Duel Test

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has posted most of chapter 6 of his new book on his blog.  In his latest installment, he starts off with the example of God’s test to see whether Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac.  This then segues to God’s test of PKG to see whether they would believe that Christ would return on Pentecost of 2012 even though he had already decided that he would send Christ back in 2019.

What really happened was that the god who lives between Ron’s ears decided late in June of 2008 that the return date was in 2012.  This was put on hold by the IRS criminal investigation which Ron learned of the following week when the IRS special agent knocked on his door.  The god between Ron’s ears later decided that the date was in 2019 since Ron had to finish serving his prison sentence, but only after failures to return in 2013 and 2014.

The title of this post is a quote from Ron’s post.  Apparently the god who lives between Ron’s ears and inspired his book does not inspire correct grammar.

Shifting topics, an interesting post on the Banned by HWA blog lists the Treasures of Herbert Armstrong which were sold after his death.  I have long held that Ron’s spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong evaded more income taxes than Ron did, he was blessed to have clever legal advice to keep him out of prison.

I also believe that Herbert Armstrong was worse that Weinland in another area.  A number of sources available with a search on the Internet describe how Herbert raped his young daughter.  While proof of his criminal guilt to a legal standard does not exist, that does not mean that he is innocent.  I personally am convinced of his guilt because he did not address accusations in a newspaper, but if on a criminal jury would have to vote against conviction without better evidence.  In any case, Weinland has never even been accused of something like this.  While evidence at his trial showed that he skimmed thousands of dollars of church funds, I do not believe he would do something like that.

302 thoughts on “Duel Test

  1. The duel test is for his followers to determine which truth is the present truth. Is it (A.) the past present truth that was the present truth or is it (B.)the current present truth that will become the next past present truth or (c.) the future PRESENT truth that will replace the current present truth to become a past truth.

    My bad, this is a triple test. What utter nonsense for anyone to conclude this is of God. Ron Weinland is corrupted and may be beyond redemption. God is neither indecisive, ambiguous or temperamental! Get out while you can.


  2. This vacillating false prophet is something to watch.

    But to this vacillating false prophet this is all about making an income. It amazes me to observe the deceived membership in continually believing this liar. One day, the game will be up and this vacillating false prophet will find himself flat out broke and on the streets!!!

    lies lies and more lies!!!


  3. The Churches of God are getting ready for Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread.

    Hey! Loser weinland didn’t you say they were “unworthy” to take the passover because you and your group were the “only ones” that are sanctified to do so!?

    Hummmmm, here are some facts about you:

    1) willfully lied to the IRS about paying taxes on taxable income.

    2) convicted on five (5) counts of tax evasion.

    3) served three years in prison for tax evasion.

    4) now have a felony record.

    5) “provable” failures of predictions of Christ’s return to earth.

    6) failure of empowerment from God on 11/8/15 as one of the two witnesses.

    7) continually changing your “personal” doctrines to justify your failures.

    8) continually lying to your group about your merchandising of God’s Word.

    9) your prediction of Christ’s return of 2019 is already failing.

    10) placing yourself above Christ’s authority by rewriting the book of revelation when Jesus Christ specifically tells not to do!

    And the list goes on and on!! You are one big pathetic fraud loser weinland!!!

    And you have the audacity to criticism the other Churches of God!!!


  4. Hey Ron, while everyone is down in Cincinnati this weekend kissing your ass don’t let your head get big your still
    A lier
    A false prophet
    A thief
    A punk
    And you will burn in hell with the rest of the false prophets that used God to make money !


  5. Meredith is elderly and in poor health. His death will be from natural causes and LCG will elect a new leader and life will go on as usual.

    Pack and Flurry are doing fine health wise. Sorry loser weinland this does not quality as one of your false thunders! Oh, what about your heart condition loser weinland? You are not in the best of shape either!!

    No 63,000 in LCG either loser weinland!! Plus, why would they have anything to do with you loser weinland!!!! You are a provable lying merchandiser of religion for the purpose of your own gain!!!!


