Ron’s Commission Recycled

It’s now one week since the Last Great Day.  PKG still doesn’t have a link to the sermon for that day on their website, nor does it have a link to last Saturday’s sermon.

But yesterday they posted the Last Great Day sermon in the PKG YouTube channel.  In it Ron recycled his usual sermon about “this way of life, yada yada”.  He did tell people that the “sealing” has not taken place, now almost 10 years after it first happened early in 2008.

He also talked about his latest book Prophesy Against the Nations.  He doesn’t plan to print paper copies, but has PDF copies on a new website with the URL being the first two words of the book title.  Ron fancies himself to be a search engine optimization (SEO) expert.  He wants his members to perform a Google search on the book title and click on the link every day  — doing that will increase the site rankings in Google.  Now I’m not an SEO expert myself, but do know a little bit about it.  Enough to know that Ron is much, much better at selling false prophecy than he is at SEO.

And he’s telegraphed that there will be a feast next year.  Surprise, surprise.


Take Action

“Take Action” is the name of False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s newest sermon series.  The action he is discussing is a church-wide fast, but not anything Two-Witness like.  There is a mention of heat — but not from fire emanating either from his mouth or the Silent Witness.  Rather, it is a reference to the weather and that now PKG members are allowed to wear more casual clothes when coming before God.

In previous sermons, he has indicated that he will be going to Europe for the feast instead of Australia which he has done in the years 2008 through 2011.  In 2012 he spent the feast in the basement of his mansion on the golf course wearing a GPS ankle bracelet because he had been convicted of criminal tax fraud and was awaiting sentencing.  In 2013, 2014, and 2015 God placed his name on the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institute where Ron was incarcerated.  This year it seems that he can’t get a visa for New Zealand and Australia because of his conviction with other countries like Canada and the UK also unwilling to have him visit.  No doubt he will soon exercise his Witness power to call down plagues on countries that reject him.

It’s been May since Ron posted on his blog, and April since my last post.  The number of comments on that post has grown to over 300 so this one can be used to continue conversations.

On a personal note, I obviously have been much less involved with this blog although I do monitor what’s going on. I grew up in Armstrongism in the 60s while it was still called the Radio Church of God.  I rejected Armstrongism before Herbie’s Great Tribulation failed to materialize in 1972.  Since then I’ve led my on life including having a family and a successful technical career.  I began blogging in 2008 before the first time Ron’s Great Tribulation failed to start.    This has been an opportunity for me to work through my own personal experiences in Armstrongism and have decided to focus on other things.  I will keep the blog open, and continue to monitor things.  If Ron does something Witness-like I would start up again unless that Witness-like thing is the enforcement of the death curse he issued twice in 2008.


A Year of Calm

Yesterday was the end of the first 50 days of the Great Tribulation leading up to the next time Christ doesn’t return, Pentecost of 2019.  There has been some discussion that maybe some were allowing a 50-day delay in the onset of tribulation because of the 50-day period Ron tacked on to the 1260-days in this latest timeline.

But no matter.  On Saturday, the Bureau of Prisons gave Ron a brief furlough from his incarceration in a halfway house so he could speak live on the Internet and in person to the Cincinnati congregation and those who made a special trip to see their spiritual idol.  We can look forward to more sermons in the future, in addition to the sermons prerecorded by his fill-ins and scrubbed by the prophetesses.

Update 12/29/2015: The full sermon is now posted on the PKG website, entitled “Sharper Vision” for playback on Jan 2.

There is no recording or transcript of his sermon on the PKG website.  Using a pocket recorder, I recorded part of the sermon and have a file of it available for download.  It does not include the first half-hour of his sermon, and there were a number of dropouts which required that I reconnect to the audio feed.  I’ve trimmed down the periods in the recording when dropouts happened. Also in the recording is ambient noise in the room picked up by the pocket recorder.

In his sermon, Ron stated that 2016 will be a year of calm in order to allow his third book to be published and promoted.  He plans to hire a publicist and go boldly onto radio talk shows.  It will be interested to see if Ron will be bold enough to be interviewed by Mike McConnell.  Mike McConnell interviewed Ron several times in 2008 when his talk show was on WLW in 2008.  Ron chickened out when given an opportunity to be interviewed again in 2011 by Mike on his radio show on WLS in Chicago.

