About: False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  This blog is NOT about the “end of the world”.  It is about Ronald Weinland who falsely prophesies the end of the world, or at least the world as we know it.  For a full picture, please read this blog, my old blog location Don’t Drink the Flavor Aid, and visit the False Prophet Ronald Weinland info page.  Also check out the Biography page.

About: Mike (DDTFA).  I grew up in the Radio/Worldwide Church of God, have met Garner Ted Armstrong and suffered through a 4-hour Last Great Day sermon by God’s end-time Apostle Herbert Armstrong himself.   I rejected his nonsense even though it was shortly before the 1972 “end time”. I have since been free of HWA and his crap, but have family members still involved in Armstrongism, fortunately not Weinland’s version. Herbie’s long dead, so it’s kind of hard to pay him back. But there are plenty of other money-grubbing false prophets to pay forward, but I only have so much time.  Weinland won the lottery there.

About: The Insane Lying False Prophet and this critic & mocker — I have never been a member of Weinland’s church, nor do I have any relations who are members (fortunately).  To my recollection, I have never met the either the Spokesman Witness or the Silent Witness, although the last Feast of Tabernacles I attended was the End-Time Elijah’s first, and probably was at the same feast site near Big Sandy, TX.  The difference was that he wanted to be there and I did not.  He and I never walked side-by-side to God’s house in counsel blended sweet, not that he has the slightest clue what that really means.

About: This blog and website.  I started blogging about Ronald Weinland with comments on other peoples blogs in March of 2008 and on my own blog in April of 2008, shortly before the first time the first trumpet blew.  My former blog location is on Don’t Drink the Flavor Aid on Blogspot.  While I don’t post new content there anymore, the posts with comments are still available there.  I moved to my own domain here in July of 2009.

The content is a mixture of criticism and mocking, with the main focus on Ronald Weinland, and to a lesser extent on the other players which include his wife (the second witness), his daughter (church bookkeeper) and his ever increasing number of elders.

About: Commenters and Commenting.  There are a number of people who comment here with a range of backgrounds.  There have been current COG-PKG members, ex-COG-PKG members, wannabee COG-PKG members or fence sitters, current and former members of other Armstrongite groups.  These people have a range of religious beliefs, from atheism to barely religious to strongly religious.

This blog is NOT about converting people toward a particular belief, but rather about informing people about this false prophet and his contradictions.  Weinland provides a target-rich environment for that. Preaching on this blog is not allowed.   On the other hand, I allow simple statements about what people believe personally if it doesn’t get out of hand.  Believe what you want, but please don’t believe that Ron is a prophet of God (or anyone else for that matter).

About: Why? Why do I pick on this false prophet?  Let me say that there are plenty of other false prophets but not enough time to go after them all.  Were I to go after another it would be an Armstrongite, given my background.  “Clarion Call” Dave Pack, “Six Pack” Gerald Flurry, and Rod “Spanky” Meredith (who I’ve met long ago) are obvious targets. Also, Weinland is not the worst cult leader there ever was — but he’s bad enough. But I don’t have time to go after all the other false prophets, including these others.

I got interested in Weinland during his advertising campaign early in 2008, and with a background in Armstrongism recognized him as a clone of Herbert Armstrong, another exploiting false prophet. The difference between them is that Armstrong was more clever, while Weinland seemingly made a strong commitment to his false prophecies.  As I learned more about Weinland, I became more interested.  Learning about his mansion on the golf course and the IRS criminal investigation of him adds flavor to it as well.  Over time I have interacted with other people around the globe, some on this blog and others via private emails, and expanded my horizons somewhat.

Weinland mentions his critics and mockers often, referring to us as eagles (vultures) about the carcass of his church, which is quite an apt analogy.  Weinland has issued death curses against us, and often mocks us in sermons.  I think that secretly he appreciates having websites critical of him as in his mind it puts him in the same league with his spiritual idol, Herbert Armstrong.

Glad to be doing a service.

Email: [ekimks AT gmail DOT com] or see the picture of the mail box somewhere in the right-hand column.


