Duel Test

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has posted most of chapter 6 of his new book on his blog.  In his latest installment, he starts off with the example of God’s test to see whether Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac.  This then segues to God’s test of PKG to see whether they would believe that Christ would return on Pentecost of 2012 even though he had already decided that he would send Christ back in 2019.

What really happened was that the god who lives between Ron’s ears decided late in June of 2008 that the return date was in 2012.  This was put on hold by the IRS criminal investigation which Ron learned of the following week when the IRS special agent knocked on his door.  The god between Ron’s ears later decided that the date was in 2019 since Ron had to finish serving his prison sentence, but only after failures to return in 2013 and 2014.

The title of this post is a quote from Ron’s post.  Apparently the god who lives between Ron’s ears and inspired his book does not inspire correct grammar.

Shifting topics, an interesting post on the Banned by HWA blog lists the Treasures of Herbert Armstrong which were sold after his death.  I have long held that Ron’s spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong evaded more income taxes than Ron did, he was blessed to have clever legal advice to keep him out of prison.

I also believe that Herbert Armstrong was worse that Weinland in another area.  A number of sources available with a search on the Internet describe how Herbert raped his young daughter.  While proof of his criminal guilt to a legal standard does not exist, that does not mean that he is innocent.  I personally am convinced of his guilt because he did not address accusations in a newspaper, but if on a criminal jury would have to vote against conviction without better evidence.  In any case, Weinland has never even been accused of something like this.  While evidence at his trial showed that he skimmed thousands of dollars of church funds, I do not believe he would do something like that.


302 thoughts on “Duel Test

  1. Quote from loser weinland “own your choices pt 2”

    “… When we took off from Cincinnati to go down to Georgia, we actually drove it …”

    Hummmmm couldn’t afford the plane ticket loser weinland!? Must be nice to drive in your BMW ~ HUH!!!!!!


  2. EIE, just thinking out loud——it could be that he’s restricted from flying as part of his probation. Don’t know but that wouldn’t surprise me. Hey Ron! You get to see how the rest of us had to deal with driving to and fro WITHOUT the luxury of even thinking about air fare for the most part.

    How’s that??


  3. Quote from loser weinland “own your choices pt 2”

    “… it seemed to hit a few people – see, I know where I’m going to be in a few years. I hope with all my being, and I believe with all my being it’s 2019, as much as I did with 2012. But that didn’t happen. I’m prepared for whatever …”

    Here it is folk!!!!! The big lie is coming apart and loser weinland knows it!!!!!!


  4. He thinks he will be on top of the world, just under Jesus Christ, but if I’m not, it won’t cost ME a dime. I’m not paying for any of this, you are! I just sound so darned confident, but if I’m wrong, so what? You all are paying the bills here see? I just go on , fishing for another date. I don’t care if he comes or not, cause it’s not costing me much to be wrong.


  5. Of course Ronald Weinland is a false prophet. Ron KNOWS 100% that his prophecy is bogus and won’t happen. Now what if Ron was imbued with miraculous powers? It won’t be from God. God doesn’t work with prophets who have a zero (really negative) batting average.

    But the bible does say that *false* prophets will be performing miracles in the end time. This has not happened yet in any big way. But the bible states it will happen, so it is entirely possible that Ron will be imbued with miraculous powers. I personally think that false prophets will perform miracles, I don’t think Ron will be among them as his batting average is SO BAD, that he would be a useless tool, even with miraculous powers.


  6. I hope Ron and Laura die in there BMW ! Did I ever say how much I hate these crooks, I like Charley Manson more than these assholes , they stole all the peoples money and they are broke ! Fu:k the Weindland family Mafia Ron your and asshole and don’t shit but stealing money !!! Bury him in in his $1700 suit !


  7. Quote from loser weinland: “… spit on it, defecate on it …”

    Hey! Loser weinland what is this gutter language about!!?? Oh I see, you learned it while in prison ~ I guess the saying is true, once a convict always a convict.

    Are you missing the “boys” back in the prison you spend three years in!!?? You really are trashy scum aren’t you!!


