The Present 47th Truth

Looking into a few comments made today by Plimsol, I took a look at the Present 47th “Truth”.  Previously it read:

47 (26) The day Christ returns is the same 24-hour day when all seven vials (Seven Last Plagues) are poured out, once this Seventh trumpet is blown. It is on this day that the battle of Armageddon is brought to an end by God’s intervention in order to prevent mankind from destroying itself. There has always been speculation concerning this prophesied Day of the Lord. Some believe that this prophecy cannot be accomplished in a single day, but instead believe that this is a period of time that will last 30 to 45 days. This prophesied Day of the Lord is the final 24-hour period that ends a second prophetic period (the final period) bearing the same name of “The Day of the Lord” that is an actual year in length.

Today, the Present 47th “Truth” reads:

47 (26)    God has revealed the actual duration for the prophetic “day” when the seven vials of the Seventh Trumpet (Seven Last Plagues) are poured out on the earth. That “prophetic day” consists of the “fifty days” that lead up to and are finally fulfilled by Christ’s coming on Pentecost of 2019. Only God can reveal the duration of any specific “prophetic day.” God set aside two possible dates for Christ’s coming as King of kings. The first potential date of Christ’s coming was Pentecost of 2012, and God revealed that the “prophetic day” for pouring out the Seven Last Plagues would have literally occurred on that one day of Pentecost. Since the purpose of the plagues being poured out is to “destroy those who are destroying the earth,” God has revealed that over 3.5 billion people would have been destroyed in that single day if this event had occurred in 2012.

However, God has moved forward the coming of His Son by exactly seven years to a later date, and He has now revealed that the duration of this “prophetic day” that leads to Christ’s coming has also changed. That “prophetic day” in which the Seven Plagues will be poured out will be fulfilled within the final 50 days that ends on Pentecost of 2019 when Christ returns.

God has revealed that He is extending great mercy to mankind by moving forward the coming of His Son by seven years to 2019. God is working to give mankind greater potential to begin listening to Him and then changing their course of self-destruction so that they might be saved alive. That mercy is also being magnified by how God is extending the duration of the “prophetic day” for the Seven Last Plagues that will now be poured out over 50 actual days. As God changes the manner in which the plagues are poured out, from one day to that period of 50 days, multiple millions more can potentially be saved to live on into the Millennial reign of Christ.

As stated, only God can reveal the specific definition of any given “prophetic day.” There are several examples where a prophetic day is equal to one year in actual fulfillment. When looking at the seven-day week, God revealed that each “day” is as a thousand years in His 7,000-year plan given to mankind to propagate and then continue into the next incredible phase of His great plan of salvation. In this example of a prophetic day being 1,000 years, the seventh day Sabbath is equivalent to the 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ.

Another well-known example of a “prophetic day” concerns what is revealed in the annual holy day of the Last Great Day. God shows yet another specific duration of time in this “prophetic day.” This is a period of time that will last for 100 years, and it follows immediately after the millennial (1,000-year) reign of Jesus Christ on earth.

The actual period of time for any “prophetic day” can vary according to God’s purpose and design, and only God can reveal what period of time these represent.

I expect that in 2019 we’ll have a new Present 47th Truth.


21 thoughts on “The Present 47th Truth

  1. So now we have 50 days of plagues instead of one! How is that merciful, Ron???

    You sure do preach like a modern, lying Pharisee.


  2. If you set a trap for others, you will get caught in it yourself. If you roll a boulder down on others, it will crush you instead.

    You know there’s really a simple answer , False Prophet ! There is only ONE answer( Deuteronomy 18:20-22) when people claim certain things or say certain things about what is given to them and it doesn’t come to pass , then they have to Madly change everything and do something else ! You know? Or say well God showed me this and We, I just didn’t understand! So God has revealed this to me now aaand
    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah !

    That’s one Blah for every year Ronald has madly changed EVERYTHING ! Do you ever get tired of lies , Ron ?
    “Lying is the outcome of people being right in their own eyes and stubbornly holding to their own viewpoint, regardless of evidence to the contrary.” 2008GFW

    He feeds on ashes; a deluded heart has led him astray, and he cannot deliver himself or say, “Is there not a lie in my right hand?”


  3. It is all about cash flow! Loser weinland has to keep these deceitful lies going for the sake of living off of others hard earned income!! Loser weinland is a predatory parasite!!!!!!!


  4. While the bible does talk about a day being like a thousand years to God, this 50 day nonsense is nowhere in the bible, or inspired by God, or correct.

    Ronald Weinland is skilled in deceiving…he quotes or references on thing that is the bible, and uses that to springboard into an untruth.

    PKGers don’t seem to notice or mind. Ron said it, so it must be true (at least for now).


  5. False prophet Ron said “However, God has moved forward the coming of His Son by exactly seven years to a later date, and He has now revealed that the duration of this “prophetic day” that leads to Christ’s coming has also changed. That “prophetic day” in which the Seven Plagues will be poured out will be fulfilled within the final 50 days that ends on Pentecost of 2019 when Christ returns.”