Prophecy has changed, and the events in “2008 God’s Final Witness” will not happen that way.  It seems that God changed his mind back in 2008 but didn’t bother to inform his prophet until recently.  Chapters 6 and 7 in Ron’s new book will explain it all, although it took Ron a write and 2 rewrites to finalize the godly inspired message in chapter 6.  It seems the changes have a lot to do on how the prophecy of the 63000 will be fulfilled.

Ron is planning a Feast of Tabernacles next year, and 2017 and 2018 may be calm as well.  The Great Tribulation won’t hit and the Two Witnesses will not be doing witness things until the last half-of-a-time, and the full impact will be during the 50-day period tacked on at the end.

The sermon portions I recorded is available for download (right-click and save-as) or click on the player below to listen.   Others have listened and made comments on the previous post.

More Carrots From the Weinland Family Business

Weinland promised to have his Last Great Day sermon posted mid-feast, now the last day of the feast as the Last Great Day is technically separate.

So but anyway, here it finally is. A few minor surprises.

—– Ron Weinland’s Last Great Day Message for October 5, 2015 ————

Hello once again to everyone, this now being the Last Great Day of the Feast. It’s amazing how fast, I know, it seems for all of you, probably, how things passing sometimes go. But anyway, I’m excited to be able to bring you this closing sermon today. It likely won’t be long, like I mentioned earlier on the first opening day there. It’ll be more like a mini-sermon. So, anyway, maybe a little more challenging than the opening day welcome because I get so many interruptions in the hallways and so forth and Jeremy has several segments now he has to put together because I only have about 15-minutes maximum – actually a little less than that with all the interruptions), on the system here, but about that much time for a particular recording. So I don’t know how much this is going to end up being, but again, it will be more of a mini-sermon.

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A Carrot for the Grumpy Family

The Feast sermons are posted on the PKG website. It includes an introductory sermon delivered by Weinland. The Last Great Day sermon is not yet posted, as Weinland promises yet new revelations.

I am reposting his introduction here, probably will be some time before he again posts on his blog.l

———— Weinland’s Introduction ——————–
Greetings to everyone at this year’s Feast of Tabernacles! It’s great to be able to talk to everyone here today at the opening here of this Feast.

As you know, sermons for the Feast were prepared far ahead of time, and I believe that all were completed by the end of July this year, except for the one, and that’s me. So, anyway, there’s a lot of work that follows these with transcribing into the PDF files, getting them on site, on the site there for everyone to be able to read, and of course the translating that has to take place as well into different languages. So this year we tried to give those who are doing all that work a little more time, and so that’s why the sermons were done as far in advance as they were this year. So everything, I think, has worked a lot better this year than what it did last year.

So, anyway, I’ve waited a little bit longer, as we’re now just starting into the second week of August as I am recording this.

So, again, this year we’ve been consolidated to different sites; different than what we’ve done in recent years. The United Kingdom and Ireland will be at the site in The Netherlands this year. New Zealand, obviously, is over in Australia. And then just the one site in Canada, that’s the same as last year. Then there’s the larger site in only one location here in the U.S. this year. So this is quite consolidated, especially, the United States. People have had to travel farther, and because of that, some haven’t been able to come. Obviously, there are a lot of people who are scattered this year all over the different areas of the world, actually, that couldn’t attend. Most of those because of health reasons, obviously, and age. Sometimes that just takes too much out of people when you get to a certain age, and if your health isn’t good enough to travel long distances it can take so much out of a person that they wouldn’t get out of the Feast what they really need.

So, anyway, a special greetings to all of you as well that are scattered and we’re really looking forward to hear about how everybody’s going to have a fabulous Feast.

So, again, greetings to every one of you at all the sites. We are family!

Well, brethren, I’m not going to take much time in this first official “Welcome to this year’s Feast.” The main reason is because this year I have prepared a message (though much shorter than a regular sermon); nevertheless, it’s kind of a mini-sermon for the last message of this year’s Feast on the Last Great Day.

