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“Take Action” is the name of False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s newest sermon series.  The action he is discussing is a church-wide fast, but not anything Two-Witness like.  There is a mention of heat — but not from fire emanating either from his mouth or the Silent Witness.  Rather, it is a reference to the weather and that now PKG members are allowed to wear more casual clothes when coming before God.

In previous sermons, he has indicated that he will be going to Europe for the feast instead of Australia which he has done in the years 2008 through 2011.  In 2012 he spent the feast in the basement of his mansion on the golf course wearing a GPS ankle bracelet because he had been convicted of criminal tax fraud and was awaiting sentencing.  In 2013, 2014, and 2015 God placed his name on the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institute where Ron was incarcerated.  This year it seems that he can’t get a visa for New Zealand and Australia because of his conviction with other countries like Canada and the UK also unwilling to have him visit.  No doubt he will soon exercise his Witness power to call down plagues on countries that reject him.

It’s been May since Ron posted on his blog, and April since my last post.  The number of comments on that post has grown to over 300 so this one can be used to continue conversations.

On a personal note, I obviously have been much less involved with this blog although I do monitor what’s going on. I grew up in Armstrongism in the 60s while it was still called the Radio Church of God.  I rejected Armstrongism before Herbie’s Great Tribulation failed to materialize in 1972.  Since then I’ve led my on life including having a family and a successful technical career.  I began blogging in 2008 before the first time Ron’s Great Tribulation failed to start.    This has been an opportunity for me to work through my own personal experiences in Armstrongism and have decided to focus on other things.  I will keep the blog open, and continue to monitor things.  If Ron does something Witness-like I would start up again unless that Witness-like thing is the enforcement of the death curse he issued twice in 2008.


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  1. Maybe Ronald Weinland should listen to his own sermons.

    Did he own up to his choices when he defrauded the government? No.

    Did he take action as one of the TW’s?

    Turn rivers to blood? No.

    Breath fire? No.

    Called down drought? No.

    Prophesy ANYTHING?????? No.

    The amount of moronic logic that comes out of his mouth is truly embarrassing.

    He claims (he waffles on this a lot so it is a toss of the dice most of the time) that the Great Tribulation will happen during the last 50 days AFTER THE 1260 DAYS.

    Well the GT ENDS after 1260 days, Christ RETURNS on the last day of the 1260 days. So how are you going to have the GT during the 50 days after that?



  2. Well, I was one of those that was in Ron’s “basement” (actually a very nice multi rec-room) when he gave one of the Feast sermons which was in Lexington in ’12. Looking back, I believe now that was the beginning of the end of my relationship with PKG as I was BLOWN AWAY by the things that was in their home. The thought crossed my mind even then for maybe only a second that I’m paying for all this!

    It took awhile (over two years later) to come to the conclusion that things were VERY wrong, and it took some rather severe physical hardships of my own to realize that I very sorely needed to get away from them for good.

    Whatcha wanna bet that this “fast” is for God to hasten this destruction because well, he simply isn’t moving fast enough for Ron and he certainly needs some of those 63,000 to be beating a path to his door?

    Yeah, keep on fasting PKG’ers, keep on giving more of your hard earned money till you reach the point that I did that it was all for naught, and you have a light bulb—–no a bright flare go off in your head that staying with them any longer will could be VERY injurious to your well being mentally, spiritually, and certainly physically!


  3. I can’t belive most PKG’er have noting and these basterd are going over sea’s open up your eyes !!! Every one I know in my mom church are sick or don’t have shit !!!!!!!! Ron and Laura you are sick people using poor people I hope you fall over dead !


  4. Curious that Ron isn’t able to get a Visa to travel. I take it that he’s now able to do air travel even while on probation if said country will have him? That’s very interesting because there’s nothing that stops him from being a “flight risk” and somehow say it’s “God’s Will” that he now reside in Europe do continue in his “work”.

    Very interesting indeed……….


  5. Ron did a lot of fudging with numbers to come up with his date for the Second Coming.70 days here 50 days there.

    Problem was, that even with the fudging the math was wrong.

