I took a quick read through Revelation. I’ve outlined it below in the sequence that it’s presented, and without explanation of the symbology. The symbols are easy to get mixed up, it has even happened to Weinland. An outline is useful because of all the “sevens” to track and sevens of one thing are nested within sevens of another thing with up to two levels of nesting. Here goes:

1st Seal, White Horse Rev 6:1-2 (According to Weinland, this happened on Dec 17, 1994 when Joseph Tkach gave a sermon in Atlanta changing doctrine in the Worldwide Church of God)

2nd Seal, Red Horse incites wars Rev 6:3-4 (According to Weinland, this is the spiritual warfare resulting from the breakup of the Worldwide Church of God)

3rd Seal, Black Horse Rev 6:5-6 (According to Weinland, this is a famine in the teaching of God’s word according to the interpretations of Herbert Armstrong)

4th Seal, Pale Horse ridden by Death, kills 1/4th of the earth Rev 6:7-8 (According to Weinland, a continuation and worsening of the first 3 seals within the split-off churches from the Worldwide Church of God)

5th Seal, Martyrs told to wait longer for justice Rev 6:9-11 (Although not stated by Weinland this way, the fifth seal is the establishment of the Church of God PKG to ready for the follow on events)

6th Seal A great earthquake, sun turns black, Rev 6:12-17 (Sep 11, 2001 according to Weinland)

144,00 are sealed Rev chapter 7 (September 30, 2008 according to Ron)

7th Seal  Rev 8:1 (Nov 14, 2008 according to Ron under his second timeline.  In his first timeline, Feb 2, 2008.)

Silence for about ½ hour (a 30-day period according to Weinland)

1st Trumpet, hail and fire mixed with blood, burns 1/3 of the earth and trees, also all the green grass Rev 8:7 (Dec 14, 2008 according to Ron under his second timeline, April 17, 2008 in his first timeline.  He has changed the grass to represent green US currency in the economic crisis.)

2nd Trumpet, 1/3rd of the sea turned to blood Rev 8:8-9 (According to Weinland, will be “nukular” explosions in US port cities.)

3rd Trumpet, 1/3rd of the water turned bitter Rev 8:10-11

4th Trumpet, 1/3rd of the sun, moon, and stars turned dark Rev 8:12-13

5th Trumpet (1st Woe) Locusts with stings like scorpions torment for 5 months Rev 9:1-12 (According to Weinland, will be the conquering of the US.  But as the end date approaches, Weinland has changed the 5 months of torment to be 5 months during which any brief amount of torment can occur.  Also that the 5 months of torment precede the blowing of the 5th trumpet.)

6th Trumpet (2nd Woe) Rev 9:14

4 Angels prepare a 200-million-man army over a year, a month, and a day Rev 9:15-17

4 Angels kill 1/3rd of mankind Rev 9:18-21

7 Unwritten Thunders (until Weinland) Rev 10

2 Witnesses prophesy for 1260 days Rev 11:1-6

2 Witnesses lie dead for 3 ½ days Rev 11:7-10 (according to Weinland this is part of the 1260 days)

2 Witnesses resurrected, severe earthquake Rev 11:11-14 (per Weinland May 26, 2012 at 7:36 PM in Jerusalem right at sunset,  which starts the Day of Pentecost )

7th Trumpet (3rd Woe) Rev 11:16-19 (according to Weinland all 7th Trumpet events happen on one day, Pentecost of 2012)

Pregnant woman gives birth, hides for 1260 days Rev 12

Beast with 7 heads & 10 horns rules for 42 months (could be included within the 1260 days that the woman hides) Rev 13:1-6

Seven Final Plagues Rev 15

1st angel with 1st plague in 1st vial, painful sores Rev 16:2

2nd angel with 2nd plague in 2nd vial, all sea life dies Rev 16:3

3rd angel with 3rd plague in 3rd vial, water turned to blood Rev 16:4

4th angel with 4th plague in 4th vial, sun intensifies Rev 16:8-9

5th angel with 5th plague in 5th vial, sun darkens Rev 16:10-11

6th angel with 6th plague in 6th vial, drought Rev 16:12-16

7th angel with 7th plague in 7th vial Rev 16:17-21

Satan Bound for 1000 years, Millennium, etc, etc. Rev 17-20

This was presented for reference.  I’m not interested in a discussion which attempts to tie the symbols of Revelation to other books of the Bible such as Daniel.  Nor one which attempts to resequence the events.