So I’m saving more of the time for that, to be able to get that completed. Again, it won’t be as long, not nearly as long as a regular sermon. It probably won’t even be as long as a split sermon, but nevertheless, the final message for this year’s Feast. And I am immensely excited! I tell you, I’m just… I’m really excited that this has worked out this way this year, that I’m able to bring you that last message. I’ve been working on some of that today. It’s awesome some of the things I get to share with you. I’m really looking forward to it. And the Feast will go by fast enough and you’ll be able to hear all those things.

But, anyway, since my heart attack, God has been revealing a lot of things to me that go beyond all that He and Christ have given me in the previous years that we’ve been here, and all the posts that have been written; there’s just so much! And I’ll probably have more to say about that on the last day.

But, now, maybe, that will help to stir you up even a little bit more for the excitement for what’s coming. Because I have been dumbfounded. I really have. It hasn’t been that long, just a little over two months now, and literally, in that two-month period of time there’s been so much more given than was given in the whole time that I’ve been here. And you have been given a lot during that period of time!

So, anyway, I do want to state, however, please do not jump ahead and listen to that sermon. I think I’m even going to have it probably uploaded toward the middle of the Feast. But anyway, don’t jump ahead and listen to it. Wait until it’s time that you do so on the Last Great Day. And as always, in such a case as this, do not call or email ahead of those in other sites, who are going to be located in other sites and sharing that with them. That would truly rob them of what they will be able to receive in just the one setting there while on the Last Great Day. So, anyway, keep it to yourself when you do hear it.

So, you’re going to hear a few times throughout this Feast about what God has commanded us. It’s going to be mentioned by several, and that is to rejoice! So don’t let human nature nor a demonic world stir you up in any wrong attitudes or feelings towards anyone during this Feast. It’s God’s Feast. We are God’s children. And to have any wrong feelings or attitudes towards anyone else is to have that directly against Jesus Christ and God our Father. So let’s really watch ourselves. If you get out of bed grumpy, you know, you feel grumpy, then just stay there! Stay there until you become a little more un-grumpy.

You know, it reminds me of a Feast preparation meeting that was taking place in England one year, but I was there my first couple of years at Ambassador College when I was over there, and we were told about this minister’s meeting that was taking place for one of the Feasts one of those years. I don’t remember which one. And one of the evangelists told everyone – he was conducting a meeting – and he told everyone that in the previous year there had been too much complaining, even among the ministry, and he was encouraging and admonishing everyone that they should be on guard against that. So they were all seated and being served a meal at that meeting, and it was right after they had just been admonished about not complaining, that one of the senior ministers took his first spoonful of soup and blurted out, “Wow! This is so salty!” And everyone just stopped and looked at him and he paused a moment and then said, “Just the way I like it!” Anyway, I always got a charge out of that.

But, anyway, brethren, this is just a short welcome to everyone at the Feast. Keep close to God throughout this Feast. This is a very special Feast in the midst of a very special year for God’s Church, this “Year of Dedication.” So let’s make this a special Feast for everyone around us and let’s dedicate ourselves mightily to our elder brother, Jesus Christ, and God our Father as we rejoice. Because that’s what God tells us to do at this Feast.

So, brethren, have a great Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day. And as you do so be very thankful to God for giving you the time in which to rejoice before Him.

2014 Feast Introduction

Plimsol left a comment:

On the PKG website they have put up a “Feast 2014 Introduction” from Ron.

There’s a new prophet!!! Guess who!

Without further introduction, here is a copy of Ron’s Introduction for your commenting:


Well, a special hello to everyone! Laura talked me into this short introduction this year for the Feast, and although it’s going to be a little short.

This reminds me of a greeting from Mr. Herbert Armstrong. In the last several years of his life he had a satellite hook-up to Feast sites around the world toward the beginning of each Feast of Tabernacles. And I can still hear that hearty, dynamic greeting. He would say, “Greeting’s, brethren, around the world!”

So again, greetings to all of you at this 2014 Feast of Tabernacles! Hello and greetings to all of you meeting together in Australia, New Zealand, to those gathered in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and to all of you in Canada and the U.S.