    God is perfect…..Ron not so much.


  6. Ron is calling for a fast.

    But for what? For him? For plagues? For thunders?

    It would help to know exactly what one is fasting for.


  7. All this talk about fast, and I have a full stomach lol sighhh he will run to Europe if given the chance .But wow when it finally comes back around, the sting will be unbearable, if it isn’t already . Everything in its own time .Life is good pkg should of woken up yesterday . He is on his last breath what could he offer anyone ( shrugz shoulders )


  8. Mat 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, AND SHALL(not maybe) shew great signs and wonders;


    Except for the fact that his track record is SO BAD, AND SO EMBARRASSING, I would say that he probably would be empowered by demons at some future time.

    Signs + wonders are things seen with the eye, not mental deception. (of course deception is involved)

    This verse is a future event. Those that look to signs and wonders as the only proof will be snared and taken. Signs and wonders only make one a candidate for being a prophet of God, they are not the clinching proof that one is a prophet.


  9. They are people who are going to say Christ is in some cave in hiding somewhere.

    The bible says of the Second Coming that Christ will be seen by every eye…(this will of course involve miracles).

    Yet people say such things now and people believe it, and I can only slap my head at the shear lack of common knowledge of the bible.


  10. Yes, let’s all fast and ask God to make Ron right about everything. Only God has his own plan. Sorry Ron, but your chances of being correct have all but sailed. Even 2019 was not your idea, lots of folks preach that one. Looks like you will all have to wait and see what GOD has in mind.


  11. Fasting is just one way for Ron to exercise control, it has nothing to do with God.

    It is used to test his control over his members.


  12. The whole congregation is always fasting by this point, I’m sure. No money for food or medical needs. Sheesh! After leaving the church…ahem – the Cult, my life has gotten back on track. I even own my own antique store. Life is fantastic now! Wake up PKG members! Life does not end after leaving Ronnie and the gang, it BEGINS!



  13. Pardon me, I just don’t know any other way to say it- Please Keep Giving for Fraud’s sake, PKG!!!

    Ronco, I got a hard laugh out of that!!


  14. In 2008 Ron said

    “now is the time to publicly reveal the name of the second end-time witness. It is my wife Laura. We are a family through whom God will be working to bring an end to this age and setting the stage (and much more) for the age to follow. Many will mock and ridicule, but as we go forward, this time God will place fear in those who mock Him and His servants. Power has been given to make this so”

    8 years and four failed predictions later, no fear, no power, and his organisation has dwindled down to a very small and decreasing number of people. Lots of mocking and ridicule from outside. Inside the PKG church even more are starting to see the cracks and are loosing confidence in the 2019 prediction.


  15. Ronald Weinland “Power has been given to make this so”

    Notice “has”, past tense. Not “will”.

    If it had been given, Ron would use it (he is greedy for any kind of power).

    Ron hasn’t, because he hasn’t been given any power whatsoever.

    It is embarrassing and ludicrous to think that the Great Tribulation which started almost a year ago (according to false prophet Ron) would not have anything happen till perhaps the last 50 days of the 1260 days, or the last 50 days AFTER the 1260 days.


  16. Eric said:
    September 7, 2016 at 17:26

    8 years and four failed predictions later, no fear, no power, and his organisation has dwindled down to a very small and decreasing number of people. Lots of mocking and ridicule from outside. Inside the PKG church even more are starting to see the cracks and are loosing confidence in the 2019 prediction.

    You all don’t know how bad I’d like to see the whole church dwindle down to zero! I feel really sorry for those that I knew (or thought I knew) quite well that are “trapped” there and don’t (can’t) see how Ron has been playing them for fools all of this time.

    2019 will come and go without so much as a whimper, and even if something major does happen, it’ll have nothing to do with Ron although he’ll try to spin it that way. There’s just one problem……………There still will be no return of Christ at that time, so if he tries to take credit, he will have failed miserably yet again as God’s “prophet”.

