A Personal Timeline for False Prophet Ronald Weinland

1949, May 30: Ronald Eugene Weinland was born to David and Ramona Weinland in the state of Colorado. He was the oldest of five children, growing up in western Kansas on a farm near Russell Springs. Weinland attended college in Hays after graduation from high school one year earlier than normal.

mustang1969: Ron undergoes various trials including a car accident, an altercation in which his jaw was broken, and the loss of his best friend in Vietnam. Weinland is introduced to Armstrongism by his father during his college summer break, and believes it immediately without resorting to reading any biblical scriptures or other research.  In sermons Weinland often mentions this incident, using it as an example of how God “just puts it in the mind”.

1969, September 9: Weinland is baptized into Herbert Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God.  Initially he returned to college in Hays but dropped out and moved to Hutchinson for a time.Weinland Bricket Wood

1972-73: Weinland attends the Bricket Wood (England) campus of Herbert Armstrong’s Ambassador College as a first year student.

Ron Weinland class president

1973-74: Weinland is class president of the second-year students at Bricket Wood.

1974-75: The Bricket Wood campus is closed, so Weinland transfers to Ambassador College’s Big Sandy campus in Texas.

1975, May 16: Using some credits from worldly institutions, Weinland graduates a year early with a Bachelor’s degree in theology and a minor in Mathematics from unaccredited Ambassador College.  He is not assigned as a ministerial assistant as are many of that year’s other male graduates.  (A ministerial assistant was an intern-like position to prepare a ministerial candidate).

1975, August 3: Weinland marries Laura Gail Short of the Corpus Christi area.  The Weinlands moved to Kansas for a year.  Laura didn’t like it there, so they moved to Houston.

1977: Daughter Audra is born.  The Weinlands are living in Houston.  Weinland worked in sales Weinland ordainedfor the petrochemical industry.

1981, April 18: Weinland is ordained as a Local Elder in WCG while in Houston, TX.  The Weinlands remained in Houston for some time after that.  (Ordained ranks within Armstrong’s WCG were, in ascending order: Deacon, Local Elder, Preaching Elder, Pastor, Evangelist, Pastor General).

1982: Weinland is hired as a ministerial assistant under Keith Walden for WCG congregations in Texas and New Mexico.  The Weinlands move to Lubbock.

1984, December:  Weinland attends a ministerial refresher course at WCG’s headquarters in Pasadena, CA.  He is listed as the Associate Pastor in the Cincinnati area.Ron & Laura 1984

1985: Son Jeremy is born. The Weinlands are living in northern Kentucky near Cincinnati.

1986, January 16: Herbert Armstrong dies. Joseph Tkach, Sr succeeds him as Pastor General of the Worldwide Church of God.

1987, March 21: Weinland is raised in rank from local elder to preaching elder.

1987 (approx): Weinland is transferred to the northwestern Pennsylvania area as pastor over congregations in Erie and Franklin.

1994, July: Weinland is transferred from Erie, PA to pastor WCG’s Toledo, OH congregation.

1994, December 17: While in Atlanta, Joseph Tkach, Senior delivers his infamous sermon dismantling Armstrongism in the Worldwide Church of God. Tkach reprises the sermon a week later in Big Sandy, TX and a video of this sermon is distributed throughout the all the other local WCG congregations during January, 1995. Weinland later refers to Tkach’s sermon in Atlanta as the opening of the first seal of the book of Revelation.  He also refers to Tkach’s sermon as the “abomination of desolation” with WCG as the rebuilt temple and Tkach as the “man of sin” and “the Son of Perdition” of 2 Thes 2.

1995, March 6: Weinland and the Worldwide Church of God part ways.  Ron claims to have resigned.  (The Worldwide Church of God is now doing business as Grace Communion International).
Weinland Choking Chicken1995, April 25: The United Church of God Toledo Inc is incorporated by Weinland in Delaware.   Weinland becomes a pastor with the United Church of God (an International Association) which formed in 1995 after Tkach’s doctrinal changes. His Toledo area UCG congregation is made up of those who left WCG in response to Tkach’s doctrinal changes. The UCG became the largest of the splinters from WCG, surpassing Rod Meredith’s Global COG (later Living COG) and Gerald Flurry‘s Philadelphia COG, even though the other groups were established prior to the 1995 breakup of WCG.

1995, Sept 23: Joseph Tkach Sr. dies of cancer, exactly 40 weeks after “opening the first seal” in Atlanta.  Weinland attaches great significance to this time, including it as part of the proof of his prophecies, even falsely claiming that Tkach’s death was to the very hour of that day in which he gave the sermon.

1996, December 27: Weinland writes an open letter criticizing UCG financial management.

1997, April 14: Weinland’s father dies.

1997, May 26: Weinland resigns from UCG and most of his Toledo area congregation leaves with him to form an independent congregation. Some former WCG members from Detroit, Cincinnati and Meadville, PA also join him. Later on, the corporate name is changed to The Church of God, Inc, and the web site set up later identifies the organization as such.

1997, June 15 (Pentecost): In 2009, Weinland claims that he had resigned from UCG on Pentecost of 1997, although in 1998 his own church website stated that he had resigned on May 30, 1997.

1998, January: Weinland publishes the first issue of “News Watch” which is published intermittently over the following four years.  “News Watch” lays the foundation for much of his later prophetic theme. Weinland recruits ex-WCG members from other areas including Georgia and Texas.

1998, April: Ordained Terry Wrozek of Michigan as elder.

1998, May 30 (the day prior to Pentecost): Ron claims this as the end of a prophetic 1260-day period which began on December 17, 1994 with Joe Tkach Sr opening the first seal of the book of Revelation.

98fot1998: Lay members organize a Feast of Tabernacles site near Niagara Falls.  Weinland later characterizes this as the first feast of the COG-PKG organization.  Johnny Harrell is ordained as elder.

Lee_Greenwod_theater1999, Sept 25 – Oct 2:  Feast of Tabernacles are held in Sevierville, TN in association with Al Buchanan’s Belleville (Illinois) CoG.

1999, November: Ron and Laura begin their globetrotting with a trip to Europe financed by Steve and Patty Dalrymple.  Weinland spent time in the Netherlands and also traveled to London where he met the Ikwuemes and Phillip Burman.

2000, January: The banner of this month’s issue of News Watch changes, adding a logo reminiscent of the seal of Ambassador college with a child, a lion, and a lamb, and also a new slogan “Preparing for the Kingdom of God”.

2000, January 29: In a 3-hour sermon  Weinland discusses his side in the dispute with the lay church board over control of church finances (20 MB MP3 files, right-click then “Save As” MP3 part 1, MP3 part 2).

2000, February 5:  During that week’s sermon  (MP3), Weinland passes out a survey (PDF) for the members to fill out.  Based on answers, some were issued a letter suspending their membership (PDF).  In another  letter on Feb 7 (PDF), Weinland reinstates their membership explaining that it was necessary only for him to disfellowship the board members.   The Church of God – PKG is incorporated in Delaware on Feb. 11.  Although operating under the name Church of God – PKG, the legal corporation continues as The Church of God, Inc (EIN 341799827) which is the amended name of the first corporation incorporated in 1995

2000, Oct 14-21: Feast of Tabernacles, held in Sevierville, TN.  Shortly before the feast, Weinland publishes his booklet “Time is Running Out” on glossy paper.

