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I’ve been obviously disengaged for some time now.  Received an email request to start a new blog post to keep the comment list from getting too long.  Here it is.  Play nicely.


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  1. Martin
    Most that left did try to talk to members but unless your mind is open you will not except anything being said. Most still there know what is really going on but like the power they have or don’t want to bother proving it wrong. For you to judge those that have left by trying to make them feel bad is wrong and is a type of bullying. Most that have left are getting on with their lives and are happy. Why make them keep reliving what they went through by dragging up the past.


  2. Moved on,

    You are correct. I am a former member and been posting here about three years. My target is weinland because I know he read this site and I enjoy making him misable. I have already turned several who were curious about him away and I enjoy joyed that.

    As far as current members I do not waste my time with them. If they want my opinion they know how to find me. As I have stated, weinland is my target and where ever I can hurt him that is what I do!


  3. if whiney weiny false prophet ronnie had the money I would think they would be in the Netherlands close to Audra and Jeremy


  4. I have a question for you wacky weinland. Do you have a disaster fund for your followers? I know of some who are now home less. What are you going to do about this? You had no problem taking money from them.


  5. ronnie – how can you ask your hoodwinked followers to go to Orlando with the conditions there? you are a real fraud


  6. To Moved on:

    I’ve pretty much given up at this point to try and convince those that are still in PKG to leave. I realized actually some time ago, that each of them individually is going to have to hit some kind of rock hard bottom.

    That will vary of course from person to person, but it happened to me when my physical health was getting too much to take, and my finances were literally at the breaking point. I had to ask myself is going through all this trouble REALLY worth it, and then to add insult to injury, I was not seeing things happen in the world as Ron said it would happen. Not just one time on May 27, 2012, but other times when Ron mentioned about certain events, and not so much as a whimper occurred.

    I finally had enough, and one fine Sunday morning on March 8, 2015, I wrote a very polite but pointed letter to the powers that be that I no longer wanted to be part of the church.

    I had hit my rock bottom.

    My only hope and focus now is that Ron will be exposed to those that still have “eyes” to see that he and Laura ARE total frauds, and that they’ve been played for fools for quite a long time. If those that left would like to reach out to me, I’m all ears as I’ve really come to see how subtle yet dangerous these cults truly are.

    However, I won’t lose any sleep if I don’t hear from anyone of ’em again. They’re making their choice to stay for whatever reasons, just like I made a choice to leave and no longer deal with the BS.


  7. If any PKG members suffered loss because of hurricane Irma, then Ron would tell them it’s their fault for not having any home insurance to cover it.

    Basically Ron is an evil unsympathetic man.


  8. Martin,

    I already know that wacko weinland IS NOT going to give any money to those who have suffered losses in Florida and Texas. Weinland is a selfish greedy parasite that lives off of others money. He spends it on himself and WILL NOT give to the followers he steals from even when they have suffered in these recent storms of Harvey and Irma!!!!

    I truly despise this jerk weinland!!! I soooo look forward to his “Great Disappointment of June 9, 2019”!!!! I want to see him suffer for all of his lies and deceit and end up penniless!!!! I look for true justice and I know it will come and it is coming very soon.


  9. well well well, wacko weinland has finally ended his series on “marriage” and is now starting one on “cultivating children’!!! As mentioned, it was stated that audra is pregnant with her first child. It was speculated that there might some friction between audra and her wacky father.

    So is wacko weinland trying to influence or trying to dominate his daughter adult life once again? There may be some truth to the idea that her husband may be questioning weinland and is moving away from him. If this is true, then, there is some real trouble ahead for audra and her husband!! A divided household will fail and the tragedy is the effect it will have on the arriving child. Custody battles are ugly!! That child will be an european citizen and that will prevail in their courts!!!! Will you now destroy your daughter’s second marriage like you have done to so many others wacko weinland!!??

    This could be big trouble for wacko weinland and now he has to work his evil to remain in control. I do not think you will win this one wacko weinland. Your current son in law could prove to be more than you can handle especially “if” he now sees you for what you really are – a lying thief!!!!! Audra may choose her husband and the father of her child over you!!! I hope she does and dumps you as well!!!!