We also have some in a few other locations, scattered in different areas of the world, of those who could not be at sponsored Feast sites, but are at home by themselves observing this Feast and in some cases are able to get together with a few others. Now, we need to remember them as they’re not able to be in larger groups at organized sponsored sites, and they don’t have the opportunity that you do to hear this message. However, within a couple of days, it will be placed in with the sermon section of this years Feast sermons as a PDF (a written file only) so that at least everyone can read it.

Now, there is one other area that I’d like to extend a special greeting, as they must sometimes feel a little cut off, and that is to those of you gathered together in Hawaii, who, although you are part of the U.S., you are stuck out there a long way away from other church locations. So no one is forgotten and all of you are needed as vital parts of the begotten Family of God.

So you are all now observing a time that pictures the soon coming millennial period where this world and all its ways are to be put far behind you. So you are to do this at this time and enjoy and rejoice at this Feast – 8 full days together in God’s Feast.

Although I was sent to prison for serving God’s Church, as everything was actually about how God’s Church functions based on our beliefs of this being the end-time. So again, although I was sent to prison by the government where I live, it’s nothing new for God’s apostles and prophets. Now, Paul was in prison and later killed, just as Peter. And most of the original apostles were imprisoned and killed by the governments of their time. And we are only fairly certain about one, and that’s the apostle John, who was imprisoned in his time who was able to live out his life and die naturally. And we know of even John the Baptist who was imprisoned and then beheaded. Of course many of the prophets of old were imprisoned and many of those killed. So, as I was going to say, although I was sent to prison: God’s. Work. Did. Not. Stop. It has continued on, even as the “gates of hell” cannot stand against God, against God’s Church. In this case, the administration of the Church has continued on just as it was before, still being led by God’s last apostle in this age of mankind.

Today there is an important and strong message God is giving to His Church at the beginning of this Feast. During this final phase of the end-time, God has been pushing forward the recognition of women and their service to His Church. Now, I find that awesomely exciting!

Now, within the Church, God is giving us a wider, open window into changes that will occur in families, society, and the Church concerning the freedom from bondage that’s being given to women. This freedom is also a much greater freedom being given to both couples in a marriage, to all in the families, and even a greater, true freedom within God’s own Church.

Now, along those lines, what I mentioned a moment ago (repeating it): During this final phase of the end-time, God has been pushing forward the recognition of woman and their service to His Church. God has reserved this very time right now, while you’re listening to this, to make some very special announcements.

A while back I told the Church that there was the need for another level of service (of an office, of an ordination) that was needed in God’s Church. God is revealing that. That service was to be above that of a senior elder. God and Christ were showing me that it was to be a service, an ordination for both men and women. And as I mentioned then, I did not know what the description should be. Finally, when preparing this message, it was given to me, although we (Laura and myself) had considered other descriptions (or names) for this particular ordination, yet is has been made clear to me there is a term that we are already familiar with, and that is of that of a “pastor.” So that description is from the meaning of “pastoral,” which in this sense of the definition “is that of giving direct spiritual care or guidance as a function of responsibility within the Church,” and it ties in with further description in scripture that I’ll mention in a moment.

There is an order to ordinations that begins first under Christ with that of an apostle, then a prophet, and then followed by that of an evangelist, and now this reinstituted function just mentioned for a pastor. Now, the duties of a pastor are a part of the responsibility that already belongs to an apostle, a prophet, and an evangelist, and obviously they also have more duties that go beyond that of a pastor. This description of the work of a pastor is not one that is given to a senior elder. An elder may be involved in communicating such things to others as they have been instructed to do so from time to time by those over them; in other words, the source then of such spiritual care or guidance that in the past has only been coming from an evangelist, a prophet, or an apostle. Now that can also come directly from a pastor.

Now I’m going to read part of the primary description of such a service in the Church. It comes from Titus 1:9. It states that such a person is known for holding fast the faithful word as he (and now she) has been taught. During Paul’s time within the Church, and ever since then, and until now, that’s been the case in the Church as only men were in the ministry.

