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“Take Action” is the name of False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s newest sermon series.  The action he is discussing is a church-wide fast, but not anything Two-Witness like.  There is a mention of heat — but not from fire emanating either from his mouth or the Silent Witness.  Rather, it is a reference to the weather and that now PKG members are allowed to wear more casual clothes when coming before God.

In previous sermons, he has indicated that he will be going to Europe for the feast instead of Australia which he has done in the years 2008 through 2011.  In 2012 he spent the feast in the basement of his mansion on the golf course wearing a GPS ankle bracelet because he had been convicted of criminal tax fraud and was awaiting sentencing.  In 2013, 2014, and 2015 God placed his name on the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institute where Ron was incarcerated.  This year it seems that he can’t get a visa for New Zealand and Australia because of his conviction with other countries like Canada and the UK also unwilling to have him visit.  No doubt he will soon exercise his Witness power to call down plagues on countries that reject him.

It’s been May since Ron posted on his blog, and April since my last post.  The number of comments on that post has grown to over 300 so this one can be used to continue conversations.

On a personal note, I obviously have been much less involved with this blog although I do monitor what’s going on. I grew up in Armstrongism in the 60s while it was still called the Radio Church of God.  I rejected Armstrongism before Herbie’s Great Tribulation failed to materialize in 1972.  Since then I’ve led my on life including having a family and a successful technical career.  I began blogging in 2008 before the first time Ron’s Great Tribulation failed to start.    This has been an opportunity for me to work through my own personal experiences in Armstrongism and have decided to focus on other things.  I will keep the blog open, and continue to monitor things.  If Ron does something Witness-like I would start up again unless that Witness-like thing is the enforcement of the death curse he issued twice in 2008.


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  1. Wow, what an absolute liar. He just makes it up as he goes along. People don’t really listen very closely do they? Out of his own mouth, finally a prophesy that came true. False prophet.


  2. Almost a year since the Great Tribulation started……

    How anybody can follow this false prophet is about the only amazing thing.

    For PKGERs : You do realize that Ronald Weinland calls himself a false prophet?


  3. I laughed just think if the PKG falls and Ron got to go get a job he’s job Resume would say:
    False Prophet


  4. These people are sure keeping Gods word. In the last month alone, I’ve lost track of the debt collection agencies calling here looking for Gary. Guess he gave all his money to the church. When we were together his family used to complain that I was using him for his money, they never believed I was paying all the bills. Well, they can wise up right along with the church.


  5. Notice what Ron’s stance has been….
    Here are Ron’s past positions on the DOTL (Day of the Lord)
    1) It was 24 hours long (2012)
    2) It was a year long (2013)
    3) There was more than one DOTL (2014)
    4) The DOTL is 50 days long. (2016)

    Is this confused mess of lies the finger print of God, or of something else?
    Is confusion evidence of God? Or something else?


  6. A year has past since the Great Tribulation supposedly started.



    Isn’t a prophet supposed to prophecy????


  7. A few die hards will always stick with Ron but deep down in most of the know the truth, but are too prideful to admit it. If he’s wrong , then they’re wrong. They’ve been pushing his agenda for so long they don’t know anything else. Somewhere along the line , you lose your ability to think for yourself. You think you’re being obedient to God, when in reality you don’t even remember what God wants from us. All they see is Ron and Laura. A little worship game.


  8. Ronald Weinland October 8 2016

    “what I’ve been trying to help people to understand during the summer months, when I’m visiting different areas, is that you can honor God by change in some of these things, because this is going to be changed in the Millennium. People aren’t going to be wearing ties around their neck cutting off the blood flow so that you can’t get things out of the sermon like
    you should be. It’s not natural. It’s not the way it should be. So, anyway, but as a whole, when it’s cold, we’re still going to continue with that tradition until it’s changed at that time. But we’re starting a process now that in the summer months when it’s in its 80’s outside. Just coming back and forth, we have to travel long distances in many cases and just the travel and being in and out of the heat like that can take its wear and tear on people. So again, please feel comfortable in wearing that which is nice, in other words, as far as a short-sleeved shirt if you want, but again, it should be with dress slacks, like with suits.”

