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As the prior post is filling up with comments, it’s time to start another one to continue the conversation.

And since it’s year end, an opportunity to look back.  It’s almost 10 years since the 144,000 were sealed in February of 2008 — except there are yet more to seal.  Almost 5 years since Ron went to prison, and about 2 years since his release.  Just another year of probation to go, perhaps he will have more options for overseas travel.

Ron is already waffling about Christ’s next return scheduled for Pentecost of 2019, and telegraphing that we may possibly have another set of the two witnesses.  If that happens, I expect there to be some continuity with the Weinland family continuing to manage the family false prophecy business.


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  1. (it’s kind of funny, I had forgotten that Ron’s position is completely different than Wayne’s position on the matter)


  2. So you have the 7th time period of 1260 days, which Ron said was when his job re-started. Also that the Tribulation would be physical this time, and his death would be physical, as Wayne teaches (albeit Wayne’s timing is different).

    So if Ron re-started his Witnessing in the last 1260 time period, then he would be martyred at the end of th1260 days (per. Revelation 11). So he would be dead for the first 3 1/2 days of that final 50 day time period.

    1) Wayne has Ron dying on the 49th day of those 50 days. (makes no sense)
    2) (or) Wayne has Ron resurrecting on the 49th day of those 50 days. (makes no sense)
    3) or since Ron reboots his job, then Ron would be martyred at the start of those 50 days

    Positions #1 and #2 do not agree with #3 (Ron’s position), none of these positions make sense.


  3. Proof that Ronald Weinland’s position in impossible and is just a lie. (he started his job at the last of the 7 periods of 1260 days).

    Again, Ron’s position disagrees with Wayne’s position, in the matter of the timing of his physical death (by the Beast).

    (Rev 11:13 KJV) And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.
    (Rev 11:14 KJV) The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe COMETH QUICKLY.

    Right after the TW’s resurrect from the dead, THAT SAME HOUR (Rev. 11:13), there is an earthquake, that kills seven thousand people. The TW’s are killed in the time period called the Second Woe(Rev 11:14), this equates to the 6th Trumpet (this is demonstrated in another place in Revelation).

    Right after this the third woe comes (Rev 11:14). The third woe equates to the 7th trumpet (in fact the next verse explicitly says the 7th Trumpet is blown.(Rev 11:15).

    1) TW’s are martyred after 1260 days
    2) TW’s are dead for 3 1/2 days
    3) TW’s are resurrected
    4) SAME HOUR AFTER #3, Earthquake kills 7K people
    5) ALMOST IMMEDIATELY RIGHT AFTER #4, 7th Trumpet is blown (Rev 11:14,15)

    If Ron’s version is correct (it ain’t), that would mean that Christ waits about 46 1/2 days to come back, and there are 46 1/2 days for the First Resurrection to happen, AFTER THE 7TH TRUMPET WAS BLOWN (#5)

    So, NO, even Ron’s version of the timing of his death/martyrdom, IS IMPOSSIBLE.


  4. When you examine lies, it soon turns to mud. Management of lies is a difficult thing.

    Note this phrase (Rev 11:14) : “the third woe COMETH QUICKLY.”
    Quickly is from G5035 : quickly, speedily (WITHOUT DELAY)

    Check this out….Notice how this same word (G5035) is used

    Mat 28:7
    And go quickly, G5035 and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead; and, behold, he goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him: lo, I have told you.

    Mat 28:8
    And they departed quickly G5035 from the sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word.

    Mar 16:8
    And they went out quickly, G5035 and fled from the sepulchre; for they trembled and were amazed: neither said they any thing to any man; for they were afraid.

    It shows how short “COMETH QUICKLY” is, it is RIGHT AFTER whatever is mentioned before it, not hours or days or weeks, but right after.

    So RIGHT AFTER the TW’s are resurrected and go into the cloud, right after that occurs, the 7th trumpet is blown, not hours or days or weeks or 46 1/2 days.

    So when the 7th Trumpet is blown, how much time after it is blown, do we have Christ Returning and the First Resurrection of the Dead?

    Go and get a timer and figure out how much time it takes for you to blink an eye.
    That is how much time, after the 7th Trumpet you have before Christ Returns/First Resurrection. (1Co 15:52)


  5. OK, let’s have some fun…..

    I had thought 1 Cor 15:52, the word “twinkling”, equated to an eye blink.


    Others have interpreted “twinkling” to be the time it takes for light to enter the eye and bounce back and create that light dot / twinkle on your eye.