So reading it again: “Holding fast the faithful word as he (and now also she) has been taught that he (or she) may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and convince (and that word “convince” meaning in essence, “to expose”) the gainsayers.” It goes on in context that such responsibility also includes the authority to give rebuke, to give correction when necessary, when carrying out such duties.

Now, for some men in the future who may be ordained to this position, their duties will likely be reflected in more preaching on their part, in other words, in split-sermons or sermons, but that will not be the case, basically, for women (that they do not give sermons). For women, this new role will entail more direct, administrative contact and involvement, and this will be for the men as well, that it will involve more direct, administrative contact and involvement in spiritual matters with an individual or a group of individuals.

Now, certainly much more can be said about these duties, but for the sake of time in this message I’m going to press forward in this by saying that the first, first ever to be ordained to this is a woman, and it is an ordination, not simply a raise in responsibilities from an elder to a senior elder that does not required an additional ordination. So the first woman to ever hold this office was ordained by her husband and my wife, Laura, just before the Feast, and she is Myrtle Harrell.

Now, there is another ordination that God has reserved to be announced at this time. It is one that God and Christ began revealing to me around Passover season (even before that) of this year. I even held off discussing it with Laura for a time. I didn’t follow through with what God was revealing clear back then at that point in time because I was waiting until God had made it highly and abundantly clear to me that this was to be done. Now, there’s much prayer and spiritual manifestation, in other words, proof, evidence, that came through answered prayer before I would proceed with this.

A little over a month ago I ordained Audra to a prophet. I deeply believe all ordinations are from God and Christ and it is up to each individual, how they yield to such, whether it be the one being ordained or others, the rest of the Church. This ordination, for me, was rather close to my own experience when God was revealing to me that He and His Son had made me a prophet. I resisted that for a time and wanted to be exceedingly certain before announcing it, just as I was in this case.

Now, these two ordinations, brethren, are exceedingly exciting! It needs to be clearly seen that these two ordinations were established by God and Christ and we are to collectively rejoice together in what they have given the Church.

Again, I’m going to repeat what I stated toward the beginning: “During this final phase of the end-time God has been pushing forward the recognition of women and their service to His Church.”

Well, brethren, the ordination of Audra also pushes forward the kind of importance that God places on His great desire to work in family. God has been working mightily within my family for great purpose, to powerfully magnify the great importance and focus He wants on family itself. WE are a family! And we are made up of many physical families whom God desires to work in and bless far more fully into the future!

The period of this Feast pictures the Millennium. It is indeed about true freedom being granted to women, and thus to families as well, where families will be able to begin experiencing the kind of fullness and excitement in life that can exist when division, opposition, and the destructiveness of sins that brings curses to families can be more fully conquered so that families can reap far greater and awesome blessings and riches in life, all of this so that the vision of God’s Family, Elohim, can be magnified far more greatly.

Well, brethren, we have a great work ahead of us. In little over a year I am to be released from imprisonment by a government where I reside, as it is not my government, for mine (and yours) is the Kingdom of God in which we are ambassadors. We reside in different nations of the world and we are to be good and law-abiding citizens, but we all belong to one Government, and that is the Government, the Kingdom of God.

That which you are witnessing right now in the Church would not be in this Feast if I were not in prison, so I do rejoice that this is where I am so that God can reveal more of His perfect purpose and will concerning what I have been blessed to tell you in this message.

You have been blessed to have much—much more revealed to you through posts at a time that sermons and the administration of the Church has continued, as God has pushed forward the importance and true role of women, and also as He has given further training and equal experience to more within the ministry.

