Ron’s Commission Recycled

It’s now one week since the Last Great Day.  PKG still doesn’t have a link to the sermon for that day on their website, nor does it have a link to last Saturday’s sermon.

But yesterday they posted the Last Great Day sermon in the PKG YouTube channel.  In it Ron recycled his usual sermon about “this way of life, yada yada”.  He did tell people that the “sealing” has not taken place, now almost 10 years after it first happened early in 2008.

He also talked about his latest book Prophesy Against the Nations.  He doesn’t plan to print paper copies, but has PDF copies on a new website with the URL being the first two words of the book title.  Ron fancies himself to be a search engine optimization (SEO) expert.  He wants his members to perform a Google search on the book title and click on the link every day  — doing that will increase the site rankings in Google.  Now I’m not an SEO expert myself, but do know a little bit about it.  Enough to know that Ron is much, much better at selling false prophecy than he is at SEO.

And he’s telegraphed that there will be a feast next year.  Surprise, surprise.

324 thoughts on “Ron’s Commission Recycled

  1. With so little “spiritual food”, next year’s “Feast” will be the Lunch of Tabernacles instead. Blah, de, Blah, Blah.


  2. Just more of the same old dog food.

    However, I am eagerly awaiting the Great Disappointment of June 9, 2019!!!

    tick tock wacky weinland tick tock


  3. “He wants his members to perform a Google search on the book title and click on the link every day — doing that will increase the site rankings in Google.”

    This is what one of the Two Witnesses is doing????????????????????????????????????????

    SEO tricks?????????????????????????????? (I am not sure such a trick would even work)

    No breathing fire? No rivers of blood…..?

    But yes to SEO tricks???????



  4. I agree with you Martin!

    A BIBLICAL Witness, who should be shocking and awe-ing the world right now, is getting his members to covertly inflate his book numbers (deceit)! This is his great Witness to the world? This is his grand spiritual power. He can’t even do it himself. The numbers can only rise significantly if all of his tiny church pitch in, so he has NO power at all! The “Feast of Tabernacle”: is now just Half Of A Stale Cookie of Tabernacles… and “Witnessing” is small time SEO deception on the Internet.

    I can’t wait for Spring 2019 when Ron will receive his greatest mocking yet!! He is piloting the plane of his life straight into the Lake of Fire! LOL! Look out your windows, PKG passengers, that is not Tallahassee you are descending into…


  5. “… He did tell people that the “sealing” has not taken place, now almost 10 years after it first happened early in 2008 …” Mike

    Whoaaa!! Hold on here!!!

    I was in wacko weinland organization when he stated the sealing of the 144K was done and finished and that Jesus Christ directly informed him of that one!! And That!! these who were members, at that time, were sealed and it would not matter if they sinned because God knew them and it would not matter!!!

    So here we are again!!!! ANOTHER LIE FROM WACKY WEINLAND!!!!!

    The truth of the matter is this: WEINLAND DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE !!! Just keep on lying and misleading is weinland’s game!!!!!!!


  6. Also there will be a “Feast of Disappointment” on June 9, 2019 – I can guarantee this one. No need to claim to be a prophet!!

    Keep in mind, the new “weinland lie” is coming and a new date will be set!! No need to claim to be a prophet on this one either!!


  7. Ronald Weinland’s LGD sermon, I believe this is not the same as what was posted before(?)

    Our Commission Moving Forward

    If somebody can tolerate listening to some of it to see what lie he is promoting……..

    Now in the beginning he mentions maybe NOT KNOWING everything, and it is a matter of faith.

    It’s pure horse manure…..

    Yes, sometimes we don’t know it all….BUT, WHEN IT COMES TO TRUE PROPHETS, THIS IS NOT THE CASE.


    (Amo 3:7) Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

    So God says, he won’t do ANYTHING…until his prophet is informed of the matter FIRST, then (presumably) the Prophet informs the people of God’s Will, then God proceeds with His plan….

    According to Ronand Weinland, this is not the case.


    1. That’s the one.

      The PKG website has finally been updated to point to it, but there’s no transcript. Also posted is last Saturday’s sermon given by Johnny.


  8. Martin:

    It is obvious that wacky weinland is laying the groundwork for changing the date. I have been expecting this and now it has started. Wacko weinland is running out of time and he must do another lie and change a date.


  9. Martin, yes………it’s the one you’re referring to. Interesting as the one I posted must have been for a regular Saturday sermon? No matter……………as it’s more of the same as it’s loaded with big lies.

    Speaking of lies, here is the sermon that Mike was talking about in his description above. Now Ron must think those in his congregations must have memories of goldfish. It’s very clear in that sermon that he said THE SEALING IS FINISHED!

    So did God (or Jesus Christ) whisper in his ear one night in a dream and say “Pssssst! Ron, Ron, that was all a mistake! NOW is the time the sealing is finished!”

