime, slime that smells like roses.

    No. Do your research. Ron teaches endless amounts of heresies, and is a total false prophet. Just because he presents himself as a “minister of light”, does not mean he is one.


  13. I too was searching for the meaning of life in my young adult days, and ended up in PKG from 2007 until 2012.

    Just so history doesn’t get rewritten, here is an account of the ride we were all taken on, short version. Ron wrote 2008 God’s Final Witness, gave sermons and interviews, expertly and unwaveringly acting out with complete confidence the following story : that he was basically the next biblical prophet, that his version of end time prophecy would come true exactly when and how he wrote, as a way of distinguishing him from every other fake preacher. This one was for real, unlike all the other fake claims, this one actually came to him from God, and we would know that because it would *actually happen*. Unless it didn’t – then Ron himself said that he would admit he was fake and it would be insane to continue to follow him. After all, Ron was above board. It was *other* preachers who change their story in order to continue collecting a paycheck.

    Well, turns out he did well for himself during this time we were all stockpiling food and anti-radiation pills. When the tax man came calling about his personal spending, did Ron apologize for being mistaken about the end of the world and offer to pay what he owed? Did he show a residue of authenticity that his behavior was divinely inspired? Nope, he waltzed into the courtroom and acted very arrogant, thinking that same unwavering charisma and bravado would have the same effect on a judge and jury, that it did within his group. Well it didn’t, and everyone unanimously saw through him as a shyster.

    And, Ron did change his story to get more time. The real end of the world wasn’t on May 27 2012 after all. It was now on May 21 2013. Just a slight misunderstanding with the numbers, that’s all. After that date became a memory – then it wasn’t about dates anymore – it was about the way of life – which just happens to require mandatory tithing of course. And you’re here forever. After all, wasn’t that always your intention? You’re not unfaithful to the creator of the universe by having a memory of previous claims and recognizing the bait-and-switch and manipulation that just took place, are you? And just like that, you’re either brainwashed, stockholmed/stuck because of connected relationships, or you’ve been thrown out for doubting.

    It’s a fairly well functioning church on the surface. The usual love smothering of new members – lots of hugs and smiles and stories. But underneath that – it is a cult. Don’t you see – Ron is *exactly* like every other evangelical doomsday preacher. So if you think speaking to him is worth your dime or your time – good luck. Just be careful you don’t get stuck repeating the same failing prophecy over and over for all eternity, while actual life and opportunity passes you by, like the Needful Things episode of the Twilight Zone.


  14. Well SEARCHING, I was one of the twelve jurors that convicted Ron the Con as I refer to him. I was privy to much more of what Ron and his family are about than almost any others. I personally saw how Ron and family live, operate, mislead, and deceive. It is sick and disgusting. There is absolutely NOTHING genuine nor sincere about that man nor his wife or two kids. Nothing. It is all just part of the game to beat people out of God’s tithe money so they can line their banks accounts with it and spend the “church” money on themselves personally.

    None of them work or have any means of income other than lying and conning others out of their hard earned cash which they think they are doing the right thing with by giving it to a church or God. You might as well just write a check directly to Ron and Laura Weinland because that’s where all of this money goes. They spend it on $26,000 diamond rings, vacations, BMWs, $1,700 suits form Nordstroms, endless vacations, $500 deep tissue massages while on vacation on a cruise ship. The list goes on and on………..

    The jury was SHOCKED & MADDENED by how Ron and Laura use and abuse people. It’s disgusting. I’ll sum it up in one short sentence. Ron is a 5 time convicted felon whom was NOT persecuted for any religious beliefs and people DO NOT go to prison for doing good deeds.

    Do not waste your time with this scumbag! He is a bold faced liar and even did so in court. He was caught in so many lies and wrong doings everyone in the court room lost track. He was basically convicted within the first 30 minutes of deliberation. The only reason it took two hours was that some jurors wanted to look at even more dirt and wrong doings. I had seen enough already. The proof was completely overwhelming.

    This guy Ron and his wife and kids are all in it for strictly the money. That is it. Nothing else so do not believe anything that comes from their mouths. They will tell you what you want to hear as long as they are getting what they want. That is your money. They don’t do ANY charity work nor help and assist others. Unless you count the PKG Scholarship which no one else was eligible for as they tried to justify using “church” money to pay their sons college tuition. Or unless you count them LENDING a lady $3,000 of the “church” money and then she repaid the “church’s” money by writing a check out to Laura Weinland and Laura then deposited that “church” money into HER PERSONAL ACCOUNT.

    That doesn’t really matter because they have absolute control of all donated monies and tithes which the prosecution showed and proved beyond any reasonable doubt was their PERSONAL INCOME basically. If you decide to join up with Ron do not say you were not warned. Ron runs a lying CULT SCAM disguised as a “church.” Far from it. Ask Ron where his “church” is. He tried to convince the jury and judge it was his own personal home on the golf course in Triple Crown country Club in Union, KY. Google that neighborhood.