    Ronald Weinland: still not cutting off the blood flow to his head in this latest sermon (I’m not sure its making a difference) and making sure that he can get things out of the sermon like you should be.

    The new enemy of the PKG – Ties! He makes sure we focus on the important things when the world is about to end.


  9. I think it is hilarious. When I went to him with marriage issues, Gary cheating etc…, I got, “I’ve got more important things to worry about than your marriage.” Guess it was TIES. Now I know.


  10. UPDATE:

    Speaking of false prophets, Zerubbabel (the blue tasseled, seemingly paranoid schizophrenic “prophet”) has not posted anything on Youtube for a month now, after claiming that late Sept. was the time when god was finally going to unleash the Tribulation on mankind. For those of you who don’t know who he is, his name is Michael and he broke away from Weinland to start his own lunatic gospel, in which he preaches such idiocies as he and Jesus himself (!!) are the Two Witnesses. He makes this claim after being thrown out of both Greece and Israel.

    Anyways, the reason all this is relevant is that lately Zerubbabel:

    1.Was posting videos about how angry “god” was that no one was tithing to him and how financially desperate he and his wife/stepdaughter were.

    2.How for example his wife has to duct tape her shoes together every day because they can’t afford new ones.

    3.How the ONE guy who is camping out with them (fleeing to Zerubabbel’s lil’ Place of Safety)is the one providing the money for Zerubbabel to have Internet access to keep on posting his videos.

    4.He also admitted that he is MONTHS behind on rent for the land where he lives and has built the Holy of Holies (a crappy wooden altar covered by a damaged tarp). He is months behind on rent as well for a crappy little shed built on that land wherein he lives. He even admitted that he hadn’t gone down to the local post office for weeks to check for notices of eviction because he couldn’t “afford it” (the gas? car payments?)

    5. He also mentioned in one video how some hikers wandered through his property at some point and Zerubbabel knew this because he had a minor heart attack at the same time.

    6. So Z hasn’t paid rent for months, has one follower who is the sole financially contributor (only enough for Internet provider fees), can’t afford new shoes for his wife, and has heart problems.

    Since he has not posted for a month, my guess is that he was forcibly evicted (this has happened to him before for non-payment of rent (and hopefully being sued for the money), and is scrambling to find another place he can pretend is “the place where god has put his name”… or is dead, because he also believed in not going to the doctor and/or “touching the dead” (anyone who does not believe him). I think it is most likely that he and his little group are trying to find another place after being kicked off the land, and will either not mention the move to hide this embarrassing fact or mention it then come up with some stupid excuse through twisting Scripture around to make it look like all this is god’s POSITIVE will. So the drama continues with Zerubbabel and his paranoid, semi-schizophrenic gospel… most likely evicted, possibly deceased, maybe just can’t afford Internet access….

    It will be interesting to see if he ever posts again, or what insane babbling(s) will be his next entry on why he has not posted for X amount of time…


  11. Glad I’m Free, when I went to him for help I received the same could-not-be-bothered attitude.
    How fortunate we are to have escaped Weinland and our marriage issues..and thrived anyway



    These are all from Ron’s own mouth.

    1) Ron said he was a false prophet if the prophecies he spoke didn’t come to pass. They didn’t. He is a false prophet.

    2) Ron said he was blind and could not see prophetically. Zero fulfilled prophecies that he spoke, testify to this.

    3) Ron said that the 3 1/2 days of death of the Two Witnesses was spiritual. So according to Ron, both he and Laura are spiritually dead Christians. Spiritually dead Christians do not have salvation.

    4) Ron said that the 5 months of torment applied to the “persecution” of PKG. According to the bible, only the “unsealed” are tormented for 5 months, “unsealed” people are people without the Holy Spirit. Thus Ron said that PKGers do not have the Holy Spirit.

