PATN: Chapter 4 Part 1, An End to Deception

The deception continues:

It is not reposted here, for details please see the following post:


81 thoughts on “PATN: Chapter 4 Part 1, An End to Deception

  1. The other account that Ron will use is the story of Lot. Ron will say that because there are more than 10 righteous PKGers that he will spare the world.


  2. Don’t forget that after 3 1/2 years of saying Jesus Christ is returning May 27 2012 and numerous false predictions within that time he proclaimed “The Day Of The Lord” he said May 27 2012 to May 19 2013 was when all his signs and wonders would really for sure happen this time and then Jesus would return in may of 2013.

    How is he going to work this into his new timeline ? He keeps saying that last 50 days . He will believe it with all his being and blah blah blah but he said the day of the lord is a year in length
    Moron Witness
    Feb 21 2013
    “Since we are in the prophetic Day of the Eternal, which is the time in which God will execute His final judgment that ends 6,000 years of man’s self-rule and refusal to hear God, there is no need to any longer warn anyone of what is to come. God’s final prophetic day is about His execution of judgment, with no more endless unheeded warnings. As final end-time judgment has come upon this world to chasten and humble it
    The witness God established during the 1260 days led directly into God’s last prophetic day which is from Pentecost of 2012 to Pentecost of 2013 as the Day of the Eternal, the “day” of God’s end-time judgment upon mankind. How incredibly awesome this is in structure, meaning, and fulfillment. God has meticulously planned for how He will usher in His Kingdom to govern this earth at the return of His Son.” False prophet Ronald Weinland

    I guess we will have to wait until chapter 7 for all this information , IF he still remembers he said it? No worries , Ron I’ll remind you . By the the way , so far your book is $hit ! And I don’t “see” it getting any better.


  3. Martin:

    This false prophet weinland is setting up his membership for the bad news that 2019 is NOT going to happen!! Sooooo now he is in survival mode to save his ill-begotten income. This man is a liar and a conniving soulless little bald headed sub-human.

    He has mastered the “psychology of a cult” to continue the falsehoods to continue to keep his pockets full of other people money!!! It doesn’t get any scummier than this!!!!


  4. EIE, we called it here though! We said months ago, that when November 6th wasn’t going to happen the way Ron said it would, he would began contriving ways to “lower the boom” so to speak about 2019’s non-happening.

    The real question is, how long will the majority of PKG members keep putting up with this BS??


  5. Fooled No More:

    I can only say that it has to happen the way it did for us; you just wake up one day and realize that something is wrong and it doesn’t much to realize that weinland is what is WRONG!

    Hopefully, it will not be to much longer for the rest to wake up. I am of the opinion this false prophesy of “2019” is pivotal and will be his downfall. It pains me to see this worm weinland get away with all of the lies and deceptions that he spews from his foul mouth!

    I am a man of faith and I believe that God will come to the point that HE will end it once and for all!! This worm wienland has benefited from using God’s Name in “vain” for his own ill-begotten gains and that alone carries it own judgment!!

    I am patiently watching and waiting for this event to take place, so that, I can celebrate the end of this despicable worm weinland and praise God for the liberation of those who have been hurt and deceived by this monster!!


  6. Once an Elder:

    You’re right! It was this time last year that I finally did have enough, and it would be less than two months later when I would make it official. At the time, I couldn’t nail what exactly was wrong, I just knew that something was not right and I no longer wanted a part of it. Interestingly enough, there were a few Sabbaths leading up to then where I didn’t “go with the group” to their endless traveling to who knows where.

    I even got a text from someone asking if I was “okay”, and I gave an excuse that I wasn’t feeling well or some such thing. Well the truth was I was NOT okay as I just didn’t like what I could see happening to me financially, as well as health wise. IIRC, I knew come the first of March last year that I wouldn’t be going to services that following Saturday, and I had made my mind up by that Friday that I would send a letter to Patty Dalrymple and company that I would be leaving, in which I did on March 8th which was a Sunday last year.

    It wasn’t till I stumbled across this blog a week or so later was I ABSOLUTELY STUNNED on what had been going on all this time…………I was just too blinded to check out for myself what was happening behind the scenes!

    Yes, I too am patiently waiting for the time when something not so nice will happen to The Weinlands for all of the damage that’s been done over the years.

    I’ll leave the punishment up to God in what he sees fit to happen to them.


  7. Fooled No More, I was wondering if you have a good idea of what is known in PKG about Ron.

    Do they know anything about Ron’s tax crimes? What do they know of his jail sentence? What is the common excuse given for him?