2001, Jan/Feb:  The domain “” was established, and web traffic from the  organization’s former website is redirected to it.

2001, April: Weinland travels to Jerusalem for Passover.

2001, September 11: Terrorists fly hijacked aircraft into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Weinland refers to 9/11 as the opening of the Sixth Seal of the book of Revelation and the beginning of the Seven Thunders from Revelation 10 which he defined.

2001, Oct 2-9: Feast of Tabernacles is held in Sevierville, TN.

2001, Nov: Weinland takes a Caribbean cruise.

Embassy_Suites_Orlando-Lake_Buena_Vista2002, Sept 21-28: Feast of Tabernacles, held in Orlando, FL. Daughter Audra is baptized at this event.

2002, Dec 28: Weinland announces that he is traveling to Switzerland to open a bank account under his own name to place church funds.

2003, Jan: Weinland travels to Switzerland to open bank accounts denominated in euros and Swiss francs.  From later statements, it is estimated that he deposited approximately $300,000 in the Swiss bank accounts.

2003, Feb: Weinland travels to New Zealand and Australia.

2003, May: Weinland publishes his booklet “Time Has Run Out”.

2003, June 8: Weinland travels to the Netherlands for Pentecost.

fotcoloradosprings2003, July: Weinland begins writing his book “Prophesied End Time”.

2003, Oct 11-18: Feast of Tabernacles, held in Colorado Springs, CO.  Son Jeremy is baptized at this event.

2003, October/November: Weinland takes a Mediterranean cruise with a stop at the Isle of Patmos where the Apostle John is reputed to have written the book of Revelation.

2004: Weinland publishes his first book, “Prophesied End Time”.  Weinland takes ownership of the Internet domain “” to market his book.  In January of 2005 he makes his book available as a PDF download.

2004 March: Weinland travels to New Zealand and Australia.

Ronald Weinland's Mansion2004, May: Weinland travels to Belgium.

2004, July: Weinland takes a 7-day Alaskan cruise.

2004, Sep 30 to Oct 7: Feast of Tabernacles, held in Tennessee.

2005, February 18: Weinland takes out a mortgage of $300,000 on his his current residence in Northern Kentucky (across the Ohio River from Cincinnati) purchased for $381,000.

2005, March: Weinland travels to New Zealand and Australia with a stopover in Hawaii.

2005, April: Weinland sells his home in Toledo for $222,000.  He may have applied any equity from closing against his home in Northern Kentucky.

2005, June: Weinland travels to the Netherlands for Pentecost.

2005, August 4 (approx): Weinland suffers a heart attack and has triple bypass surgery.  Terry Wrozek and Johnny Harrell delivered 5 sermons while he recovers.

fotnashville2005, Oct 18-25: Feast of Tabernacles (Nashville, TN). Weinland imposes his new doctrine that Jesus did not exist prior to his birth to Mary.  He tells the COG-PKG membership that “NOT ONE WORD” of discussion was to take place against this idea.

2005, Nov 19:  Weinland states that he is writing a second book, and implies that he will be one of the two end-time witnesses.

2005, Dec 17 (Exactly 11 years after Tkach’s Atlanta sermon): Reading from a draft of the 1st chapter of his book “2008 – God’s Final Witness”, Weinland clearly announces that he is one of the End Time Witnesses of Revelation 11, but refuses to name the second witness.

2005, Dec 31: Weinland drops enough hints to indicate that the second end-time witness would be his wife, Laura.  He warns his church members not to reveal her identity.

2006, March: Weinland travels to New Zealand and Australia.

2006, June: Weinland travels to the Netherlands and vacations in Italy including a tour of the Vatican.

2006, July 22: Weinland calls a church-wide fast, telling his members that it is time to liquidate.  The Laodicean era would end within 2 years followed by the 3 1/2 years of tribulation.

2006, Oct 7-14: Feast of Tabernacles, held in Nashville, TN.

2006, November 14: Weinland releases his second book “2008 — God’s Final Witness” to a book publisher.   Initially, the book was available only as a download in PDF format on his “” website as printing was delayed by several months..  The book contradicted itself immediately, as its last page states “When this book is published at the end of summer of 2006, (with distribution in full swing in the fall), there will be a maximum time of two years remaining before the world will be plunged into the worst time of all human history.

2006, December: Weinland travels to Australia.

2007 January 18: Weinland purchases the first of three BMWs during 2007, this one a 328xi.

2007 January 18: Weinland purchases the second of three BMWs during 2007, this one a 535xi.

2007, May 27 (Pentecost): Weinland travels to Belgium.  After that he travels to Istanbul, Turkey.

2007, June: Hard copies of “2008 – God’s Final Witness” are made available for purchase on

2007, July 28: Weinland holds an elders conference in Las Vegas.

2007, August: Weinland travels to Europe with stops in London and Antwerp.FOT_hotel_3

2007 January 6:  Weinland mentions sending letters to the 5 ministers he prophesied to die as part of his definition of the fifth thunder of Revelation chapter 10.

2007 January 18: Weinland purchases the first of three BMWs purchased during 2007, this one a 335i.  Weinland also helps daughter Audra get a mortgage on her condominium.

2007, Sept 27-Oct 4:  Feast of Tabernacles, held in Lexington, KY.

2007, October 4 (Last Great Day): In his “Total Resolve” sermon, Weinland announces stepped up activity to prepare for his prophetic timeline including spending more money on Google Adwords.  He announces that there would no organized Feast of Tabernacles in 2008.  Instead members were to send in second tithe on a weekly basis to fund the Internet advertising campaign.

Ron's Cruise Ship2007, October 7-20:  On their third trip crossing the Atlantic during 2007, Ron and Laura show their Total Resolve after the Feast of Tabernacles by going on a 12-day Mediterranean cruise vacation originating in Istanbul, including stops in Greece and Italy, and ending in Barcelona.

2007, October 27: Weinland directs members to keep only 1/4 of second tithe for expenses to attend the holy days, and to send the remainder to him weekly in order to finance his Google ad campaign.  He claims to be refinancing his home to extract his equity to donate to the church.  This is done as a suggestion that his members do the same to show their Total Resolve.

2007, November 3: Weinland discusses refinancing the equity in his house to give to the church.  He suggests waiting until 2008 to perform transactions that would have tax implications, stating it wouldn’t matter then (given the implication that the federal government would be collapsed by 2009 and unable to collect 2008 taxes).

2007, December 29: Weinland promises that he would not change his prophecies if they fail, mocking those who did — “it’s about the paycheck.”

2007, December 30-31: Weinland vacations at the Hyatt Hotel in Hawaii.

2008 – God’s Final Witness

2008, January: Weinland travels to New Zealand and Australia.  While there, he is filmed for a TV program which aired in November on the Australian ABC network.

GCScr2008, Jan 12: Speaking in Surfer’s Paradise on Australia’s Gold Coast, Weinland announces the ordinations of Johnny Harrell of Georgia and Wayne Matthews of Australia as Evangelists, and Adrian Gray of New Zealand as an elder.

2008, Jan 21-23: Weinland vacations at the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  Although this venue has hosted some of his elders conferences, there was not one at that time.