  8. Quote from loser weinland: “… Since I’ve been out I’ve had to suspend people and disfellowship people. And I don’t have one problem
    whatsoever to do it …”

    Hey loser weinland the real truth is that they have stopped giving you money. We all know that once that happens that you no longer have any use for them ~ no more money no longer can be a member of my private fund raising organization!!!

    They are dumping you loser because they have finally figured out that you are a thieving greedy liar!! Like you said, “I hope 2019 is the year”. Why are you hoping?? You have told everyone that God has given you this date first hand!! Just like 08, 11, 12, 13, and now 19.

    Saaay, why aren’t you and your whatever wife empowered? God Word’s states 42 months and you are way way less than that to your false date of 2019. Just more of the same old lies lies and more lies!!!!


  9. The only “power” they have is bitching and cashing checks. Maybe a few more are realizing that’s all they’re good for. Hard to tell everyone how to live after you spend 3.5 years in jail for fraud. Ron wants to be the one making up all the rules. You guys are right, a few people probably fell behind in tithes when he was in jail, and now he’s checking tithing records again. Tithing is the ONLY real doctrine of the PKG. all the others pale in comparison to RONS DOCTRINE. Don’t send me money, get out! Remember, this tithe is the main doctrine of the COGS. No tithe, no church.


  10. One of the folks that I’m quite certain stopped sending money to PKG was a friend (I still consider him a friend) that contacted me not long after I left the church. He was quite apologetic that he didn’t keep in touch with me as much as he’d liked as he was going through a very difficult time with his elderly mother. He knew that I was struggling and was sorry he couldn’t have done more to help.

    It was not long before he wrote me that I found this blog, and I went to tell him the things that I’ve learned, and I sent him the URL for here. He wrote back and was quite surprised at what he had read as this was not the story being portrayed particularly by Ron whenever he would make a new post on his blog. I know firsthand from hearing it from the horses mouth (Laura) that everything that she said happened was one big fat lie.

    He said that it’s one thing to send money to a ministry and expect that good things would come out of it. It’s quite another to read that your money went to such things as keeping up a very expensive home, new car(s), cruises, expensive clothes, etc.

    He said that he would continue to listen to the sermons as he did like to hear Wayne give them as he put it, but he would NOT send another dime to the church! He was struggling as it was with difficulty finding work at times. I’m hoping (in a sinister way) that Ron did tell him to leave and that he’s finally free from this rotten bunch, and can truly start living a free man.

    If he’s reading this he’ll know who I am by my writing style, and he’d certainly remember our conversation on the phone which was just over a year ago.

    You have my number and email addy———–PLEASE get in touch with me when you can!

    I truly, truly hope that many more will abandon ship, before they’re caught sinking with it with no way out.


  11. My mom used to say that it was not her business if they were lighting their cigars with her 10 dollar bills. She believed strongly in tithing. Having said that years later she was quite shocked to realize how they did waste her money. She thought Ron would be different. She would be shocked again. It’s one thing to tithe on your increase , but oft times you have a very small if any increase from your paycheck after you just cover the basics. Hardly any of us get to vote ourselves a pay raise like Ron did if things get a little tight. Giving his two worthless children jobs whether they really worked or not. Ron and Laura are out of touch with reality after so many years of someone else paying all the bills.Not everyone has the same earning potential but we all pay the same price for a gallon of milk. Ron simply does not care about any of the problems of the little people in his church. Boo hoo and blah blah blah , he is famous for saying. He wouldn’t be a minister today if it were not lucrative . This is true for most if not all of the COG ministers. People were just afraid of being left behind or kicked out so they struggled along. You simply cannot be a cheerful giver when you can’t pay your rent or buy food. This is not the way of Christ, and people will realize it one day.