    Light travels at 300K Kilometers a second, so this “twinkling” IS VERY FAST.


  6. Hey Ron, are you and Her Highness the Gossip Queen (TM) having a good time on the tithe payer’s dime in the Netherlands?


  7. Hmmm…….must be nice to go overseas on the tithepayer’s dime! I have to watch every penny just to take a trip to NJ in the next couple weeks. I have no benefactors to pay expenses for me.

    And yet PKG’ers keep on being bled dry each pay although as we’ve seen in Ron’s latest sermons, there’s chinks and in that armor!


  8. It will be interesting to see what liar weinland will do when the tithes drop below what he needs to just live. I am sure he will be screaming and demanding for their money.

    I am waiting for the day when the membership quits sending him money. This must be liar weinland’s worst nightmare and I can only imagine the night sweats he must go thru. Hey, liar weinland enjoy those sleepless nights because one day there will be no more money!!!!


  9. EiE, do you think the PKGers will react differently to this 4th(5th? I lost count) failed date (Pentecost 2019)?

    Do you think they will finally be fed up, with the lies and jump ship?


  10. I got to laugh so loud , all the shep are broke and and asshole and gossip queen are eating well and traveling all over I hope Ron and the bitch rot in hell


  11. Martin, some will but IMO sadly most won’t. At this point if they can’t see that something is terribly wrong, except for a major disaster in their lives, I can’t see what will wake them up.

    Major disaster? I’m talking about things that will drive them to the point that when they can see that the church is not helping one iota (as was the case with me), they do get fed up and leave.

    “Going against God” be darned.

    Some CAN’T leave because their “friendships” that they cultivated over the years, that will be too much for them to take losing, so they’d rather keep on hearing the lies, and to not lose their “friends”. Never mind those friends will not even drop you a line after you decide to leave to even say hello to see how you’re doing.

    I can think of only ONE person that’s still in the church that was kind enough to at least wish me a happy birthday months ago. Another person I contacted a while back I led them straight to this blog, and they acknowledged that Ron was indeed VERY wrong for doing what he was doing, but guess what?? Last I knew he was still there because he later told me that keeping in touch with me is going “against God”, so he has to choose God instead of staying in touch with me.

    How sad is that?? 😦


  12. FNM:

    How right you are!! I remember the day I walked away from liar weinland’s cult, the ones who I would have given the shirt off my back and more if they needed it, I was appalled at their attitude that it was as if I never existed!

    I do not blame them, I blame liar weinland and his obsessive fear of losing members because that would mean there would be less money to steal from! Liar weinland fears those who figured out he was a lying thief and that he could NOT afford the truth about him going any further!!! THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THIS, IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY!!! All you hear from liar weinland is how the membership is cheating him out of money because the tithes are not what they used to be. It must be a terrible thing to understand that your ill begotten income is totally and completely based on others hard earned income and that it could end suddenly ~ I truly hope that this very thing will happen to the lying thief that weinland really is.

    I must admit that I do have compassion for those I thought were close and lasting friends because I know that liar weinland is the one who has done this to them. YOU ARE A CURSE LIAR WEINLAND TO ANY WHO COME NEAR YOU!!!

    I have really become sick and tired of this lying bastard and what he and his cold soulless wife are doing to innocent gullible people. The real truth is that liar weinland does not have the guts to face those who know what he is because he knows he would have no defense or influence over them and they would tear him a new one and liar weinland fears this!! He has no defense because he is a liar and always has been!!!


  13. I find it very interesting that the prophets of old did indeed face their critics and enemies with courage and boldness. But this cowering self-proclaimed false prophet liar wienland is just that, a cowering liar!!

    Really weinland!!! What a lying fool your are!!!!

    Where are you weinland!? Still hiding because you are not what you claim to be!!!


  14. EIE, if someone out of the blue were to call or write to me today, I’d welcome that with open arms! I can understand to a point their unwillingness to leave. The rock bottom will be different from person to person…………some may never reach it.

    It IS frustrating though to see Weinland carry on like this. I truly hope that next year there is a ton of folks who’ve simply had enough, but as I said it’s just hope.

    Time’s ticking along fast, and we’ll know before too long.


  15. FNM:

    That is very true and we will see.

    But there is one thing that I want liar weinland to understand and that is to face “us” and let the fight begin!!!