  6. Sad to see pkg is willing to waste more precious years, on people who don’t even deserve another moment in life .Pray for them ,I know Ron isn’t.


  7. During these Days of Unleavened Bread, Weinland should be putting sin out of his life.

    The love of money is a root of all evil.

    Therefore, Weinland should be getting rid of all his money.

    He could always give it to the poor.

    Members of the PKG that got that way by giving their money to him.

    Anyone perceive that Weinland has leavening in his life? (Maybe it’s just a yeast infection, but still….)


  8. I bet they (Ron and Laura) payed someone to clean unleaven out of there house they are to lazy and are Gods gift of people ( not ) !


  9. Herbert W Armstrong was a False Prophet and every “teacher” that came from him has become a false Prophet .
    A rotten tree cannot produce good fruit.

    Ronald Weinland was taught a massive Lie , this lie is summed up in his much hyped conclusion of chapter 6 .
    Ron Says:” At the very beginning of Genesis, God gives us a picture of a planet that had been created much earlier, but that was in total disarray and in a complete state of great destruction. There was no life on it whatsoever, and the rays of the sun could not even reach its surface. ”
    I warn every person who belives this and thinks they stand , better take heed ! HWA was deceived .He was a false teacher , just because he taught the Sabbath and the Holy days does not mean he was not deceived .
    God most certainly does NOT give a picture in genesis of a planet created much earlier . This is a strong delusion in Ron’s mind that the apostle Paul warned would come on those in the end who DO NOT LOVE THE TRUTH .
    Ron says : ” The rays of the SUN could not even reach its surface .” is this what God says in Genesis ? really? Are you kidding me ? OR is this just Ron conforming God’s word to this world ? Ron is conformed to this world , head and hand ! This is not what is said at all not even close! In FACT genesis says and very clearly , so clearly a child could understand it , that God created the Sun , Moon , and Stars on the Fourth day. Exodus 20:11 For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day. All that is in the heavens , sun moon stars , all that is in the earth . In 6 days !
    3For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they draw to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
    4And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto myths.

    Ronald has Failed the test. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NzSO2IOjmu0


  10. What has happened to loser weinland? Where is he!?

    Well, I guess he is now sooooo insignificant that as far as the public is concerned loser weinland is dead. Wasn’t it stated by johnny harrell that once the felon got out of prison that the world would be trembling at his feet?

    Loser weinland is a living joke and has faded so far into being insignificant that he isn’t even noticed anymore. How does it feel to be a known liar and convicted felon loser weinalnd? Some prophet you turn out to be!!


  11. Randy,

    I do believe you are right about that.

    Just recently, I have seen some troubled looks on some of the member’s faces. There may be some ranking individuals who are questioning or possibly getting ready to leave pkg. Let’s hope so.

    Or maybe loser weinland has been given some bad news about his failing heart. We will see.


  12. Hey Loser Weinland!!!!

    Are you preaching to the global community today!!??

    Didn’t think so, because you are “not” what you claim to be!!

    Where are you loser weinland!!!


  13. “Just recently, I have seen some troubled looks on some of the member’s faces. There may be some ranking individuals who are questioning or possibly getting ready to leave pkg. Let’s hope so.”

    EIE, I’m hoping that’s the case too! I hope the reality is setting in that they’ve been duped big time and for waaaay too long! Here we are nigh upon the month of May, and NOTHING major has happened. It may even be talked about quietly among some of them about what happened to November 6th—–what happened to Ron getting out of prison and all of sudden he’s thrust into the limelight because of all of the destruction?

    Well, wake up PKG! You’ve been had, and will continue to be had as long as you keep giving money! Certain individuals behinds get to get big and fat off your money, while yours goes on the shrivel!

    Get with it and get out!


  14. I always called Ron and Laura dumb but I guess they are smarter than people sending them money ! Just saying , every crook would love people to send them money !