    Good Grief…….you all in PKG are some sad sacks to keep feeding into his BS! 😦


  10. Do you mean in this current LGD sermon he said it is finished again? Or are you referring to the original time he spoke this lie?

    How could it be finished when people are STILL BEING PUT OUT for non-compliance of things?

    Are they UN-sealed now? It seems more people are being UN-sealed than sealed.


  11. Lies pour out of this guy’s mouth like water out of a faucet.

    Also it DOES SEEM that most PKGers memories are like a goldfish.


  12. Running out of ORIGINAL titles Johnny?? There’s this sermon here that’s called the same thing.

    I remember it VERY WELL as we were all sitting, hoping, and waiting for Christ to return, only to have one of the biggest letdowns I think I’ve ever experienced.

    Oh, I’m sure the content is quite different (I’m not bothering to waste time listening to it), but the effect is all the same……….Lies, Lies and more Lies!


  13. LOL! Martin, I literally just guffawed out loud to your comment! It’s like Facebook dontcha know??

    You get “friended”, then you get unfriended! Or is that de-friended?? 😀


  14. Martin, the sermon I posted was originally given by Ron in February of 2008. Back then, the “sealing” was supposed to have already been done, but now he says in his latest LGD sermon that WHOOPS………no it’s NOT done yet!

    So which is it?? 2008 was all a big bust as we know…………and now get ready PKG——2019 will be a BIGGER bust as we now have past history of how inconsistent and wrong Ron is.

    Speed the day!


  15. I get the feeling that MOST Pkgers KNOW that Ronald Weinland is COMPLETELY WRONG.

    They know this, but are content to stay for whatever reason.

    They are better off at home. The reason? Those that continue to follow a false prophet, KNOWING he is false, are going to end up in the “ditch”. The bible is clear, continue to follow a blind guide, and don’t be surprised where you end up.


  16. Martin:

    You may be right in some aspect.

    It is the social connections with others that holds them there. That was the most difficult thing for me to deal with. Severing close friendships was an emotional issue. But the realization of this deceitful weinland and all of his lies and thievery was stronger than the social connections. I simply left understanding that the ones I considered close friends would act as though I never existed was emotionally difficult for me to accept.

    It is sad to see and understand this, but, it is a reality that exists within the environs of pkg. And do not kid yourself, weinland knows the psychology of this emotion.


  17. This social stuff is apparently some good, healthy subversive activity happening behind the backs of the ministry. At least someone is getting some unintended good from being trapped in an ACOG. On some of the other blogs, we keep hearing about rampant abuse of authority, financial malfeasance, and illicit sexual activities in the various splinters. Plus false prophecies that never get fulfilled. And demands for yet even more money.

    If people would only begin to leave en masse, most of the friendships could survive. Once someone feels as if they are being high-hatted or shunned, it’s too late.



  18. BB

    True friendships always survive.

    These friendships that suffer because of a cult master like weinland is tragic! This cult mentality is to “punish” not to reach out and heal the wounded. Weinland understands that once the influence is broken that he (weinland) MUST remove the offender and strip away any connection to his followers.

    Weinland knows he has enemies (ex-members) that he can no longer influence and that is dangerous to him and his organization. His objective is to protect his ill begotten income from those he robs at any and all costs!!! Remove the delusion and weinland becomes very visible and it is not a pretty sight!!!!!!

    However, my door and friendship to those I know is always open to them!! I have chosen the path of forgiveness and not one of fear and selfishness!!


  19. The sealing of the Gross Thousand may not indeed have a ceiling!
    Then there’s the multitude under the altar: word is that if you begin paying another Tithe, even though you are stuck under the altar, you will receive, in due course, a room upgrade to the level occupied by the 144K.
    At least, that’s what I understand after carefully studying all of the No.1 Human’s dissertations since 2008. Hang in there, all you faithful pkgers – Ron just might deliver….one day….maybe….if you pay him enough….if only you believe everything he says, even though he often contradicts himself or even (Shock, horror!) changes/rewrites on of the 57 Assertions.
    What a theological circus!


  20. BB
    Couldn’t agree more!
    It certainly has been my experience under the HWA regime. We lost so many friends when we resigned and were instantly disfellowshipped, but thankfully have won a few back over the years.
    Armstrongism is parasitic and preys on those who love God and want to serve Him and understand His will for them in this world.


  21. Read the whole OT……

    God gives explicit warning to the prophet, He is crystal clear, none of this “we don’t know everything and live by faith horse manure”.

    God gives His secrets to the prophet
    The prophet gives God’s message to the people
    The people are given free choice to obey or not obey
    God acts accordingly.

    A precise fulfillment of the Amos 3:7 pattern every time.

