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“Take Action” is the name of False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s newest sermon series.  The action he is discussing is a church-wide fast, but not anything Two-Witness like.  There is a mention of heat — but not from fire emanating either from his mouth or the Silent Witness.  Rather, it is a reference to the weather and that now PKG members are allowed to wear more casual clothes when coming before God.

In previous sermons, he has indicated that he will be going to Europe for the feast instead of Australia which he has done in the years 2008 through 2011.  In 2012 he spent the feast in the basement of his mansion on the golf course wearing a GPS ankle bracelet because he had been convicted of criminal tax fraud and was awaiting sentencing.  In 2013, 2014, and 2015 God placed his name on the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institute where Ron was incarcerated.  This year it seems that he can’t get a visa for New Zealand and Australia because of his conviction with other countries like Canada and the UK also unwilling to have him visit.  No doubt he will soon exercise his Witness power to call down plagues on countries that reject him.

It’s been May since Ron posted on his blog, and April since my last post.  The number of comments on that post has grown to over 300 so this one can be used to continue conversations.

On a personal note, I obviously have been much less involved with this blog although I do monitor what’s going on. I grew up in Armstrongism in the 60s while it was still called the Radio Church of God.  I rejected Armstrongism before Herbie’s Great Tribulation failed to materialize in 1972.  Since then I’ve led my on life including having a family and a successful technical career.  I began blogging in 2008 before the first time Ron’s Great Tribulation failed to start.    This has been an opportunity for me to work through my own personal experiences in Armstrongism and have decided to focus on other things.  I will keep the blog open, and continue to monitor things.  If Ron does something Witness-like I would start up again unless that Witness-like thing is the enforcement of the death curse he issued twice in 2008.



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  1. Roderick Meredith is dead… best news I have heard all day!

    He was a vain, hateful bully… good riddance! 🙂


  2. I have heard stories that LCOG had an oppressive ministry and were very intolerant much like flurry, pack, and weinland’s group.

    I do know of weinland’s intolerance to any who opposed him. I know this because I was part of his cult at one time and know wienland personally. One of the main issue with weinland is that he cursed all of the tv presenters and leaders of the other wcog group and actually sent them all a letter demanding that they go his way or they would die a miserable death!! Well, they told weinland to kiss their butts and rightly so.

    The point is this, weinland openly cursed these groups and absolutely nothing happened!!! The seamless transition of the lcog leadership proves this. So now weinland is going to have to reissue another curse since there is now new leadership. What a joke this is!!!!

    Weinland’s arrogant stupidity and the continuing of all of his failed curses, predictions, and criminal record reveal that he is a lying fool with no future at all!!!

    By the way, where is that mouthy clown!?


  3. Every time I think of Ron’s horse manure excuses, I get a hardy laugh.

    Hahahhaahhahahaha……it’s hilarious.

    I always mention the massively mind numbing faulty logic that proceeds out of this guys mouth. It’s mind blowing….

    Like how the Great Tribulation which the bible mentions half a dozen times as being 1260 days, and Ron has the GT STARTING after the GT ENDS….that is during the baloney 50 days fudge factor (which starts after the 1260 days ends) he dreamed up to make his faulty numbers work out (didn’t help, he was still wrong).


  4. Well Martin this is already blowing up in his face! Once a liar always a liar!

    What I am waiting for now is how weinland and his followers are going to spin the failure. Johnny and Wayne how are you two going to spin the failure?

    This time around, I have decided that I will contact the ones I know in weinland’s cult and demand an explanation from them on this failure. As a matter of time, I would like to hear from them now and have them explain their position to me. Unfortunately for them it will be very difficult to justify four failed prediction of Christ’s return and not to mention the failures of death curses and the non-appearance of the 63k former members of wwcog flocking into weinland’s cult. And the questioned that has to be asked is where is the fear of weinland and why isn’t he in the main stream media proclaiming that he is the “prophet” that God has sent to warn the world and so forth!?

    The bottom line is this, weinland is a manufacturing plant of pure unadulterated lies and bullsh_t!!!!


  5. It just struck me today what day it is…………today’s the day the world was supposed to be changed forever five years ago, but it turned out to be the day when almost everyone in PKG had their lives turned upside-down.