Now the words, the things that I am going to be saying next do not adequately convey my deep feelings, happiness, and joy that by my being in prison I have been so incredibly blessed to see in the kind of strength, growth, and life that God is giving to His people in this phase of His work. I believe with all my being that I am exceedingly blessed above all people – yes, and especially even while I am here imprisoned—to see things that otherwise never would have

I have seen greater blessings and incredible spiritual knowledge, understanding, and potential wisdom being poured out upon God’s Church in posts and the blessings of growth and strength that have been produced in the Church in brethren in this Family. And I have been blessed to see my own son give a split-sermon mightily inspired by God to His Church. I’ve been blessed to see how God has already been using my own daughter as a prophet before she was ever ordained to it. She has been trained and given an ability to discern and judge the spirit of matters within the Church and ministry, that I have mentioned before, that exceeds that which has been given to the general ministry in the Church. In the past many months, that has been magnified to Laura and myself. It is something that only God and Christ can give, as it is with all spiritual abilities that are given within the Church. And I have been blessed to see the love of my life no longer being a silent witness but a prophet who is serving God’s Church in a powerful way, administratively and spiritually, in strong spiritual perception, discernment, and judgement as God has pushed her out in the forefront in an incredibly important role and function of service to the Church during this phase of God’s ongoing work.

Yes, brethren, I have been so exceedingly blessed. You, too, have been exceedingly blessed. You will grasp that in a much, much, much deeper way ten, twenty, and thirty years down the road in ways you cannot truly fathom right now, just as I would not have been able to begin to fathom what I have been blessed to see and experience within only nine years after having a heart attack where I could have died. But God had more for me to do and to witness and He does for you as well.

So, rejoice in this Feast. Give of yourself at this Feast! And above all, give thanks and love to the Almighty God and His Son, Jesus Christ, for all your blessings in life. Laura and I love each and every one of you and we encourage you to press forward in this fight that is before us and the work that is yet ahead, being ever faithful to God. Be strong and of good courage!



The Pre-Recorded Feast

All of the Feast of Tabernacles sermons are pre-recorded and posted on the PKG web site.  Last Great Day sermons as well.

Including one given by Jeremy Weinland.  Listening to it, sounds as though he’s reading from a script.  Perhaps prepared by the Silent Witness herself,

Follow the Truth

This weekend, Willem Henderson is filling in for the False Prophet Ronald Weinland who is probably sharpening his #2 pencils in his prison cell to dash off another dose of nonsense for next week.  Here are some interesting points in the transcript of Willem’s sermon:

This refers to Leviticus 13:47-52. It is described here how that when a piece of clothing has been touched with leprosy this piece of clothing had to be burnt. So then when you look at Jude verse 23 again from a spiritual point of view, this means that for some it is already too late, as Satan has already influenced them to the point where they no longer want the truth.

I’ve personally experienced this with people that left the Church. You can no longer talk to them. They think differently. They no longer think the way they did when they were still in the truth. It’s as Mr. Weinland so often mentioned in sermons, like the movie, The Body Snatchers. God’s spirit is gone. You can no longer talk with them about spiritual things. Satan has done his work. He has taken God’s work in this person away – stolen it. When someone removes themselves from God’s Church or is removed from God’s Church, in both cases we are told to no longer have any contact with them. One of the reasons why is to cause them to regret because now they no longer have that contact with other Church members as they used to. The strong close bond they had no longer exists, and maybe the lack of contact can trigger someone to see their fault and come back. This is really difficult and hard to do, and you don’t see this outcome very often. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the story about the prodigal (or the lost) son.

It is better not to have any contact with people that are no longer in the Church, to protect the Body and ourselves, in order not to be sucked in with their delusional ideas that developed during the time they were turning away. As Mr. Weinland always says, this doesn’t happen overnight. Usually, there’s months before someone goes so far as to leave God’s Church or to be put out. And so, we must protect God’s Church from such.

According to comments left on this blog, many are leaving PKG.  One couple was disfellowshipped for attending a wedding of others who left the church.  Later on, Willem states:

Don’t touch the lies and the false witnesses that are spread about us on the internet. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to know it. Don’t think you are immune to it, that you can handle it, to read all that is being said about us. They are the vultures that speak evil about God’s Church. For wherever the carcass is, there will the vultures be gathered together – Matthew 24:28. By the way, that is still being done to Mr. Armstrong too. It is very dangerous! Don’t touch it! There is enough material on the Church website to feed yourself spiritually. Don’t look at other things!

