PATN: Chapter 4 Part 3 The Deceptive Church

Since the Two Witnesses don’t want their message spread, I no longer will quote their posts on my website. But those who know where their website is can go there read them, then come back here to leave any comments. If you don’t want to visit his website, the excerpt is reposted on two different Facebook pages.

The latest excerpt of his third book focuses on the Catholic Church. He mentioned the reformation of the 1400-1600s. It seems the splinters had only slight doctrinal differences but had disagreement about which men were to govern it. Pretty much like the present day of Armstrongism.

Revelation 17 is mentioned, with the symbolism there interpreted to refer to the Catholic church and the various incarnations of the Roman empire, of which Hitler’s Germany was one. The Bible is a versatile book, being able to mean whatever you want it to mean. With a modest amount of effort, it could be made to point to other things. Like Armstrongism. For example, one could cherry pick from the various splinters of Armstrongism to be the 7 heads and 10 horns.

Weinland’s last paragraph of this excerpt accuses the Catholic Church of persecuting God’s true church, responsible for killing and imprisonment of God’s people. So I guess that somehow the IRS, the Justice Department, the Federal Court, and 12 jurors were just tools of the Catholic Church.

119 thoughts on “PATN: Chapter 4 Part 3 The Deceptive Church

  1. Didn’t one of Ron’s acolytes say that Ron will be imbued with his witness powers when out of jail?

    If so, why couldn’t he use his witness powers to get out of jail?


  2. Martin,

    You may be right on that one. Just more of the same old wishing & hoping. Just more of the same old lies lies and more lies!!!


  3. PKG please send your money to poor Weindlands family Mafia , they need a new BMW , and the Asshole going to need more $1,700 suits and the money whore will need more Diomounds, please give tell it hurts, poor Ron !!!!!


  4. OK Martin:

    Where are they!!?? These two phonies are just that “phony”!!! No empowerment, no 63,000, no global announcement of who they think they are!!!!!!!

    What a pathetic joke these two are!!

    Open your eyes pkg and see these two festering maggots for what they are!!!!!


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