31 thoughts on “Sevens

  1. not necessarily on the “sevens”, but on your delightful and insightful sense of humor in reporting on Weinland and others who are in it for the “good life” and personal aplomb. surely you know it’s appreciated by some saints who remain apart from the antics. though it’s a marvel that you can bear to stayl up with it. best regards, jim mortensen


  2. Shame on you. You should be both embarassed and ashamed of this Satan inspired dialog. As the Bible says, God considers the intellect of man foolishness. Who speaks foolishness? Fools of course. By speaking to what you don’t really know or yet understand you have proven beyond any doubt whatsoever that you are someone who relies on his own thinking.

    Honestly, from what I have read you obviously know very little about either God’s Church, inspired Scripture, or the Revelations currently being revealed through Jesus to the Church. You speak foul mouthed failing to adequately acquaint yourself with the Church of God PKG doctrine. You resort to cheap name calling while misleading others with misinformation. Dialog intending to mislead just like your father Satan and his flock of demons

    This I do know, and believe you probably do to, until you repent you will never receive God’s Spirit again. In absence of His Spirit the mysteries Yahweh reveals to His Church will never be given to you. I got to ask out of curiousity, just how is it that you feel qualified to judge Ronald Weinland? Has God Almighty commissioned you to act in His behalf? Maybe it is that you, a mere man filled with pride and arrogance think you have the authority to convey God’s message? Is it that God is working with you and not through Jesus, the Weinlands or the COG PKG?

    Not to be confrontational but what I see here from what you have authored is an angry and confused man with a childish grudge. You appear to be a hater of God’s Witness Ronald because he was given God inspired understanding which you were Spiritually incapable of understanding?

    The Scriptures warn us of antichrists. By doing what you are, you have postured yourself against God. I will pray for you but ultimately friend it is up to you to repent and accept God’s Word. If you decide to deny God’s two witnesses just where will you get the revelations Christ is revealing? If the Weinlands are who we know they are and you stand in opposition of them and God’s plan how do you think you will fair when you eventually stand before Him? I’d be cautious about bashing those whom God has appointed.



  3. Allow me to clarify something you have misstated. Christ’s return will be on May 27, 2012 not the 23rd as you posted. Perhaps you should spend more than a brief moment reading the Church doctrine before you post inaccuracies which further confirm your Spiritual ignorance before all men


  4. What an INSANE LIAR (a quote he called himself) Once again his predictions are wrong. Christ didn’t come on May 27. How coincidental he has moved the date to May 13 of 2013. Everything in his sermons and books, it’s all about destruction and death. That to me is just putting fear in the weak. As if that wasn’t enough evidence.
    Now he is GUILTY of 5 counts of criminal tax invasion. Wow, what a prophet he is! NOT!!! Living off his naive followers that are paying for his lavish, luxury living. Perhaps every follower should do research every year, because every year is something different.


  5. it doesnt make a difference just bcuz ron is being judged by a court of law doesnt mean hes not a prophet paul preached the word of God in prison and moses killed a man this website judges ron on what the world sees him as not what GOD sees it was a forme


    1. Well, kk. Your judgment is consistent. You didn’t recognize the difference between the comment box and the author box.

      As to how God sees Ron, since absolutely none of his prophecies have come true, God would view him in the light of Deut 18:20-22.


  6. my bad about that… but what i was saying is that youre being too judgmental of this man does he offend you so you make an entire site to discredit him in light of world events and all the weird things that have been happening i.e ufos, revolutions, syria, nasa finding strange objects near and on the sun etc. you should stop thinking that the world cant end and its people like you that will bring about your own demise stop being so ignorant and passive learn how to live and let live thats what ron and herberts message was and is thats the point of the ten commandments learn to love and live with one another cuz dumbass humans such as yourself only like to hate and hate starts wars


    1. kk, there might be aliens in those UFOs you mention, and maybe the world will end tomorrow. Or Jesus could return the day after. But that wouldn’t rehabilitate Ron as a true prophet of God.