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  1. hello ive been keeping up with Weinland since 2008 when i finally read a myspace ad posted. i shortly said read or have tried to the best i can read through his books and listened to tons of his audio including all interviews and tried to visit his assembly but seems to be a mismatch as for now as your told to read the books thoroughly and then i guess make a real commitment to continue in their body of believers or church of God. i was growing up totally against anything i knew as sound doctrine but now im seeing alot groups have similar different beliefs. im looking into these waiting to see if they are a dud what can be done to help these delusioned people. we all are but leaders are a more responsible. im desiring to live in Israel for spiritual reasons which do include weinland as ill surely be able to witness his ministry publicly if i make it to that. but also i beleive jerusalem to be a home base so to say for the great commission and would live there or elsewhere seems like till or after 2012. sorry if a segment is spelled wrong a picture is blocking my typing view i cant get rid of on the screen.. thanks, jjairus


  2. I just read this book by Ronald Weinland called, “2008 – GOD’s Final Witness,” and I can’t believe the things he claims have been “given” to him. It is clear that his prediction in the end of the book has not occurred. I am not out to point fingers at anyone, and I don’t have a particular church that I attend. In fact, I don’t attend any because I feel that nobody can be trusted except God Himself, so I just try to pray to God and treat others as I would want to be treated. I don’t care what church people belong to, only that they are good people who believe in God and love others. I had family who attended the Worldwide Church of God in the past before it broke up. I don’t say that everthing Mr. Armstrong said was wrong, but I also don’t believe in some of the strict, harsh rules that seemed to have driven others away from God instead of to God. Why can’t people accept others in the name of God’s Son and the sacrifice He made and stop arguing about petty rules and regulations? I just don’t get it. I thought Christ set us free from all that, but I respect that people have their own opinions. I definitely know that Mr. Weinland’s death curses on others can’t be the way of God and he should really consider what he is saying and doing. I pray to God (the God that is over all of us, no matter what church we belong to if any) that he will consider the things he is saying because we are all guilty of sin in one way or another. None of us will ever be able to live up to what it takes to be completely righteous, and that is why we have Christ.


  3. I have loosely been following the teachings of this false prophet. I have a former friend (Greg C.) that apparently got sucked up into this BS. Its very hard to believe, as Greg has always been a very smart and intellectual person. Unfortunately, a few years ago he gave up his high paying job and went to work for Ronald and the church. In the process he lost his marriage and contacts with his old friends.

    I pray that Greg’s two children are being shielded from this blasphemous church. I know he still has contact with his boys. I also hope that when the end time (2012) does not happen, that Greg does not take any type of life threatening drastic actions (don’t want to see a Jim Jones incident).

    Since Ronald can make predictions, I shall make one too. One that is likely to happen. It is known that Ronald and his wife will die on the 2012 date. However, he will still be alive. He will claim his spirit is dead, and that he is inhabited by the spirit of Jesus. Who knows what his wife will claim. Maybe she will be Moses.

    I hate to talk like this, and I surely don’t want to make fun of the believers. I always think its great on how people will act on their convictions. Its just sad to see that their being taken advantage of by a spiritual predator.


  4. Amazed at how much time you waste on a “false prophet”. Are you really that much of a loser? Did Ron pick on you in high school or something? Too funny…get a life.


  5. Joeseph, warning people about a con artist is not a waste of time. Nothing he has prophesied has come to pass. And he said he would stop preaching if nothing happened in 2008. He is still preaching his false prophecies. If you are so interested in prophecy, why do you not read what Jesus said. You would rather listen to a man named Ronald Weinland instead of your Master? That makes you a rebellious and disobediant servant!


  6. These “prophets” are nuts. I’m not sure how anyone can follow them. Anyway, I left WCG in 1998 not wanting anymore of the legalism of the Armstrong/sabbatarianism movement, yet not wanting the mainstream orthodoxy of the new WCG. It took me 5 years of searching, but I am at peace now in the gentle atmosphere of the Church of God, {redacted}. No more Old Testament legalism, just the promise to Abraham of inheritance in the coming Kingdom of God through the Christ. I hope if anyone is still searching for a home, you will check out this group. Take care!

    Robin, I don’t appreciate your trying to use my blog to promote your own particular flavor of Armstrongism cult.


  7. Quote from Robin’s website: “I plead with Judaism to recognize Jesus of Nazareth as the man and Messiah appointed by the One God of Israel.” LMAO!! “Please Jews, PLEASE!! Recognize the man you crucified, that blasphemed by proclaiming himself equal to YHWH, as Moshiach!” Holy Moly!! Robin is quite the deluded nutcase! And she sings for the Lord too. If you e-mail her she will show up at your church and sing for you. That actually sounds like a great show. Robin will beg the Jews to abandon their faith and history, AND sing about how great Herbert W. Armstrong is!

    …And who says avant-garde social theater is dead!!?!


