Thomas From Missouri

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Denver on Saturday.  He announced the ordinations of two new associate elders: Travis and Debra Luksich from New Mexico.  Maybe Ron will also learn to pronounce their last name correctly.  Also, a previously unannounced associate elder was being promoted to full elder and placed over the area of parts of several states in the area around western Kansas.  New elder Scott Cameron is also Ron’s brother-in-law, having married Ron’s youngest sibling Kristina.  Interesting that no ordination has been announced for Kristina, despite having her been baptized before her niece & senior elder Audra and like Audra having a career in finance.

Ron answered an email asking if oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the 2nd Trumpet.  His reply is that it is not since everything in the book will happen as stated (never mind that the demise of the US was to have happened by June of last year, and that the book states that the First Trumpet is the destruction of vegetation, not the destruction of money), but that the oil spill is a Thunder.  He did not state which Thunder it is.  It’s not #1 (war), #2 (earthquake), #3 (weather), #4 (economy), or #5 (death of ministers, celebrities, and epidemics).  Certainly not #6 (publicity of Ron) or #7 (revelation of Ron’s version of God).  Perhaps Ron will clarify this point next week?

Ron tried out his PA system, but had to turn it off because it echoed.  Ron does not normally speak to groups large enough to require sound amplification and such was the case in Denver.  Maybe he thinks it really will be required in the future for the hordes of people who will demand to hear him when his prophecies finally, finally materialize.

The sermon series about the crucifixion of Christ is finally ended.  Ron discussed how the Jews mocked Christ, even though he healed.  This almost in the same breath as discussing those who mock him and his nonsense.  Ron, have you healed anybody lately?  His will be a short work at the end just before May 23, 2012 when he is killed in the streets of Jerusalem.  I agree that it will be a short work, as zero is pretty short.

According to Ron, whether or not his prophecies have come to pass are not grounds for belief — he has to say this because I and others continue mocking despite the death curse he issued against us 71 weeks ago.  He has now diverted this to believing him because he has truth about the sabbath and holy days, which God just puts in your mind.  To which I respond (1) is it only God who can put something in your mind, and (2) there are hundreds of groups, Armstrongite and not who believe in the sabbath and other such stuff.  Why pick someone whose prophecies for certain events at certain times have failed miserably and consistently?  Be a doubting Thomas from Missouri, the show-me state.


Powerful PKG People

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Campbelltown, NSW, Australia (near Sydney) on Monday for the last day of the Feast of Matzo Bread. Yet again Ron failed to ask for the special offering.

He did announce the new elders ordained on this trip down under. Four were ordained in New Zealand: Rex Blake, Pat and Pauline Cameron, and Cindy Gray (wife of Elder Adrian Gray). In Australia, Thelma Wood of Tasmania was ordained. Thelma is the widow of Jack Wood who died within a week of the 2nd blowing of the First Trumpet in December 2008. In keeping with his new policy, he gave only the first names of the new elders because we lie and twist and distort about them (according to Ron) even though we’re doing a service in publishing their names (also according to Ron). 😀

Ron also claimed to have baptized two new members. I don’t doubt it, even though it’s truly amazing that people come to follow and continue to follow this self-proven false prophet. At the beginning of the services he mentioned the magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Baja California. He claims that earthquake activity is increasing since last fall, and yesterday’s magnitude 7.7 will probably be mentioned this coming Saturday. But then later he said that the trumpets don’t prove that he is a false prophet, and that things were written to push people’s (critic’s) buttons. Amazing!!!! The prophecies contained in “2008 God’s Final Witness” initially were to prove that Weinland was indeed a prophet of the God of Abraham. But all along, the hours that Larry Spivey spent editing the book, and life savings of many PKG members spent to promote and distribute the book were only to push the buttons of puny little bloggers such as myself!!! I am so honored, and I’d like to thank you all for your support. I couldn’t have done it without you.

And you PKG members have even greater power. Not only can you help push my buttons, but you can also thwart God’s will by doing the wrong thing at a critical time to put off someone whom God was calling to be a member of his church. The amazing abilities of PKG members, to thwart God’s will and push the buttons of bloggers. Powerfully, powerfully so. Incredible!!!!

I look forward to your next trick, which will be to delay the return of Jesus Christ.