    So basically, from Ron’s own mouth, he is a false prophet, a blind man leading the blind, is spiritually dead, and does not have the Holy Spirit.

    And yet these people still follow him???????????????????????????? How sad.


  13. I have to wonder with all the news lately of what’s happening with Russia, and possible war, how many in PKG are just hoping and wishing that something BIG will happen (nuclear war) to prove Ron right?

    Never mind the fact that they along with many others would die. BUT! They hope to be “saved” by some miraculous means, and get into the Millennium pretty much with a puffed up head that they were “special” and made it through.

    Kinda spooky sounding ain’t it??


  14. And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

    Has to do with False Prophets .

    Fooled No More, you hit the nail on the head! You said: “I have to wonder with all the news lately of what’s happening with Russia, and possible war, how many in PKG are just hoping and wishing that something BIG will happen (nuclear war) to prove Ron right?
    Never mind the fact that they along with many others would die. BUT! They hope to be “saved” by some miraculous means, and get into the Millennium pretty much with a puffed up head that they were “special” and made it through.”

    That is exactly their mentality , and that is not from God. WOE to the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!


  15. stopping by ..i wouldnt really worry about weinlands stance on anything …divorce or otherwise ..even if he happens to be right ( for once ) ….seek other advice from a real professional…yellow pages are full of them ..and if it is the religion aspec… then know this ..Jesus was not religious,,in fact he condemned the religion ..and he gave TRUE advice on divorce
    you could do far worse than being dis fellow shipped from the pkg


  16. Ronald Weinland is a false prophet, why be concerned about anything he says?

    Ron’s own mouth condemns him.

    Oddly enough I suspect that Ron may in fact be embued with miraculous powers (as Bible prophecy has mentioned again and again regarding false prophets), and will eventually take any followers with him down to the”pit”.


  17. Ron is so false, out of he “said so”, there is nothing to support his claim that he and his wife are the Two Witnesses….not to mention that the Bible explicitly states that the Two are both men.


    1. Since Chris Little left PKG, that may have made a difference for Audra. Or maybe not, since she’s the Apostle’s daughter.


  18. Stopping by…

    All Ron cares about is if you send him money or not. If you send him money you can divorce and remarry as often as you please.


  19. Stopping By—-

    Martin and the others are correct! You keep the money flowing, you could have multiple wives and husbands at the same time, and he might ignore it!

    Here’s what I remember about Audra’s situation…………

    Back around early 2012 or thereabouts (may have been the very end of 2011), Ron had given a sermon in which he stated that since we’re so close to the “end” (May 27, 2012), there was to be no remarrying from newly divorced ones, and there was to be no dating from such ones as there wouldn’t be “time” for counseling since well, the world’s supposed to end soon doncha know??

    Fast forward to late 2013, early ’14. A letter was sent out to Elders in the church that Audra had remarried (not sure the exact date ‘cept it was very recent at that time) which no one else knew or was to know about till “further notice”. Around the same time, Ron made an announcement that he was lifting the “restriction” on marrying and such. Very convenient eh??

    What stunned me (and quite a few others) was that in early ’14, I distinctly remember riding with some folks to an out of town service when one of the persons (an Elder) got a phone call in which she (the Elder) got quite upset.

    I thought nothing of it as I figured it was “church stuff”, but little did I know what it was she was upset about until later on. When we got to the restaurant where we were all meeting before services, another Elder was showing pictures of he and his Fiance. In one of those pictures, there was Audra with this fella.

    Someone had asked who’s that guy with Audra? His reply was, “Oh, that’s Audra’s Husband!” We were STUNNED as everyone that heard it said WHAT?? Most of us knew that it was hardly six months earlier when she was divorced from Chris (some didn’t know she and Chris were divorced), and the ink’s barely dry on the papers and she’s married again already.