  10. I read the transcript for “Cultivating Children” and it has VERY LITTLE to do with children or their “cultivating”. It has everything to do with Ron’s “Government of God” and obedience to the teaching of tithing. And not to forget to teach the little ones to tithe their allowances or any other income: it’s God’s money, don’t you know.


  11. Martin, when my place got flooded back in 2011 from tropical storm Lee, there were crickets chirping from the church. Save for a couple of very nice members of the church, Ron nor any other of the higher ups had nothing to say to those of us that had damage from that storm then.

    To add insult to injury, this was right before the Feast in Florida (the flood happened September 8, 2011), and I ended up having to sell a very rare item of mine to come up with enough money to get to the Feast. I’ve recently since rebought that item since I no longer am sending money to PKG thankfully as a “stick it up their a**” gesture to show that I didn’t need or want their “sympathy”.

    So I can best believe that not a single dime went to those that suffered damage to their homes, and this wouldn’t be the first time that the church has acted selfish to those that suffered losses. Back around 2010 or so there was a family that was literally burned out of their home practically losing everything. While I’m not certain of all the small details, I do know that there was help requested by this family to the church to get back on their feet.

    Well the church was silent for the most part in getting help to them, which led to them leaving the church, and the story was told to us that the husband had wrote Ron a quite nasty letter. At the time, I thought “wow this guy must be suffering spiritually to write such a thing”, but in reality looking back, he was probably ripping Ron a new one as these folks had IIRC, FIVE children to take care of and a burned out home to boot.

    So, it doesn’t surprise me at all that Ron and company could give a rat’s rear end about what happens tragically to those in the church. I could tell other stories about even more terrible things that happened, but that might give away the identities of some that may know the persons involved, and that wouldn’t be good.

    Hmmm…………who knows, I might write a book about PKG someday. Could be a good seller! 😀

    EIE, I woudn’t be the least surprised if Audra and Ron are having trouble. We’re talking about a soon to be new mother, and if she’s smart, she’ll choose her child and husband over Ron. Neither of them (Audra and Edwin) are spring chickens as far as starting a family, and the last thing they want is a meddling old fool who can’t get anything right to break up their marriage. At least I HOPE that’s the case!

    As you said, Audra needs to look no further than what happened in the last marriage, and I can best believe that Ron and Laura had a lot to do with that breaking up too as you mentioned.

    Time will tell!


  12. OK, I got nosy and took a peek at what he had to say about tithing…..get a load of this gem!

    That’s why some who aren’t tithing right now, l wish you would just leave. Some of you who are
    lying and cheating, which l know you are, in your tithing. I wish you’d just leave. I am not
    concerned about numbers, nor am l concerned about the amount of money. That doesn’t matter.

    Careful what you wish for Ron lest you might get it! 😉


  13. In Ron’s mind, the people who aren’t tithing are a negative, individuals who are using the resources of PKG, but not putting anything back into the system. He doesn’t make allowance for the possibility that, if allowed to hang in there, they might change their opinion at some point and begin tithing anew. In his mind, although still attending, they have left, they might infect others, and he as a shepherd does not care what might befall them from this point on. He’s not really a big picture person as related to his sheep. All he sees is the state of his life’s “work” and his empire. Considering all that he’s done to himself, and all that has happened, that’s got to be deflating and defeating at this point. I tend to doubt that he has paid into the Social Security system, so the continuing quality of his lifestyle and his livelihood are soley based upon the financial condition of his so-called ministry. These people have cultivated a very temporary lifestyle, counting on the end kicking in before they become decrepit and no longer having any earning power. As the ad goes in the retirement investment industry, “Help us make sure that you don’t run out of money before you run out of time!”



  14. What I like about Ron is how he constantly is shooting himself in the foot with a 12 gauge shotgun.

    He wants tithers, but he’s constantly pushing people out for not tithing on the mint and cumin, so to speak…so instead of being patient and working with them, he shoots them down then shoots himself in the foot to boot.


