And Many False Prophets ….

It seems that something prophetic is going to happen today.  In case you’re interested, here’s someone else who likes calculating dates and drawing charts.


But just in case we survive today, the discussion may continue here of Weinland’s failure to warn of the recent hurricanes he no doubt called down upon us.  But perhaps he was distracted by reductions in revenues, particularly if he hasn’t yet paid the taxes he owes from 9 through 14 years ago.


Johnny Harrell filled in this weekend for the truly imprisoned False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  He started out by repeating Ron’s edict against wearing colognes and perfumes to services, and announcing the ordinations to associate elder of Dale and Shirley from Canada and Paul and Lori from Pennsylvania.  Johnny drawled on with most of the Ron blather and described the ongoing disintegration of PKG as purification of the church.

The buzz going on in CoGland in general is the failure a week ago last Friday of David Pack’s prophecies for the deaths of 3 other CoG leaders and the integration of the CoG splinters with Dave Pack’s own splinter by August 30.  David Pack has a new post up his website explaining that his prophecies are not wrong, just the timing. Just like Armstrong and all the apostles.  Hmm.  Sounds familiar.

Back in 2008, the same David Pack had the following to say about Ronald Weinland’s exercise of these excuses:

Now this goofy fellow who moved to the Middle East and proclaimed things that were going to happen all through the Spring and into the Summer, and supposedly as recently as Wednesday was another big date. Of course none of it happened. He’s a false prophet. But what did happen is, he explained that things are taking longer than he’d thought. He actually publicly chastised himself for speaking perhaps a little presumptuously when nuclear destruction didn’t happen. Now what he should do is look in the Old Testament and see exactly what God says you should do with a false prophet. I didn’t note him announcing that should occur. God said don’t fear such a person. Just put them to death. That’s the end of it. But instead people will continue to listen to somebody who’s blown a trumpet and screamed that he’s false.


Government Persecution of God’s Church

Even though False Prophet Ronald Weinland was not immediately carted off to prison at his sentencing hearing on Wednesday, he did not take the opportunity to talk it up to the faithful.  Instead chief dupe/evangelist Johnny Harrell is giving the sermon.  Ron may have shipped his laptop off to Georgia as Alan Giles gave the opening prayer after some pre-sermon music and then Johnny came on line.  Paul Giles gave the closing prayer. There were a couple of announcements about the death of a member’s husband and an ordination of Nat in Canberra, but nothing about the 42-month sentence handed down to God’s own End-Time Witness.

Governments have oppressed God’s people through history.   By inference the US Government is likened to  Nebechudnezzer and Pharaoh.  Similarly, Ron is likened to Jeremiah thrown in a well to shut him up because of his message.  At least to those who have found out about the conviction and sentencing.  Johnny wasn’t at the sentencing on Wednesday to hear the court make clear that the criminal case was not about Ron’s religion, but rather his failure to obey Jesus and render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s.  All Ron had to do to avoid this “persecution” was to pay the proper taxes.

But Ron will still be the apostle and in charge of the church, according to Johnny.  I expect this means that whichever institution houses Ron can look forward to weekly visits by the Silent Witness.

Further details on Ron’s sentence.  Ron self-reports to prison on January 2.  There is no credit for the time he spent wearing the GPS ankle bracelet of humility.  For each year that Ron serves, he is eligible for 54 days of good conduct reduction of his sentence.  So on January 2 of 2016, his sentence may have been reduced by 162 days or most of the 6 months remaining.  So Ron should be discharged some time around the middle of January, 2016.

On his release from prison, he starts 3 years of supervised release.  One of the terms of supervised release is that he cannot leave the judicial district of the Eastern District of Kentucky without the permission of either the court or the probation office.  Depending on their mood, they might or might not be willing to allow him to travel around to visit his scattered membership.  In any case, it will be more than 3 1/2 years since Ron’s last trip out of town on May 19 to London and possibly 6 1/2 years before he can do it again.

While Ron did not show up today to spin the 42-month aspect, someone else has taken up the gauntlet.

Ron will be happy to learn he won’t have to go to prison after all.

From the Frying Pan into the Fire

False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s senior elder from New Zealand, Adrian Gray along with his wife Cindy (also one of Weinland’s elders) have grown impatient with Ron’s ever moving goal post and have left PKG. This morning I found an email on another blog written by Adrian, but just now able to finish a post after a long day at work.  In Adrian’s email he made the following statements which I have excerpted:

For many years I have been a senior elder in The Church of God – Preparing for the Kingdom of God (PKG). Both my wife and I have been deeply troubled over the last number of years with the teachings of Mr. Weinland.

Despite being deeply troubled by Ron’s teachings, Adrian was around to attend the sermon and give the closing prayer on April 7 when Ron visited New Zealand for the last time before being convicted.

As is often the case, our concerns started with a question about one doctrine, but this one problem quickly grew into many, and then became a virtual avalanche of questions. We sought answers, but there were none to be found. One evangelist even remarked to a member that it was not his job to explain Scripture!