    Do they believe he is being persecuted?


  8. Also, what do you think about this false idea that Ron can do whatever he want with tithe money? (with his own personal salary he is free to do what he wants, but not with tithe money).

    Tithe money is only meant for preaching / spreading of Gospel, not for use as your own personal luxury fund.

    Do they know he’s using if to buy erotic panties? massages? luxury cars? jewelry? expensive paintings?


  9. What do I mean when I say Jonah is NOT a prophetic book?

    The book of Ezekiel is a prophetic book, “prophesy” (verb form) is from H5012, it means to speak with inspiration (of Holy Spirit) or to predict (by power of Holy Spirit). It is used 36 times in this one book.

    Phrases like “Eze 11:4 Therefore prophesy against them, prophesy, O son of man. ” are used throughout book. It is a prophetic book, all the prophecies conclude with the Temple and a millenial setting.

    I personally do not believe prophecies are conditional. What I mean is that there are accounts in the bible where God is making a judgment (NOT a prophecy) against a person, and that person repents and then God relents on His judgment that He was going to execute upon this person. Not everything God says is automatically a “prophecy”. You have to carefully read the text.

    NOW NOTICE! Nowhere in Jonah, is Jonah told to prophesy against Ninevah!

    Jonah is told to “cry” (announce, preach, indict, call out, cry against) Ninevah about her sins. NOT PROPHESY.
    Before “fish”
    Jon 1:2 Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry(H7121) against it; for their wickedness is come up before me.
    After “fish” vomits him out
    Jon 3:2 Arise, go unto Nineveh, that great city, and preach(H7121) unto it the preaching that I bid thee.

    IT WAS A JUDGMENT AGAINST NINEVAH, which was conditional if they repented.

    Nowhere is the word “prophesy”(H5012) used in Jonah at all, ONLY “cry”(H7121) is used.

    Jonah is a book about a judgment that God was going to perform upon Ninevah if they didn’t repent, they did, God relented.


  10. The point is, Ron knows nothing about the bible, he doesn’t understand anything, if truth was a pitbull that bit Ron’s face off, Ron wouldn’t understand it.


  11. Also, forgot to mention, there are a number of places in Ezekiel, where God says He will NOT change His mind.

    Ronald the blasphemer Weinland has God lying and saying God changed His mind.

    (In WWCoG environs, Ezekial is an end time prophecy applying to the modern descendants of Israel)


  12. Martin:

    I can’t speak for PKG as a whole, I can tell you that I know of a couple (one in particular) that knew exactly what was going on in the trial as someone was sending her links to this site in particular I believe.

    She saw with her own two eyes what was said, what evidence was presented, and she would know the people that testified in front of the judge.

    She’s still there.

    Also, on the matter of what the money was spent on, that was brought up several times as part of a conversation on occasion after services. The standard answer always was, “What Ron and Laura do with their money is between them and God”.

    I began to see this as them looking the other way, and this was one of those “things” that was bothering me a great deal. The question of how money was being spent really started to nag at me as far back as 2012 when I visited their home during the Feast in Lexington, KY. One who truly had their eyes opened would have been VERY annoyed by what they saw, especially if that person were struggling mightily financially.

    It’s just for me, the breaking point was a year ago, that I was REALLY TIRED of seeing good money go after bad, and throw in the fact that NOTHING Ron had said was coming to pass————-yet again kicked down the road for some “future time”, and I knew it was time to leave and leave for good.


  13. I wonder if people know that the bible says that God will sometimes send a false prophet to His own people!

    Yes, it sounds unfair, but it isn’t.

    God teaches His people the truth. Afterwards He will send a heretic in among them.

    God wants to see if THEY WILL HOLD ONTO THE TRUTH, OR LET IT GO.

    The reason is, God *can not* wait until after He’s given them immortality to find out that they will reject the truth at the drop of a hat. If He did, then He would have millions of people in a fallen state who are now immortal. He does this test while they are flesh, because they can repent and change.


  14. Martin:

    This is not about the difference between prophesy and judgment.

    This is all about this false prophet weinland setting up his membership for the grand announcement of the failure of 2019. This false prophet weinland knows his prophesy failed on Nov 8th. This false prophet weinland has brought some time and is now setting the stage that Christ will not be returning in 2019. There will be some new idiotic timeline or some psychedelic vision from “somewhere” that will explain it all.

    This false prophet weinland is buying more time to keep filling up his pockets with money – this is very easy to see and understand.