2008, Feb 2: Weinland announces that some COG-PKG members are “sealed” as part of the 144,000 to be resurrected at Christ’s return.

2008, February/March: Weinland travels to Europe, accompanied by elders from the US.

2008, March 1: Weinland announces the ordination of Jimmy Carlisle of Dallas as elder.

2008 March 15: Weinland announces the ordinations to elder of Shawn Christal (New London, Missouri), Gijs Van Lerberghe (Belgium), Phillip Burman (UK), Willem Henderson (Netherlands).

2008, Mar 18:  Opening of the Seventh seal in the first timeline. In his sermon of Mar 22nd, Weinland claims that he never said anything would happen on that day despite the following statement in “2008 – God’s Final Witness”: “the world will be shocked and in horror on the day that the Seventh Seal is opened.”

2008, Mar 22: Announces the ordinations to elder of Jim Jamieson of Idaho and Don Edwards of Arizona.

2008, Mar 29: In his “Three More Weeks” sermon, Weinland issues his “if by Pentecost…” declaration, in which he promised to stop preaching by Pentecost if evidence of the First Trumpet (destruction of vegetation and animals) not abundantly clear by then,  and also to admit he’s a false prophet if the Second Trumpet (the great loss of human life, “nukular” explosions in US port cities) does not occur by the end of July. (MP3 Audio Clip)

2008, Apr 3: Weinland posts an announcement to his blog that he and Laura together with the Harrells will be traveling to Jerusalem on April 17th for the first Blowing of the First Trumpet, which will increase in its destructive effects over the following 7-week period.

2008, Apr 7: In an interview with Cincinnati radio station WLW’s Mike McConnell, Weinland promises to absolutely stop preaching “if by Labor Day we’re still having a picnic”. (MP3 Audio Clip).

2008, Apr 10: In an interview with talkSport’s James Whale (UK), Weinland prophesies that nuclear explosions will occur within 45 to 90 days after April 17th.  He implies that the pope would be given special powers during his April 17th visit to Washington DC. Weinland promises to admit to being a false prophet if nothing happens by mid June. (MP3 Audio Clip).

2008, Apr 17: Blowing of the First Trumpet under the first timeline. Weinland supposedly “begins his job” as an End-Time Witness while traveling in Jerusalem together with his wife and Johnny and Myrtle Harrell.  Weinland posts to his blog announcing his wife Laura as second witness.

2008, Apr 19: Weinland records his “Has Begun” sermon while in Jerusalem.  In this sermon Weinland performs the only exercise of his Witness powers by issuing a death curse against his mockers who are to die slowly from the inside.

2008, Apr 26: Weinland announces that the Second Trumpet (“nukular” detonations in US port cities) will not blow before Pentecost.

2008, April 30 (approx): A financial institution reports to the IRS unusual transaction activity involving Weinland’s personal accounts and that of the church.

2008 May 3: Weinland offers to return extra donations above normal tithes and offerings, provided it’s asked for before Pentecost.  (According to him no one did.)

2008, May 24: Weinland announces son Jeremy’s marriage (to Patricia Palacios of Spain) and move to Germany.

2008, June 8 (Pentecost): Weinland continues to preach despite the lack of evidence of the First Trumpet.  By doing so, he defined himself as an Insane Liar according his “If by Pentecost” declaration of March 29.

2008, June 21: Weinland announces the failures of his prophecies, but claims that he is still a prophet.  As a teaser he announces that a 50th Truth to be announced on the Feast of Trumpets (Sept 30). Members are to start saving all of second tithe (instead of sending 3/4 of it to Weinland) in order to attend an abbreviated Feast of Tabernacles (4 days only) later in the fall. That same day a speculated revised timeline circulates the anti-Weinland blog-o-sphere which was later verified to be correct.

2008, June 28: Weinland announces that God had answered members prayers and allowed him to announce the 50th Truth and new timeline with Christ returning on Pentecost, 2012.  His justification for the timeline change was that (1) it was 40 weeks exactly from Christmas of 2007 until the Feast of Trumpets of 2008 which related to the  judgment on the “son of perdition” Joseph Tkach Sr., and (2) it was 1335 days exactly from the Feast of Trumpets 2008 until Pentecost of 2012.

Weinland IRS Summons2008, July 2: Weinland is confronted by two IRS special agents who question him in his home.

2008, July 5: Weinland mentions a great personal trial and spiritual battles.

2008, July 8: The Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS issues the first of 12 summonses to various financial institutions for the financial records of Weinland, his wife, and the Church of God for tax years 2004 through 2008.  The IRS CID enforces against violations of the tax code such as tax evasion and tax fraud.

2008, July 16: The “45-90 day” time frame expires for the nuclear explosions in US port cities which Weinland had prophesied.  Weinland does not admit to being a false prophet, further confirming himself as an Insane Liar according to his own declaration of March 29, 2008.

2008, July 26: Weinland mentions experiencing great spiritual battles, and that without God’s protection he could be done in by governments.  And wished he could say more.

2008, July 29: Weinland files a motion in US Federal Court to quash the IRS Criminal Investigation summonses.

2008, August 3: Weinland’s “government problems” are revealed on the Internet.

2008, September 2: Weinland and the IRS reach a settlement on his motion to quash.  The IRS agrees to withdraw and reissue the summonses with tax year 2008 removed from the required production of financial records.

2008, September: Weinland travels to the UK and Belgium.

2008, September 9: Weinland’s daughter Audra marries Chris Little while traveling with her father in Europe.  Ronald Weinland performs the ceremony; later he completes and files the marriage certificate showing that the ceremony took place in Union, KY.

2008, September 20:Weinland hosts a wedding reception for his daughter at his home.

2008, September 30: (Feast of Trumpets): ReSealing of the 144,000 in Weinland’s second timeline. Weinland travels to Hawaii to give a sermon to the local group there.  Other areas listen to a pre-recorded sermon.

2008, October: Weinland travels to Australia for the Day of Atonement, then to New Zealand for the first part of the Feast of Tabernacles and returning to Australia for the second part.

2008, October 21 (Last Great Day): Weinland states that he has funds set aside in a Swiss bank account for use by the Two Witnesses (Ron and Laura Weinland), and that other financial assets are available for their use.  Weinland announced that there would not be an organized Feast of Tabernacles in 2009, not even half of one, and reimposed the requirement to send 3/4 of second tithe to him.

2008, October 31: Weinland pays his property tax bill of $3715.13 directly to the county instead of through a mortgage company, strongly suggesting that he did not show Total Resolve by refinancing his house to extract the equity from his house to donate to the church as he had claimed he was doing several times late in 2007 and early in 2008 as a strong suggestion to his followers to donate heavily to his church.

2008, November 14: ReOpening of the Seventh Seal in Weinland’s second timeline. Weinland holds his second elders conference in 2008 in Nashville that weekend.  Weinland elevates three as senior elders within the US.

2008, November 23: Australian TV network ABC airs a program using material of Weinland taped earlier in January.  Weinland didn’t come out too well in the program, being used as an example of a deluded individual rather than being allowed to promote his delusions.  Ron’s book was shown for only a few seconds with no details of how to obtain a copy.

2008, November 29: While in the UK, Weinland ordains William Milne of Scotland as elder.