    Yup—–May 27, 2012 was to be THE DAY that Ron claimed Jesus Christ would return, but instead it was a big “nothingburger” and a lot of us were looking up to the sky (at noon on May 26), and a HUGE letdown was to follow. I still remember a flurry of emails going back and forth, and one of them was from Johnny Harrell letting everyone know to calm down and Ron will be sure to have a sermon to explain what happened.

    Ron gave a very interesting sermon that day looking back, and I truly believe he had that sermon pre-written out. IIRC, late in the day Ron posted on his blog a lengthy “explanation” of what happened, and how “heavy of heart” he was. The very next day, he gave a lengthy sermon expounding on what he wrote the day before.

    I can’t believe he came up with all of that on the fly, and the more I think about it, Ron could have had that sermon written as far back as 2008 when he made the first “change” from 2011 to 2012. He knew that there’s no way it would happen despite believing it with “all his being”.

    Just the same, life has certainly gone on for me, but this is one of those days I’ll never forget for as long as I’m walking the planet. I got to see firsthand all the damage that was done to people’s lives, and if nothing else it certainly was an eye opener into how deceptive people can be. It still would take me 2 and half years to finally wave goodbye to PKG and get on with the rest of my life.

    I had a hard chuckle from a co-worker today (overtime) as I was telling her what had happened back then. She said, “You mean all this was supposed to happen? I wouldn’t have had to come into work today——–I hate when that happens!”

    I got a good laugh, but five years ago it was no laughing matter!

    So here we are with 2017 about halfway over, and still no earth shaking events to make one stop and pause. 2018 will be on our doorstep before you know it, and Ron will be proven wrong YET AGAIN when 2019 comes and goes without so much as a whimper.

    And there will still be those that will swallow the “disclaimer” hook, line, and sinker.

    So sad……………


  6. Fooled No More:

    Oh Yes! I remember that day in May. I was one of those who was looking up into the sky and wondering why nothing happened. But the truth is I knew deep down that weinland was wrong because nothing else happened like he claimed. You know the gig about 63k former members of wwcog coming and of course the bombs falling from the sky and how his followers would be out there baptizing by the thousands and so forth. It was all for naught. And then the lame brain excuse on why it didn’t happened.

    That was a memorable day for be me because that is when I came to my senses and starting my investigation of weinland on all of his lies from false prophesies to the lie of his federal conviction for tax evasion. Yes! It was a day of liberation for me!!! So to say, that day in May was not a complete failure for me – it was freedom from a lying thief!! So in some respects, Christ did in deed set me free from a lying devil named ron weinlald on that day in May 2012!!!!!!


  7. That was the day Gary told me if Ron said to jump from the roof, he would have, cause he believed all that Ron said. I laughed, went over well. Shortly after that is when Ron told Gary since I was an “unbeliever” that he needed to divorce me to stay in the church. Well he did that. What’s the new expression…’How’s that working for you?”.


  8. Fooled No More and Enough is Enough:

    What was the emotional state/reaction of others on that day? Was there a significant drop-off in attendance?


  9. Fedup:

    There was a lot of confusion and people wondering why it did not happen. As an elder then, I had no answers for them but to just wait and see what weinland would have to say. Unfortunately, his lie worked for the majority. Remember the year delay that he claimed after this failure? It kept some in check for another year.

    That was not the case for me and some others, it was a lie and I knew it, but, I gave it another year and that year failed. It was over for me and I incorrectly assumed that it would be weinland’s end also. Not so.

    I am aware that some in weinland’s cult are very restive now because nothing is taking place again!! Weinland was supposed to publish a book that would bring fear to the world and that he and his wife would be in the forefront of world events – not so. I am not sure how it will end when June 9, 2019 comes and goes. From this sunday (4th) the countdown goes to 24 months and actually it is shortened because of the fifty days, in reality, it is less than 24 months.

    Weinland will have to scramble here shortly because he is running out of time again! Who knows what new lie is coming from his mouth? If you noticed, weinland is NOT running his mouth about Christ’s supposed return in June of 2019. I wonder why?


  10. Fed Up, that’s a good question!

    I experienced pretty much the same thing as EIE. Most were a bit bummed about what happened, but I don’t remember folks stomping off in a tizzy when things didn’t pan out. Like EIE said, Ron dangled out the carrot with the “wait till next year” BS, which kept us hanging on to every word he was saying as to what could be happening, but of course didn’t.