    Remember him giving sermons about how all of this is to appear in the skies?? Should be quite a show come Pentecost ’19 when there will be no show. 😉


  17. I loved the moronic idea Ron came up with as an excuse for not dying in Jerusalem for 3 1/2 days.

    How he somehow fulfilled it after all, by living for 3 1/2 years.

    Well if it was “spiritual” then it meant that Ron and his wife were spiritually dead for 3 1/2 years.

    Being spiritually dead means that he and his wife were anti-Christ for 3 1/2 years.

    The irony is that this was in fact the case.


  18. Ron is going to have to come up with a slight shift in focus if he expects to keep collecting tithes. The whole setting dates thing is wearing thin on people. Won’t be surprised if he announces that God told him to change the focus of his ministry.


  19. Jan 7 2012
    “January 8 of this year begins the final “half-a-time” of this full prophetic period known as “time, times, and half-a-time.” That day is the start of the final period of 140 days (half-a-time) that leads up to the very coming of the Messiah spoken of in those same prophecies of Daniel.
    The sermon given to God’s Church on January 7, 2012, that is entitled, “The Final Time,” reveals how God is precise in His timing for fulfilling prophetic events. The Almighty God who set the universe in motion with such precision and skillful work long ago spoke of this time now” False Prophet Ron Weinland

    Sept 25 2012
    “Armies are being gathered together in the Mideast, and they are being gathered together by the only One Almighty Self-existing Eternal God, as He prepares this world for its final battle and the overthrow of every government. Then on the final day of man’s government, May 19 of 2013, God will establish His government, the Kingdom of God that will rule over the earth, bringing it true and lasting peace” False Prophet Ronald Weinland

    For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect. Matthew 24:24


  20. Mom says how everyone else lies and Ron the asshole is the biggest lier
    World going to end 4 time
    Him and his bitch are going to die in the streets
    The USA will fall
    He will breath fire
    So on and so on he is full of shit
    Ron you will die and burn in hell asshole
    Now I feel better 🙂


  21. I know I’ve mentioned it a couple of times….but I do wonder what the reaction would be if Ron suddenly got “empowered” (and not by God).

    He does fit a certain profile….I would not be shocked if he did get empowered.

    Ron is greedy for power, wants all the splinters and their tithes going to him, he want’s notoriety, he wants to perform miraculous wonders, wants to be able to curse his enemies to death…..

    This is description of false prophets in the bible that will perform great signs and wonders.

    It may happen, who knows!??????


  22. A few excerpts from News Watch 1st Qtr. 2002

    There have always been false ministers, within the environs of the Church, who have gone astray or were never a part of the body. They used the truth in a deceitful way to lead people away from God and toward themselves …. False ministers, who claim that Jesus is the Christ and speak to brethren “using truth,” are very cunning, deceitful and difficult to identify, therefore they have great power to deceive…. Consider what has occurred over the past decade. “Many” ministers have preached the truth that brethren recognize, yet they cunningly slipped in deception as they preached. This has happened with every foundational truth God revealed to us, and many have been devastated by these methods.

    Yes Ron, we know. We have been saying that all along. Thanks for the proof.

    Fortunately many have discovered this about you and left. I think the veil is also starting to lift for many within the PKG as they now don’t look their friends in the eye while talking about 2019. Its like a fog that is very slowly lifting, almost imperceptibly but over time the effect becomes obvious. They may nod and approve vocally when they meet you or email you but they know inside that the confidence that they once had is gone. They know that your 2019 “Prophecy” is not an absolute and you have put cautious provisos on that date and they have been putting cautious provisos in their faith.

    For many now its a “just in case”. The structure of the PKG is weakening from the inside and many will continue to disappear as 2019 gets closer.


