Criminal Case

Below are links to PDFs of court documents in the criminal case of False Prophet Ronald Weinland, which were downloaded from the federal court system’s Electronic Case Filing system called PACER.  The numbers in the bracket for the links are the docket numbers which are indexes to the filings in the criminal case.

Anyone who doubts the authenticity of the documents on this website may download the documents directly from the US Federal Court’s online PACER system. Register for an account there.  Then login to the files for the Eastern District of Kentucky.  Then select “Query” from the banner at the top of the next screen.  Then enter “2:11-cr-70” into the Case Number field and click the “Find this Case” button.  This will enable the “Run Query” button at the bottom, click it.  Clicking the “Docket Report” link will proceed to a dialog to list the docket entries with links to individual PDFs.  Beginning at this point will generate page charges, including for listing the docket. The Pacer system charges $0.10 for each page (those on this site are no cost to you).  Clicking “View a Document” bypasses the charges for listing the docket, but charges for the file apply.

The docket number is given below with a link to the PDF on this site.  The way WordPress is setup, the link may take you to another page, if so then click on the link there to view the file.

As the criminal process worked its way through the courts, I made a series of blog posts commenting on these transcripts and other input including from trial jurors.  Quite a bit of reading material, you may follow this link or if you prefer continue on down in this page to get the court documents and transcripts.

Indictment on November 10, 2011 and Other Preliminary filings:

  • {1} Indictment
  • {9} Arraignment
  • {10} Order for Pretrial Discovery
  • {11} Order for Conditions of Pretrial Release
  • {12} Ron’s posting of unsecured bond
  • {13} Receipt for Ron’s Passport

Discovery and Continuances prior to the trial

  • {14} Defense Motion to Continue Trial
  • {17} Order Continuing Trial to March 20
  • {20}Defense Motion to Preserve Notes
  • {23} Government Response
  • {24} Order Denying Motion to Preserve Notes
  • {26} 2nd Defense Motion to Continue
  • {29} Order Continuing Trial to June 4

Motions in Limine prior to the trial

  • {31} Defense Motion to Exclude Testimony of Agent Palmisano
  • {32} Defense Motion to Exclude Religion from Trial
  • {33} Defense Motion to Exclude Lay Member’s Testimony
  • {34} Government Motion to Exclude Defense Witnesses
  • {35} Government Motion to Exclude Sermon Recording
  • {36} Minutes of PreTrial Hearing on May 21
  • {40} Government Response re Religion
  • {41} Government Response re Lay Member’s
  • {42} Orders
  • {43} Government Response re Excluding Agent Palmisano
  • {44} Defense Response re Sermon Recording
  • {45} Defense Response re Excluding Defense Witnesses
  • {48} Orders, Minutes of Motion Hearing on May 30
  • {49} Orders re Defense Expert Witnesses
  • {51} Government Response re Parsonage Allowance
  • {52} Defense submittal of sermon transcript
  • {52} Defense Transcript of portion of December 2002 sermon in which Weinland tell his followers he plans to open a Swiss bank accout.
  • {53} Defense Motion on Parsonage Allowance

Trial Transcripts and other filings for the actual trial which began on June 4:

  • {70} Exhibit and Witness List
  • {71} Jury Seating Chart
  • {54} Minutes for Monday, June 4
  • {76} Government’s Opening Statement.
  • {73} Defense Opening Statements
  • {75} Joyce Garrett
  • {55} Minutes for Tuesday, June 5
  • {72} April Combs
  • {80} Eileen Sharkey
  • {84} Terry Wrozek
  • {82} Tom Volle
  • {56} Minutes for Wednesday, June 6
  • {74} Ralph Dowd
  • {77} Donna Kautz
  • {78} Audra’s testimony part 1, on Thursday afternoon
  • {89} Audra’s testimony part 2, on Thursday afternoon
  • {57} Minutes for Friday, June 8
  • {81} Audra’s testimony part 3, on Friday morning
  • {90} Audra’s testimony part 4, on Friday afternoon followed by Special Agent Palmisano’s direct testimony
  • {61} Minutes for Monday, June 11
  • {79} Cross examination of Agent Palmisano, 5th day of trial on Monday morning
  • {83} Rule 29 Motion
  • {64} Minutes for Monday, June 13
  • {66} Jury Instructions
  • {65} Jury Verdict Form