    I then figured out that was the phone call that the Elder got when we were in the car……….someone had called her who was not in on the original email, and asked this Elder did they know Audra got married? That’s when the Elder lost it as she said “Oh NO, how did you find out about that?? That was not supposed to be known about yet!!”

    Needless to say, Ron’s a total hypocrite because technically (as far as the Bible is concerned), Audra is an adulteress as she divorced under very flimsy circumstances. I don’t know all the details about that, but I do know that the divorce was not scriptural based as far as I know.

    So there you have it! Daddy’s little girl got “special treatment”, He changed the “rules” to suit her, never mind the fact that she married again under very interesting circumstances.

    Those that are more in the know can chime in if they’d like, but that’s what I remember about the situation.


  20. I don’t remember, does anybody remember the timing of Audra’s divorce/remarriage and when Ron appointed her a prophet?

    Where they the same time?


  21. Just when I thought Ron couldn’t get more ridiculous, he made Audra a prophet. Ron has all the bases covered is all. Keeping the money all in the family should anything have happened to him in prison. If he had died , she would have been elevated to witness. Ron is a desperate little man trying to pound his square peg into a round hole. Ron and his family are all alike. If people are stupid enough to still believe him and send him money , they’re getting something out of the deal. It cannot possibly be truth they seek.


  22. Don’t prophets prophesy? Isn’t that the whole point of being a prophet?

    All Audra does is twiddle her thumbs. All her mom does is twiddle her thumbs.

    I mentioned at another forum that a “silent witness” is oxymoronic.

    They said that Laura speaks to the members of PKG.

    That is like a witness for the defense, only talking to the defendant while at their home. And not talking before the judge, jury, and court. Such a witness would be USELESS.


  23. Hey asshole , you and you bitch couldn’t even stop all your people , what ever you got got left , from being sick , what happen to bringing down rain ,and breathing fire , and you can’t healing all the old in your so called church asshole , give it up your going to die in your own bed !!!


  24. Laura, you surely must know by now that both of you are false prophets.

    And since the penalty for being a false prophet is death, in the lake of fire, surely it is not worth it to continue in the lie?

    Do you really want to ride it out till the bitter end? Save yourself.


  25. Hey ya all let’s take a vote
    How many think Ron and Laura are going to die humble in streets of Iseral or in a hospital in USA , that’s he said will be on its knees in 2008 !!!!
    I vote he will rott in hell and his bitch !


  26. It rain here today so I though I would blog like I said I’m not smart, not educated, I guess I’m a dumb fisherman and farmer , but I have common since
    Ron said 2/3 veggies wiped out
    Randy : said no
    Ron: said are boarder’s blown up
    Randy : said no
    Ron : said Christ was coming 4 times
    Randy : said no man will know
    Ron : said no more president after Bush
    Randy : said yes there will
    Ron : said no more Pope after JP
    Randy : said yes


  27. And Randy never took a dime from anyone or never would , the Weinland took million of church money and spent personal use with out pay tax on it and went to prison for 42 months


  28. And now that the asshole stole all the old people’s money in tights , they are broke and sick and the are saying they wish they would just fall a sleep and wake up in new world, but it’s Gods plans not the false prophet and his Gossipping bitch’s


  29. Ron could have ordained himself as an Ayatolla, and claimed that he received messages from Alla and probably would have been less damaging to the old folks with his false prophecies and ripoffs.



  30. From Ron’s Wondrous “church era” list
    #27 (6)    All in God’s Church during the era of Laodicea were Laodicean (Referring to the period after Mr. Armstrong’s death up to Trumpets of 2008). The Church of God formerly believed that at the end there would be two eras coexisting side-by-side: Philadelphia and Laodicea. One (Philadelphia) was to go to a place of safety and the other (Laodicea) would have to go through the great tribulation. Yet, one era cannot overlap another, and history has shown that all who lived during the era of Laodicea were Laodiceans. While some may exhibit some of the traits of the other eras, all are primarily lukewarm and full of pride, until they acknowledge and repent of this condition in their lives and God begins to work in their lives once again.