  15. “… that’s why some who aren’t tithing right now, l wish you would just leave. Some of you who are
    lying and cheating, which l know you are, in your tithing. I wish you’d just leave. I am not
    concerned about numbers, nor am l concerned about the amount of money. That doesn’t matter …” Wacko Weinland ~ Cultivating Children Pt 1

    Let’s take a look at this quote and look at what it actually means:

    1) “I wish you would just leave”,,”I wish you’d just leave”. What is this wacko weinland!? I thought you were this rough and tough prophet that had no fear of anything!! Why are you so afraid to disfellowship these cheaters who are only following your example of cheating and lying to the federal government?? Could it be that your membership is getting so small that you find it embarrassing since you claimed that 63 thousand members of wwcog would come flocking to your organization – well they did not and will not!!

    I find it very out of character for you to allow these enlightened cheaters to remain in your organization? We both know by doing so that they will eventually affect others to do the same or are they calling your bluff to do something about? Are you so terrified to confront them because you have no evidence of it so now you just “wish” them away? This is not like you to allow this because I remember as a former elder that when a member was not tithing properly that I had strict orders to get this member to obey or kick them out. Why the change in policy wacky weinland!? Could it be that these enlightened cheater are elders within your organization and to expel them would be detrimental to your ego and what is left of your organization? You are in trouble and you know it because YOUR Great Disappointment of June 9, 2019 is breathing down your neck and you now realize that your end is near. It appears to me that the membership is losing confidence in you and you do not know what to do about it. All you can do now is just “wish” them away!!! Some prophet you are wacky weinland. Like Deut 18:22 states “have no fear of him”!! Well wacky weinland welcome to reality because it is time for you to pay yours dues for all the lies and deceit and harm you have done to others!!

    2) “nor am I concerned about the amount of money” Really weinland!!! How many time have we heard this one!!! If it didn’t matter then why discuss it at all!!! The real reason is that it “does” matter to you!!! Your lies are very transparent now and it is very easy to see through your motives. Come on now!! Your recent sermon is about taking tithes from children!!! And you tell us it doesn’t matter!!! It it by your own mouth that condemns you wacky weinland!!!

    3) “lying and cheating” Now this is a good one wacky weinland!! Who was it that was convicted of five counts of tax evasion served time in a federal prison and now has the title of “felon”? It is YOU wacky weinland!!! YOU are the lying cheat and you dare to call others the same!!! It doesn’t a scientist to understand why you are being disrespected now by the membership!! YOU, a lying thief, is now calling others the same!!! Not going to work in the real world wacky weinland. My Oh My how does your fruit stink and tastes very very disgusting.

    In closing, wacky weinland it is YOU that is the lying cheat and no one else. Even to the point now to target children for their money and you call yourself righteous!! Maybe you need to get a life wacky weinland!!!


  16. Here’s what I’d like to see:

    Ron knows full well who is not tithing, and if he wanted he could get them all together for a meeting and find out WHY they’re not tithing. Of course he won’t do that because it could very well be that they would tell him to his face that he and Laura are frauds, and they’re simply voting with their wallets.

    Tough thing for them to leave though for some of them………that would mean the end of friendships that some have had for many years if not decades. I say life is too short to go on believing in a lie, and getting all the more poorer to boot.

    I’d sure love to be the fly on the wall if such a meeting ever took place. In fact, this meeting could be super easy…….he could arrange it at the upcoming feast next month. More than likely many who aren’t tithing will be there——you could round them all up at once!

    Of course, this’ll never happen. Ron’s too chicken to confront what’s very obvious to everyone. Could it be…….just maybe perhaps, that a lot of them are reading the very words of this blog, and it’s just a matter of time before there’s an all out mutiny??

    Hmmm……………we’ll see!


  17. FNM:

    I believe they are.

    We are still here and there are former members who post here. These two frauds could not even shut down this site. They tried but failed!!


