Ron’s Commission Recycled

It’s now one week since the Last Great Day.  PKG still doesn’t have a link to the sermon for that day on their website, nor does it have a link to last Saturday’s sermon.

But yesterday they posted the Last Great Day sermon in the PKG YouTube channel.  In it Ron recycled his usual sermon about “this way of life, yada yada”.  He did tell people that the “sealing” has not taken place, now almost 10 years after it first happened early in 2008.

He also talked about his latest book Prophesy Against the Nations.  He doesn’t plan to print paper copies, but has PDF copies on a new website with the URL being the first two words of the book title.  Ron fancies himself to be a search engine optimization (SEO) expert.  He wants his members to perform a Google search on the book title and click on the link every day  — doing that will increase the site rankings in Google.  Now I’m not an SEO expert myself, but do know a little bit about it.  Enough to know that Ron is much, much better at selling false prophecy than he is at SEO.

And he’s telegraphed that there will be a feast next year.  Surprise, surprise.


324 thoughts on “Ron’s Commission Recycled

  1. I can’t believe this asshole , none of his prophecies came true and he told Mom it happen for a reason !!! I said da ya the reason is he’s a false prophet!


  2. Martin, your points are some of the reasons why I questioned and I left. I had many,many issues that were not adding up in my head. Ron and company were not living up to their thin promises. Members were getting quite mean towards one another and to the outside world. I was always shocked when we as a group ate at a restaurant and it seemed like I was the one one saying, “thank you” and tipping well. It was getting to be quite a competitive and underhanded group. That type of activity was allowed and free thinking and questioning was not. Thankfully I was “only” there 5 years…but what a complete waste. I should have tried to open the others minds, but I was already fed up and ready to run out.


    YOU were the destruction. I slammed that door shut! It is never, ever opening again. I’d say go to hell, but it’s not by my words you are headed there, it is by GOD himself. Sleep well and not so sweet dreams. Bye-Bye.


  3. What’s the asshole saying now 10 more years , no buddy in his church will be alive there old and sick , he can take his money and run , young kids won’t fallow Jeremy and Adria they stashed enough money to cover there ass ! Did I ever say how much I hate the asshole and his gossiping bitch


  4. Randy, that video link that Billy posted is a sermon that Ron gave about 10 years ago regarding 2008. Well, well, well, here it is almost 2018 and hardly a whimper in that regard.

    I’ll keep saying it………you just wait till next years Feast and Ron will have some grandiose excuse as to why June 9, 2019 will be a big nothingburger.

    As you said Randy, he could take the money and run, but for how long??

    Ruby, I’ve seen more than a few times when PKG folks were less than courteous! I can go so far as to say that there was one member that I was sharing the room with at a particular feast, and his attitude was so pompous and self righteous that I had to call him on it. He had this attitude that one wasn’t supposed to talk about worldly topics because it was a “high” day and that we should focus on the “spiritual”.

    Well, needless to say, I let him have it and told him as two grown adults, we should be able to talk about whatever the heck we want to talk about! He later apologized for saying what he did, but I knew even then (this was the Feast of ’14) that my time with PKG was coming to an end.


  5. Martin,

    To answer your two questions:

    1) borrowed money from a widow? I don’t really remember to much about that incident. You have to keep in mind that liar weinland had already put in place an explanation that was excepted. However, no one was really aware of the real truth nor questioned it. I, personally, ignored that because it didn’t matter because pkg was focused on liar weinland failed prediction of Christ’s return in 2012.

    2) The failure of liar weinland’s prediction of Christ’s return in 2012 is what ended it for me. I knew then because of the reading of Deut. 18:22 and liar weinland did attempt to neutralize Deut. 18:22 by stating he was NOT being presumptions and that he believe it was going to happened. However, the damaged was already done and some of the membership left. Then you had the debacle of 2013 and we heard all the excuses he came up with. There was loss of members after that debacle and it continues on even to this day.

    It took me a year to leave. It was a social issue compounded with being an elder. As FNM has stated, the sacrifice were the members that you had a close friendship with because every one knew that once you leave weinland’s cult organization you would be shunned forever, unless, you crawled back on your knees to liar weinland and beg for his forgiveness!! Now do you understand what a cult is all about!?