A Plague of Butts

hotelFalse Prophet Ronald Weinland is in Cincinnati this weekend. The formaldehyde fumes from the new carpet came close to shutting down the services, yesterday.  Which would have been relief from yet another boring sermon.  Ron went on one of his rants against those who throw paper towels on the floor in bathrooms, adding on those who throw cigarette butts on the street.  Perhaps he now regards being a litterer as worse than being a mocker.  When it came time for him to rant against his mockers, he just made a vague reference about lying websites which criticize his now demoted spiritual idol, Herbert Armstrong.  Ron asks why are there websites critical of HWA 24 years after his death?  What I’d like to know is: why is that incestuous lying con man and false prophet is still revered 24 years after his death?

atriumThis weekend is the training session for all the new elders.  I thought it would be nice for all the PKG members who were not able to attend to be able to see the location for this conference.

This hotel has a nice atrium which can also be used as an area to serve meals, such as the buffet which the new elders participated in after the riff raff was chased out at 12:30.  I wonder which catering options (200KB PDF File)starting at $17+service charge + tax they chose.

More photos below the fold.  Thanks to the elder who let me know where they are meeting this weekend.

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Come Back Up

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Minneapolis today, where things were moving slowly.  It was cold, and Ron was several minutes late getting the Internet streaming audio feed rolling.  Fewer traveled long distances than normal: a few from North Dakota and his elder Leonard McGlynn from Winnipeg, but no one from Wisconsin attended.

A few announcements.  Two-year-old Kenny’s open-heart surgery went well.  While in Dallas last weekend, he ordained Dave, Glen, Charles Blummer, Vera, and Peggy as associate elders.  It seems that Ron doesn’t truly appreciate my publishing the elders’ names as he claimed three weeks ago, since again he didn’t give any last names.

He spent several minutes reading an email clarifying his policy on attendance at his service.  One must be approved in order to regularly gather with other members to attend services.  (And to get approval, one must be paying tithes.)  However, close family members and even close friends may attend as a guest for a few times if not hostile to God’s prophet and one true church.

This was the last sermon of his Ordinations and Baptisms series.  Ron continued to dangle the carrot of the millions of people who will join PKG.  He related an anecdote of people being baptized would need to be reminded to “come back up”, as he remains high and dry on the side of the pool.  I would ask that all PKG members come back up out of the quagmire that is PKG.

This weekend is 121 weeks from the non-return of Jesus Christ on Pentecost of 2012.  It’s also 52 weeks since the unusual 2-day fast last year to pray for destruction and death from an increase in the thunders.  Next weekend is a 1-day fast and it is expected that the sermon will be less boring as the Son of Perdition reveals new signs and/or lying wonders while in Cincinnati.

Ron Gets Static

spokanetlFalse Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Spokane, after a trip back to Cincinnati during the week.  During the week he added yet one more associate elder:  Beth Bucheit is the mother-in-law of fellow associate elder Joey Shockey whose ordination was announced last weekend.  As a reminder, while I was able to supply last names for most the the first names that Ron gave, I’m still missing a few and would appreciate your help closing the gap.

Technical problems plagued Ron’s Internet streaming audio broadcast.  He lost connection twice, despite whatever precautions he took against static.  I can imagine Ron up there looking like Michael Jackson as he moonwalks through the scriptures wearing his static control glove.

Ron finally had the radio interview he had previously talked about.  But he’s not posting it, claiming the interviewer was dull.  Ron, how about posting it anyway and let us decide if it’s dull. I suspect it was rather the opposite, with the interviewer holding Ron’s feet to the fire about the failed prophecies in his book.

Weinland took a tour through history, mentioning his split-off from UCG.  In December of 1996 he sent out an email to all the UCG elders complaining about certain unauthorized expenditures.  According to Ron, after that email, the head of the UCG ethics committee called to visit, and then a week later called accusing Ron of having said certain things during the phone call.  But Ron had a recording of the conversation and within a year that individual was dead.  Wonder if Ron placed a death curse on him at that time the way he did me 55 weeks ago.  Ron resigned from UCG sometime in May of 1997, although recently he has claimed that his resignation was on Pentecost which in 1997 was in June.

Ron gave a cheerleading session for the new changes in the status of women.  The spotlight is being focused on the church, and Ron appreciated my putting names on the Internet.  Ron, if you like it so much why not add a page to your website and put up the names and photos of all of your elders?  And you could start by giving last names during your ordination announcements, which you did not today for Beth Bucheit.  That is if you really feel that what I’m doing is helping and you’re not saying this as a lame attempt at reverse psychology.  If you want to paint my small blog as “big things taking place” and even the Sixth Thunder, well then, have at it. 😀

One thing that may change is allowing women to preach and give prayers.  Ron was emphatic that wouldn’t happen.  But he was also emphatic in December of 2008 that Laura would be the only one ordained.  And he was emphatic back this summer that he was not an Apostle.  And he’s quite emphatic that to deny Herbert Armstrong was the end-time Elijah to to deny God.  God-denying Ronald Weinland.