  15. Fooled No More:

    I find it interesting that Johnny Harrell is being very quiet these days.

    Hopefully he has removed all of the blinders and is seeing things for what they are!!

    Get Out of There Johnny!!!! And get your real life back!!!!

    DUMP THE LOSER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Hey loser weinland!!!

    Just viewed some website traffic estimates and this what I found:

    1) cog-pkg.org: “down” by 8% over the last three months

    2) your blog: “down” by 5% over the last three months

    What!!?? is going on here loser weinalnd!!??

    Where are you loser wienland!!??

    You are in decline – aren’t you supposed to be known throughout the global community by now and instilling fear into them!!??

    What went wrong loser weinland!!???


  17. Those who (like Ron) are interested in numerology and the Book of Revelation – consider this.

    The God that Ron worships is a liar. He has repeatedly told Ron things that proved not to be true.

    The God that Ron worships is the author of confusion. He has told his followers (Deut 18:22) not to listen to prophets if their prophecies do not come to pass – but he has sent as his last, greatest and most powerful prophet one whose prophecies have failed again and again and again.

    The God that Ron worships is a slaughterer of the innocent. You and I cannot choose to follow Ron’s God – it is not a matter of choice, one has to be called. But we and billions of others are to be killed in this great tribulation, because we have not been called, and because we believe Ron to be a false prophet. Even though both God and Ron himself have expressly told us that he IS a false prophet.

    So, is there any clue as to whether this God that Ron worships really is God, or perhaps something else?

    Well, go to Ron’s website, and just look at his latest post. Chapter SIX part SIX of SIX.


  18. Hey loser weinland!

    Do you know what May 8th is? It is seven months from Nov 8, 2015 when you claimed that you and your side kick would be empowered as the two witnesses of Rev 11.

    Let’s see, seven is the number of completion and it is now seven months past and you are still nothing but an ordinary everyday felon.

    Hummmm, something is wrong here loser weinland! You must have miscalculated or you simply lied again. How many times have you lied about your empowerment and the return of Jesus Christ? Let’s see, is it twice, three, or it now four times!?

    Well loser weinland August 17th will be six months since your release from prison for stealing tax money from the IRS and the global community will have to wait to see if your delusional vision will come true on August 17. Oh Well……

    tick tock tick tock to August 17th


  19. He can’t have done this by accident. He must have realised what he was saying. Numbers play such an important part of his ideas.

    Chapter 6, Part 6 (of 6)


    Its like digging a pit and walking into it in the middle of the night. Well done Ron! Keep it up.

    “So I am going to attempt to summarize God’s purpose and will toward mankind as concisely as possible. Yet there is so much that still needs to be told.”

    Do I hear yet again another delay and book in the offering!


  20. This current book is a failure period!!!

    You bet ya!! A new lie is in the works!! Loser weinland knows he screwed up again!!

    But this time it may cost him in a very big way.


  21. Hey Ron, are you going on spring break this Sabbath after all the holy days?

    Planning a pig roast in the back yard?


  22. Hey loser weinland!

    Did you speak to your mom and sister yesterday? OOPS! I just remembered that you disfellowshipped them and you can’t have anything to do with them – right!?

    Too bad for you – huh! They figured out you were a liar and a thief and it was they that dumped you!!

    You are one sick delusional waste of human flesh……


  23. Hey loser weinland!!

    Did some research on your facebook page and website traffic on your blog and website, it looks pretty bad loser weinland!! What is going on here!?

    Didn’t you and Johnny say that you would be on the global scene and administrating world event? What happened here loser weinland?

    It is always the same old story with you loser weinalnd, one lie after another. It is going to catch up to you or maybe it already has. The facebook failure about your current writings that are being posted there only shows a hugh lack of interest!! If you can’t make on social media then how can you expect to do it through the internet!? The publicist will be a waste of time and the tither’s money you greedily steal from them.

    Here is what going on loser weinland. Everyone knows that you are a convicted tax felon and served prison time for this crime, not to mention, all of the failed predictions of Christ’s return and your empowerment from on high to become one of the prophesied two witnesses and the joke of your wife being the other!!