Judge Reeves granted Pre-Sentencing Release to allow False Prophet Ronald Weinland to wear the GPS ankle bracelet of humility so he could stay comfortably in his mansion on the golf course while he watched cable TV, reviewed member’s tithing, and plotted his next move:

  • {67} Order for Conditions of Release
  • {68} Ron posts his house and some gold as initial bond
  • {85} Joyce Garrett puts up her house as bond

Sentencing Phase

  • {69} Sentencing Order (defining the process)
  • {91} Defense Motion to Acquit
  • {93} Government Response to Motion to Acquit, summarizing evidence.
  • {94} Order Denying Motion to Acquit
  • {96} Order Continuing Hearing to October 29
  • {99} Order Continuing Hearing to November 14
  • {103} Defense Motion against Pre-Sentencing Report
  • {104} Defense Motion for Downward Variance in Sentencing
  • {106} Sentencing Memorandum of Government *
  • {109} Minutes of Sentencing Hearing on Nov 14
  • {110} Notice of Ron’s Right to Appeal
  • {112} Sentencing Order

* In a blog post written shortly before the sentencing hearing, I made my own sentencing recommendation, recommending that Ron not be charged criminally for Laura’s travel expenses nor for the Swiss bank account.  Read it here.

26 thoughts on “Criminal Case

  1. Boy, are the PKG ever going to hate this page…nothing but truth! No lies for them to believe in…at all…


  2. I find it interesting that Ron’s ability to pay was assessed by the court and he was directed to pay the entire lump sum immediately. Who on this blog has 250K sitting around in a liquid state? Not many I’m sure. Ron is a rich scumbag and paying of his fines and taxes is not going to let him escape imprisonment. Three and one half years of private tribulation for Ron start in January.


  3. You spend countless hours to write all this accusation down and spread your hate…
    But if they bother you so much why not just live them alone ?
    Maybe inside you worry they might be right?


  4. Irina, you may well be right – which is what is sooooo important to you, isn’t it. That you can be proven right, not wrong – right?

    If you could kindly point out one thing, just one prophecy – that Ron has made, that was RIGHT, could you please enlighten us 🙂

    That is, if you can……


  5. Irina:

    1. they are NOT accusations.

    2. They ARE hate…hate for evil…the evil that Ronald Weinland has committed against the US, and humanity in general.

    3. YOU yourself have posted here, so stop being a f-ing hypocrite.

    4. Ron has falsely prophesied DOZENS of times, He is wrong BY HIS OWN ADMISSION.

    5. “If he bothers us why not leave him alone”…brilliant logic there, Irina…so when you break your leg you should just do nothing? When Weinland lies we should just shut up?

    So when YOU are “intimate” with someone, should they arrest THAT person for bestiality?….


  6. To Kirrily and Avalokiteshvara:

    Yes, I know I did posted here, but not because I share the feelings you have…

    I just wanted to know what is our “justice” system do to a prophets.

    Well, I realized, not much change since the ancient times when prophets was hated for the messages they delivered…

    It is really does not matter now who is right or wrong; you are free to believe what you want, and so am I.

    Mr. Weinland’s book “2008- God’s final witness” did predict very clearly the beginning of sorrows for this country in fall 2008, and that precisely what happened.

    This is my last post, I do not belong here…


  7. And once again, Irina and people like her try and stop dissent, and run like cowards when we resist.

    Welcome to Weinland theology…yell and run…hate and hide…

    Don’t let the door hit you in the Chronicles on your way out…


  8. Vague at best. Yes, go run and hide. It’s a shame, because perhaps you could have explained what the word ‘exactly’ means – especially in terms of its use in Rons prophecies.

    Beginning of sorrows hey? What sorrows? What sorrows are you referring to?
    You are right, about one thing – you don’t belong here, if you obey Ron. Commenting here could get you disfellowshipped.