    This liar knows and understands that he cannot face us because it would be a losing battle for him!! Liar weinland is a coward and does not have what the prophet of old did and that is the support and strength of God!! Liar weinland does NOT have this!!! That is why he cannot face or challenge us here! He is a lying coward and fraud.

    You may get the impression that I am looking for a fight with liar weinland and I will say you are correct!! I AM tired of him and I demand he live up to what he claims he is!! Because “IF” he is empowered by GOD then there would be no fear on his part. Understand this liar weinland, I have no fear of you and I am sick and tired of you and your wife!!

    Where is the fear of you weinland!!?? There is no fear of you!! All you can do is to harass what is left of you membership and that is it! If you truly believe you are chosen of God then SHOW IT!! Start right here!!!!


  16. Ronald Weinland is a coward, he ran from Idea City when people didn’t cow down to him as God’s most formidable prophet. Ron felt insulted. According to Ron, even an insult to the TW’s would demand a death penalty by breathing fire on them. Ron sent the organizer a threatening letter, can you imagine that???? LOL, a threatening letter!!! That’s the most that God’s most formidable prophet could come up with.

    As I say, the case against Ron, is not a subjective one, by haters. The irony is that the evidence against Ron, his condemnation, comes from Ron’s own mouth. No, ex-PKGers can be confident that the case against Ron is based on objective evidence and all supported by many, many bible passages.


  17. Ronald Weinland’s pitiful mail/email threat to Moses.
    Interesting that his first name was Moses….
    Moses Znaimer of ideaCity, August 1, 2009

    “…Since I have no idea about your beliefs, I do want to say that the Eternal God, the God of Abraham, who I spoke about in my presentation, does not take this event lightly. This is not a small thing that such mocking of His Son was given audience at ideaCity and that you personally sponsored this. It is my hope that you come to see the magnitude of the severity of your decision for what occurred and that you will pursue God’s mercy in this matter because of what it will mean to you personally if you fail to do so.”


    How pitiful.


  18. And last I checked, Moses Znaimer is still alive and has not keeled over from a severe case of leprosy, or turned into a pile of ashes. 😉


  19. It fascinates me,
    this man has so many follower$,
    yet he has no grasp of biblical prophecy at all.



  20. Break Free:

    Welcome to this blog and look forward to future comments.

    I agree with you that liar weinland totally lacks in biblical prophecy. It is all part of his con game for others money.


  21. Break Free, welcome aboard! Like Martin, I’m curious too if you were a former PKG member, and from which part of the country?

    Thanks for joining us!


  22. WWCOG in Pasadena, CA in the 1990s —

    Ron is not a witness nor is his wife… $ad part is…

    My Uncle Burt is $till drinking the Koolaid; here on the Big I.



  23. Break Free, sorry to hear that! Some can’t be convinced even if Ron and Laura were convicted of murder. Thankfully, I’ve never had any relatives that were involved with Armstrongism, and I wouldn’t wish that on the worst of ‘em! 😮


  24. Break Free, your Uncle’s name just struck a chord with me. I live here in the NE, I distinctly remember a number of folks I know from PKG went to the Feast in Hawaii in the 2010-2012 timeframe. They took a whole bunch of pics and for the size of Hawaii, it was a good number attending considering that were there for it.

    I remember them talking about a “Burt” or someone with a name like that. Would he have went to the Feast there on the island back then? I do know there must be VERY FEW left there now as all of PKG membership has dried up (a LOT) in the last few years.

    As far as Ron being a witness?? Yeah, he and Laura are witnesses alright………..witnesses and partakers of TONS of corruption in COG-PKG! 😉


  25. Break Free:

    Aloha oe!

    I want to say “mahalo” for coming here to be with us.

    I do know some that are in Hawaii. One was Frank Waltz who is now in the mainland furthering his education and a guy named Matt who travels between the mainland and Hawaii and loves to surf. My daughter loves the Big Island and vacations there every year.

    I am sorry to hear about your Uncle Burt and maybe he will see the light when Pentecost 2019 comes and goes. Unfortunately my wife is still involved with liar weinland and his cult. I have not confronted her about this because I love my wife dearly, but, when Pentecost 2019 goes on bye I am going to confront her and tell her to face the fact that weinland is a liar and to wake up!!!!

    Liar weinland was NEVER what he claimed to be, he is one hell of a used car salesmen!!! I apologize to those who do that for a living but I have to give credit were credit belongs. Liar weinland is a clever deceiving liar and it is all done for his own selfish gains!!! IT IS my hope that the failure of penetecost 2019 will finally expose this RAT once and for all!!!!