  18. FNM:

    I have to agree with you about weinland not meeting with the enlightened cheaters. He can’t risk a walkout and that probably would happen. It seems that the fearsome prophet has lost his influence. If these are elders then this places weinland in a very difficult position. If they walk, then you can only imagine the overall effect on the remaining membership. I have seen this many times over when it comes to these one man shows. They implode because the leaders can no longer defend the lies and deceit!!!

    Weinland maybe stupid but there are some things he isn’t like protecting his source of income – the membership!!


  19. EIE, my time with COG-PKG was somewhat limited considering others who’ve been in a LOT longer, but I was told stories about how certain areas were literally wiped clean of members after the “big shakeup of 1994″ particularly from WWCOG.

    Without giving away my exact location, I was told that my area was THE BIGGEST as far as numbers in WWCOG. You’d never know that now as I and one other person were the only ones associated with PKG in this town. That other person left about a year before I did and as they say…………”Then there were none”. The next closest persons were just over 50 miles away, and they were associate elders. They’ve since been given the boot as far as elder positions, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they’ve since waved goodbye to PKG…….especially the husband.

    Unfortunately as I’ve mentioned before, there are others I’m sure that have since left, but the embarrassment of being wrong about the church and Ron, they’re not quite ready to own up to it.

    If in fact, these are Elders that are among those that aren’t tithing, we won’t have to wait till June 9, 2019 to see PKG come to its end. When word starts getting around about “such and such” and “such and such” not paying tithes, people will start to ask questions among themselves as to why. Once that dam begins to break, no amount of patching will stop the eventual flood.

    I may have to get a bit nosy again and drop a line to someone that I know was having difficulties in paying tithes not long after I directed him to this blog. The last time I wrote to him he was still with PKG, but that’s been at least over a year now. Things might have changed, and I might write him again to give him that little “nudge” to see what’s been going on.

    He did say the last time I wrote him that he didn’t feel “comfortable” writing back to me as he has to either obey the church and not contact me, or disobey what they say about that and thus I suppose “disobey” God.

    I’ll have to see if things have changed in that regard……… 😉


  20. The asshole and gossip bitch
    Need money for Grandbaby send your tights or God will get you like he did the asshole through you in Fedral prison
    Heart attacks
    Don’t worry if you don’t have enough for your self and family the asshole family is first !


  21. Yes freeatlast !
    Ron needs more $1600 suits and Los Vages trips, massages , cruises BMW’s and you are all broke come on open your eyes !!! Take care of your family first pkg money whore LaurA will spend it all !!


  22. You’d think with 628 days remaining, there’d be more of an outreach from Ron to the world but no—–there’s the sound of crickets chirping.

    Oh and Ron……you missed another one! I’ve been talking to folks I know in Puerto Rico, and they are bracing to be DEVASTATED by Hurricane Maria! Where was the warning for those folks huh??

    Oh wait……they’re not part of the church so I guess they don’t matter……..


  23. Armstrongite “prophets” are completely useless, except for telling us the wrong dates they guessed for the Germans, the Catholics, and the tribulation to hit. That and peoples’ tithes are their obsession. Meanwhile, if they were for real, they could make themselves useful by warning us in advance of natural disasters or acts of terrorism.



  24. Brace yourselves everyone! If you had plans for this Saturday, well you might want to think twice!

    You can check out the horrifying news here! 😉

    Ain’t there someone else we know that deals with “numbers” in determining when things are to take place??



  25. Ron has a short memory but we don’t. Here is a perfect example of him making a promise and not keeping it. ‘Not to long ago (17 June) Ron promised his members –

    To this day there are people still stealing from God! And I think, “What are you doing? You think I’m ignorant? Do you think I’m stupid as God’s apostle?” Your time is running out. You’ve got just a few weeks left and you’re gone – all of you –

    yup they are gone from PKG – another magnificent promise from the greatest prophet of all time. Lets fast forward to now

    That’s why some who aren’t tithing right now, l wish you would just leave. Some of you who are lying and cheating, which l know you are, in your tithing. I wish you’d just leave.