  9. Sorrows ? sorrows alright, their Minister ripped them off, and is still doing it, he just gave the job and cash to horror bitch Laura, He dictates to them from behind bars, and what Trumpets ? no trumpets yet, ( but I’ll bet he’s learn’n to play the flute! ) And they have to listen to ‘ol sleepy Johnny, on Saturdays ……… Those kinda sorrows ? Hahahahaha 😀 ( so funny, yet kinda sad too )


  10. Oh man, he just doesn’t give up – still setting dates?? Well, he needs to recoup his losses, and there are still gullible people in the world…


  11. You can’t help but feel empathy for his children, having grown up within such a twisted context and not knowing any other kind of childhood.


  12. so how long if on good behavior can he get out on parol.. i feel sorry for the guy us stupid folk believing him and government took advatage on collecting some in quote needed money.. i just want to see the day when he recants..


  13. I should have read more before I posted, I haven’t been attending services for about 20 yrs. but I still consider myself a member of Gods church, wherever it is. We’ve been hurt, but in the end, it work out the way God intends. Love to you all.


  14. Hi Mike or others who can answer.
    Was Ron Weinland required to testify at trial? If so can you please explain how/why his testimony is not available for viewing? Did the US Attorney make an arse of him?
    Where there other proceedings in court which are not available to public?


    1. In the US criminal system, the defendant is not required to testify as this would violate the Constitution.

      Transcripts are available only if ordered. The transcripts available were mostly ordered by the defense, who understandably did not order transcripts of Ron’s testimony. Any of these transcripts are available from the official court record system as explained above for the appropriate fees.

      Reports from the newspaper and jurors are that he did not perform well, proudly proclaiming that he was wearing a $1500 suit paid for with church funds, had no answer when the prosecutor asking him if he was in court on church business.


  15. It was a $1,700 suit. Let’s not knock Ron’s taste in over the top “tithe bought” clothing he wears for PERSONAL BUSINESS. Ron was bragging on the witness stand, “I have one (suit) on today.” This was right after McBride was questioning Ron about where the money came from to buy these expensive suits and PROVED that it was “church money” that purchased them. McBride kindly reminded Ron he was not there on “church business” but PERSONAL BUSINESS wearing his high dollar “church bought” suit. That was funny!The suit was a grayish brown color for what I remember. It was purchased at Nordstroms I think.

    Dave Oz,
    Mike answered this above. Ron DID take the witness stand and testify on his own behalf. In my opinion it was a terrible mistake. He sat up there with this smart ass smirk on his face full of pride. It was weird. When Ron heard detrimental evidence about what he was doing he seemed to have this boastful persona like “yea I did that and isn’t that great.” CRAZY! Seemed like Ron had this I am untouchable attitude. That look changed when he was slammed with the GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES VERDICT was read.

    I remember leaving the court house that day and seeing Ron, Laura, Audra and their attorneys down stairs in the main entry of the court house still inside. They had been there awhile because they kept the jurors in chambers after it was over and the judge came in and talked to us and went through standard procedures the courts must follow. The judge also told us to contact the courts if anyone approached us about the case. That was mainly referring to the Weinlands and the defense. It had most definitely registered by then. They were scrabbling around with very serious looks of disbelief. First time Ron and Company had the look on their faces they should have had the first day. Nervous, scared, and lost. They saw me and I looked right at them on the way out of the doors. I was thinking, “How about that smart ass!”

    Part of what they were doing was trying to figure out what they were going to do to post Ron’s bond. I know this for a fact. I confirmed that myself.

    There was no doubt Ron enjoyed the spotlight at the time he was on the witness stand. Ron looked like a complete idiot sitting there. Yes, the prosecutor Mr. Bob McBride had a field day on him. McBride was awesome! He was such a professional with a great sense of sarcastic humor. He made the not so fun jury duty much more exciting and tolerable. He made Ron look exactly like the guilty fool he was. There were times when myself and the other jurors were struggling to hold back the laughter. McBride was very straight forward but when Ron started toying with him McBride began setting him up like a bowling pin and knocking him down repeatedly in an embarrassing manner. McBride let Ron know who was in charge in a rapid way.