      It’s ironic that you mention the 10 commandments and Ron in the same breath, as Jack pointed out Ron has stolen. Ironic that you call me a dumbass and try to minimize me with the “young man” comment. But considering the source, I’m not offended, just amused.


  7. its sad when we live in such a great country as america and yet most of its population is only filled with evil thoughts and idgaf attitudes you might as well dedicate this site to all people affiliated with religion cuz theyre doing the same the difference between ron and all others is he isnt afraid to tell you Jesus will be back it says it in the NT he will be back the signs are everywhere in the earth believe it young man


  8. It doesnt make a difference just bcuz ron is being judged by a court of law doesnt mean hes not a prophet”

    Oh yes it does. Ron has been convicted of STEALING from the government. That’s convicted by a jury of twelve common people. Every prophecy and prediction Ron has made has failed. He is a false prophet but moreso he is a con artist. Jesus was supposed to return in 2008 and May 27th 2012 and now may 2013. Ron is a phoney, taking your money and spending it on his unholy worldly desires.

    All the terrible scary things that happen in the world have been happening and will continue to happen every day. You are blind and that is why Ron cons you into giving him money. You do not listen to what Jesus said. You listen to what Ronald Weinland says. 2008 Gods Final Witness? Its now 2012!


  9. Paul was put in prison for preaching about Jesus. Is Ron going to be put in prison for preaching Jesus? No. Ron will be sentenced on September 24th for income tax evasion on the undeclared income he stole from the PKG and and spent on luxury cars, expensive vacations, extravagant jewelry for family members, and fine dining etc.

    The reason some con artists become preachers is because there are lots of people like yourself that don’t like the printed version of the Gospel and want to hear a more exciting version.


  10. well actually i never gave any money to ron ive never seen the guy never met the guy but i have been reading his books since 2007 and i believe him what if he really is Gods prophet take a look at all of Gods prophets in the Bible they went through the same things that ron is hatred and judging him i heard him say on his website that it was another man who was misusing funds not him maybe you and the judge hate ron bcuz of what he is saying trying to stop the truth from being told


  11. Say KKK, Perhaps if you pulled your hood up from around your eyes you’d be able to SEE Ron for who he really is. An insane lying false prophet. And this is his own definition of himself, not mine. So you’ve been educating yourself by reading Ron’s books since 2007. Can you please refresh my memory and tell me how many of Ron’s prophecies came true in 2008? Or how about 2009? Or for that matter 2010, 2011 or 2012? Answer ZERO.

    And in regards to your statement about another man misusing funds there’s no such animal. Why not try educating yourself by reading some of the trial jurors comments on this very blog. These comments are from two anonymous jurors who had never heard of Ronald Weinland before his criminal income tax evasion trial. There are also links to news articles articles about Ron’s trial. Why not try reading them before making any more ridiculous comments about another man misusing those funds.


  12. “Another man who was misusing funds ”

    Is this a lame attempt to blame Ron’s woes on Adrian Gray? The only person who is trying to stop the truth from getting out is YOU, Ron.


  13. there is no justice in our judicial system so everything those two jurors just said is bullshxt if someone gave me some money and said blame everything on that guy hell yeah i would… thats exactly what happened i dont know God you dont know God so when someone starts to speak about God and ww3 and economies collapsing (by the way the dutch economy collapsed so ron might be right) then lets just blame him for the first shxt we can get on him, send him to trial, make him look bad, put him in prison and shut him up thats whats going on here dont let ron get away with shxt but lets let casey anthony get away with murdering a child thats the type of place for me


    1. The bit about the white hood was over the line, nothing to indicate that “kk” is a member of the “KKK”.

      At the same time, kk’s assertions that the two jurors as well as the other 10 jurors on Ron’s trial were bribed is even more over the top. Jury tampering is very serious, and you should not toss out that sort of accusation without significant evidence.

      Fact is that the IRS spent over 3 years investigating the case, and 12 jurors who never heard of Ron before were abhorred by the corruption revealed. Whether or not someone else misused funds is beside the point — which is that Ron clearly did.

      If you’ve read Ron’s books, then you know that Ron identified a test of his validity as a prophet back in 2006. Identify the 5 specific ministers who were supposed to die “early on”, and exactly when did they all die? In fact, when did _any_ of them die?