Ron talked about all the people who are waiting for him to admit to being a false prophet.  I don’t think there is anyone who is waiting for that, but if there are I am not one of them.  When Ron gave his “If by Pentecost” declaration on March 29, 2008 promising to quit preaching and admit being a false prophet by the end of July of 2008 if his prophecies did not materialize, my immediate response was he wouldn’t do it.  Ron will still not admit to being a false prophet when Jesus Christ does not return 124 weeks from now.  Let me emphasize: Ronald Weinland will never admit to being a false prophet. Not even on May 28, 2012.

A Full Deck and a Joker

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Portland today, continuing on the theme rolled out in last week’s sermon, that of new ordinations including women.

JokerCardDuring the sermon, Ron indicated that this latest rubbish will be organized as new numbered truths:

  • #51: Ron is the final Elijah-to-come, John the Baptist and Herbie were only “types”.
  • #52: Removal of the curse of Eve from women, restoring them to the rightful place in the family
  • #53: The ordination of women is allowed

According to Ron, credit for the new truths is given to the Silent Witness who pointed out certain things.  Perhaps Laura will be promoted to Apostle as a result.  While he hasn’t posted these new “truths” on his website, he has done a little editing on two of the first fifty “truths” which I have marked to indicate the added words and deleted words.

Edits to Truth #30

Matthew 24 is first and foremost about the Church at the end-time. It is not about physical events in the end time, although these are a type of some of the events that will occur. As Jesus Christ gave prophecy concerning events that would lead to His coming as the Messiah, he first spoke of events that would occur in the Church (vs. 4-21). These events have been believed to be about physical events that would happen on earth, but they are about the Church.

God has now shown that there is a duality concerning both the Church and the world that applies to verses 21 and 22. All these prophesied events in Mat. 24 lead up to the time of the very coming of the Messiah to this earth (vs. 29-31).

Edits to Truth #39

Herbert W. Armstrong was a “type” of the prophesied “Elijah to come,” as he who restored all truth essential to salvation to the Church of God during the Philadelphia Era.

Ron has yet to edit his FAQ page which indicates that he is a God-denier just like Rod Meredith for not recognizing Herbert Armstrong as the prophesied Elijah-to-come.

Ron warned that people will lose friends after ordination.  Not because the ordained one changed but because friends become jealous as happened to him.  Riiiiggghhht.  I’m totally sure that Ron did not change even an iota when ordained as a local elder in Houston back in April of 1981.

Ron announced that 57 members had been ordained over the past couple of weeks (or would be shortly) including 31 women.  My count of the names that Ron announced was 58 (including the 3 evangelists’ wives announced last weekend) and 59 if you count Willem Henderson who was promoted to senior elder.  But Ron is the one who has the minor in math so my count must be incorrect.  Far be it from me to twist and distort.

Ron only gave first names, because of all the crackpots, kooks, or absolute liars out there who like to twist and distort.  If you are one of those, then stop reading since I have last names for most of the new elders.  And if you know who any of these crackpot, looks, and absolute liars are who like to twist and distort about PKG members, please leave a comment identifying them.  Names in bold are full elders, others are associate elders:

  • Florida: Newt Carter and Diane
  • Georgia: Larry Spivey (who edits Ron’s books),  Paul and Doris Giles, April Young (mother of Paul), and Alan Giles (son of Paul)
  • Pacific Northwest: Bill and Diana Carr, and Jim Sullivan.  Also Tina Jamieson, wife of senior elder Jim Jamieson
  • Tennessee: Gerald
  • Detroit: Stan Watson, Helen Terlecki, and Parker (Terry’s 23-year-old son).  Helen and Parker have been associated with Ron since 1995.
  • Mississippi: Lori Williams, who is Laura’s friend
  • Los Angeles: Dottie Smith
  • Sacramento, California area: Russ Shoemaker
  • Lubbock, TX: Fredda Maeker
  • Louisville area: Linda (Cookie) Fields (wife of elder Curtis Fields), Beverly VanNorman, and Tony Blair
  • Illinois: Lynnette Eckhardt
  • Buffalo NY area: John, Richard & Marie, Bonnie, Bob and Donna Madison
  • Maine: Vicki (Vicki Snowdeal passed away from cancer last spring.  But I guess there could be another Vicki from Maine in COG-PKG).
  • Dallas: Glen Gagas
  • Missouri: Dee Wobbe
  • Utah: Debra Tiernan
  • Belgium: Mieke Van Lerberghe (wife of elder Gijs)
  • Netherlands: Edwin Van Horne
  • Germany: Jeremy Weinland (Ron’s 24-year-old son)
  • Alberta: Eric and Kalee Wiesman
  • Manitoba: George Black
  • Australia: Peter Herrmann, Derek Mendygral, and Zoran Illitch (translated Ron’s books to Italian)
  • New Zealand: Rex Blake
  • UK: Una Milne (wife of senior elder William)
  • Cincinnati region: Jenny, Patty Dalrymple (wife of senior elder Stephen), Tim Brown, Joey Shockey, April Combs, Sandy Bays, Willy and Lois Doemeland, Tom and Barb Volle