    Also there is much, much more that occurred in court and during the trial that is unavailable here. I was there and saw it all. Along with 11 other jurors, 2 alternate jurors, the judge, court staff and a handful of spectators sitting in the rear. Even with ALL that is here for viewing it is a small percentage of what really transpired. THE WEINLANDS WERE SO OVERWHELMINGLY GUILTY I WOULD HAVE CONVICTED THE WHOLE FAMILY, not just Ron, ON THE THIRD DAY WITHOUT HESITATION. That is a FACT. We had to sit there another 5 long days and watch the proof and evidence pile up on Ron. That it did. Tons of it!

    I wish Laura would have been called to the witness stand also. I also wish all of the PKG followers would have been there to see what Ron and family are truly about. I think they would have been spitting and kicking the Weinlands on the way out of the court room. I wanted to and they never had me hooked into their mind and money control CULT! 100% Pieces of Lying, Thieving, Garbage who victimized others at any costs as long as they get their Personal Income free of charge to themselves. COMPLETELY DISGUSTING!


  16. I am referring to # 70. It is the exhibit and witness list. I have even forgotten what many of these people said and who they were. None had ANYTHING positive to say at all. Even the tried and true PKGer’s complete testimonies were damaging to Ron and they were trying their best to help him as best they could. The defense had absolutely NOTHING to contradict anything or to refute what the prosecution was saying and showing and refused to cross examine most witnesses. You know why? The reason is it would just damage Ron more and prove the facts even further. Ron wasted a bunch of money retaining and paying those guys.

    Now let’s put a bit of perspective on this. When you see a one line item for example Ron’s 2004 year tax returns. There were tons of documents to show how he lied and beat the IRS out of a refund besides just the tax return doc itself. Each witness had very much to say in the very concise and direct manner of a trial. Then each witness was substantiated with a bunch of proof and evidence. Another ton of documents, photos, cancelled checks and such. Another words each line item seen is a big ordeal and tells a story all of it’s own. Are you following me here? When I say overwhelming evidence I am using that term lightly. Words can not describe how much and how bad it really was in regards to Ron and Laura.

    The best thing Ron could have possibly done in my opinion was just to admit he was completely guilty and messed up. That he lost control and apologize. Instead Ron chose to continue his lies during his trial as we see him doing the same thing now with his #2 ramblings and a TOTAL DENIAL of wrong doing. All in the name of corrupt financial gain and ruthless GREED.

    Ron and Laura are in way over their heads and there is no way they can turn back. They are too proud for one and way to selfish and accustomed to the Luxury Fund lifestyle. They are the same as a very bad off and extremely addicted heroin junkie who keeps putting needles in their arm until they die. Ron and the Weinland Clan will continue to follow a similar path of destruction ruining anything and everyone they can to get their drug of choice. MONEY. Just like the junkie they will lie, cheat, and steal until imprisoned or dead. The only difference is that Ron is still playing the game behind bars. I guess there is no difference there either because the junkies try to do the drugs someone packed into their ass to get them past security checks.

    My conclusion is that Ron and Laura will never stop until they are dead. At least the junkie is destroying him or herself and friends and family for the most part. Ron and Laura will destroy anyone and everything they can to get their fix. The junkie is a better person than these PIGS. That is not saying much.


  17. I have no room to judge! However I do not want to be there on judgement day when he and his family have to atone for what they have done! They led so many people astray and stole from their congregations and members until most filed bankruptcy just to support him and his family! If you were a true prophet of God you would not do that!! He and his wife very much are the false prophets and God will make this very clear when He returns! A lot of these members in his church I knew when I was growing up in WCG and my heart breaks for them because they were so gullible to follow this corrupt family and now they are the ones paying for it! No wonder he was able to pay for his tax mistakes because it was everyone else’s money not his that he was paying with! Sad, sad state of affairs!!


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