The second part of the sixth chapter of False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s third book has been posted to his website.  Ron continues with the notion of the variable length prophetic days, one of which was an actual day of Pentecost in 2012 on which Christ failed to show up after having failed to express his regrets to God’s Most Formidable Prophet.  The 50-day period leading up to Pentecost of 2019 is yet another prophetic day during which the seven plagues will be poured out to save humans by killing them.

It also seems that the Mark of the Beast is a calendar laid out with Monday in the first column and Sunday in the seventh which Ron has seen in Europe.  With all of Ron’s new variable prophecies, one remains set: the rise of a 10-nation European revival of the Holy Roman Empire to fight Jesus Christ when he returns on his UFO.

The sermon for this weekend (actually recorded last weekend) has been posted.  During the announcements, Ron discusses having yet again restructuring and streamlining the ministry due to the downsized church.  Apparently a lot of purging and pruning has gone on to cut back the church so that it can grow again following the publication of Ron’s third book; just as it did in 2007 and 2008 after Ron’s second book.  Wonder where Ron’s going to get the money for all the Google advertising.  Maybe he’ll get some rich widow with a healthy 401K to join his church.

As I expected, the US probation office is allowing Ron to travel.  A trip to Columbia, MO on April 9 is posted on his blog, followed by trips to Dallas, Detroit, and Phoenix.  He will be accompanied by the silently gossiping witness.  Since she has been ordained as a prophet her travel expenses can be paid with tax-free church funds.


63 thoughts on “Variables

  1. Weinland is posting his book on Facebook. If the likes are any indication.. at 107 here isn’t much of a following left..and I’m wondering if he’ll solicit? Either way, guess his followers are allowed online now.


    1. “Weinland is posting his book on Facebook. If the likes are any indication.. at 107 here isn’t much of a following left”

      I couldn’t find a page for him or for PKG with this many “likes”. What is the title of the Facebook page?


  2. Really? Such hypocrites ! Now when it’s something HE wants it all good. Ron was afraid of Facebook because he couldn’t control it. Every day I’m away from that bunch is a celebration.


  3. An Open Letter to Johnny Harrell

    Johnny, I know you and you know me. I am writing this letter to you out of friendship and not out of bitterness.

    I left pkg approximately two years ago and have no regrets what so ever regarding leaving. It was I that disfellowshipped the weinlands out of my life and not the other way around. I have not disfellowshipped the members out of my life and that is the truth of the matter. I pray daily for their eyes to be opened and for their understanding to see and understand the lie that is before them, as well as you, and that lie is weinland.

    I know you personally Johnny and I am attempting to understand why you are supporting wienland and all the falsehoods that he represents. I know you better than you realize. This is not you to be that devoted to weinland. I know you understand what has written in the Bible to be the absolute Word of God, but yet, you have now chosen to allow a wayward false minister to misled you into believing that this person is authorized to change God’s Written Word as he see fit. This is not you Johnny!

    I still value our friendship and would welcome speaking with you again, understanding, that I will have absolutely nothing to do with the weinalnds. As I have stated, I still value our friendship. I understand, in your eyes, to have a restored relationship with me would violate the dictates of weinland and would have a consequence. In my eyes, that would be a blessing for you.

    Johnny, I pray that soon you and the others will finally realize what God is saying in Deut 18:22 concerning weinland. It bears record of itself.

    In closing, I pray daily for you and others to have God open your eyes and understanding to finally see weinland for what he is. A false prophet. It is not me saying this, it is coming from God’s own words (deut 18:22)

    A friend not an enemy


  4. Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

    It has been 8 years since Ronald Weinlands First False Prophecy.

    Still madly changing EVERYTHING !

    Ronald Weinland is a modern day Pharisee . He claims to follow and teach the Law of God , but he is nothing but a filthy dirty Hypocrite !
    A wolf in sheeps clothing .

    Ronald and Laura Weinland should not be surprised when they stand before Jesus Christ and he says to them, ” I never knew you , away with you , you that work iniquity . “


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