To round things out, Weinland’s daughter and church bookkeeper Audra L. Little is to be ordained as senior elder.   Perhaps this status will help her if she goes from being a potential IRS criminal investigation target to an actual one.  The IRS performs extra reviews on a case against someone with a religious title prior to recommending prosecution to the Department of Justice.

If anyone has any corrections or additions to this list, any misspellings, please leave a comment or email me.  I don’t want to be accused of twisting and distorting.

My verse of the day is Romans 12:14 which reads:

Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.

Ron forgot about that one 54 weeks ago when he issued his death curse against me to die speedily from the inside.

Restoring All Things

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was a few minutes late getting started since the hall in Orlando needed to be rearranged.  During the announcements, he mentioned Tyler, a child in New Mexico who is undergoing treatment for leukemia.  I view it as a positive sign that he is being given qualified medical care and hope it works for him.

Ron made a point of not giving Tyler’s address as there supposedly are crackpots and weirdos out there who like to stir things up.  That sort of thing does not happen on my blog.   I have not published any of the addresses that have come my way, including that of the false apostle and has-been Elijah.  In fact, I’m not aware that it has happened anywhere except for a couple of incidents in comments which were quickly deleted by the website management. So Ron, whom are you talking about?

During the sermon, he railed against mockers and critics, who seek to destroy Ron and his church with lies and deceit.  Ron, I would like to see your false ministry end, but my means are to show the truth.  As I’ve said before in an email to you which you probably deleted, if I’ve said something on my site that’s not truthful then tell me what it is so I can correct it.  Rather, you impugn what I’m doing because you’re afraid that if more of your members read my site then even more will leave.

dangle_carrotAt the beginning of the sermon, Ron said it would be on the par of his sermons at the 2005 Feast of Tabernacles at which he presented his unique (at least among Armstrongites) doctrine on the origin of Christ.  First he read part way through his blog posting, and then diverted to the new topic.  After reading verses from Acts 8 and Acts 19 about the laying on of hands after baptism possible only by ordained ministers, he announced that there would be additional waves of elders.  These would be termed as associate elders, whose job it will be to baptize the hordes of people wanting to join PKG due to the fulfillment of Ron’s prophecies, which although they didn’t happen when he said they would, they will eventually.

I speculated in my last post that the status of Laura would change.  Its turns out that it has in an indirect fashion.  Laura no longer is the only ordained female in PKG.  It turns out that sleeping with an evangelist gives one spiritual qualities, as Angela (Ann) Wrozek and Myrtle Harrell were ordained by Ron as senior elders last week in Georgia.  Then Ron called Wayne Matthews in Melbourne who then ordained his wife Christine (Chris) as the third senior elder.  More men and women will be ordained as associate elders.

And Laura does have a new title.  She no longer is a prophetess.  She now is a prophet.  Ron objects to the second-class status of women, although they still will not be able to speak during services.

Some of the sealed who are older and physically not capable of performing the baptism are ineligble to be ordained.  Now this doesn’t quite make sense.  If lay members can help in the dunking part, then all they have to really do is the laying-on-of-hands part.  But why am I expecting anything Ron does to make sense.

But adding more elders including does make sense to me.  It binds the ordained ones closer to Ron so they’ll continue to ignore the failure of Ron’s prophecies. Ron plans an elders conference in Cincinnati on February 27 for training.  Ron promises more waves of ordination.  And who knows?  Maybe 20-something Tony Wilson who runs the HWA Compendium website will get to be an elder too.

Ron took time to rail against mockers and critics, who are trying to weaken the church with lies and deceit and who are being eaten up with cancer from the inside.  Now that was his curse in his first timeline — Ron, you said 53 weeks ago that I was to die quickly from the inside.