A Decade of Not Drinking the FlavorAid

It was exactly 10 years ago today that I made my first blog post about False Prophet Ronald Weinland over on Blogspot.  It was shortly before Ron’s first great tribulation and two weeks after his “if by Pentecost” declaration that he later reneged on.

In the 10 years since I have blogged about him continuing at Blogspot for about another year  and for about the last 9 years at this domain.  This in spite of the multiple death curses Weinland has uttered against me.  Weinland has continued to prophesy the return of Christ through multiple timelines.  I believe that unless he is disabled or expires perhaps due to a third heart attack he will continue with more timelines after this. Ron is the Energizer Bunny of false prophecy.

This blog has been somewhat therapeutic for me because my coming of age coincided with Herbert Armstrong’s 1972 Great Tribulation.  I couldn’t pay Herbie back for his false prophecies but I could pay Ronald Weinland forward.

However I have decided not to renew the hosting subscription for this blog and so it will come to an end.  I will be looking at archiving the content of this blog on a wordpress.com site but don’t expect to allow commenting there.  I rely on a plug-in to filter out comment spam — if I had no filter, then in less that two months the spam would exceed all the legitimate comments made over the last nine years.

We have about 6 weeks to plan for the wind-down of this blog.  If anyone has any suggestions for a forum to continue the discussion please them in a comment.  Possibly a Google group but there could be other options.  I would also like to see someone else take over the management role of the new forum.


259 thoughts on “A Decade of Not Drinking the FlavorAid

  1. Ron is a classical double-speak preacher….straight out of Orwell’s 1984.

    Let’s use Ron’s double-speak in a mathematical statement, and see how it sounds.

    2 + 2 precisely equals 4
    But it can be fluid, 2 + 2 can equal 5. On a Tuesday it can equal 7.

    Now (for PKGers) go back and read his horse-manure on how God can be exactly precise a date or timing and be fluid about that date and timing at the same time.


  2. The timing is ‘fluid’, “…due to current choices being made by people in God’s own Church and by leaders in this world”.

    So this upcoming FAILURE is NOT because Ron is a false prophet, it’s because of the choices make by PKGers and leaders in the world.

    Fascinating, Ron never takes the blame for anything (like his tax fraud, it wasn’t tax fraud, it was the IRS/FBI persecuting him).

    No, it’s not Ron’s fault Christ is not returning, it’s YOUR FAULT PKGers.


  3. I think I might try that line on the bosses whenever I’m late for work!

    Them: “You know you were late coming in!”

    Me: “No I wasn’t………….time was fluid at the time I clocked in! Should have been five minutes EARLIER than what it said!”

    Yeah, that’ll go over like a skunk in a space suit!


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