  12. Dear Ozy
    Ron’s version of “tithing” is so different from the Old Covenant system ( null and void since our Saviour’s death and resurrection ) that what he demands is nothing but extortion on the pretext of a “test commandment” from his god, whoever that may be….
    Dear Ronald
    Prove me wrong in the following:-
    The tithing laws were a part of the Old Covenant, which was specifically between God and ancient Israel.
    It was levied on the increase of agricultural enterprises only ( animals, farm produce, herbs, etc. ) i.e., every tenth lamb, ox, measure of wheat, fruit, etc. Jesus and the disciples NEVER tithed – they were not farmers ( Fish were not tithable, neither were wages or the earnings of tradespeople.)
    The tithe was paid annually to the Levites, who comprised the Public Servants of Israel, the civil government, if you will.
    A tithe of the tithe was paid to the priests, the descendants of Aaron, for ecclesiastical services, temple activities, etc.
    Ron, you would have to be a descendent of Aaron ( got any proof??) and you would only be entitled to a share of 1% of the farming increases in the land of Israel.
    Good luck with claiming that, Ron, and all you other “Tithe demanders”.
    None of the Apostles ( the real ones ) ever demanded tithes. Perhaps you recall the instance of the Apostle Paul having to support himself by making tents while he ministered to various communities of believers.
    Get a real job, Ron, and cease and desist from sponging off others.
    By the way, the Jews today certainly do not tithe – they wouldn’t dare to field the possibility!


  13. Let me ask ,did Christ asked for tithes , he was a carpenter , Ron is a fu:&ing thief open your eyes PKG God does not want your money help some who needs it not Ron and his Gossipping wife and family !’


  14. Hey loser weinland, did you wish your mother a happy 83rd birthday!?

    Oh, I see, she dumped you for being a selfish liar!!! Oh Boo Hoo for you loser weinland!!!!


  15. Ron’s Mom is a REAL nice lady! I met her in Cincy a few years ago, and somewhere I’ve got photos of her. Very pleasant to talk to and in hindsight, it’s interesting how Ron’s turned out the way he has.

    ANY good Mother would dump their kid(s) when it’s known they’re proven liars, and are doing it for nothing more than pure greed plain and simple! It was going around PKG that she was disfellowshipped, when that was not true. She and I believe also his sister LEFT THEM far behind once they got wind of the real truth at the trial.

    Someone then put out the lie they were put out when actually the reverse was true.


  16. FNM:

    I have met Mrs. Weinland and had a very nice conversation with her. But, when I brought the subject up of her son (ron) the conversation turned negative and it wasn’t complimentary at all.

    It wasn’t long after that conversation that I was informed that ron’s mother, sister, and brother in law made an exit from ron’s organization. That was a beginning for me to question the integrity of ron weinland. I made an exit from ron’s organization not to long after that.

    The point is this, they knew that ron was lying and was only in it for his own gains. This was his “choice” to own and it cost him the respect of his immediate family!!!! They walked away from him (weinland) and it was not initiated by the liar himself!!


  17. I listened as people in church gave bogus reasons as to why people left. They would say oh, they didn’t want to tithe or keep the Sabbath etc. Sometimes you could correct them if you knew the truth. I’m sure all of us who left were gossiped about unfairly. I would like to say most of us who left, we’re just sick of Ron and Co. and the lies they told. It could have been doctrinal or something else, like the trial. Whatever reason they gave, was legitimate. Take your pick from any number of really good reasons. How about he’s wrong about everything he does, from his doctrine right down to the way he treats people. The list could go on for a while. His family finally saw through him as did every one who left for whatever reason they left.


  18. This was before I left. Out of respect( for myself) I never said anything negative about Ron & Co. before I quit. I was in the church for 40 years, believe me when I say it was a big deal without my saying anything. I never do anything without carefully weighing things out. I left WWCG the same way. I would never try to influence others. Speaking on this forum is as much as I would ever do. People are entitled to their own opinion, even if they’re wrong. I do think we should all be well informed of the truth so we can make a lodgical decision, and that is why I have commented here. I only contacted a few people through email to inform them I was leaving.


  19. On the one hand, we should not gossip and spread bad tales (or lies) about people like Laura (false prophet #2).

    On the other hand, if the guy is a false prophet, there’s nothing wrong with calling him that.

    Christ if I remember correctly (I’m sort of paraphrasing in modern lingo), called the evil Jewish leaders of His day many things….dead men, foxes, open graves, pigs/swine, hypocrites, fools.