2008, December 6: On his third trip to the Netherlands in 2008, Weinland claims that he is repatriating his Swiss funds, implying that this is in response to government suspicions that he is a terrorist (rather than that IRS Criminal Investigation suspects that he’s guilty of criminal tax evasion).  The euro had fallen against the dollar during the few months previous to this statement.

2008, December 14: ReBlowing of the First Trumpet in Weinland’s second timeline.  Ron and Laura Weinland travel to Jerusalem for the second time in 2008, with a side trip to tour the pyramids in Egypt. While in Jerusalem,  Ron ordains Laura as Prophetess and places her just below him over the rest of the church.

2008, December 20: Weinland repeats the death curse against his mockers, who are to die from the inside — except now speedily rather than slowly as before.  Elder Jack Wood of Australia died and was given a funeral (unlike other COG-PKG members who died and chose not to have a funeral.)  Wood was formerly an elder in Gerald Flurry’s Philadelphia COG.

2008, December 27: Weinland announces a fast for the following sabbath.  He attempts to explain away the discrepancies on the last page of his book.

2009 – God’s False Witness

2009, January 1: Weinland is named as Ambassador Watch’s Person of the Year for 2008.

2009, January 3: Weinland announced a 2-day fast for Jan 31 (7th sabbath of the Great Tribulation) for able bodied adults.  In his sermon, he said it could be up to a year and a half before the second trumpet blows.  He announced that the requirement to send in 3/4 of second tithe would end in February.

2009, January 10: Weinland announced the ordination of Tom Burnside of San Jose, CA as an elder.  He prepared his followers for more delays of fulfilled prophecy, implying that the Fifth trumpet could be delayed for two years.

2009, January 20: Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president despite Weinland’s prophecy that no new president would take office.

2009, January 31: The Church of God – PKG undergoes a 2-day fast, no food or water.  The members are instructed to pray for death and disaster via an increase in intensity of the “thunders” so that more would be humbled so they could be saved.

2009, February 7: Weinland announces the posting of new information on his blog to explain the failures of the prophecies announced in radio interviews in May 2008 and before.

2009, February 14: Weinland announces travel plans to destinations in the US most weekends into the following May and a trip to the Netherlands/ Belgium on Pentecost (May 31) followed by London on the first weekend of June.

2009, March 6: Weinland is a guest on Cincinnati radio station 700 WLW’s Mike McConnell show.  This is his first interview in 10 months.  He claims that he can’t acknowledge being a false prophet, and at one point is irritated when interrupted by McConnell, stating that people don’t want to hear what God has to say.  Weinland prophesies “nukular” explosions within a year.

2009, March 14: Ninety days elapse since the reBlowing of the First Trumpet without any nuclear explosions in US port cities.  On the 26th, Citizen X (who was the only blogger allowing for the possibility that Ron’s prophecies were true) declared Weinland to be a false prophet.

2009, May 30: Weinland travels to Belgium and the Netherlands for Pentecost.

2009, June 6; While in the UK, Weinland appoints William Milne as senior elder in the UK, reporting to Wayne Matthews who is now the evangelist placed over Europe.

2009, June 17: Weinland speaks at Moses Znaimer’s ideaCity in Toronto. YouTube clip 1 clip 2. Ron is offended by a following presentation by comedian Rick Miller and leaves the event early.

2009, June 20: Weinland posts to his blog and delivers a sermon promising to restructure his timeline in a sermon to be delivered on the Last Great Day.

2009, June 21, 12:04 PM UTC: Another of Weinland’s prophecies fails as the US does not meet its demise within 6 months following the fall season of 2008 as prophesied on the last page of his book.

2009, July 11: Weinland promotes long-time elder Terry Wrozek to senior elder.

2009, August 10: Weinland’s daughter and COG-PKG bookkeeper Audra Little is served with an administrative summons by an IRS Criminal Investigation special agent.

2009, August 29: After condemning Facebook the prior week, Weinland speaks against it more forcefully stating that Facebook would not exist during the Millennium, and that his elders are prohibited from being on Facebook.  Most members with Facebook accounts close or abandon them.

2009, Sept 5: Weinland promotes Terry Wrozek to evangelist and Johnny Harrell to senior evangelist.  This makes three evangelist-ranked individuals despite a statement in January 2008 that there would only be two.

2009, Sept 19 (Feast of Trumpets): On this high day which is also the 40th sabbath and 280th day of the second Great Tribulation and day of judgment, Weinland fails to make an appearance in Georgia as scheduled.  Later he explains it as exhaustion compounded with allergies.

2009, Oct 3-10 (Feast of Tabernacles): Weinland travels to Rotorua, New Zealand and then to Rye, Victoria, Australia.  In his Last Great Day sermon, Ron modifies his second time line explaining that a “time” in Daniel 12:7 is 280 days rather than 360 days and that the new time, times, and half-a-time 980-day period began after the Feast of Trumpets 2009 but includes Pentecost 2012. This requires a gap between the first 280 days of the 1260-day period and the 980 period.  He also stated that the European beast power might not arise until August of 2011.

Audra Weinland Little's Affidavit
Audra Weinland Little’s Affidavit

2009, Oct 14: The Department of Justice files a motion in US federal court to enforce the IRS Criminal Investigation administrative summons on Weinland’s daughter Audra since she refused to appear to give testimony on August 21 as directed by the summons.

2009, Oct 17: Weinland corrects his 980-day period modification to begin the day immediately after Trumpets 2009, therefore it does not include Pentecost 2012.

2009, Oct 31: Weinland conducts an elders conference in Las Vegas.  Only Laura and the evangelists and senior elders were in attendance.

2009, Nov 14: Weinland announces that he is an apostle as well as a prophet.  This was revealed to him while Laura was driving him to Detroit on October 24.

2009, Nov 19: A federal court judge issues an order compelling Audra Weinland Little to appear in response to the the summons issued by IRS Criminal Investigation.  (Click on the graphic for an expanded view of Audra’s affidavit.) In the judge’s written opinion, the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution did not give Audra the right to refuse to appear although she still has the right to refuse to answer specific questions which may incriminate her and not just her father.

2009, Nov 21: Weinland travels to the Netherlands.

2009, Nov 28: Weinland travels to the UK.  While there, he de-ordains Elder Benjamin Ikwueme who then quits the church. At issue was Benjamin’s refusal to give up his Facebook account.  The following week he announced that Ikwueme was disfellowshipped for emailing his side of the story to church members.

2009, Dec 19: Weinland claims that he is the final Elijah-to-come, adding another title previously reserved for his spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong.

2009, Dec 26: Weinland announces a change in doctrine: women would be ordained and eligible to baptize.  On the prior weekend, the evangelists’ wives were ordained to the rank of senior elder (Angela (Ann) Wrozek, Myrtle Harrell, and Christine (Chris) Matthews).  A category of associate elder was added, and Weinland announced intentions to ordain a large number of men and women.

2010gfw2010 – God’s Falser Witness

2010, Jan 2: Weinland announces 55 additional names of members being ordained, including son Jeremy and daughter Audra (to senior elder).  Only the first names were stated, with Weinland claiming that the critics would twist and distort about the elders.  Nevertheless, this blog provided full names for more than half of the new elders.

