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I’ve been obviously disengaged for some time now.  Received an email request to start a new blog post to keep the comment list from getting too long.  Here it is.  Play nicely.

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  1. The king of thieves weinland is an “megalomaniac”!! He is driven by his own delusions of grandeur and his failing influence over the remaining members.

    Like I have stated, he is “not” going to kick out the cheaters out of his organization because the king of thieves understands that they will not return to his organization and they will become vocal critics of him. At present he has to many critics on the internet and social media.

    The king of thieves weinland’s tactics are to threaten and intimidate as much as he can get away with. The problem now is that his history of failure after failure is having it own effect on some of the members. The squealing like a pig has not started yet from this king of thieves. Once the tithes hit the point where the king of thieves can no longer support his lifestyle off of the member’s money; then the real threats and squealing will begin. This will happen and it is not far away.

    It won’t be long and they will begin to mock the king of thieves and this will bruise his ego to the point of madness!!!

    Order up the popcorn and drinks for the show is about to begin!!!


  2. Also, I have this question, if the king of thieves is empowered, as he claims, then why all the problems??

    Everyone knows that an anointed prophet would not be dealing with such problems! The answer is that this king of thieves is a liar and fraud!!


  3. FedUp:

    It is the typical classical conditioning of the mind ( cult behavior). By not paying tithes is the first step of overthrowing the influence. The second and most difficult one is the ending of close friendships and emotional ties with others members. The ones who are leaving understand that they will be shunned and treated like they were never known (cult behavior).

    There are bloggers here that have experienced this, I experienced this myself. It was easy rejecting weinland but the close friendships was another matter. However I hold nothing against them because they are deceived and under the influence of a lying fraud. My door is always open to them if they so choose to contact me. This is what the lying thief fears the most!!!! He is totally powerless to reestablish any kind of influence what so ever and this is why he cannot afford to have continuing members contacting those who have left. It is to dangerous to his livelihood ($$$$$)!!!


  4. We have all become friends here, people I’ve never meet, but talk with. WHEN Weinland stops, and he will not be able to continue, I shall miss all of you. Mike will have to start a new blog just so we can check in with each other from time to time. What a thing to look forward to. Unfortunately it will not repair the destroyed marriages, families and friendships that Weinland has had a strong hand in.


  5. GIF
    I totally agree!
    Perhaps Mike’s new blog will be “False Prophet Audra Weinland” (or some other GOG-PKG “leader”.


  6. EIE, you hit the nail on the head! That was one of the things I was most apprehensive about——-leaving “friends” that I came to know over the 6-7 years I was in PKG. But I had to choose between my own well being, or keeping those friendships. My own well being is more important as I came to know not a one of those “friends” has contacted me since I left.

    Actually, there was but one who did write me for my birthday this past October, and I did write back and thank them as that was very nice, but that’s as far as it went.

    The good news is that I have been in touch with others that have left, and while our friendships are not “close”, I do appreciate the fact that they keep in touch every once in a while. There is one that I talk to on a regular basis that left a few years before me, and they do read this blog——it becomes quite the conversation piece every once in a while! 😀

    Glad I’m Free, that would be nice if we did all keep in touch with each other not if but when the time comes when Ron is no longer putting out tall tales. That’ll be a very interesting time to say the least as it’ll certainly no doubt put HUGE doubts in the minds of those who are still in PKG. Ron (and Laura) were supposed to be the main leaders of all who would be ushered into the Millennium.

    Obviously that’s not going to happen so there’s that ever present sound of an echo in the PKG bank account (actually the Bank of Ron). And yes, the myriads of friendships, marriages, relationships, families that have been thoroughly gutted due to Ron and Company, are for certain worthy of a huge payback.


  7. Johnny,

    How does it feel to have a front row seat of a three ring circus?? It seems that your failing prophet is just that, a big failure!! Enjoy the ride in your front seat.


  8. Ron is still beating his current subject series to death.

    No correcting of nations so far (or ever).


  9. Ron, the greedy power hungry false prophet that he is, if he was imbued with any power what so ever, he would certainly use it.

    From day #1 (of his false prophetic start), he was pronouncing death curses. So he was very eager for people to drop dead at his word.

    None of it happened.


  10. LOL!! I wonder what happened?? Funds have dried up that bad that they couldn’t even rent a hotel suite? Technical problems? Massive storm where they are that zapped everything out??