    Ronald Weinland is a liar, a thief, a false prophet, his lazy wife is a bum, gossiper, hedonist.

    Being a false prophet carries a death penalty, Ron should be worried about that.
    (this punishment is carried out by “reapers” or angels)


  20. Matthew 24:24

    “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.”

    Signs, usually translated miracles, is from G4592. It is the same word used when describing Christ’s “signs” (miracles).

    This has not happened yet. So it is to come in the future at some point (perhaps soon?).

    So it is possible that false prophet Ron, may be given powers, and will trap those that are still there.


  21. Hey loser weinland!!!!

    Where is “part 3” of “own your choices”!? I can’t wait to review it and reveal more of your hypocrisy!!

    By the way, where are you? It will be a year in approximately two months when you claimed that you and your whatever wife would be the empowered two witnesses, well, where are you loser wienland!! No where to be seen or hear ~ is there a problem loser weinland?

    As always, just more of the same old lies and more lies!!!


  22. Over the last decade , Ronald has shown many Signs and Wonders . The greatest Wonder of all is coming up with a date for the return of Jesus Christ . Jesus Christ , The Word of God made flesh said NO man would know the Day or the hour , but that word is not good enough for Ronald because he made himself God .
    Although Ronald has taken many numbers from the bible , he has misused them and has been DEAD wrong , all false signs! A false teacher is also a false prophet . There are many just as Christ said .


    Quite Insane .


  23. Hey loser weinland try this one:

    “IF” you were sanctioned by God to be what you claim to be it would have happened as you stated “THE FIRST TIME” ~ “BUT” it did not happen!!! Since you have failed four times (11, 12, 13, 19) at predicting Christ’s return, that would mean that you “ARE NOT” sanctioned by God to do what you are doing by claiming to be a prophet and one of the two witnesses.

    Prove me wrong loser weinalnd!!! The problem is you “cannot”!!!

    This is sooooooo easy to see ~ liar liar pant on fire!!!!!!!


  24. There is no doubt that your are a presumptuous lying thief and your time of judgement is before you.

    All your treacherous scheming is now coming to an end. Very soon now your lying falsehood of 2019 is about to be exposed and it will be your end. Deut 18:22 is about to become a reality for you and you will suffer the full force of it. So be it, liar!

    No sympathy here for you or your family. Lying thieves your are and lying thieves you shall always be and it will now be made known to all and you will suffer the consequence of it.

    Your days of thumbing your nose at God are done.


  25. Interesting little snippet from Ron’s latest sermon

    “Anyway, I wanted to announce today that Brian is an elder in the area. He was an associate for a time there, raised him back to an elder. So you didn’t know that, did you? ANYWAY THIS IS NEWS TO HIM TOO.

    Yup – surprise. I need you again.


  26. And the next interesting comment

    “… concerning what I’m wearing as opposed to what some of you are wearing. It’s fine that you’re wearing suits and ties, but I want people to feel comfortable with the fact that if it’s 80°, 85, in the 90’s, you can wear something like this and it’s perfectly acceptable in the church environment, okay? And sometimes it’s hard for people to make that adjustment and shift, especially if you’ve been around the Church for a long, long time. That becomes harder because it’s kind of set in the mind that we always have to wear a suit and a tie. … So when it’s really, really hot, feel comfortable just to wear a short sleeved shirt. The one I’m wearing is not tucked in. You can wear it tucked in, out, whatever you want to do.”

    Ron’s members are set in the mind because they wear a suit and a tie to church and he has decided that he doesn’t have to.

    I bet he was presenting from an air conditioned room as well.

    I think he is growing tired of the game.


  27. “So when it’s really, really hot, feel comfortable just to wear a short sleeved shirt. The one I’m wearing is not tucked in. You can wear it tucked in, out, whatever you want to do.”

    Whatever you want to do?!?!

    Oh, no!!! Maybe these really are the last days…


  28. A 6.2 earthquake happened in Italy.

    Did Ron say anything? Prophesy anything? Is aware of anything? Was “responsible” for it or anything?