    Isaiah 3 16Moreover the LORD said, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet:17Therefore the LORD will smite with a scab the *crown of the head* of the daughters of Zion, and the LORD will discover their secret parts.
    1And in that day SEVEN WOMEN shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by your name, to take away our reproach.
    3And it shall come to pass, that he that is left in Zion, and he that remains in Jerusalem, shall be called holy, even every one that is written among the living in Jerusalem: 4When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion”

    All the Groups that came from HWA have maintained the False Doctrine of Church eras , and from that one false doctrine alone they have become wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked. Also , every single leader has made themselves an Apostle or a prophet or both ! A rotten tree cannot produce good fruit.
    Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.


  31. Ron is so greedy he covered all the bases. Minister, Apostle, Prophet, Witness, Johns counterpart, and even said he was like Paul because of the prison time. Third in line under Christ. Did I miss any? Then because of his greed he gave these titles to his family to cover even more bases. He is not only greedy for money, but for power and status. This is why he must be ALL things, so no one can come along and be something just as good or better. He really is a broken toy.


  32. Regarding Ron’s collapse of faith, regarding the 2nd Coming in 2012

    here is a good summary (from MDDTFA)

    So. How do we know that it was Satan who came to Ron in the middle of the night of Atonement, when Ron was weakened by his fast of less than 12 hours? And not God who came to him the same way to deliver the 46th “truth” into Ron’s mind? I imagine that Laura has a great deal to do with that “clarification”. PKG members have been shaken by this trial balloon and are working their way though the emotions of the thought without having to deal with it fully. They are sheep, and will continue to follow Ron no matter how he plays his cards as his prophesies fail. They think they are following God, and they are — a god anyway, Ron’s god who is ….. Ron himself.


  33. Hey ya’ll I am back!!! Took a long break from wienland, but, let’s do it again!!!!

    I some reviewing to do to caught up.


  34. Well let’s see here, it has been one year since this delusional idiot has proclaimed his and her empowerment as the two witnesses!! Well where are they!?

    Johnny you are looking like a dumb jackass for supporting this lying felon. It was you that claimed that jackass weinland would be in control of the scattered cogs and the world would be bowing at the feet of this felon weinland. Not looking good for you Johnny!!!!

    This is one pathetic dog and pony show!!


  35. Johnny,

    How does it feel to be the essence of the south end of a jackass? I can still remember when you were bragging about your ability to recognize the “man of sin” in 1995. But you can’t smell the stench of a lying false prophet (felon) known as weinland and his whatever wife?

    From my position, it is both sad and entertaining to see you so deep in hypocrisy and lies. I did enjoy our friendship while it lasted. It is understood that friendships in felon weinland’s group are conditional and have no basis in gentility what so ever. If you worship the south end of a false prophet, who is mentally deranged, that makes it right. But when you go against that lying felon weinland then the friendship becomes null and void. Is this true Christianity in your eyes Johnny? Not in mine, a true Christian friend is true and will continue the relationship. However not so with you or weinland. How sad that you and all isolate your lives from family and loved ones because of a deranged lying individual like weinland!

    I made my choice and left for good reason. I will also do everything I can to open the eyes of what is left of jackass wienland’s group and free them from the deceit and lies of weinland and his family. Hopefully, you will come to your senses and see jackass weinland for what he truly is, false!!

    That is enough for now Johnny. Hopefully you will begin to smell the stench of that foul rotting weinland family.

    Until then.


  36. I am starting to think that Ronald Weinland might actually be the Man of Sin!

    Now, at this time, no. But what if he were imbued with miraculous powers??

    Ron is GREEDY to perform miracles. he desperately wants to do miracles. Maybe he will.

    Ron IS A FALSE PROPHET. The proof is there. The bible says that many false prophets (not all) will perform miracles. So Ron may get his chance!


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