2010, Jan 9: Weinland claims the publication of elders names on this blog is evidence of stirring in “the scattering” and was a favor to the church.  Even so, he did not give Beth Bucheit’s last name when announcing her ordination.

2010, Jan 23: While in Dallas, Weinland ordains Dee Charles Blummer and 4 others.

2010, Feb 27: Weinland conducts a training session for the new elders at the Embassy Suites hotel in Blue Ash, Ohio.

2010, March 20: Wayne Matthews delivers the sermon for Weinland.

2010, March 27: Weinland travels to New Zealand for Passover and the first part of the Days of Unleavened Bread.  While in New Zealand and Australia, Weinland ordains 5 members.

2010, April 8: Weinland returns from Australia to the US, proceeding directly to the Phoenix metropolitan area for services on April 10.

2010, April 26: While in Denver, Weinland ordains his brother-in-law Scott Cameron to the rank of elder and two others to associate elder.

2010, May 23 (Pentecost): Weinland travels to the Netherlands, and the following weekend appears in London.

2010, June 26: Speaking in Toronto, Weinland delivers the “More Time” sermon observing the end of the first “Time” of the modified second timeline.

2010, August: Weinland promotes David Conley, Lori Williams, and brother-in-law Scot Cameron to senior elder.  Also ordains his sister Kristina.

2010, September: Weinland travels to Australia and New Zealand for the Day of Atonement and Feast of Tabernacles. During the Feast of Tabernacles, he reveals 4 new trivial “truths” such as that Satan will dies. Weinland fails to make an appearance for the Saturdays prior to and following the Feast of Tabernacles.

2010, October 2: Weinland fails to make his scheduled appearance in the Sydney, Australia area.  Wayne Matthews announces that Ron is ill, and the following Saturday Johnny Harrell announces that he’d had appendicitis and was in Australia recuperating from surgery.

2010, October 23: Weinland makes his first appearance in more than 3 weeks at a conference with his evangelists and senior elders held at the Venetian Resort, Hotel, and Casino, a five-star facility with weekend room suite rates beginning at $199 nightly.

2010, October 27: Weinland refinances his home with a mortgage in the amount of $267,100.

2010, November 13: Weinland announces the elevation of Mitch Williams to senior elder.  He makes no mention of the day being the end of “Time and Half-a-Time” in his revision of the second timeline for the Great Tribulation.

2011, February 12: Weinland states that he his praying for an increase in the “thunders”.  The following Saturday, Feb 19, he calls on his followers to pray for the thunders to increase. The thunders are to strike the US first.

2011, Feb 25: Weinland posts on his blog that it was time for the thunders to increase, striking the US first.

2011, March 12: Two days following the Sendai Tsunami which struck northeastern Japan, Weinland states that after the Christchurch earthquake, he prayed for a much stronger earthquake.

2011, April 3: Two days prior, Weinland posted on his blog that 40 weeks of judgment on the scattered nations of Israel and primarily the United States were to begin on this date.

2011, June 12: The last Pentecost before Christ doesn’t return.  As usual, Weinland was in the Netherlands on this date.

2011, October 20: In his Last Great Day sermon, Weinland speaking unclearly implies that a revelation had come to him that Christ would not return on the following Pentecost.  By the end of the sermon, he declared that the relation was from Satan and that he was more certain than ever that Christ would return as scheduled.  Many members were quite disturbed by this sermon.

2011, October 31: Ronald Weinland pays the property tax on his house even through civil action for non payment would not be taken until after Christ’s scheduled return.

2011, November 8: Ronald Weinland posts on his blog his affirmation that Christ’s return was scheduled for May 27, 2012.

2011, November 10: Ronald Weinland is indicted for tax evasion in US Federal Court.

2011, November 22: Ronald Weinland is arraigned in US Federal Court.  (click on graphic to the right for a full-size view of the court document) Bail in the amount of $20,000 was granted for a jury trial scheduled to begin Tuesday, January 31, 2012.

2011, December 12: A hearing is conducted in federal court to consider Weinland’s motion for a continuance of the trial with a requested delay of at least 180 days.  The judge agrees to continue but for only 49 days with a new trial date of Tuesday, March 20, 2012.

2012 December 22: Ronald Weinland is offered a chance to interview on high-powered radio station WGN in Chicago but refuses to participate.

2012, January 7: The end of Weinland’s sixth 140-day half-a-time.  Weinland points out that Christ’s scheduled return is 13 times 70 weeks since Tkach’s apostasy in Atlanta on 12/17/94.

2012, January 11: Ronald Weinland holds his first interview in over two years on low-powered AM radio station in Cambridge, Maryland.  The following day he posts on his blog about the 13 times 70 weeks, and repeats his claim that Tkach died 40 weeks later to the hour after delivering his sermon.  The following weekend his to-the-hour claim was debunked.

2012, February 11: Ronald Weinland announces that the 5 months of torment of the book of Revelation had started, and that torment could be as brief as a few minutes any time during the 5-month period.  The beginning of the torment also precedes the blowing of the fifth trumpet.

2012, February 24: During a hearing to consider a motion by Weinland’s criminal defense attorney, Federal Court Judge Danny Reeves decides to delay the criminal trial of Ronald Weinland until June 4th to allow the defense more time to prepare.  The pre-trial conference is also delayed, to May 21.

2012, March 31: Weinland calls a fast for his church (although he himself does not fast on that day) as he speaks in Los Angeles on the way to New Zealand and Australia.

2012, April 21: Weinland announces that he and his wife will not be taken to Jerusalem and killed 3 1/2 days before Christ returns.

2012, May 19: Weinland delivers what he claims to be his last live webcast in front of acolytes in London, UK.

2012, May 21: Weinland appears in federal court in Covington, KY for the pre-trial conference for the criminal tax evasion case. His lawyers file several motions in limine to suppress testimony in the forthcoming trial, indicating that Weinland was paying them to defend him in a trial that would not start until after his prophesied date for Christ’s return.

2012, May 23: Weinland and his wife are not killed in the streets of Jerusalem. Instead, he posts to his blog prophesying that God’s church would be reunited when Christ returned, with 63000 survivors warned by the deaths of 7000 to include leading ministry of other splinter CoGs and critical bloggers.

2012, May 24:Weinland posts a sermon for the following, final weekend on Thursday.  During the sermon, he reads his “final” blog post and also a just-in-case letter to his children.

2012, May 26: When Christ does not appear at the appointed time, Weinland posts to his blog that it might still happen at sunset in a different timezone.  If it doesn’t, he has a heavy heart for his members.

2012, May 27: Weinland delivers a Pentecost sermon in person and not as a member of Elohim.  While all his prophecies have failed, he insists that he is still a prophet and an apostle.  The new date for Christ’s return is Pentecost of 2013 ( May 19).  The year delay is defined as the great day of the lord in which all his prophecies are to be fulfilled.

2012, May 30: Judge Danny Reeves holds a hearing on various motions in limine. He denies most of the motions to suppress testimony, but defers a decision on allowing the defense to utilize a portion of Weinland’s December 28, 2002 sermon to support his claim that the Swiss bank accounts were church money held in his own name.

2012, June 4: The criminal trial begins with jury selection and opening statements.