  23. Church Site Bio
    October 22 2015
    “From the time of the Apostasy to the return of Jesus Christ on Pentecost of 2019, there will have been 7 prophetic end-time periods of 1,260 days fulfilled. These and many other incredible numerical counts to Christ’s coming are also covered in that third book which will be fully ready for publishing and distribution in 9 languages by early 2016.” False Prophet Ronald Weinland


  24. Acts said:
    September 22, 2016 at 11:07

    Church Site Bio
    October 22 2015
    “From the time of the Apostasy to the return of Jesus Christ on Pentecost of 2019, there will have been 7 prophetic end-time periods of 1,260 days fulfilled. These and many other incredible numerical counts to Christ’s coming are also covered in that third book which will be fully ready for publishing and distribution in 9 languages by early 2016.” False Prophet Ronald Weinland

    Really?? Here it is nigh into the end of the year and we’re still waiting! His “Facebook” publishing turned into a real bust as I doubt anyone read it ‘cept for PKG’ers.

    Also, where is this publicist that he was bleating about earlier?? Why hasn’t he or she been able to peddle this “book”?

    The clock is ticking and ticking loudly! 2017 will be here soon enough, and to date, nothing super earth shattering has happened. Yet another tale that was told, and those in PKG are still just sitting there and are either afraid, or just simply refuse to leave despite the fact that Ron has been proven wrong over and over and over and over and over………………


  25. End of the year? No real book in 9 languages ? No publicist ? That’s cause he’s a PHONY! He makes sh** up as he goes along and the PKGERS eat it up. It won’t always be so. One day more of them will realize what he is. Some will stay long afterRon is gone. Something is amiss with most of these people. They really think the last man standing is going to get something. It’s all about getting. Thinking they will rule over all others is a big thing. Nothing works better than convincing people they will be above others. It’s all part of our human nature, and the men that have run the COGs know it.


  26. Ronald Weinland: Target rich area

    PROPHESY AGAINST THE NATIONS, Chapter 1: November 8, 2015 (almost two years ago)
    “For now, the IMMEDIATE reality is that the world is about to engage in a final world war—World War III (which may well be underway when you read this). That war is going to end in an all-out full-scale nuclear war.”

    2 years later and his statement in the same chapter of the book “You may have been drawn to this book because someone you respect, trust, and/or love has told you that it has real answers to what is currently happening in this world and with a warning that has been given for years about these exact events with uncanny accuracy.” is already making him a laughing stock.

    Uncanny accuracy. That’s not a statement I would associate with any of his books or prophecies.


  27. Ron has been looking up his Strong’s Concordance again. He found the Hebrew word for “uncanny”, and then, as he often does, discovered an obscure and unusual English meaning for that Hebrew word, looked up the Greek equivalent, which, in this case, is only approximate (but near enough for his purposes), and chose the least-used English translation of that Greek word. And there you have it – a new definition of “uncanny”: zero.
    Makes sense to me.


  28. Ah, these guys are all just like the gold bullion sales people. They lift everything they can, building what looks like a solid wall of evidnce that you need their product. If the end ever does come, it’s would be so big and catastrophic that no preparations or protection could possibly immunize you from the effects. Oh, and your ACOG minister and family? They’ll be the ones f*€king you and yours over so that they are the only ones ending up being protected. And some of the faithful, as they die, will be counting themselves grateful for suffering so that “God’s Apostle” or prophet gets to be spared.

    It’s only you and God, folks. No charlatan middlemen are required!



  29. The asshole no 66,000 people joining him
    No breathing fire
    No bringing down rain
    His bitch still gossips
    Dis guy is such a false prophet
    Down to one feast site
    You are so full of shit Ron it’s coming out your ears give some facts asshole


  30. I must have too much time on my hands again.

    Isaiah 8:19

    “And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?”

    What a great description of Ron: He peeps and mutters. Repetitiously.


  31. Just wondering when is
    2/3 of are vegition going to die
    Are borders getting blowed up
    Are Dallor falling
    66,000 of Armsrtongs chucher going with the asshole
    1,000,000 men army coming
    No more popes since 2000
    Breath fire
    Die in streets of Isreal
    Bring down rain
    All is what happen is the asshole was put in prison for not paying taxes on money he stole and his bitch from his church he spent 3 1/2 in Fedral prison for not pay tax on 4.2 million he stole !


  32. randy …all that stuff is going to happen between 3:30 and 4:00 kentucky time …if not today then tomorrow ..if not tomorrow then the next day ..if not ….. well you get the idea


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