    During that year many noticed that I no longer listen to the sermons and when I did monthly reports I only stated that “all is well, no problems”. What actually happened was that the two frauds (ron and laura) scheduled a trip to Florida and I knew they were coming to set me straight!! I will tell you this!! There was no way I was going to be in the same room with them nor was I going to listen to their BS regarding me! That is when it happened that the decision was made to finally leave and I was gone gone gone!!! To some degree, I believe my wife was aware of this but the conversation didn’t go the way she thought it would and it ended in my quick and decisive action to leave pkg! Now, understand that my wife will not be a discussion here. I ask you to have respect for my position in regards to my wife.

    To this day, I will NOT be in the same room with them because I know myself and I would unleash a barrage of angry language with the full intent to embarrass them publicly and would still do it today!!! These two worthless frauds are nothing but vomit in my mouth!!

    I apologize for the angry language, but, this is the way I feel. These two, ron and laura, are the worst of humanity who soul intent was to defraud individuals to gain personal wealth for themselves!! Yes, I am angry at myself for being so damn stupid to have fallen for their line of crap!! However they are accountable for what they are doing then and now and they deserve all the scorn and disrespect that comes their way!!! Plus having to discover that “Anthony” is laura the gossip queen or ron the liar to deliver a worthless threat and then to run away like a cowering dog is beyond disgusting!!! But this is who they are and it is despicable to say the least!!!!


  6. “liar weinland did attempt to neutralize Deut. 18:22 by stating he was NOT being presumptions”

    God said Ron was presumptuous. Ron corrected God and said, “No I wasn’t.”

    Ron is lucky he isn’t a smoking pile of ash.

    Ron’s excuse for all the failed prophecy? Ron couches the excuse in syrupy language that sounds great. Ron says “The reason for all the failed prophecy is that God is being merciful, and allowing for more time so that more people can repent” Sounds great! It’s not because Ron is a false prophet, it’s God being fickle minded.


  7. The Anti-Christ will perform miracles. Most will look to the miracles and say, “look, it HAS TO BE CHRIST…because he’s performing all these spectacular miracles”. Rather then listening to what he has to say, and whether it is biblical or not.

    That is the purpose of Ronald Weinland, to help immunize people against a bigger false prophet. For many, the “sting” of the needle that is Ron, will immunize them. They will see the Anti-Christ, and question him, and not just accept any claims made by him or others.


  8. I truly shudder at the thought, but the vast majority will accept the Anti-Christ’s claims. And I have to think, didn’t any of these people read their bibles? Don’t they know? The bible warns that the Anti-Christ will perform all sorts of astounding miracles….don’t be suckered in by the miracles! The same word for miracles is the same word used when Christ performed miracles, they will be real miracles!


  9. One of the problems is that Bible Study in Armstrongism meant that you had to come to the guided, spoon-fed conclusions that the organization led you to. They really didn’t teach members to study scriptures like Bereans, wrestle with them, and draw your own conclusions. And, that is the difference between knowledge and wisdom and programming. Look at all of these ACOG leaders! Each one has programmed his group to believe that he is the one and only! I’ve been saying for years that if Jesus returns, and begins to correct peoples’ Armstrongism, then the splinter leaders and ACOG members will treat Jesus just as the Pharisees did the first time around! Any religious leader could fail to back down and take direction from Jesus, fight Jesus for the power, and in so doing become anti-Christ. This is something that Ron’s followers probably would never even consider in their wildest dreams, in spite of all the red flags here and now in real time.



  10. My big question of the moment is why Ron going over crap that he wrote or talked about years ago? Not only years ago, but about the biggest prophecy failure ever? Like it is something even worth looking back at. He’s reading his own trite like it was inspired scripture.

    Ron : your 2012 prophecy was a big bust, a stinker, a big lie, a big disappointment, just as 2019 already is and will be. You’re already making excuses for it’s failure, by saying there could be another year after 2019 before Christ returns.



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