    1) However, God has moved forward the coming of His Son by exactly seven years
    Says who? You? A proven thief? A proven liar? You show out God to be fickle minded, shame on you, you criminal.

    2), and He has now revealed that the duration of this “prophetic day” that leads to Christ’s coming has also changed.
    Why would God need to change anything (granted what you say is false to start out with)?

    3) That “prophetic day” in which the Seven Plagues will be poured out will be fulfilled within the final 50 days that ends
    Where is this in the bible? It is made up out of your feeble mind. The numerology you used to compute this is in error.
    This 50 days is AFTER the 1260 days, and the bible is clear that whenever those 1260 days starts, that Christ returns at the end of it.


  6. Keep sending money PKG , The Weindland Family Mafia needs it , God will save you , yeah right !! There ain’t many left ! And hopefully Ron kicks the bucket soon !


    1. If Ron kicks the bucket, Audra will step in as the Second Witness. Together Audra and Laura will do just as when Ron was in prison, writing the sermons for Johnny and Wayne to give.


  7. If that’s the case, Mike, I expect an exodus of a large number of males from the group, leaving the PKG a primarily female cult with female leadership. This can only get weirder.


  8. Love the comments!!!! ` keep them coming!!!!! Loser wienland is struggling to stay alive both materialistic and physically!!!!!! No miracles for this false prophet wienland!!!!


  9. audra and laura running pkg!? what would happened to jeremy!?

    I have to agree with FedUp that a mass exodus of all the testosterone would take place.

    Did anyone catch what loser weinalnd said about the heart surgeon not doing the surgery because the risk would outweigh the benefits? If this is true, then, I would have to say that loser weinalnd is not doing well. Once the stress of dealing with a dwindling income and all the criticism of failed predictions hits home it just might mean the ticker is going to go into overload and may have an ending result.

    I do not wish death on anyone, like loser weinalnd does, I will not miss him at all. But, I will miss the entertainment that loser weinland attracts.


  10. The membership of the PCG has an insurable interest in Weinland as he is their prophet. And if he was to die they might experience a financial loss.
    I personal would insure his life and hope that he dies soon. Just don’t forget to make those monthly payments. The rewards will be so much more than the fictional return of Christ and mass torture and suffering of the great tribulation.

    Get that policy implemented and reap some BIG rewards!


  11. Over the past 6,000 years, God has progressively revealed truth of Himself, His plan, purpose, and ways of life. As an example, in the time of Moses, God revealed much more about Himself, His purpose, and true ways of life that mankind should live. God had worked with certain individuals and families for several hundred years before, but by the time of Moses, He began to reveal much more to Israel than he had to those who had previously lived.

    But the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken. Isaiah 28:13

    That’s right, line upon line, building up, and increasing knowledge and understanding little bit by little bit. Not saying something and then changing it to something different, and then changing that to something completely different again, and changing that to something completely different again.

    That’s confusion


  12. It’s not Ronald Weinland that is wrong, it’s God changing His mind.

    No, Ron couldn’t possibly be wrong, it’s God who is fickle minded, and can’t make up His mind.

    God sets a date, that changes it, then changes that date, then changes it again. God is very indecisive.


  13. Ron likes to couch his lies by saying

    1) God changed His mind
    2) God is being merciful
    3) There is a greater potential for this change
    4) It’s a test

    Instead of the obvious: Ron is a false prophet.

    Now there are times when God judges somebody or some nation, and says He’s going to punish them…that is, it’s NOT a prophecy.
    It is something conditional based on the reaction of the other party. Now if they repent, God will relent on the punishment.
    When God specifically labels some pronouncement as a prophecy, then it is not conditional.

    The example of the account of Jonah….the pronouncement against Nineveh was NOT labeled or called a prophecy, it was a judgement against them, that God would do if they did not repent. They did, and God relented on the punishment.

    Ron will try to use this account to support his false prophesying, and how he has a zero batting average in prophesying.


  14. This loser weinland is really getting boring.

    Where are you loser weinland!!!! No one knows who you are!!!! I thought you said the global community would be in fear of you!? Well, what happened!?


  15. Ron needs to get a move on with changing the Truths.

    He’s changed Truths 36 and 47. But he’s got up to Truth 37 in his sermon series, and he urgently needs to change Truth 45 which refers to the second Day of the Lord, and Truth 50, which is an incomprehensible mess but which says that God has not yet revealed the date of Christ’s second coming, before he gets to them.

    I think it might be worth his while changing Truth 49 too. It is going to be difficult to read out “the seven thunders will happen precisely as foretold” with a straight face.


  16. Plimsol:

    It is not easy to manage multiple lies.

    Hopefully, the members will start questioning all these revisions to these (un)truths this loser weinland claims to be direct revelations from God. It is time for this loser weinland’s house of cards to come tumbling down!!!!!

    Hey loser weinland!! Why are you hiding from the global community!!?? Are you afraid of being exposed for the liar that your are!?


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