    I can tell you that a number of people I know had a GREAT financial struggle going on as many of them spent a TON of cash on supplies that would never get used, and at the same time quit jobs that they couldn’t go back to. I know of someone that went out and bought himself a new car——-I suppose with the world ending and all, he figured he wouldn’t have to finish paying it off.

    Well SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE! He DID have to keep paying on it lest it get repo’d
    and I have to wonder if he either still has it, was it repo’d, or finally paid off?

    The reality of folks leaving did not occur till a bit later when I noticed that whenever we would have organized services, the numbers were getting smaller and smaller. When I joined PKG at the end of 2008, I’d say that at any organized service the numbers would range anywhere from 20-30 people give or take a few.

    At the beginning of 2015 when I had gone to an organized service for the last time, I’d say that number was about half of that. The damage had been done, and I’m wondering how many of those folks are “still in” as time has gone on, and no earth shattering events have taken place according to Ron.

    The fact that the Feasts have all been organized for the whole United States into basically one site, is very telling indeed! Before the what I call the “big collapse” was starting to happen within PKG, there were at least 7-8 Feast sites that one could go to here in the U.S.. From what I understand, particularly at this past Feast, that number has shrunk to just one—-in the Cincy, OH area. Sad, but it’s to be expected with all the lies that were told so I ain’t shedding any tears!

    With 2017 all but half over and 2018 will upon us mighty quick, I just know there are rumblings (and grumblings) about Ron being wrong yet again! What spin he’ll put on things this time will be very interesting indeed, and I’m sure it’ll make for some great comedic relief.

    But to many in PKG that are (and will be) totally disgusted, it won’t be a laughing matter at all! What they’ll do to free themselves from this lying bunch will remain to be seen.


  11. I don’t recall Moses giving an excuse for any failed prophecies.

    Mainly because he never gave a false prophecy. Moses was a true prophet of God.

    Ronald Weinland, on the other hand, had the gall to give an excuse for failed prophecies. In doing so, he basically admitted he was a false prophet. In fact his past self calls his present self a false prophet. It’s too bad, most in PKG weren’t paying attention.


  12. According to delusional weinland’s count, fifty days back from June 9th is April 20th.

    So, if you look at April 2018 it will only be twelve months from April 2019. The point is that weinland is going to have to start making a lot of noise to maintain what credibility he has left (if any). Remember he and his wife are suppose to be the “headlines” in the news and so forth and warning the world of their pending doom. And it was by Johnny’s mouth that weinland, upon release from prison, that the world would be trembling at his feet in fear. The only fear I see is weinland sweating out because he will be a proven liar again for the fourth time!

    The only thing weinland is working on is the “new excuse” on why he is a multiple failure. Prior to 2012 it was all about storing up food, cancelling out life insurance polices, IRA retirements, not paying mortgages, and no pregnancies! Well, how come weinland isn’t doing this now? What I find interesting is that did not do these things himself prior to 2012.

    After the failure of 2012 his followers were in serious financial failures, except for weinland, and he had nothing to say or even an apology for being a liar.

    The fact of the matter is this, weinland knows that 2019 is a “failure”!! Do you hear any warnings from him to the world? Letters to the other Churches of God to get in line with him? The flocking of 63k former members of wwcog to his cult and the deaths of all the other churches leaders and sheer panic among those members looking for answers from wienland. Haven’t seen it yet, have you?

    Well, you will not!!


  13. The church is left with people who just cannot admit when they’re wrong. Beginning with the Weinlands. They will have an excuse for every failed prophesy and promise. Most will go on until they are dead. Ron can hold on for quite a while on what the lonely widows will give him. Several of them are quite well off. If he can get his hands on that he’ll be good for quite a while. If he can’t he will disappear into the woodwork one of these days. By this time everyone knows all his books and “prophesies are a failure, but will hang on because they have friends in the church and can feed off of each other every day. As Ron would say , it is mind boggling as to why , but old habits die hard. Laura once told me that Ron wasn’t wrong about anything and that all will happen just as he said in due time. With Ron being famous for his carrots, people just keep looking forward. If you know anything about dangling a carrot, you know the animal is never supposed to catch it, only chase it endlessly. Ron already has his “maybe next time “sermons prepared as he had his Pentecost 2013 sermon for failure prepared well in advance. He was the only one not really waiting and looking at the sky the day before because he knew he was wrong long before that. He just never has the guts to come clean and he never will.