Adrian could have read the last on my blog, or perhaps Christian’s email was circulated directly to him.  Adrian went on to address a number of Weinland’s “truths” that he disagreed with now.   Some he mentioned are:

Second tithe is commanded by God to be used at the Feast of Tabernacles (Deut. 14:23-27), with certain other uses permitted on other Holy Days. Mr. Weinland informed all the brethren that a Google advertising campaign was needed and that all second tithe was to be sent to him for the financing of this campaign. Again, another violation of God’s commands!

The PKG websites say that a remnant of the Worldwide Church of God is to be awakened and will join PKG. This will supposedly consist of 3.3% (10 percent of a third) of those who were members of the WCG before the apostasy began: a total of 3200 people (32,000 x. 0033). If that seems confusing to you, that’s because it is utter nonsense and unbiblical!

This number has now been changed to 63,000 people.

Why have so many of his prophecies failed? Are all these new truths really truths at all?

They have failed because he is a false prophet and none of what he says is truth at all. He does not speak for the God of the Bible. God’s instruction regarding false prophets makes this point perfectly clear. Are we willing to listen to Him?

Recall the book 2008: God’s Final Witness. Has anything come to pass as he said it would?

Mr. Weinland keeps saying it will come to pass exactly as he has written it. It hasn’t—and never will! Time has come and gone—and nothing has happened as he said—nothing!

He will twist the recent events about his conviction of tax fraud just as he has twisted Scripture for his failed prophecies. But his actions are not those of a man of God. Never in the history of God’s Church has a man lied and stolen like Mr. Weinland has. He has been found guilty and he will be punished—and rightly so. Unless he repents, the punishment that God will deliver will be far worse.

Adrian definitely has been reading my blog.  He included in the email he sent out..

… an extract of comments from two of the Jurors. Their account of the court case leaves no doubt as to the corrupt nature of Mr. Weinland and the evil mind that leads the PKG. The juror’s letters reveal what he has been doing with God’s tithes for years. Their reports leave you wondering how he could only face five years in prison.

Though Mr. Weinland views New Zealand as a bastion of loyalty and stability (he has said this) I know for a fact this is far from the truth here. Many are discontented.

Having had Ron Weinland do all our spiritual thinking for us for many years, it is time to prove all things for ourselves. We cannot simply blame Ron Weinland for our being led astray. We are responsible for our own actions and decisions.

While that makes sense, Adrian shows that Flavor Aid can be quite addicting:

At the start of this letter, I said that after much searching and prayer, my wife and I have found where Christ is working—a group that is holding fast to ALL of what God restored to His Church through Mr. Armstrong—a group that has the full Truth of God, the Government of God and is doing the Work of God.

That church is The Restored Church of God.

Ron’s Flavor Aid went sour so he decided to try that of Clarion Call Dave.  Interestingly, Ron’s 2005 origin of Christ doctrine wasn’t mentioned in the doctrines that Adrian disagreed with.  Dave will have to give Adrian’s eyes an extra special washing.

David Pack teaches that the Two Witnesses will come from his church.  But  Dave won’t be one of them, as an apostle he’ll just supervise them.  So who knows?  Maybe Adrian and Cindy will be the Two Witnesses.  In any case, Dave Pack will have his hand out for whatever assets the Grays didn’t give to Ron  (“Get those assets and get them here”, from Pack’s 2007 Clarion Call sermon).

I expect along with Adrian that Ron will have something to say about it:

Finally, I expect to be accused of every kind of misconduct imaginable: financial malfeasance, unethical behavior, sowing division, betrayal and more. Ron will almost certainly declare, “Satan has struck PKG!” Realize he has to say this. But the truth is that the devil struck all of us long ago, but now GOD has shown us His way out! We must TAKE it!

You can read the complete mixture of sanity and silliness in Adrian’s complete email posted on Dave Pack’s blog.

The Day of the Third Witness

Previously I have blogged about False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s own splinter group, a man who fled to Javan (Greece) along with his wife and teenage daughter two years ago.  I had an update on him a few months ago, including a picture of him wearing a towel over his head in his hotel room in Greece.  The Third Witness, whose name also happens to be Michael, has posted dozens of videos on YouTube ranting on and on about his own versions of the end-time.  Witness Michael believes that he is one of the Two Witnesses and Ron was correct in prophesying that Christ would return on Pentecost of 2012.  Except that Ron is using the wrong calendar, and Pentecost is today, July 19.

Witness Michael took a plane ride to Israel.  On arrival in Jerusalem, the Israelis took one look at his garb, and loaded him on a flight back.  Witness Michael managed to interpret that as fulfilled prophecy based on the length of time (a few hours) he actually spent there.

The Greeks decided that they didn’t care for the potential of adding to the woes they already have with the economy, and put him on a plane back to Miami.  Which he has interpreted prophetically as well.

For some reason he has ended up in the Gallup, New Mexico area, where he has put out a number of YouTube videos recorded out in the woods.  And surprise, surprise.  It turns out that his 3 1/2 day death was not needed.