  8. Mike, please don’t be angry at me for being curious, but may I ask why you appear to hate all groups who may have some of their beliefs rooted in what you
    refer to as “Armstrongism”?? If I’m understanding correctly, you were forced to go as a kid with family members…..but apart from that, what is the underlying reason(s) why? No, I’m not a supporter of RW who is clearly a very deluded person.


  9. “please don’t be angry at me for being curious, but may I ask why you appear to hate all groups ”

    LOL. What, is this some kind of new technique for damage control?/discrediting? LOL. Pathetic.


  10. I don’t think “Lori” is Lori. I think “Lori” is anonymous, among other names used. Avalo if you have the balls to click on “Lori”‘s link, let me know what you see.


  11. “but may I ask why you appear to hate all groups who may have some of their beliefs rooted in what you refer to as “Armstrongism”??”

    I’d like to ask the same question. Let’s parse your question. A “group” in this case is a collection of people, and this collection of people have in common is a belief in Armstrongism. And “hate” can mean a range of feeling from intense dislike to blind unthinking rage.

    So basically, you’ve said that I hate my parents and siblings because they all believe in Armstrongism and I supposedly hate all people who believe in Armstrongism. So, how intensely do you think I hate my family? And what exactly leads you to believe that?


  12. Avalo Said: Lori, please don’t be angry at me for being curious, but may I ask why you appear to hate facts?

    OMGOSH I am dying here. Laughing my butt off…Perfect come back..

    Mike, GREAT answer.. You guys are unbeatable.. haha Oh how I love to read the answers you guys respond to the stupid idiots who sneak on the blog and run like hell off of it after writing.. You guys are just too witty. I think they get scared off.
    Honestly I am busting a gut.. EXCEPT, I didn’t like the false accusations Lori made (i think she is one of the PKG anyway)
    BTW Jack635 .. I had the b***s to look up the link and all i saw was a girl with a head up her butt. Could that be Lori? Do ya thunk? 🙂


  13. Helen: I am glad you like our answers. As you can see, as much as I and Mike (DDTFA) are against Ronald Weinland’s theology, it is NOT on the terms Ron and his followers like to imagine.

    Ronald Weinland and God’s Diplomat and others see all opposition to their position as opposing “God”. Any and all refusal to do what they say is automatically defined as “hating God” or “rejecting Truth”, etc. This is why they react so strongly. Becuase they see themselves as so intimately connected to God via “God’s Truth” that they cannot differentiate God and themselves, in essence they think they are, by a transitive property, “God” themselves. Mike (DDTFA) has ALWAYS called Ronald Weinland on actualities, like Ron saying that if things didn;t turn out EXACTLY the way Ron said in his book “2008-God’s Final Witness” he would call himself a False Prophet and quit teaching. 2008 came and went, and Ron did NOT do what he said he would do, even though he himself said that to not do so would be quite literally “insane” (Ron’s actual words). So Ronald Weinland by his own words is insane. And yet when Mike (DDTFA) points this out, Ronald his sheeple say that it was GOD who changed the timing and that Ron is still somehow “correct” about his sayings. Thus Mike (DDTFA) is “LYING”. So when Ronald Weinland is proven wrong, he is still “right” in his own eyes. But when Mike (DDTFA) states actual TRUTH, he is called a hater and a liar by Ronald Weinland and his sheeple!Mike and I don’t hate anyone. We hate LIES…and Ronald Weinland is continuing to lie and lie and lie…because his followers like the lies. Ron’s lies make them feel special, like they are the only ones God really cares about because they are in “his” church. Notice how mad these people get when Mike (DDTFA) says things that make them feel as if they are not special, like they are NOT better than everyone else?

    Mike (DDTFA) is called a liar…


  14. The reality of being wrong about Ronald Weinland is an intolerable position for these people. They are so desperate to be special and wanted by God that they define God and truth in terms of THEMSELVES. This is the big difference between my position as an atheist, and their position as a member of CoG-PKG. I, Avalokiteshvara, am not “right” by what I believe, but by what has proven to be true about the world. Thus I state that the FACTS are right, not “me” personally. It is a fact that I am a human being, I am not “right” about it. The fact is right.

    Facts are not “embodied”, making the person who holds that fact a “right” person. My knowledge of the Japanese language doesn’t make me Japanese, but it does mean that I carry a correct understanding of many Japanese words and grammar forms. Once again, it is not that “I” am correct, but if I open my mouth and say something, based upon my training and experience with the language, both myself and a native Japanese speaker will be in agreement about what I am saying. If I say that the sky is perceived to be blue by human visual perception, that fact is true both inside and outside of my experience of Reality. That fact is true whether I know it or not.