    With Ronald Weinland the false prophet…..”We don’t know”


  22. Ron, as God’s most powerful prophet in all of history, may I suggest you re-read the OT.

    I would do a personal bible study on Moses, and see if you can figure out how true prophets operate.

    Whether they know stuff or don’t know stuff, whether they can prophesy accurately or not.


  23. The PKG members need to ask Ron, where is the so called prophesying against the nations?

    He wrote a book, shouldn’t he put the book he wrote to practice?

    Writing a book that only members are reading (if at all, I think they’ve gotten lazy and may not do this as much anymore), is not prophesying against any nation or nations.


  24. What’s up asshole Ron and gossip bitch
    You don’t have a clue everything you say is bullshit , your wife is full of shit like you your a crook like the rest of them you need to go back to prison for an other 4 years !!!


  25. UPDATE:

    You all are going to love this! Our old frenemy Zerubabbel The Blue Tasseled Nitwit has updated us on his current situation:

    1. He had to liquidate 99% of his goat herd to pay a tiny amount on “his” property… which is being foreclosed on.

    2. THE TWO MEN THAT WERE FOLLOWING ZERUBABBEL have left him because they were not on board with Z’s incestuous perversions

    3. Z’s website being shut down due to non-payment is a part of PROPHECY (related to 9/11)! I am not even joking!

    4. Zerubabbel once again states that “God” caused us to not send our money to him, and is causing us to continue NOT BELIEVING Zerubabbel as we continue mock him. Then, with absolutely no IRONY in his voice whatsoever, Zerubabbel says/asks “Why don’t you BELIEVE him ?”…. meaning God, and thus Zerubabbel himself!

    LMAO!! I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I heard him say it. This complete idiot has no idea he contradicts himself practically every third word! God “made” us not believe, so “why don’t we believe?” LOL! It reminds me of Homer in The Simpsons Movie where he says, “Oh! Why does everyone I whip leave me?”

    No matter how stupid this bumbling nitwit gets, he always finds a new way to steal Defeat from the Jaws of Victory!! LOL!


  26. Probably 75 years or so ago, Z would have been committed to an insane asylum.

    While technically not his daughter, isn’t polygamy still illegal? (he calls his wife and daughter in law…wives)

    It tragic that Z believes his own nonsense, but that his wife and daughter seem incapable of seeing through his bull**** is even more tragic.

    I do not fault him for believing differently, I fault him for spewing out utter nonsense, and claiming titles left and right that belong to others (David’s king position among others). No, the guy is a schizoid lunatic.


  27. Z’s wife said we couldn’t prove him wrong…

    I would say, prove that he is right, as NOTHING he’s prophesied has come true, not one jot, not one tittle.

    One who claims to be a prophet, and utters a prophecy that fails to come to pass is a false prophet. Z has spoken multiple failed prophecies….really ALL of what he’s said has failed to come to pass. I think this qualifies as being a false prophet.

    True prophets don’t have a good batting average, everything they speak comes to pass perfectly as spoken.


  28. Z is doing the numbers dance in his latest video, it’s enough to make a math teacher’s head spin…..

    It all ridiculous nonsense.


  29. Remember… this is the same lunatic that said that JESUS himself PROPHESIED that he, Zerubabbel, would have no place to lay his head! Whatever is going on in Z’s mind certainly has no meaningful relationship with Reality. You can’t get reality through that layers of that kind of stupidity. Even the two delusional dummies that followed Zerubabbel couldn’t stomach his perversion… even THEY left!

    So it looks like Zerubabbel…(who can’t understand how we refuse to give him money after he told us god is making us not giving him money!)… is having trouble keeping his lunacy solvent. The more this chromosomal nitwit trumpets his anti-Christ nonsense the worse his situation gets… and yet he thinks this is a good thing! LOL!

    Honestly… he has mentally devolved so far that I would NOT be surprised if he started having romantic feelings for the remaining nanny-goat in his little camp…


  30. Weinland says: “This is an account of what is clearly expected to occur on June 9, 2019…”.

    PROPHECIES ARE NOT “EXPECTATIONS”. LOL! Case Closed: Weinland has already openly admitted June 9, 2019 is a failure (which he always knew). He now has 594 days in which to craft his new Jesus-related lies. A prophet that has ANY doubt? Oh CONald Weinfraud… you are so naked to the world.

    June 9, 2019… I think I will have a mocking party that day…


  31. I think hearing about “Z” shows how perverted someone that was taught by Ron really gets. Just think what the rest of the group has to look forward to.


  32. Zerubabbel is the kind of thing that emerges from a Weinland after years of preconditioning by an Armstrong. The average ex-PKGer is just angry or bitter, and rightfully so. It takes decades of HWA and PKG to send someone off to be who Zerubabbel is. Of course, he has Jerusalem Syndrome and malignant narcissism mixed in too, though he only made it to Tel Aviv and not the actual city of Jerusalem itself… thanks to the Israeli police locking him up in a psychiatric ward near the airport for seven hours.