The title to this post is the same as the ironic title to Willem’s sermon.  PKG members are not following the truth.  Rather, they are following a demonstrated liar.  A liar imprisoned for lying on his tax returns, and incidentally for disobeying Jesus about paying Caesar his due. Who then lied to his members claiming it was only about Laura’s travel expenses.  Someone who lied on his own daughter’s marriage certificate.  Someone who broke his repeated promise to admit his prophetic failures.  Of course Ron would not want someone to read my websites which have documented his lies for the past several years.

Indeed.  Follow the truth

Signs of Pride

As False Prophet Ronald Weinland is still vacationing in Club Fed, Wayne Matthews continued the sermon series he started last week on the subject of pride.  Refusal of PKG members to admit they are following a lying false prophet is a sign of pride.  In a moment of irony, he criticized people who take on titles.  But that doesn’t apply to Spokesman of the Two Witnesses and Apostle Ronald Weinland.  Titles are signs of service to god, and Ronald Weinland serves his god well — the god that lives between his ears.

Johnny tacked on announcements at the beginning of this weekend’s sermon recording.  There isn’t a posting from Ron this week because of “time needed to catch up after the Feast of Tabernacles” and Johnny expressed hope that there would be time available for a posting next week.  Actually, this is the second week in a row without a posting from the Apostle, as the last post on his blog was on the 9th.  Wonder what exactly Ron has to catch up with following the feast, as he wrote only one blog post the whole month of September.  Maybe funds to pay Ron’s fines are low and he has no money to buy #2 pencils.

But there is money to travel.  The following travel schedule appears on the blog:

October 26 Detroit, MI – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland
Dublin, Ireland – Jeremy Weinland (senior elder)
November 2 Erie, PA – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Mitch Williams (senior elder)
November 16 Indianapolis, IN – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell, Anne Wrozek (senior elder)
November 23 Windsor, CT – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell
December 7 Phoenix, AZ – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland
January 11 Dallas, TX – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Anne Wrozek (senior elder)
February 8 Los Angeles, CA – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland
February 15 Australia – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland
February 22 New Zealand – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland, Wayne & Chris Matthews (evangelist and senior elder)

Of course Laura and Audra are taking advantage. I believe that Ron ordained Laura in December of 2008 so that with her religious status she could travel tax free.  And Jeremy is now a senior elder.  What’s interesting is that Terry Wrozek’s wife Anne is still listed as senior elder and on the travel schedule. Nothing more about Terry, whether he is allowed back in as lay member after losing his evangelist status.


Wayne Matthews again filled in this weekend for False Prophet Ronald Weinland who is vacationing in Club Fed and wearing out #2 pencils.

Johnny Harrell tacked a few announcements on the beginning of the pre-recorded sermon.  He started out by instructing feast coordinators to plan for next year’s feast.  Comments have been left that attendance at this year’s feast was diminished, and rumblings are that some have delayed their departure from PKG until after the feast.  I expect that there will be fewer in attendance next year.

And a larger percentage may be elders of some type.  Johnny announced the ordinations to associate elder of John from Washington state, Stacy and Eric from Ohio, and Phillip from England.  People who abandon their family to drink Weinland’s Flavor Aid are eventually rewarded with meaningless titles.

Wayne had a mixture of nonsensical ideas and common sense in a rant against porn on the Internet and drugs.  He suggested that ISPs should censor all the content on their servers and their failure to do so is because of the love of money.  No thought about the practicality of doing that.  Also suggested that the failure of the war on drugs is because government won’t take the necessary steps such as eradicating drugs while still crops in the field.  But then he went on to point that porn and drugs would not exist if people didn’t consume them.

Well, duh.  I would point out that false prophets would not be sending out thousands of copies of their nonsense if people would simply not listen.  And false prophets would not be in prison for failing to pay the taxes on personal expenses like buying BMWs for their family members and shipping them in both directions across the Atlantic if people did not send them money.

Wayne criticized human reasoning justifying euthanasia as merciful.  Never mind the human reasoning that throwing people into the Lake of Fire is merciful.   Criticizing a scoffer or mocker brings shame.  Wonder if Ron felt shame when this blog continued on years after he issued a death curse, and if he felt any shame when telling me to get a life (“Go Fishing!!”).