  14. Well, he hadn’t posted anything since last November anyway.

    Perhaps he’s given up. Or maybe he was just afraid that people might actually read all the stuff he said in the past.


  15. Ronald has really outdone him self in the “real truth about Christ’s death” part 2

    > You know, this world is sick in what it’s done!
    > Look at this sick, sick, sick world we live in
    > It’s a sick world we live in, truly is!
    > We live in a sick, filthy world.
    > We are sick as a world.
    > Sick. Sick. Truly sick.
    > Amazing! It just makes you sick what human beings have done
    > the lies they tell people. Sick!
    > That’s a fat lie and it’s a sick one at that!
    > We live in a sick world.
    > it’s just adultery and it’s sick. It’s filthy
    > It’s a sick world we live in.
    > What sick minds!

    He mentions sick at least 17 times and a couple of variations a few more times. This is a good indication of what is happening in his mind rather than the state of the world. He has is “sick filters” on. He is building up a climate of fear amongst his followers and a feeling of dependency on PKG. They are taught to be afraid of the big bad outside world and safety is only found within the group resulting in many members who are too afraid to leave. This is a classic group control mechanism.

    This is so wrong. So many of his followers who have left his group have come on this site and told us they are so much happier and freer once they left. That leaving was the best decision that they have made and wonder why it took so long to make it. They are eager to let PKG members know how much better it is on the outside. The world is a bigger and brighter place away from PKG.

    As I mentioned in a previous post I believe there is much evil and wrong in the world that is absolutely appalling but his blinkered vision of this is as wrong about this as all the other failed prophecies he accepts no responsibility for. I believe that there is more good than bad in this world. He probably looks at the Manchester bombing and all he can see is the bomber and the carnage that he caused.

    This is what he doesn’t see

    > taxi divers went to the site and offered free rides home to people
    > people offered free accommodation in their homes for those that needed it
    > People lined up for ages to give blood
    > many hospital patients prematurely discharged themselves from hospital to leave beds for those affected by the bombing
    > Following a minute of silence to remember Manchester bombing victims, a crowd spontaneously sang Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger.”.
    > Thousands turned out for Manchester Run in defiance of the terror thread
    > Theresa May and the queen visited victims in hospital (I bet Ron won’t be visiting his flock when he is 91 years old)
    > the armed forces and police were spontaneously thanked by the public countless times for doing their job

    EiE said “If you noticed, Weinland is NOT running his mouth about Christ’s supposed return in June of 2019.” Its so obvious that he is not repeating the claims of the past but keeps giving sermons about anything but. Keep feeding the flock some non committal stuff to distract them. He has been very careful to both give the 2019 date as the next date in some ways and very careful not to commit to that date in other ways so he can say he never said that was the date for Christ’s return.

    What do you call a prophet without a prophecy – I don’t know but definitely NOT a prophet


  16. Ronald Weinland’s proof that he is a prophet and is one of the Two Witnesses?

    He said so.

    No other proof is tendered, or apparently required.

    NOW CHRIST….Jesus Christ, said you will know if a tree is good or bad (and this parable was in reference to PROPHETS), by whether the fruits of that tree is good or bad. Now here is the important thing, Christ did NOT base his claim on being the Messiah, because “he said so” (he avoided saying this in most contexts). When asked by John’s disciples whether he was the Christ (Messiah) or not, Christ LISTED HIS FRUITS. The dead raised, deaf hear, blind see, crippled healed and walking…etc…..

    Now if Christ Himself could not base His claims to Messiahship based on “he said so” alone, how is Ron going to do that? Is Ron better than Christ? Is Ron higher than Christ so that all Ron needed to support his claims was on “he said so”?

    Hell no.


  17. Hey weinland is not stealing and lying a “sickness” of the mind?

    Maybe you should look into the mirror and get a clear sight of a lying thief – that sick lying thief is your face!!

    You hypocrite, you viper!!! Sound familiar weinland, didn’t Christ not says these things to the pharisees? It is also being said to you!!!!


  18. Hey weinland, what does God have to say about a liar and a thief? This is about you, Proverbs 6:16-19!! Since you think you are the only one who understands – try again –


  19. What might be of interest is that this Sunday is Pentecost. I wonder if weinland is going to go into his thing about the return of Christ in two years from this Sunday? This maybe of interest.