  11. ………………………Or, they got slick and sent a private link out to the “members in good standing” and only those with the link can tune into the sermon and later rewatch the video. Kinda like your own personal chat where you invite those that you want to be there.

    And lock out the undesirables (us).


  12. Sorry for the multiple posts, but this really has my mind thinking of some wild ideas! Could it be that PKG can no longer truly function because well, things ARE that terrible that there’s literally NO ONE left to talk to??

    Kinda hard to believe, but crazier things have happened! I just went to the church website and like Ronco mentioned, the PKG website says………..

    “There will be no live services today, July 1st.”

    The plot thickens!


  13. To funny he said GW Bush was are last president, now Trump was sent here by God to ruin the world, and he said no more Popes how many we had asshole


  14. Hummmm!

    I am more inclined to think along the lines of a health problems.

    This king of thieves weinland has a rebellion in the ranks by members who are questioning his claims, a failing 2019 prediction of Christ’s return, financial problems, and the ever increasing numbers of critics he can no longer battle (death threats are useless).

    I am sure the “stress” is affecting his damaged heart. “If” it is not this then it must be he is having a private meetings with Johnny and Wayne about how to come up with a new set of calculations because 2019 is no longer viable.

    I personally am of the opinion he is in serious financial straights and is suffering extreme stress from the prospect of bankruptcy!! No new growth means stagnation and declining income!


  15. With the 4th up and coming, I think Ron & Co just wanted to take a ‘sabbatical’ from playing end-time witness, and decided to take a vacation.


  16. He is certainly making less effort than he used to. The last post in “Recent posts” at was November 2016. That was when the non event Prophesy Against the Nations was finished. He hasn’t updated that site since then. If he writes down what he is telling his members it can come back to haunt him by us and others that hold him to account when things don’t work out. Better just to talk to people. That way he can say a whole lot of things that are a lot less likely to bite him.

    Prior to that the last post was in May 2016. He just has nothing of substance to say on the internet about the progress toward 2019.

    He is definitely winding down both physically and mentally as he ages. You can see how he gets stuck in the same pattern when he gives his sermons. He picks a topic and then give 5 or six sermons on it, then repeats for the next series. Its a common trait for older people to stay in familiar territory and thinking patterns. It can also be a sign of dementia.

    I’m personally going for heath problems as the cause of the missing live sermon, more likely connected with his previous heart problems. The last one he had in prison was quite a major attack.


  17. PKG is very good at covering up things when it puts a bad light on them. Remember how long it took to find out that Ron had a heart attack before his congregations knew?

    There were also other instances when Ron had things happen to him of a serious nature, and trying to get info as to what happened was like pulling teeth. So much for this “powerful prophet” who sure seems to get ill an awful lot.

    Where in the scriptures is that mentioned that the one of the two witnesses would be so sickly??

    EIE, it wouldn’t surprise me on the other hand if that could be what’s going on. Trying to come up with further lies as to why things aren’t happening the way it’s “supposed” to. The months are whizzing by, and before you know it we’ll be in 2018. 2019 will come and go without so much as a whimper.


  18. FNM:

    I am of the opinion that the king of thieves weinland is facing his end on four fronts:

    1) the 2019 failure is going to be costly to him; it may be his end

    2) loss of financial support. He cannot afford to kick out those who are cheating him and “not” God

    3) his health issues are serious. His damaged heart cannot sustain long term stress for this will lead to another heart attack and its related effects on the cardiovascular system

    4) there are no heirs to take control of his organization. Johnny or Wayne would not be that stupid to claim the false titles that weinland claims. Audra is to incompetent to be even considered and Jeremy doesn’t have the desire to be an upfront liar like his father

    Do you really believe that gossip queen laura can really keep it all together even with audra at her side!!?? Remember that there “must be” two witnesses not one!! Maybe this lying thief weinland will try to push it this way (one witness) with a series of twisted demented untruths that comes only from his deluded mind.

    In some ways, I believe “Glad I’M Free” was sounding the alarm that this lying thief weinland days are very very near its end and when it is done will miss all of us here on this blog – we will see –


  19. Hey Randy,

    Perhaps you can ask your mother if she knows what happened to Ron and Company yesterday. Since there was no service, you could say you noticed that she wasn’t listening to a live sermon.

    They’re good at keeping things even from longtime members so she may not know.

    Couldn’t hurt to ask though………….. 😉


  20. RONCO – maybe he lit a firecracker and it . . . !

    Fooled no more – hope you hear from someone and you can shed some light on the subject.