    Ronald Weinland says God revealed X to him. That is not a fact OUTSIDE of Ronald Weinland. There is no evidence, no method to test the validity of that statement other than if that revelation turns out to be a fact outside of Ronald Weinland. So if Ronald Weinland says, “there will be no US president in 2009”, I now have a measurement to use to test that “fact”. It is 2011, and there still is a president in office in the States. So Ronald Weinland was wrong. But then he says God changed the timing. Once again, using the Bible and using Ron;s own words, I can safely believe that Ronald Weibland is lying, according to what the Bible states about prophets and prophecies. Not that I believe the Bible, but if Ronald Weinland quotes the Bible as his authority (or part of his authority), then it too is a measurement of Ron’s “truthiness”. So the Bible says “Fear not the prophet who doesn’t get prophecies correct EXACTLY as they say”.

    So now I have Reality, and the Bible as a foundation for any/all measurements of Ronald Weinland. He has failed at both Biblical prophecy repeatedly, AND his claims don;t match Reality. This is NOT a rejection of God and Truth. this is an affirmation that Ronald Weinland’s claims are not valid.The IRS case against Ronald Weinland has used financial and written measurements of Ronald Weinland’s financial claims and has gathered what they believe is credible evidence that Ronald Weinland has lied to them. They do not HATE Ronald Weinland any more than I hate God in general.

    Facts are not “hate”…hating those who question dubious claims made by a self-appointed Prophet of God is actual hate.


  15. This kind of self-sustaining hate is, or leads to, a very unique pathological lack of empathy, the kind that makes people who thin they are moral commit physical/emotionally spiritual violence against their fellow man. i.e. to love and fellowship with gay men and women is to tacitly agree with their views on sex. Thus, the gay man or woman must be (in a manner of speaking) “purged” from decent society by not allowing them equal rights, or the opportunity to worship at certain churches, or serve openly in the military or seek to become priests or pastors. This crime against humanity is easy to commit if you believe that you are ‘right” about something to such a degree that you are justified to act against them.

    Ronald Weinland pretends to have pity on those who don;t believe him. But it is the patronizing pity one has of a little kid who spills milk all over themselves. Us poor folks who haven;t had God’s plan revealed to us “in a powerful way” are “miserable and filled with hate”. Statements like these do NOT deal with the reality of our lives. Ron, in his self-appointed position of Chief Pitier, looks down upon people with significantly more education, life experience, religious education, earning power, etc, because it is the ONLY way he can create the illusion of his own spiritual authority. The Pope doesn;t need to tell Catholics that the rest of the world is less spiritually advanced…he is the freakin’ POPE! Imagine if the Pope’s next Easter message from the Vatican was entitled “Those Protestants just don’t understand how Pope-y I am!”, or “C’mon people, I am the f**king Pope, goddamnit!” That would be a very sad Pope message indeed!

    But every week Ronald Weinland pumps out a “I’m the Pope already! Geez!” sermon, and feels no TRUE empathy for anyone that believes otherwise…


  16. Also look at Ron’s views on women. He, in his own perceived spiritual glory has restored women to a more prominent place in “God’s Church”. They can now hold a title, and such, but this is a false paradigm. Women are not free or empowered by being slightly less discriminated against! It would be like saying “Women are now glorified by their new found permission to leave the house every day for five minutes only and cannot leave the yard…”. That is still slavery and/or discrimination.

    Why can’t a woman give an opening or closing prayer? What is so damn dangerous about a woman that she cannot stand on one side of a room facing another bunch of people on the other side of the room and pray aloud?

    If a woman is able to push a 5 pound baby out through the most sensitive area of her body, you’d think she would be an expert on prayer and beseeching God for help!