    I may or may not review the pdf of this sermon on Sunday mainly because weinland is a pollution to my mind and I do not want to disturb the purity and peace my mind has achieved. Weinland is an intellectual fraud and I do not want to expose my mind to such lies and deceptions.

    It stands to reason, his worshipers are expecting some revelation about 2019! Will weinland disappoint them or not, he probably will.

    This will be interesting to see because it will reveal if he actually believes himself in this matter. If he brings his false prediction to the foreground it may raise the question on why nothing is happening. Why isn’t him and his wife out there warning the world and why is the other Churches of God ignoring him and his wife!? Knowing weinland, he will dangle some kind of carrot so he can avoid the subject entirely. And what kind of spin is Johnny and Wayne going to be putting out there to keep the members distracted?


  20. Ron is correct in saying it’s a sick world, but it has been ever since man stepped on it. Eric is so correct in saying Ron convinces people that the ” church” can protect them , with “the prophet” at the helm of course. Exactly as Eric said, classic group control mechanisms. This is classic COG, and was for 50 years. You feel safer in the loving arms of the church of God. Only thing, they all are a very sad excuse for a church of God. Greedy, petty, spiteful and FULL of everything the Bible says to beware of. People refuse to see out of fear, laziness, a lack of admitting you’re wrong and probably wasted the best years of your life. Well, I can tell you, the best years of your life are ANY years spent out from under the oppressive yoke of the COGS. You can enjoy a wonderful , peaceful relationship with God without any of them micromanaging your life. You can choose to keep the Sabbath, refrain from certain food, help the needy, all without any of them. Some of us are living PROOF. This is something that the Ron’s of the COGS cannot stomach. This pale excuse of a church will come to an end one day and many of the prisoners will find themselves lifers , looking for another jail to enter. Hence the classic control mechanism at work.


  21. UPDATE:

    Well, it is official. Zerubbabel The Blue Tassled Lunatic Who Lives in A Shed started a GoFundMe campaign (which “god” told him to do) with the goal of raising 28 MILLION dollars to help him dig a well, start gardens, build shelter, and so on (on a tiny piece of property he is months behind on rent on) because of 33% of the world is going to come running to his failed “Place Of Safety”… sometime int he next 38 YEARS according to him! Zerubbabel and the two idiots who follow him put in at least 150 dollars (or more) of their own money before making all contributions “anonymous”… and now that their campaign is done they raised… (drum roll)…367 dollars!! LOL!! So the maggot in Zerubabbel’s brain he thinks is God talking to him was only able to raise 217 dollars!

    Remember, this is the same genius that openly admits he has gotten all of his prophecies and preaching wrong but that it is God making him make mistakes in order for him to learn the truth, which then turns out to be totally wrong, etc, etc. Also remember that he is a splinter “group” from WEINLAND! LMAO! So not only is Weinland a total failure, his one offshoot is a mentally unstable idiot who lives in a shed!

    Weinland and Zerubabbel… the Two Stooges…


  22. Pitiful that there are enough disturbed people out there to help him raise $367. Honestly, what is the mindset of someone who would believe this guy is a prophet?


  23. wienland’s blog of falsehoods and deception is back up. It appears nothing has been removed. However that does not mean he changed some content, he probably did.

    Liars do things like that to cover their tracks.


  24. EIE

    You’re quite correct. Go to the page “the-end.com” and in the promo for 2008 God’s Final Witness you will read the following in the first paragraph:-
    ” God’s final countdown for man’s self-rule has already begun and that rule will end soon on an annual holy day of Pentecost. ”


  25. Sooooo………2019 has bit the dust! Of course, we all knew it was a big fat hoax! Now it’s time for the rest of PKG to wise up and leave this fraudster family in the dust. Sneaky how he changed that……..I wonder if anyone else in the church paid any mind to 2019 now going POOF! 😀


  26. When a lying conniving individual like weinland take a website offline that means only one thing. The content has been altered!!! There is no telling what else he has changed.

    However, I find it interesting with the latest discussion regarding May 2012 here on this blog that weinland suddenly took down his site and altered the content! That tells me that he is monitoring this site and apparently the current discussion about his failed prediction about Christ return in May of 2012 struck a nerve!!