Probably tomorrow he will have another YouTube video explaining how prophecy was fulfilled today.

Update: Well, we already have a video put up this afternoon explaining that Pentecost runs from sunrise to sunrise (not between sunsets like Ron’s Satanic calender). Witness Michael goes on to blather about the “Michael to Come”.

If he does turn out to be God’s prophet then the only ones to see it will be the 3.33333% who repent and acknowledge him as Witness.  Though I don’t know how the tithe of the third is going to find out about Witness Michael with only a few dozen views of his videos, probably most of them by the idly curious.  His latest video if you’re really really bored (if not prepare to become so).

The Third Witness: July 19, 2012

Before getting to the subject of this post, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has updated his trip itinerary as posted on his blog.  Covers every weekend for the rest of the Great Tribulation:

Mar 10 Spokane, WA
Mar 17 Cincinnati, OH
Mar 24 Windsor, CT
Mar 31 Los Angeles, CA
April 5 & 7  NEW ZEALAND
April 13 & 14 Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
April 21 Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA
April 28 Detroit, MI
May 5 Cincinnati, OH

Also scheduled but not published on his blog:
May 21 Covington, KY for federal court appearance (pre-trial conference in criminal tax matter)
(On April 21, Weinland announced that he and his wife would not actually be killed in Jerusalem.  Guess he wasn’t so sure about the resurrection thing) May 23 through May 26 Jerusalem (to lie dead on the streets before being resurrected)

Isn’t it wonderful that God is showing us so much mercy by delaying the Great Tribulation for so long?  Now back to today’s posting:

In a previous post, Fleeing to Javan, I published a slightly edited (to remove identities) email from the wife of an ex-PKG-member.  This fellow decided that he is one of the two witnesses and to split off from Ron.  Or maybe Ron just disfellowshipped him.  I believe that the picture to the right is the guy.

This is another nut with a website and also has a YouTube channel filled with uploaded screeds.  According to him, we won’t be able to relax when May 28th rolls around and Christ hasn’t returned.  Satan has perverted the Jewish calendar, and while Ron is correct about Jesus’ return on Pentecost, he is using the wrong calendar and has the wrong date.  July 19th is when the world as we know it ends.

A few selected writings:

The last enemy camp that I slumbered through was certainly by design as this was the camp of the false prophet.

I have spoken on this subject in the past and will be speaking against him in the future.

There are many false prophets, even if they do not call themselves prophets that many will turn to as the destruction intensifies.

But this man is particularly dangerous because he has prophesied the coming destruction and he claims that he and his wife are the two witnesses and people will listen to him and follow him as we go forward.

This man also speaks of living by every word of Elohiym. He speaks that you cannot pick and choose. He is right, but he is a liar and a hypocrite because he does not practice, nor teach what he preaches.

Actually, this guy claims that he is the only witness, since the other was Zerubbabel which is one of the titles that Ron claims.

The sad thing is that he has a teen daughter, and has taken his family to Greece to await the return of Christ in July.  I hope his family isn’t suffering too much from his delusion.

Pot Kettle Black

David Pack has an article up on his website about False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  So, who is Dave Pack?  Well, as he mentions in his own article:

 As we continue his “prophecies,” I can add that the next one elicited a very personal almost chatty letter from Weinland to me in late 2006 telling me that I—and certain other men who lead various splinters—would soon die.

That’s in reference to this statement in “2008 — God’s Final Witness”:

The sound of this thunder will be intensified by the early deaths of the leaders of the Philadelphia Church of God, the Restored Church of God and the Church of the Great God.

David Pack is the Herblet ayatollah of his own competing CoGlet, the Restored Church of God.  I call him “Clarion Call Dave”, in reference to a sermon he gave in 2007 demanding that his followers send in their money to support his own prophetic visions.  “Get those assets and get them here.”

In return, Dave shows Ron some left-handed mercy in this statement:

Some hope Ron Weinland goes to prison over alleged tax evasion. I don’t. If he does (informed lawyers suggest high probability), maybe it will save his and his wife’s eternal life.

Dave has something I agree with:

Recognize that once Ron Weinland’s prophecies fail, he has only one of four options: (1) Repent, acknowledging that he has been wrong. But, and here is the point, because they are false, such imposters NEVER do this. (2) Recalculate, claiming a prophecy was off by one year (or something similar), like William Miller of the Adventists did. (3) Spin his prophecies by claiming they were fulfilled in some mysterious or spiritual way. (4) Proclaim something akin to Christ is “in the desert” or “in the secret chambers.”

And continues on to prophesy that option #1 is not on Ron’s table.  I agree with that.

Dave does not have being one of the Two Witnesses in his future.  But as God’s One and Only True Apostle in The End Time, he will supervise the Two Witnesses who will arise from his own organization. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Dave has his eyes on PKG members, hoping to inherit them after Ron clearly fails (to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, anyway). To any PKG members who might contemplate that, let me give you three words:  Frying pan.  Fire.