2012, June 12: Ronald Weinland takes the witness stand in his own defense.

2012, June 13: Deliberating for less than 4 hours, the jury finds Ronald Weinland guilty of all 5 counts of criminal tax evasion.  Convicted felon Weinland was granted release prior to his September 24 sentencing date secured by $300,000 which he covered with the deed on his house and gold.

2012,  June 14: Weinland sends an email to his elders soliciting character reference letters from his members to help him in the sentencing process.

2012, June 15: The release bond for Weinland is amended, a church member and widow named Joyce living across the street from the Weinlands puts up her own home as collateral for the bond.

2012, June 16: As Weinland recovers from the trial under home detention with a GPS ankle bracelet, Wayne Matthews and Johnny Harrell give a split sermon.

2012, June 23: During his first sermon after becoming a convicted felon, Weinland states that he won’t dignify the accusations by responding to them.

2012, August 20: Weinland’s sentencing date is continued to October 29.  The US Probation Office required more time to analyze all the financial data associated with the case against Weinland.

2012, October 19: Weinland’s sentencing date is continued a second time, to November 14.  The prosecution and defense do not agree with the pre-sentencing report issued by the US Probation Office.

2012, November 9: 169 letters from members are filed with the court with names redacted.

2012, November 14: Weinland is sentenced to a prison term of 42 months and payments of fines and restitution of more than a quarter of a million dollars.

2012, November 18: Even though Weinland remains free on bond until his report date to prison of January 2, Johnny Harrell gives the sermon with the topic being government persecution of God’s church.

2012, December 28: US District Court Judge Danny Reeves signs an order delaying until Feb 1, 2013 as the date Weinland is required to self-report to prison.

2013, February 1: Ronald Weinland self-reports at the Terre Haute FCI to begin serving his prison sentence.

2013, July 10 (approx): Audra files for divorce from her husband, Chris Little.  The final divorce hearing occurred the next month.

2014 February: According to leaked communication, Audra remarried to Edwin Van Horne of the Netherlands with plans to move to Europe.

2014, July 17: Weinland announces in a blog posting that his third date for the return of Jesus Christ is Pentecost of 2019.

2014 October: Weinland announces the ordination of his daughter Audra as a prophet, placing her third in command of his church over and above the evangelists and other elders.  The announcement was in the form of written communication read at the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles.

2015, May 28:  Weinland has a second heart attack while in prison.

2015, Feast of Tabernacles: Weinland delivers the Last Great Day sermon which is spliced together from brief phone calls from prison.  He announces that he has begun writing his first book.  In another sermonette for the beginning of the feast, he announces that Jeremy was ordained as an evangelist.

2015, December 15 (approx): Weinland is transferred from the Terre Haute FCI to a halfway house in the Cincinnati area.

2015, December 26: Weinland is granted a furlough and delivers his first sermon in three years live on the Internet and in person before a congregation.  He announces that prophecy was changed by God in 2008, delaying Christ’s return past 2012 but also delaying telling his prophet.

2017, July 1: Weinland’s normal Saturday sermon is cancelled abruptly without a substitute and his travel schedule for the remainder of the month is also cancelled.

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77 thoughts on “Biography

  1. I got his book “2008”. As soon as I read he is one of the witnesses I was turned off but kept reading. When I started reading up on this guy I threw the book away, didn’t finish it. I think he has issues.


  2. sounds like this guy is not in very good health. He doesn’t look very healthy for one, and I read here that he had a heart attack. Too much stress is probably not good for him. It is now known that bypass surgeries can also lead to brain damage. He needs our compassion. Don’t know about the wife.


  3. Just another example of the damage and delusion that heretic and ego-maniac Herbert Armstrong continues to spread, 24 years after his death.


  4. It might help if he got a real job? Just running around the world making and changing predictions about the end of the world?
    Great work if you can get it?


  5. My husband fell into this cult and it makes me so angry. We are now going through a divorce because he is so brainwashed and has sent them all our money. This whole thing is crazy.


  6. You have to a week minded person to believe this guys crap. I pity the people that actually listen to someone, that tells them to strave and give everything you have. To the rest of us god was a carptener and never ask for things. Wake up you blind fools.


  7. I was currently reading “2008 GOD’S FINAL WITNESS. I am not going to finish reading it because of the information about Weinland that I have found on the Internet. Anyone that says he is one of the “Two Witnesses” is highly suspect, as far as I am concerned. Weinland is pretty much like most nowadays; my motto is “TRUST NO ONE”.


  8. I just cannot believe how many people that guy ordains! I refuse to believe his church is very large in number. It wouldnt surprise me if 50-60% of this membership were in the ministry! What a joke. I’ll bet the old-timers in his ministry are thinking “Man, they’re just letting everybody in these days!” Onward…


  9. This is an excellent post. I was also influenced by Armstrongism as a teenager many years ago. Later, when I was studying to be a counsellor, I had to re-learned how to use my critical thinking skills. Religion has an amazing way of taking away one’s spirituality.


  10. The last prophet was the Messiah and he was perfect. yes people can teach the bible but they are not prefect and will have mistakes in their teachings and perception of the WORD OF GOD only GODS WORDS Messiah words are perfect and found in Red in the Bible


  11. My parents were members of Armstrong’s church back in the 60’s, 70’s, and I guess the 80’s, giving every cent they made to this mans cult and dying paupers. They left his group and went with a splinter group sometime in the late 80’s I believe. How anyone could be buffuned into following such crap and supporting a whore such as Armstrong is unbelievable to me. A far as I’m concerned, I have my talks with the Lord, one on one, on a daily basis and wouldn’t get involved with any of these cults if they were the last so-called religions on the face of the earth!


  12. In his last book he brings up great points about faith and following the Bible. He also brings up interesting facts about different religions and how the Bible was meant to be used. He points out the mass differences and if we all believed one truth, Gods Truth, we would be free of guilt and shame when the end time comes. It is sad that he has such an awesome view of the Bible and its contextual contents, but refuses to follow what he is educated in. It requires prayers for him to be forgiven for his MASSIVE WRONGDOINGS. For IF he is a true believer in God, The Father of Abraham, then he has many things to fear from GOD. He is a horrible man that has squandered so much money and faith away from God I am shocked he still shows his face.

    My only question to him is as follows:
    Do you know how many mouths you could have fed, backs you could have clothed, heads you could have housed and people you could have comforted with ALL THAT MONEY YOU SQUANDERED?

    My only comments to him is as follows:
    Shame on you!
    I will pray hard for you to be forgiven.
    May God be with you and not me in the Great Tribulation and End-Times.
    I forgive you!


  13. ‘The Crucifixion of Truth’, by Tony Bushy and the ‘Vicars of Christ’, by Peter De Rosa are probably two of the best books I’ve ever read about Christianity. Not because they attack Christians but because they lay the historical truth out on the table for every critically minded person to see.

    Herbet W. Armstrong had control over my mind for nearly half of my life. Ronald Weinland will not control the rest of it. This man is fake and disturbing to observe. It’s even more disturbing to watch people who actually still believe him.

    The spiritual path is as unique as your DNA. Organised religion is gracefully ignorant and dangerously exclusive. Take a good look at the world around you, and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Fools exposing fools and clever fools still getting away with it.