    Did he do anything about the people not tithing as he said? No! Did her remove any from membership? Did he disfellowship any? No! was he true to his word? No! he just wishes they would just go away. He wants them to do something because he certainly can’t

    PKG members, don’t worry about being removed from the Church. As you have seen he is not going to do it. He needs to have people look at him with adoring eyes, to look at him as if he is the next thing to god. His personality needs it. Even if you are not feeding him tithing you are feeding his ego. You are on safe grounds. After having a 5 course mean he is left with a little piece of crumbling cake in his hand and he is too scared to pick at it because there will be nothing left.


  26. Eric:

    I have to agree with you.

    Wacky weinland apparently is at or fast approaching the “unsustainable” level of revenue. He can’t disfellowship these enlightened members who have reduce their percentage to feed his life style. The only thing that wacko weinland has left is to try to “shame” these enlightened ones to give more of their money!!! Typical behavior of a cult leader even to the point of demanding tithes from children! What a JERK!!!!

    I am still of the opinion that these enlightened ones are elders and associate elders. Knowing that if the cheater is a nobody in the membership he/she would have been sent packing. However “if” they are elders that is a whole different story!!!

    It will be interesting to see how this will develop.


  27. I can’t wait to see Ron working at Burger King or someplace….

    WORSE than Ronald Weinland, and he’s bad enough, is his lazy gossipy wife. She is a leech of epic proportions. I wonder if she’s ever worked an honest job a day in her life??

    She think she qualifies as a biblical figure????

    As one of the Two Witnesses???????????

    That is supremely laughable.

    She is not even worthy to tie the prophet Daniel’s shoes, much less Jesus himself.


  28. When it came for their time to die (as per Rev. 11), Laura CHICKENED out. Ron CHICKENED out. They were supposed to go to Jerusalem to DIE, and become martyrs. They both opted out of it. I think they did go to Jerusalem, but don’t remember off hand.

    Then Ron has the audacity to say they DID DIE….SPIRITUALLY…..


    You can’t make up such blaspheming nonsense.


  29. EIE, I have to agree with what you said! Look at the relatively few numbers that are going to the Feast. Speaking of the Feast, I hadn’t called but the hotel site is still operational with them taking reservations, so I have to take it that there wasn’t too much damage, and that things are still on.

    But getting back to this tithe business, yeah………….Ron’s coffers have run on empty and now he’s desperate. I can best believe that there are whisperings among the Elders that they are in fact holding back from Ron because he’s NOT producing anything close to what supposed to be happening.

    Before you know it, we’ll be saying “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018”!, and not as much as a whimper according to what Ron said is supposed to be happening even now.

    Eric had it right…………….if Ron REALLY wanted to get rid of someone who wasn’t tithing, he’d have done it by now. High position in the church notwithstanding. This can only lead to more and more people “holding back” because for sure, they can find out who’s not tithing (you know how PKG can gossip), and they can see that nothing’s happening to them so why should they part with their hard earned cash??

    The children ploy’s not going to work for this reason………people are starting to see what frauds Ron and Laura are. There’s no way they’re going to teach their kids to give money to someone that lies to them. That would be the ultimate form of hypocrisy. Someone’s in front of you every Saturday how you should do this or that, but this person was thrown in jail for the very thing that he’s cautioning against……………………holding back from God ie: the government in his case.

    This is getting more interesting by the month! How long will it be before someone with some real guts comes on here and gives us the real skinny on what’s going on with COG-PKG??


  30. Martin, Ron is finally right about one thing. They did die spiritually. Have they said anything that was correct or from the Bible?


  31. Hmmm………….I think it’s time for Mike to make a new page for comments! 😀

    We’ve been quite the talkative ones on here lately……..with COG-PKG and the nonsense therein, they always give us something to talk about!

    Oh! I almost forgot…………the world was supposed to end today according to a certain Numerologist. Like Ron, I guess he got his wires crossed, but at least this guy isn’t in front of a bunch of people every week threatening them to give him some money. 😉


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