    I agree – Randy – ask your mother if she knows anything…


  21. Ron’s personal blog was just updated – remaining JUly trips CANCELLED – they are still scheduled for Detroit August 5 – swan song?


  22. Cancelled trips…

    Could mean health issues with Ron…

    Or could mean health issues with Ron’s wallet…

    Or could be both….

    They love to travel, all those 4 star dinners they are going to miss, they wouldn’t cancel out on those unless there was some kind of issue.


  23. Used to be that there would be trips planned far in advance than just a month.

    Hmmm…………..something big is afoot! Just a matter of time till we find out what that is!


  24. The thing to watch now is what Johnny and Wayne will be doing.

    There may be a possibility that either Wayne or Johnny may have finally seen this lying thief weinland for what he really is, a liar!

    However I am more inclined to go along with some issue with his heart. As I have stated, the stress of a failing organization, financials, and a 2019 prediction that has not materialize is taking its toll. It would not surprise me if he had another heart attack and he has been ordered by a doctor to stay home and recover or face the consequences which would be death. “OR” he has had a stroke and is temporally incapacitated and that would makes sense why all of the trips in July have been cancelled. AS STATED, WATCH WHAT JOHNNY AND WAYNE WILL BE DOING!

    For me, I find it difficult to be sympathetic towards weinland because of all his lies and deceit and all of the relationships he has destroyed through all of his lies and deceit. Not to mention the outright greed he has practiced by stealing money from innocent individuals who struggle to pay their own bills.

    Remember this weiland!! What goes around come around and it is coming back to you!! This is what you have sown and now it is time to reap what you have done to others!


  25. EIE, whatever happened it really must have been dramatic and all of a sudden for Johnny and Wayne NOT to be able to step in at the 11th hour, and at least have a service.

    The next number of weeks and months will indeed be interesting, and if indeed Ron did have another heart attack or a stroke, will mention of it be made in the sermon by either one or anyone?

    I almost have to believe now that I’m typing this that the “higher ups” do in fact know what happened (I’m sure emails were flyin’ back and forth), they’re just sitting on their hands wondering how to spin this in the best light to the “lesser ones” in the congregations.

    Typical of PKG.


  26. FNM,

    We both know how weinland’s organization works. They are not going say anything until it becomes absolutely necessary to do so. Because the gossip queen laura knows that they have leaks within their organization and once this word goes public it will be out of their control.

    Once again, watch Johnny and Wayne. Now some do know what happened but that would only be confined to the select few. “IF” something has happened they are going to do their best to spin it in such a way to benefit themselves. I still think about what “Glad I’m Free” was alluding to. “IF” this lying thief weinland is in serious condition and cannot continue in his falsely claimed role as number three in the universe what is stated in Act 5:34-38 with take place.

    I agree we will know in a short time what is going on. They will not be able to contain it for a long period of time.


  27. EIE, FNM – you know, they could have posted a previous sermon or one waiting in the wings so to speak instead of the statement that there would be no live service – that should not have taken much more effort to do. which comes back to it being so sudden most likely. let’s hope that we get word today or tomorrow. enough of that #%@&%!!!!


  28. Good point “freeatlast”!!!

    That would have been the best way to handle it, but they didn’t!!

    Maybe something happened moments before going on air. That makes a lot of sense to me.


  29. it would have happened at Ron’s house – right? they were not scheduled anywhere that Sabbath.


  30. Freeatlast yes………….Ron’s been broadcasting from his home whenever he’s not traveling somewhere for an organized service.

    Someone will spill the beans sooner or later……………….



    How can anybody believe that God’s most powerful prophets of all time, would be sickly and unable to perform his duties????????

    (Rev 11:3) And I will give {power} unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

    “power” is not in the greek, but I think it is fair to say this is implicitly implied (read remaining verse for proof).

    The TW’s will be given….WHATEVER…they need to get the job done, and part of that is the full health they will need to do the most difficult job any prophets have ever done.

    If Ronald Weinland has been sick, or is sick, or had a heart attack or stroke (most likely as this would be the only thing that would stop him from speaking, he loves to hear his own voice)….than certainly this would show that he has not been given power or anything at all, that’s because he’s a false prophet.


  32. (Rev 11:3) … and *THEY* shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

    The bible is crystal clear…BOTH PROPHETS SPEAK and testify, and preach to the leaders of nations and people of nations. There is no SILENT witness.