  29. So…..wearing a short sleeve shirt….

    This is what Ron the false prophet is concerned about?

    This is fulfilling prophecy??????????¿


  30. Wouldn’t it be awesome if some day, ACOG members got to wear contemporary casual attire to services every week? Traditional Armstrongism acts as if Jesus and the disciples themselves actually wore modern suits, and that it would be blasphemous for brethren to wear anything of less formality to services or even when they listen to the broadcasts.

    The thing about it is, this is all about shoring up the authority and stature of the ministry, not about right attitudes before God. They say that the church is “appearing before God” at sabbath services, but it’s become impossible over the past decades to believe that God actually has anything to do with Armstrongism.
    He surely does not validate their prophecies! If He did, members would want to wear their best, and would jump through all manner of other hoops as well. But, there has been a credibility problem ever since the great disappointment of 1975.



  31. These assholes Ron and Laura kill me when they disfellowshipped people no one could talk to them , now the say they are all part of Armstrongs church , before they where the giving few and only ones God would take care of , but they know all Ron the asshole prohet shit never came true and money slowed down, it all Gods Church it was Ron’s church before 3rd in line to God seat ! What happen asshole and your Gossipping Bitch
    Ron and the Gossip bitch have nothing to do with God !


  32. Where’s Audra?? She’s right there over in Europe and she’s supposed to be a “prophetess” now. She couldn’t see all this coming and give the poor folks in Italy ample warning??

    Of course not.


  33. Audra a prophetess , wow still can’t get over that one. According to Laura , she was a little light in the gray matter department. She would tell stories of the stupid things she did, and then end with how she just wanted to marry her off in ANY of the churches of God. These two are a big fat joke. Now more than ever. Ron would have made the dog a prophet if he could have gotten away with it. Keep it ALL in the family. I have come to the conclusion that however good intentioned people are , they’re really just stupid. How can you beat a dead horse for so long?


  34. Maybe Ron sold his $1700 suit for a short sleeve shirt? What ever happened to wearing the best you could afford before God?


  35. Here’s an interesting prophecy in his latest book “PROPHESY AGAINST THE NATIONS”

    From Chapter 7: Countdown to Christ’s Coming – Part 4 (of 4) “This specific book will be advertised and translated into more languages than before. This is for the purpose of seeking to reach out to millions more giving greater potential for many more people to be saved.”

    This book will have to be translated into at least 8 languages for this requirement to be met. Keep and eye out for this as a potential fail.


  36. Does the above quote also imply it will be advertised more than before or am I reading too much into it. Anybody good with grammar?


  37. This asshole has nothing to do with Armstrong, after all his shit failed and everyone was leaving he is saying this is what Armstrong ‘ so he can keep the old timer’s paying tighted , no young kids asshole !


  38. Ron said he was the great prophet and his family ,they where going to die in streets of Isreal , the world was going to end 5 times but now he goes back to Armstrong what up asshole ! Keep sending money folk LaurA needs gold and there kids need money


  39. Randy, interesting enough………..of the ones that I’ve spoken to that have left PKG, a number of them mentioned that’s one thing that told them that Ron was false. The Bible in Revelation clearly states that the two witnesses die in Jerusalem. Ron literally changed the Bible and told everyone that’s not what that means. He’s already guilty of “adding to, or taking away” what’s in the scriptures.


  40. Also, I gotta say…….things must be gettin’ desperate money wise in PKG land. In Ron’s sermon of this past week, he makes a reference to “work” and how one should be doing their “utmost” to doing their best in there job, or at least make an effort to find work or something to that effect. I didn’t copy and paste exactly what was said as I should——–I can only take and read so much and I’m ready to get away from there!

    You read through (speed reading is probably best), and you’ll see what I’m gettin’ at.

    I say BOO-HOO that the coffers are running dry! Looks like SOMEONE in that family is going to have to go out and get a real job sooner than later. You can only dupe so many people but for so long to keep yourself going!


  41. Surely this lying thieving false prophet has said something “so stupid” that it deserves a new thread to follow. The very nature of his thought process is so foul it shouldn’t be that hard to find. Let’s start a new thread open for future comment


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