  17. Although I must admit that if my wife gave an opening prayer, it would go on for an hour and consist primarily of the following:

    “Oh God, you are so nice, and you make nice things, and the cat is nice, and my daughters are nice, and please make it rain because it is nice for the flowers, and I had a nice salad yesterday and thanks for the nice lettuce and tomatoes, and I think cucumbers are nice too, and please give everyone a nice salad so they are not hungry and they can have the nice tomatoes too, and please give our cat a nice feeling because she looks tired today, and thanks for the nice clouds and the sky and yesterday the weather was nice and I like the nice flowers at the park and…

    *twenty minutes later*

    …and then I saw a crow and it looked nice and I had a nice cup of tea and…”


  18. Our family suffered at his hands in the early 90’s. My daughter the same age as Audra was persecuted by them as she was superior in intelligence,and more attractive. Although my my husband was a deacon they tried to play us against each other. It was sick…but ol’ Ron liked me to come over and massage his “headaches”. I now think he was attracted and that is why he persecuted me so insistently. But we were allowed to be their servants. As far as Laura, dumber than dirt, mean and cruel to cover up her lack of intelligence. Bitter yes, as they scarred my child. But we were strong and did now bow at the end.


  19. This is the first allegation that Ron may have had any thoughts of straying, although it sounds like he resisted them to your detriment. He talks occasionally of trials he had while assigned in Erie, do you have any ideas what he might be talking about?


  20. My husbands parents were Elders in the church. He divided our family as we were forsaken by them. When the parents came back around to “family first” because of what was happening to our daughter we were all called in and all admonished, he had a legal pad list of everything wrong with us. I stood up to him as he declared my daughter had offended his wife. I stood and he told me to sit, I said NO, my daughter was not a liar, I don’t have to take this and walked out. All this frustrated him and his last sermon we sat at eye level in the auditorium and did a dead stare. Under his skin totally, he did not win, we have survived.


  21. I wish everyone would stand up to him as you did! I applaud you! And you know what? He didn’t strike you down with a lightning bolt!


  22. Bravo for your work. As one whose life has been changed by Jesus Christ I hope you’ll not allow the ravings of these false prophets to keep you from a relationship with God that can be found in God’s letter to you and me, the Bible. The existence of crackpots out there who misuse the Bible for their own ends in no way lessens its message to each one of us. God bless!


  23. I somehow landed on Ronald’s prophecy page today, never having heard of him, but hearing about the WWCOG and Anderson for years. My dad was a Baptist minister 🙂 It’s unbelievable how deluded people can become. How in the world can a guy believe he is one of the two Witnesses, and his WIFE is the other one? And I thought Camping was bad. I have just begun to check out your blog, love your take-no-prisoners style. I can’t wait to see whether this guy repents; my guess would be ‘no.’ I don’t think a person can drop the ego trip overnight. If these false prophets have every date covered for the next six months the Lord won’t be able to return at all … just kidding. My blog is all about defending the faith, too. God bless you for taking this important stand for truth. Even harder to understand than these false prophets are the many gullible people who believe them. This is because sadly, people simply do not read the Bible for themselves. The job we “Watchman” types have is too big for the few of us out there. Nevertheless, we will persevere until the Lord returns.


  24. I just do not understand why Ronald Weinland is still on giving sermans.
    Who are the nut cases that still want to hear him? Are there still enough
    people out there giving him enough money to keep traveling around? I
    find it very hard to believe that there are people who still are giving him
    their hard earned money.We all make remarks about why would people
    keep giving. He is the smart one to be able to keep enough people in
    his group to keep paying the nut case.How can I get enough of those
    people with not enough brains to know the differance. Why do paople
    just keep giving to such thiefs and liars.


  25. My husband used to belong to the WWCG and when it fell apart in the late 90’s he fell back into the ways of the world. He started obsessing over RW’s books in 2007 and as a result he quit a high paying job, went thru his entire 401K, racked up credit cards, claimed banruptcy in preparation for end times that were supposed to occur in 4/08. He was asked to leave our family/house since I could not deal with his rash decisions, lack of responsibility to his family. It basically turned my world upside down, I was totally blind sided by all this. After about 4 months of him being out of the house, I suppose I got “used” to his beliefs and I even started attending the church, When I look back it was to appease him. I must admit some of what RW made sense and some of his sermons had good info. However, it makes me cringe to hear the man speak. He often talks of the world being haughty and proud….yet that is exactly what he is. In my opinion he taught me how to self loathe…..something I don’t think God wants us to do. I think God wants us to love ourselves. My poor husband is still hook line and sinker with this church despite all the turmoil it has caused us and others that he is even aware about . Not to mention the FACTS that this man is a crook. The folks that still attend are so brainwashed. Some of these people are true paupers, scrounging to pay tithes and make it week to week while RW and his family live high on the hog!!!!! MAKES ME SICK!!!!!
    I really could go on and on. I pray for these poor souls in PKG to wake up and smell the coffee!
    Additionally, I think his whole family should stand trial as they are all incahoots. I really hope the IRS looks into it!