    Also he lied and ripped of the IRS and the US taxpayers by stating he only made about $30,000 per year and filed false tax returns getting TAX REFUNDS EACH YEAR. He did this on Audra his daughters returns too for many years. I’d say it would be pretty hard to buy a $400,000 home with hefty HOA fees and three new BMW’s on $30K per year. This guy is a ruthless predatory criminal. If you want to follow and give money to a convicted felon like him and believe his lies then that is all on you. Run away. Do not waste any of your time nor money because that’s exactly all it would be.

    Good Luck!


  15. Hi Searching,

    Like Juror Bags above, I was also on the jury for Weinland’s criminal trial. If you had been sitting in one of the twelve chairs we sat in for nearly two weeks, you wouldn’t even remotely consider speaking with anyone still involved in this “church” of his. If you really are reading this website, I urge you to click the “Criminal Case” tab and read the trial transcripts that are available. Not all of the transcripts are there, but there should be enough to give you an idea. This “church” is a money-making scheme, pure and simple, designed to keep his followers subdued and under his control, sending their wages and feeding his coffers. I haven’t commented here in quite a while, but I do read often in hopes that the news will eventually lead to the story of his final downfall. Hearing that more people are actually considering joining up with him is too shocking for me to remain silent.

    If the transcripts and personal accounts here aren’t enough to sway you, let me give you a list of other men that other well-educated people felt would be fine just to talk to them, which ultimately led to ruin:
    – David Koresh
    – Charles Manson
    – Marshall Applewhite
    – Jim Jones
    – L Ron Hubbard
    – Sun Myung Moon
    – Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
    – David Berg
    – Warren Jeffs
    – Elbert Eugene Spriggs

    Is associating Ronald Weiland with the list of men above too extreme an analogy? No. Just because his cult hasn’t turned to violence, murder, or mass suicide… yet… doesn’t make it any less dangerous to his followers. Heed the advice of the persons on this board who were members and escaped. Do not even think again of contacting or speaking with anyone still involved in that cult. PKG is a pitcher plant just waiting for its next fly to come around, attracted to the bright colors and sweet smell.


  16. Hi Searching,

    Please allow me to state CLEARLY and SUCCINCTLY why Ronald Weinland is the least sincere church leader one could imagine, quite apart from his criminal convictions. Here are two sets of documented facts.

    1) In the lead-up to each of his four predicted dates for the return of Jesus Christ, he insisted repeatedly that his information was gleaned directly from God by divine revelation. He repeatedly assured his followers that it was “awesome” to be receiving such information as God’s appointed End-Time Witness and Prophet. Referring to himself and his wife (whom he later claimed was the second of the Two Witnesses) he made the following claim on page 22 of his book “2008 – God’s Final Witness” published in 2006: “They know the exact day that Jesus Christ will return.” On page 57 he says: “That which I am telling you is not is not of me; it is from the God of Abraham – the Almighty God of the Universe”.

    2) However, when the first three predicted returns of Jesus Christ – the dates of which were supposedly given to him by God – failed to eventuate, at no time did Weinland honestly admit the self-evident – that he had obviously NOT been receiving divine revelation about the date of Christ’s return. Not once did he accept responsibility and admit sincerely that HE had been mistaken. What he initially said was that “THE CHURCH mistakenly believed that Christ would return on a certain date”. This was obviously a dishonest and insincere ploy to try to divert attention away from either, a) his own DELUSION, or b) his INSINCERE POSTURING that he was the recipient of divine revelation.

    For reasons best known to himself (but I think I can accurately discern them), he chose to utterly ignore the glaringly obvious fact that it had been RON WEINLAND himself who had taught THE CHURCH to believe in the divine revelation of those false predictions. Was this a mark of his “sincerity”?

    In addition, he began to reinforce his excuses for failing to correctly predict the date of Christ’s return, by saying that God had changed His mind – thus conveniently “exonerating” Ron Weinland from any culpability for his prophetic failures. In other words, he wants his followers to believe his supposedly “sincere” claim that three times God has revealed to Ron Weinland the date for Christ’s return, and that three times God has changed His mind.

    I leave you to decide whether Ron Weinland has been “sincere but deluded”, or just plain dishonest and insincere. Or both. With a prophecy failure record as above, do you think he is “sincere’ in his FOURTH CLAIM that Christ will return in 2019? Or does this have all the hallmarks of a desperate man simply trying to spin the deception out for as long as he can get away with it? Over to you.


  17. Good evening Searching,

    I know I’m late to comment. I have dined with Ron and family, he officiated my marriage to my ex-husband in the early 90’s and I was a member of the “church” for 5 years. Would I recommend to you to speak with Weinland or anyone representing him? No! Because simply I wish I had never met him all those years ago.

    Turn back. Please. Cults destroy.

    Gone and thankfully forgotten


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