    Why is this critical? Because the bible has strict legal rules that apply to witnessing. When the testimony involves a death sentence, a minimum of 2 witnesses are required. God knows the rules He created and set up, so God requires 2 witnesses, since they will be required to execute a death sentence upon being attacked.

    So the fact that Laura is a “silent” witness, legally invalids both Ron and her testimony.
    So according to the bible rules for witnessing, their testimony is not acceptable.


  33. Johnny and Wayne,

    Are you guys getting a little nervous yet? You should!!

    Sooo, which one of you are going to step up to the plate and proclaim yourself as the “one”? Keeping in mind that all the money goes to the gossip queen and not you – something to think about boys –


  34. I can’t help but wonder if indeed Ron is incapacitated from speaking——be it from a stroke or whatever, the sheer panic that has to felt throughout the “leaders” of PKG.

    As you said EIE, are Wayne and Johnny going to step up to the plate?

    Who gets to decide what sermons are going to be given? When it comes to traveling will they be able to go on the church dime?? Ask Ralph Dowd about that one!

    You just know that the ones left over dumb enough to keep giving money, Laura wants each and every dime. That’s all she cares about. While I can’t prove this, I can best believe she can see her whole empire coming to a screeching halt as well it should.

    Interesting that all this is happening on “Independence Day” weekend!

    Is that a fitting metaphor or what?? 😀


  35. Hey, does that mean since I was “kinda right” that now I’m the next prophet. All right everybody start sending your tithes this way!!! I’ll not go on a trip either, will start by paying for the new roof, which is being put on, damage from the last storm. Only damage on one side, so insurance said will only pay for half the roof. See….even that fits with the prophesy, I only need to be half right. Wow, I’m better than I thought I was!


  36. Glad I’m Free…………………LOL!! 😀

    Hey, you’re at least 100% better than Ron who hasn’t gotten ANYTHING right!

    Still wondering what happened to that one…………..awfully tight lipped aren’t they??


  37. Laura can keep things close to the vest if it’ll mean there won’t be further damage to her empire. I’m sure there are those that know besides her——-just a matter of time before there’s a “leak” and we know for sure.

    I can guarantee in fact that there was a torrent of emails that went back and forth letting certain ones know what happened. They were probably told in no uncertain terms NOT to let anything out as to what went on. Obviously if you’ve cancelled the visiting of congregations for the rest of the month, for sure something major happened. I’m not so sure August will be viable………….we’ll have to see. 😉

    Reminds me of the time when Audra remarried, and bunch of us found out by a certain Elder who while showing a picture of his soon-to-be wife, inadvertently ended up showing a pic of Audra and her new husband. This was at a restaurant of all places, and everyone’s jaw dropped as we had NO IDEA that she was even divorced let alone remarried.

    Come to find out later on that Ron and Laura sent out an email to certain Elders that she indeed did get remarried, but no one thought enough of us pee-on’s to let us know.



  38. Hiding behind secrets…is a tactic of cowards.

    People of truth don’t need to hide anything, unless it is proper discretion


  39. “Reminds me of the time when Audra remarried”

    According to the bible definition this makes Audra an adulterer.

    There are situations upon which one can divorce and re-marry (that is, in a biblically correct context). It does not sound that Audra was in one of these situations. What it sounded like was Audra was fickle minded, and wanted a new husband, and just went ahead and did that.


  40. freeatlast, I bet she did! One particular time right before services, I heard Laura really going on and on about Chris. I didn’t think too much of it, as I didn’t know that they were divorced at that point.

    What killed me later on though is how Ron would get up there and bleat on about how we shouldn’t gossip to one another.


    You got the biggest offender of that sitting right in front of you! Get her to stop before you complain to us!


  41. The best part would be since I’ll be starting the NEW church, my ex would now have to give money to me. That would be a first! Then since Ron said he didn’t hear him call me all the wonderful names, he said he was taking the man’s word, since man was head of household. We’ll lets see Gary you are now a ….. …… ……, wait I couldn’t do that, no just send me your check. Ya, that will work, call me anything you want, just give me your money. Gary would now have to listen to a female, first for him, cause women are good for few things, based on the way I was treated. And the list starts…..this could be fun.


  42. I asked mom she won’t say but something is up her phone is ringing off hook and she has be in her room listening to Ron the asshole sermons all day, nobody sending tights poor money whore ,you don’t need any get a donkey like Christ did , a you already suck all the money from the few you have left dumpster dive like some of your followers did bitch !


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