  14. I am not a follower of this Ron Weinland and have never heard about him before….. I have read some paragraphs in his book and although he seems to have some insight knowledge into the bible he is again missing the mark a few holy notes he writes……and I am not about to tell him or anyone wat to do or follow because its up to all individuals to take off the shades of life that keeps them in darkness and start reading between the lines instead of just going to a church and singing holly songs thinking this will save you, I dont want to be the one to burst your holly bubble but read between the lines if you want to really save your life….
    There is only one TRUTH our there and you have to search for it, always question everything you do and seek the answers in the great book to see if they are right, for that last day is approaching us fast…………..The Bible has been re-written so many times it is hard to keep track if what the new print is teaching is REAL TRUTH….always have both KING JAMES and your new Version and compare and it the are different, start asking questions why was this very changed. As in the end it says in Revelation 22 v 18 & 19……

    What ever happened to the TRUTH in the original Kig James Bible Psalms 83.18 though whose name is Jehovah is the most high over all the earth….
    Jehovah created all things, including Jesus and the Angels to sit with him at his right side…..Jesus was sent to earth by Jehovah to help save us man kind from the sin we inherited
    Jesus constantly prayed to Jehovah when he was on earth for strength, Jesus own people crucified him on the toture pole…..
    Who was it Jesus cried out to on his last breath when he was passing away saying,….. God why have you forsaken me ???? its was Jehovah he cried out too….
    I find it sad that the world has forgotten the grand creator Jehovah, who created all things from the beggining. we must stop and re-think the steps we are taking are correct and give praise where praise is due. There are three (3) main things the whole Bible is cerntred around.

    1 JEHOVAH = Our Father, the grand creator of the universe and everything in it.
    2 JESUS CHIRST = The son of Jehovah created as a saviour for us and to help Jehovah God rule over the earth
    3. HOLY SPIRIT = The Gift Jehovah has given us to help us maintain our FAITH and work towards living a fruitful life in eternal Paraside.

    I know the end is near and I am too waiting for Judgement day to come…..and while I am waiting I am still seeking truth from the orginal bible and the updated version
    I can feel that day is neatr because life is becoming extremely hard to live in all conditions, you only need to turn on the news to see this.
    and the Biblical News Forecasts SAYS = Nobody knows thats day not the Angels not even Jesus knows….Mathew 24 v 36
    Ony Jehovahs knows the appointed time because he is the Grand Creator. I guess the world needs to wake up and smell the paradise that is coming before it passed you buy beccause you were too busy worrying about what other people are doing……….

    Thats all I wanted to share…….excuse me for my directness…..but I feel there is no other way to say this……you can liken it to a weather forecast ……..warm regards, Fee


  15. Well, Fee, when it comes to weather forecasts, they are occasionally correct. But when it comes to Weinland, NONE of his prophecies are correct. Except for the trivial ones which I help fulfill.

    You need to read more before you launch in and start pontificating. There are many other pages on my site, such as one analyzing Weinland’s holy book. Look at the links in the banner way up at the top of the page. Particularly the one about theology. If you read that, you’d realize that he rejects the trinity.

    Let me leave you with a bible reference: Deut.18:20-22.


  16. too tired to proof and rewrite so please excuse sp. errors and not spacing outlineing etx. just submitting

    It’s too bad that you spent 9 hours typing in a sermon instead of reading About this blog. I don’t allow preaching here, besides which I’m too tired to sort through all your grammatical and spelling errors. So I’ve trimmed your comment down a bit.


  17. Hello.I am a mid 50’s man from chicago area that was drawn into ted armstrong’s the beginning of the 90’s.after his scandal was exposed and I stopped looking for a alternative after w.o.g. turned mainstream.after finding the trumpet at a store i was at it 1999,I started listening to phil.c.o.g for years now ,I became active in a small web based church in late 2010,and soon found out that there are alot of splinter groups that have been established since herb and ted have gone.I see so much division between these splinter groups that I feel that everything i have been learning about may be in error.I am drifting away from armstrong’s gap theory about creation(since I put to test his bible verses) but I still am hanging on to his royal vision theory (about ephraim&manessah)since nobody at the church were i’m going to now ‘has any viable i.d. for the end time visions in daniel,or revelations.I’m still serching,but I cannot hide my dissolution at learning about all this figthing over docturnal matters in all the c.o.g.’s out there.I thank you for having a spot to comment on this.thank you


  18. Wow. I applaud all the work you’ve done to expose this false prophet. You are providing a tremendous service to those seeking truth. Keep up the good work!

    God Bless.


  19. @ jeffery – I’m glad you’re seeing things more clearly. If you’ve been in the Armstrong based church you are correct, ‘I feel that everything i have been learning about may be in error.’ Our purpose in being here isn’t to worry about end time events which we have no control over. Our purpose for being is found in the 4 Gospels, we are called not to know Christ, but to FOLLOW Him. My spouse comes from a Mormon background which teaches many of the falsehoods found in 7th Day Adventism, Armstrongism, & Jehova’s Witness. The difference in beliefs between the various protestant denominations is mostly miniscule differentiations based on how X Y or Z happen, but we agree 99.999% on the what happened/happens. The same can mostly be said for the Protestant and Catholic church. Good intending, God loving/fearing men and women have spent centuries furthering our understanding of scripture. On many points there are disagreements, but on the major things there is a great deal of agreement. There is no need for Armstrongism brother Jeffery. You said it yourself much you’ve been taught has been in error from unlearned men either deceived or out of greed.


  20. Ik vind het schandalig dat dit gebeurd, dat zo iemand geld van leden van zijn kerk verbrast voor andere doeleinden en dat hij zo de mensen staat voor te liegen


  21. The following courtesy of Google translate:
    “I find it outrageous that this happened, so someone money squandered by members of his church for other purposes and that such people is to lie”
    And from babelfish
    “I find it outrageous that this happened, which this way someone money of members of its church for other aims and that he this way people stand squandered lie for”


  22. so jl? did your husband divorce you? or did you divorce him because of his religious belief? So in essence all of you are discriminating someone because of their own CHOSEN belief. Humans are truly pathetic and evil. Kinda sad if anyone on this website decided to post a childish and prideful spat on someone they have never met and never known, other then reading something that someone else wrote. You are all just as bad as your so called false prophet if you try to justify your actions and thoughts on this blog by demeaning and poking fun at him. why waste your time? All of you are like children making fun of some kid different from you. I hope you all feel much better if his prophecies do happen. and if they dont? so what! get over it you babies.


  23. For someone who uses the tag “moremercy”, you sure are a golden example of judging the rest of us whom you know NOTHING about either. “Childish and prideful spat” indeed!


  24. moremercy, you are entirely speaking from ignorance. You have NO idea what you just said. How old are you anyway? 12?


  25. Besides, you think that we are “poking fun at him”? I think the spiritual deception of people for your own gain in the name of GOD is not only mockable, it should be punished. But I do not have the arrogance or stupidity to think that I have a right to pronounce a curse on him or speak on behalf of a deity. If you can believe what Ron says in his sermon “Planning Ahead” (Dec 28, 2002), then I think you DESERVE to believe him. I have risen against Ronald Weinland for the spiritual education and sake of others. You rise against us for the sake of Ron Weinland, who curses others to die. I am ready to look any and all possible Gods on the eye comfortably knowing that I fought for love and justice, and to SAVE mankind from destruction.