  26. Break Free:

    I hope I haven’t offended you. My daughter and I are learning the Hawaiian language because my daughter loves the islands and Hawaii has always been my dream.

    take care and “a hui kaua”


  27. Aloha ahi’ahi ho’aikāne,

    Matt? If you mean
    gold chain/gold bracelet Matt,
    tall with dark hair, hmm…30 something…
    then yea, I’ve met Matt — twice. I thought he was a $lick $alesman.

    Uncle Burt looks a bit like a jolly old St. Nick,
    if he shaved his beard…and gave all the presents to Ronco.

    It’s as if he’s addicted / brainwashed… It’s always “Ron says…”.
    We used to have good discussions
    about current events, world affairs, and
    biblical prophecy. I simply could not see how
    Ron & Wife in any way fit the biblical descriptions
    of the two End Time Witnesses.
    When I point out the tremendous variances
    between the biblical narrative and Ron’s toxic teachings,
    Uncle always defends his position with “Ron says…”.
    The sad part is
    Uncle is no longer giving me his own opinions
    or thoughts, he’s only parroting whatever “Ron says”. . .

    Alas, “None but ourselves can free our minds” – Bob Marley



  28. Unfortunately, what a lot of PKGers have done is accepted Ronald Weinland at his word.

    Ron said he was a prophet, they accepted his word without any proof whatsoever.

    You will recognize the two men who will be the Two Witnesses, by what they do, they will breath fire, kill their enemies who attack them, turn rivers to blood, stop the rain, as well as cast other plagues. They will be known the world over. I doubt they will state they are the TW’s, they will simply do their job, and you can recognize them by their fruits. (the ones just listed).

    Neither Ron nor his lazy wife have done any of this, nothing at all.


  29. 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 King James Version (KJV)

    14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
    15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

    Ron went to jail for tax fraud


  30. Break Free:

    Aloha oe ku’u hoaaloha maika’i

    I can understand your frustration with your Uncle Burt.

    I have a similar one except it is my wife. I have not made any issue of it since I left this ka iole weinland’s ke ola but I am going to take issue with it after June 6, 2019 comes and goes. I will based my argument on the fact that this ka iole has failed and lied in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, and now 2019!! I have to ask the question, how many lying failures is it going to take to understand that this ka iole weinland is a kahuehue wahahee!!!

    My wife and I can discuss world events and biblical matters provided it is directly from God’s Word and not some vain imaginary idiocy from weinland’s diseased mind. She knows never to say to me “ron says” because she knows that would open the door for me to shred weinland’s distorted and twisted theology!!! And I have a message for this ka iole weinland that I am going to end his influence over my wife!! The gloves come off after June 6, 2019!!!!

    How is your Uncle Burt going to accept the failure of June 6, 2019? Is he going to accept another LIE from this ka iole!!!! I hope not!!!

    All I can say is to stay with your Uncle Burt and help him to understand what this ka iole is all about. You have to make the point that either you are going to listen to what God has inspired in his written word or some ka iole who thinks he is greater than God and has the authority to rewrite and teach otherwise!! Your Uncle has to come to the understanding that this ka iole weinland has delivered a different message then the one Christ delivered!! This ka iole weinland is clearly defined as a lying false teacher in the new testament!!!

    You may wonder how I know this ka iole. I spent five years as an elder in his ke ola. I know him personally and have cursed those days because of what he is. I know him and all the lying filth he entraps the innocent with. in my opinion, he is a devil in sheep clothing and all of his lies prove this!!

    I guess I have said enough for now. Please do not give up on your Uncle eventually he will listen to you and he will be thankful he did.

    Malama pono


  31. for clarification:

    ka iole means a diseased rat

    ke ola means cult but some translation it can mean life

    kahuehue wahahee means lying thief


  32. Anthony will probably follow Ron right over the cliff.

    While he’s falling, he’ll still think Ron is God’s prophet.

    Sad, so sad.


  33. Anthony….WAKE UP.

    You have been lied to. Ron is not what he claims to be. Even Ron knows he’s a false prophet.
    Laura knows she’s a false prophet. It is not a matter of differing opinions on bible matters. Ron and Laura both know they are false, but still play the game, because they love the money.


  34. Martin:

    When the light hits the rats (weinlands) they will flee for the darkness.

    The countdown is on for the “great lie of June 6, 2019”!!


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