  26. Wow, Linda. I am so sorry you and your family has been through the hell RW has caused. I hope not only the IRS looks into it, but the FBI too. And I’m glad you found this blog. Mike (the admin) has done a wonderful job of investigating, reporting, and uncovering this the actions of this psycho. You are not alone, Linda. Hang in there. And I’m glad you see RW for who he really is.


  27. Thanks, I am just waiting for Sept 24th!!! Mike has done a great job with this site, and I am glad I stumbled upon it. I have personally emailed RW twice in this last week asking him to repent and apologize to his followers…..of course all I got was an auto response !! I have spoken to 2 couples, one that was disfellowshiped for having doubts, and the other that just threw in the towel. They are trying to heal their way of thinking after years of being brainwashed by that evil man ( my guess is self loathing which he drives home in all his sermons). What amazes me is how much contempt I have towards this man and what he represents, I have really never felt this way towards anyone before. I despise what he has done to the folks that follow him and how messed up in their thinking and perception of things are. I pray for the day the man I married returns to just that, the man I married!


  28. I fell victim to Ron and Armstrong after reading thier books in 2008. I paid him around 13-15 thousand dollars on a carpenters sallery over the worst 4 years of my life. I am severly depressed now, unable to work and having an incredibly difficult time to try to pick up the peices and have a basic respect for myself. I know that there is nothing that anyone can do that is unforgivable tho so my big struggle is to forgive them. Maybe he to is victim of his own delusion. I choose to believe that he is too far gone in pride and is not able to acknowledge the individuals and families that he is destroying, just a seriously mentally ill sociopath. Thanks for posting your stories it has helped me to know that Im not the only one.


  29. Thank you for your dedication to expose this Armstrong spawn fraud; well done. I would like to nominate David C Pack for your next project. He is harming innocent people and needs to be stopped. I hope that you will consider this humble and earnest request. Thank You.


    1. I’ve thought about something like that. But so many false prophets and so little time. And I do have other interests to which I devote more of my time.

      In the anti-CoG blogs, “six pack” is used to refer to another false prophet, Gerald Flurry, who was arrested back in the 90’s on a sabbath for public intoxication. Kind of confusing, I know. Have never heard any hint that David Pack has any kind of drinking problem.


  30. Not of this world (allofyoucommenton) says:
    February 2, 2013 at 02:55
    Just wondering how much it took you to set up this page and where the money comes from???
    I smell hate slander and mocking!!!
    If this Ron be a false prophet, let God judge him…….
    Him going to jail is quite an example of other prophets in the past…..
    And if you all know the true God, why are you spending so much energy on others???
    And if you are doing so well in this world, is it not a sign that you are of the world…
    I rather be mocked than get praises for running someone down the way all do….
    I am thinking of joining the mocked one……
    Thank you for all the advertising on Ron, it has captured my imagination.


  31. Don’t worry Avalo, that’s just another ‘drive-by’ ***t.
    Its all part of the fun, of seeing ‘ol Bubble-ed behind bars, where he belongs…………… Its probably Wayne Mathews, ( chip on shoulder ), wondering how he’s gonna keep the sheeple interested, with his boring ‘ol sermons, and nasty attitude, when someone asks ” WHERE IS YOU’RE CREDIBILITY, YOU SAP-SUCKING ***T ?, Wayne will start crying, and melt in fear….., Wayne has no Authority over the people of America.


  32. In response to Ches Gardener,
    “Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me.
    But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee?
    In tithes and offerings.
    Ye are cursed with a curse:for ye have robbed me”‘
    It seems clear that when tithes are given, it’s not yours but Gods money,
    So what those in that position do with it is not your problem….
    All that is left for you is to obey that scripture so you can come out of the curse.
    So it’s God that is providing for this Rons travels, are you jealous,
    jealousy does not come from God but from the evil one…


  33. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I’m quite sure I will learn lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!


  34. You are so interesting! I don’t think I’ve read through something like that before.
    So great to discover someone with unique thoughts on this issue.

    Seriously.. thank you for starting this up. This web site is one thing
    that’s needed on the web, someone with a little originality!


  35. After I initially commented I seem to have clicked
    the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox
    and from now on each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.
    Perhaps there is a way you are able to remove me from
    that service? Appreciate it!


  36. Ron Weinland is currently in prison, where he belongs. His empire is still going on in his absence. Does anyone know the state of his kingdom without him at the helm? I do not know why his followers still stay with this group when they know he is in prison.


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