    Weinland/Zerubabbel = two heads on a hydra made of HWA’s own delusions….


  33. Weinland says: “This is an account of what is clearly expected to occur on June 9, 2019…”.

    Do you have a timestamp for this?


  34. In saying that the sealing of the 144,000 is not yet complete, Ron is doing more than contradicting a previous sermon. He is contradicting the Truths of God.

    Truth 45 and Truth 50 both state that the sealing has been completed. Truth 50, in particular, says it multiple times and at some length.

    Ron currently teaches that at least three of the Truths are not true. 45, 49 (Ron says that God has put the Thunders on hold, which means they have not happened “precisely as foretold”) and 50. 50 is untrue for many reasons, including its statement that God has not yet revealed the date of Christ’s return, and its statement that we are currently awaiting the second year of the Eternal – a revelation from God that Ron now says was never revealed.

    Also Truth 47(I think it is) seems a bit dodgy, because it implies, without actually sta ting, that the great tribulation will begin in November 2015.

    It’s worth pointing this out, because one of the things Ron will say when nothing happens in 2019 is that we still know his is the one true Church, because it has the Truths (in fact he says that at the beginning of the LGD sermon). But the Truths seem somewhat unreliable, to say the least.


  35. Aaaah Plimsol! You just know Ron will come up with the whole “present truth” garbage! So today’s truths are not really truths because well—-they’re not the PRESENT truths at least by next year. Did I get that right???

    No wonder he’s referred to as Wacky Weinland!


  36. Plimsol:

    That was a brilliant analysis of wacky weinland’s management of lies!!

    This is what happens over time, the lies become so numerous that they become very difficult to manage.

    Great Job!!!!


  37. Hey wacko weinland!!!

    Are all of your lies becoming difficult to manage these days!?

    Plimsol just took you apart with all of your misleading truths that are not actually truths at all according to your mouth!! You are just like a timex watch that keeps on ticking except in your case you just keep on lying and misleading!!! That is one hell of a life you are living wacky weinland!!!

    lies lies and more lies!!!!!


  38. Ron has nothing to do with God , Ron is a lien asshole never in 15 years has one thang happen but stealing your tights !!!!


  39. Ron is trying to weasel out of the 2019 date and carefully removing all references to that date so he can say he never actually committed to that date.

    Yes you did Ron. From your own words –

    “His second book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, begins to PINPOINT THE TIMING and unfold the remainder of major end-time events, building upon what the first book covered. This book reveals the opening of the Seventh Seal (the last seal to be opened), which occurred in 2008, and reveals the meaning of the Seven Trumpets that are contained in that Seventh Seal. It also reveals the Seven Thunders of Revelation, which John was forbidden to record. However, it also needs to be made clear that ALL INITIAL TIMING mentioned in this book has been moved forward by EXACTLY SEVEN YEARS.

    Thus said the greatest prophet of all time.


  40. Eric, there’s no getting out of this one for Ron! He can deny 2019 all he’d like, but this post here says it all. And as we all know, “The internet never forgets”! 😉

    Now that I’ve shown what his own words are…….don’t be surprised if all of a sudden it “magically” disappears. They’re real slick at trying to cover they’re own tracks, but there’s this little thing with computers called screenshots, and I’m good at doing that!


  41. Ronald Weinland’s “Present Truth” doctrine….it’s blasphemous and hilarious at the same time.

    Ron claims to have gotten this doctrine from the bible, that anybody would remotely believe such a doctrine is very sad. I mean the brain cells must be dying to accept this doctrine.

    Ron (ab)uses this verse
    (2Pe 1:12) Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the *present truth*.

    The verse is NOT supporting the idea that a new present truth is meant to supplant an “old” present truth that has been falsified. The verse is talking about a truth PRESENTLY UNDER DISCUSSION. Not some truth that is supplanting some other truth. THE IDEA IS ABSURD. It means God can’t get truth right, and is constantly supplanting one truth for another truth. It’s a heresy. Ron should be afraid of being turned into a pile of ash for teaching such a monstrous lie.


  42. The 2019 date, is based on numerology given to Ron by God Himself.

    So God is using a form of divination (numerology is a popular for of divination it seems, check out Z’s utter nonsense), which God Himself condemns to inform a prophet of His Will. (let’s overlook the miscalculations and illogical reasoning used to come up with the numbers, oh, let’s forget the convenient padding by other numbers to make the calculations come out right…..)

    Sounds absurd?

    It is.


  43. Mike put together a nice “chart” listing all the inaccuracies, that God (who apparently can’t do math right) gave to Ronald Weinland. I don’t have the link off hand though…..


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