    I will be honest here, I take great pleasure in your current failures because it is all based in greed and lies!! Time to pay your corrupt dues loser weinalnd!!

    Where are you!!! Loser weinalnd!!!


  24. Yes greed and lies is what Ron and Laura are made of no truth in nothing they said !! And the weak minded people still believe them , if God was to choose a Prophet it sure would not be a sissy like Weindland !!!!


  25. Hey loser weinland!!

    Are you going to play church today!? I guess that is all you have left to do.

    What a failure you are loser weinalnd and you did it all in the name of greed and egotism!! You have your reward and it is now going away – too bad for you –


  26. Scary isn’t it loser weinland that Deut 18:22 speaks so loudly against you!!!! The global community has been waiting since 11/8/15 for your empowerment and “guess what”!? Nothing has happened at all!!!

    Your website traffic is down and your facebook page is a joke and there is none that are flocking to your business adventure known as cog-pkg – life must be tough for you loser weinalnd. Well, what did you expect? All of your efforts are based on lies and deceptions and your felon status speaks for itself.

    No sympathy here loser weinland – we all know what you really are – one big phony –


  27. In the sermons section of this site the first item “Inspired Interpretation” way back in June 29, 2002 where he declared himself to be a prophet he said:

    “It needs to be received in the context of being from God or being from someones wild imagination. Its one or the other, you will have to be the Judge”

    14 years later and multiple failed prophecies I think the answer has been demonstrated time after time after time after time.

    In your own words: From your wild imagination!


  28. Eric,

    Do you think someone should send the memo to loser weinland? “from your wild imagination”

    That was a terrific point you were making.

    Oh my oh my, how loser weinland’s history is stacking up against him!!!! It proves that loser weinalnd is a lying phony time after time!!!


  29. “Wild Imagination”

    In the sermons section of this site the first item “Inspired Interpretation” way back in June 29, 2002 where he declared himself to be a prophet he said: Eric
    “It needs to be received in the context of being from God or being from someone’s wild imagination. It’s one or the other; you will have to be the Judge”. Quote by False Prophet Weinland 6-29-2002.

    Let’s define what a wild imagination is: 1) Wild: reckless, missing the target. 2) Imagination: the act or power of forming mental images of what is not present, conceived in the mind.

    14 years later and multiple failed prophecies I think the answer has been demonstrated time after time after time after time. In your own words: From your wild imagination! Eric

    Having been exposed to and under the corrupt influence of weinland from the years 2007 to early 2013, I have to agree fully with the above quote as pointing to and confirming the reality that weinlnad does indeed suffer from a “wild imagination” and stills does.

    I remember all the hype that was generated by this vain individual about storing up water and food and cash because the “event to end all events” was about to take place. The only event that took place was weinland’s “wild imagination”. I also clearly remember the financial difficulties these “wild imaginations” did to the vulnerable followers of weinland. I heard with my own ears that it was okay to max out credit cards and cancel insurance policies because Christ would return and you would not be liable for these debts. I witnessed many do just that and they paid dearly for what they had done; all because of weinland’s “wild imaginations”.

    I remember when weinland stated that Obama would not be president because the United States would be ruins and what happened? Obama has completed eight years in office. And then weinland was sentence to prison for tax fraud for 3.5 years and his “wild imagination” stated that it was a conspiracy but not to worry because he would not serve his time because Christ was returning and he would be let out of prison. Weinland served his full term of three years in prison and was supposed to be empowered by Christ on 11-8-15. It turned out to be nothing more than a “wild imagination” on weinland’s part.

    Now we come to the present time and weinland’s “wild imagination” is running full bore with all sort of distortions and is in the process of writing another book which is definitely another book of “wild imaginations”.

    2012 and 2013 came and went and now the stage is set for June 9, 2019. This is nothing more than another “wild imagination” of False Prophet Weinland.


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