  14. i dont know who ron beefs with but im supposing that he said that about those ministers just to scare or irritate them but im sure hes more humble these days and wouldnt say it but have you ever even studied not just read what him and especially hwa wrote it makes way too much sense to not be true


  15. KK, you gotta be kidding. Why don’t you read up on all this stuff you think you know so much about and then come back and have an intelligent conversation with us.


  16. kk says:
    August 19, 2012 at 18:11
    ” but im sure hes more humble these days and wouldnt say it but have you ever even studied not just read what him and especially hwa wrote it makes way too much sense to not be true”

    Is’nt that what was said ( or similar ) by around 50% of Jim Jones desciples, the night before he forced 908 people to attend his cyanide cocktail party ?
    The real sad thing is that, although Ron may not do the same, his mind-set ( and guidelines for membership rules ) & disdain for Government seem to be similar. I speak for myself here, but this is the point, and reading others ( respected ) comments on here, this view is very well reflected, and represented by co-contributors, and by around at least six or seven other sites 😀


  17. kk , about the deaths of the ministers, Ron did not say it. He wrote it in a book. That book said that if the things written in that book did not come to pass “exactly” the way described, then you know that it is a complete work of fiction and he is a false prophet.

    That is WRITTEN in ink. So he can’t say he didn’t mean it or didn’t say it. It is in black and white and recorded for future generations to read. He is a false prophet, a con artist, and a convicted felon awaiting his prison sentence.


  18. I have a very dear friend who began to follow COG and listening to Ronald Weinland. My mother read Mr. Armstrongs magazines. The book of Revelation is to do with the destruction of Israel in 70AD. It was to show that the New Covenant had began and that all the prophecies of the Bible had been fulfilled. I have to ask why people have no bothered to find out where the 7 year tribulation and 1000 year reign…began. There is not one place in all of the Bible that says anything more then 2 resurrections…one from death to life….conversion and the end of time…death and evil going first and then the righteous. Please enlighten me as to where you get all of this stuff!


    1. What do you mean by my getting “all this stuff”? Which stuff? How much of my web site have you actually read? I suspect very little. You probably have no idea what the intent of my blog is.


  19. Debbie Engles says:
    March 12, 2013 at 11:32

    “Please enlighten me as to where you get all of this stuff!”

    Its fairly easy process there Debbie.
    #1 : Read and listen to Mr. Wienland’s ( ‘ol Bubble-‘ed ) writing , prophesies and hideous sermons ( nothing he said in 2008 onwards ever came to pass )
    #2 : Check what he writes and sermonizes about with an actual Bible ( he says America, Australia & Britain, is ‘the Israel’ in the bible )
    #3 : Keep in mind that he has self appointed himself as many biblical figures ( which he is niether )
    #4 : Discern ( and think for yourself ) if what he is say’in is theologically logical and truthful ?……… or just bizzare, fanciful, fairytale nonsense ?

    And lastly, you should encourage your mother to read the Bible if she’s interested, and ignore all the insanity she read from mad, ‘ol Herbie Armstrong 😀


  20. Also Debbie, Ron has recently aligned , declared HIMSELF as the 3rd person in the hierarchy to the GOD family.
    I don’t know weather he calls this a New Truth or what ……… but ( although I’m no Christian ), There is clear evidence that from writings of scripture ( which Ron has again overlooked ) … and goes something like this : ” of GOD, means there are three persons in one, called the Holy Trinity, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit ( sometimes referred to as ” the Lamb of GOD ” )

    Ron has absolutely no right to state publicly that he is the third person, ( suggesting he is now the Holy Spirit ). this is one of the reasons why I say that his incarceration is just the start of his earthly ‘punishment’, …….. The Lamb of GOD is the figure whom presides on ‘Judgement’ Day …… Ron , an egotistical liar, and prideful thief of lives and finances, will not , could not ever, replace the one who is the Lamb, ( Holy Trinity ) …………….. and he ( it is written in GOD’s word ) shall be punished in this life and the next, for such lies, against his GOD !

    American Standard Version ……… Matthew 12:32

    “And whoever speaks a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whoever speaks against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come”.


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