  26. One of the dictionary definitions of ‘mock’ is “to frustrate the hopes of; disappoint”. THAT is the definition of mock I uphold. I wish Ron Weinland no personal harm, nor do I wish people to think of him as stupid or treat him badly. Calling him a “stinky-face” or “Mr. Poopy Pants” as I have is merely my way of euphemizing what I truly think of him, as EVIL. Oh boy would I EVER love to “frustrate his hopes” and “disappoint him”! The more I do so the more people I save from being ensnared from his EVIL.

    DEAR KIrrily, Mike (DDTFA), Atrocious, and others: You are thinking, free human beings. You have sought God and truth, and whether religious or not, you have REJECTED a FALSE PROPHET. I commend and UPLIFT in front of Ronald Weinland and of any God(s) that might exist. You have RESISTED evil and as such have been advocates for both spiritual and human truth. I turn toward you and praise your wisdom and humanity. With the online world watching I declare you all TRUE. May you prosper and LIVE LONG.

    DEAR RONALD WEINLAND: You are insane and a moral failure. I do not mock your (fake) God, I mock YOU. Consider me your MOCKER-IN-CHIEF. I DEFY you and call you out on your BLASPHEMY against any truly loving God that might exist. You are a MORAL FAILURE for calling for the destruction of Mike (DDTFA) and of mankind. You are a LIAR, and a FRAUD. You are an ABOMINATION, a spiritual WEAKLING, and I turn my back on your teachings. With the online world watching I declare you FALSE.

    DEAR LAURA WEINLAND: You are a spiritual COWARD and a FRAUD for agreeing to support Ron’s “ministry”. You are complicit in his crimes and thus WORSE than Ron for clearly CHOOSING to not act against him. You are also an ABOMINATION and a FRAUD for neither denouncing your role nor actively seeking to use your authority for the benefit of humanity. I MOCK you as well, and turn my back on your DISGUSTING lack of action.With the online world watching I declare you FALSE.


  27. Ron Weinland was my pastor in Franklin, PA when I was about age 3 to age 9. He treated my family and I kindly, and I grew up admiring the man. I am saddened to hear about all of the false teachings/false prophecies and negative speech he’s engaged in for the past recent years. If we truly belong to Christ, we will pray for him that God will change his heart and help him realize that his beliefs and teachings (ex. salvation by works/being one of the two witnesses described in the book of Revelation) are completely false. I pray that he will humble himself into believing the truth about Jesus Christ and what his death on the cross truly accomplished. I still care a great deal about the man, and believe that God has the power to change anyone’s heart and mind, no matter how confused they are. I hope you share those same beliefs too. Thank you, and may God bless you all.


  28. Peter: Even though I am an atheist, it is nice to see what one might call an actual Christian forgiving him and calling him into what you believe is the true faith. I despise the guy, but there is no reason not to think that maybe he is redeemable or at least be given a chance to “repent”, even if it means him believing in a more moderate version of a faith I disagree with. Thank you for your comment.


  29. He states: “As these events unfold, the world will become increasingly aware of the authenticity of what is written in this book and have begun to realize that Ronald Weinland is indeed sent by God as His end-time prophet.”.

    He seems to find it very important that he will be reckonized as a true prophet. I have the impression that he got carried away by his ego (the devil) and he is not aware of what is going on in his own consciousness.

    It is true that if mankind does not open itself to the Will of God, some pretty big disasters may come, but this mister Weinland does not contribute positively to the very necessary wake up call in my opinion.


  30. what a joke,what hapen to the rapture,i am a child in to knowing the word,he is a prem who has not been given the truth,for if he read the bible he wood kinow the truth of god.


  31. Paul, maybe YOU are the true witness! OMFG!

    Ron is false – yes. Doesn’t mean you are right. Talk about arrogant.

    EVERY Christian reads the bible, including Ron. You are obviously just as deluded as him. EVERY chriStian religion reads that stupid book, and they ALL think THEY are right, and EVERYONE else is wrong. Your just another one. *yawn*


  32. PAUL:

    Hello. My name here is Avalokiteshvara. I am an atheist. What I mean by that is I reject every version of God invented by man, and every statement about a God in general that presumes he is real. there might be a God of some kind out there. But I reject ALL human statements and understanding of any such God. I think God is imaginary. I also think Ronald Weinland is a charlatan. I also think you Paul, are an idiot. Not said to personally offend you, but the very fact that you think you know “the Truth of God’ from reading the Bible is to me an idiotic idea. Your assumption about your having superior knowledge of Reality by reading the Bible too is illogical, irrational, and just plain old stupid.
    But I like to think I am open minded enough to give you a chance to explain yourself, so I am asking you personally Paul this question:


    If you truly have been given the truth, I would like to hear it…


  33. Ron is a false prophet that was taught by the master false prophet Hebert Armstrong. The way it works is to scare the hell out of the people, then have them send all of their money and when your predictions don’t happen just move the date and start scaring them again.

    A scriptural ponzi scheme. Make them feel like they have special truth, ordain them right and left and you can globe trot around the world on a perpetual vacation. Live the good life with someone elses money if you can live with your self!


  34. I would like to talk to someone who has lost their spouse to this group.
    My husband entered this cult many years ago and it is the most frustrating thing in the world.
    Jl…can we talk sometime?


  35. Ann:

    You could get advice from Chacha and Kirrily. They both have experience with this sort of thing, or could at least point you in the right direction. I am sure there is also counselling available for this sort of thing too.

    Why don;t you email the blogger here [Mike (DDTFA)] and ask him too. he may know of the right person to talk to.


  36. I am moving house! Since I am doing a scale down on stuff, I picked up the 2008 God’s Final Witness. I wasn’t sure if I should throw it out. I only read the first few pages before I became spiritually repelled. I took a random guess that this person was either a X- JW or a WWCG. Flipping the book to the back shows Mr Weinland’s photograph in a typical WWCG setting. Turns out I was right. Using H.W. Armstrong’s advertising ploy is a sign of being mentally unwell. Thanks to time and this website I no longer have to keep the book. I kept it so long so I could know my enemy, which is PLAIN UNTRUTHFULNESS


  37. Throw it out and then RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN! Wish I did. But…I’m getting through it. Reading a book about cults called “Soul Stealers” Got to overcome my brainwashing of how I have to overcome my human nature and being NORMAL!


  38. Was trying to find a reference to your book, ChaCha. “Soul Stealer” is a common theme, couldn’t find your book amongst all the SF and fantasy stuff. Do you have more info on the book, for example author name?


  39. I am having a party and I am going to have a bonfire. I will start with the zillions of notebooks I have of “sermon notes” and any other ron-related garbage that is cluttering up my house!

    Then…I will have a beer. and a pepperoni pizza



  40. Geez Chacha, you are progressing much faster than I did!

    I threw out ALL my bibles, note books, Ronnies books and his friggin business cards he told us to hand out. Wow it felt good, like a huge weight being lifted.

    Enjoy your bonfire!!


  41. The Bon Fire happening on Saturday??? I got his books from my parents to read I will be using them to start my woodstove….


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