    Look at all the other failed attempts to rejuvenate himself – failed posted third book that got crucified here on this site and it was pulled, the attempted facebook that failed, and now the YouTube sermons that have gone nowhere!!! So now, he is attempting to changed his lies from his prior history. Not to mention that the alleged copyright complaint that failed to shut down this blog. IT HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT FAILURE AFTER FAILURE FOR THIS DECEIVER!!!

    Would a “true prophet” of God commit to these types of behaviors? The answer is NO HELL NO!!


  27. a true witness of the end would have called on God to end this site, not on tell courts of men. What a joke this idiot is.


  28. Ron is desperate for credibility. He has none. In all of his failures my guess is that it hasn’t humbled him one bit. Most people would crawl under a rock if they were as wrong as he’s been, but he has a unique way of blaming God for all the failure. Not truly a failure, but just wrong timing of course. The arrogance of this bunch is overwhelming.


  29. Washed up weinland , let this be the year all the blinded people with limitless potential ….wake up. Leave this man of weakness . I don’t even think people will b


  30. Since Ron’s blog redirects to the book site, what does that mean?

    Does that mean Ron is not giving any more sermons? Is he suffering health problems?

    Are any of his lackeys giving out sermons?

    Does anybody know if the live sermons are being broadcast or not?


  31. Swooncologne, sadly you and I both know some that were in our circle of folks in the church that will neverleave. Ron could be convicted of the same thing and go to jail AGAIN and yet they’d stay.

    Martin, as far as I can see Ron is still giving sermons. His YouTube channel is here. His view count is achingly small though for someone who’s supposed to be “world renowned”! I have a YT channel and I have a whole lot more views than that with my videos. Of course, my channel doesn’t put forth tales, nor browbeat anyone into submission with head games such as guilt trips for those that are reticent to tithe! 😛

    Wayne Matthews did give a sermon a couple weeks ago, but I suspect it was for the Australian/New Zealand audience due to Pentecost and the timing of that.


  32. hmmm ..wonder if we will hit 1000 comments …for an endtime prophet..weinland doesnt seem to be very busy


  33. I will asked her tonight, I think he is real sick , the bitch and him better head to Jerusalem!!!!!!


  34. “I think he is real sick”

    You think he’s sick in the head?

    Or do you think he’s really sick as in ill? and having health problems?


  35. Checked out (with sound off) the start of Ron’s latest YouTube effort and he seems to be in good form and quite his usual self.


  36. UPDATE:

    As always, Zerubbabel The Blue Tasseled Lunatic has once again found a way to reveal the truth about his stupidity via his delusions about how he is a part of prophecy.


    In his latest video THE BIBLE CODE IS BUDDING FORTH, 7 DAYS IN TEL AVIV, he spills the beans on exactly what happened when he left Greece to escape being convicted for fraud (something to do with buying a truck in Bulgaria and then selling it in Greece, as far as I can tell from his ramblings). He nows claims that his flying to Israel, being detained by authorities and then being sent back to Greece… was a part of PROPHECY.

    At 6:13 in the video he says: “After a period of interrogation, the authorities at the airport in Tel Aviv put (me) in a ward (for 7 days) and then they put me on the next plane back to my home (in Greece), and when I got off of the plane, the authorities in Greece bound me for a period of dual 7s (14 days) before putting me (on a plane back to the USA)”.

    LMAO! Classic delusional narcissism…openly giving your true self while thinking you are hiding it!

    Remember… a ward = “a separate room in a hospital, typically one allocated to a particular type of patient”. So Zerubabbel now thinks being an escaped, mentally unstable criminal makes him God’s End Time whatever. Sounds about right…all who claim such titles are a bunch of self-righteous thieves!


  37. Zerubbabel The Blue Tasseled Lunatic….his writing is incomprehensible, his speaking is incomprehensible. His logic and thinking are incomprehensible. He is a lunatic, you have to be a lunatic to understand what the hell he is talking about.



  38. I don’t have anything to say, just like Ron, but I wanted to be number 600. Ron, wants to be first.


  39. Be thankful that this site is still online.

    I do not blame Mike for the position he has taken. Weinland is boring!!! He is a nothing burger!!!


    1. I’ve started a new blog post for commenting. Will be locking this thread from further comments.


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