  15. Who ever said what Ron and Laura did with the tight money is ok is stupid very stupid !!! That’s like Jim and Tammie , Jim Jones, and the rest of the crooks !!!!!!!!! Ron and Laura are low life people and steal from PKG like the courts said !


  16. I am not surprised by the statements above re: PKGers not holding Ronald, Laura, Audra, Jeremy etal. accountable for the spending of tithe $$$. This is the thinking instilled by HWA and the WWCG over decades of programming to members that not paying their tithes constitutes robbery from god. Constantly reminded that ‘god loves a cheerful giver’ put into members minds the special place they have with god with every $$ they gave. Every holy day the same scriptures would be trotted out to validate that particular speaker to be reminding members of their holy day offering duties. Same goes for the programming that ministers are above reproach just cuz they say they are god’s ministers and the government of god – the hierarchy – is not to be questioned.
    Thanks be to goodness that the IRS intervened.
    Ronald’s current writings are reflections of the same old $hit he wrote in his other publications – worn out & disproved British Israelism ideas, a seeming personal knowledge of satan’s thinking & actions as well as his continued discourse of newly developing prophecies, timelines, more punishment, all the while with the pretense that he has some special relationship with god above that of other’s in the ‘church’. Strangely ? there are no further writings of Ronald & Laura as the ‘2 witnesses of Revelation’ – and the audacity and sand that Ronald & Laura displayed as they pretended & played those parts for 3 years – all the while the PKGers were mesmerized & in awe of them cuz they pronounced they would be lying dead in the streets of Jerusalem for three days – another failed prophecy of Ronald Weinland.
    Ronald, Laura & company are in this for the long con – already laying the foundation for Audra & Jeremy to ‘take over the family business’. Back in 2008 Ronald made a statement that the only reason a prophet would change his predictions or timelines – FOR THE PAYCHEQUE. What they have learned from this experience is that they can ‘pull the wool over’ the PKGers eyes, but not those of the IRS.


  17. It is a damn shame that pkg is so Blind ! But they agree with Ron and Laura’s shameful works , so on and on it goes . Yes , all he can do is repeat the same old nonsense , he is wrong about nearly all of it but is so lifted up in his pride . Book 3 is the same as his other garbage works , filled with false doctrine and false prophecy . Will Ron Rob God ? YES he certainly will ! even his whole church ! These moron minister pound into their flock ” God loves a cheerful giver” do you know that this has NOTHING to do with Money ? It has to do with service in ministering the truth , just look at the whole context . What would any of these people know about truth ? They would not recognize it if it was staring them right in the face ! They just love to follow man , they put their idol up in place of Jesus Christ.
    I am the LORD your God, which have brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
    You shall have no other gods before me.
    Ron is their god , what will they do when their master is dead?


  18. “… there are no further writings of Ronald & Laura as the ‘2 witnesses of Revelation …”

    I have taken notice of this same thing. This false prophet weinland will probably stay away from this for awhile. Rev 11 is very clear in what it states and it in no way agrees with what this false prophet weinland has put forth. That’s why Nov 8th was such a massive failure!!!

    This false prophet knows that former wwcog members are wise to this and the 63,000 of former members will NEVER appear at pkg’s door step. I know former members of wcog and they look at this false prophet weinland and his backbiting wife as absolute idiots!!! This false prophet weinland is NO Herbert Armstrong and never will be!!! When this debase false prophet weinland dies so will his false organization pkg. What he has spawned as offspring will not be able to continue it either because of absolute incompetence!!

    This false prophet weinland has yet to realize that he is a walking deadman and so is his corrupt organization!!


  19. “And although they did continue to observe those times, they began to do business on those days, therefore polluting them.” False Prophet Ronald Weinland



  20. “Satan is simply a liar, and as Christ said of him, he is the father of lies. It is just his way. With the kind of power that he and the demons have, individually and collectively, they are able to highly influence and sometimes even possess some people.”

    Ron seems to be pretty good at lying too- he’s even been known to possess some people’s wallets!


  21. So Ron is going to spend this year writing a book? Presumably the first year of the Great Tribulation????????

    This is fulfilling prophecy how?????????????


  22. Yes the $hit keeps spewing out of falsie’s mouth. The time isn’t far off that he will die. Shall we play a guessing game for the day he dies? Let’s have some fun. I guess 12/25/16


  23. Ron says God changes His mind. The bible says God will NOT change His mind in regards to end time prophecies.(read Ezekiel)

    Who is the liar? Ron or God?


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